Chinese Family Ashamed After Little Japanese Boy’s Visit

Cute Asian little boy holding pillow.

From Douban:

A little Japanese child came to our home, and embarrassed our entire family

Please patiently read until the end, because what I have to say is definitely not one of those comparisons between the living and learning capabilities of Chinese and Japanese children you often see online.

Recently my second cousin who married in Japan and her Japanese husband returned to her side of the family on a visit, bringing with them a little Japanese child, apparently the child of her Japanese husband’s relative who was very interested in China and so came along with them. My second cousin, her husband, and the Japanese child all stayed at my cousin’s home, because my cousin’s son is about the same age as the Japanese child, and they could be playmates.

The Japanese kid’s name was Jun Fu, who had just begun first grade, and looked rather gentle and delicate. With his glasses, he looks rather like the main character Nobi from Doraemon. He speaks a little bit of Chinese but with it being his first time in a strange country and meeting this many strangers whose speech he doesn’t understand, he was a little nervous. Still, seeing our amiable smiles, Jun Fu very politely bowed to each and every one of us, greeting us with very stiff Chinese.

Truly, we all adored this little Japanese kid, so we were all very nice to him.

However, my cousin’s son Peng Peng, who is currently in third grade, was full of hostility towards Jun Fu. Peng Peng knew early on that Jun Fu was Japanese, so when he met him, the very first thing he did was raise his little fist, and the first thing he said was: “Down with Little Japan!”

Jun Fu didn’t understand “Down with Little Japan”, but he was confused to see Peng Peng raise his fist. Of course, Peng Peng didn’t hit him either, only intending to scare him a bit, and Jun Fu was scared so much the color of his face changed.

My cousin hurriedly pulled Peng Peng to a side, rebuking him that this is a guest and he must not be impolite! Unexpectedly, Peng Peng began crying, saying the teacher said, “Japanese people are Chinese people’s enemy, you are all unpatriotic!”

I also explained to him that what the teacher is referring to is history, but now Japan is currently improving relations with China, and that the Japanese kid who has come to our home is kind-hearted and our friend.

Peng Peng became even angrier, saying: “Then why just recently daddy and mommy were talking about how Japan stole China’s land and we should boycott Japanese goods everyday? Our teacher at school recently had us watch an educational cartoon, which was all about us bringing down Japanese imperialism!”

That day, Peng Peng continuously glared at Jun Fu with enmity.

Jun Fu however truly was a kind-hearted, well-behaved child. Later when I went over to my cousin’s home, I heard my cousin say that Jun Fu always keeps his things nice and tidy in his suitcase, never needs prodding to wash his face and brush his teeth, and even knows to wash his underwear and socks on his own everyday. Because he was embarrassed to have my cousin help him hang it up to dry, he carefully hung them on the towel rack n the balcony. When it came to meals, Jun Fu would look at those older in the house. Seeing his elders pick up their chopsticks, he would then look to my second-cousin, waiting for her to say something in Japanese, probably that it was time to eat, before he would pick up his own bowl and chopsticks.

Chinese parents really do like comparing their children to other people’s children, this cannot be denied. My cousin said she really wished Peng Peng was as thoughtful and easy to take care of as Jun Fu, having grown accustomed to picking up various kinds of garbage that Peng Peng leaves behind, cleaning and tidying up after him, doing this and that for him, with Peng Peng taking the best portions of food for himself as if that is how things are supposed to be, while they too give Peng Peng the best portions, spoiling him. But seeing how well-behaved, considerate, and polite Jun Fu was, even letting elders go first when eating, my cousin couldn’t help but say to Peng Peng from time to time: “Look at how that little brother so and so.”

Really, the way Japanese families and schools educate their children is just so different from the way China does. I really wonder if it is because of [differences in] overall social norms.

Little by little, this thoroughly exasperated Peng Peng.

The second day Jun Fu was here, Jun Fu friendly shared took his remote control car out and gave it to Peng Peng to play with. [Seeing this, I thought to myself,] Perhaps sharing was a part of the education they [Japanese children] receive. But on the third day, my cousin saw parts of the remote control car scattered all over Peng Peng’s room. She asked what happened, and Peng Peng viciously relied: “Boycott Japanese goods!”

From then on Jun Fu never shared his toys with Peng Peng again, and began keeping his distance from Peng Peng.

On the fourth day after Jun Fu’s arrival, Peng Peng finally changed his attitude, and became friendly with Jun Fu. It seems like children’s natures are inherently kind after all, and they’re willing to make friends. They first exchanged their names, with Peng Peng engrossed in learning Japanese pronunciation, while Jun Fu happily said “Peng Peng, “friends”, and other Chinese words. Peng Peng also took out his toy cars and gave them to Jun Fu to play. We could see that Jun Fu was very happy, so all the parents were also very much relieved.

To our great surprise, on the very last night that Jun Fu was at my cousin’s home, something happened that shocked and embarrassed our entire family.

That night, my parents, cousin and her husband, uncle and aunt, and I were all watching TV in the living room. My second cousin and her Japanese husband had gone out to do some shopping. Peng Peng brought Jun Fu out to the living room and while looking quite pleased with himself, he said Jun Fu had something to say to us.

Then Jun Fu, his cheeks blushing, hands fidgeting, smilingly and bashfully said something in his awkward Chinese:

“I’m a damn Jap! I’m sorry to all Chinese!”

Everyone was stunned.

Jun Fu saw the looks on our faces, and stood there, not knowing what to do.

My cousin finally found herself, immediately smiled, wrapped Jun Fu in her arms and rubbed his hair [as if nothing was wrong], while her husband went up and dragged Peng Peng into the bathroom where “smack” a slap was heard, the hit making even my heart tremble.

I thought, I now know what had happened.

It had to have been Peng Peng who taught Jun Fu to say those words, and Jun Fu must have thought what Peng Peng taught him to say was something we would appreciate hearing, probably like thanking us or that it was a pleasant stay in China and the like.

After Jun Fu left, my cousin’s family reflected deeply on how they raised their kid. At the same time, they were sad and worried about how such a little child could have such hate towards Japan bordering on the pathological in his bones. My second cousin said, as far as she knew, Japanese kids don’t have a very bad impression of China and would never have thought that today’s Chinese kids would have such deep-rooted hate.

Perhaps it is time for our patriotic education to be more objective. Our anti-Japanese sentiments should be softened too. Children are impressionable. Their hearts should be pure and good. When he sees his own compatriots setting fire to Japanese car dealers, smashing Japanese cars, surrounding and vandalizing JUSCO, or when the education in school involves instilling anti-Japanese hate, his patriotism has already begun becoming twisted. Furthermore, when recently there have even been people posting online about spraying themselves with Borancit [a Viagara type of product] and raping Japanese women into extinction, there is even less morality and rationality to be said.

Perhaps there will people who will read this and say, “Never forget national humiliation, this is exactly how children should be educated from when they are small!” But for some reason, in the face of a nice little Japanese kid, who wanted to befriend us so much with his cute blushing face, our Chinese children’s hatred has made us elders completely ashamed.

Comments on Douban:

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Miss G:

I get chills in my heart every time I see incidents inciting nationalistic hatred. Past humiliation of course must not be forgotten, but the seed of hate and vengeance should also not be forever passed down. Using historical hate to go hurt innocent people is very stupid.


The largest disparity between us and developed nations, and the hardest thing to change, is education.


Those people who loot watches, electronics, looting stores clean under the banner of protesting Japan,

you go do what you want, but don’t ruin [lead astray] the children.


Children don’t have this kind of hate on their own. In the end, it’s because of environmental influences and the education from family and school.


Ding this Chinese kid, too awesome!

The Japanese kid indeed may have been been well-educated, well-raised, behaves well, but these are not the most important…
What is most important is what is right and what is wrong.

Japan’s invasion of China was wrong, and no matter how cordial Japanese children or Japanese people are, Japan’s invasion of China will still be wrong. When Japan was invading China, did Japanese people not know that its behavior towards Chinese people was wrong? It’s not that they didn’t know, it’s just that they felt there was something more important to do, such as reviving their country and allowing their own people and families to have even better lives.

Just like this Chinese kid, when he taught the Japanese kid that sentence, did he not know what he was doing was wrong? It’s not that he didn’t know, but that he felt he would rather be wrong and still make this Japanese kid pay, because that is even more important.”

But what about the adults? Believing that “national humiliation” is just something one pays lip service to, that it’s fine as long as one doesn’t forget, that Japan invading China is vile and wrong but since it happened already and is in the past and one can’t do anything about it, its still more important to not suffer personal punishment or criticism. So these adults, instead of doing anything to resist and protest Japan, they go sympathize with the Japanese child and criticize the Chinese child. This is a deviation from basic recognition of right from wrong and moral bottom lines.

In this particular case, the Chinese dad slapping his own son is doing right by the Japanese kid’s parents, and this was necessary and appropriate. But if the Chinese parents really believe their son’s actions and motivations were wrong and unreasonable, then that would be sad for China — the educated adults don’t know better than the child.

The Chinese child’s methods were indeed inappropriate, but how old is he? He still has plenty of time to grow and learn, but if he doesn’t have the most basic patriotic love and impulse, then he will only grow up to be an indifferent, heartless person who doesn’t know how to be thankful for anything — whether it be the care of his parents, the help of his friends, or maybe the protection of his country… I won’t go too far, but what would his parents think then?

Having children know the difference from right and wrong is the most basic purpose of education a child — rather than simply knowing manners, knowing to wash your own socks, and those things. A child can spend 100 years washing socks and still not learn filial piety…

As for the people who looted watches, looted electronics, and looted stores clean mentioned by the person above, I think they belong to the category of not “being sensible” while “understanding right from wrong”, which is to say “should this be done”? The Chinese child’s actions were indeed lacking, having done something to embarrass the adults, but as long as he receives good guidance — from home, school, society, as well as even more knowledge — and for example comes to understand that those looting watches were actually looting from Chinese people and nor foreigners, and for example comes to understand that there even more effective methods than looting watches, then he will naturally apply his patriotism towards more appropriate methods, but fundamentally, he is still loving his own country, knowing that the Japanese were wrong and should be punished.

As for the good things about the Japanese kid, it may be because of him being kind-hearted and amiable or having good living habits. These things are also very important, but they are on a level below “distinguishing between right and wrong” and “being sensible”. For example, a person who cannot distinguish right from wrong can wash socks every day and it still wouldn’t lower the chances of him being a serial killer. But no matter what, these living habits are a big help towards a child’s growth and maturity, and Chinese parents may indeed be lacking when it comes to raising children. This may be because the level of development in Japanese society is higher than China, or simply one thing about Japanese habits that is better, but as long as parents recognize and take action, this can completely be corrected with time, and improve the characters of Chinese children.

But, no matter what, the good habits of the Japanese child does not prove that he is better than the Chinese child. On the contrary, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, to persevere, and to endure humiliation in the pursuit of something more important that this Chinese child exhibited here, well, I think it’s very praiseworthy!

孙美丽: (responding to above)

The Japanese did indeed do a lot of wrong things back then, but it’s a grudge that is how many decades old now? War itself is ruthless! I personally also hate everything the Japanese did to our China back then, and not forgetting our national humiliation is something everyone shouts, but just how long do we plan on keeping this grudge…? Do we Chinese people have to continue this kind of grudge for generations upon generations? Just which generation will it end? The education in China makes me really shocked and ashamed…

二夏天: (also responding to 妖蝶儿)

The peace we have today that our revolutionary forebears shed their blood for fighting the invasion was not so that their descendents’ hearts would be filled with hate and their minds twisted from birth. They must’ve hoped that their descendents would have a stable and healthy environment in which to grow up in, would get the best education, so that China would become strong and powerful and never again be invaded. We should teach children a truthful history, including distinguishing right from wrong. No one who can distinguish right from wrong would believe the invasion was right. But Peng Peng’s attitudes/behavior in the story already shows that he has a distorted mentality. What was originally a healthy child has been instilled with the frightening negative ideology that “anyone who is Japanese should be killed”. Just think, if proper guidance is not carried out, Peng Peng will grow up to become one of those people assaulting, looting, vandalizing, setting fires. Do you want our Chinese children to all be like that?

Image: Stock image from internet, not related to anyone in this story.

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  • Zhegezhege

    lol, 妖蝶儿…
    that guy is completely insane.

    • starsky

      this is the fate of the offspring of japanese and germans after WW2. the became…..

    • Japanese kid: “I’m a damn Jap! I’m sorry to all Chinese!”

      妖蝶儿:”But, no matter what, the good habits of the Japanese child does not prove that he is better than the Chinese child. On the contrary, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, to persevere, and to endure humiliation in the pursuit of something more important that this Chinese child exhibited here, well, I think it’s very praiseworthy!”

      妖蝶儿 wants to hold the scabbard when he offers the knife to that Japanese kid.

      • Zhegezhege

        Let’s put that on the list of things that he wants, along with undisputed Chinese global hegemony and a girlfriend.

    • donscarletti

      It’s not insane, it’s in fact quite common and the reason the world is so fucked up.

      That guy is just an example of festering feelings of victim-hood that leads to most of the word’s conflicts. In the Weimar Republic for example, such feelings of “right” and “wrong” with regards to the military humiliations inflicted by the French and economic humiliations inflicted by the Jews lead to escalations of nationalism and genocide. Also, wasn’t that mess in Kosovo something about some Serbian farmer dude getting raped in the arse by a bunch of well hung Albanians?

      Honestly, if Japan did not have a constitution drafted by American generals and a country wide addition to cartoons and pornography, it would be just as bad. If China can win a war and feel so damn pissed off about it, then surely Japan, who made a damn valiant effort to enslave the world but was eventually nuked into submission would feel just as angry or more.

      As racist as it sounds, I’m going to say that young East Asian males in general have a suicidal attitude towards their own lives and those of their subordinates and a dim view towards the rights of civilians and prisoners of war. The Japanese term BANZAI (萬歲) in written form is equally valid in either language. You see that Flowers of War (金陵十三钗) where the Chinese soldiers just run in single file towards the machine guns and just take the bullets? They were really that fucking crazy. The Japanese had better tech, so they had planes to ram into battleships, but the attitude is the same, called Bushido (武士道) in Japanese.

      You can’t ignore that attitude… so many Chinese seem to take the Diaoyu island thing so personally and talk about the second world war like some IJA (皇军) soldier raped his sister last week. Thoughout a decent chunk of China, I estimate the nutters are in the majority.

      • dave

        “Honestly, if Japan did not have a constitution drafted by American generals and a country wide addition to cartoons and pornography, it would be just as bad. ”

        5 Things Nobody Tells You About Living in Japan

        Read more:

        #2. You Will Always Be an Outsider
        #1. The Country Really Isn’t That Weird

        Yeah, so, pretty much the same.

      • Hongwu

        Like you said, China won the war, but the reality is that the nuke-boys [usa] got all the laurels and credits for that. truth is = if Japan was smarter and allied up w/ china during the 30’s, at least half the world would be in DEEP S===.

        But both countries would be seen one way or another as ‘strange’ on the eyes of other people, and thats the bad part of botth nations in the modern days = inferiority complex. such as shame for its own traditions,cultures,etc;

        • moonboyroberts

          Russians won the Second World War too; Americans gave themselves the credit. No,I’m not anti-American; but there is a much myth-making in the US as elsewhere – and the majority of them believe it as much as do the Chinese about their past.

          • BigCAD

            Russians took most of the casualties in the European theatre and assured victory this can not be argued. However in the Asian theatre though they spectacular gains, they were only there to loot the wealth and industry of Manchuria from an opponent already on the ropes.

            The Yanks may have given themselves the credit for victory against Japan, but it was rightly deserved. Without the bomb, the fire bombing campaign, unrestricted submarine warfare, Iwo, Okinawa and hundreds of other operations and battles (forget the invasion of the Philippines that was only to feed McArthur’s vanity) continued Japanese subjugation of Asia was assured.

            In addition:

            Slim’s British Indian army in Burma may have inflicted the greatest military defeat on the Japanese during the war but it was only a sideshow.

            Chinese army’s achieved little but die and line the pockets of those in charge.

        • donscarletti

          China had the laurels of victory, a seat in the UN Security Council, a seperate treaty with Japan in the same way the Soviets, Americans and British did. All these nations gave themselves the bulk of credit, you only heard that the Americans brought liberation to the planet if you grew up in America or grew up exclusively watching American movies.
          The problem with China is that 4 years after VP, China either was defeated by itself or triumped over itself, depending on who you ask. Nationalists and Communists both fought the Japanese, but mostly they fought each other and there is no winner in a civil war. This is the great humiliation.

          WWII victory was a team effort, American industry, British technology and Soviet/Chinese blood. Anyone who says differently is a blind jingoist, but victory can be wasted.

        • BigCAD

          So the Japanese should of allied with a race which they considered little better than cockroaches and saw only fit to exterminate, steal from, rape and work to death.

          Same as saying the Nazis would of allied with the Jews.

          Cognitive reasoning isn’t one of your strong points is it.

          • Hongwu

            Not necessary… that’s when stupid politics and dandy racial ”superiority” earned Japan 2 nuclear bombs and a lotof American terrorbombing on their cities.

            And this was the lucky scenario. If things go another way and China invaded Japan, alongside the Soviets… that would’ve been tough.

        • Someone

          China never won the war against Imperial Japan. It was a hopeless situation that China was on the brink of extinction from the annihilation by the Japanese Imperial Army. It was the Americans who defeated Japan with their atomic bombing on Japan that finally forced the Japanese Imperial Army to surrender and pull out of China. And yes, Americans should get the credit because they helped China fight against the Japanese Imperial Army on the Chinese mainland. Go look up “Flying Tigers”. Without American nuking Imperial Japan, you Chinese would have already been toasted by the Japanese Imperial Army. And noticed how I only use “Japanese Imperial Army” because the common Japanese people were also victims of the Japanese Imperial Military regime.

      • Zhegezhege

        I don’t dispute most of your explanations, but a person who has been driven insane by propaganda and anger is still insane. And I think that guy’s craziness – heartily approving of the tragic story of a little boy whose mind has already been perverted to the point that he hurls hostility at another (smaller) boy he has just met, for racial and historical reasons that he would have no concept of hadn’t adults put it there – deserves a special mention.

        You’re touching on a lot of different topics here that make a lot of other stuff spring to mind; quite a few tribes have marched at machine guns, for example. And up until modern history, being a thin-skinned, tribal fascist was an indisputable norm across the world, and is still the case in too much of the world. But we have progressed a bit since then, and guys like that are a dangerous anachronism whose opinions should be countered, or at the very least they should be called the backward lunatics that they are.

      • linette lee

        What I am about to say has nothing to do with your comment. But I just want to put it in.

        You said..”so many Chinese seem to take the Diaoyu island thing so personally and talk about the second world war like some IJA (皇军) soldier raped his sister last week.”

        So why so many westerners talk about animal abuse so angrily to the point they call all Chinese are low life because Chinese abuse dogs and cats and eat them. It’s not like the Chinese are eating your pet dog spikey or your pet cat puffy so why take it so personally? And not all Chinese mistreat animals and eat dogs and cats just like not all Japanese deny wwii war crime.
        It is because the issue of animal rights is important to the westerners just like the issue of WWII nanking massacre and diaoyu dispute are important to the chinese. The chinese get angry when you bring up nanking and diaoyu just like you will get angry about mistreating animals.
        So explain why the westerners get so extremely angry and personal about Chinese mistreating animals? The chinese they are not eating your pet in your house.

        • BiggJ

          The difference is chinese are still eating cats and dogs today. If they stopped eating dogs and cats 70 years ago i’m sure most people would not give a shit or even bring it up.

          • linette lee

            The truth is there are still many Japanese accuse Chinese of defaming Japanese and that nanking massacre never existed. Just like whenever there is a wwii movie some japanese will accuse Chinese of lying about nanking. And there is an ongoing dispute over diaoyu. So that is not helping the relationship of japan and china.

          • Hongwu

            I value the life of all animals, therefore all are equal. what annoyed be about japan was that the horrible Meiji restoratio, they banned dog meat, and at the same time using those f—— big ships to hunt and murder whales, dolphins, etc etc.
            that’s when dishumanity embraces hypocrisy

    • dim mak

      He’s not, actually

      His reaction is perfectly reasonable if you understand the mindset – that Japan is the ultimate enemy. He has a supremacist vision of nationalism, just like any real patriot should have. But then there’s the downside to populist nationalism, the influence of personal pride and therefore the inability to determine real priorities when it comes to supporting China

      • Zhegezhege

        Bit late coming back here, but…
        What you’ve written is at best excuse making and at worse delusional nonsense written as if you are making an intelligent point.

