Children On Leashes Tied To The Walls While Their Parents Work

Young Chinese children on leashes tied to the walls of a factory while their parents work.

Young Chinese children tied on a leash in Zhejiang while their parents work.

From XiCi:

Zhejiang Haining kiln workers have no choice but to tie their children by the windows when they go to work

2010 April 20, at a certain brick/tile factory in Dingqiao of Haining in Zhejiang province, many kiln workers’ sons and daughters have been tied to the workshop windows with rope by their parents. The reason the parents have done this is because they do not have time to look after their children yet are afraid of their children running around and getting into an accident. As it is understood, these children are tied to the windows for nearly 10 hours every day.

A child tied to a window with a rope at a brick factory in Zhejiang China.

A little boy sitting on the ground of a brick factory workship in Zhejiang China.

Two little Chinese children tied to windows in Zhejiang. Their parents tie them up so they do not run around and get into accidents.

A mother checks on her son while passing by outside the window the child is tied to.

A little Chinese boy cries, a rope tying him like a leash to a window.

Comments from XiCi:


In the face of life/reality, this is how tiny we are!!!


If the parents had means, they too wouldn’t be willing for their children to live like this…


[I] feel I was very lucky when I was small.


Just one government official’s BMW would be enough to build a kindergarten/child care.


This is the choice when there is no choice. What parent would want their child to be like this? Saddening…


Very upset, what can this kind of childhood bring to their lives?


What does this show us? Our government, what you are seeing is the life many people live. These jobs need people to do them, so why don’t [you, the government] give them some more/better welfare? Even though we are still very far from the welfare of those developed countries, at least we can spend some money on these migrant worker friends. I think everyone would be understanding, after all they are manual laborers. With regards to this society, I can only say this much. Just today I was donating to Yushu [Qinghai Earthquake]. I wonder if it can be given to those friends who are suffering hardships. China’s government officials have already lose the people’s hearts. I hope you guys can act according to your consciences.


Poor children, it will only be worse in the future! Being born in this country and in this time and in this place is such a tragedy!

It would have been better not to be born at all!


We’ve experienced this before when we were small, hehe, and now when we think about it, it wasn’t such a big deal. It is also a very deep memory.


Just seeing this makes me worried…
Children with money, children without money…


So sad, so before having a children one must consider carefully, what can you give the child?


Poor children. I am a father too. Thinking of one’s own children, seeing other people’s children, should lead to one working harder. Otherwise, one day, on the other end of the rope will be one’s own child…


Our children are too blessed. How can we change these children’s conditions? What can I do?


The gap between rich and poor is seriously getting larger and larger! I once saw a video talking about a woman carrying a child on her back shining the shoes of a child from a family with money. These poor babies. Early on, they have tasted the world’s hardships and griefs. I really hope they can be happy one day!


Can these [people] be considered parents? Usually only animals are tied up this way, so them doing this says what about how they see their children? If they don’t have the time to take care [of the children], then leave them at home [with their extended family] or don’t have children. This is just giving children bad childhoods. Put another way, if these workers were children, and their parents tied them there, what would they think when they grew up and understood? This is outrageous, are children not children [not human]? Are they your pets? Angry.


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What would you really do? If you were really a Chinese laborer or migrant worker or a poor Chinese person like this?

Children tied to windows with ropes while their parents work in the brick kiln workshop.


Written by Fauna

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