Chinese In San Francisco Resell Donated Food, Reactions

An elderly Asian woman in San Francisco taking donated goods to resell.

An elderly Asian woman in San Francisco taking donated goods to resell.

From Sina Weibo:

@姚健说: “Despicable Chinese People” – An American TV station filmed a group of Chinese people at a San Francisco church getting free food. After they get the food, they immediately opened [the bag of free food], hide the relatively more valuable food items in suitcases, directly throw away the worthless canned goods into the trash cans on the street, then go line up again to get more food that they will take to sell later. However, this food was intended for poor people who cannot afford them!

If the above Youku video does not load, here is the original YouTube video:

Comments from Sina Weibo:


They are clearly Japanese and Korean.


Disgusting! Former Red Guards.


It only took 60 years for China’s 5000-year civilization to be destroyed.


I’ve seen this before, Chinese people buying eggs in the supermarket and opening each carton to pick out the big ones to put in their own carton to buy. So wretched.


After thousands of years of oppression and poverty, this is already ingrained in their bones. It will take time for it to change, and we can only hope it will not take too long.


Laowai also have people with bad character; it’s all the same. This is clearly American imperialists slandering us.


Using modern civilized standards to judge Chinese people is an act of racial discrimination.


When will Chinese people live with dignity?

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Can you verify these aunties are definitely Chinese?


Hearing the laowai saying “shame” over and over again, I feel ashamed for being the same ethnicity as this bunch of human scum. These son of bitches are losing face [for China/Chinese] even abroad. Dogs cannot change their habit of eating shit?


All the result of the Party’s education.


How do we know they are Chinese?


There is no way to verify that they are definitely Chinese, but we can be certain that they are scum.


None of these people are Christians.


These seniors are those that emigrated over long ago, and if they abandoned their Chinese nationality, how can they still be considered Chinese?


This scene was no longer news in mainland China long ago. It’s not that you are bad if you’re Chinese, but rather those people who were brought up by Chinese culture are certain to be very bad. “Hard-work”, “courage”, “compassion” in Chinese history were just concepts, and the Chinese people who truly took these ideas to heart are very few. As long as it is an authoritarian nation, as long as there is no faith, no matter what country, they will all be like this.


I finally understand the origin of why that American kid’s “kill everyone in China” comment…

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • dadada

    there lots of ”taishanese” in san francisco

    • murlocs gurgle

      I’ve seen other ethnicities well dressed and with expensive manicures using food stamps but I have also seen an elderly immigrant (commie europe) shaking with hope when the cashier told him he could get an extra twenty dollars in cash – I could see it meant a lot to him.

    • murlocs gurgle

      back in the day – a lot of toisanese didn’t take more than necessary but that is not the way things are across the board in America – there are no immigrants anxious to prove that they deserve to be here.

      • dadada

        hahaha my first thoughts of your comments remind me of the africa for africans,asia for asians,white countires everybody
        comments those people never think of the natives once live here before

  • Lord_Helmet

    Heard a different version of this story, where the homeless people were selling the food for $5 a bag. It just so happens that the majority of the people buying the groceries were Asian.

    • Kai

      Not remotely implausible but would help if you had some more evidence to support this because it’s your hearsay credibility vs. this TV reporter’s credibility.

      • Lord_Helmet

        Actually, I am mistaken. It is the same video. I watched it about a month ago, I was under the impression that they were buying the food from the needy people. After watching again, I see that they were the “needy people” lining up multiple times and discarding unwanted items. My bad.

        • Kai

          Ah, too bad, they’re still evil bastards then.

  • Normal

  • Middle_Kingdum

    Ha ha! I like the comment “They must be Koreans or Japanese”. Classic!

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      Chinese/Koreans/Japanese like to blame or accuse the Chinese/Koreans/Japanese all the time.

      • Jin Park

        it;s because we are all mogoloid race therefore we tend to blame people within this group if we were blamed by other race

    • murlocs gurgle

      loads of people are taking advantage – my mother was further grieved to see that the sister of her husband’s murderers accepting a present of government food from another Chinese inside the rent controlled building that we subsidize for the family of our father’s murderers to possess and torture us with – there is NO justice – it is SO ridiculous – HK housing authority is not this lenient and neither is Mainland Chinese thank goodness.

