Filipinos Taking Photos At Hostage Scene, Chinese Reaction

Philippine police taking photos in front of the Hong Kong tour bus that was involved in a hostage crisis.

Philippine police taking photos at scene of Hong Kong tourist catastrophe

From ifeng:

Philippine police smile and take photographs in front of the bus where Hong Kong tourists met catastrophe

A policewoman takes a photo in front of the disabled Hong Kong tour bus that was involved in a hostage crisis.

Philippine police taking photos at scene of Hong Kong tourist catastrophe

Phoenix Television’s August 25th “Zao Ban Che” [“Phoenix Morning Commute”?] program broadcasted “Philippine police taking photos at scene of Hong Kong tourist catastrophe”, with the following text below:

Yang Juan: This bullet-ridden, blood-stained tour bus is still parked in its original place [during the hostage crisis]. Just yesterday, the family members of the Hong Kong hostages came to the scene to offer sacrifices/pay their respects, the scene very touching.

However, at the same time, the bus was unexpectedly being treated as a tourist sight by people. The photograph we see here is of Philippine police at the scene taking photographs as souvenirs, smiles on their faces, as if what was behind them was some famous sight.

Philippine schoolgirls taking a group photo in front of the disabled Hong Kong tour bus that was involved in a hostage crisis.

Philippine schoolgirls taking group photographs in front of the disabled bus involved in the hostage crisis.

Two Filipino schoolgirls taking photos in front of the Hong Thai Travel tour bus where Hong Kong tourists were held hostage and killed.

Philippine schoolgirls taking group photographs in front of the disabled bus involved in the hostage crisis.

Manila city residents looking on during the Manila Chinese tourist hostage crisis.

August 24th afternoon, Manila, the Philippines, many city residents at the hijacked Hong Kong tour bus looking on.

Filipino nurses and city residents looking on at the Hong Thai Travel tour bus where Hong Kong tourists were held hostage and later killed.

August 24th afternoon, Manila, the Philippines, many city residents at the hijacked Hong Kong tour bus looking on and taking pictures.

Filipino nurses and city residents looking on at the Hong Thai Travel tour bus where Hong Kong tourists were held hostage and later killed.

August 24th afternoon, Manila, the Philippines, many city residents at the hijacked Hong Kong tour bus looking on and taking pictures.

Comments from ifeng:


[Taking photos] To remember what? To remember Chinese people being killed, or the Philippines failure? Inhuman!!!


From the Filipino police smiling and taking photos, what we see is a lack of humanity! To be blunt: Just a bunch of creatures worse than pigs and dogs!!!


No conscientious, self-respecting Chinese person should go to this trash country for tourism, buy products made by this trash country, or hire the people of this trash country.


Just what kind of country is this???!!! The Philippines! Treating life as cheap! Not taking things seriously! Strongly condemn the Philippine government and those nonchalant police and the insensitive bystanders!!! Strongly condemn and protest!!!


Think of it from another angle: Their generation is a generation of servants, so this incident will probably give their base psychology a kind of satisfaction.


The Philippine president is inhuman, the police even more so, and even the ordinary common Filipinos are likewise callous. This kind of callous country deserves to be destroyed!
My heartfelt condolences to the Hong Kong victims! We are all Chinese people, and at this moment, everyone’s heart is heavy!


They essentially did not see the Chinese hostages as people! If the hostages were people of other countries, the result wouldn’t have been like this. Angry, angry???


It is clear what place China occupies in their minds!


Taking photos at the victims’ scene is already disgraceful, but adding those the ugly faces of those young Filipino girls, it is even more disgusting.


All of a sudden, the shameless of the Philippines as a country is revealed.


Might as well not tow it away, having it become a tourist attraction is okay too, to represent the shame of the Philippines!!!


Seeing their smiles, I think of how the day of mourning they organized cannot possibly be mourning foreigners, so can they be mourning the gunman? Who will the Philippine citizens truly mourn in their hearts? Hard to imagine.


A happy tourist destination [referring to the Philippines], but just because a group of “Chinese” tourists died, and just like when the American military is attacked in Iraq/Afghanistan, it is now laughed at and made fun of by Chinese people, humanity twisted! China’s sad soul…


Think of the Chinese people’s sick cheering during 9/11, and the various behaviors of the the Philippine people can be well understood, this is the moral decay of nationalistic crowds!


Filipinos are a bunch of inhuman cold-blooded animals.

Comments from Mop:


You think there are less of these kind of people in China?

Look at the crowds of bystanders whenever something happens…how many of them are being sympathetic?

Some people…only have other people in their eyes, never looking at themselves.


The best labeled photograph of the Philippine police action.

Photograph of the Philippine SWAT police raiding the Hong Kong tourist bus, annotated by a Chinese netizen.

[Top: “TM, such a large rear-view mirror.” Bottom: “SBs”]


No license plate, no truth! Doesn’t exclude the possibility that it is a different bus of the same tour agency!

Of course, the Philippine JC were definitely SBs!


If Hong Kong was still England’s, what would happen?


Mentally retarded Filipino pigs. Sorry, I’ve insulted pigs.


The Philippines simply didn’t care to rescue them, just look at how the Philippine president was full of smiles when speaking.


Those who know how to hop the wall [the GFW], this is the Philippine president’s Facebook page. A lot of Hong Kong people are leaving comments.


I’ll use “Filipino police” to insult people from now on.


It can be said that Hong Kong people being held hostage this time and not getting effective help is the other side of Hong Kong’s racial discrimination.

From Next Media/Apple Daily:

A copy on YouTube:

If you cannot see the above YouTube video and you are in China, you may need a VPN service.

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  • This is a cultural thing. Not to generalize, but in my experience, Filipinos take pictures of EVERYTHING. They don’t think they’re doing anything wrong by taking pictures of the bus.

    Many Filipinos are treated like garbage in Hong Kong. It doesn’t surprise me to hear all the racist remarks posted behind the anonymity of a computer screen.

    • LDL

      dude, r u one of the people who took a picture with the bus or what? those people are fucking smiling in the fucking pictures, acting as if its a fuckin tourist spot. wake the fuk up calvin. just because u guys have the same skin colour doesnt mean that you re suppose to feel for them.

      what they are doing are simply inhuman. this is why they are treated as garbage in hongkong. they have put babies in washing machines and even drop them dead from floors of building while the parents are away working hard trusting her.

      if they havnt done wrong, no one will shit on their names.

      • Professional Filipino

        For many Peoples Info.. First of All we Apologized for what happened to the result of Hostage Taking Incident, We Filipinos are so embarrassed to what our government and to our shitty Police/SWAT had its SUPER INCOMPETENT MEGA EPIC FAILURE! But please don’t Blame all Filipino people we are not all the same as your country. In every Country There is a Classification – Class A, Class B – Class C , The Rich , The Middle Class, and The Poor…
        As for the Picture Taking, Filipinos are Fond of taking pictures, Even how big the disaster, calamity or tragedy, if you focus a camera to a Filipino it will smile immediately… Please Accept our Apologies to our Fellow Filipino Citizen for there Misconducts and misbehavior, I myself pity them…to HK people were very sorry and regret this things happened and PLEASE DON’T BE A RACIST AND BE PROFESSIONALS ENOUGH TO HANDLE THIS KIND OF FAILURE….

        • fark ASsquino

          God bless u filipino people or not, this I dun know…But 1 thing for sure is…I love to fuck pinoys gals…they are good to screw esp their ass….God fuck you…opps is God blass u….

      • tupe

        your right!!!!but right now only one chinese has brain and heart —–jackie chan—-and the rest are chinese monkeys….

        • LDL

          or do u mean the other way round.. butt tupe

          • cheng

            LDL…. you’re just envious to then who can smile despite trouble…. I just can’t imagine how you look like….. a monkey can be described…. Have you seen an alligator??? the smile is horrible…. that’s how i imagine your face……lol

          • Professional Filipino

            That is why we are the happiest persons on earth.. Even in times of trouble We can Throw A Single Smile…. Hence People are Different, Red Yellow Black And white, we have Different traits and Ethnicity. Dont Be Sarcastic Enough to Judge People Cause Your not a Judge :D … World Peace.. Nobody is Perfect…If Your Perfect You wont won muss Universe anyway… But Once Again Condolences to The Victims Family….. Please Stop Spreading Hatred….. Thanks and Best Luck to our Future…..God Bless Us Always…

          • PEACE ON EARTH!

            hello to everyone! i’m a filipina lady,.

            everything happens as if..there is a purpose for everything.. while reading all your comments here,. i felt so embarrassed and discourage about what you said that filipinos are monkeys.. that was very painful to us filipinos who are reading these kind of comments. please stop judging all filipinos.and what makes it hurt with us is that you are judging us generally.. don’t you know what will happen to us in future? i’m just an ordinary student and i don’t want to be called like a trash cause calling a filipino like a trash is an insult.

            your comments were spread all over the philippines and all of us were shocked with your words and we were very much discouraged.. all of us are not perfect..we are created by God equally and we dont have the power to judge people.. RESPECT is what we want, we are very much in pain now that we know how you look Filipinos..that’s sarcasting.

          • TruthBeTold

            there’s a time to smile and a time to mourn…smiling in the face of adversity(disaster, calamity or tragedy) is NOT the same as smiling in the face of a botched rescue attempt….smiling in front of a camera regardless of situations is the mother of aLL excuses…looking at those pics..all I can say is….it’s an abomination…a truly despicable act…it’s an abomination…a truly despicable act…it’s an abomination…a truly despicable act…it’s an abomination…a truly despicable act…!
            You CANNOT rationalize this deplorable act..You must stand up, admit, submit and repent…ask God to help change …please…the bundled attempt was already hurting enough…wounds cannot heal but fester if you do not repent!


      • Maestro

        LDL, LDL, LDL……haven’t your teacher taught you the right usage of verbs?
        anyways……there’s no point of arguing with you people, because you have no God to believe! Feng Shui is all what you believe! read the bible, read the Quran! this is what you call Pre-ordained Destiny! those police and the hostage taker? they are just tools to make things happen! in any chance, in any ways, in any time, this thing will happen if it is destined to happen! aight?

        • just another person

          R u retarded maestro? Do you not know what buddhism is? such ingorent comments you make without any basic understanding of another culture. Would you say things were pre destined if your family members were invovled? obviously you lack empathy and EQ to understand other people’s feelings

          • LDL

            yea.. u tell him J.A.P.

          • keith

            my teacher certainly had teach me how not to become an ass hole or a society rubbish, i bet Jesus feel ashamed for having people like you to mention his name.

          • KULAFU

            hey LDL! since when budhha became god? and stupid keith! did maestro ever mentioned about jesus? he’s right, it’s not only u don’t know how to use verbs, u also don’t know how to read and understand! Damn! so Dumb! dah!

          • KULAFU

            OMG j.a.p! you’re such a low life wannabe! Maestro is right, you people just don’t know how to use verbs and read! Shit! since when buddha became god you idiot? and keith stupid – did he ever mention jesus? wow! such a dumb ass u are keith! didn’t your mom bring u to school to learn how to read?

          • just another person

            haha kulafu I dont know if english is your second language but you have very bad grammar and I dont know if you know what the definition of god is? “since when buddha become god?” do you mean since when did buddha became a god? haha do you even know what god means? here i googled it for you it means ” A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions” its not specific to only a religion. So yea buddha is a god and if you dont know anything about it please dont sound like you do.

            And what do you mean by your people? do you even know what type of person i am? do you have any idea if im the same nationality as LDL or keith?

          • juan

            E.Q.? do you have it? from your adjectives alone seems you lack it!

          • Elaine

            J.A.P u are the one whos retarded,,, is the topic about culture etc.? “obviously you lack empathy and EQ to understand other people’s feelings” how about the feelings of other innocent Filipinos huh??

      • #11

        Don’t speak as if you’re clean dude. Filipinos are very sorry for what had happened.. We are also pissed of what our policeman did in the hostage taking. But in some case Calvin was right. It;s just normal for us to take pictures wherever we are.. with the smile on our face? is that what you care about?simple we just want to share that no matter what happen there are still tomorrow that we should all look forward. Our Government, already said that whoever responsible for that incident will be punished so just wait and see. You don’t to generalize all Filipinos coz even you are not clean,. just take a look at the mirror and you’ll see.

      • Bob

        LDL, you’re an asshole, and this is coming from an American citizen.

      • Jitay

        LDL, I’m Filipino and I don’t like how things turned out and I wish I could personally shame these people who smiled and took photos in front of the bus. But generalizing 80million people on the actions of some? Be careful. Whatever country you’re from, I can bet it has had its foul-ups. What you say about others when they’ve done wrong will go back to you and your people.

      • GIO

        this is why they are treated as garbage in hongkong – LDL


        Look and fucking stare at your fucking inhuman face in the mirror…

      • Elaine

        why haven’t you done any shit in ur life,,, gosh your so perfect,,! HAIL LDL!! ur so clean!!

    • Alan no longer in China

      Taking pictures of the bus isn’t an issue. It happens all the time. Posing and smiling in the picture where people got killed is completely different. Especially the police, they’re supposed to be performing an investigation, taking pictures of the scene, not themselves.

      • Maestro

        That’s what Facebook can do to people! hahaha…..

        • miga

          i agree with you maestro… wahahah lolx we have the same thought….

    • FoB

      This Calvin kid, got to be the most retarded poster i ever see, he even beats out pusan.

      i mean how stupid can you be to defend people who takes picture in front of a murder scene while smiling?

      • I’n wondering why no one thinks the Apple News/Next Media thing is inappropriate too. It’s really sensationalizing the incident without any regard to what actually happened on the bus. Personally something like that should not be made so soon after the tragedy.

        I also did not say that they were justified in what they were doing, merely making a cultural observation. Seems alot more intelligent than saying:


        like half the posters on this thread.

        How come Alan is the only one that can speak rationally and intelligently? Isn’t he the one normally trolling? I agree completely with his comment.

        P.S. I’m Indian, not Filipino. Not everyone with slanty eyes is Chinese and not everyone with brown skin is Filipino you SB.

        • Jack

          Dude.. I’m Indian too…see my reply below…you are right…no government can save its people…i have been in the PH and China ..both are nice people…its really tragic what happened..

          PH is not bad…i faced racism everywhere expect in the PH….for Indians PH is a place where they can connect with..its more fun than Thailand

          • Steven Hunter

            Jack, you haven’t been around Filipinos long enough, I guess. I’m an American who’s been working in the Philippines for ten yrs now. Everyone, even the seemingly well-educated, seems to use words like “Negro,” (for black Americans) and “Bumbai” (for Indians) fairly easily, without batting an eyelash. The Bumbai is also meant in a derogatory sense.