        Dim indeed.

  • Dragonslayer

    妖蝶儿, really is an SB. Teacher…SB, parents 2B…

  • bprichard

    Poor Jun Fu. Only one sock, alternating between feet. Or perhaps he only has one foot, so one sock does the trick. Either way, way to keep your chin up, kiddo.

  • curl of the burl

    You get racism and prejudice in many forms in many countries but it’s 99% of it is to do with some ethnic/racial minority in their country that they have to socialize with on some kind of regular basis. It’s all wrong.

    The funny (and scary) thing is, these twisted people hate someone so much that they’ve never met, that has never caused them any harm whatsoever!?

  • this article is a bait for Cleo to come out

    • ghost

      Cleo seems to only post on JAPANCRUSH related items.

      • he came

        • Rick in China

          At the sight of the article, or were you accompanying Cleo in this experience directly? Either way, it seems quite fast!

          • yeah im stalking him. I set up chair at the corner, blending in the shadow, sipping hot coffee and waiting…. waiting….

  • docbiswas

    chinese kids r getting way outta control…i can frequently see them pulling their mothers hair,kicking them and shouting @ parents….all the credit goes to the parents,teachers and the society

    • I think it is the parents’ fault for not taking control and discipline their kids as needed.

      • vincent

        It something called the ‘Little Emperor Syndrome’, here’s a link if anyone wants to read up on it

      • mr.wiener

        From reading the article we know dear little “Peng Peng” got a smack across the chops for his last brattish act. Too little too late? I’d be pleased to read any follow up article to this.
        There are a generation of little emperors admittedly.

        • Not sure if it’s called “tai zhi yeh”. I think some Chinese families has the wrong idea where they equate money to love. Rather than teaching morals and life lessons (do not lie, steal, cheat). Or simply finding the time to spend with their kids ,which is hard to do in such busy society. This would have made the probability of their offspring less dysfunctional and spoiled in the sense of righteous ideals.

    • K

      Their parents/grandparents spoil them because they are only children.

  • slob

    My brother lives in Japan and had a son with a Japanese girl. That makes my family part Japanese in a way. Every time the subject of Japan gets raised in my classroom, 99% of the students reply with anger and hatred towards the Japanese. Even girls that seem passive and shy will suddenly jump up and abuse them for no apparent reason. I find it hilarious when I tell them my family is Japanese and they’re insulting my family which usually follows with me giving them extra homework.
    They’re all brainwashed and don’t know anything about the history between China and Japan other than what their propaganda-controlled teachers are feeding them. I asked my brother in Japan what the situation was and how the Japanese felt about China. He said most of them have nothing against Chinese people and he never hears anything about anti-Chinese sentiments so it seems to be pretty one-sided in my opinion. If Chinese hate Japan so much, why do they buy Japanese cars, computers, TVs, copy their fashion styles, watch Japanese TV shows and cartoons, and most importantly, revere the Japanese AV idols? Their ridiculous anti-Japan protests last year in which they destroyed their fellow countrymen’s cars and businesses is a clear sign of how uncontrollable they can be when induced with a simple ideology. Why not put that hatred and passion towards something more useful like what’s going on in your own backyard? Oh, that’s right. China is perfect, I forgot.

    • dave

      “If Chinese hate Japan so much, why do they buy Japanese cars, computers, TVs, copy their fashion styles, watch Japanese TV shows and cartoons, and most importantly, revere the Japanese AV idols? ”

      “We know our country has many problems. We (can) talk about it when the door is closed. To outsiders, (we should say,) “our country is the best.”” — Jackie Chan

      “If I need to buy a TV set, I will definitely by a Japanese product. Why? Because the Chinese one will explode! ” — Also Jackie Chan

      China knows it isn’t perfect, not even great, but it’s insulting for anyone who isn’t Chinese to point that out. Kinda like when a woman asks if a dress makes her look fat.

      China: The world’s fat, insecure girlfriend.

      • wacky

        political and economic thing are different from pop culture.
        the fact is the japanese industries got hit too by the last protest and boycott, this thing is not just “talk only” people really did take an action.

        • linette lee

          China want to boycott Japan product. Well does japan buy a lot of china products to begin with. I think for every country their people should support their own economy and products. This way the companies that make the products have money to improve their products. The gov’t also need a strict regulation and inspection on products selling to the public too.
          Like I think the Americans should buy america cars to support the america economy.

          • Archie

            Are you suggesting international trade shouldn’t exist?

          • Dude

            Agreed, I always buy domestic. China’s problem is that there is no Chinese made alternative with high quality, so we are forced to buy foreign made goods.

          • JR

            And that won’t change because Chinese are not willing to admit their faults.

          • Irvin

            What an ignorant little girl you are, have you any idea how much chopstick alone japan import from china? Do you have any knowledge of how basic economic works?

            Study more or go back to school.

          • linette lee

            buy domestic. Improve regulation and inspection. :)

          • wacky

            nationalistic economy does not work for a long time, the reason there is trade is due to comparative advantages a country have to another country, china needs investment and have advantage over japan in term of production cost, japanese enjoy the advantage of buying cheaper product from china.

          • gangnamstyle

            thats the dumbest shit i ever heard,

        • dave

          Not sure how that says anothing to what I posted. Chinese people are totally about comparison and competition now. It’s all a pissing contest.

          And if anyone who isn’t Chinese says that China doesn’t measure up? WELL THAT’S INSULTING THE HOMELAND!

          • wacky

            china is a developing country by any statistical data you can get, it is not a great rich developed country and that is a fact.

            but the fact that japanese product sells well in china shows that the economy is in progress that does not mean that china must love japan no matter what.

          • Jimney Cricket

            How long is China going to be developing? China, at the moment, is like a sinking ship. The Chinese wealthy are taking everything they can get their hands on and trying to immigrate. They don’t fix their schools, they send their children to western schools. They don’t fix the quality of their products, they import foreign products. They don’t use the extra money that the govt made after 2008 to fix the infrastructure of the country, instead they buy houses and hoard them (creating probably the biggest real-estate bubble of the 21st century). In fact they have spent more time creating a giant hell-hole for their own people and sit around patting themselves on the back and telling themselves how wonderful they are.

      • The Enlightened One

        Haha… nice analogy.

        I once heard an analogy of all kinds of different kids in a playground and how their traits were not unlike different countries their culture and society.

        China – the weird, awkward kid that throws tantrum fits, shouts loudly and spends most his time in the sandbox. He has lots of candy and money to pass to other kids willing to be his friend but when they money runs out… he goes back to being the lonely kid that nobody wants to hang around.

        • Hongwu

          China today needs to suddenly transform into the kid that bullies everyone, gives no candy, beats everyone in school, say ”I have no friends, **** them”, and at the end laughs with an imperious pose.

          • Hongwu

            Or not, just be the good guy haha

        • lonetrey / Dan

          That’s mad depressing dude. :(

      • [email protected]

        “China: The world’s fat, insecure girlfriend”

        Well done! hehe

        • Bogs_Dollocks

          “China: The world’s fat, insecure girlfriend”


          • Jimney Cricket

            they forgot “petulant”

      • ASDF

        It is like how members of a family constantly criticize one another within the privacy of their own home, but will be offended when others insult them in public.

        • don mario

          not quite, its developed as a tool of deflection from their education. have a look at other non mainland chinese places and u will see they dont behave the same when it comes to criticism.

          • ASDF

            Because criticism targeted at non mainland Chinese places do not threaten the legitimacy of their government. Whenever shit happens outside mainland China criticism is targeted towards the individual who committed the crime. Whenever shit happens within mainland china the blame is shoved completely onto the government while the individual who committed the offense is an innocent helpless victim of the system. When several Australian kids assaulted Chinese students on the train due to their ethnicity, all the blame and criticism was placed on the kids themselves. But when a Chinese kid shows some negative attitude towards a Japanese kid without even physically hurting him. It is the Government that’s promoting Hatred within the Children.

          • SonofSpermcube

            When you have a traditional totalitarian state, that tends to happen. The Chinese government presents a united front on most issues. If a message or policy is promoted by one part of the government, it is more realistic to ascribe that to the government as a whole than it is for a democratic state (whether you’d call it inverted totalitarianism or not) where there are many different messages conflicting openly within the government.

            The Chinese government has in fact been promoting anti-Japanese sentiments, and children, when they hear this stuff, invariably take it literally and to extremes.

            It isn’t that (alleged) democracies can’t do the same. It’s just less common for the messages from the political and media elites to be so unified. It does happen, of course. I and generations of Americans were no different toward the Soviet Union (and to some degree China); and that was just as much our government’s fault. The same with Korea and anti-Japanese sentiment.

            But in Australia (and Japan), the right-wing nationalism and/or racism tends to be coming from a minority; they just aren’t silenced. Not that I’m sure it’s a majority in China, but the Chinese government could do more to shut it down if they really wanted to.

            The distinction is perfectly fair in this case; and I don’t think there’s any implication that those minorities are any less insane for it.

          • ASDF

            Well judging from the comments on this site, right-wing nationalism and/or racism against China appears to be a unified sentiment coming from the majority.

          • don mario

            that happens for a very good reason. because its true, if chinese people were more individual and thought for themselves and questioned their goverment then maybe they wouldnt be in the perpetual ass raping mess that they are in right now.

            it isnt blamed on the individual when an individual from china spreads hatred against japanese …. because 99.9% of them are doing exactly the same.

          • ASDF

            Your generalization of Chinese people is indeed very reasonable. It is a prime example of western styled critical thinking and individualism.

          • You do realize you are on a site mostly critical of China? Of course the responses to an article like this would be critical of the Chinese education system and nationalism. How else would people react to such an article – praise at the young child’s anger towards Japan?

            And actually, the majority of Americans have a positive opinion of China as judged by Pew Global polls. Also poor taste on your part to respond to generalizations by making a generalization about western styled critical thinking and individualism.

            As a final disclaimer, because I know you will otherwise assume the opposite given your clear bias; I don’t think all or even most Chinese people share in such irrational hate based nationalism. I do however think the education program seems to encourage it.

          • ASDF

            There’s a difference between generalization and sarcasm. Of course the Chinese education program is encouraging irrational hatred. I never denied this fact. Everyone else is just insisting that China is the only country guilty of this crime. Westercentric sinophobes think that Chinese people are slaves of a heinous government who are incapable of “free thought” even though this very opinion is just an exact repetition of what western education programs have been shoving into ppl’s heads. It is naive to think that democracy can somehow reduce brainwashing in the education system or the media. Irrational hate is encouraged by the government of every country. The phenomenon operates the same way everywhere because we are all human. There is no evidence to suggest that Chinese people are any different.

      • mr.wiener

        Brava!, bravisimo!,

      • linette lee

        ……..We know our country has many problems. We (can) talk about it when the door is closed. To outsiders our country is the best…………….

        This is not just a Chinese mentality. This is an Asian mentality. Asians are stubborn and don’t like to lose face.

        • don mario

          so why do taiwanese openly criticise their goverment then? i’ve heard them say things a mainlander wouldnt even think, let alone say. whats the difference there?

          • You already know the answer to that,right?

          • don mario

            yea.. just going against linettes point the reason mainland chinese wont allow any criticism because its soley a chinese or asian thing..

        • pricks! just kidding!…or not….or maybe yes
          No seriously…this isn’t typically Asian mentality, if it was there wouldn’t be an English word for it. :D
          Please don’t saying “we know that our country has many problems”, it feels like you’re assuming everybody is against you from the very start…which is not the case. (Don’t know if you will believe me but when i was a child i watched cartoons praising China for it’s beauty and achievements, and there still is all sort of stuff good said about China. But when i meet insecure Chinese people they always make me feel that foreigners are an agressor that should be thought.Very much like this Chinese kid persecuting this Japanese kid, most of it only is happening in their minds i’m affraid)

        • Dr Sun

          very true

      • Hongwu

        Worse than being insecute, its the fact that it buys many products from them. If the hate is so big, cut relashionships, tell them to stick their Yen up their dirty ass and close off the country. If the CCP hate for Japan is that big.
        And put a ton of warships nearby, in case japan attacks.

        If not, its good to shut up and avoid confusion, riots and vandalism against japan because the CCP is still supporting them.

        • Hongwu


    • wacky

      so may i ask you one simple question i have been asking a lot of people on a lor of forums many times.


      since your have family life in japan, i wonder if you know something about it.

      i have been asking this question many times before and no one give me an answer NO ONE including in japan crush.

      the usual respond is chinese education this and that without answering anything.

      • BilbaoTraveler

        What do you mean “no one give me an answer”? This topic has been discussed to death all over the internet. Everyone openly discusses the contreversial denials by some Japanese textbook about its past.

        Also, although I’m against Japan censoring it’s past, there’s a big difference between Censoring past actions and actively TEACHING CHILDREN TO HATE another country.

        • wacky

          since you said so then tell me what what you know

          what do i mean?? exactly what i type there
          and no i am not talking about something controversial i am talking about the regular history book that is currently being used by in japan, not the controversial history book case

          what are you against is not important, the important thing is that this case has not ended and is not ending now, adding the recent issue of america move to pacific and territorial dispute then there will be no peace in the near future

          • Rick in China

            “the regular history book that is currently being used by in japan” – You’re looking for a specific answer based on what you hear in Chinese media. You’re looking for someone to tell you “That Japan did nothing wrong.” – but that’s not FACT. That’s the answer you’re looking for. Do *you* know what every regular history book in Japan teaches? For real? Do you have a copy of a history book from Japan, and statistics to show the % of schools that use that book – or do you have nonsense spread about the Chinese internet about fallacy and mistruth being spread rampantly throughout Japan with no actual proof?

            Wacky, your name is suitable for your rant, you’re a fucking wack job.

          • Rick in China

            Wait Wack-job. Let me answer that for you with a simple fucking google search.

            “Despite the efforts of the nationalist textbook reformers, by the late 1990s the most common Japanese schoolbooks contained references to, for instance, the Nanking Massacre, Unit 731, and the comfort women of World War II,[2] all historical issues which have faced challenges from ultranationalists in the past.[3] The most recent of the controversial textbooks, the New History Textbook, published in 2000, was shunned by “nearly all of Japan’s school districts”.


            What that means is – there were some ‘text books’ released with the intent of whitewashing history – by nationalist groups. What this also means is, the majority of Japan and the school districts within not only shunned the nationalist books but refused to use them as teaching material. So I ask you, Wack job, what the fuck do you know about world history and current events? Japan doesn’t over-censor the internet, information is freely available. What about you, wack-job? I’d guess not so freely available, since you’re obviously equivalent worth as wu-mao posting shit heads.

          • vincent

            haha looks like wacky got schooled

          • BetaDisc

            I don’t think you read that entire Wikipedia page. (and as to how you’re waving Wikipedia links that cite links like, as credible is beyond me) But even in that same page you linked to it states ”

            “Comfort women” comments

            In 2007, former education minister Nariaki Nakayama declared he was proud that the Liberal Democratic Party had succeeded in getting references to “wartime sex slaves” struck from most authorized history texts for junior high schools. “Our campaign worked, and people outside government also started raising their voices.”[19]He also declared that he agreed with an e-mail sent to him saying that the “victimized women in Asia should be proud of being comfort women”.[20]”

            19 is but the article is no longer existent, and 20 is chinadaily.

            But if you don’t like that, I’m sure you can find some article somewhere, that confirms what you want to say, and then edit the Wikipedia page.

            I’m not saying that wacky is right or wrong, but you’re not helping the matter much at all either.

          • wacky

            then why can they come forward and say so??
            you are using wikipedia as a source, well it is neither 100% right nor it’s 100% wrong.
            any japanese who are complaining about history lesson in china please come forward and tell me what he was taught while in school, its as simple as that.
            what do i know about the world etc??
            ask me
            japan is not cencoring etc….
            the same answer i got every time they refuse to answer my question. the information is everywhere and the other shits you throw out, many people are not interested in history, most of the history they know is from education at school. if you are more interested in posting the same shits then at least throw better shit

          • wacky

            are you using one paragraph on wikipedia to explain the whole teaching about japanese atrocities in china??
            then tell me what do this “reference” mostly about??’
            i can go to wikipedia too everybody can, but wikipedia tells us nothing

          • BiggJ

            Someone could give chinamen 100% proof of something and if it goes against “moa’s little red book” then it’s a lie to try to desynchronize the harmony of the chinese people.

          • wacky

            what the fuck are you talking about?
            the harmony of chinese people is china’s own business
            the harmony of japanese people is japan’s own business
            however the historical and territorial problem between 2 countries could have bigger impact for asia and the world.
            and what proof do you have??
            i am not not asking for proof i am asking for explanation

          • curl of the burl

            “Wikipedia tells us nothing.” LMAO!!

            Dude, that’s just trolling yourself.

          • wacky

            that page on wikipedia tell us noting

            this is the only thing on page that tell us anything about it

            “Despite the efforts of the nationalist textbook reformers, by the late
            1990s the most common Japanese schoolbooks contained references to, forinstance, the Nanking Massacre, Unit 731, and the comfort women of World War
            what references?? what exactly do they tell
            of course they tell something about that incidents but what???

          • linette lee

            Ricky, Don’t paint Japanese as innocent. They are not innocent when comes to WWII war crime and how they handle the apology. We all know what the Japanese did during WWII whether Japanese want to admit or deny. Japan is not exactly your race diverse country and that tells you what they think of racial diversity.

            The Chinese in China should not act violently toward the Japanese. Burning down Japanese business wasn’t cool. That was just barbaric. Brain washing china kids to hate Japanese wasn’t cool.

          • don mario

            both guilty of the same thing. varying results.

          • Gaius Baltar

            But wait, isn’t patriotic education happening in Hong Kong now too? I mean, I doubt they are learning god save the queen and how to be a gentleman, all these years post 1997, in HK schools, now am I right or am I right?

          • wacky

            i am not asking for a statistic, just what being taught to a japanese when he or she was in school, if the answer is
            JAPAN DID NOTHING WRONG then say it
            if the answer is NOTHING IS BEING TAUGHT ABOUT IT then say it. ‘
            i am not asking for a copy of japanese history book i dont read japanese.
            as for chinese media tell something about japan, so what?? do you think that japanese media are not doing the same with the help of the west and western media?? media war is media war and it is real. but i am not talking about that here.
            i am responding to any japanese or pro japan person about what he know and what was taught to them personally.

          • Red Scarf

            Do Chinese history text books teach about the siege of Changchun
            Did I read that correct 150,000 to 300,000 citzien deaths caused by the commonists?

          • ScottLoar

            Yes, the siege of Changchun is fully unknown to the Chinese public, but cite sources other than Wikipedia.

          • wacky

            so what?? it is chinese internal problem for chinese people to deal with. not for an outsider.

          • vincent

            Does the Khmer Rouge ring a bell? Or was that an internal problem as well?

          • wacky

            explain to me what do you mean?? kmer rogue committed genocide inside cambodia

          • vincent

            They supported them here you can read it at this link that would mean that China has to apologize to the Cambodians

          • wacky

            and which part are you asking my opinion for??/
            the genocide? vietnamese invasion? sino-vietnamese war?? chinese support for cambodia??

          • vincent

            I’m informing you of the fact that China supported a regime that caused huge loss of life, shouldn’t China apologize to the Cambodian people for interfering in their affairs? Aren’t the Chinese the outsiders? Why are they getting involved, as you can see from my example all countries will get involved in each other’s problems so China too has blood on it’s hands.

          • wacky

            i have replied earlier to you :
            china support for cambodian regime is just the same as chinese support for north korea or myanmar. the genocide was not done by china it was bykmer rougue. vietnamese invasion end that internal problem it became problem between different countries and china as a partner for cambodian government decided to invade vietnam.

            chinese did not interfere in their affair they support the kmer rougue which is the government at that time, a government support for another government =/= interference.

          • vincent

            If that’s the case then you shouldn’t have a problem with the US supporting Japan, SK and other countries against China right? Since in your opinion a government support for another government =/= interference haha, man you just derailed your own argument. I’m guessing you didn’t know that Pol Pot was a dictator and even ethnic Chinese were not spared, I feel pity for you because you lack the ability to empathize.

          • wacky

            US supporting japan is a fact and even chinese government cant do noting about it, i am not saying that US should never support japan,
            i always say that china should be ready because the fact is that US supports japan and japan supports US, but the problem IS NOT ABOUT THE SUPPORT ITSELF it is about the encirclement of china hence effect china if the US supports japan in the matter that does not involve china then china should not comment on that

            true many ethnic chinese was killed too but ethnic identity was different from political identity, so you think that I should be angry because ethnic chinese were killed or because people were killed???

