French Return Rat and Rabbit Bronze Heads to Chinese As Gift


Last week, François-Henri Pinault, the head of the French luxury group PPR/Kering and French business delegation visiting China with French President François Hollande, returned two of the bronze Chinese zodiac animal heads looted from the Old Summer Palace to the Chinese people as a gift.

The return of the rabbit and rat bronze statue heads seems to have touched a sensitive patriotic nerve with Chinese people and resulted in an interesting reaction following news of a contract for 60 Airbus aircraft from China’s Civil Aviation Supplies Holding Company and French carmaker Renault’s plans to set up a factory in Wuhan to produce 150,000 vehicles per year.

Many Chinese netizens regarded this as a decent deal for the French:

@Panorama_SH: They returned to us two water taps/faucets [fountainheads], expressed that China’s chicken can be eaten, and in return walked away with contracts for 60 Airbus planes, a Renault factory for 150,000 vehicles, as well as an long-term agreement with China Guangdong Nuclear. Where else can you find such [favorable] business deals?!

@寒梅傲冬居士: The political significance is greater than the actual value of the cultural relics.

@July滴七月: I’ve discovered that some people in China are beginning to suffer from paranoid persecution. If they don’t return the them, then they are robbers, and if they do return them, then they’re just doing it for show… Can’t we just say thank you and accept [the return]? What the use of writing an editorial and then an investigations… If we ourselves had just carefully watched over our things at the time, would things be like as they are now?

Comments on NetEase:


Historical relics belong to the world, and they might be taken care of better in Western countries, where freak incidents like Destroy the Four Olds won’t happen.

网易山东省济南市网友: (responding to above)

Return the historical relics to China and they’ll immediately become the prey for corrupt officials, where one day if they are not stolen, then they are replaced with a fake substitute. Don’t believe me? Just watch, with this post as testament!

说你别怪我坏 [网易河北省唐山市网友]:

China’s true friend.

夏小公爵 [网易美国网友]: (responding to above)

1860, Anglo-French forces set fire to the Old Summer Palace, with the rat head, rabbit head, and other 12 bronze Zodiac animal statues disappearing abroad.
2009 February, Christie’s auctions the rat and rabbit heads in Paris, China sues Christie’s without effect, Chinese businessman Cai Mingchao refuses to pay after winning the auction, inciting controversy.
2013 April, France’s Pinault family announces in Beijing that they will donate the rat and rabbit heads to China at no cost. The Pinault family controls the Bordeaux Chateau Latour vineyards and the French Christie’s auction business.
Hehe, these two fountainheads sure has earned the French a lot of face. Let’s have a bottle of Lafite!


Was it in exchange for 60 Airbus airplanes?

Philip Qian of Marketing to China contributed to this article and translation.

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  • 海綿寶寶

    Ah those things are freaky again, don’t look into their eyes, it will suck your soul. What were they thinking, it not even worth the prices of model airbuses

  • Jun

    He must have watched the new Jackie Chan movie and thought he was coming for them.

    • I’m going to be very disappointed if the return of these bronze heads don’t involve a body contraption with wheels all over it and a street slalom.

  • The Chinese “Custer’s Last Stand-ization” of the Summer Palace is a crock. For one thing, the place was a crater in the ground until the Disney World-but-for-victimization was born a while ago. And then the fact remains that the Summer Palace itself is a glorification of Western culture.

    Dollars to donuts the return of part of the zodiac heads won’t disrupt the narrative shown at the current show-travaganza at the Summer nook.

    • donscarletti

      Those fountain heads at no point belonged to the Chinese people, they belonged to the Chinese emperor. They were taken from him because he tortured several British emissaries and their bodyguards to death. It was remarked by the soldiers at the time that the citizens of Beijing seemed nonplussed by the incident, despite the earlier assumption of great resistance, they seemed relieved that the Anglo French forces left them alone and only robbed from the Qing court.

      The revisionism I see is the claim by the Chinese people that yuanmingyuan or the destruction thereof had anything to do with them in the slightest

      • The Chinese emperor was the leader of the Chinese people, to insult a civilisation’s leader is an insult to the civilisation itself by extension. Perhaps in today’s world that is not so, but it certainly was so for the world of the 1800s. The robbery of these figures from the emperor symbolise the weakness of the Chinese nation and the consequences of being weak; their return will definitely assist in healing centuries old wounds between China and the West. I do have to admit my disappointment with the relentless cynicism of the Chinese online population though. Will it kill them to express gratitude for once? Gratitude for their country’s new-found wealth, which enabled them to access the online world or gratitude for not starving to death like Chinese not so long ago or Somalis right now.