          • tralala

            steven hunter, the terms negro and bumbai aren’t meant for derogatory means if they are used to describe an american african or indian. they are street slang adjectives that filipinos have gotten used to, without even knowing where these words came from. it’s like calling americans like you “kano”, it’s just something that filipinos use without meaning any harm. the only way those terms can be used in a derogatory fashion is when they are used against filipino people who have characteristics similar to african americans or indians. i myself do not know where the term bumbai came from. only now do i find out that it can be derogatory. for me, it’s just the tagalog term of indian, just like “intsik” is for chinese. just lost in translation. we don’t mean to offend people by calling them as such.

        • There is nothing wrong with the Apple Daily motion. It showed what happened to the incident. After 9/11, same things were shown by CNN. It showed how the plane crashed, how and who were doing what at what floor, and such. This is how news work. THEY ARE NOT DISRESPECTING THE DEAD. Making these videos have nothing to do with disrespecting the dead, but SMILING after such an incident? That’s just pure bad taste. Imagine your family died there and people are taking pictures with a smile on their face, I doubt you would like that. Put it simpler, imagine after that flood in India, I go there to take pictures of the after math smiling, what would you think? Even George Bush wouldn’t smile after some tragic event (New Orleans). He’s at least not that stupid.

          The biggest problem is not the school girls taking pictures smiling, it is the police men. They are representatives of the government body, so why are they smiling and taking pictures like this? Lack of common sense or just bad taste? You failed your mission in many ways, yet you are celebrating the end of the event by smiling? A great picture would be them (the police/SWAT) placing flowers around the bus to show their griefs and sorrow of the event.

      • Maestro

        hey! you know what is retard? you people reacting violently! If I took a picture of me smiling in front the crime scene, you have no FUCKING business with that! It’s my Camera you idiots!!!……I’ll use it as my FB profile pic! it will not be that great if I didn’t smile! wahahaha……it’s really hard for you people to see the reality, because your eyes are too small for the big big world! Feng Shui? That’s bullshit!

        • keith

          you’re the biggest bullshit of all, cant even think what’s going through your mind when you post these kinda comment.
          but i’m sure of one thing, loser like you will only get a failure life,either ended up in prison or died miserably

          • KULAFU

            HAHAHA….see what chinese / chinese corrupted minds do? they forecast the future! wahahaha…..why u didn’t forecast this incident before it happen keith? so, they could have avoid it! STUPID DAMN ASS!

        • nek0

          “maestro” (let me doubt that), you are just an idiot. You are just saying BS and then how can you expect another to do not look down on filipinos? c’mon, the tards like you in PH are the reason why people who hate PH really hate PH. And btw, I’m not chinese so shut the fuck up before saying anything . And keep mocking about “feng shui” but do you even know where your fuckin stupid christian god just comes from ? yeah , Spain… that country that is way too far away from your own country. And tell me…before the spanish arrived there… WHO BELIEVED IN GOD IN YOUR COUNTRY? and do you have any proof he exists? I lived in that country so you don’t tell me to give me a sermon”maestro”;) just shut the fuck up and inform yourself before opening your “super wise mouth”.

        • LMAO, everybody will be hating you already. Even worse you put it on Facebook with your name and details. What a great symbol to show how fucking gay and retarded you are. Not as a filo, but as a human being. Have fun being racist bitch!

    • Jack

      Agree Calvin….Last month in Germany during love parade..24 foreign nationals were stamped to death including Chinese…no one reacted the way they are doing it now.

      What Germany did was equally stupid .. cramping all people in tunnel and giving excuses that ..they did not expect such a huge crowd. No body resigned in Germany…they only offered apologies…in PH…many officers were fired yesterday.

      If a first world high tech country like Germany could do stupid things..what chance a third world country has? sometimes best plans could go wrong.

      • Mika

        This is a different situation, you cannot compare the two. Sensationalising occurs in every article, yet Calvin, wow I actually thought you were intelligent, but for you to defend them taking photos smiling, you lack morality. How about laying some flowers like ASDF said.

        Plus, it was a hostage situation and the main priority was to make sure the hostages were safe. They failed, the anger is different to those situations, this one was because there were blatant, several chances to save those people but the police was neglient and not well equipped, they had offers of help from troops trained especially for hostage negotiations but they did not accept; it’s not a matter of third world or developed, the Filipinos did not use their resources required to ease the situation. The fact the police lacked a clear plan angers people. The fact that people are taking photos of the scene smiling just as if rubs salt into the wounds.

        There are articles even saying people were taking photos with the coffins, that is seriously messed up.

        If you say taking photos of tragic/violent scenes is okay, you need to re-look into that. Why not say child pornography is okay while you are at it, as long as someone is smiling in the photo, it’s all dandy. No, taking photos of horrific scenes smiling is never okay.

        • billydkid

          i agree with you. this should be a lesson. It is not proper decorum to take pictures of places where killings had taken place if people are in it. i think it is ok to take pictures of the bus itself. But don’t make the bus a scenic or tourist spot and have your pictures or pictures of your friends,etc taken with it.

          • jux

            This is all i can say…

            How many filipinos were included in the hostage taking, let say a hundred or more…

            How many filipinos had taken pictures at the site…. say 20 or more…

            How many same botched rescue attempt like this happened…. were many people died? honestly, i’m not so sure, but i can only remember this and the successful hotel hostage taking from the failed coup’ a couple of years ago.

            What is the population of the Philippines? about 90 million or so.

            do not shit all filipinos for the mistake of a few… it was really wrong and insensitive taking pictures of the bus, but the number is insignificant against the population

            criticize only if you and your country are innocent of any wrong doings or mistakes… should i blame you for the mistakes of your government… even if you dont want it to happen, should i blame you for all your governments transgression against human rights….. should you be responsible for all the people killed of poisoning from your china milk products especially most of them are innocent children and even babies…..

            should i blame china of having a citizen such as yourself? my answer is no…

            this is for all the people in this chat room, chinese, filipino, indians, americans or of any race, there are no country which is perfect, chinese people has all the right to be angry and upset, but that do not give you the right to degrade and to insult all of us.

            i believe not all chinese people are like the troller in this thread
            but i respect your opinion, everyone has the right to voice out their opinion good or bad… just a bit sad and felt sorry for you

      • Ol Dirty

        dude this is different, smiling and posing in front of that bus is disrespectful and even a retard should know that.

      • Tina Coleman

        I totally agree to this. Filipinos have been descriminated ever since, as well as people from other third world countries. I have worked with Filipino domestic helpers in Hongkong. We conducted financial literacy programs for them and they all have their own tragic stories about how they were maltreated and raped by their employers. Talk about “Chinese humanity”. But then again, Filipinos never condemned the Chinese because they believe that not all them are ill-mannered and inhumane. I guess they are starting to think twice this time…

    • alarlaa

      Sir not all Filipinos are like that! condolences..

    • Keith

      i DONT see them taking picture with smiles when their family members passed away…..
      and they dont think they’re wrong doesnt mean they aint!! most psycho dont think they did anything wrong when they killed someone

      • Maestro

        who told you? have you been to all of the funerals lately?

        • keith

          i will, when you died, i definitely taking a picture there with a big smile there to celebrate it

          • KULAFU

            hahaha….so poor in grammar! try harder keith! he didn’t ask u if u will take a picture or not..he asked u if u’ve been to all funerals u Dumb Ass! because you’re saying fils don’t take pictures smilling in their relatives funeral….learn some english before u comment sock sucker! or better yet, just tell the future!

            [Note from Fauna: Please do not use multiple names.]

      • ECID

        please don’t generalize,Filipinos are not all the same.
        Besides, as you can see only few went there to take pictures.
        We do mourn for the death of the victims. We didn’t wanted what happened. The country is pretty much troubled right now, a number of police and government officials are being fired and questioned for their actions during the accident. Even the media is being blamed.
        Besides, we do take pictures of our dead relatives and some do smile even though in great pain.
        Even so, we really do apologize for the misconduct of our fellow Filipinos.

        • asessorov

          I guess the Philippines just got zapped by a series of really bad coincidences.
          First this ex-policeman Mendoza chose a tourist bus with Chinese tourists in them to take as hostages. If the bus had American tourists in them, maybe U.S. Navy Seals would have rescued them pronto.
          Next the ill-prepared, ill equipped SWAT team(try asking the members how long they have been members of SWAT, maybe just that evening they became SWAT) assaulted the bus on live TV showing much confusion and fear.
          After the hostage taker was killed, the family drapped the national flag on his coffin and when China prostested, the Philippine authorities reasoned that they have no control over how funerals are conducted and a Senator defended the flag drapping of a hostage takers mass murderer coffin but the flag was ultimately removed. It should have been removed pronto without any bullshit.
          Then the idiots especially the policemen started taking pictures of themselves in front of the blood stained bus which should have reminded them that they stupidity had just caused the lives of nine people but it apparently did not. And smile they did. Filipinos never take pictures of themselves in front of places of recent tragedies. I have never seen any picture of a Filipino smiling in front of the overturned Princess of the Orient even if it is still there floating offshore Romblon.
          So I guess the story is not yet finished until the release of the investigation report that all the hostages were killed by the hostage taker even if the ballistics will show that the bullets were fired from the SWAT team rifles……..the end

    • ehla

      thanks dude.. your right

    • Mika

      Then they have srsly problems if they don’t think it is wrong. How about I go into a cemetry or a morgue and start taking photos of myself smiling with them?

      Ha! People from all over the world experience the feeling off being treated like rubbish. Don’t pin-point this on HK. The Philippines is fatally flawed, the government/people are corrupt. Many are poor, them moving to HK and expecting a good life is overly optimistic and ignorant.

      Ignorance seems to be a re-occurring for the Philippines.

      • Cindy

        This is to Mika:

        I’m Filipino. I’m disgusted and ashamed to those people who took pictures of that with smiles on their face. It is totally wrong to do but please just because a bunch of Filipino people did stupid mistakes doesn’t generally mean you blame it all to Filipinos.

        also I may add it’s human nature. Everyone is curious (some just take it to extreme like the ones shown above). People wants to take pictures and use it to brag and say “Hey I was there”. Everyone is guilty of it. For example if there was a car accident nearby or someone jumped in front of a train and there were witnesses, just how many of them took pictures as they walk by? A lot. It’s curiosity. No, I’m not defending them because what they did is unacceptable. I’m just saying.

        Of course. Every country has FLAWS– there is no country that is perfect. Some countries shows more flaws than others but who are you to judge? Can you really blame the people if they want to move to another country to work so that they can SUPPORT their family? What you are asking is pretty much the same thing as this: Why are Chinese people moving to US and Canada?

        Sure call us ignorant if you want but look in front of the mirror and see who is truly the ignorant one.

      • Frenchie

        Oh, get over it already!

    • Baluga

      hey Laugh My Ass Off LMAO! HEY NIGGER go to Garbage trashcan.

    • Sympathetic

      I agree with you Calvin. However kindly my whole entry somewhere on the very bottom of this page.

    • Shiela

      I’ve been to HK also and that’s what I observed of them. Some of them are really rude even before this incident. Even some of my foreign European friends also said how rude some of the people there. They always think we don’t have money to travel. But there’s still some of them who are nice.

    • Bomb

      Right on! Chinese people should be ashamed of how racist and ignorant they are! Read this article:

      Just because Filipinos are poor, it does not give anyone the right to malign and mistreat them (Read: OFW maids). Who are inhumane now? Disgusting bigotry!

  • Jon

    I’m a filipino. those photos are being shared all over facebook because we also hate the actions doing by those people taking pictures. pls dont generalize the filipinos. we too the citizens of the philippines felt ashamed because of the actions of the authorities during hostage taking and we are also confuse why it took them alot of time.

    • LDL

      unfortunately you have a very disrespectful and irresponsible system working over there. i truly feel sorry for the ones who feel for the incident.

      • Angela

        Thank you for realizing that not all Filipinos are messed up.

        • Total BS

          yeah but ur government’s messed up. up

    • Right..

      “citizens of the philippines felt ashamed ” You people show this by posting pictures of this all over facebook? Respect just went down the drain.

      • wu lmao

        would it make you happy they showed shame like the Japanese and pretend it never happened?

      • Proud to be Filipino

        The majority of us, Filipinos, are ashamed. We denounce the insensitivity of those who took these pictures and posted them online. Please do not judge the whole nation by the actions of a small minority.

  • David

    No offense to the Chinese people (I love the Chinese people), but if the same thing happened to a bus of Filipino tourists in China, I think there would be many people in China who would do the exact same thing. Anybody remember the street-racing incident in Nanjing where a guy got hit and everyone just stood around looking at him until the ambulance arrived?

    • Sam

      Yes!indeed! Think first before you say something.

    • Alan no longer in China

      There’s a difference between watching an accident (gawkers delay on the highway anyone?) and taking pictures smiling with something terrible. If people took pictures of an accident scene that’s one thing, if they pose in the picture while smiling then in my opinion, that’s kinda messed up.

      • Dildo Baggins

        I’m sure the same stupid pictures would happen just about anywhere. Lets just hope that this is forgotten soon like it should be. Filipino’s are treated like crap in just about every country, and it would be horrible if their was some sort of backlash over this. Who else would sing all the 80’s pop classics at the bars in Hangzhou?

        • Angela

          I am a Filipino, and yet I cannot say that after what happened yesterday I am still proud to be one. Especially with reports like these, that show some Filipinos’ apathy, I sometimes feel that our country is hopeless.

          And yet, I am urging everyone to please, stop with the name-calling and racist remarks. It is really hurtful, especially to the many Filipinos (YES, I DARESAY MANY) who were just as hurt as you, Chinese people, by what happened yesterday. This is also what I am afraid of. I hope that Chinese people won’t retaliate among Filipino workers. I am especially worried about the domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

          • Reader

            >>> I sometimes feel that our country is hopeless.

            Your country is hopeless. There is no future. The best Filipino youth can hope for is working in another country and sending money home. That’s a shite existence.

            I think China should buy the Philippines and turn it into a giant resort. That would create jobs for Filipinos since their own government can’t seem to provide them.

      • blue

        on my own opinion chinese cant survive without filipinos.without filipinos ur life would be a mess

    • Proud Filipino

      That is true! please don’t come clean.

    • jason

      Well, I guess if this happens in hk or china, the single hostage taker would be taken down hell of a lot sooner.

      I’m sure the Philippines did their incompitent part but i also think their police would do better as criminals/extortionist/hitmans/fashion models than real policemen who respects their citizens and upholds the law.

      I once lived in the Philippines, people are mostly hospitable but mostly un-educated, unprofessional, very slow, and very good at complaining.

