152 Beijing Migrant Workers Treated to Dinner by CCTV Host

Cui Yongyuan treats 152 migrant workers who participated in rescues during the 2012 "7.21" Beijing rainstorm disaster.

Cui Yongyuan treats 152 migrant workers who participated in rescues during the 2012 "7.21" Beijing rainstorm disaster.

From QQ:

Cui Yongyuan Treats 152 Migrant Workers who Rescued Others During the [Beijing] Rainstorm to Dinner, Han Hong Joins and Sings

Yesterday (July 30th), at Jingxi Nangong Hotel, [well-known CCTV presenter] Cui Yongyuan treated 152 migrant workers who had rescued others during the “7.21” Beijing rainstorm to dinner. Han Hong [a famous Chinese singer] performed live, and even sang “Beautiful Wonders” with a migrant worker at the banquet. Cui Yongyuan bowed deeply to these selfless, warm-hearted migrant workers.


“I hope to hear the sound of you all eating. In a bit, there’s going to be someone on stage talking, but don’t stop the chopsticks in your hands.” Last night [July 30th], facing an audience of 152 migrant workers, Cui Yongyuan gave a deep bow.

The audience of 152 migrant workers are construction workers working at the Hexi Reclaimed Water Factory. At the Nangangwa section of the Jinggangao Highway that was seriously affected during the “7.21” Beijing rainstorm, they rushed to the highway–which was separated from them by only a wall–with life rings and hemp ropes, and rescued over one hundred passengers.


Han Hong came with the cold. “I said I was going to pay for this dinner, as I make more money than brother Cui, but brother Cui refused to let me pay, insisting on bearing the cost himself, saying he wants to treat everyone to dinner even if it means going home and kneeling on the washing board [as punishment by his angry wife]. So I’ve brought along my Han Hong Compassion Band, and brought some gifts for everyone.”


14,400 yuan, 18 tables of hot and steaming dishes, and when Cui Yongyuan swiped his credit card to pay the bill, all the migrant workers there stood up and applauded to thank him. “It was a very happy dinner,” said the down-to-earth migrant worker, who isn’t a man of many words, before smiling and laughing.

From QQ:

Cui Yongyuan Treats 7.21 Migrant Workers Who Assisted Others During the 7.21 Beijing Rainstorm to Dinner

Cui Yongyuan is drinking with some of the invited migrant workers.

July 30th, Cui Yongyuan, Han Hong and some other people treated the migrant workers who had participated in the “7.21” Jinggangao Highway Rescue to dinner in Beijing. In the most seriously flood-affected section of Jinggangao Highway, these migrant workers rescued over one hundred endangered passengers, using life rings and hemp ropes. When the rescued chipped in together about 10,000 yuan to thank them, they refused to accept it.

One minute of silent tribute before dinner.

July 30, Cui Yongyuan, Han Hong and some other people invited the migrant workers who had participated in the “7.21” Jinggangao Highway Rescue to dinner in Beijing. One minute moment of silence was observed before dinner.

Cui Yongyuan is taking the lead and paying a silent tribute to those who have lost their lives during the rainstorm with the migrant workers.

Before dinner, Cui Yongyuan led the migrant workers in observing a moment of silence for those who lost their lives during the rainstorm.

Cui Yongyuan and the migrant workers are rising their glasses together.

Cui Yongyuan and migrant workers raising their glasses together.

Cui Yongyuan is taking a picture with one of the migrant workers off stage before he is about to come on stage and host.

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Cui Yongyuan takes a picture with one of the migrant workers off stage before going on stage .

Cui Yongyuan and some of the migrant workers are taking a group photo.

Cui Yongyuan and some of the migrant workers are taking a group photo.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯抚顺市网友 文瀚:

Little Cui, my favorite CCTV host. His moral character in his work and personal life both cannot be criticized!!! This kind of righteous public figure is exactly what today’s China lacks!!