        • James

          Napoleon III Roshambo’d him for them

          or would that be Rochambeau?

        • Boris

          My sentiments exactly! Not so long ago they’d face the possibility of having their heads bashed to a pulp in the Workers Stadium for not embracing extreme Leftism with enough enthusiasm. Not only has the gov loosened its ideological grip, it’s even given them Supergirl. Who wants rule of law and an eqitable society when you can have Chris Lee?

          • Hongwu Emperor

            And what does communism, ‘extreme’ Leftism and the ‘workers stadium’ has something to do with Qing Dynasty, the Emperor and the subsequent looting of the Old Summer Palace??

            Just because China, politically went from commie propaganda, vandalism and leftism to extreme capitalism and poisoning modernization, this speaks nothing of the events, and the timeframe discussed above. [the summer palace, the Q’ing,etc]

        • chinaman

          so black people in america should thank the white man for setting them free? and show gratitude for not enslaving them anymore? you really are a 卖国贼

          • Paulos

            You’re right. Jeff is a total traitor. It’s much better to be bitter and have your life dictated by events that happened generations ago. Let’s continue to divide ourselves with imaginary lines and argue on behalf of sinister politicians who don’t care the slightest bit about us. That sounds lovely.

            You know what? The Romans went to war with my people once. I think I’ll boycott plumbing. That’ll show ’em!

          • The romans built roads and walls and piped hot water in my country. Yeah I think I won’t get in a bus on a road, or live in a house, or swim in a pool or have a bath again. You are right, people do think in stupid ways!

          • chinaman

            i said nothing of boycott, you should re-read the comments more thoroughly. it’s not about being bitter, history repeats itself, that’s why we learn them and try to not let it happen again, and gratitude is not given it’s earned, and it’s not earned by giving back something you stole, like i said it’s not about boycott, chinese ppl hate japanese, but love their shit(stuff, not their actual shit). on the subject of returning things that was once stolen, how about hong kong, macau, should we thank the english? and portuguese?, what about american indians, should they show gratitude for the little land they have left for casinos? it’s common sense, nobody thanks the people that stole from them, unless your a 卖国贼

          • I said express gratitude for the improving situation in China. It’s Chinese like you who slow down China’s development into a more civilised country, always only seeing the negatives in a situation, never pondering over the positive effects it might have.

            I never said China should be a kiss ass to France because they returned something they should have long ago, but it’s a step forward to forgiveness. Now if only Japan could act in a similar way and give heartfelt apologies, that would truly make East Asia a more peaceful place.

          • Boris

            You think the Chinese goverment wants a good relationship with Japan?!?!?! Excuse me a moment whilst I retrieve my false teeth which, for some inexplicable reason, are now lying on the other side of my study.

          • chinaman

            yes you are such a wise chinaman, i am humbled at your presence. fuck, what do i know, i’m just another chink who grew up in america, and knows nothing of the real china. if china did not improve it’s economy, do you think the french will still return the bronze heads? i doubt it, and by that logic should we show our gratitude toward the french or the chinese government for improving the economy. one more thing, civilized country? really, everyone claims to be civilized, better, but the fact is, the human race is not civilized. from my home america to the shitty africa, all humans are equally uncivilized and if you try to say that’s not true and your better human that 3rd world countries citizens, than you deserve to get beat up by a civilized 城管。 peace out.

          • mwanafa

            You are so stupid son.Grow up.

          • chinaman

            thank you for your judgement, if you dont have any useful advice please go away

          • Zhegezhege

            He did give you useful advice: grow up.

            And surely if your home is America, then all your resentful, ignorant nonsense and gleeful listing of various dark aspects of American history makes you the 卖国贼?

          • You are a sad, sad person. One whose life is devoid of all optimism. Perhaps you’re secretly a psychopathic serial killer, who knows, you certainly sound like one. Or you might be a Robespierre type of person, one who believes in fanatical extremism; just to be clear, he paid for his extremist views with his life.

            Perhaps you would be happier with a continually bitter Chinese nation. I for one, am very tired of holding grudges, grudges that I only hold for the sake of the legacy of our Chinese forefathers. It is my duty to ensure their plight and suffering are not forgotten and that the guilty nations either give an apology, which none have so far, or return the things they took, which is beginning to happen. After that is done, I’m happy to let go of all grudges because they are very tiring to hold.