      • Steven Hunter

        i also think their police would do better as criminals/extortionist/hitmans/fashion models than real policemen who respects their citizens and upholds the law.

        –Amen brotha, amen! I’ve been here for ten years now, and I’d say there are vastly more corrupt policemen than upright ones.

        • Mike Frost

          @Steven Hunter : it seems like you are sour graping, you’ve been in the Philippines for 10 years ? that was long why in the hell stay there when you have lots of complaints. I guessed you’ve been duped in Manila Cafe where you hanged out most of your time.

          • Steven Hunter

            Mike Frost, learn to write in proper English grammar, you dipshit lowlife. Use verb tenses properly. If you’ve lived in Manila and don’t have any complaint about the police, there’s only two possiblities:
            a) you’re a loser who never gets out of the house because he doesn’t have friends/ a car/ social life.
            b) You’re so dumb you don’t realize why the PNP is one of the constantly lowest-ranked government entities.
            –I’m willing to bet in your case, it’s all of the above. For instance, look up the dictionary definition of “sour graping” before using it wrongly, you low-I.Q. asswipe.
            Finally, I’m here not because I love it here, but because I’m supervising projects for an international bank that’s supposed to help your country with infrastructure improvement. And so I do know what it’s like to deal with government people–from the highest ranking Cabinet men to a lowly MMDA cop. What have you done for your country lately, asshole? Do you even cross the street at designated pedestrian lanes and avoid spitting in public like the rest?

        • jap

          Staying here for ten years is quite long steve hunter. whats keeping you here, i think you one of those wanted criminal in your own country and hiding here in the Philippines. Get the fuck out o here!

          • michael

            oooh yeah….fuck you

        • Mayfair Witch

          yeah, steve, stop whining about the Philippines and the Filipinos and get your ass out of here! Maybe Jap is right, you’re a wanted person in your country! hahaha!

        • OUT STEVEN HUNTER (aka yaj)

          hey hey hey….don’t bite the fingers of the ones feeding you…better pack up your things and leave the Philippines NOW!!!! You ungrateful man… are pitching your bread and butter in….back off from this….you are not even a filipino or chinese to be TOOOOOOOO SOOOOOO HATEFUL…..

          • Steven Hunter

            You’re asking me to get out? You lowlife ingrates can’t distinguish between frank criticism and insults. As I’ve said to that idiot Mike Frost, I’m here because I’m supervising projects for an international bank that helps in infrastructure improvements. It’s a lovely country and the people are generally friendly and warm. What I criticize is what people generally see to be annoying/downright wrong. If you can’t take genuine criticism, you can shove it up your ass. I’ve probably done your country more good than you ever could in a whole lifetime. We’ve built roads and bridges and school buildings in the rural areas. What have you done for your country lately? Have you paid your taxes correctly, if at all? Followed traffic signs? Avoided jumping long queues? Do you pay for all the electricity you use, or do you steal a portion of it? Ever paid off a traffic cop to get away scot-free? Ever stolen office time to do something personal? Start doing away with these things, dude. You’ll find yourself a bit more respectable in the eyes of the world.

        • Shut up steven (aka yaj)

          how dare you steve hunter….WALA KANG UTANG NA LOOB…

          • heavenscent (aka yaj)

            You speak like you are greater than GOD….back OFF!!

          • heavenscent (aka yaj)

            You speak like you are greater than GOD….back OFF steven hunter!!

            [Note from Fauna: Please do not use multiple names.]

        • schadenfreude

          Mr. Steven Hunter, you’re saying you’ve been in the Philippines for ten blasted years but you have a gazillion complaints about how they run their country. How come you’re still there? Did it ever cross your mind to just go back to your homeland and rant about the Philippines in your comfy couch back home? You’re living in the Philippines so you are part of the country. When you insult the Philippines, you are also insulting yourself. Enough with the complaints. If you can’t do about the situation, don’t complain.

          • Steven Hunter

            Well, see now this is the problem with many of you guys here. You cannot accept frank criticism. Have I attacked the whole nation or Filipinos in general for the hostage fiasco? NO. What I did was heap spite and shame upon the inept PNP as well as Abnoy and other government officials. And for that I get rewarded with flak about my being “anti-Filipino” and “speaking as if I were God.” Now where did that come from, you lamebrained dumbfucks? I am not being haughty and pretending to be perfect, but when douchebags like yaj & Co. try to breastbeat about “defending Pinoy pride” even as I point out very obvious things like police corruption and government inefficiency, now that’s downright ridiculous. And lest you forget, this comments thread is all about the callousness of those taking souvenir pics at the crime scene before, during and after the crisis. Those of you who are alternately defending/explaining away those picture-takers’ actions and attacking those like me who are expressing reasonable criticism, well, there is just no hope for your level of stupidity. You guys are in deep psychological shit, that’s obvious.

          • Chad

            Mr. Hunter nailed it right there. Many Filipinos cannot take an criticism at all of their country. They turn incredibly defensive. This is the main difference I see between Americans and Filipinos. A lot of Americans seem to not delude themselves in their country’s problems and I see this as a very beneficial trait for the country’s development. It helps people see problems and get creative about how to improve themselves rather than constantly delude themselves in fantasy.

        • Shiela

          Go home Steve Hunter! So that Filipino could occupy your position. Why still live in the Philippines when you hate them? Why are you still here?

          • Steven Hunter

            As far as I know, no Filipino has ever been able to occupy this position. I think it’s because this job has access to many details that could be used for insider dealing, especially since it concerns infrastructure project funds that could be misused. As I’ve said above, I’ve done your country more good than you idiot critics here ever could in a lifetime. We’ve funded all sorts of utilitarian projects that benefit rural communities and put money into livelihood programs–things that many politicians only touch upon during election year here. You don’t know me, so don’t try to say smart things like I’m making money off you. Now if I were to turn into an evil man, I’m sure I can sell you off as a bride to an old American or European, Shiela. But I’m a good man, so I won’t ;-)

          • MooGooGaiPan

            Steven Huntress,
            Hit the road, Jack…and doncha come back no more, no more!
            Hit the road, Jack…and doncha come back no more!

        • boris

          This Steven Hunter is very stupid! If you dont like Philippines why are you still staying here, you stupid moron. You should pack your things & go home to whatever country you came from. You dont deserve the warm hospitality of the filipinos. Why are you here for anyway? To do business? Or youre one of the pedophile who corrupt the minds of the young kids for your own pleasure? For Chinese people, youre critizing filipinos as a servants, are you superior race? 90% of drug traffickers in the philippines are chinese! At least were working decently compared to you. Most of your people ruins life! FYI it happens everywhere even in your country there is one incident that a mentally disturbed guy who splashed acid chemical from the top of the building. Also FYI, your products are sub standards. You are worst because you distributed milks for babies that contains melamine who killed thousands of babies! Your toothpaste contains coolant for motorcycles motors. There’s a lot more actually, too many to mention. So who is worst now?

          • Steven Hunter

            Nobody is claiming racial superiority here, Boris the Crybaby Bitch. You guys keep bringing up melamine-tainted milk. The thousands of afflicted babies were in China, not in HK or the Philippines. Otherwise you would’ve seen a deluge of infant kidney cases in several hospitals, and that would’ve overwhelmed your health care system immediately. No, I’m not a pedophile. Read my job description on other replies here, I’m sure you’ll find mine to be a very noble career. But yeah, I’ve heard the Philippines is a very good destination for child sex–kids sold by their own parents into sexual slavery for a few month’s worth of rice. That’s sad. Really sad. I’m here to help your country, boris. What have you done for your country lately? I mean, aside from stealing time off work to fire off an angry riposte in the middle of a workday to defend what ethnic pride you deemed was hurt?

          • I feel for you steven, theres really no point in arguing with these people.

    • mastahjan

      well said! condolences to the chinese people, but please don’t be racists. Its just a simple misunderstanding… people commit mistakes, no one is perfect … just because the filipinos were smiling at the photos, doesn’t mean they hate chinese. I have no grudges against you guys, but some chinese people here are so paranoid

      • Rina

        Well actually, I agree with the not being racist thing. You know how much Filipinos are hurt by the things the whole world says about them? Even me, who just came from a nap and wake up to it. Saying that we are all sluts and so. I was hurt deeply and I couldn’t do anything. How can I, when all of them has made a point and said period? Period that Filipinos are fags.

        I am hurt, because if one says Filipinos are ______ and this _______, that includes my mother, my father, my sister who are for me, amazing people. They didn’t do anything that relates to this happening.

        It’s insulting. :( It’s something that pains me. Please, just stop.

        I apologize then, even if I didn’t have anything to do with this.

        For my family’s sake, for our sake.

        • DemieDemonie

          Hey Rina,

          You sent me an email message.

          Unbalanced? I think you have to be realistic my dear. Please read and comprehend my post before you say that im unbalanced. May I ask where are you right now? If youre not in the Philippines now then you better shut your mouth because you really dont know the real situation here in the Philippines right now.

          • Rina

            I replied to UNASHAMED FILIPINO, because apparently he was saying some things that should be censored. I don’t remember replying to you. And besides, your comment below sums up my feelings and you spoke really good. So I have no problem with you.

            I’m in the Philippines right now. I saw the news while it was being aired after I got home from university. I was not in the scene, but I felt the heaviness, because I am a Filipino. Thank you.

    • just another person

      I agree with alan there is a difference between watching and smiling infront of murder site for a photo.

      • kittykatkat

        c’mon haters, those people smile not becoz of the tragedy or the crime scene, they smile b’coz there is a camera, a natural thing, “they don’t want to be ugly on pictures, but it doesn’t mean they are happy of what happened”. they took pictures too shARE it on fb so that we can remmber the tragedy and learn form it, not to disrespect HKers. hope u get what i mean. and yeah they are right that some of us filipinoes smile on photos on funerals to forget death and tragedy and as the easiest way to move on…. not to disrespect. PEACE EVERYONE!

    • cheng xi

      correct….. not only filipinos make mistakes….chinese too… so why fuzz about the smiles?????

      • you know what..i think the hostage taker used illegal drugs sold by chinese people here in the Philippines.. dont you know that many chinese people will see everyday on the news .. They are the drug lord here in manila.. Since we are poor we are buying products from china.. because it is cheap.. cheap because it was smuggled. is good that you have our country black listed and issue travel ban so no Chinese will enter our land and sell illegal drugs .

        Chinese People please be open minded. Dont think as narrow as your eyes. It has happened everywhere. .

        • me vs. chinese

          seems right!
          you all chinese looks cheap, smells cheap!! buying cheap and selling cheap.. ahahahaha^^

        • Steven Hunter

          And by bringing up the race of drug dealers, you are equating all Chinese people to be drug dealers. You’re no better than the idiots in HK who are calling all Filipinos servants and sluts.

  • Yes, they do. I see it all the time

    • Yuan Lim

      Watzzuppp mah-nigger!? :)

      • STFU

        He’s Indian you idiot. Stop being an idiot, and maybe then you can see the world a lot clearer.

  • Fred

    I have been to the Philippines and the people there are very friendly, sweet and warm. Actually much nicer than the Chinese.
    What about all those Chinese Psycho’s killing school children with knives? You have nut jobs in China too.
    Clean up your own problems, then pass judgment on others.

    • @@

      completely ignore the topic at hand – people taking photos in front of a tragedy site
      bring up something completely unrelated – some crazy guy stabbing kids.

      i was gonna call you a fucking retard but i’ll just call you Philippine Police

      • @@!

        You are the dumbass. too tolerating Chinese guy killing innocent children. Condemn those all.

      • Rina

        It’s related. It’s for comparison.

        • Steven Hunter

          You want comparison? Here you go: the attacks on schoolchildren in China happened without warning or provocation. No cops could’ve known in advance what the deranged man was planning. In Mendoza’s case, police had twelve hours to pacify him and rescue the hostage. The PNP failed at both. In China, the Vice Minister of Education stepped down after the school killings, even though it wasn’t his fault that kids died. In the Philippines, nobody above the Manila Police District chief was sacked. In China, bystanders helped restrain the crazy killer until police came to arrest him. In Manila, bystanders smiled and took souvenir pictures before, during and after the hostage crisis. A reporter friend of mine lost his camera bag to thieves just seconds after bystanders rushed to the tourist bus and there was general chaos. That’s comparison. If you can somehow find a reason to defend this callous attitude, then you are no better than Mendoza when he was going insane.

          • Pinaygal78

            The Philippines as a country is not perfect but so is China. As a Filipino, I’m really sad at the way the hostage crisis was dealt with by our “Filipino” authorities. The way you speak sounds like you’re very angry towards us. Thank you for all the things that you have done for us Filipinos but please be more sensitive with our feelings. We are getting all the hate messages from Hong Kong just because of what some Filipinos did. Not all Filipinos are that bad. I hope you understand.

      • ALEX

        people taking pictures and smiling in front of a tragedy site is unacceptable…majority of the Filipinos feel that and symphatize for the loss of these chinese victims..

        but that is not reason enough to insult the remaining 99.999999999999% of its entire population. Calling us names and describing horribly because majority of us are poor?

        Bringing something up like crazy guy stabbing kids…like chinese people making milk with poison..and how about the video about a chinese man eating a fetus and for all the chinese businessman in Divisoria, ongpin and in all the other flea markets in the philippines who doesnt pay their taxes _ which could have very much helped poor people in the Philippines if they pay their taxes…is NOT COMPLETELY UNRELATED…

        it just shows that everywhere…NOT ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES…are there crazy people…bad people…unsensitive people….


        • Steven Hunter

          Read my posts again. NEVER did I make a general condemnation of the Philippines or the Filipinos. My criticism was at those idiots in the government, in the police, and those who appeared in the picture of which this thread is the main topic.

    • LDL

      Am sure theres serial killers in your own country too, Fred.
      My dear, you have no right to judge China.
      Think about it, a normal family consists of around 4 people, a company might be around 30, a small town 8000, yet China, 3 zillion.

      I think China is doing a pretty good job trying to tame and E D U C A T E its citizens.

      and of course the philippinos are nice! they want your money! you are a tourist! you are the last person on the world they wish to kick away! or maybe they just see you as one of them, because ur a Philippine Police, from the SWAT team as well! :)

      • hi i’m a filipino Chinese living here in the Philippines. I just want to let you know that our pres. is really stupid. Many Filipinos are stupid not not everyone. me too, I feel so disappointed because I’m a pure Cghinese but i’m alredy a Filipino citizen. How i wish i just lived in Singapore rather here in the Phils.

        • benz

          why you leave our country and go home… i know you are a bussnessman… taken granted our co filipinos working in your business in a small amount salary and you slave it… leave our country….