          • Honwu

            nited States also had its share of defending shitty regimas that treated its people like crap. SPECIALLY during the Cold-War, when Latin America ws almost completely under US-led/US-set governments and dictatorships.

            What China did was wrong [supporting pol pot, the khmer rouge, etc] but nothing pardons what the US has done too.

          • vincent

            I agree with your views completely, but it seems wacky has some trouble accepting the facts.

          • wacky

            the fact is fact not your morality, i never said that people did not die in fact i told you the fact, the fact is kmer rougue is one of the few allies china had after the sino sovyet split, and of course politically china would support its ally. so do you think that china should shoot itself in the foot???

          • wacky

            china support for cambodian regime is just the same as chinese support for north korea or myanmar. the genocide was not done by china it was by kmer rougue. vietnamese invasion end that internal problem it became problem between different countries and china as a partner for cambodian government decided to invade vietnam.

          • vincent

            So the fact that they supported the regime is alright as long as the blood isn’t on their hands? Suppose you paid someone to kill your enemy that doesn’t make you guilty? C’mon man seriously?

          • wacky

            right or wrong is not the issue, cambodia was china’s only ally in asia aside from north korea after sino sovyet split, and china was supporting its ally. if you look at this in a moral perspective then you can comment on this and that, but i separate my personal morality when i look at the political reality. like i said earlier if japanese government killed millions of japanese it is not my business or china’s business, or US business or ASEAN business it is japan’s own business to deal with, morally we can say if that is right or wrong but politically it is japan’s own business

          • Hongwu

            This is soooo American.

          • vincent

            I’ll take that as a compliment ;)

          • Red Scarf

            It maybe a Chinese internal problem but if a country can’t tell the truth about that its own people did to its country then why should non-Chinese believe that other countries did to China.

          • wacky

            there is no obligation for you to believe what china say.

            separate politic with your personal morality, the japanese occupation is not something made up, there are war tribunal over this after the war. i am not telling you to believe what china say, you have your brain and you can think so go and search for the prove, you can prove china is wrong or right, china can prove other are wrong too

          • Red Scarf

            Then at the end of the day its Japan own internal problem in what it teaches in its school books about it its actions and not up China to enforce what it would like Japanese school children learn in school.

            I’m sure Japan doesn’t want to teach its school children that they should be constantly sorry and feel guilt all the time for its pass actions plus shaping psychological development of its sociality like the way China teaches about Japanese actions that are often manifesting in such a way its brings about raw nationalist rage. Being sorry and guilty for these actions is something one should learn by their self not spoon fed at an early age.

          • wacky

            1.i am not asking for the japanese government to change anything, i am asking for someone to tell me what kind of history they are teaching.
            2. the history of japese invasion has its effect on china, if it is about millions of japanese killed millions of japanese it is not my business

          • Red Scarf

            1) Then why don’t you use the Japanese history textbook controversies wiki, its already been pointed out to you, link for a starters and read the references in it. I would read the last paragraph on the new history textbook the one that is causing the most trouble, if the ref for it is correct when its only used in 0.039 % of Japanese schools and these schools are for disabled children.

            2) I’m also asking if they teach the Siege of Changchun in Chinese schools, now I’m wondering if they teach about the Yuan invasions of Japan in Chinese school especially about the social, economical and destrective affects it had on Japan.

          • wacky

            1. my problem from the beginning is not about the history book controversy, you’ve got it all wrong. sure i read that, the only information i have is this

            “Despite the efforts of the nationalist textbook reformers, by the late
            1990s the most common Japanese schoolbooks contained references to, for instance, the Nanking Massacre, Unit 731, and the comfort women of World War II

            whatis that references say?? the number of victim?? the way the do the massacre?? nothing

            2.i also said dont compare chinese- japanese relation with chinese-chinese relation, how are you comparing middle ages world with modern world???? these are 2 different thing, there is no hardline antimongolian protesting on the street because mongolian conquered and killed people centuries ago

          • Red Scarf

            1). Then I suggest you buy the copies of the most widely used Japanese text books and read them for yourself. First you ask what it says then you want a word by word account with detailed numbers and figures and methods, such information would surely be enough to fill several classes at university level, something not suitable for middle school children. You can do this searching yourself. There are links out there that quote 6/7 books ref nanjing 100,000 – 200,000 with 4 of them using Chinese figures of 300,000, for starters.

            2). Why can’t I. Its a simple question like the ones you ask yourself. It really doesn’t matter that you say on what I can or can’t compare since to a point it is my business to that China may teach in its schools.

            But you fail to understand that the Yuan invasions, the mongols in charge proclaimed themselves Chinese by taking the mandate of Heaven, caused a deep social change in Japanese thinking especially in foreign affairs that basically lasted until the end of WWII. It perpetuated the Japanese belief that they could not be defeated on the homeland, which remained an important aspect of Japanese foreign policy until the end of the Second World II which was personified in the believe that the actions they were doing on behalf of the Emperor (and god at the time). Since I believe the two are tied in its only fair to ask.

          • wacky

            1. i dont ilve in japan and dont read japanese.

            ok since you have the link pleas post that here.

            2. it does not matter for you but it is matter for me, there is no obligation for me to answer your question about anything, there is no obligation for you or anybody here to answer mine and so far no one here really answered mine.

            the mongol did not proclaimed themselves chinese they stayed mongol to the end of dynasty, chinese was the 3rd and 4th class people, there are attempts of sinification which was never finished but that is far after the invasion to japan in kubilai time.

            japanese attack on china and other asian countries was because they believed that they were the descendant of the sun goddess hence must rule the world, the concept of greater east asia under japan against western colonial power has nothing to do with that they simply had better weapon, training and military organization than the rest of asia at that time.
            japanese thinking has failed before when american perry forced them to open up and there was no wind there to protect them, the fact that it is used way over a century latter is because it is just a war propaganda.

          • wacky

            anyway that links you are talking about is that japanese???

            i am asking for japanese history books that they use in school not any other book by some professor in know that there are japanese who paid attention to this matter and they know something about it. i asked for the history lesson in school, why because most of the people are not interested in history they just know something based on the lesson they learned in school, so even if there are other sources out there not many will seek them

          • Red Scarf

            1. It will take time to track it down again. As I’m in China I tried to track it down again last night but was blocked with the usual fire walling but I think it was in this link.


            But as you said, I’m not really under obligation maybe in a fortnights time when I’m out of China I can check for sure, but a lack of obligation does not mean they do or they don’t. I’m less obligated to as especially your primary question

            2.”japanese attack on china and other asian countries was because they believed that they were the descendant of the sun goddess.”

            Yes, and the Japanese at the time believe that the gods answered their prays (both times) when the Yuan invaded Japan which lead to a renew believe in the sinto ways and propagated these believes. The Japanese emperor at the time went about building new temples and shrines to the gods as rewards to heaven. As to perry, he didn’t invaded, but it was still believed the Emperors divide choice to change to open Japan’s was right, saying that Japanese thinking failed here is simply Western thinking, as comparing it to China and its opening up of trade it was less damaging. However, I disagree with you about the Yuan not being Chinese, by proclaiming the mandate of heaven, Chinese thinking, they became Chinese something only Chinese emperors would do.

            Neither or not we agree I still would like to know if the Yuan invasions and the siege are taught in China and if so what do they say about them.

          • wacky

            1. first thank you for the link.
            as to the problem of can or can not compare, i stay to my opinion, as i said earlier in many of my post, chinese-chinese relation such as civil war is for the chinese themselves to decide what should or should not be taught, if some people happen to dislike the current teaching they are open to debate it, just like the quote by scoot loar above, there is no obligation for a anyone to believe what the government said but it is chinese and chinese alone who should deal with that.

            2. i think the teaching is that yuan and mongol yuan are chinese the government even go as far as proclaiming gengghis khan as hero of china, since government historical point of view is not ethnic based but national based so any dynasty in the past by “ethnic minority” of today china is consdered as chinese which also mean to reduce the possibility of ethnic tension. which is contrary to my point of view.

            for the yuan invasion, i think that the failure to see perry as an evidence that japan is not protected by divine power is the failure of the japanese government itself to inform its people because they had known (even if there was no war) that japan can be beaten at home (they lost without a fight) and to use something mythical as war propaganda in 20 th century in the most developed country in asia is something my mind cant comprehend so most of the failure is not due to the yuan invasion

          • Red Scarf

            I have some scanned copes of Japanese textbooks with the pages of interest from a Japanese friend who seems to know what something about it, plus he have given me the Japanese for some keywords, of modern books used today, however, I will host them on a free image site in a week or so, I’m not going to try and do this with the firewall.

            He also comments on the way history is taught in schools. Basically he says the government tries not to interfere with the teaching of history due to its past and due to that if it does it could be seen that its enforcing its own version of propaganda. So it lets the printing of history books to be done by third party private companies. Also it lets its schools have rein over which ones they buy and how history is taught in classroom, especially for their actions in Asia. He says mostly the books are used as a summary and it doesn’t meant that what is missing in them isn’t taught in the classroom. He also says that their tends to be 3 groups of thought, those that say it didn’t happen, those that say it was worse than what the Chinese say and the majority which just fall short of Chinese claims. However, that he also says is that whatever isn’t taught in the classroom is widely available to people through other forms of media.

          • Hongwu

            To see what extent the japanese fear of the Da Yuan did go… hailing from the 1200~ till the Showa period. LOL.

          • Hongwu

            The Tang threat of invasion made japan enter in a craze for building fortresses over their coastline. Their fear was of an massive invasion wiping out their country. invasion never came but still, is an historical fact.

            And the threat of the Yuan also left a mark.

            Imjin war ended terribly for japan, their invasion foiled by Yi sun sen and the Great Ming Empire.

            Why people still complain today?? it is clear who win, who lose. No hate, no vandalism, no brainwashing, just the Truth.

          • ScottLoar

            No Wacky, a country’s history is not their internal problem. History is open to all willing to discover and see. And when a people cannot or refuse to see their history they cannot blame others for bringing it up.

          • wacky

            everybody has their way of seeing thing, the problem is that most of
            the westerner feels that they have moral superiority when looking at
            something, most chinese see great leap forward and cultural revolution
            as a necessary hardship this is one example
            old people who lived that era support mao. when i say this many people
            dont accept this reality instead they scorn me for this

            history as a subject can be learned by everybody, but the historical events itself is a political one hence it is either internal affair, bilateral affair or international affair, what happened during civil war and mao era were internal affair.

          • ScottLoar

            Look to this as an example of what happens when a nation’s history is twisted for political effect:








































            当发现了这些真相, 我震惊了,原来我一直活在谎言之中!

            Source: chinaSMACK, Ground Collapses Near Guangzhou Metro Construction Site, Wednesday, January 30 (2013), quoted Chinese weibo comment

          • wacky

            where did i said that you should agree on government version of history?????
            history as a subject can be learned by everybody, but the historical
            events itself is a political one hence it is either internal affair,
            bilateral affair or international affair, what happened during civil
            war and mao era were internal affair.

            this is my reply to bigg j above
            the harmony of chinese people is china’s own business
            the harmony of japanese people is japan’s own business
            however the historical and territorial problem between 2 countries could have bigger impact for asia and the world.

            if chinese people or japanese people or whatever people have problem with their government version of history they should find a way to deal with it but does not mean that any foreigner should have the authority to tell what should or should not be taught
            why are you taking shit from your mouth and try to put it in to mine???

          • wacky

            this is my earlier reply to red scarf

            what china tells about its own history is china own business, if chinese people are not happy with that they can do something to change that. i dont care about japan teaches japanese about japan own history, if there were millions of japanese killed by japanese it is not my business

          • ScottLoar

            “why are you taking shit from your mouth and try to put it in to mine???”

            You can continue to support your country’s 愚民政策, but don’t expect others to do so. It’s that simple.

          • wacky

            no i dont in fact my al jazeera link up there is about change in china,

            while you quoting anonymous netizen who did not provide any source in order to make an impression that if the government is wrong then the westerner is right, in fact all of my links i have provided here none of those are from the government

          • ScottLoar

            Don’t be silly. Look to what I quoted; it is a mainland Chinese on a mainland Chinese weibo writing in Chinese to other mainland Chinese. What he says is quite true. Or, you want to argue about which detail of his post?

          • wacky

            so what?? that mainland chinese did not give any detail on his post.
            i can say that i used to believe that westerner and american perspective on history on great leap forward and tiananmen incident is the right one but now i realize they are quite fake and just another propaganda??

            are you saying that if a mainland chinese say something it must be right?? you quoted an anonymous guy on the internet who happen to have some objection about government side of history, and that is fine as i said earlier. dont be silly

          • ScottLoar

            “that mainland chinese did not give any detail on his post.”

            I count 19 statements with details, 19 common beliefs in China, and each is contrary to the real history. There are many more but these common 19 beliefs should do to prove the point.

            But you, you want to argue, stretching to ridiculous extremes.

          • wacky

            what details you give me that indicate those are the common beliefs not jut his own beliefs???
            so far i did not remember saying something supporting government version of history.
            this is my post.
            if chinese people or japanese people or whatever people have problem
            with their government version of history they should find a way to deal
            with it but does not mean that any foreigner should have the authority
            to tell what should or should not be taught

            while you keep saying something about governmen tversion of history,based on your comments you clearly think that foreigner especially westerner have higher moral authority to determined what should or should not be taught in school

          • ScottLoar

            1) I don’t recall anyone saying that “foreigners” should have the authority to tell what should or should not be taught. From first to last, the point is the Chinese version of history – which you defend as the right of the government – is riddled with outright lies, wholly to serve political ends.

            2) If you insist on supporting such 愚民政策 you must accept that others will challenge this perverted history and surely will not accept it, even if it is the mainland Chinese official version.

            3) You must accept that such a perversion of history affects China’s relations with the rest of the world. Hordes of mainland Chinese like yourself insist of a version of history which is false, then argue with “foreigners” to accept it. When we don’t, when we show the truth, we are accused of interfering in China’s internal affairs.

            Why can’t you understand these simple points?

          • wacky

            1. where did i say that it is the right of the government??
            is it here???:if chinese people or japanese people or whatever people have problem
            with their government version of history they should find a way to deal
            with it but does not mean that any foreigner should have the authority
            to tell what should or should not be taught
            why are you taking shit from your mouth and try to put it in to mine???
            here???you quoted an anonymous guy on the internet who happen to have some
            objection about government side of history, and that is fine as i said
            here???this is my post.
            if chinese people or japanese people or whatever
            people have problem with their government version of history they should
            find a way to deal with it but does not mean that any foreigner should
            have the authority to tell what should or should not be taugh

            2. 愚民政策 ????? keep the people ignorance of what???? most of the people are neither care nor interested in history.
            i said to you all over my posts why could you not see that???
            it is the problem of the chinese, i said chinese not the government but CHINESE.

            3. so foreigner version of history is the best??? they did not do any perversion???? of course the government can say what they want, as i said earlier. HISTORY AS A SUBJECT CAN BE LEARNED BY ANYBODY. but the debate of what should be or should not be taught are internal problem of china. if somebody happen to not like the government version they should find a way to deal with that.

          • filabusta

            Internal problem = Disappear as historical fact

          • wacky

            internal problem = what should or should not be taught in china that has nothing to do with other country is not for the chinese to decide, if they dont like what being taught by the government they should do something about it then.

            what historical fact are you talking about??? all the fact presented to support the great famine myth by the west is equally dubious

          • wacky

            what china tells about its own history is china own business, if chinese people are not happy with that they can do something to change that. i dont care about japan teaches japanese about japan own history, if there were millions of japanese killed by japanese it is not my business

          • BraveNewWorld

            This cold attitude–essentially not caring about the deaths of millions of people–is quite disturbing. Thank goodness that not all leaders are this cold-hearted.

            I understand why the Communist Party wants Chinese to feel this way. After all, the other horrific “humiliation” in China–the starvation of tens of millions and violent murder of millions more–occurred at the hands of the CCP.

            Foreigners aren’t allowed to talk about it–and Chinese discussion of such “sensitive” topics are bad for “harmony.”

            Let’s not forget about the atrocities committed by any country, China, Japan or other. And let us be suspicious of those corrupt dictatorships which attempt to pretend these things never happened, or obscure them through lies and withholding of fats.

          • wacky

            moral consciousness and political reality do not always go hand in hand, i can say that millions of people die is wrong but the political reality is different. you can say that china was wrong for supporting kmer rougue but political reality was that china only had 2 allies at that time kmer rougue and north korea, of course china wanted to support and protect its few allies left

          • BraveNewWorld

            Separating morals from politics explains not only why China supported those disgusting regimes, but also why the CCP committed horrors against its own people. It also helps explain that, while there is corruption in every country, China takes it to a whole new disturbing level.
            Ignoring countries that brutally murder their own people–or people not in your own country–can have harmful effects for your own country down the line.
            China likes to attach ethnicity to morals. As if people prefer to be bullied or denied their own rights in any country.
            China also makes efforts to control thought that goes well beyond what you see in most democracies. The Great Leap Forward necessary? Do Chinese believe that because of their own logic and intellect or because it was drilled into their heads through propaganda and hidden facts. Tens of millions dead because of terrible policy (bad science), a management style based on intimidation and pathetic efforts to make things seem better than they were, exporting grain and refusing aid while people were starving. It wasn’t necessary, it was an abject failure and thankfully Deng was able to move on after that. The leaders were cold and cruel.
            The leaders are clever, however, in their efforts to brainwash Chinese into thinking that criticisms of China are a show of “moral superiority” and an effort to make Chinese lose face. They are also good at deflecting anger away from them and towards other countries. Easier to do so when you have such control over media and education.
            Believe it or not, many people simply care for the well-being of their fellow humans.

          • don mario

            they are both retarded problems in japan and china, caused from the same problem – dumb ass blind nationalism. dont follow it!

          • wacky

            i am not nationalist and i dont hate nobody due to racial reason only

            there are unsolved historical as well as territorial problems, as well as the current political fact that japan is the ally of the US hence both countries will support each other if one is in conflict against china, and i think everybody know that japan is a part of US plan to deal with china.

          • don mario

            see my above comment.

        • The Enlightened One

          It’s simple man. Nobody gave you the answer you wanted to hear, so you keep searching.

        • El Puma R.

          Which China does both !


        They learn a little more than the amount Americans learn about the invasion of the Philippines in 1900.

        Pretty much every Japanese I’ve met in China acknowledges that history or are here to contribute to Sino-Japanese peaceful relations.

        Pretty much every Chinese I’ve met whose gone to Japan really admired how they’ve managed to create a modern Confucian culture and wish for peaceful relations between the two governments.

        • wacky

          are you answering my question or are you ranting?
          since you have japanese friends then could you tell me what did their education tell them about this part of history when they was in school?? (and probably now)

          • dave

            What does the Chinese education tell kids about the Great Leap Forward? The Cultural Revolution?

            Does the Chinese education tell the truth about even 1989? That was only 25 years ago. According to Chinese history books, it never happened.

            Once the Chinese education system is honest about the history of the Communist party, THEN they have the moral high ground to complain that the Japanese government isn’t honest about their past atrocities.

            But at this point? It’s just two deaf men complaining that the other isn’t listening. And they are both lying sacks of shit.

          • wacky

            chinese history within china is china;s own business
            japanese history within japan is japan;s own business
            if japan refuses to teach about japanese atrocities within japan it is for japanese people to deal with.

          • Hongwu

            everyone censors,lies and hid information mutually. partners in crime… ¬¬’

          • wacky

            true, in this era there are war of information in the media. for me as i always say, all media are propaganda

          • BraveNewWorld

            False Equivalence. You and everyone here are smart enough to understand that the level of propaganda is China is unrivaled by most democracies. You think the New York Times is going to write “Senkaku belong to Japan” with no evidence or logic whatsoever, like you see on Xinhua, China Daily, CCTV, etc? Not even close. New York Times, Washington Post, etc are not perfect but they are head and shoulders above fake Chinese media.

            Pretending that everywhere is the same is intellectually lazy and if everyone falls prey to this we all suffer.

            Propaganda is a branch of government in China with the purpose of controlling thought for the benefit of the Party. This is uniquely different from most developed countries. And quite dangerous, not just for other countries but for Chinese families. It’s good to see them exercising some freedom with regard to pollution and corruption. Hopefully it continues without violence by the CCP.

