Girlfriend Drowns After Young Man Jumps in River to Save Ex

In China, a young man jumped into a river and saved his ex-girlfriend but his current girlfriend drowned.

In China, a young man jumped into a river and saved his ex-girlfriend but his current girlfriend drowned.

From NetEase:

Young Man, Ex-Girlfriend, and Current Girlfriend Jump Into River One After Another, Ex-Girlfriend is Saved While Current Girlfriend Drowns

If your ex-girlfriend and your current girlfriend both fall into the water, just which one do you save? Yesterday afternoon, at the Longzhou Bay section of Banan district’s Binjiang Road (shortened to “Babin Road”) [in Chongqing], one young man answered this question with his actions, but unfortunately, because of this answer, one girl paid with her life…


Three people jumped into the river one after another

Moored by the Longzhou Bay stretch of Babin Road is a pontoon, and because the area is relatively remote, the pontoon operates as a restaurant, called “Yanglin Fishing Port”. Normally, other than those who come here to eat or attend banquets, there aren’t a lot of people around.

Ms. Tian is a waitress on the pontoon, and she told this reporter that yesterday afternoon at around 4:10, she and a coworker were coming back to start their night shift after visiting Yudong. “We arrived at the pontoon and have to climb a flight of stairs, but as we were going up, we suddenly heard someone on the pontoon shouting ‘Someone jumped into the water!'” Ms. Tian’s heart clenched and she ran towards the shouting whereupon she saw the figures of two people splashing about in the Yangtze River. Before she could react, another figure jump into the river.

About four to five minutes later, the two people who were first in the water climbed onto the riverbank overgrown with weeds. Ms. Tian and the two were were separated by over 100 meters but she could clearly see that it was a man and a woman, that the shirt and pants the man wore were both black, while the woman was wearing a white top and red skirt.

Then, with the pair completely soaked and sitting on the ground, Ms. Tian went over to ask them if they needed help. “At the time, the two couldn’t stop shaking.” Ms. Tian says during that time, the man was sobbing and repeatedly reproaching the woman: “It’s all because of you, all because of you…” The woman was crouched on the ground, both hands covering her face, silent.

Because both of their mobile phones had been submerged in water, they were unable to call the police, so Ms. Tian called 110 and 119 [emergency numbers in China] for them. Soon, members of the Longzhou Bay police station and Longzhou Bay firefighting squad arrived. During this time, Yanglin Fishing Port employee Yang Zhengquan rowed a fishing boat out to fish out the woman who had jumped into the water, but unfortunately, she was already dead.


One woman died

Yesterday evening, Yang Zhengquan told this reporter that when the incident happened, he was doing welding on his fishing boat. When he realized what had happened, a man and a woman were already swimming towards the riverside. “By the looks of it, the man more or less knew how to swim, and he dragged the woman onto shore.

Yang Zhengquan introduced himself as 48 years old, the boatswain of Yanglin Fishing Port. “When I learned that there was another woman who had not been rescued ashore, I immediately took my fishing boat to search.” Yang Zhengquan says, in the end, in an area by the shore, he found the woman’s remains while probing the depths with a bamboo pole, then used a fishhook to snag her clothes and pull her up onto the boat. Very quickly, several other coworkers arrived and together they carried her onto shore, but regrettably, the woman already showed no signs of life.

Yang Zhengquan also told this journalist that the place where the three entered the water was on the edge of an area where the water depth was basically about knee-deep, but just a bit further, there was a hole over 2 meters deep. With the river waters being swift at the time, the woman unfortunately drowned in that area.

“At noon, a coworker had seen the three people arrive at the shore where the incident occurred, every so often overhearing the sounds of argument, but no one paid it any mind,” Ms. Tian learned from coworkers.

Analysis of cause

A tragedy caused by a love dispute

Yesterday evening, according to one of the firefighters who participated in the rescue, after the young man and woman came ashore, they said the three of them were all over 20 years old, all work in a financial company in the Longzhou Bay commercial district, that the two girls were the young man’s ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend. Yesterday afternoon, they met by the Yangtze River side to talk about the relationship problems between them. Previously, the ex-girlfriend had made a demand, that the current girlfriend leave the young man. However, after many hours of discussion, they still couldn’t reach an agreement. Unexpectedly, the ex-girlfriend jumped into the river. Upon seeing this and without even taking off his clothes, the young man jumped in after her. Then, in her anger upon seeing her boyfriend jump into the river for his ex-girlfriend, the current girlfriend also chose to jump in. In the end, the boyfriend rescued the ex-girlfriend, while his current girlfriend drowned in the river. It wasn’t until over 10 minutes later that the other girl was dredged up, but by that time, there were already no signs of life.