        • Stupid Basher

          What are you, really? A Filipino-Chinese or pure Chinese? Talk about stupid, you are the champ. Why don’t you go live in Singapore? Who’s stopping you?

        • Proud Filipino

          just leave. We don’t need you in our country. Stop coming clean. and you think Singapore wants that kind of attitude! You don’t deserve to be a Filipino. And it clearly showed with your attitude. You disappoint us more than anyone.

        • Sinkapore

          You should be glad to be a Philipinos. They more friendly & helpful @ heart than Singaporeans. Dont just judge on the surface.

        • True blood

          Let me give u a liitle piece of advice…..GO BACK to where you came from, most probably you’re one of those business man who doesn’t pay taxes, hah!

          • Steven Hunter

            True blood, you are one to talk. I’m an expat who’s worked in Manila for ten yrs now. Do you suppose Filipinos pay taxes correctly? Without Chinese businesses (no matter if some do not pay the correct taxes), employment and all the other attendant economic benefits like GDP would not be there at all. How big is the Philippine underground economy (things like buying & selling of used cars, massage therapists, home-based businesses) and who are involved in it mostly? Isn’t it the Filipinos? Do you think they pay the right taxes? Exactly. Look before you speak, loudmouth.

        • jap


          No one is stopping you, pack your things and go.

        • Buzzer

          Well it’s not too late for that. Why don’t you go pack your things and take the next flight to Singapore? You are only a Filipino on paper anyway.

        • Go on Bella, leave philippines we are happy for you checkwa to leave Philippines … don’t talk too much JUST GO! you can’t leave the Philippines because your family is doing business here and earning money and cheating filipinos. You should be inside the bus when that incident happen.

        • jensie

          @ bella ..poor you !! You can leave the country anytime you want impronto and no one forced you to stay in the philippines and it’s you ..yourself who decided to make yourself a filipino citizen…why ?? because your family is earning a lot of money here…..go and pack your things..

        • LeaveBitch

          so why don’t you use your filthy money and get lost?

        • kittykatkat

          bella chua why don’t u just go somewhere else not in the philippines or even in singapore coz i’ve already visited singapore and people there are kind and hospitable too just like filipinoes DEFINITELY NOT LIKE YOU, coz i think ur stupid enough to throw words like that where u live and even making singapore a bad place becoz of you!

        • acia

          y r u staying here in the phil if u want to go to singapore?….u dont know wat u r talking about….u r 2nd citizen!

        • proud2BPinoy

          bella ill gladly say this in a very meaningful way on how i feel about you comment.
          … FUCK YOU !!! go ahead and leave. for all we know you are staying in the Philippines because you are a Drug Smuggler. or better yet you may have other Business in the Philippine but not paying all the taxes. You are one hell of a Opportunist and i hope you die in vain.

        • so why you are still living here lol ..i’m a pure Filipino .. Filipinos are so good ..i know what i mean because you also experienced some, but insulted and dictated Filipinos your’e with is really a mess for you to say that. Not all Filipino People is just like what the killer has, that’s why he did that is bec. he’s mind was confused ..

      • Moody

        You really are a hating butt hole LDL
        Filipinos are among the kindest people on earth
        Total strangers in Philipinnes will show more spontaneous kindness than most Chinese I know

        And yet, they still get treated like worst than crap worldwide
        especially in the middle east
        where home aids get rapped, burned and beaten-up none stop

        the stupidity of a few should not be held agaisnt a whole community
        hell, i m sure we all have worst that this in our own countries

        • ..!>!!

          yes total strangers in the Philippines* will show more spontaneous kindness to tourist but!… the wont show that kind of kindness to fellow filipinos,rather they shoot them even if that someone didint do anything bad to them and most of all THEY DONT EVEN KNOW THEM THEY JUST SHOOT,STAB or MUG THEM JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT!

      • Rina

        No one actually has the right to judge China, or the Philippines, or the Chinese people or even the Filipinos.

        This country is so filled with uhm, yeah. But something as trivial as he happening of the hostage crisis came to me as a surprise as well. If you say that no one has the right to judge China, why do you say such words that you haven’t even doted on? It’s a tourism business, and in the first place people go to a certain place and they were not forced.


        …I don’t think so.

        In my opinion, everyone should calm down, and my heart would want that as well for myself. I am mad, I am disappointed. I want to throw the PNP to a high cliff and just die of shame. :< But being racist about another race because of something that a few people did, albeit everyone being involved, I think that Mendoza's stupid decision shouldn't mean that it would reflect every one of us.

        I am very hurt by the things that you said, especially that I am just a college student and I have witnessed this much wank and hate towards my hometown. :(

        Please think it over and just don't type what comes out from your mind, because not everything might be correct and you end up hurting people as well.

        It is true that people died in that incident, and as a person at least, I deeply apologize for not being there and doing something, you know? But how could I? I'm not a police or something. People from other cities of course can't do that. Can you?

        Have you been to the Philippines to say those things?

        A thing that blossoms hate shouldn't be replaced by another hate thing. It'll just become a cycle of anger and sadness amongst other people, and yourself. :< It's revenge, it's absurd and it's actually really sad.

        I hope everyone would just…realize the situation. Let's just pray for the souls of the departed and hope that this thing won't happen again.

        Also I apologize for replying to you so randomly. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

    • TheOne

      Chinese Psycho killing school children with knives? That I didn’t know. Thank you for that info.

      @!@ are you using your brain? because of your bigotry you fail to see the relevance of this post

    • James (aka Richard)

      Apples and oranges … keep it real … retard … friendly. sweet and warm … yeah and they will kill you for the money in your wallet … not only in Phillippines, of course anywhere on Earth … it can happen but reaction to a tragedy separates the good from the stupid … and you are one stupid dude

  • Alex

    That’s despicable. Especially the police taking pictures, with a smile on their face, after their incompetence killed so many people.

    • Rina

      Yes, that’s what really pisses me off. :| I’m not near the place where that happened, where the bus is, and really, I feel so disappointed that some people just had to do those horrid stuff. But can’t deny the fact that in other countries, this has already happened. It’s so sick and sad.

      But arguing will not do any good so. :(

  • noko

    lol chinks are butthurt
    we Filipinos have already planned to raid the fuck out of them using the power of photoshop
    give me the bbs and well do the rest

    • halfblood

      Sick and twisted, but let’s face it, from the UK to Argentina to China, local people would also be taking photos of such an event. It’s ridiculous to blame all Filipinos. Unfortunately idiots exist the world over.

      However, I’m a bit surprised at the police. Saying that, you can see pictures taken by UK police at crash sites etc. (usually ripped from FB accounts by tabloid papers to publish a “scandal” – but even so, they don’t usually lark around at the site of an accident in broad daylight infront of crowds.) Again, not a Filipino thing – could happen with any police force that doesn’t have some kind of tough internal disciplinary measures for something like this.

    • Oka

      HAHAHA now this is funny. can I join your army of photoshop? haha

      Chinese people being here in the Phils as the rich people while we Filipinos are only slaves in our own land sounds like what happened to WW2 where Jews were being the rich people while the germans were slaves in their own country.

      • Tawhaki

        …I guess you’ve been reading Mein Kampf a little too much?
        “Slavery” is different from not making money.

      • P-Noy

        that doesn’t mean there are no rich Filipinos in Philippines. Your president is smiling upon you, think about it. your politicians are in there mansions while the chinese are being slaughtered. it is not whose land it is, its how you live. Many filipinos have worked in US and started businesses there, practically rich and able to buy expensive things traveling back and forth to Manila for vacation. It’s those lazy complaining retards like you that makes Philippines look worst.

      • Moody

        slaves in their own country ????
        please instruct the masses some more, I’d love very much to have your interpretation of history on so many other topics

  • Pete

    I don’t believe for a fucking second that the Chinese wouldn’t do this exact same thing.

    I’ve seen it time and time again.

    • Steven Hunter

      You mean take tasteless pictures of themselves grinning at the site of someone’s tragedy? I’ve lived in China before. Never seen it. Never.

      • Pete

        I have. And worse.

      • w3pa

        Doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened dude. Though your views are respectable, fighting fire with fire with those you call ingrates or morons doesn’t really show a very good picture of you to the more mature readers of the comments of this site (and I’m not claiming to be one of them). Don’t sink to their level, man. It’s good you’re doing stuff beneficial to this country, but generalizing will only get you nowhere and is perhaps the reason for a lot of wars and blood spilled over the centuries. I for one am a Filipino but avoid the derogatory terms you claim we use, this is because I was taught that these are inappropriate. Hence we go back to the education issue, some people are not raised to be sensitive to what’s offensive to others. My girlfriend read your posts and would like to tell you a few things about the Filipino culture, sadly the old laptop she is using won’t let her post. Just know that we usually identify people by their ethnicity, hence “Cebuanos, Manileños, Bicolanos, Ilonggos, etc” It’s really not much different from the “Kanos, Negros, Bumbais, etc.” for them. I’ll leave it to her to tell you herself as she’s way more articulate than me.

        • Steven Hunter

          w3pa, thank you. You are one of the more intelligent and reasonable posters here. I just had to respond to the idiots who are being internet tough guys yet I’m sure haven’t done a thing to help their country. Here is my own country, the United States, stagnating in economic hardship, and still my bank tells me we have to stay and help your country. I will admit that even in China, there are plenty of assholes, but just like in the Philippines, the voices of reason always outnumber the crazy ones. I was just trying to tamp down on the overgeneralization that some Pinoys were doing by giving them several counterpoints–you know, balancing out the negative by showing a mirror in their faces. I guess some people are too thin-skinned for frank discussion. And no, you don’t need your girlfriend to explain things to me. You’re pretty articulate yourself.

          • w3pa

            Hey Steve, I tried posting to your reply about my reply on Pepper’s post but for some reason the browser didn’t let me. Anyway, as I was saying there, I did read your post about Lyn, and I would love to hear your thoughts on my responses. Actually, my girl’s response managed to post, so I’d love to read your thoughts on it as well. Look for “A.” – this should hopefully give light to your thoughts on the derogatory name calling, as you put it. She told me that Bumbai came from the word Bombay – where Filipinos believed most Indians are from. Nah, she’s way smarter, read her post and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

      • @Steve “Burat” Hunter … Hey i made a research on you and found out that you worked for ADB. However, you are terminated for serious grounds, you are certified pedophile and pervert, for 10 years you worked on days … searching for prostitutes and kids on nights … you got caught once in Pagsanjan Laguna, and have records in Luneta Detachment for same violations … vagrancy and acts of lasciviciousness. and taking nude pictures of young kids too. Don’t come back in the Philippines the NPA’s are waiting for you for your judgment.

        • mankouzanghua

          and where can we verify any of this? there doesn’t seem to be anything online about it.

          I’d say it’s pretty freakin’ low of you to come back here after 4 months and try to put a bunch of made-up dirt on someone who may have been foolish enough to use his real name on an internet forum. You’re pulling shit out of your ass in the belief that Hunter won’t be back to call you on it. Unless you can back any of it up for us with documentation, we’ll all know that you are one sick individual.

          • Hey mankouzanghua offcouse I could he could back this up with documents, We’ll give you a link with his picture handcuffed in Laguna. Offcourse his name is not really Hunter, but he is a real Ball Hunter, he hunts kids balls. Wait! Let me guess, you are the one that went with him in Thailand right ? you did a sex changed then 2009. I know you too … I always see you with him in Manila Cafe, Ermita ( Please don’t lie )

          • mankouzanghua

            or maybe it was you who was there as you seem to be obsessed with spinning perverted tales?

            please look at yourself clearly: you are a demented individual who is so rabidly nationalistic that you need to make up sick stories about anyone who dares open his or her mouth about your country.

  • Linda Ang

    May I please apologize in their behalf? It’s in extremely poor taste and as a Filipino, the shameful deeds of my countrymen is my shame as well. So please accept my humble apology.

    • LDL

      an apology from you is not needed, Linda, what is needed, is your fellow leader to come up and at least make an effort to act sorry.

      • hi, i understand you, Me too, i didn’t like our president. I didn’t voted for him because i know he is not that competent. Sad to say. many Filipinos are stupid to vote for him. it’s so irritating to suffer for the stupidity of others. I’m a full-blooded Chinese but i’m a Filipino citizen so all i can say is sorry for the mistakes made by our country but not every filipno is stupid. By the way, are you from hongkong or China? even if i live here in the Philippines, I’m a Chinese at heart because being a Chinese is something to be proud of.

        • kim

          i like you comment

          • RYAN FILIPINO



        • President

          Bella Chua you are banished. You better GTFO of the Philippines or the Philippine Police will smash and come through your window and take you!!! You are a major major problem to my country!

          Seriously though, begin swimming out of this country and go back to wherever you came from, oh wait, you were probably born in my country.. so just go back to what you claim is your ‘home country’. “I’m a full-blooded Chinese but i’m a Filipino citizen so all i can say is sorry for the mistakes made by our country” btw, since you were banished you no longer have the right to (unofficially) represent this country as you had in the first place.

          • Steven Hunter

            Now this is exactly the kind of exclusivist, right-wing nationalist mindset that started Germans on the path to WWII. The difference is that the Germans did something about it, while the Philippines is more likely to just blabber. Police are gonna smash and come through her window, you say? What the fuck, they can’t even get inside a bus on an open field. You’re as retarded as Abnoy Aquino.

          • GTFO of my beloved country Bella Chua! The filipinos are more than 90 million, just because of the Mr. Mendoza’s wrongdoing you’ll bash us all ? Damn you ! And you Chekwa who is benefiting in living in philippines if you can’t say anything good just get out go to singapore or back to mainland …

        • mommy of twins

          I shared the same sentiment.

        • Professional Filipino

          The President is not liable for this incident, dont be so stupid, We have Government Departments that handle every single problems in this country. For this incident it The DILG’s and PNP’s problem to solve.. As the President say’s ” They have All the Food in there Plate, I Voluntarily didnt Interfere, but give them the utmost advice… You want the President to be the Negotiator? Its like in Example your the CEO of the Company, and theres a problem in the pipeline of your building, you will be plumber? From Presidentr to Negotiator? Please Dont be Stupid, and STOP RACISM it Doesnt Help.

          • Steven Hunter

            Abnoy Aquino didn’t have to be chief negotiator, but he also shouldn’t have smiled broadly at cameras. No one is asking him to pull an Oscar-worthy brooding face during the press conference, but he should’ve wiped that silly grin off his goddamn face while talking about the incident. Makes you wonder if he just had sex with Shalani Soledad in the backroom before going on camera.

