Chinese Man Gets Divorced, Runs Down 19 People with Car

The perpetrator being arrested.

The police is breaking open the car windows to arrest the man inside.

From Phoenix Online:

Fuzhou Man Runs Down 19 People Along Village Road

On the 28th, a vicious hit-and-run incident happened in Fuzhou Minhou County Qingkou Town Zhuangtou Village, where a man driving a car ran down everything in his path along a village road. According to Fuhzou City Police, on the 28th, at about 11 o’clock, a vicious hit-and-run incident happened in Fuzhou Minhou and so far has already caused 6 deaths (including 3 children) and 13 injured, with the suspect surnamed Lin arrested by police. According to a preliminary investigation, 37-year-old Lin lost control of himself due to marital problems, and ran down multiple people in a car. At this moment, local authorities are providing emergency medical attention for the injured, and investigation of the incident continues.

The scene of the incident.

Beijing Times: ”He kept asking his wife for money, and threatened to kidnap her if she refused.” As it is understood, the driver’s name is Lin Jianxin, who has consistently been unable to get along with his wife after marriage, the two of whom have already been separated for 3 years and have a 7-year-old daughter. Today [April 28], Lin Jianxin and his wife were in court to get a divorce. After leaving court, Lin Jianxin burned the car of his wife’s family, then began running people over in a car. “He didn’t run down anybody on his way from Ganzhe Court to Zhuangtou Village, but from Zhuangtou Village onward he ran down a street of people. The car is rented.”

The backpack of an elementary school student who died in the incident.

A family of four suffered misfortune. In this family of four, 3 were killed and 1 injured. The baby who is seriously injured is only 7 months old, and is now an orphan. [Picture is of] the backpack of an elementary school student who was run down and killed in the incident.

The scattered exercise book pages at the scene.

In a village alley of Fenggang Village, there were still backpacks, shoes, and exercise books scattered on the ground. A local villager named Lin Huansheng was at home at the time. Upon hearing the noise, he ran outside and saw a little girl lying on the roadside, already a bloody mess, and a car speeding away. When he looked behind him, he discovered several more children lying on the road. He even tried to revive one of them, but the child was no longer breathing. He says a total of 6 people were run down on this section of the road, including a grandmother taking her three grandchildren home from school. Just a dozen more meters and they would have reached home. Two other children were her neighbor’s kids walking along with them. The three children’s parents were working in South Africa, and are already rushing back to Fuzhou from overseas.

The victims of the incident.

Victims of the incident.

A bicycle which is run down during the incident.

The Lexus smashed into vehicles and ran over multiple pedestrians along the 2 kilometers long village road.

A motor scooter run down in the incident.

A Southeast Express reporter learned that: the man who ran down the people with his car had just gotten a divorce with his wife, a local of Zhuangtou Village, and it is suspected that the family dispute triggered a desire for revenge. His rampage over several kilometers involved smashing into electric scooters, with two children on two of motor scooters hit and killed instantly at the scene.

The blood stain at the scene.

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The blood stain at the scene.

Blood stains at the scene.

The wall which is damaged at the incident.

A wall damaged by the car.

A damaged car at the scene of the incident.

A damaged motor scooter at the scene of the incident.

A damaged motor scooter at the scene of the incident.

The damaged vehicles on the 2-kilometer long village road.

The perpetrator's car.

The man was arrested while trying to ignite a gas cylinder.

The perpetrator arrested.

The scene of the man being arrested.

Comments from Phoenix Online:

凤凰网上海市网友 凤凰网友:

Did the children wrong you? He must be arrested and severely punished.

凤凰网湖北省咸宁市网友 极道帝尊:

He must be executed, in order to appease the people’s anger.

凤凰网广东省揭阳市网友 手机用户:

There are more and more pessimistic/world-weary people, all forced by the pressure of life. These people are very pitiful. I understand them. But even so, they shouldn’t take it out on innocent people.

凤凰网上海市网友 手机用户:

These scumbags, why do they always harm the innocent ordinary common people? They should be killed by a thousand cuts.