After the accident, the funeral parlor and 120 [emergency] medical personnel very quickly arrived and when it was confirmed that the woman could not be resuscitated, the funeral parlor vehicle took her body away.

Presently, police are still verifying the identities of the three and still investigating the specific reasons for jumping into the river.


Love is not the only course in life

Chinese Psychological Society member and New Faction psychologist Chen Zhilin: Comparing life and lost love, life is clearly more important. If you don’t have life, how can you enjoy true love? Life is mostly lived through trials and hardships, so whether it be breakups or falling passionately in love, one must face them calmly and avoid handling things impulsively. “Other than this, love is just one course/lesson in life, but there are more courses in life than just love. There is also career, family, friends…” Chen Zhilin suggests that regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you must not live just for love, and instead you should live for all-around happiness in one’s life.

Comments from NetEase:

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诗大大 [网易广东省东莞市手机网友]:

In the end, back to the same place! Evaluation complete!

orange09321 [网易山东省烟台市手机网友]:

The boyfriend is unreliable, the current girlfriend is really foolish, may no one in heaven steal your boyfriend.

小二哥i [榜上有名]:

The killing power of the ex is indeed strong…

网易北京市手机网友 ip:114.242.*.*

Let me analyze this. The guy is reliable [reasonable/good], anyone would go and try to save someone, but it is the two girlfriends who are too affected [melodramatic].

法西斯VS [网易福建省手机网友]:

The dry dry to death, while the flooded flood to death!

[Note: This is an idiom pointing out gross disparities.]

蒙a老曹 [网易山西省晋中市手机网友]:

Looks like a lot of thought was put into selecting this place to meet and talk.

3172a17eb8175787eb6d87a0 [网易安徽省阜阳市手机网友]:

Jumping into a river [committing suicide] for these things is so not worth it.

棉花做的翅膀 [网易浙江省杭州市手机网友]:

Shouldn’t the ex-girlfriend be held responsible for this??

网易北京市手机网友 ip:111.206.*.*

Was it necessary? Now there’s one more bachelor.

iningdao [网易广东省广州市手机网友]:

The headline is a mouthful. The ex is the one he really loves.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • yurah

    They really need to learn how to swim

    • Surfeit

      They. Them. Those. CHIIINNN….

    • Irvin

      Your try swimming in freezing water.

    • Repatriated

      It’s difficult for Chinese to learn how to swim. There are no swimming pools, only “standing pools” because they are so crowded it is impossible to try and swim :)

      • Poodle Tooth

        My Chinese wife can’t swim, despite falling in rivers and needing rescue multiple times as a child. She really ought to learn.

  • AbC

    The first girl that jumped is a moron. The second girl to jump is a complete retard.

    Clearly the guy (the only person of the group who could swim) can only save 1 person and cannot possibly drag two grown women out at the same time.

    • mr.wiener

      I saved one guy from drowning once and it damn near ended me. It is REALLY hard to swim weighed down by clothes , shoes and victim… that and even a mild river current makes life difficult.

      • David

        When I was a young lifeguard I did the same and you are absolutely right. Even in swim wear and being young and full of energy it is tiring to save somebody who is struggling. Why in the world would you jump into the water on purpose when you know you can’t swim, this is just so stupid.

        • Rick in China

          “Why in the world would you jump into the water”

          I think that part is kind of obvious — they’re mentally unstable overly dramatic kids, there are _LOTS_ of these…

          • Poodle Tooth

            One less, now.

        • ClausRasmussen

          I’ve received training as a lifeguard, we did some exercises and I don’t remember saving someone was hard?

          Ok, your “victims” wasn’t panicking but there are methods to pacify them. Shoes off before you jump is a must, but clothes doesn’t weigh you you down (they don’t become heavier by being soaked in water when in water), they just make you slower and make it difficult to move

          We were taught to be patient, all we needed was to prevent the victim from drowning, carrying him on shore again was secondary

          • Rick in China

            What? There’s a significant difference between training in a pool and saving someone where there is current and clothes add significant traction for the current to pull you along faster – in addition to a likely struggling panicked person who thinks they’re about to die and may be trying to clamber up ‘on top of you’ pushing you down. This dude also didn’t have time to take his shoes off and prepare in whatever way you may when practicing in a controlled addition to not being a lifeguard.