腾讯网友 漫步人生:

What a sham, this is what so-called celebrities are like. If just spending 14,000¥ can get this kind of publicity, who knows how many people would go do this kind of stupid shit.

腾讯成都市网友 龙烟: (responding to above)

Why don’t you try spending 14,000 yuan and see what happens, or do it like Chen Guangbiao [a Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist, known for making a big fuss whenever he donates money]. We’d only say you did a good thing, we’re not afraid that you did it to just show off. But we are afraid that you don’t have what it takes to show off.

腾讯铁岭市网友 白纸黑子、续: (also responding to 漫步人生)

Why didn’t you invite anyone to dinner? Why isn’t it your name in the news report? One look [at your comment] and I can tell you’re a bad person in life. I despise you.

腾讯北京市网友 铁血丹心:

It’s well done, but, the term “migrant worker” wasn’t appropriate…

腾讯佛山市网友 向左走: (responding to above)

There’s nothing inappropriate, I’m a migrant worker, and I don’t think this is an embarrassing label, nor do I feel inferior for being a migrant worker.

腾讯网友 .平和:

Treating migrant workers to dinner was a good thing, but inviting Han Hong along wasn’t so good. That person’s appearance is terrible, and might affect people’s appetites.

腾讯网友 じ☆ve囼靉詶: (responding to above)

People shouldn’t be judged by their appearance only, but also by their charisma, do you understand? Can’t handle shallow people.

腾讯内蒙古网友 在水一方:

Cui Yongyuan, you’re the best, not like some people who only dare to talk but not do. There are many celebrities who just eat and drink and play all day long, who never do anything meaningful, who spend all their time womanizing. Brother Cui, I support you.

腾讯网友 渔歌:

Cui Yongyuna, Bai Yansong, Chai Jing [CCTV hosts and hostess, all three of them are known for their outspoken style] are the Chinese people I respect the most, because they have conscience.

腾讯兰州市网友 盛雨青松:

Good people who do good things will have good karma. I wish old Cui joy and happiness!

腾讯网友 其实生活很简:

Good, good, very good, very good, at least someone respects migrant workers. Thank you.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯网友 变乖:

Brother Cui: well done, I support you!

腾讯丹东市网友 江山:

Beijing’s big men [high officials] are hit by natural disaster,
Beijing’s mistresses aren’t able to go out,
Bejing’s rich people can’t drive their cars on the road,
Beijing’s villas are soaked in water…
Therefore… the super niubi relevant department at once orders: Allocate money! Immediately allocate money for disaster relief… First let’s ask the leaders about the losses they’ve suffered… uh oh! The officials shamelessly ask for donations from the people…
And at that very moment time, Xinwen Lianbo proudly announces: China will once again aid African countries 20 billion (US dollars, not RMB). But Beijing’s hit by a disaster, where to get the 100 million yuan? The nation is in trouble, ask the people for it! Only 5.6 yuan per person on average! As soon as the news comes out: the whole nations boils with rage… netizens vigorously declare: I already pay taxes! Donate your ass!
Yesterday, Beijing’s City Party Committee and city government called on the people to donate, and the masses of city residents enthusiastically donated. As of this moment, the Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs has received huge donations from many caring citizens, collecting amongst them over 200,000 messages of “donate your ass”, over 140,000 messages of “fuck off”, and 80,000 “grass mud horses”… and one particularly enthusiastic city resident even went to the bureau and asked, “Is a Beijing hukou needed for a person to donate? Is proof of having paid taxes for 5 years needed? Do I need to enter a lottery?”

腾讯网友 最好的也是最坏的: (responding to above)

So shameless, [the government] only love money, the people’s money sure is easy to cheat!

腾讯河北省网友 唐山好兄弟旅:

Migrant workers, on the front lines when responding to emergencies and fighting the flood, yet it’s nothing when they kneel down after scratching a fancy car. When can the rich people of society stop bullying migrant workers, and never to let things like owing wages, and deducting wages ever happen again, so that everyone is equal before the law? However, Brother Cui, you are very attentive, you respect migrant workers, treated migrant workers to dinner, and given migrant workers a boost in morale. Ding.

