Fatty Kim & North Korea vs. South Korea, Who Would Win?

Kim Jong Il wearing black in front of snowy mountains.

There has been a lot of news about North Korea (The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) recently. Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader, personally visited China earlier this month, and now South Korea is certain that their navy ship, Cheonan, was sunk by a North Korean submarine earlier this year. Below is a collection of translated Chinese internet posts and Chinese netizen comments from the Shanghai KDS discussion forum.

From KDS:

Actually, Kim Jong Il coming to China recently was for the South Korean warship matter

If it were only for increasing aid, it wouldn’t have been necessary for him to personally come, as China providing him aid isn’t new, and sending foreign relations chief would have been enough.

Him personally coming is obviously because the warship was indeed destroyed by North Korea, and he too knows this will cause trouble, that the international community may consider it an intentional act of war, and that [sending] someone below him would not give face so he could only come himself.

The question is what motive did North Korea have for taking out this warship? A show of force? Or have they already prepared their military and economy and are prepared to make a move on South Korea?

I think so far North Korea definitely does not have the ability to initiate a second Korean War. If they were to do this, even if China used its veto in the United Nations, America would still send its military, and the defeat and even overthrow of North Korea would be the obvious result.

However, I do not exclude him using this kind of incident to test the international [community’s] bottom line tolerance towards him.

At this point, we can pretty much be sure that this ship was intentionally destroyed by North Korea, otherwise Kim Jong Il would not personally have come to China.

Comments from KDS:


This can also be explained by Fatty Kim having been wronged, so he rushed over to ask for help. There are two sides to everything, and who really understands political things anyways?


Actually Kim came for medical treatment, and while he was at it, got botox injections.

Kim Jong Il wearing black in front of snowy mountains.

大宝男 人:

Of course, can North Korea be trusted/believed? I’d sooner trust/believe Henan people than Fatty Kim.


Although I have no good feelings towards South Korea, but Fatty Kim, this rogue always causing trouble everywhere, is even worse.


It is better to take out rogue countries earlier than later. The people living underneath the light of the Kim sun is really difficult.

侬看个只 腿:

2012 is not so scary, what is scary is the world war North Korea starts then, pulling China first under the water.


I bet that in another month there will definitely be another nuclear bomb test, and then big brother [China] will quietly give 1 billion USD as compensation, then the fat bastard will take 500 million and give the remaining 500 million to Kimchi [South Korea], then Kimchi and Old Eagle [America] will make a few performances about how everything is peaceful…the entire process will take 3-6 months…


Welcome Grandpa Kim to come to Shanghai to see the World Expo.

钢筋 混凝土:

I feel there’s a problem with the South Korean bangzi‘s fighting ability. The advanced Cheonan, actually being sunk by an antique North bangzi submarine, and the captain even has the face to return alive [instead of dying in shame with his ship].

South Korean warship Cheonan sunk.

Chains lifting the sunken ROK Cheonan warship.

Salvaging the sunken Cheonan.

South Korean military funeral.

From KDS:

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South Korea fighting North Korean now would simply be cutting grass, no need for imperialist America’s help!

The Kim family should probably tone it down a little.

Let me edit the post a little, and post some data.

South Korea population: over 40 million, South Korean military: over 600,000.

North Korea population: over 20 million, North Korean military: over 1 million.

The 38th Parallel is about 150km away from Pyongyang.

The 38th Parallel is about 50km away from Seoul.

The national strength of South Korea is N times that of North Korea.

Basically we can ignore North Korea’s navy and land forces.

But Seoul is within the range of North Korean artillery, this point is pretty annoying/troublesome.

However, seen another way, Pyongyang is also within South Korea’s range.

With Seoul destroyed, South Korean can still build ships and vehicles.

With Pyongyang destroyed, North Korean would not have any other decent cities.

South versus North Korea city lights at night.

Comments from KDS:


The bangzi [South Koreans] may have better weapons than North Korea, but North Korea has nothing to lose, and would have no problem taking you down with them, so the bangzi wouldn’t dare be too reckless with them!


