Philanthropist Smashes Scooters, Will Sell Canned Fresh Air

Chen Guangbiao and an actress smashing electric scooters and mopeds.

Chen Guangbiao and an actress smashing electric scooters and mopeds.

On Sina Weibo:

@头条新闻: Chen Guangbiao Plans to Sell Fresh Air in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, 4-5 Yuan Per Can: Chen Guangbiao [a Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist, famous for his publicity stunts around his donations and charity] yesterday [August 11] said that he will be selling fresh air via mobile shops in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou on September 17, the price for each can being 4 to 5 yuan. According to Chen Guangbiao, the fresh air will be contained in pull-top cans, and the oxygen within each can will be equivalent to 5 oxygen tanks in the hospital, that one can take three deep breaths and instantly feel relaxed and clear-headed.

Chen Guangbiao and actress Sun Qian who played Jin Xi in <em>Zeng Huan Zhuan</em> [a popular Chinese costume drama] are smashing scooters powered by lead-acid batteries at the scene as a protest against lead pollution/contaimination. Photographed by Sheng Jie
Chen Guangbiao and actress Sun Qian who played Jin Xi in Zeng Huan Zhuan [a popular Chinese costume drama] are smashing scooters powered by lead-acid batteries at the scene as a protest against lead pollution. Photographed by Sheng Jie

From Sina:

Chen Guangbiao Plans to Sell Fresh Air in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, 4-5 Yuan Per Can


Chen Guangbiao’s explains that the main inventor of this canned fresh air is himself and that there is a computer microchip within each pull-top can. While filling the can with air, the operator need only swing his hand three times, and when the air is swung into the can reaches the required target, the computer chip reacts and automatically seals the can, with the oxygen within each can being equivalent to 5 oxygen tanks in the hospital, similar to compressed biscuits [hardtack].

As for the market prospects of canned fresh air, Chen Guangbiao is very optimistic. He says: “We inhale car exhaust every day, but now we are bringing fresh air from unpolluted cities to sell. It’s good for people’s health and prolongs life.”


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Famed philantropist Chen Guangbiao and an actress smashing lead battery electric scooters in China.

Comments from Sina:

新浪山西晋城 山鹰:

Chen Guangbiao, you should really learn more about lead-acid batteries before coming out to put on this kind of show! Lead-acid batteries doesn’t affect the environment, what affects the environment is because we don’t have a robust manufacturing and recycling system! You’re too lacking in technical knowledge!

新浪江苏泰州 xhdngyg:

Electric scooters, the most practical form of transportation for the ordinary common people, why did you smash them?

新浪广东深圳 wellmaker:

Well done!! Let those stupid high officials see how terribly they have ruined China’s environment!

新浪广东江门SINGLE3100: (responding to above)

It shows that China’s environment has been so terribly polluted that has reached the point where it jeopardizes human survival!
It [this publicity stunt] is a warning, a mockery/satire!!!

新浪北京 出离的愤怒:

If you were serious, you’d smash a BMW or Mercedes Benz! They cause much more pollution than electric mopeds. Talk about snobbery.

新浪 手机用户:

Dumb-ass Chen is rather naive.

新浪陕西西安 坚持就是胜利哈哈:

This is the kind of people China has the most of, buffoons who jump around, no doubt about it.

新浪香港 alex:

The air belongs to the nation, hurry and accuse him of embezzling state-owned property.

新浪湖南长沙 pipi_123123:

This guy’s publicity stunt truly lacks sophistication/substance!

新浪上海 在哪你08:

Car exhaust is even more pollution, how come you don’t go smash cars? Only smashing the ordinary common people’s little electric scooters, is your brain broken?

新浪北京宣武 熊掌:

Do more practical things, less vulgar sensationalism.

新浪广东东莞 雁门郡:

I’ve seen too much [of his publicity stunts], Chen Guangbao makes me sick.

新浪四川资阳 有点看不懂:

A mutated society will inevitably produce abnormal things.

新浪江苏苏州 旅途:

This kind of person really doesn’t get tired of doing things like this.

新浪福建福州 手机用户:

Fuck… why not sell farts???

新浪北京 友仁:

Purely a publicity stunt, can fresh air still be fresh once be contained in a can? What can you accomplish waving a hammer in photos like this? Causing pollution!! One doesn’t need to create a stir to do good things, you’ve ruined your good image by overdoing it!!

新浪北京 党项人:

Taking the chance to make another fortune!

新浪广东佛山 [email protected]:

Are you stupid or just uneducated? Too much pure oxygen is harmful for the body.

新浪山西忻州 sangyinfeng:

A clown.

新浪河北保定 wchpjx:

What’s the point in reporting something like this! Chen Guangbiao is boring, so is the reporter of this news.

Chen Guangbiao and an actress smashing electric scooters and mopeds.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Coping O’Hare from “The Lorax” movie I suspect. Anyway, I’ll buy some!

    • “Copying” In my anticipation of landing on the SOFA, I failed to press the “y” button.

      • El Puma R.

        no dude ! I said it first (lol is that how it works?) sitting on my sofa looking for an e-bike on taobao.

        • linette

          KopyKatKiller and el puma, You two need to get married. You two would make a perfect couple.

          Perfect duo duet 一唱一和.

          • El Puma R.


            if kopykatkiller is a pretty lady, I might put it in consideration. lol.

    • Young Man

      Meanwhile Liu Jianbo, the son of a Jiangsu police chief, stabs a woman repeatedly while shouting “MY family runs the Public Security Bureau, I can kill no problem”. ChinaSMACK whisltes, looks the other way and translates pop song lyrics.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        Your out of line young man. You better shape up and fly right.

        (whispering: – post the link dammit)

      • anon

        You’re being a douche. chinaSMACK fails to translate lots of things. It doesn’t mean they’re whistling and looking the other way intentionally.

        Does Rensi look like someone who translates anything but jokes and songs? Aside from the jokes and song posts, the site posts once a day. Should we accuse them of intentionally ignoring everything else that happens in the world except for the one thing they do post?

      • Breaking News!

        Young man demonstrates stupidity, called “douche”.

      • Young Man

        I notice none of the wumao are actually denying that it happened. It was commented on by Chinese netizens hugely until every microblog and thread featuring the event was closed down so it falls within Chinasmack’s remit. They made a choice not to go with it.