凤凰网黑龙江省大庆市网友 凤凰网友:

A Japanese car, doubly guilty [his crime should go up a level/classification].

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

What kind of person can be so vicious? He should be shot on the spot.

凤凰网上海市网友 手机用户:

Just shoot him on the spot.

凤凰网黑龙江省大庆市网友 凤凰网友:

Boycott Japanese products, never forget [China’s] national humiliation!

凤凰网浙江省衢州市网友 zj5916:

Too evil, and yet again a Japanese car [or “and a Japanese car as well”].

凤凰网上海市网友 手机用户:

Every grievance has a cause, every debt a debtor [he should target his anger against those are relevant/responsible, as opposed to the innocent and unrelated].

凤凰网江苏省网友 xjqclass1:

This abomination truly is too abominable, and once again, it is against innocent people!

Comments from QQ:


Why do such things happen? It’s worth of our pondering what makes a person full of happiness do something so extreme and evil! Is it because they law is excessively lenient, indulging, and biased to women? Or is it because of chaotic judicial procedures and an unjust trial? Why is it that in recent years, the better life gets, the more divorces are happening, and what more, 80% of the time it is proposed by the women! Why does this happen? Maybe it has something to do with the pressures of society, but mainly it is still because human hearts are evil! Is the “Marriage Law” really fair and just when it comes to the division of property and child support in a divorce between man and woman? The “Marriage Law” should clearly state that whoever–be it the husband or the wife–was unfaithful and thus caused physical or emotional trauma to the other party must bear both civil liability and criminal liability, and must be thoroughly investigated and severely punished in accordance with the law!


There are no explanations [no way to understand] these kind of things. Laws, morality, and condemnations are all useless. Society [the country] should reflect more on our living conditions. A life without dreams or hopes is horrifying.


So extremely cruel, how can one be so crazy?! Not the slightest consideration for law and morality. Looks like popularizing awareness of the law and renewing morality in the population is needed!!


A scumbag of society. May innocent people all be safe and sound!!!


A perverse society produces perverse people!


Must be a rich second generation or an official second generation again, right?


See? There’s a gas canister in the car. Dammit, if you don’t plan on living, why not go and run over some corrupt officials [instead of innocents]!

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Le chat

    Here’s another highly functioning psychopath, with a vehicle.

    • tomoe723

      Psychopaths aren’t highly functioning, only sociopaths. I think.

      • Le chat

        I wanted to mean it in a sarcastic way though – another psychopath that is doing his job too well. English is not my mother tongue, so please cut me a slack. ;-)

        • mr.wiener

          No worries, I won’t nitpick. He’s a dickhead in anyone’s language.

        • tomoe723

          English isn’t my native language either. I just learned the difference from watching some Benedict Cumberbatch videos on youtube. =)

          • Le chat

            Yes exactly. The conversation went like this –
            Team member of Lestrade: “They are right. You are a bloody psychopath!”
            Sherlock: “Highly functioning sociopath. Do your research.”

            Happen to be a big fan of the show too. ;-)

      • IsurvivedChina

        I think by definition he is a psychopath, a sociopath would have the mental function to at least not get caught whereas a psychopath could not comprehend that!

        • tomoe723

          The driver who ran over 19 people? He’s deranged. It was a bomb waiting to explode. But I wouldn’t put all the blame on him though. So many factors contribute to such mental disorder. The sad thing is, nobody cared until he got to that extreme. In fact, nobody still cares.

          • IsurvivedChina

            its a sad reality for many living in china

          • Rick in China

            “But I wouldn’t put all the blame on him though”

            Um…who would you put the blame on, exactly? Please name an individual, not “the world” or “society” or some ridiculous nonsensical bullshit like that.

          • tomoe723

            Huh? What the heck are you so upset about?

            I’d put some blame on his parents for how he was brought up. Probably some on his wife too, to have pushed him to that edge. Yes, I’d blame his wife too. His wife should know not to toy with a man’s feelings/emotions especially if that man “loves” her. Things can go very crazy with a “passionate” man like that.

