China’s GDP Surpasses Japan To Become #2, Netizen Reactions

China's 2010 GDP figures have surpassed Japan's.

Shanghai Pudong's skyscrapers.

From NetEase:

Japan expresses welcome to news of China’s GDP surpassing Japan, says per capita is still 10x China’s

Summary: During a press conference on the morning of the 14th, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano welcomed news of China’s 2010 GDP figures surpassing that of Japan’s. He also stated that Japan was still over 10x China in terms of per capita GDP.

Comments from NetEase:


China is a pyramid-shaped society,
Japan is [American] football-shaped society.

网易广东省惠州市网友: (responding to above)

Is a pyramid or a football more stable? Try setting a football upright and see!

网易浙江省杭州市网友: (responding to above)

Try flipping a pyramid upside-down and see?


At the time of the First Sino-Japanese War, the Qing Dynasty’s GDP was 6x that of Japan’s. Now that over a hundred years has passed, our country is now even with Japan. How it became equal everyone knows, and can see just how much [our country] has degenerated/degraded~~


In terms of standard of living, we’re far worse than Japan, hehe, however our leaders don’t really care about this.


This slap in the face is really loud~~


Don’t worry, we still have a lot of land that hasn’t been sold, a lot of houses that haven’t been demolished.


Everyone please don’t worry, our motherland must have some way of letting our per capita GDP also be 10x that of Japan’s, and within the near future.


What’s Japan’s population? How about us? There’s still a big difference.


Japan’s per capita is ten times China’s, yet prices are lower than China, housing prices also lower than China, though China’s population is four times that of Japan’s. In short, those who have never gone outside the country are unable to appreciate these huge differences. Don’t be deceived by officials and the media, remember: China’s media is the mouthpiece of the officials, and is the least impartial.


The character of a country’s managers [government officials] and its people is the true measure of a country’s strength and vitality.


Hearing this, brother [referring to self] feels very helpless, and only wants to ask the masses of Chinese people: Are you guys happy? Are you guys convinced?

[Note: Here, the commenter interestingly used 幸福 (xinf fu, happiness) and 信服 (xin fu, to be convinced) one after another.]


Children, don’t be so naive. Don’t always believe that China’s is well developed now/currently developing well. Leaving aside Europe, Japan and Korea in the ancient times also used to be part of China, but it is plain to see how they have developed after they became independent. India and North Korea continue to rise, and China has a saying: If you don’t see the coffin, you won’t cry [you won’t get serious until you realize the consequences]. Don’t really wait until China is invaded by others an unable to fight because before knowing that China still needs to work hard to develop. I think China’s largest problems are the character of its population and the people’s thinking, because if these are fixed, is it possible to not develop?


There are two economic graduate students A and B. The two of them walking on a road when they discover a pile of dog shit. A says to B: Eat it and I’ll give you 50 million. Hearing this, B thinks, “Wow, so easy to make 50 million, even though it is a little stinky, at worst just take the money to go have my stomach pumped,” and so he took the shit and ate it.
The two of them continue walking, but both feel a bit unhappy and uneven. A lost 50 million and got nothing in return. B, though it can be said that he earned 50 million, doesn’t feel very good after eating the shit.
At this moment, they discover another pile of shit, and B finally finds something that will put him at ease, saying to A: “Eat it, and I’ll also give you 50 million. A thinks, “If I can earn back the 50 million I lost, so what if I eat a pile of shit, didn’t B eat it too?” So, he ate the shit too. According to reason, the two people should feel even now, but the more they pondered, the more they felt not right, neither of them having gained anything, yet each of them having eaten a pile of shit. So, they went to find a professor, and after listening to their story, the professor said, comforting them: “Students, you guys should be happy, the two of your eating two piles of shit has contributed 100 million to our country’s GDP!”


First, let’s not talk about how much exaggeration [inflated numbers/reporting] is in our Heavenly Kingdom’s GDP. Even if the GDP figures are true and real, how big is China? How many people? What about Japan? Surpassing Japan is worth showing off? What a joke!


China’s GDP (gou de pi, dog’s fart) includes too much exaggeration, so even if it made us number one in the world, so what? The poor are even poorer.


Congratulations, congratulations! It really is true that one is invincible if one is shameless. Next goal: surpassing America!

Nighttime on a Tokyo street.

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Written by Fauna

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