Xi Jinping Announces Troop Reduction of 300,000

Xi Jinping Announces Troop Reduction of 300,000Chairman Xi Jinping has announced that China’s armed forces will face cuts of 300,000 troops. The declaration was made at Tiananmen Square during the country’s September 3 commemoration events marking 70 years since the “victories of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japan and the World War against Fascism”. The decision marks the 11th time China has cut back its armed forces since May 1950, and sees peak troops levels of 6.27 million reduced to 2.3 million. Despite this, major general Jiang Chunliang said that the military power of the armed forces has increased. Netizens sang Xi’s praises.


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  • Amused

    Sad day for the Boyscouts of China :/

  • Foreign Devil

    Well that is a good thing. . less cannon fodder. I’m sure they are increasing military spending however.

    • David

      Yea, more high tech means less need for untrained ‘bodies’

  • Jahar

    Let’s celebrate “China’s” victory over “fascists” by becoming fascists ourselves.

  • David Fieldman

    I cannot believe 300,000 people will be furloughed. They will probably be reassigned civilian jobs at the same pay rate and scale. If they live in the military barracks or military compounds, they will undoubtedly retain their military housing. Should they live off-barracks, they will retain their own houses if they have title to them.