China To Restrict Foreign Cartoons, Chinese Reactions

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“Chinese netizens respond to foreign cartoon censorship.”


Below are two restrictions on oversea cartoons announced by China State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT). SARFT also attached a huge list of restricted Japanese cartoons.

1st announcement on 2006.8: In order to leave out room for domestic cartoon development, create closeness between domestic cartoons and kids. From Sep.1st television stations at various levels shouldn’t broadcast oversea cartoon during prime time hours.

2nd announcement on 2008.2.19: From May1st, television stations at various levels should not broadcast oversea cartoon or any informational program introduces oversea cartoon from 5pm to 9pm, extend one hour compare to last restriction which is 5pm to 8pm.

Select comments from Tianya, translated by littleredbook:


SARFT’s conservative block will make TV’s impact on people become less and less. We can still watch those cartoons online. I am glad to see this tendency.


The key is to enhance self development. Blindly block out overseas and only show our kids stupid domestic cartoons, will only make the kid become dummies.


What a dumb way, only Chinese can come up with this kind of dumb idea; the result will be more and more domestic cartoon garbage!


To enhance the growth of numbers of Chinese mental disorders and China’s pirate industry.



Suggest you to look at this announcement’s background first, restrictions on broadcast oversea cartoon, is not so much about controlling what the future generation is watching, more is to support and develop domestic cartoon industry.


Japanese cartoons must be banned. They always talk about the world to be destroyed, and the Japanese hero to save the world, which makes kids think that the only reason why the world is still there is because of Japanese. Their primary purpose is to decrease Chinese’s hatred toward Japan, second will be to promote their national noble, and the third is enhance Japanese culture invasion. All in all, Japanese cartoon is the method Japan uses to conquer our Chinese nation.
Anyone against this announcement is traitor, and should be executed.


To the patriot above [reply to the comment above], I against it, and I against you.
Go ahead and try to execute me, all bullshit…
As a hobby, watching Japanese cartoon has been essential in my life, although they are pirated. I never think that watch Japanese cartoon, or play Japanese video games, or learn Japanese is unpatriotic behavior. Why we Chinese people like to trample on those who hold different views on the interest?


Chinese likes to raise any little tiny topic to nation and country level issues, isn’t that tiring?


In order to protect domestic cartoon industry, this restriction is actually what they do have to do !
This is the same method used before – restricted TV series produced by Hongkong and Taiwan, which resulted in the progress on domestic TV shows!
Japanese cartoon has a lot of aspect is worthy of learning by us, we shouldn’t say it is completely bad.


Japanese anime is porn plus lots of violence. I think the government is right on banning them; not only to protect young people’s mentality, also protect our domestic cartoons.
Don’t just talk about nationalism; try to think that Korea has blocked importing Chinese TV series long time ago, in order to protect their own commercial interest. Plus we are not in a good relationship with Japan, if you want to watch then why don’t to just go to Japan?


I want to mention two points here:
1. Local protection exists in all countries. Japan’s local protection is very strict. For example, when Japanese television program broadcast on oversea news, mostly it is negative; which is the same as what China is doing. Also, in order to protect their domestic vegetable sales, they blamed on our exported vegetables’ quality and left all vegetable from China at the Custom until it went bad. The ultimate reason why is China’s vegetable is cheaper so more competitive than Japan’s. They framed up China’s dumplings by saying they are toxic, just because during spring festival China’s dumplings have a big impact on Japan’s market.
2. Japanese anime is the most “open” cartoon in the world; no other country can compete with them. Japanese anime has been banned in a lot of countries; China is just one of them. China doesn’t have classification standards on TV and movies, so people have lots of different opinions on this. Cartoon industry in Japan is very well-developed, many cartoon shows added evil elements just to meet those abnormal part of people’s minds, also to improve the competitiveness for commercial purpose. Most of Japanese anime is teasing sexually and defined as adult cartoon.



Just ignore it, this is what D (Sherry: short for dang [pingyin] which means communist party) and our people are good at. Government does what they have to do, and our citizen folks have our way get around it. You can just watch pirates and post bad things online every day, life it i


Support! Before our domestic cartoon become stronger, if kids expose to Japanese cartoon too much then they will be brain-washed by Japanese culture. Strongly support domestic cartoon.


I don’t think there is any problem on banning. However, the problem is after banning others; they are just simply not able to produce better ones themselves.


Isn’t Japan’s crime rate lower than china? If Chinese will become bad persons after watching Japanese anime, why those Japanese didn’t? This is an insult on our next generation’s judgment ability. F***, SARFT are metal disorders?

more info & translated comments at: littleredbook


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