          • Rick in China

            You ridiculous, petty child. “Well, she was wearing a short skirt!”

            The only correct reply to your nonsense would be GTFO.

          • tomoe723

            You and your arrogant remarks. You have no proper grasp of Asian communities. Maybe you should go back to wherever it is you come from. It seems my mere presence upsets you. I wonder what you’re so hung up about.

          • Surfeit

            So true! His wife should have had the foresight to see something like this. If only she’d stayed married to the psychopathic loon, none of this would have happened…

          • tomoe723

            Another heartless and insensitive remark. You people don’t know Asian communities. Go back to where you came from and bring along your individualistic bullshit with you.

          • Surfeit

            Shut up bigot, you wank over Starbucks.

          • tomoe723

            You’re the bigot. You and you’re western notions of divorce. Sheesh… keep that crap to yourself. Don’t bring that over here.

          • Surfeit

            Divorce isn’t a bigoted concept in any sense, and I didn’t bring it to China. Why do you have these incorrect beliefs?

            C’mon, please explain to me what you think a ‘Western notion of divorce’ is. Please also share how I am ‘bringing it over here.’

          • noodles76

            It’s all your fault!!!

  • davilin

    A society that forces everyone to marry and have children without asking their opinions, is going to witness a lot of marriages like this one.

    • WFH

      ?? you talking about indian or arabic society?? …wrong website..

      • davilin

        Kid, if you cannot read english go back to school and only after that come back here to talk with adults. Wrong person to troll.

        • WFH

          well..maybe if you made more sense you’d be less butt hurt..

      • Luck Of Fire

        There are arranged marriages in China. In China, sons are supposed to “carry on the family line”, and staying single…is well…heavily stigmatised. As such, parents may secretly arrange marriages without consenting their children.

        There needs to be more well-educated people on this site.

        • WFH

          the “carry on the family line” applies more to prominent families…if the typical working stiff from today told his son…”you must ensure my proud legacy of electronics retail does not end here”…he’d likely be laughed out of his own house..

          I completely agree…..people need to be look past being educated by a few pages in magazine or a history book excerpt..

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        No, i do believe he was talking about Chinese society. However, unlike davilin said, people are not exactly “forced” into getting married, they are just pressured by their family and society into believing that’s what they want. The past 9 years i met quite a few girls who got married young, some of them weren’t sure at the time, some were…most of them are regretting it now.

    • redbricks

      Well, if marriages were to be between two people, that’s fine, but in China sons are expected to take are of parents on both sides. Throw in a pressure-cooker social and economic environment and it’s no wonder that half of Chinese marriages end in divorce. It’s like the American divorce rates with 5000 or whatever years of cultural baggage tacked on.
      One child policy + filial piety + lack of a state-provided social safety net = world of hurt.

    • Le chat

      This man went insane after divorce. It meant that at least he married for love. His wife? Probably not.

      • tomoe723

        Crime of passion? But even if in the remote chance he gets off with an insanity defense, I doubt the relatives of the 19 people will take it lightly. He’ll probably be taken cared of by vigilante means.

    • noodles76

      Not everyone is forced to marry and have kids without their input. Not sure where you got that idea, Yes, some marriages are arranged to some degree but it’s not at all as extreme as you make it out to be.

      • don mario

        he said forced. which is true in a way, they are basically pressured into it hardcore by the parents. and society. not necessarily arranged marriages like indians or whatever. although they get asked to meet suitors and stuff.

    • Teacher in China

      I agree. My wife knows 10x more divorced people than I do. Some of the stories of broken marriages she tells me about here in small town Dongbei are unbelievable. And almost without fail, these are people who married young, presumably b/c of parental pressure. Getting so common now, so dude in the story here didn’t have much of an excuse – probably already had issues to begin with…

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Shut the fuck up about Japanese cars!!


    …whew. Anyways, Death would be too lenient in this case. Let him rot in jail. Time truly is the worst punishment for man like this.