LZ is so naive, when fighting a war, the most frightening are those who aren’t afraid to die. What use are good weapons when millions of brainwashed charge over. Even using all your missiles won’t blast them all, just give up hope.


North Korea has over 10,000 missiles aimed at Seoul, something artillery cannot stop!!!


I look forward to the day when I can see rogue states like North Korea disappearing from the earth.


America was so cocky back in the day, doing whatever it wanted, but eventually made mentally retarded by Vietnamese monkeys [humbled by the Vietnamese in the Vietnam War]. As long as the war is not about comparing technology and money, it’ll be OK.

无敌小 喵呜:

Without imperialist America…South Korea will be cut down like grass~
But South Korea still has one deadly weapon, airdropping Oreo cookies, Big Mac hamburgers, finger-licking good chicken, and Nong Shim ramen.


Sacrificing one warship in exchange for a reason to attack North Korea, very good very good.


South Korea cutting grass accidentally steps on a landmine and South Korea is no more. emoticon

Make the North Koreans nervous and they use a nuclear weapon and South Korea is no more. emoticon


North Korea as a pile of ruins is still North Korea.
But is South Korea as a pile of ruins still South Korea?

瘪三 腔调:

I hope before the fighting begins that both sides’ XS [girls] can first all fly over to Shanghai to avoid suffering and loss. emoticon


I laugh.

South Korea and North Korea have constantly been preparing for war, treating each other as imaginary enemies for decades.

South Korea today is not the South Korea of yesterday.

The military difference between North Korea and South Korea is not something human wave tactics can make up for anymore.


Hard to say about Northern bangzi.
The government trained them so many years.
Their strength must be much more than Afghanistan and Iraq.
Southern bangzi cutting them down like grass is definitely not possible.


Even China now doesn’t dare do anything with North Korea, a completely rogue country…


LZ you’re definitely wrong here! If North Korea were to cast aside the nuclear bomb, we won’t say, but their war-fighting ability will definitely shock people! Just like Mao in the past! Their mentality is definitely number one in the world! And, they have the nuclear weapon! Otherwise, would Fatty Kim be so cocky!?


Southern bangzi are doing quite well for themselves.

Apart from the people having some inseparable family relations with the Northern bangzi, it doesn’t matter if they unify or not unify — — why unify anyway? Such a big mess, that bunch of brainwashed, sallow and emaciated so-called compatriots.

If Outer Mongolia were to return [to China], would you want it?emoticon


Fatty Kim being able to survive until today…

is still because of China and Russia.

The above two countries…

of course do not wish the North Korean peninsula to be ruled by the American-friendly South Korea.

However, North Korea now is also out of control.

Internationally, it is already not giving face to China and Russia.

North Korean soldiers marching.

From KDS:

I have to say, North Korea would instantly destroy South Korea

Just an image…

Comparison of military power between North Korea and South Korea

Comments from KDS:


Compare the two side’s masters [China and America] and see. emoticon


The two Koreas going to war would simply be China and America playing chess.
Whether they fight and how they fight is not something they themselves will decide…


North Korea-simida actually is just like Iraq = = A lot of hot air…and messing around…


North Korea — East Asian Iraq.
Fatty Kim — North Korean Saddam.


emoticonemoticon Some people don’t understand, bangzi country’s president Lee Myung-bak does not have the power to mobilize the Korean army, nor does he have the power to declare war against North Korea. These two powers are in the hands of the UN Command (American military), which is basically the hands of the American president…so sad. And some people are speaking for/defending/supporting the South bangziemoticon


If South Korea goes to war and too many people die, Seoul will probably immediately have several tens of thousands of people walk the streets **…
If North Korea loses several tens of thousands of people, I bet it will be as if it were nothing!~


Without Daddy America, North Korea could overtake the 38th Parallel just with artillery alone, even Korean War era artillery. emoticon


The level of two 6-year-old children fighting, and children with barely passable intelligence at that.