        If you’ve followed this site for long enough you’ll have noticed how it’s got more and more lightweight. We all know what’s happening- if that’s being a ‘douche’ (silly American anachronism- get your head out of the ninties) then so be it. Liu Jianbo is still an attempted murderer, his family are crooks and the Chinese media is covering up what they did. There are four fingers and that remains a fact.

        • anon

          Sorry, I’m not a young man like you. I may from time to time use words that are archaic by your standards.

          I’ve been following this site for at least 3 years and no, I haven’t noticed it getting more lightweight. If anything, I’ve noticed less and less silly discussion forum posts full of Photoshops and more and more news articles. I’ve noticed less Shanghainese anti-waidiren posts and more posts that are frankly about political topics.

          You seem to know a lot about the Liu Jianbo case without chinaSMACK, so why are you upset that chinaSMACK didn’t cover it or hasn’t covered it yet? Have you appointed yourself the state-sanctioned regulatory inspector to monitor whether or not chinaSMACK is dutifully covering the topics you deem it ought to cover? You’re bordering on wumao logic, whining about why some website doesn’t cover something they themselves think is more important and then accusing the site of ulterior motives for it.

          Let’s suppose chinaSMACK is intentionally refusing to cover some big story out there. Hey, have you forgotten that they’re Chinese citizens? That they don’t have the pleasure of being deported if some government official decides to be a jerk? That they face consequenes you and I can’t even begin to really appreciate? Would you want them to risk their lives just so you can read something you pay absolutely nothing for? What makes you feel so self-entitled?

          • elizabeth

            Young man is out of line because he is young. He’s got good intentions but needs to learn the way of wisdom. Let’s not douse the flames but direct them to better use.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Good point anon. I wanted to read more of the chinese perspective about that thing but I knew they could not cover the story because of strong repercussions. I would rather see that not happen.

            Question for Fauna: I read in one of your very old postings that some type of firewall that allows an outside connection. What brand is that? I would like to use it?

      • Nanny Hiccups

        What I don’t understand about these self-entitled offspring of public officials is why do they not understand that because of their family’s political connections, that they are held to a higher standard, not a lower one?

      • Dr SUN

        link we demand a link !!

    • Xiongmao

      Loved the songs from that film. The intro credits one is just plain awesome. Got it on my phone as the alarm. I love how the moron actually thinks (or, I suspect he’s fully aware) that producing the cans and putting the air on is WAY more polluting than the end result.

  • El Puma R.

    Closes to the sofa I’ve ever been. sofa ! ( I had to say it at least once)

    • El Puma R.

      I recall one of the comments above “see how the government has ruined China’s environment”

      ……… I think all Chinese people have ruined China’s environment.
      Man this people have an amazing ability to point the finger without even thinking about it.

      • El Puma R.

        neither I understand what the pretty girl in the nice dress is doing with a sledgehammer. And I thought there would be more spectators.. certainly for the locals a love triangle on TV is far more exciting than an old man and some useless girl beating up e-bikes.

      • I think the entire world has helped ruin China’s environment. First by accepting Deng’s invitation to establish factories here. And second, by selling them outdated pollution intensive technologies, entire factories actually, from Western countries.

        I’ve seen photos from Shanghai in the 80’s and damn the sky was blue.

        • El Puma R.

          I’m with you on this. But in every country, when people gather in big numbers they forget they can think. as I said, chinese people are very quick at blaming others. They clearly don’t know the enemy is not the US, nor the e-bikes, and they definitely don’t know what we might know, neither they have developed critical introspective thinking.

          • Breaking News!

            Individual with underdeveloped critical introspective thinking is remarkably quick at blaming others.

          • David

            Well, a small number of them do know how to think critically. Let’s not forget that this is also the people who really managed to criticize their own culture in a way that has caused so much destruction. So yeah, China overall has vacillated between the two extremes of blaming others and attacking the self for a while now.

        • El Puma R.

          in the 80’s in China only the super rich families could afford cars, and the economic activation was at a very early stage. My chinese friends always say how beautiful China was back then, much more than it is now.

          • Breaking News!

            Foreigner testifies that Chinese can desire industrial development and be nostalgic at the same time.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          The problem isn’t technology, factories or cars but China’s government’s failure to regulate. I’m gonna say it again… REGULATE. Set standards for clean water, clean air, fuel and engine emissions. China would be so much better all around for Chinese people if the government regulate. they would need to hire more people to enforce regulation, leading to jobs and the stimulation of the economy that would trickle down. Don’t sell air in a can. REGULATE the air all around you, clean it save it, cherish it, nothing is guaranteed.

          • El Puma R.


            Everything you’ve said is right. But if you live in China, you might have heard what most people say, all the time: “that’s just the way it is”. And most people are competing for a job in the government. And any regulation from the government could represent a “loss of face”, so they leave it the way it is because accepting mistakes isn’t in their agenda, and any attempt to make things better is almost completely inadmissible.

            As I said, if you live in China you might have already figured out how hard it is for them to carry on morality and common sense outside their individual lives, otherwise you should know that Chinese people are not taught to think outside the box, nor to be introspective in order to make things better (which is the very foundation of Confucius school of though, almost completely forgotten now).

            What that guy is doing bashing e-bikes is fairly an attempt to draw attention, no wonder why he had the cute girl with high heel shoes to hold a sledgehammer.

          • the ace of books

            Regulation is a good start, yeah. The major problem with trying to regulate things, though, is enforcement. Effective enforcement, IE, not something you can buy or worm your way out of.

          • China can set the standards right now to be the greenest country in the world, in every aspect, but their biggest challenge will be remediation. If they start (or already have) a superfund program…the map will list the entire country as a superfund site.

          • matt

            I’m with Ace of Books. China has set pretty decent standards. The problem is enforcement. Local governments are usually tasked with enforcement and they have little political will to go against polluters. Cadres are afraid of losing a promotion because of bad economic numbers. Rampant corruption doesn’t help matters.

          • Roger

            ENFORCEMENT. In particular Enforcement of the rule of Law. No one should be above the law, and laws that are enforced are useless and should be adjusted to the standard best fit for its people.

