Taiwan Vice President Boasts Visa-Exemptions, Ridicules China

Taiwan vice-president ridicule china only 20 countries grant chinese citizens visa free access

Taiwan vice-president ridicule china only 20 countries grant chinese citizens visa free access

From Phoenix Online and NetEase:

Wu Den-yih Mocks Mainland: There Is A Big Country That Only 20 Countries Waive Visa Requirements

Global Times News Roundup — Taiwan’s Today’s News reports, Taiwan “Overseas Affairs Council” was held on November 11th in Taipei city. Deputy leader of Taiwan’s government Wu Den-yih made an address indicating that the number of countries that have granted Taiwan visa-free access are up to 134, “but I am embarrassed to say that there is one country that is very very big, but only has 20 countries that grant [its citizens] visa-exempt access”. An “overseas affairs council member” off stage responded: “China” and many people at the scene applauded in agreement. Wu Den-yih said, “Everyone knows [which country], but I’m embarrassed to say it”.

Wu den-yih claims Taiwan has no terrorists and hasn’t created any local national disturbances, nor has it have the problem of gangs and illegal workers affecting local order. In addition, Taiwan and the mainland has changed the past model of conflict and head-butting into one of peaceful development, while Taiwan’s good behavior in overseas affairs has made foreign tourists interested in visiting Taiwan, and even more countries are willing to provide visa-exemptions to Taiwan.

Taiwan vice-president ridicule china only 20 countries grant chinese citizens visa free access

Editor’s Note:

Nations that Chinese citizens can directly enter (where there is mutual visa-exemptions or the provision of visas upon arrival, and visitors can get through customs): Jeju Island (South Korea), Indonesia, Saipan, Maldives, Jordan, Bahrain, Fiji, Palau, Tuvalu, Seychelles, Samoa, Mauritius, Comoros, Georgia, Micronesia, etc.

Nations that Chinese citizens can use electronic visas to enter (where an electronic visa for the destination nation must be obtained in advance, and visitors can get through customs): Singapore, Turkey, Australia, Qatar and the United Arab emirates, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, etc.

Nations that Chinese citizens do not need a visa for but can’t get through customs in China (where the other side gives Chinese citizens visa-free access or arrival visas treatment, but Chinese citizens without a visa can’t get through customs in China): Laos, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Dominic, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Togo, Costa Rica, Mozambique, etc.

Mainland vs Taiwan Visa-free Access
Visa-exemptions for Mainland China vs visa-exemptions for Taiwan

Comments from NetEase:

lxh399 [网易山东省潍坊市网友]:

Look closely: This is the face [behavior, speech] of Taiwan’s so-called political elite! Apart from wanting more of the mainland’s money and land, they want even more! Taiwan indeed has many visa-exemptions, but just how many foreigners go there? Isn’t it still just the mainland playing the family card [kinship] encouraging mainland people to go to Taiwan? Even Taiwan’s media had to publicly admit that it’s the mainland;s opening of tourism to Taiwan that safeguarded [propped up] Taiwan’s economy! In 2011, employers insisted on organizing groups of people to visit Taiwan, and of the tourists at every scenic spot, eight or nine out of ten were all Chinese, not because of skin or appearance, but because those tourists were all speaking Chinese, and the tour guides were all using Chinese to explain/introduce the sights! Not only did so many people going there not didn’t benefit our fellow countrymen in the mainland through tourism, it was simply donating money to Taiwan’s fake red coral and fake brand jewelry. And Taiwan? In the face of Japanese politicians worshiping at the Yasukuni Shrine, do you people have any independent standpoint?

xyy15551 [网易浙江省台州市温岭市网友]:

Ma Ying-jeou: The Philippines, you dare kill my fishermen? Don’t you know that I have more than 100 countries that grant visa-free access to us?
Lung Ying-tai: The Philippines, please use civilization to convince me!