          • ClausRasmussen

            I didn’t say there wasn’t a “significant” difference between training and a real life situation. Davids comments about it being “tiring” just made me wonder. If you are able to pacify the victim and don’t rush it the rest should be relatively easy

            Regarding the guy in this article, he clearly wasn’t trained as a lifeguard and then it is a different story

          • Bob

            But pacifying a victim is not easy. When people are close to drowning they tend to panic. Excellent swimmers have drowned saving people.

          • vincent_t

            you ought to punch the victim to make him pass out. then only u drag them to safely.

        • simon

          this post 80’s and 90’s generation watch too much k-drama

    • “Stupid is as stupid does”
      (Definition for those who haven’t seen Forrest Gump: A person’s intelligence may be judged by the wisdom of his or her actions.)

  • ClausRasmussen

    Do Chinese learn to swim in school? Or at least learn to stay out of water if they can’t?

    I wonder because of the frequent drowning accidents I hear about, all of which would be perfectly survivable even with limited training

    Just throw a dog into a pond and instruct the students to fill their lungs with air and move like it. How hard can it be?

    • Loopins

      Sadly many do not learn especially women.

    • AbC

      Majority of primary and secondary schools do not have swim classes. Most parents only care about their children’s academic performance and disregard all other activities and such as sports and swimming.
      If you still remember ‘the skinny wimpy kid with glasses’ back in high school (there’s always one in every class that fits that description)… Now imagine 50% of the entire class to look like that. That’s a typical ‘junior high’ class in China.

    • Rick in China

      I know adults here who have never been in a swimming pool, let alone rivers, lakes, or the ocean. To me – it’s a little bit of a “whaaaaaaaat” moment every time I learn that someone has no idea how to swim and is afraid of the water, but it’s really really common.

    • Free Man

      No swimming classes in any type of school AFAIK.

      In 9 years I did meet only 1 chinese person, that was able to swim. It was a professional swimmer taking part in national and international contests.

      • 白色纯棉小裤裤

        I guess you have never been to any public swimming pools in 9 years.

        • Probotector

          And? They’re still all mostly wearing rubber rings and paddling in the shallow end. Are you trying to imply that nowadays most Chinese people can swim, because that’s simply not true.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Nah I am saying the statement “In 9 years I did meet only 1 chinese person, that was able to swim.” Is not true.
            Its impossible that you go to any public swimming poor and not seeing one single person who can swim.

    • x1sfg

      For the most part, the US public school system doesn’t have swim classes unless you go to a school like Phillips Exeter. Most kids learn either from their parents, the YMCA, the Red Cross, or some other program. It really has to do with the location though. It isn’t until you get to middle school that some schools start having pools, but it’s mostly for competitive swim teams.

      Most of China’s population is concentrated in extremely dense, urban locations. Most urban youth in the US can’t swim either, and no, it’s not because of the stereotype that people in US cities are of a certain pigmentation. Japan and most places in Australia have swimming as part of the PE curriculum, but I don’t see China adopting it as it costs money, and life is cheap.

      • ClausRasmussen

        I surprised it is a problem in the US too. In Denmark no schools have pools of their own, but we just took the bus to the nearest public pool and used that. As it was done midday the pool owner didn’t have other guests so we were just welcome customers

        Swimming lessons are mandatory here, you can’t go through public school without learning to swim. However, we also have water everywhere so maybe that’s why we give it priority

        • Xia

          Public pools are crowded with usual visitors. If you were to fill them with students from various schools, you need to build some swimming pools extra for that purpose. And many Chinese schools can’t afford the logistics of moving students outside of the school on a regular basis. If you were to look at the hardware of some schools that are not deemed top league elite, you’d know that swimming class really is a luxury.

          Actually, the whole PE section of the Chinese education is underdeveloped, because they don’t give you extra points in the university entrance examination, unless you strive to become a professional athlete.

          • ClausRasmussen

            What I wrote about using public pools was in response to how x1sfg described the American system

            As I wrote earlier, it doesn’t have to be that complicated: Just use a pond, a lake, or a slow moving river. At the minimum teach them not to jump in if they can’t swim!

