Post-90s Generation Chinese Girls in #Hot Mom Competition#

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1995.

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1995.

The #1 microblog post over the past 24 hours on social network Sina Weibo at time of translation…

From Sina Weibo:

@高考直通车: Recently on Weibo, there is a crazy topic #Hot Mom Competition# where a bunch of ’94, ’95, ’96 moms have joined the competition upon hearing of it. Look at the pictures, and despair! 拜拜! Do you have any hot moms of the same age beside you? 吃惊

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1994.

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1995.

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1995.

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1996.

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1997.

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1995.

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1995.

A Chinese "hot mom" born in 1995.

Comments from Sina Weibo:


How exactly did they give birth?


What the fuck, ’97!


Getting into relationships that early, just what are people thinking these days?


A lot of them in this [set of screenshots] are all fake, alright? They took other people’s photos and said it is their own. And made their ages exceptionally young!!

普洱电台依言新浪个人认证 :

Fuck, did they get pregnant in middle school?!


The authenticity of several should be questioned. The first one should be real.


Grass mud horse = = !!! This ’93er still in the third year of university expresses an inability to accept this… To use one’s wonderful youth taking care of a child, hehe… I truly cannot accept it…


They’ve already had children and we’re still in college. [汗]


A lot of classmates around me have already become mothers, whereas I haven’t even had my first love…


As a ’95er, I’m still single.


96, child already 3 years old…


How were the marriage licenses and birthing licenses all approved?


[吃惊][吃惊][吃惊][good][good][good] All good kids!


This goes against nature! Us unmarried post-80s generation can’t handle this!


If I didn’t abort my baby, I’d also be a ’97 mommy now [泪][泪][泪][泪]


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