Wanted: Chinese Internet News and Trends Digest Contributors

Various forms of Jiong

Various forms of Jiong

chinaSMACK is looking for contributors to write English summaries of trending Chinese internet stories and phenomena.

You should have a keen interest in Chinese internet culture, meaning you’re able to read Chinese, already browse mainstream Chinese internet portals and social media daily, and have a grasp of modern Chinese pop culture, slang, and internet memes. You should also have native English language fluency as well as excellent writing and editing skills.

Ultimately, you want to be a bridge between the two, because it is challenging, meaningful, or both.

Your work will appear on chinaSMACK and our app, Amanda, which are read by tens of thousands of people each day relying on us to objectively and transparently share with them what Chinese netizens are themselves reading and talking about.

All published contributors will get byline credit. Regular contributors who can devote 2-4 hours a day (10-20 a week) will be compensated at a competitive rate, with additional opportunities available, especially if you live in Shanghai.

If you’re interested, please contact us immediately with a brief introduction about yourself and your interest.

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