腾讯广州市网友 吃草的狼:

The government will now have even more problems with little Cui, because he stole their thunder.

腾讯湖南省网友 罕见 可罗拉:

My respects to Cui Yongyuna and Han Hong! My respects to migrant workers!

腾讯青岛市网友 老栾兄弟:

Well done, the government isn’t helpful but they are, so China has hope. Does a great and proud country ever need a corrupted Red Cross? Look a how these migrant workers put their own lives in harm’s way to save others. Did they do it for money? Red Cross, what do you want them to donate? Do you want their hard-earned money and sweat-soaked work uniforms?

腾讯北京市网友 淡定★赤诚:

Brother Cui, how about you be the next Premier? We strongly support you!

腾讯太原市网友 皮牛儿:

Brother Cui, you’ve heavily smacked those cunts [the government] on their faces on behalf of the the entire country’s people!

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • M.N

    The guy had so much money that he didn’t know where to spend it so in the end he decided to give it away to the migrant workers by treating them for dinner. :P

    • M.N

      And the host looks so similar to the Chinese gang leader who lives in my area except for the fact that this man is a little slimmer then the gangster. :P

  • leo


    • M.N

      I will just say “hehehe”(referring to the way the Chinese girls laugh). :P

  • Jeff

    It’s a nice gesture

    • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

      And then he took them out to visit some prostitutes. It was like a family reunion and they rejoiced.

    • I agree. I think Cui is a nice guy and a great talk show host. Several years ago, he spoke openly about his depression. These days, he seems to be more relaxed and happier.

      Migrant workers have contributed a great deal to the development of Beijing, but sometimes they are not given the respect that they deserve.

      Here’s a recent interview of a migrant worker from Hebei Province:

    • Average Zhou

      I like to believe it was truly a nice gesture. Unfortunately people here tend to only do nice things for others when they stand to make a direct gain from their actions. There is very little actual philanthropy here (inspired by actual altruistic intentions) aside from the nauseating phenomenah of rich people lining up on TV to put fat stacks of cash into a donation box so the country can all see how great and “generous” they are. People love to be heroes just as long as everyone knows about their good deeds and praise them accordingly for it. When noone is looking and the cameras are not rolling, those are the times taht define who they really are. Again, not to be a naysayer, just adding some balance to all the praise, another perspective. Hope he meant it from his heart.

  • lonetrey

    This is a nice article. Though in the end it’s not going to change their lives, I feel like this gesture was really nice of the CCTV guy to do.

  • The Enlightened One

    He is pretty much the only CCTV host I like.

    The other guy, the one that dresses and looks like a starving vampire with weird shoulder-padded suits… the one that shows up for the Spring Festival each year. I hate that douche.

    Anyone know who I am talking about or what his name is?

    • The Enlightened One

      Sorry, Spring Festival Gala…

    • linette

      The Enlightened One
      What show is good to watch on CCTV? They all look so boring. Which show is worth to watch?

      • The Enlightened One

        I have to agree with you on that one lol.

        That’s why I don’t watch TV much in China. The most I ever watch Chinese television is for the Spring Gala (semi-forced) and right now (the Olympics).

        However, I do like those shows where the host takes you to view different places around China and introduces their foods, culture etc.. There is quite a few of those. It helps me to decide where I should go for my next trip.

      • moop

        none of them. most of it is poorly acted with repetitive story lines. the rest is superficial talk shows, recent graduates crying about how 辛苦 their lives are so that a panel will feel bad for them and give them a job, or “the news”

    • Scott

      Li Yong (李咏), eccentric dresser even by northern Chinese standards, yet the sexy female helpers on his program incite lust even by northern Chinese standards.