            You on the other hand, seem desperate to hold on to any excuse to sustain those grudges, you run on the adrenaline you get from holding grudges against other countries. Even when all the nations that once pillaged China gave back everything they took (unlikely), you would still be an enthusiastic proponent of anti-world hate speech. One would get the impression you’re itching to start a fight or something.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Apologies wont change what happened/was done.
            And China would probably answer by choking japan and saying ”appologies accepted, japanese” [darth vader anyone??]

            It would improve relations and diplomacy overall, but it will not change the people’s perception of the japanese, or ‘calm down’ the hatred over the lands.

            Jeffrey, that made no sense ”never pondering over the positive…” so this means chinese need to cheer over a bad situation? what kind of BS is that??

            So the Russians need to thank Germany in ww2, after all, the germans had better technology and stuff!!

            And the Americans need to thank the Vietcong, they learned a lot of useful stuff such as ”never messing with a foreign guerilla in tropical jungles”

          • mr.wiener

            and he retorts with a jab at the whitie’s guilt…smooth!

        • BigCAD

          Beg to differ my good man, the decision was made by Lord Elgin at the time to have the summer palace looted for the war crime in prefrence to having reparations made by the emperor, which would only fall on the population.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            But anyways, that offended the population as well.

        • “to insult a civilisation’s leader is an insult to the civilisation itself by extension. Perhaps in today’s world that is not so, but it certainly was so for the world of the 1800s.”

          So, that whole thing with Sun Yat-sen didn’t happen?

        • mr.wiener

          The Emperor was a Manchu it should be mentioned.

      • Are we fighting to see who agrees more? Or are you the “Paul Shaeffer” to my “David Letterman” and you must crystallize my thoughts completely?

        • donscarletti

          As of 2013-05-06 16 upvotes to 5.

          I’m the one having Drew Barrymore’s exposed bosom presented to me on stage while you’re my writer who’s sitting in a bar with The Late Show on scoffing “I wrote that” to the disinterested woman beside you every time I deliver your lackluster lines with enough showmanship, charisma and improvisation to make up for your lack of wit.

  • The Enlightened One

    That rabbit head is kind of freaky. Sort of reminds me of “Watership Down” or “Donnie Darko”. Kill it with fire!

    • Spot on. Although if it werent for the slightly bigger ears, I’d not know which one was the rabbit which one the rat.

  • Alex

    If they didn’t take it away they’d probably had been destroyed one moment or another by the culture lover Mao or the followers

    • what9876

      Oh, it’s this “white man’s burden” argument again being trotted out to make white people feel better about the looting they did around the world: “If we didn’t take these historical treasures from these locals, the treasures would have been lost because the locals could not take care of these treasures themselves.” You do realize how insulting and patronizing that is, right?

      • Cilantroman

        But it’s true in a lot of cases!

      • Alex

        If the KMT took those things they would also be protected.

        Or japs, or whoever the fuck u want. It has nothing to do with the race, that´s why I didn’t mention it.

        You should stop being racist.

        • Paulos

          I just saw an post on Weibo that pointed out that during the 2nd Sino-Japanese war the Japanese considered the Confucian Temple in Qufu holy ground. The soldiers prayed there regularly and kept everything spotless. Zero looting.

          1966, Cultural Revolution, the temple was smashed to pieces.

          Patronizing or not, it’s the truth.

          • pengyou

            Interesting, how about sharing this link?

          • Paulos

            I’m having trouble posting the link for some reason (maybe too long?). I’ll try again at work, but if you login to weibo and do a search for “日本 曲阜 孔庙” you’ll see a lot of people talking about it. I’ll attach a screenshot for now.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          That’s true. they even moved several relics out of the Forbidden City, to protect them from the ensuing battle against the japs.

          On the other hand japs have no respect, and would probably destroy just like the red guard, or loot it.

      • Boris

        The destruction of the ‘Four
        Olds’: Old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old rabbits… I mean… habits.

      • Zappa Frank

        to make white people feel better? we don’t need any arguments.. we don’t feel guilty at all.

      • mate why do we have to steal from the chinese? first world class nations stealing from third world country that doesn’t make any sense mate.

        • Guy Fawkes

          Because most of you were hooligans in “3rd world countries”. Before you point your finger and condemn “3rd world countries”, please remember the rest of the fingers are pointing back at you.

