Chinese In San Francisco Resell Donated Food, Reactions

An elderly Asian woman in San Francisco taking donated goods to resell.

An elderly Asian woman in San Francisco taking donated goods to resell.

From Sina Weibo:

@姚健说: “Despicable Chinese People” – An American TV station filmed a group of Chinese people at a San Francisco church getting free food. After they get the food, they immediately opened [the bag of free food], hide the relatively more valuable food items in suitcases, directly throw away the worthless canned goods into the trash cans on the street, then go line up again to get more food that they will take to sell later. However, this food was intended for poor people who cannot afford them!

If the above Youku video does not load, here is the original YouTube video:

Comments from Sina Weibo:


They are clearly Japanese and Korean.


Disgusting! Former Red Guards.


It only took 60 years for China’s 5000-year civilization to be destroyed.


I’ve seen this before, Chinese people buying eggs in the supermarket and opening each carton to pick out the big ones to put in their own carton to buy. So wretched.


After thousands of years of oppression and poverty, this is already ingrained in their bones. It will take time for it to change, and we can only hope it will not take too long.


Laowai also have people with bad character; it’s all the same. This is clearly American imperialists slandering us.


Using modern civilized standards to judge Chinese people is an act of racial discrimination.


When will Chinese people live with dignity?

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Can you verify these aunties are definitely Chinese?


Hearing the laowai saying “shame” over and over again, I feel ashamed for being the same ethnicity as this bunch of human scum. These son of bitches are losing face [for China/Chinese] even abroad. Dogs cannot change their habit of eating shit?


All the result of the Party’s education.


How do we know they are Chinese?


There is no way to verify that they are definitely Chinese, but we can be certain that they are scum.


None of these people are Christians.


These seniors are those that emigrated over long ago, and if they abandoned their Chinese nationality, how can they still be considered Chinese?


This scene was no longer news in mainland China long ago. It’s not that you are bad if you’re Chinese, but rather those people who were brought up by Chinese culture are certain to be very bad. “Hard-work”, “courage”, “compassion” in Chinese history were just concepts, and the Chinese people who truly took these ideas to heart are very few. As long as it is an authoritarian nation, as long as there is no faith, no matter what country, they will all be like this.


I finally understand the origin of why that American kid’s “kill everyone in China” comment…


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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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