            China does not lack law. There are so much of it on paper, and so much bueracracy that they could put anyone in jail if they wanted to. No one in China can honestly say they are completely “Law Abiding” as there are so much law that are impossible to follow or implement. China’s officials are also too lazy or afraid to loose face to change them.

            There are so much to fix, if they expect Businesses and Citizens to follow the law to the letter. Right now the attitude in China is that we will follow the laws that they will fine/catch us on. As no one really know their social responsibilities, nor are they educated to know their rights. Go ahead, ask your fellow Chinese friends see how many know any parts of China’s constitution.

          • Roger

            Typo. I meant, laws that are not enforced are useless, not the other way around.

          • anon

            It’s the old economic development versus environmental protection debate. China and its people made their choice just as developed countries did before they began actually worrying about the environment. The Chinese will inevitably have to live with the consequences while everyone from the developed world will have to as well without being able to escape the hypocricy rebuttal and their own culpability in welcoming China to be their dumping grounds. Both the Chinese and developed nations are complicit in polluting China, just as both the Chinese polluters and the Chinese government regulators and enforcers are. This isn’t something that anyone can really wipe their hands clean of. Do your part, demand change, but resist the urge to start singling out any group or nation as singularly culpable. It just shows how ignorant you are of how the world operates for your convenience.

          • kodi

            Regulation and enforcement would mean spending money for the betterment of the country that would otherwise be spent on extravagant dinners, cars, and villas for government cadre. Good luck with passing that idea…….

          • linette

            …..China does not lack law…..

            From chatting with the people from China online, seems like the young generation have no clue with any China laws or their rights. They need to be more involved with China politics and pay more attention with their gov’t activities. A lot of them are so into those stupid China, Hong kong ,korean,and taiwan TV dramas. I guess it’s a way the China gov’t keep them ignorant of the China politics.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            I understand that it’s hard to enforce, but somethings are not. Like water regulation. Ensuring that there is clean water all over china. Shutting factories down for creating poor air quality. Those are things that CAN be regulated and easily enforced with some tweaking. DRIVING can be regulated. How about a DMV (Department of Motor and Vehicles)? If you don’t have a driver’s class or driver’s license, no buying a car. Period. They could enforce this through the car dealerships in China, that they actually provide the driving course prior to the sale of the vehicle. And so on. The school system, and taking care not to abuse or implement corporal punishment on children is also enforceable. So many things… then they can start in on corruption, slowly but surely.

          • Snicker

            Sounds like you’d be surprised to know that China actually has quite advanced standards for almost all the things you’ve listed – in many cases, as strict or even more strict than even in the US or some ares of Europe (particularly if you compare the phase of per capita “level of development”).

            Just like with cars parked on the sidewalk and trucks driving the wrong way on the highway at night with their headlights off though, enforcement is piecemeal and regulatory bodies are often not communicating with each other or are even in conflict with each other.

            Trust me, China does NOT lack standards. It lacks the ability to enforce them.

          • Snicker

            Gosh, am I the only person on Chinasmack old enough to remember the glory of spaceballs?

            Does this guy have a thin moustache?

          • Twind

            Who knows what is going to happen with China’s environment? Sure like many things in China, there is definitely a small group of activists who try to do things, but without governmental support, few things can be accomplished.

        • Breaking News!

          Camera pointer makes intelligent comment.

        • Shanghairen

          But the biggest polluters (and labor-rights abusers) are local factories.

      • Breaking News!

        Finger-pointer points finger, demonstrating amazing ability, without even thinking about it.

      • El Puma R. An interesting precedent is Europe sorting out Acid Rain, in terms of visible mega-pollution. In terms of trying to get an expat view from yourselves, is there any positive environmental news coming out of China?

        • Breaking News!

          Coal-dependent China creates world’s largest hydroelectric dam for environmentally-friendly clean energy, achieves controversial environmental and ecological devastation.

  • redgirl

    OH Dam No!! not the vespa :O

    • Tengu

      There goes “La Dolce Vita”….

  • eddie9684

    electric bikes does little to environment, if anything he should be smashing cars and bombing factories if he wanted a good publicity..

    this right here is shitty publicity.

    • the ace of books

      Eco-terrorism is the best solu- wait a minute

      • Roger

        My thought exactly. This publicity stunt is completely idiotic. First of all electric bike is actually a very eco friendly transportation option. Secondly, smashing stuff up?? That’s eco friendly? If you really want to demonstrate, go protest in your nearest Coal Power plant, maybe they will start then to put on some filters. Or perhaps go protest at the thousand of factories poring crap into the rivers and water supply.

        I was just at a sheet metal factory, and while visiting, low and behold, workers are grinding stuff right into the river. You look down, the river is a COMPLETELY different color. Not 100m from it people have nets down catching fish and right across there is a farm that uses the river for irrigation. I turn around and the supplier told me their local fish is great and asked if I want to stay for dinner. I politely decline.

        • eddie9684

          Thats why its so tasty, secret recipe “toxic waste”

  • Nanny Hiccups

    stupid hipster lol

  • eattot

    waste money and time and only become a joke…

    • El Puma R.

      Dear Eattot

      isn’t wasting time, space and money what most chinese people is doing nowadays?

      • eattot

        fuck off!
        i am nobody’s dear here

        • El Puma R.

          I never said you’re mine, neither I’d like you to be mine.

          God please save me and everyone from the torture of owning eattot.

          you see, already wasting my time… Chinese people (sigh…)

          • jin

            El pussy: Dear Eattot

            eattot: i am nobody’s dear here

        • “…but I am someone’s DEER!”
          ::gallops off into the trees, leaps a fence, white tail flashing a mocking retreat::

          • k


        • El Puma R.

          Frank Zappa’s got a crush on you, probably he wants you to be his beyatch.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            i can see why. cats are typically very handsome creatures.

      • Zappa Frank

        well wasting money…. if they bought argentinian’s titles probably they did.

        • El Puma R.

          lol , Frank Zappa, dunno if buying titles in the biggest pure fresh water reserves in the world is wasting money. I’m not afraid to say the US and UK waste more money on international conflicts that don’t concern them than the chinese waste it on iphones, clothes… and titles in south america. Certainly smarter than the US, of course, they care about our resources, not about our political ideologies. Business is business and US fails at them because only thing US government knows how to do is drop bombs over children’s hospitals in middle east, and kick out mexicans because they are more hard working than the “american” people is.

          both China and US governments are evil, if you ask me. And the sad thing is that people like you think they play a part in all this.