          • Professional Filipino

            Hey Faggot, Every Human Being has its Own facial Expression. A Person Like you spreading hatred in this Freakin World. Smiling has plenty meaning. Your one of the uneducated and incompetent filipino that makes this country down so gather your trash and swallow it. You stupid Imbecile Embryo!

          • Professional Filipino

            And for the record I haven’t been registered nor tried to practice my right to vote for the Elections, But I accept the reality that Nonoy is our president.. What can you do? Hes already the president if you want Try to Run as president next Election, will see.. even filing for COC you wont pass.. GOD! why on earth did god created some stupid dumbass like you/many of you!!!!!?

          • Steven Hunter

            Abnoy Aquino wasn’t required to be chief negotiator, but he was dining at Emerald Garden just across the US Embassy in the late afternoon of that day. He tried to explain away his smile/smirk as a “pained expression.” Nice try. Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? That WAS a smile on Abnoy’s face. Some of the Malacanang staff we met soon after the tragedy were privately embarrassed about that facial expression. I don’t know, maybe you have your own retarded facial expression where you confuse a smile for a sad face, Prof. Filipino? And by the way, given your low IQ, I wonder what you’re professional at? Plumber maybe? Or a gay prostitute? That’s a profession too, right?
            No, I can’t run for President of your Godforsaken country because I’m American. I’ve been here for ten years helping an international bank fund infrastructure projects like farm-to-market roads, schools and electricity for far-flung rural areas. I’ve done your sad little country more good that you probably ever could, so be grateful and don’t be such a childish prick with the epithets. Lastly, don’t bother voting. We were part of the international monitoring body last May elections. I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to understand the simple ballot design that was used. I sure hope you don’t reproduce, because more of your kind on this planet would be a step backward for human evolution indeed.

  • Mossan

    Why are the Chinese such fascists? I thought they were capitalist now?

  • conan

    both the people in picture & all the commenters here are barbaric.

    • kim

      so your babaric

    • But Mr. O’Brian, you left a comment here too! I hope this doesn’t reflect back upon you as well!

      Big fan of the show, nice to see you taking an interest in world events but Team Coco needs to get ready for the fall!

    • XXX-XXX

      exactly…instead of blaming each other..why don’t we start thinking what can we do to help both countries??? race is nothing if we will only understand the fact that we are all children of God living under the same sky… Filipino citizens, help China during the Sichuan earthquake… Chinese government on the other hand keep accepting professional Filipinos to work for them… why do we need to keep putting gas in the flame instead of stopping it???

      This is the exact reason why World Peace is really impossible, because us people don’t want it…

  • Wago

    Wow, I can’t believe people are defending this. Any way you look at it, there’s no way you can defend the incompetency of the Filipino police force, and the insensitivity of those smiling and taking pictures in front of the bus. Taking pictures of the bus is fine, but to be standing in front of it with a smile, just the day or two after innocent tourists were killed there by your fellow countryman, is just wrong.

  • Czarina

    Even though I am a Filipino, I’m so disappointed seeing these things.

    On behalf of them, I am truly sorry for what they have done.

    • Why would I say sorry to everybody ? BS I never did anything wrong … Mendoza is not even my neighbor … who cares ? this thing happens not only the philippines. In the US … wacko just spray bullets on train, spray bullets in school but did you say anthing to all americans that they are all wackos ?

  • I am a Filipina but I am not even proud to say that.. Those policemen and schoolgirls are bunch of indios and morons.. I was raised with ethics and with high respect for other people.. and I used to believe that Filipinos claim to be culturally and morally ethical. But seeing this makes me wanna puke.. I hate to say this, but in my mind I’m cursing this Filipinos/my countrymen.

    Lord, forgive me for cursing them and might as well forgive them for their evil acts.

    • CJ

      Curse them, not the whole entire race.

      This incident will forever tarnish Philippines, but what sounds worse is that some Filipinos themselves are ashamed to be Filipinos.
      I admit, that was pretty F*-up, then again some peoples morals are F*-up, it just so happens that these morals were put in these mindless idiots.

      Never be ashamed about your nationality/ethnicity/race, be ashamed that people like you actually condemn a whole country and it’s countrymen for not making sure that every idiot in town is morally upright.

    • Oka

      Just to let you all know, our Policemen here are not belonged to the higher class of society, they belong to the low class so to point out one, their background or ethics are not really with class. most of them, i shall say 99.9% do not know where you can at least watch new tactics. computer gamer geeks here are more familiar with “element of surprise” and even more conscious about it than those policemen. when you go to college here in a govt or cheap school, you can see faces that are similar to that of a policeman.

      • Zoodoink

        Those cops failed big time. Yes! but.. oh, computer geeks know better you say, right. I play video games too, but I am very much aware that what happens in video games don’t happen in real life. you can restart, respawn whatsoever in video games if you screw up, it won’t ever happen out there.. and being a good cop doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with social class.. there will always be bad and stupid people all over the world. do yourself a favor. Pull your head out of your ass.

    • Steven Hunter

      Hey Anne, it’s understandable if you’d feel ashamed right now, but there is nothing to be ashamed of in being Filipina. I’ve worked in the Philippines for ten yrs now, and although there are plenty of things to be annoyed about (pollution, corruption, etc) there is always hope for improvement. Cultural sensitivity is one of them. Being from the States, I’m always appalled by how easily a Filipino could use the word “Negro,” “Bumbay” or “Egoy” to describe dark-skinned folks. Rapper Michael V even made a song mocking Indians and singing under the name “DJ Bumbay.” Or how about supposedly well-educated people resorting to racial stereotypes when dealing with local Chinese and foreigners? I can’t recall how many times a local would call out to me “Hey Joe, give me some money.”

      • yaj

        you are filled with hatred…i hope you don’t get exhausted with that…

        u are from the states……yes.. u are human just like us…no more no less..

      • Just

        Manifest destiny in reverse. Blacks are the most racist of all the races in the US. Maybe you forgot what that was all about because you’ve been out of your country for ten years. Why is it that if a black person raps about another black person using the “N” word, free speech is evoked and it is called art but when another race uses the same word, its racist? The word doesn’t even apply to you anymore, it may have been appropriate during your great grandparents time but not to you. You are an african american so relax on the race card, it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

        No one race or culture is the moral beacon for all the others. There are just as many ignorant people from Manila as there are niggas from Detroit or rednecks from Alabama. We are all just as F.U. as everyone else. And as for the Philippine President, How is George W. Bush doing these days? What other country do you know of where the vice president shoots someone on the face with a shotgun and have the guy that was shot apologize to him?

        If you really want to change the world, make it a point to remember that the actions of a few do not gauge the beliefs of an entire race. Trust me, if the situation reversed itself and you didn’t win the genetic lottery of being born an American, it could easily be you saying, “Hey Joe, give me some money.”

        My sincerest apology and condolences to the family of the victims.

        • Steven Hunter

          I’m not African American. I’m Irish American. I only used the “Negro” to cite an example of how Pinoys could be racist too. If only you could read more clearly and understand more English….(Sigh)

      • w3pa

        Dude, you do realize that Filipino-Chinese also have racial stereotypes of Pureblooded Filipino’s right? I’m saying this because I’m half-chinese and half-filipino, and I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum. Being in different circles – some all Chinese and some all Filipinos or a mix of both. The Chinese always see Filipinos as incompetent or gold-diggers, and the Filipino’s see the Chinese as greedy businessmen. A friend’s mom (who was Chinese) even asked me why I had a Filipina Girlfriend. There are some ingrained stereotypes that people have that can only be extinguished by experiencing the good side of the subject of discrimination. Oh, and by the way, I’ve been called “Bumbai” before – but by my CHINESE classmates.

    • ellen

      i thought u were raised to be ethical! Gosh hear your words so will know the level of ur ethics.

      • Steven Hunter

        ellen, you’re confusing ethics with something else. Go back to the dictionary to find out what “ethics” and “ethical” really mean. God, and you pride yourself on being a country that has good English speakers. No wonder a couple of friends who manage call centers have a hard time hiring competent English speakers nowadays.

  • Kevin Tee (郑荣芳)

    Chinese people of the world, hear me out. I’m a person of 7/8 Chinese heritage, 1/8 Filipino heritage. Don’t forget that there’s a Chinese community here in the Philippines, and we’re just as ashamed, outraged and disappointed by Monday night’s tragedy as you are. Little known fact to the rest of the international Chinese community is that our current president also has traces of Chinese blood from his mother. At the very least most of you are likely hundreds if not thousands of miles from here, but we live practically next door to where it took place. Personally, I strongly condemn the above photos, for it’s as if they’re giving the rogue cop a national hero’s status. Disgraceful to think that people would do such a thing. However, let me just say that the Filipinos here are not fully to be blamed, because it’s what centuries of oppression and foreign rule has done to the local mentality and condition. People here are like this mostly because of ignorance due to lack of education, therefore lacking the capacity to make proper judgments. 没读书的人怎么能知道什么对什么错,什么好什么坏?It starts with the parenting, which has been compromised also since the parents came from a poor financial and educational background as well.

    • Jon

      THANK YOU! SOMEONE HAS A GOOD HEAD ON THEIR SHOULDERS! I was reading all of these comments losing my faith for humanity, but there is hope.

      People, open your minds. Many of you are so angry that your anger has clouded your own judgement and you’re protecting your nation, as if your country is clean of incidents such as this. I really do agree with Kevin Tee on how some of our Philippine citizens lack the education well, cause they’re poor. So pardon them for not being as fortunate as you.

      As a Filipino, I’m obviously not proud of the photos that were taken with the smiling faces and whatnot. But I’m sure people take pictures of these incidents all the time worldwide, probably even smiling in them. So please, don’t judge our entire race based on actions that were made by a small group, cause for you to go and insult ALL OF US, does NOT make you any BETTER than the police, and those bystanders taking pictures.

    • Alberto de Villa

      I agree. Although it would be universally agreed that the photos shown in this post only add to the insult and pain on the victims and their relatives, it does not mean that Filipinos and the Philippines should be judged based on these photographs alone. To do so is to commit the big mistake of presuming that the entire Filipino race is composed of heartless idiots. Besides, good souls exist amid the bad ones, but we should not let mass media propaganda blur our judgement.

      Pointing fingers at one another will never solve anything.

    • Alberto de Villa

      I agree. I am a natural-born Filipino, and this guy is my friend. Although it would be universally agreed that the photos shown in this post only add to the insult and pain on the victims and their relatives, it does not mean that Filipinos and the Philippines should be judged based on these photographs alone. To do so is to commit the big mistake of presuming that the entire Filipino race is composed of heartless idiots. Besides, good souls exist amid the bad ones, but we should not let mass media propaganda blur our judgement. We should learn to look into the bigger picture why these crises happen in the first place.

      Remember, pointing fingers at one another will never solve anything.

  • Xing Xong Xung


    • Kevin Tee (郑荣芳)

      朋友,我是中国人,但是我也是菲律宾人。There is a large Chinese community that resides in the Philippines also. We feel the same as the rest of the Chinese of the world, but at the same time we know what life is like here in the Philippines. You know my parents worry about my safety everyday, especially since I study in a state-funded university. One thing I ask of you is also get more facts about the story before making generalizations and judgments. About the photos above, I condemn those like other Chinese are condemning it. Like I said, people here can’t help it. People here are poor, therefore cannot afford quality education, therefore not have proper mental development. Have mercy on the people here. The ancient Chinese and the ancient Filipinos were friends long ago, let’s not end the friendship our ancestors worked so hard to foster with so many harsh words and finger-pointing. Would you forsake people like me, your brethren, some of us pure, some of us mixed-blood, who reside here in the Philippines?

      • CJ

        Yeah, true that.

        It is true that what happened with the hostages, SWAT team and negotiations were a bust, but please don’t condemn all the Filipinos for their (picture-takers) actions. They are but a small minority of Filipinos, not all of the Filipinos are adequately educated in school or even at home.
        All the hate and racist comments will just poorly reflect your thoughts as a nation.

        What they did, was inexcusable. Taking pictures like that is very wrong, I admit. But, not all of Filipinos are as tactless as they are.

        We are all one. There is no obstacle we cannot face if our understanding and care for each other remains strong.

        • Alberto de Villa

          True that, and Kevin Tee’s comment as well.

          I know pictures like that are plain stupid and insulting, but, as I’ve said, it doesn’t mean that it alone can be used as a basis for judging a nation. Besides, may I ask that we look deeper into the causes of tragedies, and don’t make presumptions based on what is seen at the front page. As it would be put, “not all that glitters is gold.”

          It’s all right to criticize a person for his wrongdoings, but please consider the highly negative effect a racist comment causes: instead of inspiring the receiver to know where he did wrong and take steps to correct it, such a harsh comment will only further dissuade him from improving on his wrong, and may even lead him to think that your comment is plain rubbish. This statement equally applies when criticizing a group.

          It makes no good to accuse members of each other’s races; instead, we should be cooperating to heal the deep wounds created by this tragedy. I’m sure no one wanted this to happen.

      • cheong

        As an old taoist/buddhist,

        To U, Kevin Tee
        I do agree with your statement & hope that it is of great sincerity.
        Irrespective of whatever, all lives are scared but the way the Filipinos polices conduct themselves in this case is absolutely terrible without a single thought for the hostages.

        I, too, saw the news on your president’ speech about this incident with a sly smile on his face.
        Really, what a president you have!!!

        In China, our leaders would not do that, instead in a sad and somber mood when making a speech about the lives lost in the national natural disaster.

        If I am in my younger days, I would advocate a total retaliation against all Filipinos especially in H.K. & Philippines

        BUT then it will not resolve anything or bring back the dead.
        Most of all ” two wrongs do not make one right”

        The most moral thing for the Philippine’s government to do now is to make amend & must be of most sincerity with remorse.
        “Time is essential” otherwise the wound “will not heal”

        “Namo Orr Li Tau Futt, may our Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha bless the souls of all who have lost their lives”

        Zhong Guo, wan sui wan sui wan wan sui

      • peace

        I was reading all the comments here and felt sad that everyone is angry. Then I smiled when I read yours, your comment makes sense unlike others – non sense. I’m also disappointed of the pictures and of what the police did. But I don’t want to say something bad with the Filipinos neither with the Chinese. ALL I WANT IS PEACE.

      • Steven Hunter

        Kevin, I’ve lived in the Philippines for ten years now, and have a lot of dealings with people from all across the economic spectrum. Do not blame the tactlessness and insensitivity of a person on lack of education or poverty. My grandmother in the US did not finish high school because she grew up poor, yet she understood well–and taught us–what things were improper, what things to say at which times. She’s a very graceful woman. It’s called common sense and cultural sensitivity, and you don’t need a diploma to learn that. Conversely, I’ve heard college-educated Filipinos freely use words like “Negro,” “Egoy,” “Inchik,” “Bumbay,” etc–which never fail to shock me, being American. Quit making excuses for the culturally and racially insensitive.

