Jiangmen City to Exterminate All Dogs in Public Areas

Cute white dog.

Cute dog.

From Mop:

With pictures there is truth! Jiangmen City, dogs to be exterminated throughout the city

Cupware! Jiangmen government leader bitten by dog, now wants to exterminate all dogs

Southern Daily August 2nd report. Recently, 5 departments of Jiangmen city [in Guangdong province], the Public Security Bureau, Agriculture Bureau, Municipal Administration Bureau, Trade and Industry bureau, and Sanitation Bureau, worked together to issue the “Notice Regarding Increasing the Urban Management of Canines” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”), clearly stipulating that “All public areas and roads throughout the city shall without exception prohibit canines from entering”, and starting from August 26th, the city’s joint task force for canine management shall uniformly round up and kill all illegally kept canines found in public areas where the ban on raising dogs is in effect.

Notice of dog culling in Hanzhong.

A dead and bloodied dog.

A dog culling notice in China.

Dead dogs in China.

Chinese chasing after dogs with sticks.

Dead dogs littered on the ground.

A Chinese man beating a dog.

Comments from Mop:


Can you please not be this cruel…?


What dog of an official [lousy official] gave such a despicable order?! Too savage!! What is the reason for beating the dogs? Those people beating the dogs, fuck your entire family, you’re all beasts! Do you guys have a conscience at all? Someone tells you to beat them so you beat them? You’re all fucking fuckers, China’s dregs!!! Beat the dog of an official to death!!!!!


Motherfuckers, even going after pet dogs too? Calling you a dog of an official would be an insult to dogs!

Brother [referring to self] just wants to say:

Living in the Heavenly Kingdom, nothing is impossible.

Heavenly Kingdom characteristics, unique in the world.


Homeless stray dogs are all created by dog owners who raise them when they like them and discard them when they don’t, and the dogs run around biting people, so who should we blame?


Calm down.

What is there to be angry about here?

When human lives aren’t even respected,

you expect them to respect dogs?


So perverse!!! While people in other countries are rescuing dogs…we’re like this…


You guys don’t know anything! The leaders just want to eat dog hot pot.

Comments from


If dog-owners could just take care of their dogs, this wouldn’t be necessary! We can only blame the people who keep dogs!!!


These days, some people simply are not better than a dog!


May dog-lovers let forth your love and adopt all the homeless stray dogs. The reason it is sad for homeless stray dogs is because they were abandoned by their owners once their owners stopped loving them. So if you don’t want the dogs to be beaten and killed, please take good care of your own dog. Actually, cracking down on the dogs is just dealing with the symptoms, what should be cracked down upon should be the people who raise dogs. If you control your own dog, not letting your dog bite people, then who would go crack down [on dogs]? So, those who keep dogs should collectively reflect upon themselves. I don’t oppose raising dogs, but please improve yourselves [be more responsible], otherwise homeless stray dogs are going to be culled.


As long as its a stray dog, it must be killed.


People in cities indeed should not raise/keep dogs as pets.
If dogs are going to be raised/kept, then there needs to be a system where if there is a stray dog, it can still be determined who was the owner that abandoned it.


So-called dog-lovers, please take care of your dogs so the entire city isn’t covered in dog shit. Going for a stroll at night I always have to carefully watch the ground to make sure there isn’t any dog shit. If you’re going to own a dog, please also take the dog shit back home with you and don’t affect the environment.

UPDATE: “City heels to protest and rolls over dog ban” (China Daily)

Written by Fauna

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