    • Markus Peg

      I agree, death is an easy and quick option, he needs to think about what a shit he has been while sitting in his jail cell.

    • Yes!

      Nah. The state has to feed him for the rest of his prison life. For the number of innocent lives taken, only his own execution will do justice. And mental illness should not be mitigating factor for a lesser sentence in this case.

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        It just feels like if he’s executed, he wins. This guy was planning to die, but the coward was so scared of dying alone he did this so he could get an audience to watch him go.

    • hehehehh

      I say cripple him and let him rot.. that would be better.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Honestly, i. Agree with you but it would be too radical in sone peoples eyes… And we need solution everyone is at least not-against

  • loki

    I Have to believe, that this is a symptom of a society taking shortcuts to become modern. All things in China are “advancing” at break neck speeds, without people being educated/acclimated to the stress and pressures of a modern life.

    Myself and the people I know in the USA all grew up quickly and learned how to deal with life’s little ups and downs a very young age ( < 18 y/o) .. I often look and watch the average Chinese person walking down the street or driving in the cars next to me. How many of them are on the brink of Flipping their wig. Because they have no idea how to handle just some common things like breaking up or a cheating spouse… Its a scary place when you think about it…

    • Symptomattic

      I don’t think there’s a clear way to handle a cheating spouse in the USA either. Also, the story didn’t say she was cheating, but that they separated. It’s not a huge stretch to assume so, but there was nothing in the article directly stating it.

      • loki

        Are you serious? Just walk away? whats so hard to handle? just because your married/together doesn’t make your partners body your property.. they can still do as they please with it . the only thing you can control is yourself. Accept it and move on… whats so hard about that ?

        • Symptomattic

          Nothing, but not everyone sees it the same way, sometimes they have these things called emotions. Some people aren’t willing to end a marriage over cheating, for a variety of reasons. Why are you talking about being in charge of another person’s body?

    • bujiebuke

      Your being serious aren’t you? How would you know that the “average Chinese person walking down the street” are “on the brink of Flipping their wig”?

      Are you one of them, or just another insular American who makes suppositions based on perceived stereotypes spoon fed by Amurican-news?

      This is about mental illness and how China is 50 years behind the rest of the developed countries at handling people with various ailments. Instead of acknowledging it as a disease, more often than not people hide their disabilities until a tragedy like this one happens. Getting a divorce after a failed marriage was likely the trigger for his deranged mind.

      How do you explain the Americans who go postal on their coworkers when they experience their “life’s little ups and downs”? Let me guess, they’re not real Amuricans.

      • loki

        was going to write this really long reply defending what and how I think. but was stopped by the thought of doing other stuff… thanks for the reply… have a nice day…

        • bujiebuke

          I stand by what I wrote. Your original comment came off as juvenile and fatuous. Therefore, my comment may have come off as a bit abrasive.

          I am interested in what you have to say…

    • Dr Sun

      right and i guess that explains the divorce rate, the level of domestic violence,suicide and mass/ random shootings that occur in the usa, a healthy well balanced population who never “wig out”

      • loki

        flip their wig . was the quote …

    • ptptp

      In a country of 1.3 billion, you’re going to get some unhinged people. I don’t think this incident can be definitive proof of any societal shortcomings.

      • don mario

        well you are never going to know the full story to be able to examine the real cause anyway. this guy will swiftly be executed and have his organs removed and sold on to make more money to put into building skyscrapers. there will be no follow up story.

      • loki

        ok…. clearly one of 2 things happened here…
        1. your chinese and defending yourself…
        2. don’t know anything about chinese people as a whole.. (never been to china..)

  • Zappa Frank

    this is obviously western influence’s fault. Because western tv series now more and more people divorce and the society is less and less harmonious. This evidently is a strong reason to cancel western tv series..

    • WFH

      such clever and witty commentary…exactly why I visit daily~!

    • death_by_ivory

      Ban videogames also.

    • whuddyasack

      Why not go the full way hahaha? Ban them all from coming over and marrying altogether because they arez disruptingz socialz harmoniez ande teachingz fakez englizz lulz.