        • TChang

          Hunter, there’s no one here on earth is insensitive..God give us heart to feel being happy, sad or hurt. Even criminals felt these feelings. That’s one thing we should bear in mine that everybody felt the same way but it’s up to you to ignore or overcome. Do you think you haven’t hurt someone’s heart? Haven’t you feel it by yourself? I’m sure you have a heart, how’s it today? how about if this situation will come to you,to your family, or to your race, would you not felt sorry also?

          i agree with you that without formal education is not an excuse of being insensitive to our nature because its just a matter of “sentido comon” and feelings. But pleasssss,,
          Enough of using words like “negro” intsik” ‘kano or “bumbay” or what so ever it doesn’t mean any thing. It’s just a street slang language that even the user doesn’t know the meaning. Our friend bombay help us in terms of money even if it has an interest.
          For kano like you as what you,ve said,, filipina will say, “hey, joe, give me some money”, i guess its your choice to give them because you are happy with them,,correct me if i’m wrong but i guess i’m right.
          So please,,please,, stop for being perfect and clean,we’re just human and human are subject to commit mistakes..
          For those who think they are perfect,never committed a single mistakes are surely not human.

          If you are truly leaving here in the phil. I’m sure that you know already some if not all good traits of pinoys and i know you apply them also in your daily lives.

        • Kevin Tee

          Oh, thanks, man. I’m fully aware that people in poverty are not always ignorant. There are the exceptional few that have the intellect despite their financial status, probably because one day they could make better use of it and they deserve it. It’s just more often than not one’s economic status has a very strong effect on how one is brought up and what one learns as he/she does. On the other hand we have people on the opposite end of the spectrum, blessed with luxury and a good life and a “couldn’t care less” attitude. Not all of the rich are like this, and not all the poor are like that.

        • A.

          Steve, have you ever thought that maybe that’s the Filipino way of naming and describing what is foreign to them? To a Filipino, all Americans look the same, as with the Chinese, Indians and African-Americans. Filipinos even call all Caucasians “kano”, short for Amerikano (the Filipinized equivalent of “American”), even if they’re referring to a white European. Just as you’re lumping all the Filipinos into one category and giving them that one sole characteristic of being inherently “racist”.

          If you observe Filipino culture more closely, Filipinos identify people mostly by their ethnicity, which in their culture is closely linked to regional identification. So people of Indian descent are called Bumbay (from Bombay), Chinese are Intsik (from China), Spanish people are called Kastila (from Castille), Mid-East people are Arabo (from Arabia). In the same way, common Filipino ethnic groups are referred to as Bisaya (from Visayas), Ilocano (from Ilocos), Negrense (from Negros Oriental/Occidental), etc.

          I believe that your distaste for the way Filipinos use “negro” come from the way you Americans use it in your own lexicon. You think that Filipinos use it pejoratively (well, sometimes some of them do) because that’s how your culture used/uses the same word. What you are doing is judging another culture by your own culture’s standards, which of course is prone to bias and misinterpretation. You cannot understand another culture unless you see the world from their own point of view.

          Do a little research and you’ll see that there is no single indigenous Filipino word to describe anyone from African descent. What does that imply? That the Filipinos merely ASSIMILATED that word from foreigners who’ve come to their country. And by foreigners I’m referring to the Spaniards, the Portuguese, the British, the Americans.

          And with regard to your assertion that personality isn’t affected by education or poverty, please also realize that even if some people go through the same situations in life, it doesn’t mean that they would all turn out the same. Each person is molded by unique circumstances and each person reacts to the same situation in different ways. It’s good that your grandmother was able to transcend the difficulties in her early life successfully. But it would be foolish to expect that everyone would do the same on the basis of one single factor.

          Ten years in the Philippines and yet having very little understanding of Filipino culture and individual differences. Yes, you should speak about cultural sensitivity.

          • Steven Hunter

            Well blind assimilation of foreign words without understanding their ethno-linguistic history is not exactly smart, but to continue their use despite having long understood what its origin was and what it means, now that’s plain wrong. It’s like continuing to call an Arab man a “towelhead” even after understanding that it references terrorists wearing turbans. With regards to your reply on individual personality, sure, rich educated people can turn out to be assholes and uneducated folks can turn out to have hearts of gold (and vice-versa), but that’s still no excuse to behave the way those who took pics at the hostage site did. Do you realize that, in so many words, you explained away that tactless act with “each person reacts to the same situation in different ways”? Nice try, A, but no debating points scored there.

          • emem

            o steve.
            it’s origin came from the latin word “niger” for black and it was accepted in the US up until it was associated with slavery just like how cunt was once a normal word for vagina. unlike the US, Filipinos never had that change in view of the word “negro.” frankly, you’re just being a hypocrit. “negro” was introduced in the Americas through colonies as it was introduced to the Philippines by the Spanish. they’re both foreign in both countries so stop thinking like the US is the center of the world and we should all focus on what’s right in the US cuz that’s just plain saying that the US can’t adjust themselves to other culture.

          • Steven Hunter

            emem, nobody is judging modern Filipino lingo with American standards. You and “A” clearly don’t get what I’m saying. The N-word is known across the world today to be a racial slur, we can agree on that, can’t we? To say that Filipinos don’t understand the meaning of the word today is to insult their intelligence. The man on the street knows that “Negro” is a derogatory term! That word may have come to your shores from the Spanish Era or American colonization or an alien invasion from Mars, but it’s irrelevant now to quote history; the fact of the matter is, that word pertains to dark-skinned people, and it’s used in a derogatory sense. One cannot escape blame by saying it’s not used pejoratively at all times. The speaker’s intention cannot be the basis of whether the use of a word is acceptable or not. Imagine if a Spaniard calls Filipinos “indios” and says it wasn’t really his intention to insult? See my point?

    • Den

      Very mature, Xin Xong Xung.

      • beaver

        very mature pig!

    • kim

      Chinese eat brain and fetus right?

    • hoypinoyako

      Don’t generalize it brow…not all Filipino are like that…like you and your country…there’s a lot of Chinese Pigs also…our country is infected with a lot of Chinese Drug lords…some of them are leader of Kidnap for ransom…maybe its time for all Chinese to go out in our country so that you have all the reason to condemn all the Filipinos here….

      • Steven Hunter

        Many of the drug lords are Chinese/HKers. The kidnap-for-ransom syndicates are operated by policemen and politicians.

    • Confucius

      Yeah right,

      God made man-kind but everything else comes from China.
      melamine producers…

    • tarantulla

      xing xongxung
      Idiot and no common sense…chinese people are dog eater as well, and worst thing they even eat monkey’s bleeding brain fresh, rats, snakes and all creeping animals. what can u say about your new born babies just thrown in a river…20 babies to be exact! IDIOt

    • yaj

      Don’t worry Xing Xong Xung….we filipinos LOVE you…END…..

    • El Chino Cabron

      There is nothing worse than waipi ren like you writing comments like this on China smack.

    • Art

      You know what? i really hate the hostage taker for killing those innocent Chinese people…. However, I’ll be glad if your one of the 8 Chinese who died in the bus… I would even take a picture of your dead photo w/ me smiling…SEE YOU IN HELL!!!

  • Mohoujojo

    Wow, even the police… There is no way I ever waste money to travel to the Philipines, such tasteless thing to do. No wonder all they are good for is cheap labor and as pay & go brides for fat lonely Europeans.

    • reply

      you seriously need to take a pill, because you need to calm your snotty ass face down. I am half chinese and half filipino. I am ashamed, yes they shouldnt take a photo in front of many people who died, but this is just a small bunch of people. I would never do that, and your saying that my country is a disgrace. First of all, at least we are work hard for our money. not just be a hooker for the night. We do what we have to do, be it “cheap labor” at least we do what we have to do. second of all, you shouldnt go to the phils because if you do, the filipinos are going to beat ur ass down. all for nothing right?

    • Joahnna Villar

      True, it is insensitive (especially the police) for some to take pictures of themselves with the bus as their background. There is no excuse for it. And so for the failure of our police forces.
      I also understand you are all furious as of the moment that’s why all these hate messages against us Filipinos are surfacing. I understand. We understand. And we offer our sincerest apologies.
      As for us, we also condemn what our kababayan Mendoza (and the incompetence of our police forces) has done and to what it has resulted to. We deeply sympathize and condole for the family of the victims and the whole of the HK and Chinese people.
      Please do not judge all Filipinos by this alone. We are generally a peace-loving people. We love our families, our relatives and our nation. We value humanity.
      Again we offer our apologies. We hope that in time, we will be able to re-establish the friendship that we have had long before this terrible thing happened.

    • druk

      Yeah, if you go here, I’m gonna bring your sorry ass down… Blame your stupid countymen who decided to go here and get killed.

      • Steven Hunter

        I hope you don’t reproduce. If you do, it would only bring shame upon the Philippines as a nation and Filipinos as a people. Dipshit lowlife.

        • Steven Ball Hunter

          Hey Steve … you are bringing us filipinos shame to your words you are hiding as american but you could be a filipino chinese who now live in America. You keep on saying negro, inchik, chekwa, bumbay and that’s true and what’s wrong with that ? we have aetas that are negro, i am also being called negro and it is common, in the US it is that bad but not to us …

          • jensie

            @ STEVE HUNTER claiming himself an american but he sounds chinese…A PURE CHINESE in AMERICAN DISGUISE ????

          • Ayumi Mitzu

            Again…. Hey Steven, you are such a faggot. Anyone wouldn’t care if you’ve been in that country for ten years. I am just reading your comments but they way you judge them, it’s not good. You are not helping at all. You are not fair to both countries. You are actually one sided. You annihilate. You seem like all knowing, very level headed person? You are not.

        • tj

          i wish you die with your words… and all of your family burn in hell

    • jap

      @ mohoujojo
      as if china is not known for “cheap labor” and sub standard products, you better not visit Philippines or else we will kick your ass going back to China.

    • Zoodoink

      oh, and the chinese are high payed laborers.. *clap clap* investors from the west choose china for their factories because the chinese demand high pay for their substandard output. LOL. If I were to to buy a Lacoste shirt, and it was made in China, I’d think twice.

    • yaj

      You hit two races here…Filipinos and Europeans…..

    • Rina

      What’s more disgusting? That a person who couldn’t understand the situation, get’s carried away by anger, doesn’t get his facts straight and writes like he already knows Philippines like the back of his hand?

      Way to go. Really.

    • Melah Minh Manh

      Yeah right, why don’t you go & visit some of the safest places on earth like Iraq, Pakistan or Afghanistan. Hopefully you’ll find some suicide bomber tour guide to feel safe & sound in a bus near the land mines farm.

      • jensie

        I agree with you ….Melah Minh Manh….it’s recommendable for them to go and visit the said countries…’s suit them there.

  • korean_guy

    are they gonna fire all the filipino maids in HK now?

    • Lin

      Doubt it, just a deduction in their paycheck lol.

      • kim

        they serve other country and they dont know the mentality of the hostage taker ther don’t even know the action of the policeman in the incident because they are not trained for that action.. why should you include those other Filipinos in that freaking mistake

        • Simon

          I guess the same reason for you to accuse chinese that they eat brain and fetus. the dark side of humanity

    • cheong

      No, they should not & must not be fired.
      What happened in Ph is not of their doing but of their countrymen.
      They cannot be blamed for the tragedy but they can do their part by condemning the incident & remind their country that they have a moral obligation to make amend.
      “Time is essential otherwise the wound will not heal”

      “Namo Orr Li Tau Futt, may our Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha bless the souls of all who have lost their lives”

      Zhong Guo, wan sui wan sui wan wan sui

      • Hope

        I appreciate your understanding Cheong.
        I am Filipino and condemn the hjacking and the picture taking. But these people DOES NOT REPRESENT THE FILIPINO. In any country, there will be good and bad people, there will be sensitive and insensitive, there are always opposites like the yin and the yang..What you see in the pictures are a small number of stupid people, but have they taken pictures of Filipinos who were in grief? Of course, this war between race will only look for anything wrong on the other side.

        Please..let us stop fighting..In this incident, Filipinos and Chinese should be united so we can further improve the safety of the Chinese here and the Filipino-Chinese too. I hope people in HK don’t hurt Filipinos in any way or take away their jobs, they are there to work for their families.

        • cheong

          As an old taoist/buddhist, I would like to say this to you all:

          “Two wrongs does not make one right”

          A bad incident happened in your country, “under your watch”
          Ppl in PH should just accepted that as fact especially your president by making amend, ie apologizing with deepest sincerity & deep remorse.
          (and not with a sly smile, just as bad as the ppl smiling taking picture )

          But instead many ppl in Ph, point their finger back at us Chinese.
          Remember when you point a finger at us, three other fingers are pointing at you.

          Please just accept the incident is a fact & a bad one, too.

          Then apologize with deepest sincerity & remorse.
          Then most of all, just move on.

          We cannot dwell on this incident forever.

          We Chinese dont want to dwell on it BUT many ppl in Ph dont see that way, instead keep pointing to all the”bad thing” that happened in China to divert attention from this subject matter.

          For one China Bashing here, there will be many returns from us Chinese.

          This remind me of the forum in Nanjing Massacre in Youtube whereby the Japanese denied it ever happened, just the same, the Japanese denied the comfort women issue, that not only happened in China but the whole of SE Asia including in your country, Ph.

          So how do you all ppl in Ph feel & felt when the Japanese denied all these atrocities especially the comfort women issue???
          Naturally you all will bash the Japanese till kingdom comes. right??? right!!

          The Chinese & their government will never let it go just like that BUT as an old Taoist/Buddhist, I know we & the Chinese government will not pursue the matter if sincere apology with deepest remorse is given to all Chinese ppl & most of all Stop bringing up bad incidents of all sort in China because it has nothing to do with this incident & will not resolve anything.

          Tell me honestly, you all ppl in Ph, (refering to all those who have been bad mouthing us, Chinese) do you really want to make matter worse???

          Please think again.

          Why cant you all simply accept a wrong was done in your country, simple as that.

          This remind me of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest if not the greatest person that ever lived.
          ” slapped on the left cheek, he will give the the right cheek”
          A man with full tolerance & patient.

          So I have this to say, be tolerant & patient.
          ( I am also referring the above statement to all Chinese in this forum, too)

          Most of all make amend.
          “Time is essential” otherwise the wound will not heal”

          Read my lips, the wound will not heal
          I want the wound to heal.
          Do you????