  • linette

    There’s nothing inappropriate, I’m a migrant worker, and I don’t think this is an embarrassing label, nor do I feel inferior for being a migrant worker………….

    Why should migrant workers feel inferior in the society. They deserve just as much rights as any urban China citizens. The China gov’t need to give better care to the migrant workers. They built the city. Give the migrant workers the same healthcare, public school, housing, etc…just like the rest of the urban citizens. Enforce minimum wage.

    • question

      The standard translation of migrant worker could be more literally translated as peasant worker. Peasant is a rude word for someone, depending on context.

      Speaking of which, honest question, is “donate your ass” really getting the same feel of 捐你妹?

      • Xiongmao

        I don’t really disagree with you but the word ‘peasant’ instead of the more correct ‘farmer’ gives a slightly different meaning in English. The migrant workers are doing important work and I don’t think that the Chinese in general look down upon them. Most people still have farmers and workers in their extended family and if they are some of the few who hasn’t, the chance that one side of their grandparents were farmers. It’s really not that far removed from anyone but the (relatively) few city elites who’ve resided there for generations.

    • mr. wiener

      The migrant worker guys look pretty embarassed in most of those photos.

  • Matt

    Nice to see a positive article on here for once. I’m not even sure how to respond. :P

  • terroir

    The one bright side of a disaster is that you can capitalize upon the misfortune of others to promote oneself.

    Nothing “charitable” ever happens in China unless there’s a photograph to accompany it; otherwise, what’s the point?

    Such 双赢: Cui Bill gets to increase his face, and everybody else gets TV shirts. See you guys the next time BJ Town’s infrastructure fails.

    • Patrick

      Chances are he got the dinner paid by getting the tv station to pay for everything, and yes the trade-off is pictures and him not having to pay. He should have tried to buy them cars instead.

  • wafflestomp

    The people of major cities (such as Beijing/Shanghai/Hangzhou etc) are all greedy impotent assholes. Migrants and the poor are the back bone of China. If it was up to me I’d cull the 1% in China and let the migrants take over their homes/BMWs.

    • terroir

      Yes. It happens every hundred years or so in which a new dynasty becomes in charge.

      Nothing changes.

    • eattot

      people in shanghai are most snobish in china.beijing is a bit better,but not much.hangzhou is nice.shanghai old bitches are so fuking snobish and mean.
      even foreigners in shanghai are very snobish.quite some are diggers,no matter men or women.
      i will never forget one old snobish dog laughed at me for being poor.and i am happy,no one gives him a fuck now.if your reading,keep your snobish eyes wide open,go die early,sob.dare to use fake id to fuck with me any more,sob.

      • Dr SUN

        that’s why I live in Kunming eattot, nice people, cheap and great food.

        • Kunming is my favorite city in China. Great climate, food, so on. The people were fantastic.
          Shanghai blows. Hangzhou also blows. I use to live in the middle of the two, in Jiaxing, which also blows, but doesn’t blow as hard. Pity they couldn’t literally blow, then I might have enjoyed them a bit more. Guangzhou, strangely enough, I liked. Not sure why. I guess the people there (or at least the ones I encountered) don’t think their city’s shit doesn’t stink like the cityfolk in the more northern areas do.

          • Xiamen is a good place for china. In 2005 it was really beautiful, about a million people, nice island breeze, lots of greenery and natural beauty, old world charm. Now it’s a soulless city that’s overpopulated, smells bad, roads instead of greenery and everyone scrambling for a ridiculous hukou..

          • Dr SUN

            whiskers your a man ?…. I’m gutted.

            But yes your right Yunnan province and Kunming are the best, just don’t tell others, we don’t want lots of wanker ESL teachers moving here.

            They will bitch about the smoking, drinking and that they can’t score with the girls with their ripped , tattooed bodies and their mountain bike.

          • Patrick

            I hated Kunming, got my picture with Optimus Prime and was happy to leave. I love Lijiang though.