          • BraveNewWorld

            It’s hard for history to be the business of Chinese when they are never taught it. So strange to see Chinese, especially young overseas Chinese, support the denial of history in China (perhaps their own family members were murdered by the CCP) yet criticize to no end the teaching of history in other countries.
            It’s ironic that CCP propaganda has this obsession with meddling (only the west does it, not china), yet China is notorious for interfering in the business of others, particularly stealing millions or billions of dollars worth of intellectual property and earning who knows how much profit–while criticizing people who simply seek truth and cannot profit from history.
            That’s not to mention meddling in Korean affairs, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, and so on.

          • Hongwu

            they possibly taught the students that the great leap forward was an successfull attempt on Mao learning ballet…

          • El Puma R.

            There’s something even more important to worry about:

            There’s a lot that your Chinese schools haven’t taught you, an awful lot, and they’ve replaced with hate toward people who don’t care about you anymore.

            – Tian an men June 4th 1989 – (And they will do it again if they have to)

            You’re a fool if you judge others before judging yourself.

            Wow that’s weird… a Chinese fool.

          • wacky

            are you a complete idiot who is trying to set a moral compass??

            chinese history within china is their own business

            japan history within japan is their own business

            if japanese government killed millions of japanese people in the past and are trying to cover it up, it is for japanese people to deal with. not with your sense of moral superiority

          • “Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi personally knew Sun Yatsen and was working towards better relations with China, but he was assassinated by radical members of the navy in 1932. This marks the rise of the military government that would bring us into conflict”

            “we invaded China, unit 731 did human experimentation”

            “we got atom bombed by the US ’cause they wanted to seize Japan before the communists could”

            “Some dudes didn’t know the war ended and stayed in the jungle until the 70’s”

            “During the war there was an assassination attempt on Hideki Tojo by Colonel Kanji Ishiwara, who was outspokenly against the invasion and wanted to ally with China against Russia.”

            Unfortunately for you my buddies are liberal minded history buffs hahah.

          • wacky

            are you japanese??
            i am asking for a simple answer about what your school taught you, not a statement by politician or professor
            some politician has admitted the atrocities
            some politician has denied it. but i am not asking about political statement

          • filabusta

            The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing while expecting different results.

          • Those are what my Japanese friends told me. It was interesting to hear about Inukai Tsuyoshi.

            Do you love Sun Yatsen and his teachings? Mao respected Sun Yatsen.

          • Hongwu

            History would be far different [or not] if tojo was ousted/killed, and Japan allied with China.

          • filabusta

            Look we understand you’re trying to make money. You’ve already made like 30 wumao notes on this discussion. Give it a rest.

        • Probotector

          Complaining about how other nations gloss over their history is irrelevant. Chinese do it too, and they’re notorious for it.

        • Hongwu

          every nation to some degree censor,hide or pretend it didnt exist certain events in part of their history.

        • filabusta

          I learned about the invasion of the Philippines in high school.

      • Someone

        And what does Chinese history lesson teach their students about their past atrocities of the Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, invasion of Tibet, helping North Koreans killing American soldiers during the Korean War, and Tiananmen Square Massacre?

        Since you sound like a Chinese person from mainland China, I wonder if you know something about it.

        I have been asking this questions to mainland Chinese many times before and on one can give me a straight answer NO ONE including in China.

        The usual respond from Chinese people is either that of without answering anything or some lame excuses that they made some mistakes in the past or that China is a developing country so the whole world needs to be patient with their uncivilized and barbaric behavior.

    • The communists should be forever grateful to Japan, without the invasion Mao would have never had the opportunity to seize power when the national army was distracted with defending its citizens

      • Yes tis true about Mao gaining opportunity. However, Mao created a brainwashed group of red book following, countryside re educated herd of sheep. I for sure am not grateful for how this education has affected my own parents. All I am saying is this isn’t necessarily a good thing and there should be no reason to be grateful for that.

        • don mario

          but the goverment is very grateful.

      • linette lee

        …………………….The communists should be forever grateful to Japan, without the invasion Mao would have never had the opportunity to seize power when the national army was distracted with defending its citizens……….

        This is so true..haha…Thank you Japan. Without your distraction Mao communist wouldn’t have taken over China and the national army wouldn’t have left China to form Taiwan. China could have been the Taiwan today.

        • The Enlightened One

          Right, now that I think of it…..

          Screw you Japan! I am boarding the hate Japan boat now.

          You guys created a monster. Like the Frankenstein monster to Dr. Frankenstein they will bring about your destruction!

          • The key event is in 1932, when the Prime Minister Inukai was assassinated by radical members of the Navy. The Military soon seized power.

            Inukai was personal friends with the founder of modern China, Sun-Yatsen and they both believed good relations between China and Japan were key to their country’s success.

      • Hongwu

        That’s really hard, but we need to accept the truth,

      • wacky

        mao won the war in 1949 not in 1945. the japanese occupation had effects but the fact is mao won the war.

        anyway it is actually the american who deserves the credit, they sent little boy and fat man that stopped the war, and they refused to help the nationalist after the war

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Damn, I never thought of that.

      • Tim Min

        Eh, I’m fairly certain that during the Japanese invasion the Nationalists were having a small war with the Communists on the side. The fact that the Communists gave more support to the resistance against the Japanese is why the Communist army outgrew the Nationalist one by a LOT, mostly by civilian support.

      • Mark

        Japan did not intentionally help Mao.

        I can’t think of a good example. But here’s the thing. If your sworn enemy saved your life to kill one of your allies, you still have to kill them. Because they’ll eventually come and try to kill you.

    • linette lee

      The angry china kids are very confuse. It’s one thing to disagree with the japan gov’t regarding to war crime like nanking massacre or dispute over diaoyu island, but to hate all Japanese people call them enemy is overboard.
      I will say Japanese like Chinese as much as Chinese like Japanese.

      • Rick in China

        I think that’s a bullshit and inexperienced comment. “I will say Japanese like Chinese as much as Chinese like Japanese.” – having lived/travelled in both extensively and knowing many people from both nations – I can say that it’s absolutely incorrect to assume Japanese feel the same level of hatred or even dislike for Chinese as vice versa. I can’t imagine anyone who has any significant experience with both nationalities agreeing with you here Linette.

        • linette lee

          Many Japanese like many Chinese people, only like their own race. maybe I left out the word “many”. So it is right to say many Japanese like Chinese as much as many Chinese like Japanese.
          China and Japan don’t really promote racial diversity.

          • Damian Jones

            Having also lived in both, i’d have to say the average person on the street in Japan doesn’t care or know much about China, never mind hate China. In China, however, it seems a national pastime to hate the Japanese.

    • Jim Di Griz

      ‘My brother lives in Japan and had a son with a Japanese girl. That makes my family part Japanese in a way.’ Gee, that’s nice. You are ‘part Japanese’ in your own mind kinda way only! To the average Japanese you are just ‘the gaijin who’s brother is the gaijin married to a Japanese girl’. For the Japanese, blood descent is everything. My wife is Japanese (I am American), and my kids get told that they are only ‘half Japanese’ by every person they meet in Japan.

      • Well biologically speaking, aren’t they?

      • A guy

        The point was that he shows his families association to Japan to humanize the country. Quit being so butt-hurt and get over yourself. Try airing you issues about Japanese racism on JAPANCRUSH.

      • hun

        Dude American isn’t a race. Unless you’re Japanese-American then that’s the only possible way your kids aren’t half-japanese but in this case since you didn’t state your ethnicity and by speculation, your kids ARE half-japanese. Maybe you meant they get teased for being halfies but then again every halfie around the world gets teased for being mixed so that comment “For the Japanese, blood descent is everything” is full of generalization as not every japanese person think that way. You read but only read what you want to see and write only what you think you see.

        Also slob states “part japanese in a way” you left out the other 3 words to make up a totally new one.

      • “I am American” Interesting… Since for quite a while now you have been publicly identifying yourself as “English” every chance you get. Sort of like how you told everyone you were a “researcher” until you suddenly announced you were quitting your English teacher job. You really should work on keeping your fictional identity consistent. But before that, try working on your Japanese – you obviously still have not figured out what 「ハーフ」 means. Oh, and it is “gaijin whose brother…”, not “gaijin who’s brother”. As an “English teacher” you really ought to try to get that bit right.

    • quake

      support the third north korean nuclear bomb test!!!!!

    • John McGregor

      Those kids hate Japanese, and yet bow to white people and venerate them in their own country, even though whites drugged them and treated them like dogs.

      • bullshit…

        • oh you’re talking about the opium wars…oh well :)

          • However i don’t think it’s a good idea to mix up different period of times…you say “bow and venerate” as if it’s happening now…opposed to “drugged and treated them like dogs” which happened before. Your comment sounds like a mix of past and present, which is exactly the kind of basis which the hate of Japan is build upon in China.
            Now i’m not saying that your comment is untrue, nor wicked however..when i’m walking in the streets of Chengdu (i don’t live in Shanghai anymore) of course you see the little girls giggling away but it’s not like people are bowing to me or anything, more running over me most of the time and being ferocious after a drink or two in a bar (cause i think their affraid i’m going to grab their girlfriends and run away or something)

          • I think this person is using a time machine, hence his confusion.

    • xiaohouzi

      This happened to me too recently. I had a visiting Japanese student who was likewise very polite and kind to everyone. When another student found out that there was a Japanese boy at our school, she got angry and tried to scratch out his name in the guest registry. I knew then that even that shy and seemingly sweet little Chinese girl already had seeds of hatred sewn inside of her. She didn’t seem so innocent anymore and i find that very sad. When i asked her why she did it, she couldn’t give me any other answer except, “Japan is bad because of DaoYuDao”. She is much too young to hate for no reason. It’s simply brainwashing and that makes China even more backward. So embarrassing.

      • “The issue of the islands is a time bomb planted by the U.S. between China and Japan to make sure our countries do not grow too close, that bomb is now exploding or will explode soon.”-Mr. Chen Jian, China’s former ambassador to Japan

        The US gave the islands to Japan in 1972, a strange move considering that the Republic of China is much closer.

        • xiaohouzi

          Why would the U.S. want to do that? Is your answer that children must be taught to hate so they can go to war one day and kill eachother? What good will that do? Then they can all be losers.

          • Because “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” is a classic strategy. China and Japan being enemies gives US power to support one side over the other, to put bases there. China and Japan being allies (as Sun Yatsen and Tsuyoshi wished) means that the US has to approach on softer terms.

            Even Chinese have used this strategy many times, such as making the Mongol tribes fight one another so a Chinese dynasty can control one side to win.

            Britain is the best example of this strategy, they conquered India by having Indians fight one another, then picking one side to win. They conquered Africans by having them fight one another, then picking a side to win and conquering the rest. And they expanded through Asia with the same strategy, supporting Japan to fight Russia and China, and supporting Tibet to attack China.

        • Jimney Cricket

          Biggest lot of bullshit ever. China was too busy fighting with itself to bother with anyone. I suppose it was The US that conspired that when Japan relinquished Taiwan that they should not specify who should get it?

          Face it, China hasn’t even worked out who sold China out to the Japanese in the first place. If you ask the Japanese government nicely, they may still have the records of which Chinese officials approved to have such a large armed force in China in the first place.

          The enemy has been overcome, now deal with the traitors

    • gangnamstyle

      not the most important part of your fukkin essay but who buys japanese electronics nemore, samsung runs shit now

    • Someone

      “They’re all brainwashed and don’t know anything about the history between China and Japan other than what their propaganda-controlled teachers are feeding them.”

      I find Chinese nationalism and patriotism to be very sick and twisted and at times, downright stupid. I find it hilarious at how these Chinese want’s to boycott Japanese goods when everything they use, including money, are of Japanese origins. If Chinese seriously wants to boycott Japanese goods, then they should stop taking billions worth of money that was DONATED by the Japanese government since the 1970s when China and Japan normalized diplomacy. Little do most Chinese know, the Japanese government have been the backbone of China’s “Economic Miricale”. Of course, the Chinese government would not want to admit this economy success was based largely on money given by the Japanese throughout the decades and continues to distract the Chinese public with their twisted anti-Japanese sentiment and sick nationalism from their corruption and abuse of power.

      If China wants to boycott Japanese goods for real, then they need to stop using all the roads and infrastructures that they built with Japanese money. Stop using rice cooker and MSG because both were invented by Japanese. And most of all. Chinese men needs to stop watching Japanese porno.

  • Archie

    I’ve had many Chinese tell me they hate Japanese. When I ask them if they hate a Japanese baby that has just been born, they always so no. I then wonder, at what stage does that just-born baby become hateable?

    I know the answer. It is not the individuals that are hated, but the collective and what it represents – or has been taught to represent.

    • andao

      It’s “once they discover they are Japanese”, then you can hate them. I think.

  • Peter Barefoot

    Same goes to thoese kids I used to teach, whenever I brought up something about Japan they’d say something anti-Japanese. Couldn’t talk any sense into them anyhow.

  • Zebadee

    It’s because of Chinese kids like this that the “national humiliation” continues …

    China has a lot to be thankful for and should respect how the efforts of foreign countries (including Japan) have made it what it is today. Without foreign investment and job creation, China would be no better than North Korea. There’s nothing wrong in having pride in one’s country, but not at the expense of hating others because they happen to be different (not necessarily better.)

    Most Chinese I’ve spoken to in the years I’ve lived here are actually quite positive towards Japan, contrary to mass-media brainwashing. The education system perpetuates anti-this, that, and the other with “thought control” to an extreme, that everyone stops thinking and asking “why ..?”

    • dave

      Thanks, this post encapsulates some of the things that I’ve been thinking lately. There is nothing wrong in pride in where one comes from, but it seems that people in China are spending too much time comparing the Heavenly Kingdom to the rest of the world.

      China versus Japan, Chinese guys versus foreign guys, this economic or political model versus that, on and on, not to learn, but just due to pride/shame in their own country.

      It’s nothing more than dick measuring. Insecure.

      • wacky

        so do you think that anti foreigner in china is at an alarming level??????
        US media has been playing anti china sentiment everyday. china is fighting back and that is it.

        • fmoelk

          So you’re saying that China is fighting US anti-Chinese propaganda with anit-Japanese propaganda? Now that’s just fucking brilliant!

          • wacky

            i am responding to any comment that want to portray chinese media as this and that, i realize that there are media war and image war going on, and US and japan are part of that too. idont think there are much difference between anti japan or anti US in china both countries are partner (or more than that), and they stand by each other side in confronting china

          • dave


            Japan and the US are the same. Not Chinese, so they should be fought.

            So insecure.

            You know, I got asked three times lately if I was Japanese? And I’m a white guy. Like these guys have never even seen a Japanese person before.

            They must look foriegn. Like white people.

            Chinese say “us versus everyone else.” We laugh and cry.

        • dave

          Chinese people live in the US. Americans call them “Chinese Americans.”

          American people live in China. Chinese call them “Foriegners.”

          There is a difference. Until you hear the term “American Chinese,” you can’t say that it is the same.

          And, typically, the US media is “bashing” the Chinese government. For anyone with a brain, your government isn’t part of your identity.

        • Probotector

          “so do you think that anti foreigner in china is at an alarming level??????”

          Of course. Why wouldn’t we?

          • Rick in China

            Until a white (or anything, really) guy and Chinese girl can walk down the street or sit and have coffee without hearing constant murmurings as if neither understood about them, I agree completely.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Just last night my girl and I were in a “Wu Mei” shopping center buying groceries, and a large number of the people there just couldn’t stop staring at me, and saying less than flattering things about the chinese traitor who was with the foreigner. Then when we left, we forgot an item, and the clerk was shouting “foreigner! foreigner! the foreigner forgot this thing! someone stop the foreigner!”

            Why not just politely say “excuse me, sir” or something like that. or “stop that man! the tall one!”

            Being as I towered over all the other people in the area, it would have been easy enough to figure out which one I am. But no, the only identifiable characteristic is that I am not Chinese.

            This place is painfully backwards, and it defied belief that people like me still continue to reside here, attempting to add value to society.

            And fuck all those people who bash on foreign teachers (of any subject in China). I work in marketing as well as doing teaching and if there weren’t a market for English learning, then the teachers wouldn’t be here. So yes, English teachers do add quite a bit of value to Chinese society. They couldn’t do the business that props up their economy without the teachers here teaching them how to communicate with the rest of the world.

            Suck on that all you nationalist pigs here in China. Without us Western people teaching you how to communicate, you couldn’t even make the deals that are adding wealth to your country daily. And I don’t want to hear any of that garbage about Chinese becoming an important language in the world. It is gaining in popularity because it makes it easier for Western businesses and governments to make sure they aren’t getting shafted by their Chinese partners.

    • wacky

      you are talking as if foreign investment is a kind of donation, foreign investment is mutually beneficial to both side it is an economic cooporation not a token of gratitude.

      where do you got the idea that chinese hate japanese because they are JAPANESE?? there are tons of historical and political thing going on here.
      when japan is still a friend of the US, host US soldiers and contributed to the encirclement of china, i dont see any other answer even if you ask why????

      • Jahar

        That kid hated the other kid because he is Japanese.

        • Archie

          The kid hated the other kid because Wacky was his teacher.

          • Nick in Beijing


  • mr.wiener

    Good to see the parents punished their little monster. Kids can be horrid little animals, but the worst animals of all are those that teach them hate , in this case the education system.

  • MonkeyMouth

    …..that Japanese EMBARRASSED you family, huh? Still blaming THEM, are you? The title of this article is misleading. Should read “Little Japanese Boy Exposes China as being the Bushleague Backward Blind Stupid Nation that it Truly is (Again)”
    I’ve got nothing much else to say, except the obvious. Everyone needs an enemy to feel more secure with oneself, but blind hatred will not get anyone anyplace. And this is the example. Teacher showed you an anti-Jap cartoon, huh? (thats the most alarming thing in the whole article). Told you to hate them, huh? Fuck you, China. I for one am not worried about the 21st century belonging to you. Because it won’t. And if it does, its only because others want you to. You are only being propped up. So go fuck yourself and your backass education. You are just ruining your future.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      What a monkey mouth with the brains of a monkey. Relax dude, the monkey forum is somewhere else.

      • MonkeyMouth

        Monkey forum is alive and well here, your highness. But ya, just venting a little. I find it alarming (still) that this country chooses to promote hatred toward another culture from kindergarten onward. Dude is hereby relaxed. Just watching the show. Watching the disintegration of human occupation of earth slowly but surely.

    • Cleo

      or the Japanese are being shown to third parties as sadly sneakier and deeper in their training of new sociopaths than awkward clumsy well meaning but ineffectual Chinese – that makes it very unlikely or less believable that the Chinese have been orchestrating the Allied Cold War against Japan and Germany from the very beginning. We’re just a bunch of stir fry cooks and dishwashers, neh?

    • Anon992

      “blind hatred will not get anyone anyplace”… “Fuck you, China”

      Lead by example like this Japanese boy did. That’s how China will learn. The culture works on shame, remember?

      Shouting ‘fuck China’ does not work and as above, is simply contradicting the anti-hate message you are trying to convey.

      • MonkeyMouth

        i see your point. I meant china in the political sense. Not blasting the people, per se. Kind of like how you say fuck america when you read about their atrocities in vietnam, for example. got me?

  • vincent

    Ah well kids are impressionable, it’s the parents who should be more mindful of the childs surroundings, this incident reflects more on the failure of the adults rather than of the Chinese kid.
    The fact that the childs teacher is inciting nationalistic feelings and hatred is even more troubling, they’re supposed to be guiding kids to be decent human beings.

  • radbab

    Asia is a mess. South Korea vs North Korea, South Korea vs Japan, Japan vs China, Cambodia vs Thailand, Vietnam vs China, Burma vs China, Philippines vs China, North Korea vs Japan, Taiwan vs China… almost every government has a nationalist agenda where at some point military, guns and rockets are involved when dealing with their neighbors. If they ever want to create something like the EU then it won’t happen any time soon.

    Time passes slower here… some people I’ve met even mentioned the boxer rebellion to me when they hear where I’m from and then go “but I like you anyway”….duh. And no, I’m not from France, Britain or America or any of the other “evil imperialist” countries that had colonies everywhere.

    • dave

      “Time passes slower here… some people I’ve met even mentioned the boxer rebellion to me when they hear where I’m from and then go “but I like you anyway”

      You’re lucky they even speak to you. Someone who looks vaguely like you probably insulted their ancestors.

      • Probotector

        You are the king of deflection; I love it. Your points make a lot of sense that many are unwilling to say. The question is, why is only China so vehemently like this, and will it ever change?

        • dave

          It’s not only China, and, no, probably not.

          What does an average Westerner think when they hear “Muslim” or “Middle Easterner” (forget that most Muslims are Asian.

          What about “African?” “Jew?”

          Now, what does the average Chinese think of when they hear “Westerner?” Or “Japanese?”

