Businessman Arrested Wherever He Went Receives Apology

Businessman Arrested Wherever He Went Receives Apology

A businessman from Dalian who was called upon by police every time he checked into a hotel, has received an apology. Mr Li’s troubles began after a namesake was arrested for drug dealing, and an officer made an error with the offender’s details. Despite the offender being in jail, each time Mr Li took a room and gave his details, police were alerted who promptly arrived to arrest him. On producing his ID, officers realized his date of birth was different to his incarcerated namesake’s. The error has since been rectified and Mr Li has been apologized to, but he just wants his reputation restored.

Source: Netease

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  • hyuugasaki

    Name in china is not exactly unique, with a billion people, and not too many surenames, you’re bound to get quite a lot of people called Li Fan. especially when the name have some good meaning.

    I think Korean got this problem long ago when they use 2 characters and everyone’s surname is Kim. “Mr Kim Chi!” then 10 people come out. then they start to upgrade to 3 letter names.

    • Dolph Grunt

      Ho Li Kao

  • WghUk

    That’s scary. Names can easily be the same and normally cannot be used as an identity. Very silly system.

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