          • Oh look, it’s someone named Guy Fawkes.
            I bet he’s a real Anonymous hacker.

          • James

            probably just stands for guy fawkes other guys

          • mr.wiener

            Please note , Australia was not one of the countries involved in the invasion and exploitation of China during and after the opium wars.
            Not because we didn’t want to or anything, it’s just that we were a 3rd world nation at the time.

          • The Hungus

            No Australia just stole land from the natives in your ‘frontier wars’, then you stole their babies. The Chinese migrant worker who arrived in china was forced to work as an ‘indentured servant’ (IE temporary slave) in either your mines or your railroads. Many were attacked a killed by racist mobs. Austrailia also persued an openly racist immigration policy until surprisingly recently.
            But that’s OK- at leasst you didn’t ssteal some stuff from the summer palace (unless you consider that ‘Austrailians’ at that time usually thought of themselves as British and Australia as a part of the British Empire-oops).

            Anyway- carry on.

          • mr.wiener

            Oh sorry, I didn’t realize we were playing “My country is more blameless than yours” here.
            I mentioned it in passing and was not trying make a big thing out of it so as you would not think we were all like that bogan twit.
            Do you really want to go down that road?

          • Once a jolly swagman sat beside the billabong,

            Under the shade of a…….

          • mr.wiener

            …..Under the shade of a Hungus tree.
            And sang as he sat and waited for that fool’s reply
            “Yes , you’re a bigger victim than me,
            Yes, you’re a victim,
            A totally blameless victim.
            Yes, you’re a bigger victim than me.
            You’re obviously blameless,
            The West is just shameless,
            Yes, you’re a bigger victim than me.”

          • But you like the aussie song yes?

        • mr.wiener

          Do you keep you head up your arse for the warmth?

        • OMG

          I’m sorry mate, as a Brit, I see most, if not all Aussies as our prisoners…your country is built by thieves and scoundrels, so yes you’re indeed a bunch of undeveloped third-world loons

          • As del-boy (david jason) said in the go west , young man episode of only fools and horses in season 1 replying to the aussie guy buying a car off of him, who just called him a cockney spiv or some kind of slur : “Now then, there is no need for insults, if your ancestors hadn’t been thieves, you could have been one of us, couldn’t ya!!”

          • mr.wiener

            Australia, proof that you can make a pearl out of a pig turd.

          • Fair ‘dinkum!

          • mr.wiener

            “For the crime of stealing a loaf of bread I sentence you to 10 years inprisonment in a warm country surrounded by beaches far from victorian morality”.
            “Really? I’m Jack the Ripper, give me life instead!!”
            “No I’m Jack the Ripper, send me!”

          • Add in a warm country with good beer and nice beaches, not too sure about the huntsman and funnelweb spiders and stuff in the sea that can kill you though. The rest seems all good.

          • mr.wiener

            …..And far, far away from the French.

          • That is another plus too…although I might miss the occasional can of kroney 1664 but I am sure you can get that in aus too.

            About the Huntsmans, the theory is they originally came from China. Eeeeek! I sent the following to an ex student in Shenzhen, Guangdong….she is now having sleepless nights:)


          • James

            had one in my apt building in panchiao, scared my gf but I wanted it to kill the fucking thumb size roaches I used to chase around

          • Klove

            Where is panchiao?

          • James

            it’s a former suburb of taipei city, now part of new taipei city, sw of taipei proper. That’s the postal spelling w the introduction & use of TW’s version of pinyin it would be banqiao

          • Klove

            Ah I found it on wiki, how common are the scoundrels in the apartments it would put me off teaching there, seriously!

          • James

            only saw the one in that building but too many @#$% roaches

          • James

            actually I take that back. it wasn’t really that bad for roaches in comparison. I’ve stayed in worse places, but just wasn’t as used to them, especially the l;ittle bastard that went after my pijiu

          • Klove

            does the mothballs really work?

          • harvz

            And drop bears to protect you from visiting French.

      • It’s a fair point, look what happened to the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Certain primitive and tribal societies cannot safeguard certain relics, that is a fact, my dear lad, white mans burden or not!

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Yea, primitive and tribal societies with machine guns, trucks and RPG missile launchers.

          Actually, the so-called ‘modern’ society is what enable terrorist to tear down the buddhas for instance.

          Just a click of the modern detonator and the destruction is done, such is the brutal strenght that modern society gives to everyone interessed in violence.