          Stop ripping off a great artist’s name, you don’t deserve it.

          • Zappa Frank

            Come on, you’re an argentinian, your country is the one of crazy Peron, desaparecidos, dictartors, economy default and do not pay debts.. still largley based on argicultural and latifondism.. indigenous people killed by your ancestors, as 90% of aregentinians are europeans.. you really want to play the game “who’s evil?” with chinese and americans?.. is not convenient to you. If you eviroment is better preserved it’s just because in argentina you’re so few.. Moreover it’s from Italy ’90 than you don’t even reach the semifinal in the football world cup…and this is maybe the worst than the crysis.

          • El Puma R.

            you seem to know and generalize a lot about me and my people..
            Not only because we’re few, but also because we know the value of it. To play that card is more than convenient for me…. Do we drop bombs over children? do we lie so we can start wars and kill our own offspring far away from home? on the other hand, don’t bring historical facts into an argument about the present. You sound like that proud redneck who went to school and learned some geography.

            Colonization and native genocide wasn’t the work of people like me. And it happened from Canada to chile and Argentina.

            I’ve always thought there’s nothing interesting about people who say they know too much, and by that I mean you. And if you care about sports, I’m sure your football team sucks 100 times worst than ours.

            Frank you and me we’re both absolutely insignificant for their game, and we’re doing what they really want us to do, to engage in stupid patriotic discussion about who’s better.

            Every government is evil and humanity haven’t changed since the dawn of time.
            Just open your eyes

          • Zappa Frank

            you seem sensitive as chinese when i talk bad about your country…
            anyway i was mostly jocking and provking before.
            i’m italian, and my national football team is acutally better than your. (this is the only thing that matter)

          • El Puma R.

            Cazzo ! I knew you were Italian, because all of you hold a grudge against us since 1990. And in the final, the referee was italian, of course he would do everything he could to let Germany win !

            I’m born Argentinian but my mother is italian (…) so thanks to the law, I hold an italian nationality and passport too. didn’t go to italy ’cause I came to china to learn chinese.

            Your provocations are quite effective. Forza Italia ! ( I know why you don’t like to say that haha ) And VERGOGNA ! I hope next world cup you don’t lose in the first round. Mua ! Bacio!

          • mr. wiener

            Good luck in the four nations rugby next week mate.

          • El Puma R.

            Thank you mr. wiener

            I have to admit that I find Rugby far more interesting, and Argentina is finally in the Four Nations ! =)

          • anon

            you seem to know and generalize a lot about me and my people..

            The irony of this statement is astounding.

          • jin

            El pussy think he know and generalizing others said those words…. the irony

          • jeffli

            El Puma R. ?
            start the music……
            DOn’t cry for me….. and my lost mangina!
            dah dee dah dee daaah,
            by Evita Peron? ?

          • Breaking News!

            Argentinian wins shameless hypocrisy award, embraces nominator through sports.

          • baroke obama

            O’ Righteous El Puma R.: ” do we lie so we can start wars and kill our own offspring far away from home?”

            Spratly Islands anyone?

      • eattot

        i should not say that…
        i was just so mad…anyway sorry!

        • El Puma R.

          Dear eattot

          I can make a quick run to the store and get you the tampons you need.

          anything for the dear eattot (not mine, luckily lol)

          • Nanny Hiccups

            seriously dude, she apologized. you could just say ‘apology accepted’ ;)

          • El Puma R.

            Apology accepted =)

          • eddie9684

            apology half accepted if it was in my case.

        • jeffli

          Is this “Hong Lou Meng” or something?

          Puma is “bai yu”?

  • the ace of books

    “the oxygen within each can will be equivalent to 5 oxygen tanks in the hospital, that one can take three deep breaths and instantly feel relaxed and clear-headed.”

    Over-oxygenating your blood makes you feel anything but relaxed and clear-headed. Clearly Chen hain’t never had problems with hyperventilation.

    Also, ignoring practicality and price (as well as lolz), and just looking at the idea: computer microchip in each disposable can, and he’s complaining about pollution? Boy either has no sense of irony or he’s an idiot. 天真 indeed.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      won’t be fun when those cans explode.

      • grovesman

        Let me light up my smoke while I open this can of ox…BOOM!

    • linette

      Sounds like getting high..

      • the ace of books

        response to both Nanny Hiccups and linette:

        I’ve heard, however, that people enjoy getting high.

        Hyperventilation can be scary shit.

        And explosions, while totes awesome on TV – well yeah, don’t even need to finish that thought. My idea about the cans, though, was that people won’t bother recycling them, not to mention that microchips cost a ridic lot more materials, labor, energy, expense, and effort than regular cans to produce. Overall, cans of air like this are a worse idea than a chocolate-chip Segway.

        So yeah, Chen’s idea idea is about a billion shades of dumb.

  • linette

    The air belongs to the nation, hurry and accuse him of embezzling state-owned property………..

    This guy’s publicity stunt truly lacks sophistication/substance!………..

    What idiot will come up with this kind of business idea? Fresh air in cans. wow…I think it’s more like a publicity stunt to show the china gov’t how bad is the pollution that people have to buy fresh air in a can. Now this news is all over the internet. China needs to step up with environment cleaning and regulate

    • El Puma R.

      Chinese people need to be as cool as hongkong people. <3

    • Zappa Frank

      he sells oxygen.. not fresh air… And could be also dangerous as oxygen is easy to burn..
      moreover i think is a provocation, like the artist who sold his canned shit.. “merda d’artista”.

      • Brett Hunan

        “We inhale car exhaust every day, but now we are bringing fresh air from unpolluted cities to sell. It’s good for people’s health and prolongs life.”

        I think that it is pretty clear he explained his plan is to waft fresh air (from unpolluted cities) into an aluminum can and closing the cans. It isn’t compressed oxygen, as others have assumed. This is all just a bunch of bullshit, but I have got to give it to him, I bet he makes 1 million RMB within the first year if he doesn’t get shut down first. Many people will buy anything labelled as to “prolong life”. However, I would propose that 黄山 air would go for more.