          I personally do like the Ph ppl & most of all I think the Ph ppl are very like-able, like Maria Cordero. She is so cuddly. LOL.

          So, please dont let this incident marred our relationship.

          “Namo Orr Li Tau Futt, may our Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha bless the souls of all who have lost their lives”

          Zhong Guo, wan sui wan sui wan wan sui

          ps: latest news was the hostage’ taker was in a coffin draped with a PH flag but was removed later (for whatever the reason, you ppl in Ph should know better)

          The removal of the Ph flag was the right thing to do & it is a good “amend”.

          So please show more signs of amend so that we can all get closer & forgive & “forget”

          Zhong Guo, wan sui wan sui wan wan sui

          • jensie

            @ CHEONG ..TELL THAT TO YOUR COMRADE … they provoked/challenged us to give our side..we just wanted to clear things up so that the other side will know our sentiments as you do…We also wants peace as everyone else.

      • yaj

        I LOVE YOU Cheong…

        • Cheong

          I love you, too

          Namo Orr Li Tau Futt,
          May our Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha bless you, my friend.

    • Joahnna Villar

      i hope not. Filipinos in HK are working hard and have sacrificed a lot for them to be able to stay and work there. I think it is plain unjust and inhuman to do that.

      • Joahnna Villar

        also, that incident was not their own doing. They must not be blamed for other people’s mistakes.

    • sh8ed

      didnt the chinese eat their young during the famine of 1907? filipinos maybe poor, they maybe hungry but we never served our children as an entre.

  • _9418

    THIS IS SUCH A SHAME. Gawd, does this Filipinos even know the word “modesty”? I wonder what kind of education they got. Taking pictures with all smiles where a very tragic event happened?? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE.

    Please Filipinos, think first before you act. It’s also for your own good.

    .Just an opinion ;)

    • Jon

      Learn about how poor Philippines is and how many of them cannot afford education.

      Learn, before you ridicule. It’s also for your own good.

      My strong opinion.

      • Steven Hunter

        Common sense, tact and sensitivity to the plight of others is not something that can only be learned in school. Even poor people can understand these concepts easily. Unfortunately, for some reason, many Filipinos do not.

        • yaj

          did you say u worked in the Philippines for ten years now?

    • JB

      you are talking as if everyone here in Philippines has the same intellectual intelligence.

      you should be the one who thinks first before you comment aight?

    • Rina

      Please Filipinos, think first before you act.

      Maybe we’ll need to rephrase that.

      Please _9418, think and do your research right first before you act.

  • steph

    this is stupid! wtf?!!

  • mhay

    think first before you judge all the Filipinos, this picture can be fake, it can be a product of photoshop application.

  • NCH

    Filipinos are nasty people hiding behind smiling face. Yeah, they smile alot, as proven in these photos.

    • Jon

      Whoever you are, don’t tell me you haven’t smiled once a day in your life because I’m pretty sure you have. Thanks for your hypocritical remark. & Filipino’s smile just as much as any other race in this world. So stfu.

    • undaunted

      hello NCH, just a little info for you. Filipinos naturally smile even if they’re in the midst of distress. that is even if inside in their hearts they are crying.
      but in any way, i felt upset upon seeing these photos. and as my fellow kababayans have said WE ASK YOUR FORGIVENESS for what have happened in the hostage taking thing. none of us wanted this to happen. God be upon Us.

    • jose

      Filipinos know how to smile when they are in front of you.
      as soon as you turn your back, they talk and talk and talk again about you. They are hipocrites even between themselves but more if you are a foreigner!!! They are curious, they don’t have education for most of them! they are just proud that something happened in Philippines and touched the entire world! YES! we talk about philippines anywhere in the world! it’s the big event of the year!! let’s make fotos of it!

    • Rina

      Way to go to prove that you know a lot about the world! :D


    Why be ashamed of our countrymen? As if Chinese people are perfect! Yes, we may be primitive, but the hell don’t you ever forget the good qualities of a true Filipino!!!!!!!!

    Fcuk you haters! Go get your Chinese workers! Forget hiring Filipinos and you’ll begin to appreciate how dedicated we are in giving service and healthcare!!!

    You all lack compassion. Fcuk. Damn.

    • LDL

      too bad. you should blame no one but the fellows of yours who have attempt killing several babies by putting them into washing machines, throwing them out from balconies, purposely hiding them away while the parents of the baby goes away works hard earns money, put trust in them and pay them a wage that no job in the Philippine can compare to and with outstanding holiday benefits compared to a lot of other helpers in the whole wide world.
      helpers in china they get paid half, they rarely go home other than chinese new year and most of them do not take holidays off as often as one day per week, their ride back home is usually on a hard seat train up to 15hours or days.

      theres more to compare if you would like to know.

      you are a disgrace.

      • moody

        LDL you retard
        I’ve heard plenty of stories on how Chinese ayi take care of childs
        why do you even think that people worldwide -and especially in china, where it would even cost less to hire a local- hire filipinos as house aid and kids care giver
        use that brain of yours before spreading such hate

      • druk


        • Steven Hunter

          druk, having read your previous comments, it’s you who should put your head in a washing machine. It’s full of shit.

    • SHAME

      Hey…without deep pocket Chinese people to help you Filipinos bring money back home, I think most of your workers may actually become sex trade workers instead! Without the Chinese in your cities, your economy would be in the shit right now. If you guys are a bit more organized and smarter then maybe your country might not be as run down as it is now!!! So appreciate how dedicated we are in giving you a chance at a better life!! So FUCK YOU TOO!

      • kim

        so think so? Fuck you too better life of corruption currupting the mind of leaders so they become corrupt too

        • InstantNoodles

          wait so Filipino political leaders are corrupt because foreign employers are seeking help from the Philippines?

    • Proud to be Filipino

      We owe the Chinese people an apology. We should understand their outrage and their anger. I personally am not ashamed to be a Filipino. I am proud to be a Filipino. We do have excellent qualities. But I am ashamed of what our countrymen did and I am deeply sad that the actions of a small portion of our total population has defined our nation as a whole. What the hostage-taker did to the Chinese tourists was wrong and should be condemned.

      You are not doing our country any service by posting profanity-laced comments here. You are causing us more embarrassment. If you have nothing good to say, then just be quiet.

      • James (aka Richard)

        Here is a rational guy. Honest and frank … Kudos to you … If you have nothing good to say … I agree wholeheartedly remain quiet … because you may regret … there are many innocent tourists killed for nothing … the gunman requests can easily be met … no need for any killing .. only if the police has acted professionally … but did not instead escalated the situation … resulting in dead people … there will be reaction by HK people … only natural, let them react and grieve … stay calm and be considerate and everything will be fine because time heals … putting oil into fire will burn everyone house down

      • Steven Hunter

        PtbF, that’s very gentlemanly of you to apologize on behalf of your erring policemen. No race deserves blanket condemnation for the acts of a few. Let’s hope this doesn’t spill over into something longer-lasting and more damaging.

        Conversely, let’s hope Pinoys learn to be more culturally and racially sensitive. Not only with taking pictures at the site of tragedies, but also with name-calling like “Bumbai,” “Negro,” etc. It doesn’t reflect well on the population in general.

        • yaj

          mga kapwa ko pilipino…tgnan nyo ang comment ng steven hunter na ‘to….ndi ko po malunok…

          • Rina

            Dear yaj, kase ikaw ang nauuna. Don’t start a fight that you wouldn’t finish by yourself. :(

          • TheOne

            You can’t swallow it? That’s because it’s a Bitter Pill…

    • Rina

      Uhm, Filipinos like you make me feel really ashamed of myself. I am a Filipino as well, but what you’re saying is rather mean and unbalanced. There is nothing to gain by snapping at them so violently like that, it’s really insulting for them. It’s like you posted up a mirror and is doing what they are doing (pertaining to the comments where you were offended).

      I am so hurt as well, you know. But this wouldn’t help anything, dear.

      Please then learn to rephrase your words. If they hate and/or don’t like us, or call us these indecent things, just please handle it in a way where it wouldn’t be proven that they’re ACTUALLY RIGHT, you know? :|

  • SiomaiGuy

    The only thing the Chinese are good for is their food.

    • LDL

      the only thing that you are good for is making the chinese look good.

    • fuckhaters

      Fuck you, son of a bitch. racist. shame.

    • Steven Hunter

      At least they’re not good-for-nothing. Unlike you.

      • yaj

        MGA KABABAYAN KO: tgnan nyo ang comment ng steven hunter na ‘to….ndi ko po malunok…Para syang DIYOS kung magsalita

      • Ayumi Mitzu

        I am Japanese and I have a lot of chinesse and Filipino friends. They would say negro referring to the blacks and Bombay like nickname of Indian. Does that mean that when they say Cano for Americans, Brit, or Intsik for Chinese and its derogatory as well? Both countries have both good and bad people its just that this is more exposed because of media. Even in other countries they had this incident even in Canada and worse in othe countries.

        • Art

          Words like Bombay, Indian, Intsik, Cano…etc. aren’t derogatory words in Filipino.. those words are leveled to Pinoy for Filipinos…

      • NoToSharkFinSoup

        Steven Hunter, you sound like a Chinaman hiding under the guise of being an American. You could be one of those illegal Chinese immigrants in the Philippines who might be into manufacturing and selling illicit drugs, fake brand name cigarettes and prescription drugs, white slavery, operating an opium den, selling milk tainted with melamine, illegal mining of minerals, …. just to name a few nice activities a typical Chinaman enjoys. You should just leave the Philippines for your own good.

      • .

        and you’re just good for cock-sucking. Steve-o!

  • Pinoy ako

    Yes all of this pictures are shameful and as a filipino i am also ashamed that some of my people actually treat this as a tourist attraction but not all of us are like that and so we dont deserve the smack that some people posted here…….just bcoz some of my fellow Filipino’s are ignorant does not mean the entire nation is ignorant.

  • 一茶

    Even so, people shouldn’t generalize :/
    Just cuz these assholes did this shit doesn’t mean EVERYONE in that country will do it.

    • Oka

      okay. here. Just to let you all know, our Policemen here are not belonged to the higher class of society, they belong to the low class so to point out one, their background or ethics are not really with class. most of them, i shall say 99.9% do not know where you can at least watch new tactics. computer gamer geeks here are more familiar with “element of surprise” and even more conscious about it than those policemen. when you go to college here in a govt or cheap school, you can see faces that are similar to that of a policeman. very very sad.

      • coocai

        Oh! And what do u “high class one” do? where did u get that figure “high class one”? please…dont put something u are not sure of…”high class one”? u dont want me say…maybe u r rich and a “high class one” because u are a child of a corrupt public servant or a drug lord.

        • P-Noy

          he is just trying to tell you that not all policemen are educated, and for that there will be poor judgement and miscalculations along the way.

        • Jon

          See, it’s people like you in this world that makes everything so much more difficult. Grow the f*ck up and stop assuming things.

          • NOT Ashame

            This is not a question of literacy but sensitivity and modesty. The policemen and those bystanders taking pictures of the crime scene, SMILING were totally sickening and disgraceful. You don’t need to be educated to know what’s appropriate from what is not. I am ashamed of those policemen, my countrymen, who handled the fiasco. My heart goes out to the victims and even to the perpetrator. But I condemn those narrow minded people blaming the Philippines as a whole. What happened is totally an isolated case. I am proud to be Pinoy but definitely not with the way my government handled the hostage crisis.

          • tk 4 lyfe

            yea those police taking pics should get punished, that is just another embarrassment to their uniform.

        • Rina

          If Oka is not sure of what he’s saying, are YOU sure of what you are saying as well?

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  • popp

    seriously… wtf they should have set a larger perimeter around the crime scene and only the authorities working at the scene should be allowed to be close to it.

  • I can say with all confidence that the attitude exemplified by those uneducated provincial barbarian scum is closer to what Filipinos generally are. Forget those idyllic images that the tourism ministry shows to foreign tourists. Keepin’ it real, people!

    No amount of “Pinóy pride” or nationalist slogans or patriotic paraphernalia can change that.

    And for the record, I’m Filipino

    • Lyn

      And this is why we Filipinos are in this state. Yes, we are a sorry bunch because of people like you who cannot even hope for something better. Idealistic? Yes. But better that than be so negative about the nation that has nurtured you — the nation which you now embarrassingly forsake at her time of need.

      There is nothing to be proud of in this incident, or of the pictures above, and to all Chinese and Hong Kong nationals, our sincerest apologies. We deserve most of the hurtful things that you have said. We ourselves are angered by the incompetence of our officials, whose salaries come from the taxes we pay and from whom we expected so much more. We hope that one day, we can make amends.

      As for you, El Caballero, this incident is your fault as much as it mine, and as much as it is the fault of all Filipinos. You may not have been at the frontlines, but you have also contributed to the twisted mentality of all those involved in one way or another. Little acts of corruption and seeds of national hate produce disgruntled police officers who vent their anger on innocent individuals. We are all at fault because we do not care for our country as much as we should have. So instead of feeling that you are better than “those uneducated provincial barbarian scum”, maybe you can use your energies to uplift them. Maybe then, you can call yourself a real Filipino.

      • TheOne

        too much blame? if you feel the incident as your fault, don’t encourage others to feel the same way. We are individuals. If I kill a dog would that make you a killer too?

        Too much compassion is not good. Too much blame won’t help. It will only add to the weight. We apologize, we are being patient. But this should not give the Chinese the right to be racist and idiotic. Martyrdom does not work in 20th century.

        • Lyn

          Thanks for your insights, kabayan, but allow me to explain why it’s not martyrdom. We do deserve most of the comments, but not all, and most definitely not the racist ones. This occurrence is an eye-opener to all of us. Our society that tolerates a rotten system is to blame for spawning people who do inhumane acts. If we had a clean and well-organized police force backed up by a strong government, do you think this would have happened? Our policemen are ill-trained because we tolerate their lack of competence; we expect nothing more from the proverbial “Pulis Patola”. Pushing it further, they are corrupt because we tolerate their dishonest ways. And when one goes over the edge, we are to blame because we tolerate a system that did not listen to his concerns. I am not siding with Mendoza; what he did was wrong. But maybe it could have been avoided if the system listened to what he had to say in the first place. It starts with the mindset, the culture. It’s not martyrdom because we have done it to ourselves. I’m not encouraging national guilt — what I am encouraging is for us to accept that we definitely need to own up to the faults of the system we created and tolerated, and finally change.

  • John

    I am very saddened by what has happened to the victims of this tragedy. I am also deeply ashamed of these photographs, not because I am of Filipino descent, but as a human being. These actions are very callous and insensitive, and unfortunately, people like these do exist, not just in the Philippines, but everywhere in the world. These photographs are circulating because of other people in the Philippines. These photographs are being deeply condemned by other Filipinos. I do ask people to spare the judgement of an entire nation/race. This is not reflective of an entire group of people, but of a few idiots, severely lacking in good judgement.

