Canadian Man Has 24 Wives and 133 Children

anadian Man Has 24 Wives and 133 Children
After last month’s increase in the Canadian government’s child support subsidy one man is probably the biggest winner because he engages in the mormon practice of polygamy, he is married to 24 wives and has 133 children. He earned a lot of money but is being accused of having more than one wife, which is a crime in Canada. One top rated comment reads “After I saw this I turned around in silence with tears in my eyes, blew up my dusty adult blow-up doll, and took her to a little black house”, implying that this was his or her sexual outlet.
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  • Necrogodomega

    Mormon’s do this sometimes. Neither the USA nor Canada seems to approve but also don’t intervene. Religious freedom perhaps? Not sure.

    Either way, the real highlight of this story is the final netizen’s comment. Haha, that poor poor sod.

    • Jahar

      It’s hard to convict.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Relgious freedom and a lot of legal loopholes that need an airtight case if you want to convict. Even cults do this. I think the most recent case was a Mormon cult’s leader got arrested but he still continues to lead the cult from prison because his followers still voluntarily choose to believe. Even his 20+ wives.

      • Necrogodomega

        Eh, I understand that part. It’s hard to convict people of a crime if the “victims” are actually supporting him.

  • Jahar

    Well, You can’t legally get married more than once, so there wouldn’t be any marriage certificates. The ,marriages wouldn’t be recognized, so he wouldn’t be breaking any laws.