          Preconceptions are the best kind of conceptions.

          • Probotector

            True, but the difference with an educated westerner is that we can see past these preconceptions; a Chinese by and large cannot.

          • dave

            The key word there is “educated.”

          • The Enlightened One

            There’s the answer! Education.

            A word many corrupt politicians shudder to hear unless it involves their children.

          • dave

            “The best disinfectant is sunlight.”

            Better to keep them in the dark.

        • SuperHappyCow

          Talk about deflection. A while ago you admitted to beating your wife, yet you never answered my question.

          Probopoopter, have you stopped beating your wife?

          • Probotector

            And now you’re just trolling me with inane shit

          • mr.wiener


          • SuperHappyCow

            There’s a lot of context that you’re unaware of, Weiner. Move along, bro. Move along.

    • Probotector

      I’m not from France, Britain or America or any of the other “evil imperialist” countries that had colonies everywhere.

      Would that make you Russian then?

      Also, when did America have colonies?

      • Reila90
        • Probotector

          Well knock me down. But it’s not really the same as European or Japanese colonialism.

          • Reila90

            How U.S is different? US was the aggressor three times in its history. That was before Japan enter world imperial era. In fact, U.S have its own massacre in Philippine too. U.S is just same as any western imperialist. America became the Nation of Nations is only because of it’s power.

          • Probotector

            These are more like protectorates than colonies. Colonies would exist because they were conquered territories that were colonized by exporting their population to those territories in order to establish a new civilization. America never did that. Refer to my other reply to you about why you should stop bellyaching about America

          • dave

            Hm. Exporting population to an area to integrate it with the “mother” country?

            Sounds like Tibet.

          • Reila90

            That’s still ambiguous. Because Philippine under U.S at that time have no formal sovereign as nation. While a protectorate country suppose to have its formal sovereign as nation. If America never did exporting their population, then what is Hawaii lol.

          • Probotector

            Hawaii is an American state, under the same federal law as the rest of the USA. It’s not a colony.

          • starlightshimmers

            The Philippines was a Spanish colony that revolted in 1898, the First Philippine Republic was established in 1899 and it was subsequently invaded by the Americans. This is called the Philippine-American War. – > “Colonies would exist because they were conquered territories”

            The US government abolished the Spanish language and literature, which was the primary language of media, education and government in the Philippines. The US government sent 1,500 English professors to teach English to the Filipinos and in schools it was forbidden to speak in Filipino or Spanish. And US bases were set up all-over the country. The US military subsequently invaded, conquered and annexed the neighbouring Islamic Kingdom of Sulu into the Philippine colony. “by exporting their population to those territories in order to establish a new civilization”

            You don’t NEED to export the conqueror’s population to “those” territories in order to establish a new civilization in order for it to be called colonization. If that was the case then French Indochina, British India and Spanish Philippines are not considered colonies but “protectorates” because there were not a lot of French in French Indochina, not a lot of British in British India and not a lot of Spanish in Spanish Philippines.

            Colonization is not that easy to define and it varies. Your definition seems to apply to the colonization of the American continent by European powers but it doesn’t really apply to the sort of colonization that occurred in Asia.

          • Probotector

            Colonization does refer to exporting peoples from another place, usually the conquering country, but not always. What you’re referring to in the case of British India, Dutch East Indies, Philippines under America etc. is conquest, rule or administration, but not colonization.

          • dave

            Are we comparing dicks again?

            Or is this some “might makes right, politics flows from the barrell of a gun” argument?

            Why does imperialism even matter to a country that was nothing but a group of tribal warlords until it was “unified?”

            Because the conquerors weren’t Han?

      • dave

        Can the average American tell the difference between a Chinese, a Korean, a Japanese, A Vietnamese, etc. before they speak?

        Hell, can the average American even tell the difference AFTER they speak?

        “All Look Same.”

        Do you look like you could be from one of those countries? Yes? Then you might as well be.

        • Probotector

          I agree that this mentality exists, and it’s a shame that they don’t care to know where you’re from. Has a Chinese ever said to you “You’re all foreign to me”?

      • starlightshimmers

        The Philippines was an American colony. Invaded by the Americans in the early 1900’s and subsequently colonized. William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. had served as Governor General of the Philippines. Numerous islands in the Pacific Ocean were annexed by the United States as territories. The Kingdom of Hawaii is the best example, a US-supported insurgency against the ruling Hawaiian monarchy.

        There’s a reason why the USA considered an Asia-Pacific superpower.

        • Probotector

          That’s not colonization, it’s conquest. But also, most f these places ultimately became independently administrated.

    • Reila90

      That’s because of western imperialism & Japanese failure to counter this western dominance. If countries or regions suppressed by various foreign power, it is more likely they will fight each other and forgot themselves as community.

      • Probotector

        The rivalries he refers to existed before Western imperialism, and Japan emulated Western imperialism.

        “If countries or regions suppressed by various foreign power, it is more likely they will fight each other and forgot themselves as community.”

        Um no they’re more likely to unite together in the common interest of freedom. You’re just assigning blame to excuse the shortcomings of Asian culture to have a tendency towards rivalry.

        • Reila90

          However, Western imperialism is a destroyer of human beauty, and romantic solidarity within diverse “Asia as one” against Western civilization. That’s the point. If Japan success conquering all the east Asia, then the rivalries will not exist amongst Asian.
          Today’s chaotic situation in Asia was an outcome of WW2.

          • Probotector

            If western imperialism destroys civilization, I suggest you stop using our products, ideas and technologies. Getting off the internet is step one.

            Also, if the system was in chaos before imperialism and (to your logic) the ‘saving grace’ of Japanese conquest failed, that speaks volumes about the problems within Asia.

            And don’t say the only reason the Japanese failed is because of American imperialism. America didn’t want to get involved in the war. They only did after Japan attacked them.

            btw I can’t really believe you’re condoning the actions of the Japanese in WWII

          • Hongwu

            Defending those tradition-dishonoring punks is rather sad my friend.
            Japan post-Meiji era is the number 1 traitor of asia because it was the first to abolish traditions to put in a industrial system based upon the western one. that makes them TRAITORS even decades before the whole japan vs. china war debacle.

            We need to defend only those who help bringing back stuff, for forsasking it. and guess what? Japan was the 1st to do that at that time, back when China was still a DYNASTY, an EMPIRE.

          • Reila90

            No they are not traitors. Japan is one great example that China should follow at that time. Japan govt practice Confucianism while China not. Qing government only think about themselves. Qing have zero awareness of duty & role as leadership.

          • Hongwu

            Throw away tradition at the bin is confucianism? now that’s new to me… besides, if they truly valued traditions they should’ve been more worried to the proper observation of the rites, the values ideas and morality, the upholding of esteemed traditions such as archery,calligraphy and music, not cutting much your hair [filial piety and symbol of honor],etc etc

            Not worried about j-pop,hentai,crazy haircuts,modern music,robots and other boring stuff…

          • Reila90

            Well those are entertainment. And that’s what entertainment for. You can’t judge the nation if the entertainment doesn’t met your taste or preference.

            Japan doesn’t throw its tradition. In fact, if you see today Japan is more preserved their culture more than China, Korea & any eastern Asia. What you need is being progressive at the same time maintaining your identity. Confucianism itself was invented because Confucius has progressive way of thinking.

          • Reila90

            LOL typical westerner with its smugness. Westerner can’t invented everything out of nowhere without eastern influence at first place.

            What makes white people have a right sailed halfway around the globe to roamed over and grabbed continent for free? while Japan only want to protect Asian from western hegemony but they accused as evil.

            America always want to go war with Japan. See ‘War Plan Orange’. Japan attack on Pearl Harbor was spurred by U.S itself.

          • Kate

            The rape of nanking was Japan only wanting to protect their asian heritage from western hegemony?

          • Reila90

            That was in the imperial era. Meaning you would have to eat someone else or to be eaten. Simple as that. You can’t use today’s standards to judge Imperial Japan. The fact that i’m from one of Japan ex-colonize. We were all once Japanese. Japan built us schools, trains, electricity and countless modern facilities. it is USA which destroyed all of our beautiful land and put us as puppet state.

          • Kate

            Ok then.

          • mr.wiener

            You see Kate, by that logic the rape of Nanjing was the west’s fault using the Japanese as the proxies of their hegenomy.
            Can you believe the amount of doublethink it takes to do this?

          • starsky

            japan’s battlships other than Yamato were British designed


          • Kate

            Yea after her reply, I’ve decided it ain’t just worth it…….id rather be playing diablo anyway ^_^♥

          • Probotector

            You’re full of shit

          • Reila90
    • Rick in China

      I like how the consistent “vs.” is China. Says something, doesn’t it?

  • Spanyky

    A few years back I was in a playground in Shanghai with my daughter. A littleChinese boy starting screaming “Da-si Meiguo ren.” Must have been 3 or 4 years old. Made me feel really nice and happy that I’m paying 45% Chinese income tax to a country that inculcates such values.

    • dave

      So you admit you are only in China to take money that could have gone to hard working Chinese? And then to humiliate their children on Internet forums?

      • Eurotrash

        He did not admit that. Besides, he probably does his job better than 99.9% of the Chinese. That’s why he has this job.

        • dave

          I was being obtuse. Gotta make my 5 mao.

          The joke being that there must be some reason for Chinese kids to hate him.

    • Probotector

      How did he know you’re American?

      • The Enlightened One

        Well, aren’t we all?

        That’s not true actually… In China, I am 75% of the time America, 20% of the time English and 5% some random guess… but hey… at least the 5% are trying.

        • Probotector

          I know I’ve had it too. It’s particularly insulting if you’re not American. But hey Americans are just flavor of the… century. A hundred years ago, they thought all white people were British because they were the big ‘imperialists’ back then.

          • SuperHappyCow

            I know, right. These guys and their anti-imperialist rhetoric. FUCK EM.

          • Probotector

            Glad we agree.

    • The Enlightened One

      Sometimes it is better NOT to learn Mandarin in China.

      For all of you that didn’t study the little kid was screaming “beat the American to death”…. how precious and heart-warming.


    History stays in the past. A good education system is to tell kids the truth not how to think. In this way, Chinese education system sucks! A particular discrimination on Japanese is one sort of racism.

  • dim mak

    Nothing wrong with a sense of nationalism, even in children. An enemy is an enemy and should be treated like an enemy. Problem being Japan isn’t really an enemy, at least not to the extent most nationalists imagine.

    When I lived in Japan I observed a lot of Japanese, even adults have a ridiculously naive, kindergarten-ish view of the world. I think it’s cus they live in a “Galapagos” bubble, relatively isolated from the rest of the world. Language barrier, and no loyal immigrants overseas as a lifeline. Yes they may be amiable, trusting and all the traits this kid was, but is that even a good thing? There was this one co-worker, who upon finding out I had just arrived in Japan, took it on himself to drive over one weekend and give me a ton of old appliances and food, then offered to take me shopping. And all I could think was: Jesus, if this was back in China this guy would be screwed over a million times.

    This kid would be more respectable if he stood up for himself. Morality, history, nationalism etc – none are good excuses for being spineless.

    • dave

      “Nothing wrong with a sense of nationalism, even in children. An enemy is an enemy and should be treated like an enemy.”

      Why do you think so?

    • Probotector

      The problem with a sense of nationalism in children is that they are often too young to handle it, and are therefore a victim and a pawn of the ignorance of those that teach it to them. How about if children could be taught to come up with their own ideas and opinions? Wouldn’t that be a sight.

    • Oh for the love of God, the kid is 6 and has no idea what the hell is going on. Just what is he supposed to stand up too?

    • “Yes they may be amiable, trusting and all the traits this kid was, but is that even a good thing?”

      Yes, it is.

      “And all I could think was: Jesus, if this was back in China this guy would be screwed over a million times.”

      That doesn’t mean your co-worker should change. That means China should change. And it’s certainly possible––generosity and kindness tend to correlate with sufficiently high income that’s equitably distributed. Considering China’s ambition is to build a healthy and secure middle-class, this would be a natural progression upon achieving such a socioeconomic transformation.

      • dim mak

        Yeah but those are all just moralist arguments

        The point is aggression and general dickishness can make you more competitive, putting moral righteousness first is immature western thought and shouldn’t be applied to Asia

    • ScottLoar

      “And all I could think was: Jesus, if this was back in China this guy would be screwed over a million times.”

      But he wasn’t in China, he was in Japan the same as you, a Japanese, and because you were not local, not Japanese but an outsider, he was extending to you extraordinary consideration, and your reaction was to relate this human kindness to China and conclude “Jesus, if this was back in China this guy would be screwed over a million times”.

      I ask you, aren’t you ashamed? I ask you, did you accept his generosity with gratitude and humility? I think not.

      • dim mak

        Is scotty twisting my words for the sake of sensationalism, or is he just stupid?

        Could be both

        • ScottLoar

          I am neither stupid nor sensationalist. You obviously cannot recognize and graciously accept generosity from a stranger, but instead cynically think him naive, simple, a mutt for fleecing.

          • dim mak

            Yet it remains that you have no idea how I actually reacted to his gesture, so you went ahead and equated my private thoughts and internet musings on Japanese society years later as my alleged ingratitude at the time

            See I think on the inside, you know what you said was wrong. So why not stop the denial and own up to your faults?

          • ScottLoar

            I can only judge you by what you’d written. I will always apologize for unintentional offense, for misinterpretation, but you began your story with:

            “When I lived in Japan I observed a lot of Japanese, even adults have a
            ridiculously naive, kindergarten-ish view of the world. I think it’s cus
            they live in a “Galapagos” bubble, relatively isolated from the rest of
            the world”.

            Then you went on to relate an act of generosity (you never used that word), followed by the comment that if this (Japanese) guy were in China he’d be “screwed over a million times”. You never intimated any appreciation, nor any feeling but that that guy and those people are naive with a “kindergarten-ish view of the world.”

            Now for the second time you accuse me of misinterpreting and want an apology. I don’t see how your comments can be construed as any other than ingratitude, and seeing that guy as naive with a kindergarten-ish view of the world.

          • dim mak

            Here’s scotty’s argument: “it didn’t happen because dim mak didn’t write about it!”

            Yes, you really do sound that stupid

            And then he says this: “I can only judge you by what you’d written.”

            Not sure if retarded

            I did, in fact thank him at the time, and brought him a gift before I left Japan

            Doesn’t change my view that he would’ve been screwed over had he been in China, or that Japanese society in general is hilariously naive and overly trusting

            You see how those things are not mutually exclusive?

            You see how U RONG?

            “Misinterpreting” <— scotty's desperate attempt at weaseling out of his faults

            I'd say making up random bullshit about me is far worse than mere "misinterpretation"

            So if you even want to be taken seriously, I suggest your next post contain an apology

          • ScottLoar

            Apologize for restating what you wrote? You want me to apologize for what you revealed in your mind at the time, which was “Japanese society is hilariously naive and overly trusting”, and that the guy himself was naive and in China he’s be fleeced good. Now you say you thanked him and brought him a gift before leaving Japan, and only because I questioned your cynicism.

            Being taken seriously by you is not worth dickering with you.

          • dim mak

            Hey look, scotty’s response when faced with logic is not to address anything, but to keep squirming by repeating the same fallacies he made in the first place

            Yeah, I think that’s what happens when people get crushed in argument

            How much you wanna bet he only replied because he had a lil emotional knee jerk and thought i “sounded bad”?

            Because see, it takes a special kind of person to magically tell people what they did in their past without actually having been there

            Oh and did y’all know this

            Thinking is actually the same as doing
            I know, weird right

            >Inability to argue any of the points
            >Refusal to apologize for his offenses

            I do believe that’s scotty’s credibility out the window

            Okay, we done here then

  • Cleo

    more sweetmeats handfed to the hyenas keeping vigil over us –

    is Jun Fu – Really Lucky in Chinese because the pinyin looks like Really Bitter in Cantonese

    so I take it the tactic of not raising a scold regarding Japanese conduct will allow a naive unprotected child to be perceived correctly by Japanese “children” who will proceed to tell the Chinese child just LOVELY insights about how Mandarin sounds like the language of dogs and that it’s not worth learning.

    mm hmm – it’s even better when hybrids like Tina Chow don’t know to be wary and share that her mother raised her with the UNDERSTANDING that Japanese culture can be defined as the best of Chinese culture which the Chinese themselves no longer possess nor practice

    it’s all a ruse – a gambit for the postwar Cold War against Germany and Japan

  • CanadianInGuangzhou

    I am an English teacher here in Guangzhou China, and it really is amazing the amount of propaganda shoved into every single one of my students minds. Every single one of them, when you ask their opinion about Japan, absolutely HATES them with a passion.

    • dave

      If you use the social contract model for why people form governments, it is to trade freedom for security. One of the big ones is to give up freedom for security from outside threats.

      The Chinese have been taught for 50 years now that the CCP is protecting China from the rest of the world, which only wants to subjugate and humiliate them. So, of course they hate.

      West Korea, still fighting off the imperialist running dogs.

  • madesu

    That fifth commenter is a complete twat..What the hell he was talking about? especially the part about “the poor ability to distinguish right from wrong”, he should have seen himself in the mirror.
    I’m so disgusted of this freak.

  • The Enlightened One

    I have to agree that China has horrible parenting in most cases. They push their children hard in education but do the parents really know what they are pushing their children so hard to learn? Do they take an active part themselves in educating and caring for their own children?

    From my experience here in China, this is normally not the case.

  • if you boycot Japanese product, you wont be able to play ni no kuni which is damn awesome. It brings out the child in you and you cant tell if its a video game or an animation. Make peace… and play ni no kuni

  • ABC

    I teach English in China as a foreign teacher at a primary school. I’m an ABC (American Born Chinese) and I have a Japanese girlfriend (Which my students know). One day I had a pretty interesting conversation with one of my students.

    Me: “Where do you want to go for the Spring Festival?”
    Student: “Japan”

    Me: [Shocked] “Really? Why?”

    Student: “So I can go and kill all the Japanese.”

    Why was I not surprised with this answer? I should of known it was coming. Me being intrigued, I continued on with the conversation.

    Me: “What about my girlfriend? She’s Japanese. Are you going to kill her?”
    Student: “No, I won’t kill her.”

    Oh gee, thanks!

    Yeah, but working at a primary school in China, I get first-hand experience with all this hate non-sense. I mean, I understand all what happened in this past and everything, but I feel like, why should you brainwash kids like that? You know? Kids are kids, they should grow up without this hate, and well, be kids! Kids shouldn’t worry about this kind of stuff, they should grow up and enjoy life while they can, because being a kid is best part of life. After they grow up, they can research history and decide for themselves whether or not to hate, you know? But hey, that’s how I feel.

    • Probotector

      Chinese kids are taught hate against Japan because:

      It’s distraction politics from the government’s own failings

      It creates an obedient army of fanatics to support the regime

      It’s scapegoating to compensate for China’s insecurities

      • ABC

        I can totally see that. I feel like most Chinese live such miserable lives, always working, only being able to see their family once a year because they live far from home for work, and only going out to have fun once a month, etc. In order to cope with their miserable lives, they use this “hate” as a way to feel better, I guess?

      • Bread and Circuses.

      • ASDF

        Ohh this explains everything! Unlike communist China, South Korea is a democratic country with a free education system. This is why the South Koreans, despite suffering from Japanese war crimes as well, do not show the slightest resentment towards Japan. This also explains why only filthy communist China has island disputes with Japan while friendly lovable democratic South Korea shares its dokdo islands with japan peacefully. China needs to be more like South Korea.

        • BraveNewWorld

          At least they don’t seem to be setting factories on fire, flipping cars over, marching through the streets with disgusting banners degrading the Japanese flag, calling for war, positioning their radars on Japanese targets.

          Democracy isn’t something westerners do for fun. Very basically, democracy is protection from bullies. Not always perfect, as humans are far from it, but at least most western countries don’t have 160,000 in forced labor camps with no trial. Tens of millions starving while they country exports grains and refuses international aid. I don’t think there are any Liu Xiaobo’s rotting in prison in South Korea for having impure thoughts—thoughts that people should be free from bullying and corruption.

          So sad to see people so determined to defend this cold-hearted regime. They were very careful in their efforts to control thinking—namely, constantly reminding people that they were humiliated (70 or so years ago by Japan) and helping them forget they were humiliated especially in the 50s-70s by the same party that rules today.

    • The Enlightened One

      But where can they find time to be a kid with all those English/Piano/Violin/Swimming/Math/Gao Kao preparation/Hating-Japan classes?

      Oh, and then we have to consider school too.

