Sex Diary Exposes Government Official’s Debauchery

Hanxianzi, one mistress of Han Feng.

From NetEase:

Internet post exposes bureau chief’s “sex diary” documenting his debauchery with many female subordinates

Summary: On February 28, a diary, purported to be that of the head of China Tobacco Corp. in an unnamed city in Guangxi caused a sensation online. The diary records the details of  sexual encounters between the department head and a woman in his department. The post was written by someone calling himself the husband of one of these lovers. On March 1, the leading party group of Guangxi National Tobacco Corps commenced formal investigations into the matter. The person in question has already been suspended from his position as Section Chief in charge of Retail Sales pending investigation.

“This bureau chief is interesting, writing everything in a diary.” Yesterday, a diary believed to be that of a certain Guangxi Tobacco Bureau chief  created a storm on the internet, was quickly reposted on various major forums, with relevant posts on Tianya post having over 200 000 hits [At time of translation, over a million]. Some netizens speculate that the diarist’s main duty in his professional role is drinking, followed by playing with women. At the very least it’s an insight into official life.

A netizen with the name “Han Xianzi” wrote a post on February 27 called “Bureau Chief’s Diary”, with daily entries from September 24 2007 to January 31 2008, and five entries after that. Each entry is around 15 Chinese characters in length. Netizens have called the diary “Written very simply, but very colourfully, with strong imagery, vivid portrayals of people’s inner world, with particularly good detailed descriptions.

Some netizens have expressed doubt over the diary’s veracity, thinking that something so personal wouldn’t likely leave someone’s sight. But there are some netizens who believe that it’s the real thing. Some suspect that the husband of Miss Tan, the Bureau Chief’s lover, (aka “Han Xianzi”) found the diary and in a fit of rage posted it online.

Copies of the diary’s (Chinese) contents are on Tianya and Mop. A full English translation has been provided by EastSouthWestNorth. Here are some sample diary entries:

September 18 Tuesday (21-32 ℃ sunny) Stayed at the dormitory during the morning. Went to Guoda Hotel and got a room in the hotel. Went back to the office. Yong Rixian and others came. They are taking the test to become commissioners tomorrow. Drank a lot of red wind with them that evening. Returned to Guoda Hotel after 11am. Xiao Tan was already there. Her period was here, so she used her mouth on me.

September 19 Wednesday (21-32 ℃ sunny) Stayed at the dormitory during the morning. At noon, Hong He, Anhui, Li Yuefen and others came. Had lunch with them. Drank a lot of liquor. Slept during the afternoon. Went to Guoda Hotel in the evening. Xiao Tan did it with me with her mouth. I ejaculated.

September 26 Wednesday (21-30 ℃ cloudy) In the morning after Ah Wu arrived, went to buy a LG KW820 mobile phone for 3,720 yuan. Went back to Laibin. Went to the office in the afternoon to deal with the paperwork and talk about the sales/marketing. That evening Xiao Tan wanted to do me. She is getting married on the 29th and she still wants to have fun with me. This girl is too wild! Got a room at the Guoda Hotel. She arrived after 10pm. She bathed, jumped into bed, went at it immediately with lots of action. We chatted. We did it again in the middle of the night. She bled again. We slept a bit more. We did it again the morning. This time, there was no bleeding.

October 1 Monday (24-43 ℃ cloudy) Spent all day at home.

October 5 Friday (24-31 ℃ overcast) Spent all day home playing with mobile phone.

A picture of Bureau Chief Han Feng (right):

Han Feng (right side in brown jacket, writing).

Comments from Tianya:


This post must become popular.

Why doesn’t the President have a look? He talks to people online doesn’t he?


To tell the truth, this Bureau Chief is actually not that bad!


Not bad, so many days and he’s only embezzled fifty thousand.


His main job is drinking, then sex, playing with his phone, these three are his main work projects…


Don’t investigate, and it is all Kong Fan Sen; Investigate, and it is all Wang Bao Sen!
Don’t investigate, and the problem is all the first three rows; Investigate, and the root cause is the stage/speech platform.
Don’t investigate, and everyone looks good; Investigate, and everyone are thieves and whores.
Don’t investigate, and everything came from the heart; Investigate, and apparently everything came from Baidu.
Don’t investigate, and everywhere are fresh flowers; Investigate, and all of it were actually tofu dregs.
Don’t investigate, and they are all working hard to protect the revolution; Investigate, and they had long ago been hiding their green cards.
Don’t investigate, and all of them want to serve the people; Investigate, and all of them serve for renminbi.
Don’t investigate, and it was an act of nature; Investigate, and it was a man-made calamity.
Don’t investigate, and everything is superior; Investigate, and it is sex superiority.
Don’t investigate, and he is a public servant; Investigate, and it turns out he likes women servants even more.


Such an accurate record. Everyone, don’t write a diary under any circumstances.

But with so much to do, if you don’t write things down how will you remember stuff?


This public servant is already the most honest and most pure, yet there are still people trying to take him down, what kind of world is this?

Could it be that Miss Tan is better looking than me?

Sister Feng (Luo Yufeng) during an interview.


Honey, Bureau Chief Han is calling you to go open a room [with him at a hotel, this phrase is similar to the Jia Junpeng internet meme]!


Seeing this makes me very joyful. This is more fun than fun…. despicable…


The year of the tiger’s first news story of officials’ entertainment.


Firstly we have to make it clear that Bureau Chief Han isn’t some kind of monster, he’s having an affair but is at home a lot, he even mentions in his diary that his son is a post-grad student. This shows that he still is a family man; although Bureau Chief Han accepts money the amount definitely isn’t great, it can’t be more than five figures. Look carefully online at stories of official corruption at the cadre level, often they mention piles of money at home as big as mountains, developers are the same, and women, at the very least they have two, and at the most hundreds. So Bureau Chief Han seems quite honest. And we can say that there are many of this kind of leading official, who have expenses reimbursed; eating, drinking, social parties and sex are unavoidable. Of course there are some problems with what he does. I think that these problems aren’t so serious, but we definitely have to point them out sternly, fine him a bit, or make a of note in his Party record. Taking care of things with investigations is the best way.


Actually Han Feng is a good comrade: 1) Only has one regular girlfriend; 2) Although he’s having an affair he spends time with his life, he isn’t just cold to her; 3) He occasionally accepts money [illegally] but nothing more than a few tens of thousands, and only gets 200,000 a year which is peanuts; 4) He pays attention to education in theory, and is hardworking and modest; 5) He pays attention to important national affairs, he mentions the heavy snow that the south got, which shows he cares about your average man; 6) He doesn’t like the sleazy life, but enjoys movies and refined activities, which shows he’s well brought up.


After reading every character of the diary, after sighing thousands of times, I have a couple of questions:

1. After Bureau Chief Han’s “Diary-Gate”, what kind of punishment will he receive?

2. What will Bureau Chief Han’s women do now? Will they have to busy themselves fighting, divorcing, moving house, what kind of tragedy awaits them?

3. Bureau Chief Han is a small potato, he’s nothing compared with most officials. We should do away with those that are worse than him, why don’t they ever get into trouble?

Lastly, I’d like to tell all leaders that writing diaries truly is a good habit!


Official corruption, infidelity, if this isn’t a grave matter then what is? Corruption is corruption, no matter how you look at it, there’s no such thing as “slight” corruption! We need to throw the book at him!


Looks like we need the vast netizens, need human flesh search, because only the human flesh search is a true tool for supervising [government officials].

For illicit bribes look elsewhere. For everything else try chinaSMACK personals.


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