          • mr. wiener

            Yunnan. Loved that place. But I’ve heard Dali had gone a bit touristy, ah well. I wonder if Jim’s peace cafe is still there?

          • Lijiang and Dali are overrun with tourists.
            I was only in Kunming for a week, so maybe if I had stayed longer the place would have turned sour. Who knows? Only the locals.

            And yeah, Dr. Sun, I’m a dude with a big ol’ ding dong.

          • Alain

            Now it’s a soulless city that’s overpopulated, smells bad, roads instead of greenery and everyone scrambling for a ridiculous hukou..

            Yawn, insert Shenzhen or any other random city to your blog for not being as good as Canada/HK/Taiwan. You are still defending the indefensible and being bigoted I see, nice combination….*sarcasm*

        • Tony

          I like Flushing the best. Nice people, great food, no jet lag!

      • Jin

        eattot then you shouldn’t live in Shanghai if you can not afford it? The local goverment should take a stricter and harder line against all the poor relocating to Shanghai its becoming unbearable.

        • mr. wiener

          People you hate = whiteys , poor Chinese, blacks. Did I miss anyone?

          • Jin

            I do not hate anyone..Whites are fine just don’t come to a country you know is governed by a Communist party and complain about it. I can even understand if your living and making a living overseas and complaining. Its like raping someone then after complaining they didn’t shower or gave you STD’s.

            Poor – there is no reason for poor people to be living in shanghai unless they are there for work in which case we should have a gated compound to house them from work to the compound. It just to much having them wondering around the street.

            Black – So i used a Latin word to describe them that doesn’t mean i am racist. And i comment that all race have a different smell not just blacks just like we all have different color skin or looks how is that racist?.

          • You compared white people going to China with rape.

            You’re ok with poor people so long as they’re segregated and you don’t have to see them.

            Black people…you used a racist term, apparently, knowing full well that it was racist but then tried to claim it was just because it was a Latin term (I’m willing to bet that you don’t speak Latin). Sure. Then…haha…”people from different races have different smells”. Boy, you…I just have no words anymore for your level of stupidity.

          • mr. wiener

            Does this mean we can call Jin nasty things in latin , but it doesn’t count?
            Time to look up that latin website methinks.

          • Jin

            Nigro means black its just a colour and Golliwog is from a child book So how is any of these words be offensive?

          • mr. wiener

            Obscenis, peream, Jin, si non
            uti me pudet improbisque verbis
            sed cum tu posito homo pudore
            ostendas mihi coleos patentes
            cum cunno mihi mentula est vocanda
            (“I’d rather die than use obscene and improper words; but when you, Jin, as a man, appear with your testicles hanging out, it is appropriate for me to speak of cunts and cocks.”)

          • mr. wiener

            Please be careful you are not beat up at the next “Nigro and Blanc” pedestrian crossing you come to.

          • I hope Pig Latin still counts. Jin’s new name, as is customary for new members of the Praetorian Elite, is “ittlelay ickday”


          • Jin

            black is not even a color so why get so up-set about it?

        • eattot

          fuck off,sob!
          and yes, i am traveling around now.you must be a local snobish dog again.
          and to tell you the truth i had good chances to marry rich or local,but to me,it’s not important,because not everyone is just so snobish as you.shanghai is not so great where i must stay.and my fiance is american white, i have much more choices than you.go hell.
          who the fuck you think ur.

          • Jin

            Well Eatcock, If people are looking at you and laughing then you are clearly out of place and should not be there.

            If you thinking putting out anally for a white guy (i can only guess he is over 50) for your “choices” then you are not only poor materially but also morally poor also.

          • eattot

            you fuck off,sob.
            he is young and very simple and pure,now you can fuck off.only 2 yrs older than me.he is 182,big blue eyes,not smoke,not drink,not curse,not sobish either.
            fuck yourself.

          • mr. wiener

            Nice to hear you have found yourself a good fella Eattot, congrats! Even if he is shorter than me lol.

