Kaka Refused To Exchange Jerseys With Jong Tae-Se

Kaka praising Jong Tae-Se's outstanding performance.
Kaka praising Jong Tae-Se's outstanding performance.

North Korea was defeated by Brazil 2 – 1 on June 15. Chinese netizens, already moved by the reaction of Korean star Zheng Dashi (aka Jeong Dae-Se) to his country’s national anthem (read more at this chinaSMACK translation), found Brazilian player Kaka’s reaction to meeting Zheng after the match noteworthy.

From NetEase:

South Korean Media: Zheng Dashi’s plays at least as well as Kaka, but his request to exchange jerseys is “refused”.

In the preliminary round of the world cup, Brazil defeated North Korea 2 – 1. The star players of the two sides, Kaka and Zheng Dashi had mixed performances, but after the game Kaka “refused” to exchange jerseys with Zheng.

South Korean media original screenshot.

At the end of the game, Zheng Dashi approached the Brazilian team’s area, hoping to speak with Kaka. Kaka praised Zheng’s lively play, after which Zheng requested that they exchange shirts. It might have been that Kaka didn’t understand that Zheng’s hand gestures meant “Take off your shirt, fold it, and give it to me, I’ll do the same with mine”; in any case Kaka turned away and left, leaving Zheng standing on his own, looking very awkward.

Comments from NetEase:


Keep proving yourself and one day Kaka, that tortoise-hair, will be coming to you looking to exchange shirts! [I suspect tortoise-hair is some kind of insult.]


In 2002, after China played Brazil in the preliminary stage the Chinese team went to the Brazilian team to exchange jerseys.

A whole bunch went, but not one received a shirt in return.


Just looking at this match, Kaka’s performance was nowhere near as good as Jong Tae-Se’s.


Maybe Kaka said to him: “Wait until I improve a bit, then let’s exchange shirts! The way I’m playing, it wouldn’t be a fair trade!”


You can see what a country is like from the way they play football.


Kaka just didn’t understand what Jong Tae-Se was trying to say! NetEase is talking crap, what do they mean “refused”?!!!


Why did Tae-Se cry? I bet he doesn’t know how to sing the North Korean anthem.


Not necessarily, because he is South Korean and he originally wanted to be on the South Korean team, but they didn’t want him.


The North Koreans only have two jerseys each. If they give one to someone they can’t get it back, so they can’t exchange shirts.


The Chinese team plays for money and fame, but the North Korean team plays to struggle against imperialism!


If the North Korean team plays badly, they are sent to work in mines when they get home. Regardless of how the Chinese team plays, they don’t have to work in mines. This is the difference!


Since the one thing our country has is money, let’s just choose 20-30 children in their early teens. Send them to Italy’s Inter Milan or some other top team for training. Every year we’ll pay them some amount of money. That bunch of children also wouldn’t have to come home (As soon as they return, they’d become pigs). Only when there are national games would we call them out to play. Even though they wouldn’t have much emotional connection, at least what flows in their body is still Chinese blood. Don’t know if such a thing is possible.

Opportunities for exchanging shirts. chinaSMACK personals.


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