    • don mario

      so they can grow up into brainwashed adults. and then you have 1 billion brainwashed fools at your service to never betray the goverment, and allow them to get away with as many abuses as they can manage. all the while deflecting the hate at other’s. pretty flawless, for an evil sceme i’d say.

      • Archie

        Nope, you should read Weibo. The truth is more and more Chinese are waking up to the fact that they’ve been duped.

        • El Puma R.

          Yeah, the Chinese who have access to the internet, a little will and curiosity. Which is what I would call the 57th minority.

        • don mario

          i dont believe it can make a difference. they are far from the majority, and none of them are actually doing anything of action other than chatting online(which could thrown them in jail anyway) nor do they believe things will change. even most chinese that have gone overseas do not alter their view, the nationalistic brainwashing is just too strong.

          btw there have always been fair and clued up people in china. there even used to be something called a democracy wall in beijing. even tho its the information age i cant help but think china is just as hopeless as it ever was. the only thing that might bring about some change is if their economy flops.

          • Archie

            Well I suppose this makes me a glass half full person and you a glass half empty.

            I would point to the governments anxiousness about Weibo as a sign they know it is unleashing a force they may not be able to control. Real name registrations, some 16% of all posts deleted due to censorship, some posts taking up to a week before they are allowed to be posted in order that “someone” can assess how harmonious the content is.

            There have been many cases of action taken through Weibo and other social media that has been pushing boundaries that before was unimaginable. The Southern Weekend issue the most recent to come to mind, and through that episode, I think the incremental change we will see there is that propaganda chiefs will be reluctant to be as agressive at altering content as they have been before the new media era given the outcry it caused.

            I don’t expect Chinese to all wake up immediately, but over time I can see a new awareness and then increasing demands for better governance. One guy at my work who suddenly found himself with access to a VPN was soon enough saying the Chinese people need to be armed with guns because he was that disgusted by what he learnt once his eyes were able to be opened. I’m certain he will talk to his friends, and over time more of this will change the thinking of the average guy on the street,g

          • don mario

            it doesnt make any difference…… any disobedience will be stamped out, big or small. someone got sent to labour reform a few months ago for making a joke on twitter about the ccp and a horror film.

            its not about how positively you view the situation, its just the harsh reality. go and take a look at through ccps history, you will see its not any better now than it ever has been.

          • Archie

            While the government makes murmurings about dismantling the labor camps, and while 10 people just got sentenced for their roles in black jails. small things I know, but they give me hope. as they do to professors in my university here in China.

            We’ll just have to agree to disagree here. I prefer to live in hope than look on an think everything is hopeless. It might be naive of me, but I prefer to take a positive attitude when given a choice.

          • don mario

            more lies from a government that has been built on lies for 60 years gives you hope?

            hope? no, that’s plain ignorance. don’t they say doing the same thing but expecting a different result is the definition of madness? “hope” allows the ccp to continue on as they have for the last 60 years, why would they ever need to change a thing?

          • don mario

            suck my cock

    • linette lee

      The china gov’t brainwash the china chinese to hate japanese, so they won’t have time to hate China corrupt government. But many Chinese bloggers on the weibo internet hate both Japanese and china gov’t. hahahaha…lol.

      • starsky

        when can we get them to hate judaism-xtianity and australia?

    • filabusta

      I agree. I was astonished when my five year old student said they didn’t want to play Japan in our fake Olympics because “Japan is bad”.

  • Communism is very adept at instilling art of hatred. Chinese culture before communism was compassionate due to Buddhism and Taoism.

    But Maoism and Communism has instituted the art of hatred and deception which even today gullible Chinese observe and carry out sincerey.

    • dave


      Fucking bullshit.

      It was the same. Everyone wore queues, because they were supposed to. Then they cut them off, because they were supposed to.

      And they sand “throw out foriegn devils” to the tune of “Frere Jaques.”

      China is as China always was.

      Read “The True Story of Ah Q.”

      And this:

      Then it occurred to me that this hollow-chested, disreputable yellow degenerate, with a dirty scalp and a pair of pants the seat of which flapped about his knees, not only had the right to call, but actually was calling me a foreigner, and it was borne in upon me that I was indeed a stranger in a strange land.

    • Reila90

      Cultural revolution was successful in eliminating Chinese identity. That and Mao leadership, make PROC independence means half century backwardness. China seems rained by bad luck in these centuries. Starting from foreign dynasty, Western imperialism, & communist.

      • dave

        Everyone likes to think that the Communist party made China. It didn’t. It came from China.

        Check my link up there about a Brit going to Shanghai in 1910. It ws backwards then, too.

        China was backwards long before Mao. China was likely always backwards. Peasants culture is peasant culture, and the emperor is far away.

        No, Mao just succeeded in halting modernization.

        • Reila90

          It came from China because of Chinese own failure of leadership. Yuan Shikai was authoritarian, Sun Yat Sen died young & the real educated communist leader Chen Duxiu was assassinated. So Only the stupid ones are left to be leader. Like Mao.

          Also the Qing dynasty is equivalent to Mongolian empire. They’re not Han. So they’re the reason China’s backwardness too.

          • dave

            So, can’t just blame the Communist party, then?

            China has been backwards for many hundreds of years.

            The CCP owns 60 of them. But it didn’t eliminate Chinese cultural identity. Thievery, corruption, poverty, and a general disregard for others existed before and after Mao came along. That IS China.

          • Reila90

            Well, you can’t really blame Communist. If you know what actually “Communist” is. As we know Communist was popular at that time because Capitalist was so harsh back there. So if there’s anything wrong in Communist, that’s the leader. Not their ideology. Tho i personally don’t support Communist ideology.

          • dave

            That’s… not what I was getting at at all. You said the Cultural Revolution destroyed Chinese identity.

            I said that China was like this long before the Communists came to power. The cultural identity hasn’t change very much.

            So, you shifted the blame to the Qing.

            If the culture is poor, it is Chinese people who are at fault. Not Mao. Not the Qing. The people.

            This poor culture is what endures for generations.

            This poor culture IS “Chinese identity.”

          • Reila90

            That’s because of the leader’s fault & weak government. Cultural revolution spurred by Mao. Cultural revolution is an act of self loathing. Basically purging your identity and replace it with the new one. Japan was poor people too before modernization. If early China have a strong iron fist government like Japan during Meiji period, the problem in China can be solved.

          • Hongwu

            unfortunately, Meiji restoration helped their country in imitating the west and creating shitty steam-era machines, but it ruined the traditions there!! this is an outrage!!

            I’d rather stay with the three-kingdom esque commanders, rather than that crap. respect the ancestors! pay attention to the rites!!

          • Reila90

            Not really. That’s industrialization. What Japan did is adapting modern western technology but still applying eastern value in it.

            See Fukoku Kyohei.


          • Hongwu

            Because unfortunately I have strong doubts on many stuff about that country on said period, specially Meiji onwards.
            How can you protect heritage,traditionalism,confucian values,etc etc if everything you do, you mimic the West?? clothing,hats,beards,uniform,lifestyle,architecture,technology,etc etc
            there were some exceptions, but great part of japan was being westernized, people no longer followed some traditions… there’s even that painting ”allegory of the new versus the old” made by some japanese to illustrate the ‘fight’ at the time.

            That’s plain cultural revolution with some restrains because the oligarchy want to keep state shinto+the emperor as cool puppets, while they transform and wreck the country as they wish.

          • Reila90

            At early era of modernization, it’s common to see things like that. In order to survive from colonization, adapting new technology is a must. If not, the west will colonize your country. Mimicking the west at that time it’s not a bad thing to do, so that you can compete with the westerner.

            Meiji govt favored a gradualist approach. You can’t have rampant democracy at early era of modernization. Because it’ll mess. Like i said, Japan today is more preserved their culture more compare to any other Asian. It is not likely Japan want it or even think to transform themselves.

          • diverdude7

            ok, I’m not much at following these internet discussions, but I just wanted to say that it seems a bit odd that one of the posters here seems to be infatuated by the idea of living in the past. yet he tells us about it using pretty high-level English, writing from his computer, and posting on the internet ! :-p hehe,,, just seems kinda funny..

          • dave

            Authoritarianism doesn’t tend to solve large scale societal problems. In fact, it makes them worse.

            It also turns a country into a prison.

            But, hey, if you envy North Korea, if you envy Stalin, if you like a Strong Man government, more power to you.

          • Hongwu

            and became even worse, shifting from tradition to modernity. no wonder why I dislike anything related to post-Meiji japan [I like knowing bout their feudal history, that is cooler].

            modernization just gives the country a bad vibe! we need to follow what our ancestors taught us, and not create new stuff and ruining everything they did for us.

            the ancestors are the true ones to worship, not the industrialists/modernizers.

          • Reila90

            Well, that just being traditionalist. Which not bring any good result too.

          • Hongwu

            But tradition is good, its like a flame in our heart, that keeps us from being frozen alive… it helps to keep communities united, and to some extent the whole Empire.

            It’s the rocks that compose that giant mountain we can call ‘China’

          • Reila90

            Maybe what you trying to imply is “culture”. You can still be modern with maintain your original culture. But being traditionalist only bring ethnocentrism and isolationism way of thinking. Which is the reason behind China’s failure in first half 20th century.

          • mr.wiener

            Ahh Communism…., the best idiological experiment ever to be wrecked by a bunch of bullies , zealots and wankers.

          • Reila90

            I don’t think you really fathom what Communism actually is.

          • mr.wiener

            Nobody real does except for 2 people, the first was a liar, the second: insane.

          • Reila90

            Whatnever. Not like i’m a fan of communist anyway.

          • mr.wiener

            Interesting conversational style you have there.
            1st Attack
            2nd Claim the other person doesn’t share your unique insights
            3rd Say whatever, it isn’t important.
            How’s that working out for you?

          • Reila90

            I never stated i’m pro communist. So i don’t know what’s your point. Maybe you implying i’m a pro-CCP? well, no.

          • mr.wiener

            Didn’t say you were pro or anti anything. I was responding to your assertion that I knew diddly about communism.
            I have you pegged as being pan blue and pro Japanese at the moment.

          • Hongwu

            The whole difference between industrial west versus traditional asia is what created that gap. before the meiji restoration, japan was also a crappy country military-wise, if we compare with britain, for example. Korea follows suit.

            Blaming a country ”backward” ness on the Qin because of their heritage is rather racist, and I’m NOT a Qing dynasty defensor [although I hate modern countries and westernization and industrial revolution,etc etc].

            If China, during the 1850-1911 period was under the MING, I doubt it would have been different. maybe they would’ve put more of a fight, maybe even defeated some foreign enemies, but put the country in the path of gay stuff [progress,development,.technology,blah blah rainbows and ponies] I HIGHLY doubt it.

          • Reila90

            I know it’s a bit racist. But at that time Han is more superior in technology, civilization & culture to any other ethnics(include the Yamato). What the Qing bring to us is none. They made the soldiers using bow and sword instead of rifle that used by Ming. Qing is highly corrupt, ethnocentric and xenophobic. Thanks to those Manchu, the entire world now thinks that shaved head, queue hairstyle and buttoned shirts are the entire culture of China’s past. Their very language is a reminder of the humiliation that took place during their occupation of China.

          • dave

            “Qing is highly corrupt, ethnocentric and xenophobic. ”

            It seems that persists even to the present day. China only “opened up” to Western technology, methods, capital. It opened up because it was starving.

            But it still sees anyone that isn’t Chinese (HAN Chinese, of course!) as “outsider.” A threat, or at least, lesser people. I get the impression that you might think along these lines, too.

            Are the Qing to blame for this current xenophobia? Or perhaps Westerners? The Japanese? Mao? Whose fault is it?

            Who can modern Chinese point their fingers at now?

            Are the China’s shortcomings EVER the fault of her own people?

            No, of course not.

          • Hongwu

            About the clothing, I agree with you. but the entirety of Asia has now been turned into a mass of tech-wroshipping,short-hair,slaves-to-capitalism junks, and those who arent are kissing the feet of some dictator/commie. UNFORTUNATELY.

            I also hoped we were back in the Han dynasty, when chinese were proud and fought barbarians, and the confucian though was learned by nobility, and we stood proud [and have topknots]. situation now is terrible.

            And I’d rather stay with the early Qing [which governed quite well for a foreign group] rather than 20/21st century anything.

            Industrialized europe is the true barbarian China should have cutdown in half and burned to the ground the seeds for the IR.
            and make stuff stay the same.

          • dave

            “I also hoped we were back in the Han dynasty, when we were proud and fought barbarians, and the confucian though was learned by nobility, and we stood proud [and have topknots]. BUT situation now is terrible, MUCH worse than the Qing. at least they RESISTED modernization.”

            You cannot halt the passage of time. Trying to do so is precisely why the East became weak. It’s a weak philosophy.

          • Hongwu

            We need to try. at least TRY to do something. restore tradition, think of feasible ways to stop stuff, declare an all out war against everything that ruins traditions,customs and the old ways.

            We seriously need to work hard, harder than any world war in hujman history to try to restore the max. amount of stuff we can get. Situation is terrible because of modernization, westernization,influence from modern cultures.

            Weak philosophy is selling your soul to the modernitty, to the industrialism, to all that crap. we need the emperor back, the imperial court, the mandate of heaven, the guozijian, the whole fabric in which the imperial system was woven into, during decades, centuries.

          • BiggJ

            Hey buddy I have just the thing for you. Just go on taobao or ebay or whatever and buy a “flux capacitor”. All your dreams can come true!! Just hook it to your car and get your car going to 88mph and it should work. Here is a picture of what you need.

          • Nick in Beijing

            If people abandon traditional ideologies and practices, then that should lead one to believe that they saw greater value in modernization than in the traditional lifestyles that they (NOT you) were living.

            Blame modernization and industrialization all you want, but if you feel empty without tradition to prop you up, then that implies that you are a failure as a person, not that modern culture has failed you.

            Create value for yourself, don’t rely on outside sources to provide it for you.

          • Nick in Beijing

            So what you’re saying is anything non-Han is backwards? Way to put down the 56 “official” minorities of China, and the entirety of the rest of the non-Han world.

      • Probotector

        Chinese identity is now back with a vengeance

    • Hongwu

      Not necessarily compassionate, as the s=== hits the fan pretty quick on ancient China, but this degree of stupidity is something very recent.

      a witchhunt-esque anti-japanese crusade, that happens to worsen the relations between both countries AND no real benefit to the chinese civilization.

    • ScottLoar

      But Buddhism was severely persecuted during the Tang exactly because its popularity was interpreted as a threat to the authority of the state and never recovered its stature, and Taoism was reduced by Confucianism from a philosophy and high literature ( 老莊) to the fringe sect of mysticism and hermetism which it remains today.

      Chinese like to blame Maoism for the faults of Chinese society but seem indifferent to previous criticisms by men like Lu Xun, Liang Qichao and essayists of the 1920’s. Moreover, the native Han Chinese Ming dynasty was the well-nigh perfect police state; even look to portraits of the Emperor’s relatives and see the fear in their faces. No, Maoism and communism alone did not make the mainland China of today.

  • yurah

    Nationalist in general are pretty messed up in the head regardless where they are from

    • Your capacity for introspection is admirable…

  • BiggJ

    I’m suprised chinamen are not ranting about the fucking mongolians too. Just teaching hate full on in chinese schools. Chinese are like the clone army from star wars, They all look the same and follow the orders of a hand full of people and never think for themselves.


      Pretty much true, or at least relatively speaking more true than in the West. But I have also noticed many Chinese do change when the immigrate to other countries. I have a few Chinese friends who’ve immigrated to the US over 10 years ago and I have seen the personality changes for myself. Sometimes subtle changes but noticable (ex. more interested in politics, social issues). But it does look like Chinese schools really do suck at teaching independent thinking.

      • ScottLoar

        Yes, many Chinese and others who have fixed, disfavourable opinions about the US that encourage their own nationalism (Koreans, Islamists) and who’ve immigrated to the US over 10 years ago do change; we have friends from Taiwan who seldom return to Taiwan, some never returning except for family emergencies. But, this change invites cognitive dissonance, or the need to hold two conflicting opinions, which among the Chinese and some other strongly nationalistic groups is resolved by only associating with others just like themselves. This is especially true of mainland Chinese who in university circles mostly associate only with their own kind. They are not looking to be challenged by what is new and different, they want the comfort of reassuring familiarity. Their need for reassurance is so great they will not even associate with Chinese from Taiwan or Chinese-Americans, only mainland Chinese.

  • [email protected]

    I find it very hard to believe a 3rd grader used the word “boycotted”, quoting the context for his anger and the particular example for his attack. Find it hard to believe, BUT, apart from that, nothing else is a surprise.
    Surely it is nothing new, surely it comes as no great surprise when the little ones become all-out racists, in fact surely this is what Chinese people want, right? to continue the racism from one generation to the next, because they are doing absolutely nothing to stop it from happening, as a nation, as a society.

    No, nothing new here, not surprised at all. And no, didn’t bother to read the whole story, because frankly, I am tired of this Chinese animosity towards Japan thing.

  • Probotector

    “I really wonder if it is because of [differences in] overall social norms.”

    “It seems like children’s natures are inherently kind after all, and they’re willing to make friends.”

    “It had to have been Peng Peng who taught Jun Fu to say those words…”

    Could the author be any more naive?

  • Leave it to Chinese to act like total fucking retards on this issue.

    OBVIOUSLY it was the child’s fault Japan invaded China 8 freakin decades ago.


      I see your point but then again this is only one family. When you say “Chinese” it looks like you’re lumping ALL Chinese people into one group based on the actions of one family. There are actually many Chinese who can think logically and see that this child has nothing to do with what his ancestors did, but then again many Chinese cannot see the difference so I guess you have a point there. Maybe better to say “some Chinese people are retards, but definitely not all”.

      • Well, I lived in Dongbei for a year, where students would openly talk about how much they hated the Japanese when lessons or class discussion had nothing to do with Japan.

        I remember one of my first classes as an English teacher in China… we were doing self-introductions and one student said in front of the class, “Hi, my name is David. I love NBA and Kobe Bryant, and I hate Japanese. They are assholes.”

        Of course I know that not every single Chinese family irrationally hates the Japanese. I only mean to highlight that the Chinese in general are irrational on this issue.

        • The Enlightened One


          “How’s the weather today David?”

          “It would be better if it were raining Japanese blood! BLOOOOD!”

          “That’s great David. Have a good day!”


          I totally believe you and I’ve also heard from my Chinese friends that most Chinese dislike the Japanese to varying degrees. Okay then maybe your first post was on target. I’m just glad there are Chinese that are able to see beyond race, or else I’d be a total leper around Chinese people, LOL.

      • curl of the burl

        I do support and share your disdain for generalizations but in this case it’s from the horse’s mouth. 90% of Chinese people I’ve spoke to when referring to Japan, will say “We Chinese people/Chinese people/In here we don’t like little Japan.”

        It’s one of the defining things I found when discussing things with Chinese people. They would start a sentence with “We Chinese …” instead of saying ‘some people’ or just speaking for themselves.

        I found it is extremely common for Chinese to talk about China in these kinds of grand generalizations because, that’s what and how they were taught. ‘We Chinese people are XYZ’. Period. They are brought up to have a unified vision of the nation, it’s people and it’s identity. I think this view has it’s pros and cons.


          Yeah I have to agree with you. I mean I have a fair number of Chinese friends and my current GF is Chinese and since I’m close to them they have told me almost exactly what you’re saying. I guess I didn’t put much thought into my first comment. When I think about it further I’ve also heard all the comments you’ve mentioned and therefore I have to backtrack on my original comment. You are right.

          • curl of the burl

            Yeah, it’s weird. I didn’t notice until I left China and went back home and would mention China and find myself repeating what they’d say “Chinese people are..”. My friends would pull me up and say “man, there’s 1.4 billion Chinese, I don’t think they are ‘all like that’. I think they are going to be all quite different”.

        • ScottLoar

          I fail to see anything positive about this common rhetorical fallacy known as appeal to the public and usually concluding with a thought-terminating cliche.

  • Reila90

    What people often ignore is Japan is nowhere same “evil” as any western imperialist at that time. You can say unit 731 was bad. But if we talking about number of deaths here, Alliance did more casualties far more than Axis did. The fact that Taiwanese are happy to be Japanese, we were all once Japanese. Japan built us schools, trains, electricity and countless modern facilities. it is USA which destroyed all of this beautiful land and put Taiwanese as puppet state.

