Public Servants to Get Raise, Claim Monthly Income Less Than 5000 RMB

Public Servants to Get Raise, Claim Monthly Income Less Than 5000 RMB

According to a timetable set by Prime Minister Li Keqiang, nearly 40 million public servants will receive raises before the end of June this year. The pay of a public servant is based on their rank, work experience and position. The salaries of 3 public servants were examined by the Qianjiang Evening News, with two claiming to earn around 70,000 RMB each year, and one saying he earned around 180,000 RMB in a year. Netizens were skeptical, with one top-rated comment saying “I don’t get it, why do so many government employees have several apartments and several cars? Could it be they are magic?”

Source: Netease

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