        • Oh shit, I somehow skipped over this quote.

          Trend-activists will out-spend the life-prolongers. Remember all the college freshmen who show up to college and immediately start growing their dreadlocks and forcing themselves to be wildly passionate about one or two different causes a semester? Now think of one of those people…but they’re Chinese! “Fresh air in a can” and the most absurd eco-terrorism show by this fat guy with a sledge hammer…he’s going to be able to afford to bang that hammer-wielding model in no time.


          Probably using Tennis Ball Cans without the Balls

          • mr. wiener

            Is this guy the same douche who came to Taiwan last year handing out hongbao?

          • grovesman

            Yes Mr Wiener…yes it is.

    • grovesman

      What idiot would come up with this idea?

      Well, in the 1970’s some idiot in America made millions selling PET ROCKS!

      And people said the same thing about BOTTLED WATER in the 70’s/80’s.

      While I doubt he is going to make millions on this, one man’s stupid is another man’s genius.

  • Dr Dust Cell

    Farts in a can, huh…

  • This guy has the right idea about lead, but he’s tackling one of the smallest parts of the problems. Hell, the truth is, the bikes are barely the problem. It’s the batteries…which he definitely does not want to smash those batteries if he’s trying to take a stance AGAINST lead-acid batteries harming the environment.

    Leaded gasoline was always the huge problem when it came to food and water contamination. China prohibited leaded petrol in 2000 (along with a lot of Asia, North America/Europe in the mid-90s, Australia…tsktsk…2002) but the lead is still a big contaminant in the soil because it doesn’t break down in either dirt or water (sunlight will deteriorate it, though) and will last for many years…soaking up into plants, and thus into animals that eat them, getting blown around in the dust, washed to other soils or water sources via rain runoff, so on. Basically a lot of your food is going to contain lead, even if lead is outright banned in all industry five years ago. All that food you see grown within 10 to 20 meters of the roads in China…yeah it’s probably soaking up a lot of lead into its trophic systems. But in China, I guess it really doesn’t matter that much where you grow the crops.

    If he wants to make a difference, he needs to start petitioning more for proper environmental protection and remediation of lead-contaminated soils. The oxygen tanks are a great move to bring awareness and lead in the air (lasts around a week or two up there in the sunlight) but people really need to understand trophic levels and the many ways this shit gets into their food and water.

    Also, China needs more trees that aren’t going to get cut down.

    • (I am assuming his stance is against the lead based batteries based on the first netizen response and the fact that I can’t really think of a reason why he’s smashing electric scooters in protest over environmental pollution)

    • El Puma R.

      yeah good luck with that !

      over here in Changchun they’re cutting off trees that are at least 50 years old so they can build bigger shops.

      I believe I’m not wrong when I think that diplomacy is absolutely useless.

      • Pine trees mature within 10 to 30 years and your average mature tree produces enough oxygen for two people. Pine trees might even produce more than that, as they some of the best oxygen factories out there.

        Hell, China would do well to pine tree up their expanses of unused land. Produce oxygen, reduce pollution in the air, and if they plant enough, start a system of sustainable lumber production. I’m not sure the details of the pines indigenous to China but I doubt they vary much from our own.

        Macedonia started a tree-planting program to replace trees destroyed by wildfire. They bused volunteers in who planted six million trees in one day. Seven million the next year. China has the ability to pull this same sort of program if they really wanted to.

        • anon

          I was under the impression that the vast majority of oxygen produced in the world comes from algae and that the whole idea of reforestation for oxygen was more of a gimmick to sell the idea to the masses because they’d have a harder time understanding reforestation as protecting the overall ecosystem.

          • tai wai

            Eh, both are good.


            The C4 photosynthetic pathway is a major evolutionary success, accounting for some 20–30% of terrestrial CO2-fixation on Earth (Lloyd & Farquhar 1994) and 30% of global agricultural grain production (Steffen et al. 2004). Plants utilizing this pathway dominate tropical grasslands and savannahs, and rank among the world’s most important crops, including sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum), maize (Zea mays) and sorghum (Sorghum bicolor).


        • Whiskers… Citizens of indoBOOM and brazilWHACK countries will be able to tell you they are stripping out trees faster than any PRC planting programme could keep up with… Sorry to be a let-down on this…

        • linette

          ……..Pine trees mature within 10 to 30 years………

          Save the trees! Save the trees!! No more cutting trees China. Plant more trees in the cities. :(

    • the ace of books

      This to the thisth power. Guy doesn’t seem to actually have a grasp of environmental cause-and-effect. The first translated comment has it right on the money.

    • the ace of books

      Also, re: the trees: there is a noticeable lack of sense when it comes to such. I was living in Wudaokou right before the Olympics, and a whole piles of thirty-, forty-year-old aspens was cut down all around the metro and along Chengfu Lu. Why? Still can’t figure that shit out, because they have planted absolutely nothing in return.

      • El Puma R.

        probably saving place for a new store. It’s really a shame to see how worthless clean air is for them.

        • the ace of books

          You’d think! You’d think they have a use for the new space! But no, it’s just asphalt and shit-brick sidewalks.

          It just irritates me that there’s no giving a damn about trees. I mean: free, easily-maintained bit of greenery that helps make the city look nice and does a shitton of good for the environment. I KNOW LET’S CUT IT DOWN BECAUSE WE NEED MORE SIDEWALKS. MOAR SIDEWALKS!!!1!

          okay. not gonna rant here. just pissed atthe tendency to cut first and ask questions never.

          • El Puma R.

            I totally agree with you, man. A very understandable rant. Shitty brick sidewalks with no trees hurt my feet and my piece of mind, and what bothers me most is you have to jump out the sidewalk because “Mr young baby emperor ” is driving and honking his Audi A5 70kmph right over the shitty brick sidewalk that hurts my feet. No room for us nor for the innocent trees.

          • Breaking News!

            Argentinian emphatically agrees with book ace, conveniently forgets most of the modern world’s urban cities are concrete jungles before greenification became vogue.

    • linette

      Yes Whisker, China needs to spend more money on air pollution and lead contamination problem. China..what are you waiting for??