          Or else US would have to fight like real men [with swords and spears,etc] against the terrorists which would fight back with scimitars and stuff.

  • ScottLoar

    The Dragon, Snake, Sheep, Rooster, and Dog remain unaccounted for, but I would think that in time someone, somewhere, will discover that one or two had been collecting dust in some forgotten corner for more than 150 years, just as neglected as they were before stolen in 1860.

  • James

    must have been one hell of an artist that made those

  • James

    Well I thought in China they were known as ‘sheep’

    • Zhegezhege


  • don mario

    asskissing frogs.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Well they are originally Chinese in origin, so it should be something Chinese can proudly display as their history.

    Nice to see the French trying to patchin up sore relations between the two. It’ll probably be received as a hollow gesture by some people on both sides but eh, screw em.

  • Shhhh! Don’t mention the elgin marbles or the bubble and squeaks will want them back too:-)

  • MrT

    Not as big gesture as the UK giving HK back, cant think thou what the UK got from it.oh Oh i remember now, more takeaways!

    • tonkotsu

      gesture? the terms for HK were signed in parts of lease agreements/”treaties”.. what the heck are you talking about?

      • MrT

        In September 1839, the British Cabinet
        decided that the Chinese should be made to pay for the destruction of
        British property by the threat or use of force. An expeditionary force
        was placed under Elliot and his cousin, Rear Admiral George Elliot, as joint plenipotentiaries in 1840. Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston stressed to the Chinese Imperial Government that the British Government did not question China’s right to prohibit opium, but it objected to the way this was handled.[1]
        He viewed the sudden strict enforcement as laying a trap for the
        foreign traders, and the confinement of the British with supplies cut
        off was tantamount to starving them into submission or death. He
        instructed the Elliot cousins to occupy one of the Chusan islands, to present a letter from himself to a Chinese official for the Emperor, then to proceed to the Gulf of Bohai for a treaty, and if the Chinese resisted, blockade the key ports of the Yangtze and Yellow rivers.[2]
        Palmerston demanded a territorial base in Chusan for trade so that
        British merchants “may not be subject to the arbitrary caprice either of
        the Government of Peking, or its local Authorities at the Sea-Ports of
        the Empire”.[3]

        British Hong Kong in the 1930s

        In 1841, Elliot negotiated with Lin’s successor, Qishan, in the Convention of Chuenpee during the First Opium War. On 20 January, Elliot announced “the conclusion of preliminary arrangements”, which included the cession of Hong Kong Island and its harbour to the British Crown.[4] On 26 January, the Union Flag was raised on Hong Kong, and Commodore James Bremer, commander-in-chief of the British forces in China, took formal possession of the island at Possession Point.[5]
        Elliot chose Hong Kong instead of Chusan because he believed a
        settlement further east would cause an “indefinite protraction of
        hostilities”, whereas Hong Kong’s harbour was a valuable base for the
        British trading community in Canton.[6] On 29 August 1842, the cession was formally ratified in the Treaty of Nanking, which ceded Hong Kong “in perpetuity” to Britain.

        blAH blah

        • MrT

          didn’t fight to keep it thou, so it was a gift back.

          • Zhegezhege


            Britain was in no position to fight to keep Hong Kong and knew that this was another piece of the former Empire they were going to lose. Nobody cried about it and nobody was going to fight over it. Unlike the Falklands, there isn’t a predominately native-English speaking population there and it was very much a colony. So it was given back to the mainland. The UK government didn’t ask for any Chinese people to say thank you and nobody was surprised when the mainland nationalists began doing a dirty chicken dance.

            Sucks for Wumao turds that a small island on the other side of the planet with a fraction of the population managed to sail around the world, moustaches twitching and kick their ass so comprehensively in the first place, though.

          • Unlike the Falklands, there isn’t a predominately native-English speaking population there and it was very much a colony

            Indeed and the same with gibraltar. Even got a 24 hour more reasons to shop at more reasons there and a marks and sparks, expat brits in southern spain often head there for a taste of home and clothes shopping and so on, only your passport needed!

      • BigCAD

        Only the new territories. HK island need never have been returned. Suck a dick left leaning parasite.

