Gay Marriage Proposal in Shanghai, Chinese Netizen Reactions

A homosexual marriage proposal in Shanghai, China involving a white BMW filled with white roses.

A homosexual marriage proposal in Shanghai, China involving a white BMW filled with white roses.

From Sina Weibo:

@江上渡: This just happened! Near Taicang Road in Shanghai, a male-male [homosexual/gay] marriage proposal! Forgive the bad photo quality, when I was taking photos on the side, my leg kept shaking from the excitement…




Comments from Sina Weibo:


If we calculate the time, they should already be in bed by now. [doge][阴险]


Looking at the thumbnails, was I the only one who thought the car was filled with garlic bulbs?


Could you blur out their faces…?


Upon seeing the third photo, I put down the torch I had just raised.


If it’s guy-guy, then I can breathe a sigh of relief. [doge]


Women, when it comes to fresh flowers, a ring, a fragrant car [filled with flowers], and a handsome man… it isn’t just female goddesses [beautiful women] who are competing with you. Can we be a little more considerate, please?


What’s disgusting isn’t homosexuality but your intolerant heart. [doge] In other words, it isn’t even up to you to tolerate or approve of them, because you are fucking nothing. Hehe. [doge][doge][doge][doge] They were born as a couple [for each other], so it isn’t up to your ugly cunt to be against them.


By now, they should already be banging. [哈哈]


Yet another two less people to compete with me for girls.


Congratulations! Homosexuality I can understand, but I personally cannot accept it [for myself], because I am heterosexual.


The one kneeling down looks like Ma Yun [Jack Ma].


My boyfriend got married, but the groom wasn’t me. [doge]

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