Angry Netizens Unconvinced by “All-Natural” Model’s Claims

Angry Netizens Unconvinced by “All-Natural” Model’s Claims

Netizens were incensed by the claims, constant posting of nude pictures and wealth flaunting of a self-proclaimed model, who insisted his pointy chin was merely the result of using facial masks. The guy, who often posed naked amongst piles of cash, said his work was “great art”. Subsequently, a five year old copy of the guy’s identity card was dug up, which when juxtaposed with his current ID reveals a sharp contrast. Riled netizens commented, “Must you insist on posting these vile pics?” and slightly ironically, “Stop commenting and let this c**t fade away”.

Source: Netease

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  • ew man

  • terriblemovie
    • bujiebuke

      wow! this guy should meet that girl who had so much plastic surgery that she literally looks like an anime character drawn by an amateur.

      • Edward Kay

        thats barbie. he should go brokeback with ken

    • risotto

      His eyes in the middle and far right pictures make him look like he did a shit ton of acid.

    • Vance

      That pointy chin looks like a lethal weapon. I agree. This is a guy? In IMHO, you should never have to look twice to determine whether a person is a guy or girl.

  • bujiebuke

    Does anyone else think this guy looks like inspector gadget?

    • risotto

      Oh my god, he does! Now I can’t unsee. Holy shit.

  • mr.wiener

    Kill it with fire……

    • Bill Blaze

      do u do anything but chill on chinasmack? i know you’re a mod but daaamn

      • mr.wiener

        today I catered an event for 400 people.

  • hyuugasaki

    There’s something wrong with his face, his eyes, and his brain if he has one.

  • Dolph Grunt

    E.T. phone home

  • WghUk

    99% polymeric!

  • Amused

    You’re not supposed to spill water on them or let them eat after midnight….

  • Super Bunny!

    PS is so popular nowadays! even my mom always says that a divorced woman nearby married a rich man after ps.

    • Vance

      The trick is that it isn’t supposed to look like you had plastic surgery. I’ve seen people whose faces looked like they were made of porcelain or marble. In those cases, they would have looked better if they had just aged naturally. Now, I have also seen some really good plastic surgery that did a good job of removing wrinkles or changing appearance and still looked like they were born that way.

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