匪 号孟德:

Actually, personally, regardless of which North Eastern Asian power, whether China, America, Russia, Japan, South Korea, or North Korea, the current situation is probably the best situation.
China, America, Russia, and Japan do not wish for a unified, aggressive North Korean country to appear. Only a unified Korea under North Korea would result in a truly powerful country. Japan and Korea still have territorial disputes, China and South Korea/ China and North Korea have sea and land boundary disputes.
But for North Korea, or Fatty Kim, to be unified under South Korea would mean the collapse of the Kim family, and nevermind the money, even their lives would be uncertain. A unified Korea [under South Korea] would not be strong.
However, for South Korea, although they have a strong desire for unification, due to the US-Korea treaty, as long as China doesn’t make a move, attacking to the Yalu River is not a problem, but, a war of unification would be enough to exhaust 5-10 years of South Korea’s accumulated wealth, collapsing South Korea’s economy. If unified, 24 million North Koreans would undoubtedly also be a huge burden.
Besides, from the perspective of American national interests, the United States would definitely maintain the current situation. Why? In a nutshell, because a war to unify the peninsula would cause China to act.
If China does not act, America would naturally support South Korean reunification of the peninsula, conveniently completing the Northeast Asian containment of China. However, the moment China causes the American military to lose more than it can bear, Americans will not let the American military continue dying for a war on the other side of the world.
Therefore, the present situation, in the eyes of the various powers, is the best situation.

Marching North Korean soldiers.

From KDS:

Place your bets, North Korea – South Korea 1:9 odds

emoticonSomeone make a poll for fun.emoticon

Comments from KDS:

细胞 分裂中:

I definitely bet on South Korea winning. Those North Korean generals aren’t SBs, they’ll immediately surrender after crossing the line. It is not as if they don’t normally know how developed South Korea is, and who would want to be a criminal of a war that cannot be won? Their entire army [under the general] will surrender. [This way, they can] get a government position + good reputation.

JJR 降临:

Obviously North Korea, but our country will have to outwardly keep up appearances, but make some moves behind the scenes. South Korea’s old man [America] is on the opposite side of the Pacific. They have the will [to protect South Korea] but they can only do so much [because they are so far away].


I bet North Korea will lose everything. This is a big country game, small countries can only be props. Japan is the most unlucky, they could get bombed at any moment.


I bet the Heavenly Kingdom [China] will not deploy forces, will strongly condemn, call for [this or that], observe, etc.

细胞 分裂中: [responding to spcard1]

You think Hillary [Clinton] coming to China is really for commercial business reasons?emoticon

The time for North Korea to contribute to the world’s economy has come, otherwise why did we keep/support/foster them until now?

According to your theory 1:200 emoticon


North Korea will definitely win, you guys have all overlooked the mental aspect, just think about how our country defeated a proper/standard army [how Mao and the Communist Army defeated the KMT].

Cheering North Korean soldiers.

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • jimmythebeast

    me, the first poster, would win

    • Zuo Ai


      • john

        I’m surprised so many Chinese think China would go to war for North Korea. War with the US for Kim Jong Il that little dipshit?

        Maybe China could just overthrow North Korea?

        • anne

          They’re both communist countries, China helped North Korea the first time round… But I doubt China would be bothered helping North Korea this time. If they’re smart…

        • Dan

          It is ‘dipshitted’ as you put it, but China stays loyal to North Korea, for reasons I just CANNOT understand or imagine (besides the two being ‘friends’ and allies).

          Bottom line, as China has shown in recent times, it will NOT oppose North Korea, no matter what.

          Pathetic and dissapointing.

          • Patrick

            They like a buffer on their border that’s the only reason.

  • timkunming

    China makes itself look foolish defending this pariah state. Of course, we know that every nation is looking after their own needs first, but I believe China may not be able to keep up this position of neutrality much longer. It threatens China’s role as being a major power and source of influence in Asia. That, and it gets the South Koreans and (more importantly) the Japanese governments looking for other sources of action…

    Then again, a reformed authoritarian state and a totalitarian state still share the same basic principles, so perhaps there’s some hanky panky between the PRC and the DPRK that we don’t know about?