网易山西省晋城市网友 [独独善]:

What can visa-exemptions prove? When the warships of Eight-Nation Alliance come, can visa-exemptions be an unmovable guard that protects the country? When the United States then comes with the false pretenses that you have weapons of mass destruction and wants wage war against you, can visa-exemptions keep the peace? Visa-free access is because other people know your little fart of a island doesn’t have much power and that even if they gave you visa-free access, what can you really do with it? China however is not the same. They do not dare [provide visa-free access to China], because who knows how many commandos, spies, or immigrants who don’t want to leave would enter? Of course, we have just started developing over the past few decades and we recognize that some of our people don’t have high characters [aren’t well-mannered]. These are all things that can be slowly improved and raised! But you as a mere island, I am very curious to ask, just what do you have to be so cocky about? When disaster strikes, do you have the ability to defend your citizens and safety? Also, in essence, Taiwan is territory that was split off [the Mainland], a child that was robbed by a robber, who then turns around and thinks its mother dirty and inferior, just what do you have to be so cocky? When Japanese invaded, it occupied the whole territory of Taiwan, but as the descendents of a destroyed nation, what do you have to be so cocky? No matter how poor or inferior the Mainland is, no matter how much external help was borrowed, it at least ensured that its territory is under the charge of Chinese people. To use a saying, no matter how much we fight each other in our own home, it is still ourselves and not letting outsiders squatting on our heads. Taiwan, what do you have to be so cocky about?

网易山东省济南市手机网友(119.188.*.*): (responding to above)

A Taiwan soldier in the army was abused to death, and 200,000 people went to send him off [funeral marches, demonstrations]. The top leaders of the government appeared personally to apologize. If it was the mainland, do you think this could have happened? Marches? Demonstrations? Government leaders making appearances to apologize? Hehe

网易辽宁省大连市手机网友 [局域网主编男友]: (responding to above)

If the Nationalist Party (KMT) is so good, how come they fled to Taiwan? Isn’t your grandpa a stupid cunt? For not supporting them back then?

Comments from Phoenix Online:


No common sense! This is mutual. If China does not exempt other countries from visa requirements, other countries of course will not exempt China from visa requirements.


With China’s population this large, if there were visa exemptions, problems could very easily occur.

凤凰网湖南省网友: 凤凰网友

Everyone all over the world knows: Taiwan is just a province of China.

凤凰网湖南省娄底市网友: dzhcm

But more than 100 countries in the world all regard Taiwan as a province, a part of the People’s Republic of China.

凤凰网陕西省网友: 凤凰网友

There is a place that is very small but calls itself a “country” and although over 100 countries provide visa-free access to it, there are only a dozen or so that has diplomatic relations with it!


A laugh is enough, it really isn’t worth people attacking like this.


Without the mainland, Taiwan would be a slave of western countries.


Wu Den-yih mocking the Mainland really isn’t appropriate. All that can be said is that he is too superficial and shortsighted, without the the demeanor of a statesman. Just think, China has over 1.3 billion people, and at its present stage of development, there are indeed a lot of things that need to be continued improvement and development. And the many internal problems in China currently doesn’t mean they can’t be overcome. We are continuously moving forward. The difficulties for a 1.3 billion population country is naturally going to be more than that of a 20 million population island country. Just think, the management of a big family and that of a small family is not the same, and naturally the more people, the more uneven it will be in the characters of its people. So we need to work hard to develop. If we are all developed, is will naturally be easier to get visas. This is a natural thing that happens when development reaches a certain level. If more than 1.3 billion people (one-fifth of the world population) is let out, of course it would have a big impact on the world, whereas Taiwan only has twenty million people, and even if the entire world gave it visas, how big of an impact would it be on the world? Governing a big country requires long-term vision. A frog at the bottom of well will never get past high waves no matter how high he jumps, and a 1.3 billion giant will shake the earth with each step. From Wu’s speech, it can be seen why the Nationalist Party ran away defeated to Taiwan, why it lost political power once, why it has so many internal problems/conflicts, because it can only live the life of a small family [managing a small country], and does not have the ability or vision to create [change/shape] the world.


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