    • I’m pretty sure completing the airport contract sweetened the deal, that and perhaps a pay off by the chinese to sugar coat everything. As Prince Charles said in his diaries:

      Not a word of thanks for allnthe things we’ve done for them. This time they won’t even join the Commonwealth. At least I got a tour of the nice new airport – plenty of British firms doing work there. Nice way to sneak a fair bit of cash I believe we had stashed here back to the Old Dart. That Patten chap
      isn’t as dumb as he seems…

      I think making some last cash out of the place and getting the chinese to agree to the 50 year post handover terms (no visas needed for brits!), also went some way to sweetening the deal. Why keep it, crowded, increasingly expensive and polluted, focus our energy on keeping the falklands out of the hands of the unwashed argies, lol:)

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Wow, if I came to your house, looted your irreplaceable items, then burned the house down… Only to return those items back to you 50 years later as “gifts” and I expect you to thank me?

    What kind of fucking bullshit is this?

    • Zhegezhege

      It appears that neither French billionaire nor French government asked for thanks.

      If you are assuming that evil laowai did something completely unreasonable and offensive to China without any shred of evidence at all, then CCTV has taught you well.

    • Jahar

      The place was sacked as retribution for the murder of british soldiers. If you killed my brother, and as punishment i kicked your ass and took some of your belongings, yeah, I’d expect you to say thanks and be grateful if i ever gave them back.

      • Strangerland

        But they killed your brother because he went to their house and claimed the house for himself, including their family and everything they owned. Judging from that, no wonder they went up against your brother(and kill him accidentally).

        • Jahar

          Killed accidentally? They were sent there to negotiate and were tortured to death. they weren’t claiming anything.

          • Strangerland

            Oh come on now, what negotiation? How best they can surrender and kowtow to white men’s supremacy?

            Like it or not mate, it was era of conquest. It has no relation to you or I as descendants, but I see no point trying to justify ancestor’s wrong. A wrong is a wrong is a wrong, and I’m not going to be like them. So I have no trouble telling Chinese that yeah, there are past era where some laowai- from 8 foreign countries- tried to divide China between them like somekind of pie. So what? They’re not me. Just because someone descend from ancestors with “conquer the world” craze, doesn’t mean they will turn out like that too. Even Darth Vader’s kids don’t turn out into him.

            They’re wrong in looting the palace. As for the whole “you should be grateful we took it then, if we didn’t you would destroy it” crap… We didn’t take it. We who live today are not the looters. So we should stop justifying the patronizing attitude, because it’s not our mistake to bear with. It’s our ancestor’s generation, not us.
            Doesn’t mean we can’t do the tight thing tho, so that’s why those who found the pieces return it to its rightful owner.
            Case closed.

  • What if they’re fakes and the French are secretly keeping the real ones?

    • James

      If the french tried making duplicates they’d look better than this crap

  • jeffli

    Well the French are good at business in china …..NOT. Look at Alcatel , Sagem etc. all became Chinese brands.

    On the other hand French are losing jobs.

    I won’t consider French brands anymore as they come under Chinese control. ( French brands always did have quality issues anyway)

    You can shoot me for the above statement but even the Chinese don’t want to buy locally made crap if they can help it.

    Renault, Citroen etc. are dead as far as French brands are concerned.

  • Dave

    “I’ve discovered that some people in China are beginning to suffer from paranoid persecution.”

    I’ve discovered this as well.

  • bomber

    This is an example of an article that would have benefited from more translations of Chinese comments.

  • LuoyangLaowai

    From the way this Story is written. It sounds like a Bribe. WE WILL TRADE YOU THESE TWO OLD HEADS IN EXCHANGE FOR…

  • Foreign Devil

    No country has destroyed as much Chinese relics and culture as the Chinese themselves did. . both in 1960’s under Mao and in modern times through tear down and rebuild campaigns. Your relics are far better off being kept in Taiwan or abroad. Taiwan actually has some of the best collections of Dynastic relics.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Another certain proof of the despicable poison of the modern westernized mindset!!! This is work of people capable of most treachery, such as those commies during the ‘destroy the four olds’ campaign and other horrible things such as the modern rebuilding and so-called ‘city-planning’ projects!

  • Ron King

    I’m glad France has returned the rabbit and rat head… wait! This just in! It seems the rat head has gone missing. Someone has said they spotted it in a market being sold as lamb!

  • Kenny Chen

    the cultural revolution inflicted more damage to China’s culture and heritage than all other foreign invasions combined

  • A J

    i’m sure those damn chinese eat the rest of it

    • James

      ou know what they say

      Zinc is “more precious than gold” for good health.

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