Wanted: Chinese Internet News and Trends Digest Contributors

Various forms of Jiong

Various forms of Jiong

chinaSMACK is looking for contributors to write English summaries of trending Chinese internet stories and phenomena.

You should have a keen interest in Chinese internet culture, meaning you’re able to read Chinese, already browse mainstream Chinese internet portals and social media daily, and have a grasp of modern Chinese pop culture, slang, and internet memes. You should also have native English language fluency as well as excellent writing and editing skills.

Ultimately, you want to be a bridge between the two, because it is challenging, meaningful, or both.

Your work will appear on chinaSMACK and our app, Amanda, which are read by tens of thousands of people each day relying on us to objectively and transparently share with them what Chinese netizens are themselves reading and talking about.

All published contributors will get byline credit. Regular contributors who can devote 2-4 hours a day (10-20 a week) will be compensated at a competitive rate, with additional opportunities available, especially if you live in Shanghai.

If you’re interested, please contact us immediately with a brief introduction about yourself and your interest.

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Written by chinaSMACK

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  • ChinaPrat

    This site has gone downhill in a hurry.

  • David

    I would rather have one story a week each from Fauna and Kai than 20 stories a week by others and all this other fancy stuff added.

    • mr.wiener


  • It seems like CS is trying to “transition”; whatever that means…

    they have not really given us a lot of information on why the change or what they’re trying to accomplish.

    Maybe this notice on CS is an acknowledgement Amanda, as it is working now, is not going to maintain what they have built. Some other China news sites had a similar “Help Wanted” recently

    Running a business is not all it is cracked up to be. I can empathize as they go through these changes.

    I’m willing to offer my assistance if it will be of any help.

  • donscarletti

    Amanda, yet another online Chinese tool.

    Market’s pretty saturated with this sort of stuff as it is. A tiny part of the larger problem of the pyramid scheme that is Chinese as a Second Language (对外汉语).

    The line is, every foreigner is learning Chinese or wants to learn Chinese. Say anything else and you will have the powers that be pissed off at you. The lack of quality Chinese media, the lack of internal consistency even compared with the mess that is English, the arbitrary characters and opaque idioms, the number of incomprehensible dialects, the low margin of error for pronunciation and interpretation and the cultural integration with 3000 years of Han history, has not dampened its proponents hopes for it being the next world language. The slowing Chinese economy and the ever more restrictive business climate have not stopped Chinese from being touted as the must have skill for anyone wanting to do global business.

    So even schools in Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou and Jinan are now all pumping out Chinese as a Foreign Language teachers. Expats in Beijing and Shanghai are starting websites and private schools to teach… who? The market is not growing and certainly has not exceeded what can be provided by BLCU and diploma and BA programs in reputable foreign universities.

    • Foreign Devil

      If I have to learn from a tutor I’d rather learn from an English speaker who learned Chinese as a second language. .they would know how to teach it best to other English speakers. Most Chinese native speakers will automatically revert to the endless drills and repetition they did when learning the language as children.

    • FYIADragoon

      Working as a non-Asian Chinese speaking business professional in Shanghai, I can tell you that typical enterprises just find a Chinese-[insert anglo nationality here]. And they never need Chinese classes since they’ve learned almost everything in the home, and they then just go and pick up a book on appropriate Chinese industry terms and self-teach themselves in a month or so. Because at the end of the day, with some exceptions, even with language ability, Chinese only want to do business with other Chinese.

      This market doesn’t show much promise once people finally get a read on these facts, since Chinese pop culture lacks the curious appeal of Japan or the choreographed production of Korea.

  • NeverMind

    I will miss you chinaSMACK

  • jetlyf

    Can someone provide some context? Has something about this site changed? Why is everyone not happy about the site?

    • Alan Dale Brown

      They translate fewer articles, and far fewer comments on Chinese social media. Many people were interested in the comments from anonymous people on the Chinese internet; it’s a window into how the average person there thinks that they don’t get elsewhere.

    • Jahar

      it’s a big pile of garbage, and we all just come here now in the hopes that they realized this and fixed it, or killed it.

      • What is disappointing is that they have built a following and have discounted its readership. Without us, their site is nothing.
        If they were smart, they’d put their cards on the table.

  • Alan Dale Brown

    Did some of the translators quit? Get laid off? Does ChinaSmack have a cash-flow problem? That’s what I’m assuming.

    • Mr Wiener celebrated May Day by leading a walk out(strike) for better content, pay and working conditions. Kai, Christina and Fauna are in hiding.
      Alex and some robot have been writing headlines without any photos.
      I’m not sure if I left anyone out?

      • Alan Dale Brown

        So … this article is looking for scabs? Or did these people leave for good?

        • I do not know what’s going on at CS.

          If an owner of a business is investing their time and money, but not getting a return on this investment, how long do you go before you pull the plug or make changes?

          Maybe it is about money, time, energy or maybe there is a power struggle.
          Maybe it is a transition in ownership or leadership.

          It is not easy running a small business. Good employees are hard to find. The really good ones work for themselves or want more than a small business can afford to pay.

          When a small business Loses the owner or a key employee, down it comes.

  • Irvin

    It was good while it last, RIP chinasmack.

    • Vance

      I observe that there seems to be a number of different commenters in the last few days. Maybe they are new commenters that come from use of “Amanda”? Maybe you and the rest of the old guard are being rubbed out?

  • Jahar

    wanted:good stories, with chinese comments. Or just good stories.

  • don mario

    chinasmack is dead ya’ll.

    which is a fair place for it to be, this site was riddled with BS. there was some good stuff over the years but a lot of it was just nonsense articles like chinese reactions to a chinese guy with a white girlfriend or chinese girl with black bf or even more pointless. when some shit actually went down in the news they didn’t even follow it up half the time. thats the kind of thing we wanna see the mainlanders reaction to, and they didn’t deliver.

    move along!

    • Alex Dương

      chinaSMACK never claimed to focus on “shit actually going down in the news.”

  • BrandeX

    People want to see stories from Weibo translated, including user comments and there aren’t any anymore.

    The problem with that is, one of the main reasons is likely:

    Chinese aren’t using Weibo anymore, everything is moving to private conversations on Wechat.