      Can you imagine the family of murderers who ran gambling operations have rent controlled apartments in Manhattan AND are getting gifts of government cheese – how absurd is that? Also they received FREE legal representation when they sued as as tenants after arson was committed on their murder victim’s birthday. I wouldn’t be surprised if their children went to medical school subsidized by taxpayers as well.

      Meanwhile my family pays for everything more than we should. It is crazy. Already I grew up knowing from my father that Chinese criminals violated the all american dream that if you worked harder, you got a house, a car, money in the bank and self respect but what happens when a criminal gets away with hurting the hardworkers and make themselves richer than everyone else? That is why drug dealers deserve no mercy and people who bootleg handbags and make a lot of untaxed cash are able to buy up a lot of real estate and have the deep pockets to use attorneys to go after ordinary people. They can outspend everyone else especially in court even though they are the ones who are evil.

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    It doesn’t matter what nationality these people are, but what they are doing is wrong.

    It doesn’t show Chinese people in a good light, but these people do not care about that. They only care about themselves.

    • scanner

      now to do this for every continent

    • nqk123

      people, we needs to stop generalizing based on race/ethnic and think more of individual being. individual bad deed does not reflect the whole race of people.

      • SimpsonsGoldenAge

        I think I can quite comfortably generalize that Chinese people of a certain generation have a terrible standard of moral character on the whole.

      • Mateusz82

        They’re more saying it has to do with Chinese, rather than any particular race.

  • Joey

    Send them to a re-education camp and let them relive the good old days.

  • murlocs gurgle

    My father ate beggar’s rice once in Hong Kong during a citywide employment problem where there were no jobs even if you were committed to working like my father – he hated to break his self reliance by taking that free rice (it was new fresh rice that he had never tasted before so the Hong Kong government was very nice to do that for the people). Later, he offered to adopt an orphan after he filed for marriage and was told to just donate as he would start his own family soon so he donated and that was his effort to pay back that specific act of charity that Hong Kong gave him when he was literally starving.

    I think there should be a registry – that if you grew up taking government cheese, attending public school, doing anything on the government’s dime, when you make it big, graduated from med school, you give back before you start buying up shares in Apple and Microsoft. I bet you MANY of those Chinese recipients have kids and grandkids who have good jobs. That is going to damage the confidence in justice that other people who served in the military have when they see civilian exploiting taxpayer dollars like this.

    • Jin Park

      wtf is beggar’s rice?

      • David

        From what he posted it sounds like a government handout of food for starving people. Like the government cheese people used to get or the food stamps given out today in America.

        • Cauffiel

          As opposed to gansta’s rice, which don’t fuck around. :-D

      • kang pow

        maybe he meant beggers chicken.famous in china.

      • moeimoei

        poo poo platter!

  • Cauffiel

    “Using modern civilized standards to judge Chinese people is an act of racial discrimination.”

    This is a very bizarre comment to me. Since when has “don’t steal” been strictly a modern, civilized standard? How is it related to race?

    • tomcat

      I thought it quite a clever comment, by saying about “modern civilised standards” he is saying that is what all people should be judged by, but as the Chinese are so backward that they cannot be expected to live up to these standards, it is a an act of racial discrimination to actually highlight this fact when applied to China. A bit convoluted but I hope you can understand, I think he was showing a healthy dose of sarcasm, which in itself is an unusual trait for Chinese.

      • nqk123

        it’s not that unusual.

      • Kai

        Nah, sarcasm isn’t actually that unusual for Chinese. It just comes in forms that are different from what many Westerners are used to and the language barrier doesn’t help.

        • Gordon Gogodancer

          I think it’s just language barrier and the Chinese sometimes being quite stiff that prevent Westerners of seeing that Chinese as sometime as sarcastics and cheeky as anybody else.

        • Cauffiel

          Are you being sarcastic? Do you really mean “obviously, chinese are never sarcastic”?

      • Adam Lanphier

        Not so much sarcasm in Chinese, but sardonicism like this is pretty common.

    • Mateusz82

      Proclaiming that there is a Chinese race is an act of racism.

      China is a country. Chinese is a nationality, and in China, there are many different races. For only one race to be considered truly Chinese is in itself ethnic nationalism.

      • Cauffiel

        I can’t discern whether you’re joking or not.