            >> they don’t give you extra points in the university entrance examination

            I think this is the real problem. It is a matter of priorities more than anything else

          • Edward Kay

            True. That was me. None of the schools had one, no swimming pool public or private then. River and lake, but thats when the same problem starts.

        • must touch brain

          With the rate at which bodies of water in China become toxic, it’s a wonder anyone ever goes near one. Maybe the education system figures there’s no use in teaching swimming with so few clean places to swim and so many people. Population control?

      • MeCampbell30

        That’s not true. The public schools I went to in California had pools (middle school and high school) and all had the option to take swimming classes for PE. Though most friends and people I knew learned to swim before they even went to primary school.

        • Kai

          He’s right that generally it isn’t until middle school or high school that some schools start having pools. For example, my middle school didn’t, but my high school did.

          Whether or when someone learns how to swim really depends on a lot of things. Think about all the things that contribute to our likelihood of “wanting” to go swimming: having a pool in our backyard or friend’s home, the prevalence of pools or beaches in our pop culture, our proximity to pools, beaches, lakes, rivers in our youth, what our friends did in their free time, our respective climates, etc.

          If we work those factors onto the Chinese, there’s generally correlations as well. A lot of Chinese who don’t know how to swim simply never had an opportunity (or a reason) to want to do so as they grew up. Maybe they live in an densely urban environment, or they’re busy tilling the fields day-in day-out to take their family out for a relaxing dip in the cold little creek they might have nearby. Swimming just isn’t a part of some people’s lives while they are for others.

          I live next to one of the better primary schools in Shanghai and there’s a public swimming pool right next to it that the school uses during the day with classes for students. But that’s me in Shanghai, next to one of the “magnet” schools. Most schools aren’t like this.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    It’s like they’ve never heard of the doggy-paddle….

    • I have taught several people the basics of swimming and I always start with the dead man’s float; using air in the lungs to maintain buoyancy. Once they are comfortable with this, the doggy paddle and/or basic breast and back stroke are the next steps

  • mr.wiener

    What a tragic outcome. Part of me whispers…”You should have let the bitch drown”.

  • Ryo Saeba

    “If your ex-girlfriend and your current girlfriend both fall into the water, just which one do you save?”

    Neither. I ain’t stupid enough to get into that cold dirty water. There’s plenty of fish in the ‘sea’…

    • Seeing how you used the word “fall” instead of “jump”, I wish you luck of ever finding a girlfriend.

      • Surfeit

        Wow. Real cheap shot there. Being bitchy aint bitchin’. You no fly!

      • Ryo Saeba

        Seeing that there are quotes (” ” <- these are called quotation marks in case you didn't learn that in 2nd grade) around the sentence, it mean I did not write that. It's a quote from the article. I see somebody didn't read the article. Even though, you should of seen the quotes since there are actually 2 of them, and realized that I am quoting someone else.

        Learn some reading comprehension first before trying to write something "witty."

  • Surfeit

    “What idiots. We might have all survived. We’re all so stupid.

    … STUPID!!!”

  • mr.wiener

    Now I remember you.

  • Irvin

    You jump I jump.

  • Rick in China

    Knee deep>2 meters deep… so sad.

  • It’s like there is a nation of children out there somewhere
    what a strange world, doctor

    • Xia

      Guess who is their father?

  • Probotector

    An inevitable outcome in a society where so many are spoiled in their youth, discouraged from taking responsibility for themselves & their actions and can only think with their emotions.

  • lacompacida

    The guy did it right and both girls are wrong. He jumped when only one girl was in water, not two.

  • Teacher in China

    I wonder who chose that meeting place? My money’s on the ex, who probably had this dramatic moment planned out. Current GF was completely and absolutely foolish. Talk about a rash reaction. It’s a human life, for god’s sake, of course he’s going to jump in and save her – she should have been proud that he was so brave.

  • ClausRasmussen

    I was told to hold the victim from behind and press the knuckle of my thumb into his chest with all the force of a two-hand grip to pacify him. I’ll try using an elbow to the nose instead next time, sounds easier

    • Rick in China

      Yes, because victims often present themselves to you in the correct position – and aren’t flailing while drowning. Sometimes to get people in a position where you may be able to get a grip around their body or under their arm may result in a bloody nose on either side…no?