  • NOYB

    Complete bunch of money grabbing bullshit. Perhaps he should stop worrying about the air and eat more vegetables so he can look better in a tank top!… and I wonder what kind of large SUV he drives around in.

    • I wonder what synthetic fiber production went into making those darling slacks and tank top?

    • BigJ

      Yeah I usually don’t like these “save earth” people’s attitudes. Usally come from rich and easy life with nothing better to do. I do tip my hat to anyone who at least try to make a good statement, even if it comes off like being dick’ish. More then alot of us would ever do, including myself.

      One more thing. Do you notice the pictures??? At first they seemed normal…then I realized something…where is the 10,000 people crowded around this shit. If an old man slips and falls here, you have 500 people looking right at him with phones out. There should be tons of people there.

      • This guy isn’t really trying to save the earth. He’s trying to capitalize off of such sentiments. The average trend-activist, especially in a country without much education on environmentally friendly behavior, will easily fall for these sorts of things.

  • Gontraf

    “We inhale car exhaust every day, but now we are bringing fresh air from unpolluted cities to sell. It’s good for people’s health and prolongs life.”

    I don’t get it. Is he taking the piss or is he really starting a business in the snake oil industry?

    • Brett Hunan

      It will sell.. for sure

    • Nanny Hiccups

      there are oxygen businesses here in the USA. i THINK woody harrelson the actor owns one.

      • Justin

        Woody Harrelson the actor? As opposed to Woody Harrelson the Medical Marijuana Advocate? I’m confused.

      • linette

        Those are oxygen tanks carried around by patients with pulmonary problems. They can’t breath without those tanks. I think now they even have a smaller portable machine that gives air to them. Not used by normal people.

        • Linette A very nice comment. Normal air is 21% O2. For people with heart and lung weakness, their air is ramped up to 28% O2 so they can get healthy levels of O2 into their blood. Once their problems are solved (this does happen), they can come off the rich-mix air. Cheers and have a nice day…

          • Rick in China

            Or you could just “swing a can” 3 times and capture air from “non-polluted cities”, buy a few for 5 rmb – and there’s no need for an oxygen tank. Sounds like this guy is the greatest inventor in the universe! Hmm…time to start brokering “swing-cans-full-of-air” to western hospitals and old-age homes imo.

    • Gontraf

      “According to Chen Guangbiao, the fresh air will be contained in pull-top cans, and the oxygen within each can will be equivalent to 5 oxygen tanks in the hospital”

      He must be taking the piss. There’s no way anyone could make such a nonsensical statement and actually mean it.

      • anon

        That’s not the only nonsensical statement. The one about swinging their arms three times to get the air into the can is the most hilarious. It’s a publicity stunt and he’s not really trying to hoodwink people. Sure, there might be some stupid enough but you can’t say he didn’t drop enough hints that he’s taking the piss out of the entire thing.

      • Next this guy will be selling argon-in-a-can! After all, it’s the 3rd most common constituent of healthy air! Maybe a Xenon Boost for those paranoid too much.

  • He does realise oxygen is an oxidant and is toxic to the body……

    • Nanny Hiccups

      we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Too much of anything can be dangerous though.

      • Rod

        Especially too much knowledge…

  • xiaopengyou

    Smashing these e-bikes is only contributing to the problem. The batteries didn’t just disappear, and damaging them (instead of desulfating them or recycling them) just leaches more chemicals into the environment. You wont get any lead exposure from a *sealed* lead acid battery, but sure would if you cracked one open.
    If he wanted to do the right thing, he’d open a recycling center and/or swap out SLA batteries with LiFePO4.
    And it takes a lot of polluting energy to extract oxygen and pump it into a can.
    If you want compressed oxygen, get a welding bottle.

    • Justin

      Yeah, I was thinking the same myself.

      • eattot


        • Brett Hunan

          Yea, his name is Justin. Lets get him!

          • anon

            Who is more incoherent? Capt Wed or eattot?

        • Breaking News!

          Young woman with photosensitivity makes inscrutable outburst, well-dressed man displays deft use of humor.

          • mr. wiener

            Sausage-maker displays total lack of interest in new posters third person observations and novelty use of faux-1920’s headline maker style.

          • Meat, seasoning, binder, herbs, spices and skin. Nouns which constitute a fucking sausage. How long are we going to be held hostage?

    • simon

      You misunderstand him, he is only going to can the air at some isolated place in China (or so he has us believe) where the air is ‘cleaner’. Basically he is going to market air how bottled water is marketed.

      He must have thought “Hey if people are dumb enough to drink bottled water, they must be dumb enough to breathe in canned air”

      • xiaopengyou

        Looks like a little of both:

        “the fresh air will be contained in pull-top cans, and the oxygen within each can will be equivalent to 5 oxygen tanks in the hospital”

        That seems kinda dangerous given how much pressure is in a typical hospital oxygen cylinder. ;-) And if he’s doing a solidOX kinda thing, that’s just insane.

        Either way, at minimum those non-refillable empty cans will generate a lot of waste (in addition to the polluting energy to make them). If he’s smashing e-bikes, I doubt he’s recycling cans. If this guy wants to help the environment, pick up a broom and sweep up the sidewalk, or fish empty water bottles out of east lake.

        • Rick in China

          Or consider the logistics involved.

          How would anyone be able to produce and ship little cans of air from isolated places? By creating massive logistical pollution, 3 breaths at a time. It’s a nonsense article about a nonsense publicity stunt. Philanthropist, maybe, but fucking idiot, more prominently.

        • mr. wiener

          That would be too pedestrian. This rich twat isn’t into saving the environment, he’s into self aggrandising publicity stunts.
          If you really wanted “canned air” you could get some of those oxygen candles things they use in submarines or on the International Space Station:
          “For emergency use, it would be wise to pack away a few oxygen candles. These are composed of a compound of sodium chlorate and iron. When ignited, they smolder at about 600oC, producing iron oxide (rust), sodium chloride (salt), and approximately 6.5 man-hours of oxygen per kilogram of candle. Molecular Product’s Chlorate Candle 33 masses 12.2 kilos, cylindrical can dimensions of 16 cm diameter x 29 height, burns for 50 minutes, and produces 3400 liters of oxygen.”