        Would you say the same is true for calling all Europeans the “white” race?

        • Mateusz82

          Somewhat, though Europe is a continent, and China is a country. A better analogy would be with, say, Britain, claiming there is a British race (which is pretty much the platform of the British National Party). It’s the idea of blut und boden (blood and soil), that being Chinese is a function of DNA. Your genetics make you Chinese, or not Chinese. That is ethnic nationalism.

          There are white people who are not Europeans, and Europeans who are not white (white people have European ancestry, and people with European ancestry are white, but that’s not the same). I wouldn’t call all Europeans the “white” race any more than I’d call all Chinese (or Asians, since, like Europe, it’s a continent) the “yellow” race, as there are people of many different skin colors who are Asian (including China), and have lived in Asia (again, including China. Think of those official minority groups). To imply there is only one race/skin color that is allowed to be Chinese is a slap in the face to Chinese of other colors/races.

          • Cauffiel

            Huh? Europe and Asia are about the same size, and historically both are numerous kingdoms that have coalesced into a smaller number of sovereign states.

            Geographical terminology is not useful in this argument unless we are considering political or cultural influence, but we’re only talking about genetics.

            If you make a world map of genetic heritage, I think you’ll see Europe and China become very blurry.

          • Mateusz82

            I’m unclear as to the argument.

            What I’m asserting is that there is no “Chinese” race, nor any single “Asian” race, as there are multiple races living in China, and of course, Asia.

            “Asian” is often used as a term to describe racial appearance (physical appearance, in reality), but this is an incorrect term, as people who don’t share the physical features associated with “Asian” can and do live in Asia, and have for many generations.

            Europe and China (let alone Asia) are both very blurry, genetically, meaning that it’s false to assume there is a single race that can be called “European” or Chinese.

          • Cauffiel

            *Correction, I meant to type “Europe and China are about the same size.” in my earlier comment.

            Don’t we all know what the other means when we say “Asian”? Its not that complicated…. we mean people with an epicanthic fold. East Asians. We express other races endemic to Asian as Persian, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, etc.

          • Mateusz82

            Europe and China may be similar size, but size is not the only issue. A continent is different from a country.

            Who is “we all”? Be careful about speaking for others. In British English, “Asian” does not mean the same as in American English. Americans most often use “Asian” to refer to East Asians, excluding certain minority groups (such as Russians, or Tibetans). However, my point is that just because “we” use the term “Asian” to refer to a group of people with certain physical features, does not mean that it is an accurate term, nor that it is a term that is equitable to said minority groups, as it is exclusionary. “We” should be more careful about the terms “we” use, and think more about what they actually mean, and the implications, rather than just go along with what “we” always do.

          • Cauffiel

            The differences between a country and a continent are completely irrelevant in the context of this discussion.

            Your entire argument is tiresome caviling I haven’t heard since freshman year of university.

          • Mateusz82

            Actually, they are completely relevant, unless you can prove differently (assertion is no the same as proof).

            Ah, so you are unable to make any actual refutations other than oblique ad hominem. Got it.

          • Cauffiel

            Ok, lets play.

            1. “Actually, they are completely relevant, unless you can prove differently.” Can’t prove negatives. Basic principle of argumentation. So how can I respond to this?

            2. “Be careful about speaking for others.” After which, you proceed to speak for others. So how can I respond to this?

            3. The terms for race “we” use are general. They are not meant to address specific differences among isolated populations in a common region. So how can I respond to this?


          • Mateusz82

            You asserted that “continent” is the same as “country”, aside from size. You can prove that by offering evidence for start.

            You can respond by clarifying who you meant by “we”, assuming you know.

            You can use logic, arguments… you know. That sort. Just a suggestion.

            Of course, you can continue your one Netizen war on liberal arts and show that educational field who’s boss.

            If you need me to help you with how to argue a point, just let me know.

            You don’t need to sign your post with your college level, though you can if you like.

          • Cauffiel

            I absolutely did not say a continent is the same as a country except for size. I said the differences between a country and continent are irrelevant in the context of our conversation…. that is, genetic diversity and distribution within a region, and the nomenclature we apply to those circumstances.

            You might make a case for this by discussing political boundaries for modern distributions, but those political boundaries were pretty blurry when the (omg, I can’t believe I’m going to use this loaded, mythical term) *races* diverged. At least we could have fun talking about it that way.

