Chinese Protest Botched Plastic Surgeries In Korea

Chinese Protest Botched Plastic Surgeries In Korea
Many Chinese tourists who in the past engaged in failed plastic surgery in Korea went to Mingdong in Seoul to collectively protest. The victims lifted posters with pictures of the unsuccessful surgeries, and blamed the consultants who told them about these hospitals. They hope that by holding up these posters society will pay attention, which will give rise to the Korean government giving it value so injuries of this like won’t reappear. According to reports, in the year 2014 about 56000 Chinese went to Korea for plastic surgery tourism. Netizens responded saying that natural beauty is still the best.

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  • KamikaziPilot

    On one hand I can see the need to bring attention to this issue as the patients aren’t getting what they paid for. On another note I can’t help but think how painfully insecure these patients are to want to have the surgery in the first place. I just shake my head at some things people do.

    • jin

      This remind me of a story a few years back, where a man sued his wife for having surgery and not telling him. (All 3 children are fugly as hell!!!) He was quite handsome so yeah…. his wife must be very very ugly before surgeries.

      • Zappa Frank

        it’s hilarious…

  • guest

    How dare they hurt the feelings of the South Korean people by protesting against an industry that is just as bad in China…..

    • Zappa Frank

      but since they protest in chinese (it’s all written in hanzi) Koreans cannot understand and their feeling are not hurt

      • Michael Selden

        Yeah this was the funniest aspect of all of this to me, the signs are written in Chinese…how are people in Korea supposed to read it?

      • guest

        Oh the irony of it all, well it was a pretty useless exercise then if that is the case. And if that was the case you could suggest that its simply bashing the South Korean plastic surgery industry while its “home” industry is just as problematic.

      • Teacher in China

        It has been suggested by some that the reason these signs are in Chinese is because they’re being staged specifically for Chinese tourists in Korea – meaning that this might be some sort of plan by someone to persuade Chinese to spend their money on this in China instead.

  • dumb asses got fked by bangzi! japan is the best for ps.
    i feel sorry for them, some people, their lives now get ruined.
    i hope our gov can stand out help them.

  • Claude

    I read an article years ago in the Japan Times that South Korea doesn’t have a speciality license for plastic surgery so any doctor can hang a sign on a store front and call him/herself a plastic surgeon regardless of what he studied in medical school. I mean, as a person seeking plastic surgery wouldn’t you look into that? Would you buy a car without some research? It’s surgery for god sakes. Stupid clowns.

    • David

      This is fairly common around the world. While there are certifications a doctor CAN get to specialize in PS, many countries, even today, consider it as simply falling under the mantle of general medical knowledge.

  • Karze

    In China you cannot protest even when your house is demolished by developer.

  • WghUk

    Use of plastic surgery for the purpose of making oneself “more beautiful” on an “ordinary face” in my eyes is unethical. So if something screws up I have no sympathy whatsoever.

  • Boxed_Sushi

    Plastic surgery is a risk as is all surgeries. If they were willing to take the risks, then they can’t really be mad. Also, doctors can’t give you a perfect result. They can only give you something similar to your target look.

  • i cant help! as long as i am not ugly i dont care!

  • Karze

    Chinese can protest, say and do anything in foreign countries but they will never allow foreigners in China or else where to protest against Chinese.

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