      • ClausRasmussen

        We were explicitly told get at them from the back, swimming around them if need be and optionally diving out of sight

        When you’re behind them you’re basically safe: You can’t be kicked (which carry a heavy punch in water) and they can’t grab your arms pulling you down with them

        Bloody noses are really not a problem when lives are at stake

        • Edward Kay

          It is a problem if you have to clutch your nose and them. Rule No.1, punch them first, then save them. It worked by the way, twice.

          • simon

            i imagine it’s not easy to land a perfect ko punch in the water though. would punching the victim multiple times cause the victim to become more irate/hysterical.

          • Edward Kay

            Punch may be a wrong word. A bonk to the head. Its meant to stun, not to hasten the drowning. Besides, its even harder to drag up a “corpse”.

  • Xia

    Another case of “No zuo no die”…

  • Foreign Devil

    Fighting over a guy when there are more guys than girls, in a country of a billion guys. Kind of shortsighted. And what did the girlfriend hope to achieve by jumping in water after the other two?

    • Kai

      Either she was despondent that her boyfriend rushed to save his ex, thinking it said something about which girl he valued more, or she wanted to force him to choose one to save, to determine which girl he valued more. I can’t readily think of any other possible rationale for her, but ultimately hard to say without more details about the conversaton right before the ex jumped and right before he jumped in after her. For example, did the ex threaten to jump, or did she suddenly jump over out of the blue? What, if anything, was said between the guy and his girlfriend upon seeing this happen?

  • Wodowsan

    The ex-jumps in, so the guy jumps in to save her. Right thing to do.
    The new girlfriend jumps into, who can’t swim? Why? Because she expected him to let the ex-girlfriend drown?

    Sounds like a typical selfish, overly jealous, and insecure bitch. The fact is he was not with the ex any more, he had chosen to be with her.

    Being a guy’s first is easy. Being his last is more difficult and much more important. Yet from my experience too many Chinese girls do not understand this.

    I had an ex-girlfriend in Chongqing call me at home once. My girlfriend at the time was with me. She got all mad at me. I responded. “I didn’t call her she called me. Besides if I wanted to be with her, I would be. I am not, I am with you. Would you rather be the girl with me, or the one on the phone wishing she was with me?”
    She finally calmed down and told me she rather be the one with me.

    Jealously is really ugly thing especially when it gets irrational. I had another girlfriend from Taiwan when I was in film school. I was working on the set and had talked to our actress who was very attractive. I later made the mistake to tell my Taiwanese girlfriend that I thought the actress was “a nice girl.” (My experience with actresses at that point had been that most where self-centered, insecure, attention seeking drama queens.)

    My girlfriend went hysterical, locked herself in my car, and started screaming and crying. The rest of my American classmates gathered around astonished with her behavior “What happened they asked me.” I told them that all I did was say that the actress was a “nice.” “Gees, she is acting as if you told her you had slept with the actress.” was the response.

    I could tell many more such stories about insanely jealous Chinese women.
    Sorry, I do not have any examples of insanely jealous American women,

  • I was at dinner with a friend in Shenzhen and she started to choke on a piece of steak. I watched for a few seconds and thankfully she was eventually able to resolve the situation, saving me from performing the Heimlich Maneuver.
    I relayed this to her afterwards and she had never heard of the Heimlich, so MAYBE this girl might have been saved if someone knew basic CPR (mouth to mouth and heart/lung compressions)
    I’ll relay this in case it is not already known. When at a restaurant, if you see someone go streaking away from their table, follow them because they could be choking. I have read that when people first realize they are choking, they try to hide their embarrassment and run to a quiet place (often the bathroom) to make “noise” and are often found dead from suffocation.

    • Kai


  • post.human

    If your SO needs to hold talks with other ex-/potential- SO’s, do not conversate, immediately dump.

  • Water is like chinese peoples kryptonite.

  • FYIADragoon

    I can’t imagine how stupid you have to be to date someone who still keeps in contact with their ex. 2 idiots and one con-artist.

  • Jay K.

    trsgic news, definitely tragic. seriously learn how to swim china!

  • Poodle Tooth

    At least it wasn’t a septic tank.

  • mr.wiener

    Feminists of the world unite :)

  • Zappa Frank

    Darwin’s award

  • Paul Schoe

    I enjoyed the remark: “according to one of the firefighters who participated in the rescue“. In China it is sometimes so easy to become a hero. Even when you come after the people were already ashore and the third person died and was already dregged up by somebody else, the press will depict you as somebody who participated in the rescue. Which rescue? What participation?