            Moreover, races also exist throughout the rest of the animal kingdom.

            “We” is native English speakers. Out of curiosity and suspicious of your horseshit, I asked a British and Irish co-worker what “Asian” refers to, and they both said it refers to East Asians.

            I have no idea what you’re babbling about in the rest of your message.

          • J

            There’s no definite human ”race”. No specific gene makes you Asian or Caucasian. Two ”black” people may have completely different genes, same goes for any ethnicity in the world.

          • Mateusz82

            Race is pretty much a social construct. We look at a group of people having similar physical features, and call that group a race. It’s pretty much completely arbitrary grouping.

          • Cauffiel

            That is categorically wrong. Did you learn that pursuing a liberal arts degree?

            The differences between races is more than just skin color. There are other morphological differences, as well as vulnerabilities to certain types of diseases, sensitivities to environmental conditions, and even James Watson promulgated that “[I am] inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa [because] all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really.”

            The differences between races have real world impact. You cannot claim it is a social construct.

          • Mateusz82

            No, I did not. What does a liberal arts degree have do with it? Could you back up your assertion?

            Why can I not claim it is a social construct. It does have real world impact, but that does not mean it can not also be a social construct. The two are not mutually exclusive.

            I’m asserting that it is an arbitrary grouping based on physical features that are seen as unique to a group (such as skin color or facial shape, these being the most visible differences). If you want to disagree, then please provide counter arguments.

          • Cauffiel

            Liberal arts majors typically study nonsense and then try to show everyone how smart they are by filling online comment boards with pseudo-academic pablum.

            You are right that they are mutually exclusive, so I will revise my earlier assertion: race is not a social construct because it has real world impact *regardless of the social conditions which surround it* i.e. people of direct African descent are prone to sickle cell disease even if you do not call them “black;” people of direct European descent usually have pink genitals even if you erase all references to race from all the books in history; people of direct East Asian descent have dry, grayish cerumen instead of yellowish, moist cerumen even if they are born on a snowy mountain top in Argentina.

            Nature doesn’t give a shit about what you think is a social construct.

          • Mateusz82

            Really? Any proof of that? Maybe you could show me a course catalogue for such a liberal arts major. I’d love to see the statistics proving that such majors try to show how smart they are on online comment boards.

            You might want to read what I wrote. I said they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, quite the opposite. Social constructs tend to have profound impacts on the real world (The Holocaust, and World War II as a whole, had tremendous impact on the real world, yet it involved social constructs of race and nationalism). The fact that different cultures have differing views on race is strong argument for how it is a social construct.

            That’s what I was stating. People with certain physical features are grouped into a race by a society. To some, all people with “white” skin are a single race. To others, there’re multiple white races. Take a look at census reports in the United States throughout history. Categories for races have changed frequently to reflect different social understandings of race.

            You are unclear as to what the term “social construct” means.

            Alright… not sure what your point is there, assuming there is one. I am not challenging nature, nor do I lose sleep because nature is doesn’t care about what I think.

          • Cauffiel

            If you can’t take a gentle ribbing, call your ISP and cancel your internet service. Liberal arts majors are always targets for ridicule because its non-specific and a cake major.

            I missed the word “not.” Real world impact and social construction are not mutually exclusive, of course.

            However, the impact of race and the impact of social construction are mutually exclusive because one comes from nature and the other comes from the mind.

            Social constructs have been built around our knowledge that real differences exist among people descended from different populations. Whether these social constructs are accurate and what their impact is isn’t germane to this conversation.

            Your assertion was that race is a myth embodied by social constructs.

            My response is that race is not a myth. There is race, and there are social constructs about race.

          • Mateusz82

            While I appreciate the suggestion, I plan on keeping my Internet service. Still, the point remains that clever witticism at the expense of liberal arts adds nothing to your argument. It would be as if I claimed your points are invalid because you are too fat.

            You couldn’t have missed that… only a liberal arts major would be so foolish.

            The impacts are also not mutually exclusive, as the social construction is built upon nature. The natural aspect is that people in a certain geographical area developed physical features that set them apart from other groups of people. Human societies developed the artificial concept of race in order to identify and classify groups of people.