  • Barack Obama

    why didn’t he just kill his wife?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      That’s the better of the two evils.

    • don mario

      just kill himself, get it over with.

  • Ruaraidh

    Owning a Japanese car makes one doubly guilty, but to own a Chinese car one must be criminally insane.

    • Stefan

      No, Japanese cars are among the world’s best and Chinese cars are becoming quite good also. They’re fine.

      • KamikaziPilot

        Stefanoooooo! I like you young fella, but sometimes I think you’re in your own little world.

        • Stefan

          I’m in my own little world because I’m too smart to be in the normal world. yay :D

          • mr.wiener

            Is the weather nice in your world?

          • Mighty曹

            I’m sure all the girls are hot.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        I believe he was just making a joke

    • Markus Peg

      Funny, Though i want to add, the speed of car improvements are faster than the knowledge of those behind the wheel.
      Why do many comments focus on the car brand? The driver would have done the same no matter what brand he had… The driver is a complete and total dickhead.

      • moldavidian

        Now if this Qingkou douche had been riding a bicycle like other decent Chinese folks, none of this would have happened. Because he had more money than sense, he was able to buy or rent a lethal weapon (car). With all the trouble cars make for society; noise, pollution, death, maybe the Chinese should go back to riding bicycles. That’s what progressive cities like Hamburg and others in northern Europe are doing.

        • Markus Peg

          Driving rules and regulations need to become more strict. As you rightly said, a car is a potentially lethal weapon if used incorrectly, people walking on the pavement or cycling a bike on the road have to be so trusting of others driving past in a car. People often forget the dangers.

    • don mario

      wasn’t it rented?

  • Yes!

    “if you don’t plan on living, why not go and run over some corrupt officials [instead of innocents]!”


    • don mario

      would of been cool… but unlikely for a deranged scumbag coward to do such a heroic thing.

    • moldavidian

      He could have been a hero to so many Chinese folks.

  • moeimoei

    this man never really grew up obviously, his ineptness to control his emotions clearly grew out of control as he aged…

    • firebert5

      It feels like nearly every time things don’t go someone’s way here, their internal monologue is something along the lines of, “Hmmm. I’ve been wronged. What’s the most illogical response I can think of to this situation? I’ll just do that and call it retribution.”

  • death_by_ivory

    Obviously mental health is an issue here.More and more people on this Earth,there will be more serious problems like this.
    I’m not saying give him a lenient sentencing because of that.I feel like that is the easiest excuse out.

  • harvz

    Throw him in the ocean and let the sharks tear his ankles apart.

  • redbricks

    What a terrible day for the families involved… Mental health issues in China are generally swept under the carpet and people are ashamed of getting help, if that help is even available. That’s a recipe for disaster with the huge population and increasing stress in society.
    The standard of driving in China is horrible because drivers rarely obey road rules and behave like they’re immune from the laws of physics, whether they’re in the latest Merc S-class or some collapse-o-matic Cheryl minicar. And don’t get me started on overloaded cargo trucks driven by teens without licenses…

    • Yes!

      Chinese take their cue from their higher powers in CPC. Monkey see monkey do.

  • xiaode

    That´s simple… if he would have driven a chinese car… the first hard object he crashed in would def. stopped his rampage!
    I fully agree… the Japanese high quality cars are to blame here!

    Pls. chinese people… buy more of your own products! There is lot better China-experience as well if you completely avoid Japanese (or US, German… EU) products and technology at all… i only can recommend that…

    There is a simple rule: no Japanese products, no Japanese technology!

    Cars: because we are strictly avoiding Japanese brands (easy to spot!), we should also avoid all Chinese manufactures who collaborate with the enemy! That means: no cars from Chery (Subaru), Changan (Mazda), FAW (Toyota), Fujian (Mitsubishi), BAIC (Mitsubishi), Dongfeng (Honda), GAIC (Honda)…
    leaves you basically only the choice to buy: JAC, Geely, Great Wall or BYD (but they all copy from Japanese manufacturers! So better don´t drive any car at all… which could avoid situations as above… )

    Next: Trains! Make sure if you buy your next train ticket not to get one for a CRH2… that´s a Japanese one!

