Chinese Pet Corgi Dog Balances Various Objects on Head

Dog in China balances various objects on his nose/head.

Dog in China balances various objects on his nose/head.

Posted this afternoon, this is currently the second hottest post of the past 24 hours on Chinese microblogging social network Sina Weibo…

From Sina Weibo:

@郭茎明: This doggy can balance everything.

Dog in China balances various objects on his nose/head.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Cute [爱你]


Please balance the gap between rich and poor.


All relying on those four short legs…


Does it’s master practice yoga?


Very cute, but also a little sad.


Pay attention to his eyes/expressions!!!


[悲伤][悲伤][悲伤] Although the traces of Photoshop and cloning are a bit obvious, none of this can stop my love for short-legs [Corgi dogs], do you understand!? Hey short-legs, I’m talking to you~ do you understand!!?


Little short-legs! It’s because your center of gravity is very low, right!?


After seeing this, does anyone get the feeling that they are no better than a dog?


That proud and contempt for all expression is what is the key here, okay???


Corgis had short legs to begin with, and with you weighing him down further like this, his legs will be squashed into nothing.


He’s so serious in the one where he’s balancing the ball~ so happy in the one where he’s balancing the cola.


Cannot balance [get rid of] the hate shorties have for the tall…


This little Corgi is killing me with cuteness~!


Can it balance [stop rising] prices?


I feel they are Photoshopped, some of them.

What tricks can your pet do?

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