New Female Driver’s Family Dies in Tragic Traffic Accident

A tragic traffic accident in Yiwu, China where a Lexus was crushed by a cargo truck.


From NetEase:

New Female Driver Paralyzed in Traffic Accident While Practicing Driving, 3 Family Members Killed

Yesterday [January 11] night a little past 9pm, 21-year-old Young Qian was rolled out of the Yiwu Central Hospital’s operating room. She just underwent a 3-hour surgery, and may life the rest of her young life paralyzed.

That moment on the night of January 9th will cast a shadow on her entire life. At the time, she was driving her father’s Lexus, carrying her family home. But then something happened, and her father, mother, and younger brother all lost their lives in the accident.

Inside the flattened Lexus was a family of four

The accident happened near the intersection of Futian Street and Shangcheng Avenue in Yiwu.

Ms. Ni is the manager of a nearby fast food restaurant. She says at 8:30pm that day, the restaurant was prepare to close when suddenly she heard an extremely loud sound outside, all the lights in the restaurant went out, and the electrical pole outside caught fire.

“I thought there was a fire somewhere, and only after running out did I realize there had been a car accident.”

Mr. Jiang is a security guard at the nearby Zhejiang University Medical School-Affiliated No.4 Hospital. He saw a leaning heavy truck carrying sand with a Henan province license plate crash into the central flower bed in the middle of the street, with a crushed Lexus on its right side, and a fallen electricity pole over 10 meters long on the side.

“The small passenger car just happened to be wedged between the electricity pole and the truck.” More worrisome still was that the severely deformed car had four people trapped inside.

Rescue personnel immediately mobilized three mobile cranes as well as hydraulic equipment and other dismantling tools in their rescue. At 9:15 that night, the female driver was successfully rescued from the wreckage and taken to the hospital.

Because the deformation of the car was severe, the difficulty of rescuing the remaining three trapped people was very high. In the race against time, rescue personnel used the mobile cranes to lift the truck, lift the deformed automobile from the greenbelt planter, and then proceeded to tear apart the vehicle.

When rescued out of the wreckage, the three were covered in blood and by the time they arrived at the hospital, there were no more signs of life.

It had been Young Qian’s family in the car.


Surviving daughter may be paralyzed. Person familiar with the incident says they had wanted to let her practice [driving]

Yiwu Central Hospital’s doctors did everything they could so that Young Qian could stand again. “The patient’s spinal cord was severed.” Orthopedic Dr. Chen says the hospital had invited experts in the province to come do everything they could for her during last night’s surgery.

Young Qian’s family was well-off and happy. They were from a urban village on Choucheng Street of Yiwu city. A little past 7pm last night, this Qianjiang Evening News found the village and several villagers were also sighing about the incident.

“They used to live in the village. A year ago, they bough a house in Niansanli, and began renting out their 5-storey home in the village.” Villagers say Mr. Qian’s family had a good reputation in the village, that his daughter was in her second year at some university in Huzhou, and his 18-year-old son was in his second year at a Yiwu high school.

The villagers say Mr. Qian was in his early 40s, and that he and his wife operated a glove factory, “they’re currently keeping what happened a secret from the grandparents.”

“The daughter doesn’t usually drive, only occasionally driving when back home from college.” According to someone familiar with the family, the car belongs to Mr. Qian, who had purchased it in 2005 for 500-600k yuan [RMB, ~60-75k USD]. The night of the accident, they had just finished dinner and were on their way home to Niansanli. Feeling there weren’t many cars on the road, they had their daughter drive.

This Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned from the Yiwu Traffic Police Department that Young Qian had just gotten her driver’s license in August of last year. As they neared their Niansanli residence, she took the driver’s seat. “While taking testimony, she could say her parents’ names, but when asked about the accident, she wouldn’t speak. There may be a mental block.” It was also difficult for the traffic police officer to discuss the accident.

According to those familiar with the incident, the driver of the cargo truck is surnamed Ye, from Henan, is currently detained by Yiwu police, and the cause of the accident is currently under investigation.

“The truck was overloaded, but there was no driving under the influence.” According to insiders, while traveling from the city towards Niansanli, the two vehicles in the accident first scraped against each other and then together lost control driving into the greenbelt that coincidentally had an electrical pole, with the truck and electrical pole crushing the car in between.

A tragic traffic accident in Yiwu, China where a Lexus was crushed by a cargo truck.

Comments from NetEase:

火星土豆 [网易辽宁省葫芦岛市手机网友]:

How is she going to continue in this life?

网易陕西省西安市手机网友 ip:113.200.*.*

You surviving truly is a kind of torment! Who will take care of you in the future? How are you supposed to face the pain of missing your loved ones in the future?

同一口锅 [网易新疆巴音郭楞州库尔勒市手机网友]:

This is why it’s said women drivers really shouldn’t casually go on public roads before they’ve practiced enough. One’s ability to adapt to changes is the most important. Whether or not the large cargo truck broke traffic laws, if it were a man driving the car, the result probably wouldn’t have been this bad.

陳魯尼 [网易英国手机网友]:

What a tragedy. New drivers often want to practice driving thinking remote areas [is safe], scarcely realizing that the less cars there are, the faster those cars are driving.

网易山西省手机网友 ip:183.203.*.*

Looks like we shouldn’t casually let novices practice driving. Too dangerous.

网易英国手机网友 ip:31.205.*.*

I also think the title chosen by the editor is problematic. It doesn’t matter if this female driver is a new driver, she had a driver’s license, so she was driving lawfully. And what more, so far, all we know is that was illegal was the truck being overloaded. In order to get eyeballs, the title the editor chose is seriously misleading, misleading readers to believe it because of the female driver’s so-called “practicing” [that caused the accident]. For choosing this kind of misleading headline about responsibility before the results of the investigation are out, the editor is shameless.

愚昧人生 [网易上海市手机网友]:

Sigh, what can be said? A tragedy…

竹露荷风 [网易湖北省武汉市手机网友]:

Can the engineering truck be blamed? Practicing even at night when visibility is bad? Rest in peace!

mishenghua201 [网易湖南省长沙市手机网友]:

Life is priceless, the parents’ are most responsible [for this]!

网易河北省石家庄市手机网友 ip:119.248.*.*

Bad luck.

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