          • Jin

            eatshit, you are so vulgar no wonder people are looking and you and your loawai and laughing.

          • eattot

            from your words i can say your typical snobish people in shanghai.
            i have black friends,white friends,i treat people all the same.to me, they are all pretty girls,no matter black or white.
            i was in an expensive store before as another pt job.i talked to a chinese for long time,she booked one, even the boss does not think chinese can afford.let alone a young girl and dressed ugly.also one day a latin old woman came,i chatted to her long time,told her every details,soon,she came back,ordered a lot.do not look down anyone.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            wow eattot, sounds like you found yourself a FINE UPSTANDING handsome, goregous, kind hearted, man. I hope you get married and thank the heavens you are free from having to deal with the likes of a certain type of person here.

          • Jin

            [email protected] Hiccups ..deal with me? haha i wouldn’t even stop to piss on her if she was on fire. Nothing wrong with mainland girls like Eatdiot..but should would only on waiting on me at restaurants or serve me my coffee at wagas. There would be no way she would be in my circle of friends.

          • linette

            Jin(captial J aka the chinese wanna be)

            You know what I find repulsive about people. Their arrogance and discriminatory behavior. They think just because they were born rich and drive a Ferrari they are better than other people. Some of the worst people I know I call them “The rich peasants” They are rude and obnoxious. They don’t know how to be grateful. Probably never learned the word “thank you” since birth. Rich but uneducated. They party through their college years chasing girls getting drunk. They don’t know how to treat blue collar workers with respect or simply say thank you when people bring them coffee or take out their garbage. They think they are so great but they are not. To me they are just bunch of lucky losers depending on their family wealth to survive. They think they are Bill Gate.

          • Jin

            linette i get a feeling you have issues with me? lol
            may i ask why? did i come into your family home and steal from you haha

        • eattot

          typical snobish shanghainese,to white then fine,to chinese then no.
          fuck urself.i guess your mad just because your mom is just as those snobish annoying old bitches i mentioned.

          • Passing Bye

            That is a pretty broad statement. I’ve lived in Shanghai on and off for many years and I’ve met mostly wonderful people in Shanghai. Granted I don’t deal with middle aged women, but I found Shanghai people to be very open minded, accepting to new and different ideas and the most inclined to uphold their contractual obligations.

            However I have discovered that there are people with low self esteem who tend to be very defensive in Shanghai. Mostly people that are from other provinces who come to the city with a preconception that they will be discriminated against. They tend to project their own insecurities outwards, towards those that they believe will look down upon them. They are usually hyper sensitive, often combing what are often thoughtless remarks and gestures for signs of malicious meaning. Perhaps you are one of those people?

            I personally don’t believe Shanghai natives to be any more snobbish than a native of New York,Tokyo or Paris.

      • kodi

        HA looks like we share an allergy to snobbish types………..

        You know its not illegal to pepper spray people here? The police told me that a month ago.

      • Alain

        Shanghai seems to attract the worst of the foreign grovelling weasels, along with Beijing, and Hong kong.

        Reason to avoid all of those cities imho!

  • Xiongmao

    Good to see there aren’t only utter douchebags like Yang Rui who are working for CCTV.

    • Hongjian

      U mad, foreign trash?

      • You’re foreign too.

        Now who’s trash?

        • Dr SUN

          we are all trash

          • I think not my good man!!!

            I happen to be recycling.

            Metal recycling, thank you very much.

          • I’m compost.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            I’m a flower.

          • kodi


      • mr. wiener

        A comment worthy of Ace. Not up to your usual standard at all Frau honk.

  • kodi

    Seems like those migrant workers are the people who carry the country on their shoulders. They don’t even hesitate to save their exploiters when they are in trouble. They are much more civilized than many of the officials. Mr. Cui was right to thank them in this way. The funny thing is that the migrant workers are probably thinking, “Why thank us so much? Isn’t what we did a normal thing for human beings to do?”