          • simon

            wow, that’s insane

  • lonetrey

    Meh. This kind of attention-seeking feels unworthy of being news.

  • red scarf

    The only reason why this made news is that there is a fairly pretty “insert adjective of choice” lady wielding a sledgehammer.

    • The Enlightened One

      I’ll say… it certainly wasn’t the “destruction” of these bikes. They only managed to scratch them up with sledgehammers. The girl.. okay… I understand, but the guy comes out in a tank top acting like he means business… what a wimpy douche.

      • simon

        he doesn’t mean business, he wants business.

    • anon

      Sort of, but I think its mostly because this guy has made a name for himself with his mix of showboating philantropy. The guy makes news because people know him. Maybe not most foreigners but a lot of Chinese people do. The actress girl is added eye-candy but without her, he’d still get coverage.

  • The Enlightened One


    They don’t even look smashed at all… what a wimp.

    If you are trying to impress and gain publicity through a physical act of destruction (wife-beater and all), you really shouldn’t be a damn wuss with a sledgehammer. It only makes you look like an asshole. If the pictures showed some seriously smashed up bikes (only looks like scratches) then I would have a little respect for the guy.

    Now he looks weak and radical.

    Not buying his weak air! Damn wimp!

  • GodsHammer

    Oxygen is the new snake oil. Such bullshit. The part that makes me totally skeptical of his claims is the ‘electronically sealing can’. WTF? The person filling it just waves it about? Filling the can in less polluted cities? that just means that it is NOT oxygen…but a normal atmospheric mixture that just happens to be ‘less’ polluted. Such bullshit hurts my dome. Not to mention the obvious smashing of E-bikes instead of Internal combustion powered bikes….this guy is a tard.

    • What makes him more of a ‘tard is that Whacko Jacko used oxygen tents in the 1980s and 90s to try and enhance his life. Whacko in my opinion did not benefit from oxygen therapy.

  • WARNING. Given that this guy is going to be selling oxygen in a can, potentially compressed. And given that both locals and expats enjoy to smoke cigarettes. May I suggest the two are not combined.

  • simon

    i have a few words to say: ‘this man is 牛逼’

    • simon

      i have a few more words to say, i hope everyone realizes this man may become the Chinese version of Steve Jobs. If his sale of canned air succeeds he will be seen as a genius in the business world effectively marketing a product that has ZERO to minimal input cost and selling at RIDICULOUS mark up price, he may revolutionize air just like Steve Jobs did to the mac.

      So yes, laugh now, but once these canned air sell like hot cakes (or more appropriately 煎饼) we will all be made to look like fools..

      • eattot

        only idiots like u will buy, if i were him, i would sell girls’ one day used underware,it’s even more practical idea from japan.

        • eattot… Most expats want what’s inside the underwear; namely well-presented camel-toe. There’ll be no market for vacant used underwear amongst US, EU and Oceania expats.

          • Glowndark

            you can wear it on your face and have your picture taken for avatar, cool!

          • Confucius say: “panties not best thing in world, but next to it”

          • eattot

            i thought u hide up for i said i am going home soon…
            no worry,hahaa!

          • yeah I got back to the US yesterday
            thank you for your concern haha

        • Glowndark

          underware?? wait, according to dictionary, ware=commodity, merchandise and it makes sense, underware is commodity/merchandise under a piece of cloth!

        • simon

          Funny thing is:

          1) I was being sarcastic
          2) I would never be as dumb as you
          3) Yeah underwear idea more practical than canned air (sarcasm)
          4) Refer to 2.

      • Getrealson

        There is no Steve Jobs in China or anything close! Steve Jobs was an innovater not a scab like this turd! But you could be right about the Air selling well. Many years ago some monkey told everyone that eating various parts of powerful or endangered animals will boost their sexual prowess or general health etc leading to the alarming decline in native species. Now some CUNT has come up with powdered baby fetus. and that sells!

        Humans really are a plague on this earth.

        • simon

          Makes me wonder how the business of bottled water caught on, i mean, when it first was conceptualized people must have also thought the same thing “pay more for bottled water when i can get it from my tap?”

          In many ways the market for bottled water and this canned air concept could be quite similar.

          • Getrealson

            Agreed! They tested the top 5 brands of bottled water in australia and found them no more beneficial than tap water. In fact they also found that flouride which is added to the Australian tap water had been depleted from bottled water so we may be looking at a generation with weeker teeth.

        • Sh!t Romney

          FUCK Steve JObs…. fucking dumb cunt, copies everything and tries to run competition out of business… he was a dumb cunt!!! DOnt believe me .. he tried to pray(meditate) away cancer.. it that isnt stupid what is?

          • baroke obama

            yeah i agree. apple products are not the awesome pieces of innovation that everyone seems believes. My sister in law bought an Imac and after using it, I now really despise Apple products. Also the Ipad is completely useless except as an overpriced toy for surfing the internet.

        • Northerner
          • Brett Hunan

            Wow, angel wings… Really? That’s so overboard.

          • Northerner

            ‘I am the resurrection and I am the light.’

  • tony

    where are these bloody adverts coming frm i hear them and i cant see them

  • markus

    A. Electric bikes are better than cars etc…
    B. Smashing them up is pollution
    C. anyone who cares enough about the environment would know this

    This leads me to say he is either an idiot or just cares about the money and is trying to fool people into thinking this caned air will be good for them

    In fact breathing the pure air quickly before it escapes the can will be useless also if you breathe it all in too quickly you might start hyperventilating.

    The can should read Warning: HYPERVENTILATING may occur

  • vince

    Must be a really slow news day, this guy sums it up pretty well
    新浪河北保定 wchpjx:
    “What’s the point in reporting something like this! Chen Guangbiao is boring, so is the reporter of this news.”

  • After reading 110+ comments
    and the article
    I was listening to….

    song of the article

    How Many Times
    -Insane Clown Posse

    am wearing my CHINAsmack T-shirt now

  • Con ate dog

    Glad the netizens see through this boob.

  • jeffli

    No ranting , no raving this time –

    This is Glorious BOLLOCKS!

    tell Chen Guangbiao to go suck 100% Oxygen for 15 minutes!

  • BigJ

    I agree this guy is a dick. And im sure only wants money.
    My question is: Are they there any eco-activist that chinese like? I’m not being sarcastic, im just curious. I don’t hear about many, and when I do it’s always negative.