            That was not my assertion. I asserted that race is a social construct. It is based on physical differences, but that still doesn’t mean that it isn’t a social construct.

          • Cauffiel


  • nqk123

    very unfortunate that thing like happen. a blow to donors’ heart

  • mr.wiener

    Oh how wonderful, an anti-Semite. Go peddle you papers elsewhere.

  • Torgrim
    • mr.wiener

      Thank you for posting that.

  • mei mei

    haiz really embarrassing. now everyone assume all chineses are like this

    • David

      Don’t worry Mei Mei, nobody with even half a brain assumes that everybody acts a certain way just because a few people of the same race do.

      • KamikaziPilot

        The thing is a lot of people don’t even have half a brain. At least it seems that way.

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      No..chinese people assume everybody assumes all chinese are like that…and are especially annoying in doing so

    • KamikaziPilot

      Embarrassing for who? You? So if a white person goes on a mass shooting spree all whites should be embarrassed? Should all blacks be embarrassed of black gangs? What if a Chinese person rescues someone from a burning building. Are you proud? 50 people don’t represent 1.3 billion people and for anybody who thinks they do it’s their problem. And why you care so much about what others think of you? Do you need approval from other people?

      • Kai

        This is one of those things where it’s okay for people to feel embarrassed by association but not okay for someone else to associate them to embarrass them. In other words, it’s okay for a Chinese person to feel embarrassed because the offenders are Chinese, but it’s not okay for a non-Chinese person to use the offender’s Chinese identity to generalize the offense onto the Chinese identity. In yet other words, it’s self-deprecating when a black person concedes a black stereotype but it is offensive when a non-black person insists on a black stereotype.

        It’s like the Virginia Tech shootings and the Korean community’s response:.

        It’s like a parent being embarrassed by their child or a sibling of another sibling. It’s one thing for a person to feel embarrassed or ashamed of something they feel related to, but another for person B to shame person A for a relationship person B sees.

        • KamikaziPilot

          I get what you’re saying but I don’t agree one should feel embarrassed for the actions of those that happen to share certain characteristics with them (ex. race, age, occupation, gender, even family). I mean where does it stop. If you live in a town and someone from that town does something terrible should you feel ashamed? How about someone from the same country? I just don’t subscribe to that way of thinking but I understand the concept as it does affect other people’s view of Chinese as a whole.

          I remember that VTech shooting and a lot of Koreans apologizing afterwards, which I found was totally moronic and retarded. I mean they had no connections whatsoever to the shooter, except ethnicity. I can see being embarrassed by what your child does, after all you had a direct responsibility in raising him/her but to extend that to a total stranger who happens to be of the same race as you, I just can’t do that.

          • Kai

            I also understood what you were saying. I’m not saying anyone “should” feel embarrassed, I’m just pointing out that it’s pretty common for people to feel a measure of embarrassment in these sort of situations.

            If someone doesn’t feel embarrassed, that’s good. What isn’t fine is if someone then tells that person they should be embarrassed. That’s when you would jump in and say, “wait, why should s/he feel embarrassed?” or “wait, why do you think s/he should feel embarrassed?”

            That someone willingly feels embarrassed by association doesn’t bother me or–I reckon–most people. What bothers me and I think most people is if someone feels someone should feel embarrassed just because of a shared characteristic. THe former is a sort of self-deprecation while the latter is projection.

            Granted, I understand how self-deprecation can encourage other people to project, kinda like if you say you’re stupid enough, other people might think its okay to call you stupid.

          • KamikaziPilot

            Yeah I know it’s common, especially among those that come from a collectivist culture (ex. China, Japan) as compared to an individualist culture like the West. Agree about the part where others shouldn’t tell someone they should feel embarrassed. But the thing is, as you pointed out in your last paragraph, self-deprecation often leads others to think the same way about you as you think of yourself. And can you really blame them? Also the OP probably also generalizes others like she groups herself with anyone of the same ethnicity. Ex. if a black person treats her rudely she may very well think all black people are like that. So this way of thinking doesn’t happen in a bubble. I guess that’s why it irritates me when people think that way.

          • Kai

            Not sure I really agree with the collectivist vs. individualistic society distinction. It’s tempting to say it is obvious but I dunno if it is that pronounced. There’s a lot of association and disassociation with group identities in “individualistic” Western society as well, so much that I don’t think the dichotomy is that useful here.