    • Probotector

      If America was not in Taiwan, then China would reconquer you. Perhaps there is a stigma to being an American puppet, but many of us are. However, it’s a necessary, if unfortunate, situation. America did more than anyone to protect Europe and Asia from the spread of Communism. To decry their efforts is truly ignorant. Also the Japs raped and murdered Chinese women back then, Americans didn’t. Germans and Japanese put people into gas chambers back then; Americans didn’t. So how do you justify saying that the Allies killed more than the Axis?

      • Reila90

        That’s “If”. I don’t think U.S ever want an unified China at first place. Either that started by China or Taiwan.

        U.S definitely did rape and murder to a human being during imperial era.

        Killing people in more suffered way doesn’t mean they’re more “evil” than the ones who kills MORE people without suffering them.
        “So how do you justify saying that the Allies killed more than the Axis?”
        Knowledge of history. From U.S in Philippine, British in India, Dutch in Indonesia, etc. (Not to mention what they did in Africa). Also, Stalin did more brutal compare to what Hitler did. But they’re ally anyway.

        • dave

          “I don’t think U.S ever want an unified China at first place.”

          Do Chinese want a unified China? Do you?

          People in HK, Tibet*, and your home Taiwan seem to be ambivalant to the idea of One China (to say the least).

          *Not that Tibet has much ability to do anything about it.

          • Reila90

            They may hate today’s government but all Chinese still want an unified China. Or perhaps under new government.

            Here’s something about Tibet you should know.

          • dave

            Read that one.

            Also this one:


            Doesn’t change the fact that “All Chinese” don’t want One China. Unless those that don’t are not Chinese?

            And why would “all Chinese” want that, anyway? Are “all Chinese” somehow intrinicly unified? Have they ever been?

            Is this a HAN CHINESE thing? Are we talking race now?

            Weren’t you criticising ethonocentrism a while ago?

          • Reila90

            It’s always been like that since ancient times. That what makes China become solidarity, harmony & family.

          • dave

            That sounds like it came straight out of a propaganda book. First, the Chinese people aren’t inheriently Confucian, so those values were IMPOSED.

            Second, this doesn’t look harmonious.


            But I guess they all wanted to be!

          • Reila90

            Well, they grow bigger isn’t it? compare to European empire, they shrinking, smaller and divided thru centuries. I don’t think you really get my point tho.

          • mr.wiener

            What exactly is your point?
            You’ll have to forgive me, with my individualistic culture I don’t understand your words.

          • Hongwu

            It is the cullture,tradition,solidarity,confucian values and love for the civillization what can keep china united.
            Not this westernized-esque nationalism, which only consist in empty/vain flags and shouts against this or that country.

            Restore the tradition,the culture and all those values first, before thinking in blaming one or that country.

            A rotten heart cannot beat properly.

        • Probotector

          You didn’t make it clear enough then

          • Reila90

            Why & how i should make it clear? You want me to provide link? You can browse Wiki or Google by yourself to know if my statement is fact or not. You obviously have no knowledge in history to backup your own words.

          • Probotector

            What? Well my major was history and my dissertation was published, so shut the fuck up about my knowledge of history because you don’t know me.

            You said: “Alliance did more casualties far more than Axis did” The allies (UK/USA/USSR/China) did not kill more people than the Axis, so you are just wrong and if you meant “Western imperialists throughout history” killed more people than the Axis.

          • Reila90

            Haha.. you funny. You really have a huge problem in comprehension. Alliance already exist before WW2. My point is, Axis and Alliance are equally bad at WW2. What makes people see Axis is more evil(like you) than Alliance simply because Alliance won the war. Winner wrote the history after all.

          • A guy

            Haha… you funny. you have huge problem in composition.

          • Reila90

            Nice try. But that’s logical since English is my second language.

          • The Enlightened One


            I thought that would have been Japanese, so you wanted to be Japanese so badly… Strange.

          • Reila90

            LOL no one ever said that. Keep trying buddy.

          • The Enlightened One

            “The fact that Taiwanese are happy to be Japanese, we were all once Japanese” – Your post above.

            I believe you are Taiwanese. No?

          • Reila90

            Did i specifically say “Geez! i wanted to be Japanese so badly! Fly me now to Japan ASAP!” ?? How you can’t differentiate statement??

          • Probotector

            Well actually there’s no such thing as “the Alliance” there never was. I assumed you meant the “Allies” of WWII who fought the Axis, and your word “Alliance” was just your bad English. But now it seems you’re just making things up. If you’re implying that “the West” was some united force against China or something, then you’re mistaken. Western countries often fought each other (hello? World Wars ring any bells?)

            Also, you’re saying that the Axis wasn’t evil?

            So murdering 6 million Jews and countless others in the Holocaust, the greatest genocide of modern times was just insignificant? The massacre at Nanjing wasn’t evil? Or the human experimentation in Harbin?

            Or are you trying to say that all westerners are as evil as each other, past and present? Well that’s just ignorant and racist. No one from the West has committed more atrocities on a par with Nazi war crimes since that time. If you want to talk about evil, take a look at your own people, like Mao Zedong who was responsible for the deaths of 60 million Chinese during the collectivization of agriculture in the 1950s. And this has just been quietly forgotten.

            I don’t know who has taught you about history and how the world works, but your ideas are pathetic.

          • SuperHappyCow

            “So murdering 6 million Jews … the greatest genocide of modern times was just insignificant?”

            “take a look at your own people, like Mao Zedong who was responsible for the deaths of 60 million Chinese … And this has just been quietly forgotten.”

            how wait what? huh

          • Probotector

            It’s called history, it goes beyond your understanding

          • SuperHappyCow

            what i do understand is that 60,000,000 is a much larger number than 6,000,000

          • Probotector

            Yes it is. So what’s your point?

      • SuperHappyCow

        Americans raped Japanese women after WWII.
        And, Japs? Are you sure you’re not a closet racist?
        Are you going to start calling them Nips?

        • Probotector

          Yes I’m sure. Are you sure you don’t use racism as the basis of every argument you make? Oh wait, you do.

          Also, American rape was/is isolated incidents that are normally punished under the law. They never did it as a mass movement of pillage and conquest like Japan did. Why do you hate your own country so much?

          • SuperHappyCow

            Have you stopped beating your wife?

            OH WAIT, YOU DO?!

          • curl of the burl

            LOL personal insult = loss. Owned.

          • SuperHappyCow

            bet 50 bucks you’re probopooptor

          • curl of the burl

            And I bet you 7 gongjin of face that you’re the lint elf. You owe me fifty bucks mate. :)

          • SuperHappyCow

            You want me to sit on your face? Gross.

    • The Enlightened One

      If Taiwanese were so happy to be Japanese why do they still basically speak Mandarin? What are the hell are you talking about?

      You sound like a nut job.

      • Reila90

        Are you stupid? Mandarin is an unity language used in many places. Just like English in Aussie, Canada, U.S, etc.. Taiwan itself made by KMT. A national party that unified China under Mandarin language before Communist kick their ass to Taiwan.

        • The Enlightened One

          Yes, I know this but Taiwan was under the rule of Japan for 50 years from 1895-1945 and were being taught Japanese in schools. If they LOVED Japan so much why didn’t they resist the KMT influence? Do many Taiwanese speak Japanese?

          • Reila90

            Because they can’t. U.S want Japan unconditional surrender. Yes many Taiwanese still speak Japanese.

          • The Enlightened One

            Sorry my friend. It seems like you are wrong, many sources say that Japanese is rarely spoken in Taiwan amongst Taiwanese. MAINLY only elders alive during the Japanese rule still speak Japanese.

            You and a few friends do not constitute the thoughts and opinions of the entire of Taiwan, no matter how anti-imperialist/western you are.

          • The Enlightened One

            But hey, I am just a “GaiJin” and what I say doesn’t matter right?

            That’s what you said on JAPANCRUSH, that whatever gaijin say doesn’t matter.

            So why are you even debating topics with them?

          • Reila90

            Well it seems now foreigner knows Taiwan more than Taiwanese itself. Like i said, many Taiwanese STILL speak Japanese. So clearly i’m not stated specifically what their age and who they are. But up to you. Not like i force you to believe it anyway.

          • The Enlightened One

            I don’t believe it or not believe… I am just strongly questioning your statement “The fact that Taiwanese are happy to be Japanese.”

          • Reila90

            You are outsider anyway. With your individualist culture, those words may be hard for you to fathom.

          • The Enlightened One

            Oh, great. It’s the… “you-are-an-outsider-so-you-don’t-understand” card. Thus, you feel you have nothing to learn from the outsider and are always right in every statement you claim and ever action you do.

            Like I haven’t seen that one living in China for over seven years.

          • linette lee

            Well, many young taiwanese learn Japanese. Like many Japanese also learn chinese. I learned a bit of Japanese when I was a kid in HK. I forgot most of them.

          • mr.wiener

            Most Taiwanese are taught the mainland’s history in schools> Taiwanese history classes are new and still far from thorough.
            What I like about most Taiwanese is they don’t have a stick up there arse with “5000 years of civilization ” written on it.
            I suspect you are being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative.
            And please knock off that “you wouldn’t understand” BS, you sound like my wife when “her good friend is here”.

          • The Enlightened One

            Oh god, you too?

            That’s why I chose this name as a sort of irony to those kind of situations I run into in China.

          • The Enlightened One

            Isn’t it funny how everyone of her friends is “her good friend”?

            Even if she hasn’t seen them for like 15 years and doesn’t know their real name but just some stupid cutesy nickname they used for each other when they were 6. Like zhu zhu (pig pig) or something lol.

            In China we are all good friends!

          • mr.wiener

            Actually I was being coy. “her good friend is here” means she’s on the rag.

          • The Enlightened One

            Oh, that “good friend”… no more need be said.

    • Cleo

      Americans don’t rape Chinese babies to death so their own kids won’t have to face stiffer competition academically.

    • mr.wiener

      Hmm. stats on civilian war dead would be roughly on a par with the axis [Japanese] and the allience [Yanks] and that would have much to do with the fire bombing of Japanese cities.
      Curtis Lemay to his credit said if the Japanese had won he undoubtably would have been tried and executed for war crimes.
      The Japanese put in an infastructure second only to Japan’s in Taiwan. Certainly much of the transportation links were bombed by the Americans , but the real destruction in material terms happened after the KMT forces landed and stole anything of value ..and then later in terms of intelectual capital during the white terror. Many Taiwanese associate the KMT sun you have as your avatar as more evil than a swastika which [to them] looks more like the backward sign of a vegetarian restaurant.

      • Reila90

        There’s many war criminals on Alliance side that never been executed either.

        Japan wanted their colonized country to be on par with them. Which make them different than any western imperialist.

        What KMT did is only brings all the mainland’s treasure. If Japan not lost at that time, It is not likely KMT will lose to Communist or even migrate to Taiwan. If you referring to bad politician, like Chiang Kai Shek, all political party can do the same. It’s not the party or its ideology whose wrong.

      • Hongwu

        But the allies are also quite a smart lot. specially the US. the guys firebomb wooden cities, make terror strikes on civilians,murder,kill,rape just like the Axis BUT they ALWAYS portray themselves as ”liberators” or ”human rights defensor” and other BS like that.

  • dave


    “Not that I have a word to say against the Japs, for nothing could be farther from my intention, but they do love themselves with such an all-absorbing passion that they have no sentiment to spare for other races.”

  • Hongwu

    Long live the Nazi-esque education our people, the sons and daughters of Yan and Huang currently have in the 21st century. =.=
    Thinking about, that’s even worse than fascism…

    • Cleo

      outrage against baby rapes is worse than fascism ….

  • Cleo

    I was fortunate enough to not have to deal with Japanese so I was never vulnerable for being raised in ignorance – once you know that China was terribly harmed, you feel sad and terrified and wonder why nothing was ever done to make us safe from the perpetrators but as long as your parents neglect your historical education, you really don’t give the Japanese much thought until they do something to you because they see you quite unprotected unlike the porcupine ABCs who immediately have to say something within earshot of Japanese strangers. Frankly, I have more reason to hate Japanese than these ABCs who have never had any genuine encounters with the Japanese who see them as nonthreatening and dismissable – everything happens over their heads. That outrage is very simple and direct but it doesn’t get under the skin of the Japanese who are trained better and feel very smug that the Chinese youth are so clumsy in their displeasure.

    So although I mind being isolated from a true Chinese upbringing, being obtuse but having an overdeveloped sense of justice came in handy. I get to have lovely little firsthand insights about postwar Japanese. I could never have gotten this kind of stuff in any other way. I have zero resources after all.

    “Closer” is a two-way street and when I was in that brief ingenue stage, I could almost hear it in their brains when they saw me – their curiosity was piqued – what do you think they thought they saw?

    • dave

      ” once you know that China was terribly harmed, you feel sad and terrified and wonder why nothing was ever done to make us safe from the perpetrators ”

      And this is how the Communist government stays in power.

      “FEAR OUTSIDERS. Especially Westerners and their running dogs. They only mean to harm and humiliate you. Support us, and we will protect you.”

      Fucking West Korea.

      • Cleo

        neither of my parents were ever indoctrinated by Communism because my father was handpicked by his village to be ostracized as being related to a landowner and kicked out of the sixth grade – and my mother in Hong Kong was forbidden from walking past Leftist bookstores that would blare Communist songs from their loudspeakers – she was told to cross the street and she did – not even a leftist newspaper was allowed in their flat because neighbors had their doors kicked in by the British looking for such contraband

        there is NO communist influence in my upbringing – no red flag with gold stars – I’ve never even learnt simplified characters.

        don’t blame the commies to make the Japanese think that we have no credibility – that Cold War is over – they got tsunami bombed and we are in a new phase of stopping them from decloaking Akihito’s sympathetic ruling monarchy.

        • Cleo

          I was raised to hate criminals and taught all the sneaky seducing ways they try to undermine the children of their targets from Age 2 as far as I can remember. And then I was exiled into a pocket of working class America where I didn’t get a load of what people really felt about the Japanese until I was twelve years old.

          • Rick in China

            It seems you’re more interested in telling your own *yawn* story than making any sensible discussion topic. Nobody gives a fuck about you, your upbringing, your mother or father’s upbringing, or anything related to your inane self-righteous thoughts about why you’re right and everyone else “just doesn’t get it”. Get off your soap box, and learn a little about the world around you.’ll find someone who has any minute interest in taking your time away from self-loathing projection on internet forums and keeps you occupied with dinners, movies, and sex.

          • Cleo

            He accuses me of being a COMMUNIST and I advised him otherwise. Don’t forget the topic we are responding to IS a personal anecdote that could be fiction for all we know. It propagates an idea of how the Chinese lack credibility for their outrage even within themselves and that only feeds Japanese self confidence. I COULD have just called shenanigans on the entire article since there are so many false notes in it.

            if it’s a Commie thing then Taiwanese, Hong Kongers and Singaporeans don’t mind what Japan did to Chinese throughout Asia not just in China proper, neh? The Overseas Chinese have no problem with Japanese spouses, etc. etc. you can run as many Asian American nonprofits as you want, you can patronize Giant Robot and pretend it’s anything but a honking failure but ultimately – this is about getting away with the WORST murders and rapes in history. All that pablum was just illusion for the culprits and the innocent but stupid. I was innocent but I wasn’t corrupt and that never sounded right to me. I’m not a coward.

          • dave

            Who, me? I didn’t say that you were a communist. At least, I don’t think I did. I have no idea if you’re a communist.

            I did say the Communist party stays in power by playing on fears of “outsiders.” The whole world is out to humiliate the great Han nation.

          • Cleo

            No Commie ever told me about the burning of the summer palace twice, opium wars, unequal treaties (Europe you’re dead twice for the antisemitic murders and for the betrayal of the Chinese partner that made you rich in the first place), now glencore and the rest of the carpetbaggers – that has nothing that the Chinese should be so ingracious to mind – I’m just thankful that the Americans vanquished both the Nazis and the Zeroes – that’s a debt Chinese owe America despite the anti-Chinese immigration laws of North America.

            what they did to China, they do to Africa and South America and what they did to the Jews in their midst, they will eventually do to Chinese in Europe – so EXCUSE YOU for minding anyone with the temerity to point it out

          • dave

            Are we comparing dicks again? Someone did this, someone did that, and I feel HUMILIATED! :'(

            Do you agree or disagree that the Communist party plays on Chinese resentment and fears of “outsiders?”

            That, like how North Korea pretends to protect it’s people from “US imperial agression,” they pretend to be some vanguard, protecting some recently made-up notion of what it means to be “Chinese” in order to stay in power?

            You resent and fear Westerners. They use people like you.

          • Cleo

            wth do I care what the Communist party does – I NEVER read stuff about China’s politics – I don’t care about ANYTHING except that China is batting back Japan. We are not friends – China and I – I barely know any Mainlanders.

            I just want to say that as a working class educated American who didn’t get any geography lessons, don’t know much about history – but basic right and wrong will create a consensus that when someone who is so wronged has a child so innocent and awkward and seeking to fight his tribe’s battles – that doesn’t make his Japanese counterpart look like the victim. It is way shady that that in-law brought his Real Japanese nephew along to see how real Beijingers live in their natural habitat.


            Sorry to burst your bubble but I think you’re talking to a brick wall. Of all the people I’ve ever encountered on the internet Cleo may well be the one I consider most likely to have a legitimate mental illness, no joke. I forgot if you can access this website in China but linked below is another website to which I frequent and “Cleo” posts. If you want to read more of “Cleo’s” ridiculous posts for entertainment purposes click on the link.


            If you read it can you seriously tell me that it’s the posting of someone who is totally sane? I’m sure he also posts on other websites in the same manner.

          • Cleo

            I also post on global times

            I’m banned from WSJ, Amazon Forums and I can’t remember where else … Japandailypress for sure


            Looks like you’ve been a bad boy online, but I’m sure in real life your as sweet and timid as a kitten.

      • Germandude

        You know, it’s shocking that the only thing history seems to teach people is that history doesn’t teach people anything at all.

        Regarding your sentence: “And this is how the Communist government stays in power.”, which I totally agree with, it is very interesting to see that already the Romans knew how to manipulate the massess. Their own with “bread and games” and for foreign countries through “divide and conquer”.

    • Hongwu

      You had any ‘true’ encounters with the japanese? and it did involved fighting?? if it did, that’s admirable.

      • Cleo

        I would call it frustrating them not fighting them – but it doesn’t work if you set out to get them – it’s mainly a defensive strategy that doesn’t leave yo feeling like Shu Qi afterwards – basically, no Japanese can claim that I ever acted like a porcupine with them although I did have amusing and very entertaining dialogues with a Peruvian hybrid – the hybrids are different but this one was also part Chinese so it was pretty funny that he called me a bitch in a way that I didn’t feel threatened nor worried that his telling REAL Japanese would cause me any problems – because he made frontal remarks about Chinese that real Japanese don’t make (unless they think you are Japanese Americans and they are still in a fugue state from having “dates” with Aussies on the beach).

        I have no curiosity left about Japan or Japanese and eventually, there’s no point in dressing up in zombie guts – all that’s left is THIS style of fighting. Just egging on Akihito every day, wishing the wikileak was genuinely iminent because there is no way to use it to keep him passive indefinitely – it has to be used against him.

      • Cleo

        this article is some nice but clumsy Chinese letting the Japanese know what they are thinking – there are only two types of Chinese – the ones who drank the Kool Aid and will defend the Japanese against fellow Chinese and the ones who hate them but can’t do anything about it – the sense when dealing with them is that they had no idea what I was thinking and therefore consistently misread what I meant when I said something to them or something within their earshot – that’s all. It’s an impossible situation.

        Now it’s just shoving Akihito everyday and being convinced that he got caught redhanded using his spy satellites in a way he doesn’t want anyone to know about. I can’t prove it. The Allies have to be the ones who can and did catch him. That’s the only way the stuff with Asean and Diaoyutai will be resolved.

        • Hongwu



            Please see my post to “Rick in china” a few posts down. “Cleo” really isn’t right in the head. You’re wasting your time.

          • mr.wiener

            Don’t make eye contact.


            Another great one-liner you’ve come up with there. You’re right, I know Cleo is fairly well-educated, don’t want to make him too upset. Who knows what he might do to retaliate.


      I though I’d find you here Cleo. You sound like you’re really educated and all but I can’t help but think you have a few screws loose in your head. Seems like there are better things to do than compose almost unintelligible rants on the internet 24/7. Don’t you think?

      • Rick in China

        Clearly someone fueled with so much rage is unable to hold down any sort of reasonable job, relationship, or otherwise communicate without a computer screen – leaving much time for propagating that hate throughout the internet via rampant forum posting :D


          The thing is that I don’t even know if it’s pure rage, I’d bet it’s more likely a mental illness. I think he mentioned before that he lived in the US so I really hope he doesn’t own any guns. And I’m not even joking about that in the least.