    • kw

      i do not know about that..
      how about where you come from?
      you do not need to mention your country..
      i am interested with what do you think about eco-activist..
      this is not a trick question…

      • BigJ

        Yeah I don’t like them. Sometimes they try to put a good message out, but i don’t really like how these people go about it.I don’t like people pushing what they belive on me.Only certain peaple can tell me whats up. If that was Jackie Chan spin kicking them bikes…..oh man….I would bought 1000 cans of that shit. haha

        • kw

          the same with me..i don’t really like eco-activists as well.
          sometimes,people just crazily believe on something until they can’t empathize with others..ah well…

  • BigJ

    Mix some nitrous oxide in that shit and i’ll buy some:)

    • mr. wiener

      “Mr. Whippies”, yeah , it’s been a while.

      • Fuck…that cream in a can. Thought of it the instant this post was released dude… But could not crystallize into a whippy whitty comment.

  • kw

    publicity seeker looking to market his stuff…

  • Dat Ankle

    If he starts working up a scare, he can have a billion dollar business in no time.

  • jeffli

    You three “synchronizing” or something?

    El PUMAdovor
    ……….go stick a pad in your underpants have a tylenol and a lie down.
    then scream at your husband and then come back to us.

    You seem to be having a tough “cycle” this month!

  • k

    Everyone is saying this idea is stupid and who would actually buy air in a bottle…and I say probably the same people who will buy water in a bottle :)

    • xiaopengyou

      If I’m thirsty, I’ll buy water. If I’m suffocating, I’ll buy air.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      i drink bottled water every day. either Fuji or Ice Mountain Spring Water.

  • Cleo

    I was in Taiwan in the late 1980s and that is exactly why the air was so awful – scooters – even on “sidewalks” – which is just designated sides of the road not actually raised higher than the road for autos and scooters.

    Nobody criticized Taiwan. Scooter riders habitually wore masks.

    • mr. wiener

      Been to Taiwan lately?

    • Yeah, you should probably come back and take a look.
      You can take my place. I’m going back to the US today.


        Hey Whisker,

        What is/are your favorite thing/things about Taiwan?

        I am heading to Taiwan soon – interested in hearing from folks who have spent time there.



        • mr. wiener

          The sausage is good.

        • sern


          • sern

            Or Engrish or maybe the Engrish sayings on the sides of the scooters

  • Jay K.

    You know if this guy really wants to tackle air pollution, why not smash those cars that gov officials and military plated vehicles rummage around in beijing. there’s soo many damn of them and a good portion of them ignore the traffic regulations it pisses me off each time im out and about in beijing.

    you’d get more support from the people, and it would significantly lower the micro particles in Beijing’s air.

  • Alan

    I don’t see the connection between driving scooters lead-acid batteries and air pollution. However, there’s a huge problem with careless and informal recycling of lead-acid batteries. According to, recycling of lead batteries “are often conducted by economically marginalized members of society, needing an additional source of income, but without any understanding of the risks involved. The informal process of recovering secondary lead from the ULABs includes breaking the batteries manually with an axe. In many cases, informal battery melting is a subsistence activity, and undertaken in homes (even in the kitchen), using archaic melting operations to recover and sell the secondary lead to the larger processers. Despite efforts by government agencies and the industry to bring safer and more efficient practices into this stage of the recycling process, ignorance of the risks of lead contamination combined with a lack of viable economic alternatives has led to the systemic poisoning of many poor populations throughout the developing world.”

  • tai wai


    I should get some of these cans, could become collectors items.

  • YaoGalau

    I wonder whether the canned fresh air will be the next hot cake business..
    If it’s really happened, i suppose that’s a preliminary warning that our next generation have to packed up towards another planet since we could’t even breath freely anymore on our beloved earth ≧﹏≦

  • dongling

    well done chinasmack for providing some free advertising for this asshole.

  • sern

    Busting up scooters? It’s nothing the Angels, Outlaws, Desciples or similar wouldn’t do.

    • chaofan

      5 yuan per 3 breaths? That could get expensive

  • David

    It’s Chen Guangbiao again!

  • elizabeth

    I say, he should patent the idea of the oxygen can because there is a huge commercial potential. It will take years to clean up the air and there is a high possibility that it will get worse instead. Although there are some kinks to be ironed out in terms of manufacturing and consuming the air, I think it is a great idea. Why didn’t I think of it?

    What I don’t understand is the negative reaction of the Chinese netizens. I would expect them to be more supportive of the man known for his charitable works in a country in dire need of more of his kind. Perhaps there is something I don’t know about the man.

  • maja

    “the oxygen within each can will be equivalent to 5 oxygen tanks in the hospital, that one can take three deep breaths and instantly feel relaxed and clear-headed”

  • Dr SUN

    He will make billions selling cans of fresh air in first to third tier cities.

    Smart idea

  • 梦想家 Dreamer

    and the carbon footprint for can manufacturing is not polluting? What an idiot!

  • van delft

    And after this he went home on his bicycle ??

    • van delft

      its not a new idea at all, in other Asian country’s there are already Oxygen bars even where you sit down and inhale Fresh Oxygen ….so to put it in a can ?copied idea as so many here……

    • mr. wiener

      His chauffeur drove whilst the young lady with the sledge hammer blew him on the back seat. They even found a crowded street market he directed his driver to plow through at speed with the horn blaring just as he shot his load [no larger than a sparrow’s tear] from his substandard meat whistle into the elaborate hairstyle of his beau.
      As he leaned back and smoked a cuban [hand rolled on the thighs of caribbean virgins] he thought: “Today has been a good day”.

  • Addicted

    Insane or visionary?
    I mean Sun Qian.

    Chen should have his nuts soaked in lead-acid battery fluid. Avoid spreading his demon seed

  • Meh

    Can’t imagine where he gets his supply of natural gas!

  • The really odd and stupid thing is, in Guangzhou they outlawed the electric bikes! Yes, nobody can ride electric bikes on the streets because the gov’t considers them unsafe. Also, bicycles are outlawed on certain busy roadways. Motorcycles were made illegal while I lived there. You could see entire fields where motorcycles were being stored after the law went into affect.