            I don’t think humility should be condemned just because of other people’s propensity to be presumptive. A person’s humility should not absolve other people of blame for their presumptiveness, so yeah, I can blame them. I believe most people intrinsically understand a difference between someone talking shit about themselves and others talking shit about them. Therefore, “I can say this about them because they say it about themselves too” isn’t a very persuasive excuse in my book. Just because a black person calls himself or his own “nigger” doesn’t mean I can, much less without appropriate censure.

            I’m not going to speculate about how the OP might generalize others. I wasn’t commenting about her specifically, just the phenemonon of feeling a sense of collective shame (or pride).

            So yeah, I get your point and I agree with it. I just personally don’t get too riled up about people expressing a bit of embarrassment by association unless the specific instance or context strikes me as being overboard. What is overboard may differ for different people, and I recognize that, so I’m just sharing some thouhts I think we both understand. Meh.

  • David

    I suspect your right and they do not really understand how they are insulting the Chinese people there.

    • Kai

      Nah, I think the guy knows and wrote the comment intentionally that way.

      • David

        But you hear this all the time from Chinese and people defending the actions of Chinese people. “Hey, China is developing, it has come a long way in 30 years. It is not fair to judge them for (insert unusual behavior like letting their kids piss in the street)”. So I wonder if they really understand that that statement is incrediblly insulting to Chinese people.

        • Kai

          Yes, people have used that argument but no, they don’t express that argument in the way the comment we’re referring to is written.

          I don’t think that argument is incredibly insulting to Chinese people at all. There are certainly ways to take it to a point where it becomes patronizing but the people who usually use it aren’t being patronizing, they’re just asking critics to demonstrate an awareness of fair context.

  • Ivan Teo

    That is why they are often called locust.

  • Freddi BuBu

    Such slimy behavior makes me ashamed to be Chinese…..

    • KamikaziPilot

      Maybe you can jump off a tall building if you’re that ashamed. Or maybe you can write a letter of apology to the entire world on behalf of those people that took the food.

    • ptptp

      If you’re stirred to action, here is the church’s webpage where you can donate money to help them make up for this loss:

  • Kai

    I don’t think it was a majority. The first comment was very likely said in jest.

    While I personally lean towards assuming them to be Chinese, I believe the actual TV report didn’t explicitly say so and I can empathize with some Chinese netizens who hold onto the wee bit of hope that maybe they aren’t. It’s still an expression of contempt and embarrassment.

  • Kai

    I agree.

  • don mario

    pretty bad

  • al

    That’s just disgusting..

  • Niggas just mad they can’t hustle as hard as these Chinese aunties

    • moeimoei

      hahaha….couldn’t have said it better myself ;)

  • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

    That’s it, I am never buying Juice again. Every morning I buy a bottle of freshly bottled Juice and all this time they have been reading the Satanic Talmud every morning before going to work on me.

    Damn you, Juice! Damn YOU!

  • David S.


  • mr.wiener

    Tru dat.

  • mr.wiener

    I was wondering more about the relevance of your *ahem* “dislike” of Jewish people and it’s reverence to the above story.
    Well aware that the Jews are not a race, but hey, thanks for the reminder.
    Is being Anti-anti-Semitic the same as being anti-Gentile?

  • Wodowsan

    I blame Mao. The Great Leap “backwards” caused so much suffering in China, that those that wanted to survive learned to behave this way. I think anyone brought up in that regime, that wanted to survive, most likely would develop the same behavior. The real crime is how they now white wash the real history of how the party has wrecked a nation and its people just so the Princes can remain in power.

    • SzMach5

      I absolutely agree with you. The greedier people survived through the famines caused by Mao while the more honest people died out. This is quite unfortunate.

  • TAKE5

    But I thought Chinese were the greatest people since slice bread?..what a joke

  • Peter Pottinger

    You people are sheep, who the f- cares of some people are taking a few cans or bags of free food, the western governments steal BILLIONS of dollars from the public for their lavish salaries, pork barrel projects and gold plated pension and health care funds. Thats the real story here.

    Wake up people and stop being sheep.

  • Kamui04

    “I’ve seen this before, Chinese people
    buying eggs in the supermarket and opening each carton to pick out the
    big ones to put in their own carton to buy. So wretched.”