    Same for subways… many cities have stolen… i mean acquired… their technology from Japanese companies… avoid them! Take a cap… if i´s not from a Jap. brand or some Chinese collaborator…

    Elevators… not sure how it´s in other cities, but in SH I see a lot of Mitsubishi, and other Japanese names… a real Chinese countryman should prefer to walk the stairs to get to the 25th or even higher floors before he use the Japanese lift!

    Aircon´s… you better switch them off, if they are from Japanese origin… That should also have a huge impact on every cities power consumption… and is thereby good for your environment!

    … and I am so sorry… almost all your better pictures are most likely coming out of a Japanese camera! Delete them!


    • noodles76

      Great Wall uses Mitsubishi engines I think. You can cross them off the list of vehicles that patriotic Chinese should buy.

      • xiaode

        Thank you for the warning! (as I said better don´t buy any Chinese car as well… they are all collaborate with the enemy!!!

    • Yes!

      You forgot to mention…aeroplanes! Lots of Boeing parts are made-in-Japan. So, no more Boeings flying over China.

      While we’re at it, why not close all Japanese factories on the mainland, including those with partial Japanese ownership and Japanese collaboration. (That will include Taiwan-Japan joint ventures in Shanghai and other parts of China that employ millions of Chinese workers).

      • xiaode

        That´s exactly the spirit we need here in China…
        As a patriotic Chinese worker I am rather unemployed then working for company with Japanese involvement!

        Who is with me ding this up…!

    • Mighty曹

      They won’t part with their Japanese AV collection.

  • chandlerpatrick

    I’m sure some bleeding heart liberals will cry over this, but what we need is a good old fashioned public stoning. Stone this bastard to death. Or crucify him, nail him to a cross. Upside down. Seriously, a quick death is over too fast, and a prison term is too soft. This guy NEEDS to suffer. Draw and quarter this bum.

    • don mario

      chinese have their own methods of public dismemberment that are far more brutal than a stoning! theres something called death by a thousand cuts or something like that, nasty stuff!

  • Marriage….is a gateway….to murder. Marriage is for men that are criminally insane

  • Yes!

    This guy single-handedly killed more people than the rebels at Xinjiang train station.

    • don mario

      surprised a ‘muslim’ flag wasn’t planted in the back of the car. missed opportunity there.

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    i think he was joking

    • Commander Jameson

      Jace thinks Japanese cars are shit, he’s not the most perceptive….

  • mr.wiener

    He was joking bro.

  • don mario

    already separated 3 years it says… the guy must have been mental.

    maybe this could of been prevented, hard to say, because i would class a lot of chinese as mental – in the way that they behave towards relationships and marriage ect. and the selfish ‘me me me’ attitude. its sad anyway, who knows what the full story is.

  • don mario

    never ! lol

  • don mario

    i think he is most likely responsible being that he is a mentalist who just ran over and killed 6 innocent people.

  • loki

    Tom, thank you for your opinion that is also, really unsubstantiated and ignorant. Throw a monkey into a BMW and see what happens without being taught how to behave/drive… (China)

  • FYIADragoon

    If he was going to take out his anger he should have done something useful like run over a bunch of corrupt officials or something. He’s dead either way. No way he gets out of this.

  • Snark alert! This incident could have been prevented by a good guy with a gun. Alternately, if this guy had a gun he wouldn’t have to wreck his hard-earned vehicle, he could’ve just shot his ex-wife in the Murkan fashion. On the other hand, it would have been more profitable for the system if this guy was shot dead before destroying properties insured by elites. Get with the program people now that you are on the cusp of having the world’s largest economy. All of these issues need to be carefully considered because ROI. That said, China needs more GUNS!

