Japanese AV Star Sora Aoi & Qinghai Earthquake Donations

Sora Aoi (Aoi Sola)

Sora Aoi (Aoi Sola)

From ifeng:

Japanese actress Sora Aoi publicizes collecting donations for the Yushu Earthquake victims on blog

Lately, there has been a constant stream of news from Cang Jingkong [Sora Aoi, Sola Aoi, Aoi Sora, etc.], the Japanese actress with many fans in China. Friday (April 23), Sora Aoi posted a message on the microblogging website Twitter, launching an effort to raise funds for the Yushu Earthquake victims. This act greatly moved her China fans. Sora Aoi said that since learning of the major Qinghai Earthquake, her emotions have constantly been very down, and that she hopes she can do something for Qinghai.

Regarding Sora Aoi preparing to collect donations for the Yushu Earthquake, one Chinese netizens said, “She only used Japanese to write her post, and has not updated her Chinese blog. It is obviously directed towards the Japanese people, and she does not want to add to her Chinese fans’ burdens.  The kindness and consideration can be seen in her actions. She even said she hopes to take a vacation/break next, to do something for the China earthquake….This kind of good girl is too praise-worthy.”

The “constant stream of news” refers to these old news stories:

  • April 16: “Adult video star Aoi Sola writes to China fans on blog” (Danwei)
  • April 13: “AV actress entices Chinese netizens to go on Twitter” (Danwei)

Comments from ifeng:


Sora Aoi, a Japanese actress who sells her body is far greater than Zhao Benshan [Xiao Shengyang‘s teacher], a Chinese actor who doesn’t sell his body.


When is our Shou Shou going to be like her senior and have such compassion?


She has used kind-heartedness and action to closely link together China-Japanese friendship…


I like her! Her having this heard, even without the donation, has already greatly moved me!


Well-done, Japanese beauty, your appearance and heart are both beautiful! This is a human beauty!


You making good films is the greatest support for the Chinese people!


[I] support Sora Aoi, [she’s] much more impressive than those people in China who hype/self-promote themselves.


As someone I’ve long heard about, I didn’t know she was this pretty! Is she a Chinese person pretending to be Japanese!?


Thank you, for contributing to us so many movies, and now donations.

Sora Aoi's blog post about the Qinghai Earthquake.
Sora Aoi's blog post about the Qinghai Earthquake.

From Mop:

Japanese performer, both skilled and moral, deeply caring for the Qinghai disaster area, just what kind of spirit/mentality is this?

A Japanese performer, both skilled and moral, a good ambassador between the Chinese and Japanese people, an adult video mega star, a great educator, a great teacher, a great enlightened scholar, raises money for the Qinghai disaster area.
An ordinary foreign adult video star, despite having her work pirated, nonetheless donating money from a land far away to those disaster area masses in Qinghai whom she has never met, just what kind of spirit/mentality is this?

[This netizen’s point is to praise and exemplify this kind of spirit/mentality.]

Comments from Mop:


Well then, in order to ding her, I am going to go buy authentic/genuine DVDs of her films!


[She’s] far more impressive than many people within our country. The Heavenly Kingdom [China] has already fallen to the level of laughing at poverty but not prostitution.


They should use their bodies to go comfort the sad Yushu people!


Sister Aoi, leave your donation account number. I would rather trust your foundation than donate to the Heavenly Kingdom’s Red Cross.


Hello teacher!!! Teacher, I love you!!


Sora Aoi definitely knows to maintain good relations with China because we are her loyal audience.


Japanese prostitutes are stars, and China’s stars are prostitutes.


Sister Aoi, ding you, I must support you more in the future, and do my best to buy authentic/genuine versions of your films.


Crying, at this moment I cannot hold it in. I’ve opened my F: drive with Teacher Aoi’s classic adult films, and at this moment brother is moved!

[He wrote the pun 鸡动, which is like 激动 (excited, moved,) but means “cock moved” literally]

Sora Aoi (Aoi Sola)


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