Chuck Lorre Responds to The Big Bang Theory “Ban” in China

Chuck Lorre responds to China's "ban" on the Big Bang Theory.


Green Version of The Big Bang Theory” has been a trending topic on leading Chinese microblog Sina Weibo for the past week. This followed reports of CCTV being in the process of making one, which came soon after reports of the show suddenly being taken off Sohu, the mainland Chinese video streaming site that had exclusive rights to the show in China and where most Chinese fans of the show eagerly awaited new episodes each week.

The following microblog post made it into the Top 10 of the social network when it was posted yesterday and rose higher in the rankings today…

From Sina Weibo:

@谷大白话: The Big Bang Theory producer Chuck Lorre’s response to his show being banned:


Comments from Sina Weibo:


What is the homeland? It is what you have cursed/criticized so many times yet don’t allow others to curse/criticize. Just like this, what we do is our business, and you should stop blindly talking nonsense. [拜拜]


I feel like this person has a bigger problem than the government officials of the Heavenly Kingdom.


Although I’m very speechless about this matter of American TV shows being banned, you Imperialist American screenwriters’ can only be saved by stuffing the hole in your heads with cauliflower.


The “rhythm” [mentality, behavior] of someone who makes soap operas wanting to cross the Pacific Ocean to liberate all humanity. Speechless, only [蜡烛]


Sweat. Although we grumble/complain about the ban towards the government, if this is really written by the screenwriter, I only want to say: You are being way too egotistical, hehe. [拜拜]


Why is this statement so low… In the end, The Big Bang Theory is just a soap opera about love that borrows from geek culture. It’s enough that everyone laughs. Just who are you posturing as some sort of cultural liberator for?


This screenwriter is more disgusting than Chinese officials. He wants to be humorous but it isn’t the least bit funny.


I don’t understand what kind of mentality is behind everyone who sees foreigners writing like this wanting to upvote, laugh, and forward/reshare [a lot of other Chinese netizen comments on this microblog post expressed embarrassment and shame]. When a show we like watching is banned, complaining about it ourselves can be understood, but how can you be happy when a foreigner ridicules our own country like this?


Just looking at the comments, I can see why it was banned. Eunuchs will always be considerate of their masters [master’s interests]. Motherfuckers! A bunch of lowly people! Fuck your mothers!


The show being banned is something our own people think is funny. However, Chuck Lorre making a response to this matter is even more laughable to me, with such comments as being banished to Urumqi. The impression Westerners have of China is always stuck in the 1970s of our country, just like how people in Taiwan say we can’t afford to eat tea eggs, full of discrimination.


Seeing everyone criticize him reassures me.


This is the naivete of laowai, often treating the pure profit-seeking behavior of China’s authorities as ideological struggle [mistaking their greed for wanting ideological control]. Here, [the ideology has] became realism long ago, but there they are still worrying about [the Chinese government] exporting revolution…


China’s government responds: We haven’t prohibited it from being broadcast, we just want to be the only ones to broadcast it!


I don’t love this Party [Communist Party], but that doesn’t mean I don’t love this country. [拜拜] I love this country more than this screenwriter imagines. If the screenwriter has balls, he won’t leave after school.


Can’t believe there really are people criticizing the producer!!! I would rather believe you people are wu mao than believe China has so many retards.


Hole in head is too large… crazy [has problems].


Hasn’t even understood the situation clearly before putting on airs and talking big.


Some of those stupid cunts in the comments who, upon encountering “the incredulity of allies” [a critical comment or denunciation by Westerners], go all out in criticizing the government as if they would like nothing more than wiping out all their countrymen are precisely classic examples of those they revile as brainwashed.


I don’t care about making fun of politics, but what’s the meaning behind mentioning Urumqi? Truly disgusting. And there are fans who are whitewashing this? Don’t “self-reflect” on behalf of the Chinese people again, go self-reflect on yourself.


The vile action of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television [SARFT] is one thing, but there is nothing to praise about this screenwriter’s response either. It just makes me feel that others see us in a rather oversimplified fashion… And I was originally hoping to see a satisfying slap to the face [from Chuck Lorre]… only for it to be using one’s butt as one’s head…


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