Chang’e 3 and ‘Jade Rabbit’ Rover Lands on Moon, Reactions

Jade Rabbit rolls to moon surface
Jade Rabbit on the lunar surface having traveled a distance.

China's Yu Tu aka Jade Rabbit lunar rover.

The following #hashtag# on China’s leading microblogging platform Sina Weibo claims over 3.6m discussions…

From Sina Weibo:

#Chang’e 3 Moon Landing#

Upon the decision of launch command, the “Chang’e 3” probe was launched at 1:30am on December 2nd from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center “Chang’e 3” carries the “Yutu” [or “Jade Rabbit”] moon rover and will perform a soft landing on the Moon and explore the lunar surface for the first time, as well as carry out scientific exploration of lunar topology and geological structure and so on. “Chang’e 3”, jia you!

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻 [CCTV News]: #Chang’e 3 Moon Landing# Flight to Moon Succeeds! geili — China becomes the third country after the United States and Soviet Union to accomplish a soft landing on the Moon! “Yutu” will gallop on the Moon! Mighty China! geilivw

the lander

Comments from Sina Weibo:


At that moment, my eyes were filled with tears, proud of our homeland, proud of being Chinese!


Seeing everyone’s comments, I want to say we should no longer discuss or even call into question whether or not the country spending money persisting in space exploration is worth it or not. To explore, is the innate ability of humanity. Without such abilities, I bet we would still be cavemen right now. So, were it not for our ancestors’ exploration, we wouldn’t be where we are today; what we do today is also paving the road for our descendents. I suddenly feel like my consciousness is really high today, am I right?! [偷笑][偷笑][偷笑]


The starry sky is too beautiful that I couldn’t bear to blink. Salute to all the unknown, salute to the people on the road of exploration. Surefooted career doesn’t allow the least bit of exaggeration, careless and self-deception. Let us encourage each other. (As an old military man who grew up alongside the nation, my grandpa reminisced for a long time when as he watched on live TV: China, incredible! I think this is the truest patriotic feeling. I hope our nation will accomplish even more inspiring national dreams.)


Throws flower pedals. So niu! Hahaha.


Made in China [good]


Faster, farther, humanity must not be forever confined in this area of space.


Hurry and put up a picture of the national flag.



From Phoenix Online:

Jade Rabbit Lands on the Lunar Surface, All Six Wheels On The Ground

Original title: “Chang’e 3” Lander and Rover Successfully Separated This Morning

China News December 15th report —- According to CCTV reports, at 4:35am this morning, the “Chang’e 3” lander and rover successfully separated, with “Yutu” [or Jade Rabbit] rolling onto the moon surface.

CCTV information says the rover landed slowly after touching down on the lunar surface left a deep trace [on the lunar soil]. The data collected will be promptly transmitted to the Earth.

After the separation, the rover and lander will start their own scientific explorations, and have the experiment of photographing each other.

Jade Rabbit touched down the lunar surface
Jade Rabbit just after landing on the lunar surface, all six-wheels on the ground.
Jade Rabbit rolls to moon surface
Jade Rabbit on the lunar surface having traveled a distance.

Comments from Phoenix Online:


As long as we are given the opportunity, China’s innovation is as great as [developed countries]. Our countrymen should have self-confidence.


On TV, that most of the [China] Aerospace personnel are young people makes Chinese people even more gratified and self-confident [in the future of China].


All imperialism are paper tigers. A strong China, a strong Chinese people, I thank the hardworking people behind the screen. I as an ordinary common person extremely thank you all.


Our countrymen have truly realized [the dream] Chairman Mao said: To grasp the moon in the Ninth Heaven and seize turtles deep in the Five Seas. This is worth cheering! I love you, China!


Strengthen our national power.


After the cheering, may the government officials please not forget to increase the salary of the scientific and technical staff!!


Great China. I’m proud of the Chinese nation.


May our motherland be more powerful!


Well done, China Aerospace.

China's Chang'e 3 Lunar Probe and Lander.


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