    Well, my parents and me have witnessed that too in the supermarkets we frequent.
    Most people will just pick any carton and at most will just open and pick a carton with more big eggs. But these chinese old ladies will pick half dozen cartons, lay them out and start switching the eggs around, picking the biggest ones into their carton, leaving the small ones. And yes they’re chinese because they spoke mandarin.

    • Cauffiel

      Wow, that is a lot of work to get a tiny bit extra of an insanely cheap food.

      • Edward_Crowley

        I used to go to a market with a mates wife and her mum and dad, this market sold everything you could want, cheaply, pot smoking bongs, veggies, birds, clothes, almost everything,…cheap. The old mother would still haggle over yi jin of he tao, just because….a bit shameful considering they have two houses really.

  • Cauffiel

    I’ve been there a few times. The police don’t really do much of anything.

  • Cauffiel

    Chinese people in China are the laziest people I have ever seen. Students do completely half-assed work for their classes, everyone in any service position has a TV nearby they’d rather watch than do their job, and if you walk into any office cubical you’ll find a computer running QQ, Weibo, Taobao, or some silly web game.

    And they often trumpet on about how lazy Americans and British are. Ridiculous.

    • Edward_Crowley

      An irritation of mine to be told someone is busy, when QQ is open in plain sight and some video streaming software is open on the computer desktop. More work would get done if the computers had NO internet access, or QQ and streaming video was blocked…..

      • Cauffiel

        Yeah, customer service in China is the goddamn worst. But its better than it was just 5 years ago the first time I came here… or maybe I’m just more accustomed to it after living here for 3.

  • shuads

    im shocked that it wasnt the negro going chimpout for free food
    i heard of lots of uncivilized negro stories from chimpout dot com

  • shuads

    nope they more like they from taishan and taishan people that work in chinatown restaurants too

  • mr.wiener

    Well I’m a single mother in Johannesburg, and I’ve never seen Chinese people do this.

    • Cauffiel

      I always thought “homelessness” and “computerlessness” had a lot of overlap.

  • nospamsonny

    glad i left san francisco and california, they’ve been ruined

  • Surfeit

    I raised this news story with a Chinese. Their reaction was, ‘That’s smart!’ I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.

    • Cauffiel

      Reminds me of yesterday when a student asked me if he was going to fail my class. I told him he had a 59 but I bumped it up to a 60 because he’s terrible and I never wanted to see him again. He said “thank you for this wonderful news.”

      • Surfeit

        HAHA! You couldn’t make it up!

  • Brad pitt

    It’s pretty disgusting that they would do that.If they are doing something as shady as this, they must be somewhat needy themselves though. Still, no excuses for throwing out perfectly good food that could have gone to hungry people.

    • Cauffiel

      omg u r tha brad pit 4 realz?

      • Brad pitt

        4 realz homie, want an autograph?

        • Cauffiel

          i oughta cry i oughta laugh if you give me your autograph!

  • moeimoei

    should run a spread on Chinese in Canada getting grocery gift cards…embarrassing…

  • ScottLoar

    Yes, “those who scam the food banks have no shame” but I don’t understand your example. What is wrong with a man – any man, or woman, or child – collecting recyclables? 5 cents for a pop can is not a small deal to anyone needing money literally laying around and wanting to be picked up. It’s honest work. Junk scavengers, trash men, scrap collectors – call them what you will – are not hurting any one or depriving any one of a living, and you are sadly mistaken to assume they deprive recycling plants of income; read Junkyard Planet (ISBN 978-1-60819-791-0) by Adam Minter which explains the billion-dollar trash trade and those scrap collectors so necessary to it. Recycling is not a feel-good experience beyond those who separate plastics, paper and metal in their curbside recycling containers ; it is a profitable business which cannot function without profit, it is not based on altruism.

    I see a junk man rummaging through the trash for pop cans and scraps of metal, or Mexicans with a beat-up pick-up cruising the alleys looking for things to salvage, and compare them to kids loitering on street corners or adults sitting behind computers whining about no opportunities; tell me, which of them do you think will make a better life for their families?

