Guangzhou Train Station Knife Attack, Chinese Reactions

Medical personnel attending to one of the people wounded in a knife attack at Guangzhou Railway Station.


From Sina:

4 Young Men Wearing White Hats Attack People with Knives at Guangzhou Railway Station

According to @广州日报 [Guangzhou Daily] information, at around 11am on May 6th, two young men with knives attacked people in the plaza in front of the Guangzhou Railway Station post office, injuring two men and two women who were exiting the station, with one of the being injured on their neck. Eyewitnesses say police shot one of the perpetrators upon arriving on the scene, and the other has already fled. According to other witnesses, there were more than two people who were attacking people with knives at the Guangzhou Railway Station plaza, that there were 4 young people all wearing little white hats.


Medical personnel at the scene of the incident giving medical treatment to the injured.


May 6t, Guangzhou, at present 4 wounded have been sent to the Guangzhou Military District General Hospital, the condition of their injuries still being determined.



One of the injured at the scene of the incident.


According to information from Guangzhou police officials, at around 11:30am, there were people with knives injuring passing train passengers at the Guangzhou Railway Station plaza. Police opened fire after verbal warnings were ignored, shooting and subduing one of the male suspects holding a knife. Preliminarily, the incident has resulted in six injured, whom have all been taken to hospitals for treatment. At present, police are investigating.

From NetEase:

Man Attacks People with Knife at Guangzhou Railway Station, 6 Injured

Around 11am on 2014 May 6, the plaza at the Guangzhou Railway Station saw men with knives attacking passing train passengers. Police opened fire and hit one of the suspects. At present, the incident has caused 6 injuries. Bloodstains and bloody garments are on the ground at the scene, and police have already sealed off the area. The incident occurred just as the Kunming to Guangzhou K366 train arrived at the station. Multiple eyewitnesses say the passengers were exiting the station at the time when young men wearing white shirts, white pants, and white hats carrying knives about half a meter long suddenly began hacking at people, wounding multiple passengers.

Comments from NetEase:

霞子qqq2025876282 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

The most abominable and shameless people in this world are those who treat other people’s lives with contempt.

驴熊 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Why attack strangers?!! Execute them!

网易河南省平顶山市手机网友 ip:61.158.*.*:

Those who are hurt are always the ordinary common people. Life is hard for everyone, all out there working, so why hurt other people like this?

网易浙江省丽水市手机网友 ip:123.148.*.*:

Every Chinese person should not ignore this kind of violence, because the next victim may be you.

网易吉林省长春市手机网友 ip:175.19.*.*:

A crime of endangering national security.


#Guagzhou Railway Station Knife Attack# is also currently a rising hashtag on China’s leading microblogging social network Sina Weibo. Two microblog posts by CCTV News and Sina Guangdong about the incident have current broke into the Top 10 of the day.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


In this strange country, it’s a good idea to practice running.


In Guangzhou, this can be considered minor. Guangzhou still has over 500k black people who haven’t rioted [collectively cause trouble]. If they do, the result is unbearable to imagine.


Fuck, if you had any worth, you’d go hack and kill some corrupt government officials, and not hurt innocent city residents. This kind of person must have nine generations of their family exterminated after they are caught in order for it to be an effective warning/deterrent to others!


Xinjiang people [Uighurs] are Xinjiang people, terrorists are terrorists, the two have no relationship. Do some of the people comment have mental problems, retarded bastards! I truly don’t want to criticize people, but do you “people” have a brain at all? Has water entered [your brains, meaning is one mentally damaged]?


Replying to @大红围脖的熊猫: The people of Xinjiang welcome you to come to Xinjiang, to learn more about Xinjiang. If you want to destroy Xinjiang, please first come to Xinjiang before talking. Xinjiang people [Uighurs] are also Chinese people. Everyone please be respectful of Xinjiang!


Fuck, if you have a grievance, go hack corrupt officials, as opposed to bullying unarmed and defenseless passerbys!


Replying to @Summer-阿锋: Xinjiang people are Xinjiang people, terrorists are terrorists. Please be careful with your words/speech.


The next time a knife attack on innocent crowds happens, everyone regardless of who they are should immediately take matters into their own hand on the spot, and the people who kill the criminals should not be criminally punished.


I’m a Xinjiang person, but I am not a thug. Xinjiang people are just like you, with the difference only being that we love life even more.


Looking at Weibo, it feels like our country is plagued with misfortune, and it is very upsetting. Forget it, I’ll just watch Xinwen Lianbo at night and will be reminded of how prosperous and peaceful the country is. This laughable country, a country enshrouded by the system. We all are nothing but lowly exploited people.


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