    If KJI wanted a war, its really easy to start one, just send his army over, and he may even get the element of surprise. War on the other hand risks his lifestyle of whimsical debauchery swilling cognac, and naked parties with the harem, not to mention endangers his sons succession; and he knows this.

    There’s one thing brinkmanship is good for besides getting international aid, and that’s keeping ones own army on its toes preparing for invasion rather than plotting to take Pyongyang at an opportune time, as his reign nears its end it will be ever more important for KJI to keep his army busy so that his son will be able to take his place.

    We see it time and time again that coups are a dictatorships number one threat, and most common downfall. So it only makes sense since he has no chance of winning a war, risks everything he has by doing so, and is going about it in a way that would only be disadvantageous to him (escalation, eliminating any element of surprise) that he actions really have everything to do with preserving his regime instead, but occupying his biggest threat to his own sovereignty, his own army.

    • Capt. Cock UR牛B! I love you!

      brinkmanship….. that is hard core!

      that is difficult to translate!

      perhaps… on the “edge” is a correct translation?

      if I flip I coin off the edge?

      what coin will I use?

    • bai ren

      leadership change in the works
      A son given the chance to flex a military arm
      crowds gather in the capital to cheer at the denunciation of armies
      Some countries vote to change the ruler
      Might this be a protracted practice for a legitimate Regime change?
      A way to keep the dogs off by rallying the sheep

  • KATUSA vet here, chiming in.

    We’d win, we’d probably suffer major civilian casualties, maybe 100,000+ but they wouldn’t get to use any nukes and they’d never capture a major ROK city.

    Their armored divisions and air force are far too outdated (look at the 1991 Gulf War for comparison) and under-trained (the DPRK Army doesn’t even have enough fuel to train tank crews to drive off-road, like 4% of what they used in 1991) to conduct an effective offensive campaign. Even if they attacked in the middle of winter when the rice paddies are frozen solid, central Korea has too many chokepoints and too many complications for sheer numbers to prevail against a military that’s two generations ahead. It’s also worth noting that the average North Korean is now privately questioning the merits of Socialism and well aware that the ROK’s living standards are much higher than theirs, I’d expect DPRK troops to surrender en-masse within the first few days of a serious war.

    The real devastation would come after the war when we taxpayers would be expected to support 20 million starving brainwashed idiots. I’m probably going to emigrate to Australia for this very reason, the DPRK probably won’t survive another decade so it’s better to jump ship now before the rush begins.

    The USA has already pissed away their nation’s credit by bailing out corrupt financial institutions that deserved to go bankrupt so there’s pretty much no chance of them helping us out.

    • carlstar

      Another Korean war. The north cant stand alone as there only friend china can’t get involved. South Korea has all the pacific nations on its side, except china of course. China has too much interest in trading with the likes of USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand (rich nations) etc to fight against them. North and south korea gone. Korea now one nation under the souths control.

      The only thing left out is the flood of north Koreans heading into China. That is Chinas biggest and probably only worry.

    • aquadraht

      Poosan, when the bad NK soldiers would come you would wet and shit your pants and run .. you are so pathetic.
      Actually, NK won’t attack. This is not 1950 when NK soldiers fed SK people (who got subsequently shot by US and SK army for having taken food from commies). SK society is stable while NK society is not. A war always tends to disrupt instable societies, and it might spell the end of Kim’s regime no matter what’s the outcome. The North would be unable to govern whatever she may conquer. NK soldiers would run away looting the shopping malls in the first SK city they conquer.

      BTW, I am still undecided about the warship sinking affair. I read about German explosives used in the torpedo (or whatever) sinking the ship. While I well know that German armament industries are heartless bastards selling death to everybody in the world (like all of that kind everywhere) I am not aware that they are selling to NK. Not that I would exclude it offhand.

    • ShanghaiSteve

      Absolutely agree with you. North Korea would lose, but there would be significant South Korean casualties. Hundreds of thousands would stream into South Korea and China. And imagine the number of automatic weapons that would also stream into China. Separatists, splittests and angry middle aged Hans would be able to buy an AK for a bag of rice.