  • Blue

    There seems to be a lot of supposition that his ex wife was cheating/it was an arranged marriage/he was in need of medical support, etc.
    Clearly we simply don’t know. It’s unlikely we will hear much, or indeed anything else on this matter, but there are simply too many questions to answer before making such concrete statements.
    It could be he is just a complete arsehole. Perhaps he couldn’t stand the “loss of face” a divorce would bring. Perhaps he is genuinely in need if psychiatric support. Maybe he cheated on his wife, but feels that’s a man’s prerogative. It could be the problem of a rapidly advancing society, where sudden wealth and opportunity is too much for one generation to cope with (such as it often is with lottery winners, who squander their wealth in shite, and later claim winning was what ruined their lives). There are simply too many hypotheticals to really offer any likely scenario.
    Personally, I just think it’s incredibly sad that so many innocent people, especially the kids, have been killed or permanently injured because of this guys irrational retribution against the world.

    • Blue

      Perhaps it was his retribution against Japanese cars…

  • Rick in China

    So… some news stories mention “terrorism” – typically calling out Xinjiang or minorities doing crazy shit, sometimes not even specifically mentioning a minority as the culprit but heavily implying it, yet when this “Chinese” man mows down 19 and “The man was arrested while trying to ignite a gas cylinder.” no mention of terrorism. I’m highly curious what exactly defines terrorism, as this dude’s actions seem exactly what one would label as terrorism had he been a Xinjiang guy in a Han village.

    • Commander Jameson

      I believe most Governments have started using the American definition of terrorism these days. Basically any violence committed by a member of a group that the authorities are looking to demonise becomes a terrorist action.

      • ScottLoar

        “Commander Jameson”, you are wrong. The authorities do not demonize a group as “terrorist” because of the actions of a single member. Islam, as example, is not demonized by the government as “terrorist” despite the actions of multiple members.

        Rick In China: Terrorism by definition is acts calculated to force reaction or change through fear. Bombing an ice cream shop in the French colony of Algiers or in modern Jerusalem is terrorist. One crazed man going off on a killing spree then trying to ignite a gas cylinder is not terrorism; it’s an extreme nut case. The IRA cell plotting to bomb public spaces in London is terrorist; the Basque separatists killing policemen and bombing government offices is terrorist; the killing of Shi’ites in the market by a car bomb is terrorist; 9-11 was terrorist; a guy blowing himself up in a field or setting himself on fire is not a terrorist. Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy were not terrorists. The young girl strapped with explosives boarding a public bus in Jerusalem then pressing the detonator is a terrorist even though she was most probably shamed or misguided to do so.

    • Surfeit

      Having read the other comments I feel obliged to chip in here because they are both more wrong than right.

      In short, there is no exact definition of terrorism. Academic debate long ago tried to nail it down, but it has many branches, and evolves with politics, society, and the ages.

      We could go on about the origins and developments of terrorism but there is little point.

      In response to your post I would point to the fact that the guy’s actions were not premeditated, political in nature, or intended to cause change within society. It seems like a mindless rampage.

      If he was a guy from Xinjiang it would also fail to be terrorism, because the origins (for lack of a better word) of the perpetrator don’t actually affect our understanding of his actions. (Although I’m sure people would misinterpret things massively.)

      Note: A Russian fella who tried to kill the Tsar adopted the word terrorist, which is why we now associate it with groups who want to impose political change. Originally it was a word used to describe the actions of government! [France circa 1770-90]

      Sure there is a modern understanding of what terrorism is, but it’s massively imparted in academia that modern usage is abusive and nebulous.

      I hope this is a little more insightful. I majored in war studies and conflict resolution so I studied this area in some detail. If you want to know more I recommend ‘Terrorism: A very Short Introduction’ – by Charles Townsend. It’s cheap and basic, but covers the vitals very quickly. Townsend also wrote some of the leading works on terrorism in recent years so he really knows his stuff!

  • mr.wiener

    Given Zappa’s normal posts it is safe to assume he is being sarcastic.

  • Papa Smurf

    Why even talk about it being a Japanese car? This is the height of ridiculous Pavlovian responses.

  • Andrew Jacobs

    must have been late to his divorce party?