    • Edward_Crowley

      Those old women in Asia who collect cans and empty plastic bottles are just trash and weeds, dregs of society. Most times they do alright financially, and it is just penny pinching pettiness. I’d throw out a empty bottle of great lakes orange juice (one of the only decent brands with any flavour, huiyuan is abysmal) and the old women who worked in campus kitchens would come and take it away….each and every time…it’s not like they are bereft financially they have a job and place to live….and all for the sake of wu mao or yi kuai….the mind boggles!!!!

      • ScottLoar

        “Those old women in Asia who collect cans and empty plastic bottles are just trash and weeds, dregs of society,” and I thought the dregs of society were the lazy, those who place themselves above work , who laugh at honest labor and waste without forethought, or lie, cheat and steal from others – the mind boggles!!!

        The one hiding behind the moniker Edward Crowley is above small change and pettiness, eh?

        • Edward_Crowley

          Those old women are just nuisances and weeds. Retired chinese people have no need to collect empty plastic bottles, not when apartments are around 30-40000 rmb per sq km, yet grabbing a bottle just to make wu mao, is ridiculous. You don’t see middle class retirees behaving like that anywhere else in the world….

          • ScottLoar

            Your sense of propriety is so easily offended, your standards so noble? I think not; you’re just crabbing, looking for a chance to complain, but to call people “nuisances and weeds”, “trash and weeds, dregs of society” for collecting then selling what you throw away is… well, the mind does boggle.

          • Edward_Crowley

            You seem to be easily offended, and are just showing yourself as another wumao/GW type foreigner.

          • ScottLoar

            It’s you who are offended by those collecting your throw-aways to sell as scrap, calling them “nuisances and weeds”, “trash and weeds, dregs of society”, then you say I’m easily offended? And I’m just another “wumao/GW type foreigner” for pointing out your superficial thoughts?

            Introspection is an alien concept to you.

          • Edward_Crowley

            You prove it again through your posts, I wager you are the worst kind of snivelling GW lackey to the Chinese….

  • Nasehr

    The Mainland Chinese in my country attend buffets and they stash some food in plastic containers so that their friends and relatives can enjoy them when they get home…

    • ScottLoar

      They do the same in mainland China. And if you really want to see chaos, look to a buffet open to the Chinese press covering an event.

      I attended a Chinese language Methodist church in Evanston, Illinois for some while, and the mainland Chinese from Northwestern University were shameless. Sharing a meal was common after the service, and the mainland Chinese were not only first to get in line they loaded their plates and those of their kiddies with more food than they could possibly eat, leaving those at the end of the line (and most usually the ones responsible for preparing the meal) with little or nothing. Again and again, one Sunday after another, I saw this, then stopped attending out of disgust.

  • Wodowsan

    I lived in Taiwan for nine years and China for over three and half. I understand and agree with what you are saying, but it was clear to me that selfishness and dishonesty among people is much worse in China. The “trust crisis” is one thing even the Chinese complain about their own society. I had been cheated personally by a training school and a university by over a month’s salary each. in just three years. In nine years in Taiwan I never had been cheated and never told “a contract is just a piece of paper.” As I had been told many times in China. In Taiwan I felt admired for my honesty, in China many treated me as a fool for the quality. I think that says much more about them than me.

  • Brad pitt

    Never thought about that, I’ve never worked/volunteered at a food bank so I had just assumed they wouldn’t pack expired food. The last thing a poor person needs is food sickness or an expensive American hospital visit…

  • Cauffiel

    “Cauffiel is possibly the most ignorant person I’ve come across.”

    Followed by three paragraphs that agree with exactly what I said above repeatedly, with the exception that I say the thing we give a name to is a real thing, and you say the thing we give a name to is not a real thing, which makes it odd that we should give it a name.

    I guess that doesn’t fit your social construct.

    Brilliant, x. Throwing a lot of applause your way.

  • mr.wiener

    You are talking complete nonsense. I’m much more ignorant than Caulffield.

  • Stephen Hsiao

    Notice that these are all mainland Chinese from the Communist China, not Taiwanese or Hong Kongers or 2nd+ generation Chinese Americans. Why? Communism destroys people’s morals and ethics. Destroys traditional culture and values to replace it with communist culture. Communism forces everyone into poverty and forcing them into “survival mode”, do anything and everything to survive even harming others [full proliferation of animal-style Darwinian “survival of the fittest”].