    • linette

      the people who carry the country on their shoulders. They don’t even hesitate to save their exploiters when they are in trouble. They are much more civilized than many of the officials. ………………….


  • LeBateauPolice

    i don’t always want to presume people have bad intentions, but 15 000 yuan for 152 people, that is very cheap, they would have deserved a better restaurant. and if you compare the price with the benefits cui yongyuan will have from this happening, well…
    however, i strongly support the migrant workers of china!

    • jeffli

      152 people 15000yuan thats 100RMB each.
      Hmmmmm….. sounds like a “thankyou then forget about ’em” trick.

      what about something they can really use?
      High quality steel capped working boots for the labourers.
      Decent accommodation with air con for summer
      Improved working conditions
      Increase and enforce minimum wages
      Allow them access to their social housing savings (they can’t get at it cause they don’t have a ‘HuKou’)
      let them go tax free for a year.
      Free decent medical for them and and their families.

      NOPE! they get a 100RMB dinner.
      poor buggers!

      • LeBateauPolice

        don’t forget the t-shirts! and they are even yellow! as long as the nongmingong didn’t have to pay 100RMB for it they still got treated!

        btw, what you write is so true.

      • C

        Didn’t you read? They were offered money from the rescued but refused to accept it. And the CCTV host is not in charge of changing government politics. Do you really think an increase in minimum wage is so easy to achieve?

        • linette

          Do you really think an increase in minimum wage is so easy to achieve?…………………..

          Why is it so hard to achieve increase and enforce minimum wage? Everything takes time and little steps. If the people and the country don’t want to make effort, thing will never change and get better. China gov’t system need to reform. They need to clean house and get rid of corruption…little by little. They need to write new laws that make sense and enforce them. They need to start somewhere.

  • moonmickey

    Load of old self promotional bollocks with mass printed t-shirts and powerpoint presentation.

  • C

    Whether he did it out of publicity or good heart, point is, he still did a lot more than anyone else did. Those kind hearted migrant workers give me hope – China is still filled with people who do good. Though it seems it’s mostly the poor that are selfless

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  • Mongojian

    You wrote: “i will never forget one old snobish dog laughed at me for being poor”

    I think you misinterpret the guys that are/were laughing at you because you are poor (can’t even comment on that). However, I think that they are laughing at you, because you are ignorant, foolish and not grown-up. At least that’s the impression I get when reading your comments on Chinasmack.
    You behave like the product of Korean movies of romance, CCTV dating shows and listening too many songs from Asian boybands.

    Nothing wrong with that, however, most people reading your comments think you are stupid.

  • Mongojian

    Scumbag Hongjian, why don’t you move back home and pollute your own country than living abroad and wasting our time reading the shit that comes out of your sick brain?

  • Jin

    Why is he even wasting his money on this PR? he could just given them some cash it would have been much more useful to them.

    • mr. wiener

      How was Japan?

      • Is that where he was? Seems he found Jesus while he was there. He seems to have toned his character back a bit. And here I was, back from a couple days in Koahsiung thinking Jin had finally been purged.

      • Jin

        Am I that important to you? your now keeping track of my travel itinerary?
        Maybe you like to submit your resume i am looking for an assistant for my assistant.

        • We care deeply about our sources of comedic relief.

        • mr. wiener

          No, you told us last week you were off to Japan, and now you are back.
          Not having a dig at you, I hope you enjoyed your time there.

          • Jin

            nice to know you care..my anus just got a warm fussy feeling

          • mr. wiener

            Nice to hear they have that kind of action happening there, Hope your arse doesn’t look too much like a Japanese flag >.<

  • Bunny99

    Mongojian – you seem to know my friends when you wrote:

    “You behave like the product of Korean movies of romance, CCTV dating shows and listening too many songs from Asian boybands.”

    Ah, Korean melodramas, where would we be without them? – the boys in them (the wooden ones with painted on hair that never moves) are all real life people you know :-D

    But it is only for fun

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