  • jbs

    I am deeply saddened by lives lost in this tragic event. I also agree that the police that had been incharge with dealing with the hostage situation had been, for lack of better words, stupid. As a filipino-canadian, I am very ashamed to see people from my own home country acting so foolish and insensitive about the deaths that occured in this hostage situation. On behalf of these idiotic people you see above, I am deeply sorry. It saddens me very much to group myself with such lowlifes.

    However, i would like to say, do you think its right to label ALL filipinos as pigs? Is it right for you all to blame the filipino race for the mistakes of a small group of filipinos? I just wish that you won’t start to hate on philippines in its entirety, for the poor choices that some of them have made.

  • Mi-Sun

    Im Half Chinese and half filipino, but I must say this is a disgrace. This is just so shameless. If they want to be treated better, the should treat others better too. But I have to admit, not all filipinos are like this. There are some with two faces, smiling with evil minds and ones that are pure-hearted. Even though Ive only lived there for 3 or 4 years (and lived in China for.. heck how long now) I think I know there are some people with better intention. I want to say sorry for all the hurt people in this page. I want to do something, but I cant. Again I am deeply sorry. Where’s all my (Half) pinoy pride gone, huh? And my condolences to the Chinese people that died during those unbearable hours. :(

  • Elvira

    I’m a Filipino leaving in Europe. We Filipinos here condemmed what happen to the bus being hijacked. Yes Filipinos are fun of taking pictures anywhere and in any situation they wanted to. Those girls posing there were not thinking of being feelingless. I think they are taking pictures to share and show to their acquaintances what terrible happen, not for a souvenir. What irritate me are the pictures of the policemen posing front of the bus and smiling. Chinese people who commented here are attacking Filipinos generally, calling names like ugly girls, etc. Since before Filipinos are degraded until now because Phlippines is poor country. When we saw on Tv what happened last monday, we feel angry on how those police force and people concerned for negotiation handled the situation. Do you think Filipinos are laughing with it? Do you think Filipinos not ashame what had happen? Do you think Filipinos are proud of it? Do you think Filipinos have no feeling at all? Everytime a Filipino done wrong, as if the whole world generalizing it as if countries around the world, only Filipinos rather Philippines made mistake/s. If the whole world angry to Philippines of what had happened, so the Filipinos because it was wrong, I admit that. But please don’t generalize. What happened was horrible. Why if somebody Filipino or what race he might be, if he has a seroius personal problem, why he just kill himself than making a scene and killing innocent people? There are cases happened more than that here where I’m living and I hate it. I hate those criminals, bad people. Those kind of people must not live and must not belong in this world. But this crazy world is already inhabited of so many inhuman, barbars, wicked human beings acting worst than animals. You blame what happened to the Philippine goverment and not to ordinary, poor, innocent Filipino people who themselves can’t do anything but just wait and watched what happen next.

  • John Do

    I think we should slack down a bit.. it was an isolated case, a one time event that could have been avoided but was not.. understand we angered but we canot blame and point finger to pilipino people. everybody made mistakes.. no one wants to die out their, not all is like that mendoza guy who took hostage. it was a shock to everyone.. so dont think that everyone passing thru the seen should kneel down and cry.. if you wer there close passing to the seen you might do thesame.. wheather they smile or not, i know in my heart they felt the shame.

    • kim

      like we are ashame of the action but not ashame of our race

    • Elvira

      Yes, I agree with that and I hate those policemen in my country who are like boy scouts as if just doing the training or just rehearsing for a take in an action film. They are incompetent, luck of training and just very proud of parading with their uniforms but when it comes to real combat, don’t know and not sure anymore what to do. They handled the situation badly. They must be sed back to training, a strick and hard raining.

    • Elvira

      Yes, I agree with that and I hate those policemen in my country who are like boy scouts as if just doing the training or just rehearsing for a take in an action film. They are incompetent, luck of training and just very proud of parading with their uniforms but when it comes to real combat, don’t know and not sure anymore what to do. They handled the situation badly. They must be sed back to training, a strick and hard training.

    • Elvira

      Yes, I agree with that and I hate those policemen in my country who are like boy scouts as if just doing the training or just rehearsing for a take in an action film. They are incompetent, luck of training and just very proud of parading with their uniforms but when it comes to real combat, don’t know and not sure anymore what to do. They handled the situation badly. They must be send back to training, a strick and hard training.

  • korean_guy

    the Pinoy SWAT team’s handling this incident looked like “behind the scene” of a awful low-budget action film.

    • TheOne

      LOL true that =) it’s a sad reality Filipinos have to face. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

      • ditto

        true. how pathetic.

      • qq

        Why should Filipinos have to face this ‘sad reality’? Ethnicity and an organization are two different things. I don’t think any Filipino has any ‘bitter pill to swallow’ except for those who took part in the badly-executed rescue.

  • Dailo

    When the pinoys in China have a tradegy, I doubt the police in China would take pictures while smiling then later on post it on fb.

  • Zhong Guo Ren

    Policewoman smiling wryly at the crime scene. Smug because of incompetency?

    • sh8ead

      Please excuse the ignorance of this woman who in no way represents the true character of Filipinos. Her mother must have dropped her on her head when she was a baby. several times and on purpose.

  • Dumb Filipinos

    200 Police Officers versus 1 fucking gunman!!!!! Filipinos pussies and cowards!! Very incompetent!

    • Jane

      You’re ridiculous yourself for insulting ALL Filipinos. Tell me, WAS EVERY-SINGLE-FUCKING-FILIPINO IN THE WORLD ON THAT SITE!? HUH?! I DON’T THINK SO!! So watch what you say. Yes, those policemen were incompetent, doesn’t mean every Filipino on earth is incompetent dumbass.

    • P-Noy

      and you think you can do better?
      retard, look at your words again, it doesn’t match the story
      it’s 1 gunman inside a busload of foreign tourist
      it’s 1 gunman aiming the gun at the hostage’s faces
      it’s 1 wrong move that will end everyone inside the covered bus
      now, you think 200 police will just go inside that bus like they don’t know there’s a deranged man inside? we’re lucky enough not to get everyone killed inside that bus.
      again, you think you can do better?

    • sh8ead

      why dont I shoot at you for a little bit and see how foolish brave you really are.

    • Filipino

      You talk like filipino. I know you are a filipino. Don’t pretend.

    • tj

      if i were you.. i will shut my mouth and shoot myself.. if you were the police men.. would you enter the bus ,, knowing that the hostage taker is dangerous??? of course you will wait.. the police men waited for the right time.. they waited the tear gas to spread and made the hostage taker reveal himself so the sniper could shoot him and end the crisis.. whata fucking ignorant you are my friend .. by the way we filipinos cares a lot for our lives we think first before we act!!!!!!

  • Cecilia Quintos

    I am a Filipino. I ask you not to judge the entire Filipino nation based on the actions of a handful of people. We are not inhuman as many of you think. I just would like you to know that a greater majority of us are embarrassed and and outraged by the incident and we denounce the incompetence of the members of the police force who handled this crisis. Many of us are also ashamed of the insensitivity of some of the people who took these pictures and posted them online.

    On behalf of the Filipinos who commiserate with the families of the victims, I offer my deepest and sincerest apologies. Know that many of us are offering prayers for the victims and their families. Our hearts go out to them.

  • CS

    OK, this has nothing to do with what happened in the article, but I fell strangely attracted to Fauna :)

  • Amazing

    DAMN, so many racist comments.

    Before some people say anymore, the President of the Philippines already issued a public apology, public letters and his sincerity by posting all over the government website and newspapers his his deepest condolences.

    I read something here about a slight smile when the President was talking or something?
    That was funny dude, condemn a person that he is a bad by the slight upturn of his mouth. YEAH ‘coz that clearly means he doesn’t care about all the victims.
    Judging someone based solely on behavior does not mean you know them entirely.

    Man this is whack.
    They’re only upset that the tourist (bless their souls) died in the Philippines, but what about the other Chinese blood that dies in other countries?
    I wonder why they weren’t as enraged as what happened here?

    Oh yeah, racism is so much better taking pictures of a crime scene.
    They obviously weren’t smart enough to think about what they were doing, so I guess in your point of view, killing all Filipinos, who you think are pigs, is the best way to solve this.
    You and Hitler would’ve been great pals :)

    • sh8ead

      like these people dont harvest organs and sell them in the black market. Execute political prisoners with an ambulance waiting to harvest human organs right after they are shot in the head.

  • kim

    I am sorry so sorry for what happend..

  • Mimi

    These photos are really insensitive & unfeeling of the people posing in front of the remains of the tragedy while Chinese people are mourning. Saying that, I would really be grateful if you would not generalize & condemn other Filipinos who are innocent.

    There is no need to insult an entire nation because of some. Calling us dogs, pigs & trash is like saying that to yourselves since most of our elders are/were Chinese. Being proud of how you badly treated your Filipino maids makes you the same as these people.

    Thank you very much.

  • Jay K.

    Personally the thought of filipinos doing this is sick and disgusting.

    But at the same time in a dark and twisted form of thought I am satisfied they did this. Why? Well when 9/11 occurred and some Chinese were cheering about this, i was really angry they would do that. 9/11 was a lot worse than this hostage crisis that turned deadly. And when chinese commentators say “oh this 3rd world country are worse than pigs, worse than dogs” what does it make the Chinese then that cheered when 9/11 occurred? In a sense everybody is dark in their hearts with some shining parts every now and then.

  • Im a Filipino half chinese,i understand what you want to say to the Philippines,even its so embarrassing for us citizen here,.i respect it,.I want to condolence to all the hongkong citizen,.We really apologize even apologizing doesn’t return the life of people,but still we have too,.and that it’s happen around the world ,and not all the Filipino are like this,I hope the time comes you were given a chance a Philippines to show how much we care the people,.

    • TheOne

      Save your breathe. There are sites who have accepting Chinese. I don’t think you’ll find any rational Chinese people here.

  • pug_ster

    I have to say that I can’t place all the blame on the Filipino people but rather the problem is yet again, the problem is with the PHP. If it wasn’t bad enough that those bumbling police didn’t handle the situation that left so many innocent people die, they botched up the way they handled the crime scene. The same reason why so many people died is that they turned hostage situation into a circus. And all that carnage, the police are doing the same thing. They should sealed the area, put a tarp or tent around the crime scene, and haul the bus away asap. Instead they took their time, turned the crime scene into a (native) tourist area, and these cops take pictures of themselves smiling. The native tourists are just doing the same thing as the police are doing.

  • Red Setter

    The reaction of our Chinese comrades shows that China’s most dangerous enemy is itself. Turning on the chest beating tap of jingoism just shows China up for what it is: A State that the rest of the world should increasingly fear.

    How many times have we seen accidents in China where the Staring Committee of bystanders just gawks and does nothing to help a victim whether of a car crash or a gang of thugs?

    The Filipino reaction to this Manila tragedy is genuinely sincere and remorseful. If it happened in China the reaction would be to ‘point the finger at someone else’ and then ban the media from reporting any further news

  • Fukiko

    Thats what happens to shitty Hong Kong nationals! Good thing they died! Senseless idiots don’t deserve respect and apologies. Come to the Philippines and we’ll gladly kill all of you ok? I would love to take pictures while Chinese are being killed!

    • Steven Hunter

      Wow. Didn’t know hate speech was allowed here. But what a waste you weren’t the one killed by stray bullets.

      Here we are trying to pacify things so that it doesn’t inflame everyone, and you go saying things like this. I hope you don’t reproduce. Having people like you living would be a step back for human evolution indeed. Go eat shit and die.

      • Gel

        We Can’t help it if FUKIKO is like that… as it is in other country, a percentage is always expected to be racists… They have their own opinion, so let’s expect that the chinese who left hate words about us is part of that percentage… it just so happen that they were outrage by what had happen and had found a reason to lash out thier hatred towards Filipinos… It’s a dog eat dog world, we can’t like someone/ or some race and expect them to like us back, and we can’t force them too… I’m a Filipina, and my husband is part Chinese, and still has a family full of pure race Chinese, they are kind and hospitable, and very accepting, Just like Filipinos… so Bottomline is, what we’re seeing here is not about Pinoys and Chinese and thier character.. this are just human reactions that happens to be in all races ther is.

    • annoyedlikehell

      I wish YOU got hit by stray bullets. Admit it, the Philippine Government is a bunch of idiots sitting on their own shit. This is the fault of the Philippines, not Hong Kong. They were not “shitty”, we were. Or rather, our police were. Yes, WE. I AM FILIPINO, but I know when the fault is ours and I know when it is not. In this case, its the fault of the Philippine government and police. So shut your trap and apologize.

  • the have the time to smile because the tragedy is over.. they did not take the pics during the incident right think of it and one more thing the place is one of the tourist spot in the Philippines FEEL FREE to take photographs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Proud to be Filipino

      I believe that these people should have been more sensitive. I think taking these photographs is in poor taste. It’s like adding insult to injury. The tragedy is not over. Families have to grieve over the loss of their loved ones.

  • they have the time to smile because the tragedy is over.. they did not take the pics during the incident right think of it and one more thing the place is one of the tourist spot in the Philippines FEEL FREE to take photographs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steven Hunter

      You are an underevolved, low-IQ piece of shit. Clear the sand out of your skull and put some brain in it, bitch.

      • Ayumi Mitzu

        Hey Steven, you are such a faggot. Anyone wouldn’t care if you’ve been in that country for ten years. I am just reading your comments but they way you judge them, it’s not good. You are not helping at all. You are not fair to both countries. You are actually one sided. You annihilate them.
        You seem like all knowing, very level headed person? You are not.

        • Zuki (aka Ayumi Mitzu)

          I agree with you Ayumi. I am Japanese too and I have a lot of Chinese and Filipino friends. They would say negro referring to the blacks and Bombay like nickname of Indian. Does that mean that when they say Cano for Americans, Brit, or Intsik for Chinese its derogatory as well? Both countries have both good and bad people its just that this is more exposed because of media. Even in other countries they had this incident even in Canada and worse in other countries. The way you talk you hate that country. Its not level-headed, its not irrational.

          [Note from Fauna: Please do pretend to be multiple people.]

    • Gel

      Yeah, it’s over, pero there’s still something what we call “delicadesa” That’s not a 100% success in handling hostages.. still some have died they could have atleast waited a month or so before posing in a memorial site… And not be all smiles about it cause they still have to show respect to the lives that are lost in that very site.

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