      • Germandude

        He/She/It fits the picture: a nobody in real life, a real tough person online.

        Conclusion: don’t take it serious and just note down that 90% of the people are full of shit. ANYWHERE.

    • mr.wiener

      I think they thought they saw a badly dressed Chinese person with rabies, but were probably too polite to say anything.

  • Cleo

    this is what you do to small children if you tell them about the Japanese – they feel like they have to do something about it – they’re just babies – what good is even a porcupine against these terrors? So will this anecdote instruct Chinese parents regarding how to raise their children?

    I would hate to tell my kids about the Japanese. It’s going to be a bad day and you never get over it even the BAREST mention which is what I got from my elders – mentioned in passing, very briefly but unfortunately quite precisely – because it was like being soaked in a waterfall of immediate comprehension – and then again in college when you have to learn about the Comfort Women – just a few sentences and you feel damned for being alive in this world where this is a fact – an unchangeable fact.

  • Cleo

    has anyone noticed that no one bothers pointing out Nazi’s good points and Jewish people’s bad points to keep criticism “fair and balanced”

    • dave

      You must not read the NRO.

      Nazism may have been an ideology to which the United States was — and to which the president is — implacably opposed, but it is hardly “senseless.”

    • don mario

      lol. exellent point! nobody is defending north korea either.

    • A guy

      How many Jewish rallies shouting “down with Germans” do you see?

    • A guy

      How often do little Jewish kids claim that all Germans are sick in their core and that they need to be eradicated. How often do Israeli class rooms tell their students that they are in an ongoing fight against German imperialism ETC…

      These two situations are not the same. If Israel started having a one sided hate fest toward modern day Germans you would hear the same apologetics, and in the end the two atrocities were equally horrible but had many differences so broad sweeping comparisons between the two are inherently flawed.

      • dave

        “If Israel started having a one sided hate fest toward modern day Germans ”

        ctrl-f “Gernams” ctrl-v “Arabs”

        • A guy

          First it isn’t one sided. I mean that is some crazy hate from both sides, And how much apologetics is there in that case??? I don’t see your point. In fact even if you had one it only helped my case.

          • dave

            My point is that it’s 5 AM and I’m tired from arguing with nationalists.


            And something about apologetics for the way Israel treats Palestianians because of how they were treated by Europeans, or something.

  • dave

    Can someone give me the Chinese for

    “Please don’t spend so much time comparing (yourself / your country / your penis size / your children / your sports players / your designer brand name handbags) with others. It only makes you appear insecure.”


    I want to make a t-shirt.

    • Cleo

      Chinpokemon pretty much sums it up

      China’s faking it by aping genuine Japanese behavior – we don’t care what anyone else thinks – because that gives away a strategic point in the fight – you have to fight knowing and accepting that you will get cut up and mischaracterized – it helps if it has already happened before – I guess it’s an exercise in toughening up

    • lacompacida

      I will bite if I get the copy right.

  • dave

    All in all, I’d say any argument that boils down to “Foreign devils / western influence trying to CONQUER China evil! Not like when Huangdi UNIFIED China!” isn’t an argument at all.

    The Han didn’t unify China. THEY CONQUERED IT.

    It’s just supporting the conqueror that you identify with. I guess I should support the Brits for the Opium Wars.

    And China is still colonialist in Tibet. So, I guess that’s OK, too.

    • Reila90

      LOL all countries ever conquered each other. Only the difference is, Han never done race replace unlike those whites.

      • Probotector

        You just bashed imperialism, then when dave owned you, you just say “LOL all countries ever (sic) conquered each other” So which is it? And Hans do replace other races, like Uighurs in Xinjiang or Tibetans in Tibet, it’s just not done with guns and gas chambers.

        • dave

          It’s basically admitting that the Chinese people aren’t unified, but dammit, they should be!

          Just need a really strong Han leader to make them!

          Insecurity, looking to define oneself by their race, blaming others/outsiders/foreigners/past rulers/whatever for their own weaknesses, the usual stuff.


        • Reila90

          Explain me then how Han ethnic replace other ethnic in Xinjiang and Tibet? when in fact, Han convert themselves into Muslim & Buddist, changed their names, have kids with them, & speak their language.

          • Probotector

            The Hans have an overwhelming demographic majority in China. Tibet and Xinjiang were reconquered in 1950 by the PLA. The Hans are migrating there and out-breeding them. Now, as I told you a while ago) this may not be intentional ethnic cleansing, but the damage is happening. These people, along with all Chinese minority races, will eventually disappear and be replaced with Hans.

          • Reila90

            Then they will be not either Han or minorities. Simple as that. When people assimilated it’s not victimize to only 1 ethnic. But 2 ethnic.

          • Probotector

            That’s the same as colonialism then, hypocrisy.

          • Reila90

            Off course. Did i denied that? umm not.

          • Probotector

            So therefore Hans are colonizing other Chinese minority regions.

          • dave

            If Hans become Muslims, then all Uyghurs must be Han! And if Hans become Buddhists, then all Tibetians must be Han!


            Foe someone who puts so much value on ethnicity, you don’t see to understand that there are more than one in China.

            An enthic majority moving in to, and having children with, a minority is called “assimilation.” That would be REPLACING OTHER ETHNIC GROUPS.

          • Reila90

            Yay! so brilliant! congratz you only prove your stupidity even more.
            Replacing is when you still maintain your purity. Assimilation is not replacing. Rather create a new “identity”. Assimilation already been done since stone age. Nothing wrong with assimilation.

          • dave

            No, “Replacing” is an ambiguous term that I asked you to clarify.

            Out-breeding a minority race can be considered “replacing.”

            Racial “purity?” WTF, is this 1930?

            There are no “pure” races. The distinction is farsical, and was only ever used to give a smaller group power over a larger gr…heeey, wait a second! Maybe that’s it!

            “The Han should rule because there are more of us!”

            THAT’S why they’re so pissed about “little Japan!” It’s little!

            Eh, Britain was little, too, and it owned the world. We got over it.

          • Reila90

            The existence of Han itself today is still in question. Because majority of Hans are probably not Han. And Tibetans are probably not Tibetan. And so on.
            “Racial “purity?” WTF, is this 1930?”
            The idea of racial purity is supported by the whites for centuries. It’s not like Han support that kind of idea.

          • dave

            Then who is Han?

          • mr.wiener

            He’s Chewie’s best friend, owns a ship called “Millenium Falcon”. Pretty fast apparently, it did the Kessel run in only 20 parsecs.

          • The Enlightened One

            LoL, he also looks exactly like Indiana Jones. Maybe they are related?

          • mr.wiener

            shhhhh! don’t say “Indy” to the chinese, they might think you’re saying “independence”.

          • The Enlightened One

            Independence Jones? lol

          • A guy

            Ask the Tibetans or Uyghurs how Han they feel.

            Ohh yeah that’s right you aren’t allowed in there to ask them and their opinions are suppressed.

      • dave

        I’m not sure what this means. “Race replace?” The Han didn’t conquer other races?

        • Reila90

          *cough America *cough Australia
          What race? Tibetan? Tibetan itself exist from intermarriage between Han and other ethnic.

          • dave

            So, there ARE other ethnic groups. Who are … being replaced by the Han.

            Yeah, I see how that’s totally different.

            You know, I’m beginning to think the 100 years of humiliation was brought about simply by the fact other nations were better at conquerering and assimilating for a while.

            How humiliating that everyone isn’t Han!

          • Reila90

            Well, you can’t say they’re replace by the Han. Because in fact they carried distinct identity to Han counterpart. It’s more than just a culture & blood mixing. Which you never see this in Western expansionism.

          • dave

            You … you are actually going to tell me… With your dream of One Unified Han China… One Confucian Chinese Culture.

            That the US, which is a multicultural, multiethnic country…


            I think I just suffered a mild stroke.

          • Reila90

            Yeah you better go die.
            I’m not stated that. You create those words by yourself.
            US multiculturalism just exist recently. Even tho their multiculturalism seems failure.

          • dave

            Not at all. Cultural diversity has made the US strong. Adaptive. Resisting cultural diversity pretty much destroyed Europe.

            Multiculturalism only fails when it is opposed. Uniculturalism fails regardless.

          • Reila90

            I ever live in U.S. I don’t think multiculturalism in there is so great at all. lol
            Racism & prejudicism are rampant there. It’s so messy.

          • A guy

            From there, and mixed and compared to any other country I have been to it is the least racist. The states are racially charged due to the multiculturalism, but then again America has to deal with more race issues than anywhere else because we takes all kinds bro.

          • Probotector

            Reila90 is a chick. Also, many western countries are multicultural

          • A guy

            Also if by messy you mean the font of innovation and creativity that has dominated the world for the last 100 years then yes quite messy.

          • dave

            Racism and prejudice are opposed to multiculturalism.

            50 years ago we had trouble electing an Irish Catholic for President. Now we have a (half) black guy. Raised in Indonesia.

            It’s progress. Do some people oppose progress? Resist change? Absolutely. They want to look back 40, 50, 100, 1000 years, and not look forward. But they die off over time, things do change.

            And in 2000 years we’ll all just have one slightly brownish race. Just like where we all came from.

            Anyway, if, as it seems you’re alluding to, the “Han” identity isn’t bound in ethnicity, or race, but in culture, well, OK. How far does the Heavenly Kingdom expand? Is being “Chinese” a CHOICE?

            If so, it’s not one that people with white skin can make, it seems.

          • dave

            Since you said you lived in the US, I’ll also say this (again):

            If you are Chinese, living in America, you are called a “Chinese American.”

            If you are American, living in China, you are called a “foreigner.”

            Which is the more advanced idea?

            OK, I’m off. It’s late. Actually, it’s early. Can’t stands no more.

          • Reila90

            Asian American doesn’t exist in America. But only as affix. American address them as Asian American because they’re Asian. The “real” American never see their minorities as American.
            Btw i’m Taiwanese.

          • Probotector

            “The “real” American never see their minorities as American.”

            No that’s bullshit; we’re not all racists like you.

          • Reila90

            There’s a news about racism in America for every single day. Don’t let me list that for you.

          • Probotector

            That’s irrelevant to what you said. Racism is a debunked idea in the West (unlike in China). And you are a racist because you think all Western people are evil

          • A guy

            Taiwanese fuck assumes he/she knows what a American’s think. “real” Taiwanese think your not Taiwanese either.

          • Linux Guy

            Please tell us how the natives of Taiwan are treated then ?

      • Linux Guy

        The southern parts of China were part of the Vietnamese Empire.
        Guangzhou and Guangxi

        • Reila90

          What empire? French Indochina empire?

  • don mario

    bravo ccp! brainwashing produces more results! such powerful and noble leaders!

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Y’all know that all ASIANS (jap, kor, viet, lao, thai, phila, native american..) all originated from CHINA, right?

    • dave

      Define “originated.”

      They originated in Africa. Same as everyone else.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Once the AFRICANS split into a few distinctive lines of people (white, black, yellow..). All the above mentioned people came from the main China line. I am using common everyday words so that you can understand.

  • Interesting story. It reminds me very much of Palestine and Israel.

  • PixelPulse

    Im glad his mom had enough brains to slapped him over the head, that little spoiled brat needed an asswhopping after what he taught the Japanese kid say.

    • lacompacida

      The teacher of that child needs a even more severe whipping, and so are his/her parents and teachers. Let’s not blame the society which is made up with individuals. It is all these individuals that allowed and trained this teacher to be such a criminal.

  • the names are so stereotypicaly asian

  • Dude

    Chinese are extremely racist, that’s what happens when you close off your country for so long, and then suddenly try to be open to the world. I’m from US, I’ve been living in Beijing for about 3 years. My wife is Chinese, her cousin’s child is about 2 years old, and every time he sees me he uncontrollably cries and says, “Laowai wo hai pa”. And I mean this kid cries like I’ve never seen any kid cry, and he won’t stop until I leave the house. No kid is is afraid of anything unless he is taught to be afraid of them. So, someone teaches him to hate and be afraid of foreigners…that’s China. Now I realize there is a terrible past between China and Japan, but there comes a time when you have to move on.

  • savyna

    when things were really exploding over the diaoyu islands i got a lot of questions about whether i support japan or not or that because im american that i automatically side with japan etc during this fight. what i always try to mention is that im aware of the great atrocities that the old japan did in the past and know that a lot of people now (not all but some) still feel that they (japan) was justified and they were doing it for the greater good of asia. I also mention that the relationship between chinese people and japanese people who fight like this remind me of the one about black people who hate whites because of slavery 300 or so years ago. Nothing can excuse what those people did or the hatred that they harbored but its another thing to be in 2013 and still run around with hatred for something you weren’t even around to experience, granted there are some really old people who were around for the nanking massacre. i just try to stress that for me it doesn’t seem right to just keep holding onto that hate to such an extent, or to have young children spouting out such hateful messages, why is a 8 year old teaching a 3 year old how to say something so degrading against himself? why are people standing by brainwashing their future? but since im not chinese (or japanese) i always tread lightly when giving this opinion. just reading the article/story i hope there can be improvements for the future

    • The Enlightened One

      Exactly, and kids don’t have to listen. I mean sure, we are taught things but we are not sheep even as children.

      I remember my grandfather was quite racist and sexist. When I lived with him for a while, we would watch movies together with some other family members. He would make comments. Like for example, when watching an action movie with a heroine kicking some guy’s butt, he would say “Oh that’s horseshit, she would get beat like a mule!”. Or if a black actor was on the screen with a white women, “They should stick to their own kind, those lousy lazy gang-bangers!” and so on about other things.

      It didn’t transfer to me at all, I just thought he was a moron. People need to stop being indoctrinated and learn for themselves. The greatest lie adults seemingly taught me through my childhood was that adults know more than kids.

      • Alphy

        I think it has a lot to do with education and role models. If kids are expose to only hatred, that’s most likely what they will learn. However if they are exposed to different cultures and people, they will change their world view based on their experience. Having a healthy role model also have a tremendous effect on kids. As kids learn very quickly, it is easier to establish an unbiased view, than to unlearn bad habit later on in life.

  • Taikongren

    My wife is Japanese. I’m a caucasian American. My two small children are America with Japanese heritage. My younger boy was born in China. We have been here for 8 years. All four of us speak English, Chinese, and Japanese.

    We have never come across direct racism from Chinese. Everyone acts very friendly to us. No one talks shit to our face. We host kids parties. We attend and are honored at school events, etc. And I truly believe that alot of the Chinese people who are friendly to us actually like us and consider us to be friends. I truly believe that our Chinese friends look past the nationality issue.

    On the other hand, I really wish a greater percentage of the population here would learn how to get past their cultural programming. When will people fucking wake up? My best friend’s Chinese wife – who I have treated as family… who I invited to my house to celebrate religious holidays with me … who’s child I’m god-fathered to – told my friend she does not like Japanese and hence does not like my wife. Reasonable, intelligent co-workers (my subordinates) say the stupidest shit based on dumb-ass assumptions about Japan. If they said such stupid things in a business context without bothering to look-up the facts, I would fire them for being idiots- The Chairman says “没有调查就没有发言权“.

    The Chinese worldview – as promoted by the CCP and its institutions – pushes a programming based on perpetual victimhood. When will it end?!

    • ScottLoar

      “We have never come across direct racism from Chinese. Everyone acts very friendly to us. No one talks shit to our face.”


      “My best friend’s Chinese wife – who I have treated as family… who I
      invited to my house to celebrate religious holidays with me … who’s
      child I’m god-fathered to – told my friend she does not like Japanese
      and hence does not like my wife.”

      I understand you want to fit in, to be accepted and so give great allowances to others from the local culture, but admit to what you’re experiencing: Someone is talking shit about you, and one of the very people you accepted as family. Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it disappear.

    • Alphy

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I have to say in the past few years, anti-Japanese sentiment has peaked. Not to say it wasn’t bad before, as I remember when i first came to China years ago, one of my local co-worker, kept sharing his thought on how the entire Japan should be nuked.

      If you watch Chinese TV, you will most likely land on a channel featuring a drama on Japanese aggression, as there are… a lot of them. There are many movies released last year, and this year, about the Japanese Invasion or how China prevail in the war. And whenever there are new incidents surrounding the islands, there are non-stop coverage on the topics for days on end. I have to say if the CCP didn’t promote the hatred, at least they are endorsing it via media coverage.

    • andao

      I had a polisci prof about 10 yrs ago who said that many of the Chinese profs she’s met and worked with before are brilliant and thoughtful. They also claim that if Taiwan were to declare independence, China could (and should) sacrifice a hundred million lives to take it back. I think from the wealthiest businessman to the poorest peasant, there’s a certain aspect of crazy in the back of every Chinese mind. I blame it on education system and the endless, endless World War 2 dramas

    • dim mak

      That’s no different from other East Asians

      Victimhood is a powerful moral high ground, and we have to play to it because the rest of the world watching seems to think morality is important in politics

      The hard, realpolitik leaders in Beijing probably care very little for populist sentiments regarding Japan, save to manipulate them in advantageous ways

  • Pingback: China: Reflection on Anti-Japan Education · Global Voices()

  • TheEqlaowaizer

    Quite funny to read the apologists and nationalists trying to defend China as non-aggressive when recently there has been a massive backlash in forums and news comment sections against China’s belligerent bullying attitude to everyone around it.

    Even the fengqing can’t snowball opinion anymore, its become a big big fuggin deal! There is no Western plot to overthrow China, China’s leaders are making themselves the next boogie man.

    All the hacking, stealing, cheating, pollution, outsourcing, careless fireworks accidents etc, etc have really started to become a talking point in other countries among normal everyday people, a couple of years ago, nobody even spoke about the place, the Olympics propaganda machine seemed to have worked —– right up to London 2012, like it or not, nobody was beating people so they could have their land for a stadium.

    So I say screw China, get out like us long stayers have done, we’ve seen it change and the way it has is definitely for the bad, the government hasn’t helped Chinese people as a whole, its merely hanging on by its nails now as the housing bubble bursts. You wanna see pissed off people? try telling a nation of self centered, selfish individuals that they can’t have a house.

    So consider this, when it does (and it will) turn nasty out there, watch it, because the very first people they’ll turn their anger against will be YOU!

  • A Lu

    For anyone who’s been in China long enough the behaviour of this kid and his teacher are not surprising at all. Same for the parents, shitting on Japan (but it could be America, Europe, black people, wai di ren or anything else) all the time but suddenly becoming the most polite and peasant hosts once a japanese (but it could be America, Europe, black people, wai di ren or anything else) enter their house.
    Thinking about it, it’s a common thing all over the world. But you know, “Save the children”.

    • The Enlightened One

      That’s true. A lot of people are just angry and need something to vent at. The government supplies this outlet so the object of that anger isn’t them (the government).

      The greatest enemy of a poor government is the education of the people. AND THAT BEING SAID, the CENSORSHIP OF THE INTERNET by the Chinese government certainly supports this claim.

  • Fuck the chinese – fucking chinks – you chinks are the niggers of the world. Hopefully you will all die of AIDS.

    • Germandude

      Hopefully, some day you grow a brain.

      • hess

        Don’t keep your hopes up mate

    • mr.wiener

      Pop your head in the oven and turn the gas on, there’s a good lad.

    • Alphy

      Do we have admin on these comment sections? I haven’t posted for awhile as I was away, but seeing how there are racist trolls, there are less incentive for any reasonable discussion on topics here.

    • The Enlightened One

      There is a fine line between criticism of various people, their culture and their society and total racist retardation.

      You crossed it.

    • curl of the burl

      Your brain would be ashamed of you. Genetic cul-de-sac comes to mind.

  • Charlie

    As a Chinese-Canadian, I am aware of the war history between China and Japan. However, all the people who ACTUALLY sufferred and who ACTUALLY did the suffering are PRETTY MUCH DEAD. I am quite sure NO ONE on this board served in WWII. I believe it’s DISRESPECTFUL to assume that WAR CRIMES somehow “carries over” via generation. WTF?? NO ONE HERE SERVED IN A TRENCH!! You just can’t complain that you’re being disrespected!! You didn’t serve!! Just like the Germans! Sure, it’s an AWFUL HISTORY, but how much is enough? A Germany boy 4 generations removed from the Nazi’s shouldn’t be charged for something that happened almost 70 years ago. Likewise, the people of Japan TODAY are infinite times better than the people of Japan in 1940.
    Unfortunately, one cannot say that about Chinese people. Chinese people in the past, in 1940 i feel, were more respected and respectful. NO SMOG in Beijing. No arrogance. Today – gawd, mainland Chinese people in Canada? jeez – i just want to deport them…

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