Hefei Hair Salon Welcomes Old Beggar, Gives Free Haircut

From NetEase:

Beautiful hair salon lady owner warmly admits old beggar

Into a hairdressing salon near Yaogong temple in Hefei, a so-called “sweaty smelly beggar” entered, looking for a haircut. The boss not only didn’t refuse him, but she kind-heartedly looked after him. The old beggar asked to have his head shaved, his beard cut, and even asked for his head to be washed; the boss did everything according to his wishes. After shaving his head the boss didn’t receive a penny, and even gave the beggar about fifty RMB. This made me, a witness to the scene, deeply moved. “Wúshāngbùjiān” [the traditional idiom that condemns all merchants as unscrupulous] surely couldn’t be used to describe the boss of this salon!

A photo of the boss.

The old beggar getting his hair cut.

The beggar asks the hairdresser to cut his hair in a certain way.

As it turns out, he wants it all shaved off.

After having his haircut, the beggar prepares to leave, the boss not only hasn’t received money, but has given some to him.

After leaving, the beggar absent-mindedly feels his head, it seems like he’s considerably more relaxed.

The beggar starts a new day begging to feed himself.

A video:

Comments from NetEase:


A person with a kind heart, everyone will see, support the owner of the shop!


In these materialistic times, someone who can do this deserves praise!


I wish this great person a life of peacefulness! I love you!


She’s the most beautiful boss.


I strongly urge the boss to charge for her services, if she doesn’t how will we stimulate the growth of China’s GDP?


The really great people are all to be found amongst ordinary people.


This society needs a little love.


Beggars are still people, as long as they’re not begging on someone else’s behalf, or begging to fund illicit activities, they deserve society’s respect. The government should help and assist those that need it. Our economy is developing, so we shouldn’t forget those poorer compatriots.

Old beggars and kind-hearted hair salon owners. chinaSMACK personals. Happy new year!


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