      It seems likely that China, and the US (with South Korea) have already planned for the collapse of North Korea. The plans would call for occupation under the guise of humanitarian relief, but would actually be a scramble to secure the border area with China.

    • Everybody Wang Chong

      Another Korean idiot posturing. The North Korean sank your fucking ship and killed many on board with a blink of an eye. What happen to the advanced technology that the South have over the North? What good are those “many chokepoints” when super patriots like you are flocking to Australia, U.S. and Europe?

      You South Koreans are fucking morons.

      • Real Korean

        Chinese idiot. That “advanced” Korean ship was nothing more than a training vessel you dip shit. All +40 on board were young cadets who were training for the navy/marines. The Korean navy boasts some of the most advanced ships in the world including Sejong class Aegis destroyers which kick the shit out of anything China has.

        Which is far superior to the piece of shit chinese navy that Remember folks, made in China = shit.

        • Chunghwa

          can I have your Samsung mobile phone then? You clearly don’t want it. Once I collect enough unwanted made-in-China Samsung phones, I’m gonna sell them all to unsuspecting idiots, and save enough money to buy a NTT DoCoMo phone. That’s phase one of my evil plan. hurr hurr.

          • Dan

            If you get a “DoCoMo phone” (there’s no such phone, genius, DoCoMo is a carrier), you can only use it in Japan, and won’t be able to use it in China :'(

            But nevermind your “DoCoMo phone”, just get your ripoff named Anycool brand, or some Sumsang or Sany Ericsan from your Shanghai mall – those are designed by Chinese, for Chinese.

        • Everybody Wang Chong

          I’m an idiot? I wasn’t the one that sent a “training vessel” full of young cadets into hostile water and got sank like a toy ship. You should worry more about what the North Koreans can do to you than what China can.

          • C-C-C-Combo breaker. (aka Real Korean)

            Once again, you’re an idiot. It wasn’t in hostile waters. It was in South Korean territorial waters. Which is why the North sent a hidden sub to murder a bunch of teenagers who were training to join the navy.


    • bai ren

      so you were compelled to join the army with everyone else at the tender age of what? did you serve your necessary time or did you work for the good fight? obviously you didnt take a moment to think outside the box, to challange what you were being taught and like a gullible fish took your nation’s word hook like and sinker.
      I dont disagree with your points but your argument is far from complete. NK’s biggest strength is its artillery no? so capture cities maybe not, level them to the ground, well it was nice knowing soul. Like the chinese poster above, I question what a post war south korea will be like.
      oh and VET glad to see you have the proper individualism to realize you dont want to be directly involved in aiding your brother and sister victims, wouldnt the neoliberal world be better if we were all as self centered as you?

    • cdn icehole

      The real devastation would come after the war when we taxpayers would be expected to support 20 million starving brainwashed idiots. I’m probably going to emigrate to Australia for this very reason…

      Did I read that correctly? You’re contemplating to abandon your own country over money. Now why would Australia want to allow an immigrant whose sole purpose is to take advantage of them?

      The USA has already pissed away their nation’s credit…so there’s pretty much no chance of them helping us out.

      So what you’re really after is hand-outs from ‘The West’. Nice.

    • Teacher in China

      You might find this interesting, I don’t think it would be quite as cut and dry as you think, PP.


  • anne

    Don’t understand why the comments keep referring to South Korea as “Bangzi” and not North Korea. Shouldn’t the word be applicable to both North and South?

    • Sunwell

      “Bangzi” including both NK and SK and it is fair. Sorry it is an offensive word, but Korea ppl don’t like Chinese as well, don’t they? You can find all Chinese places in Korean TV soaps is looks like decades ago and ppl are rude and undereducated, while Chinese TV programmes dont shoot negative of other countries deliberatlly.

      • Oh, Sunwell, you kill me!

      • Have you ever seen a Chinese movie or TV show that had foreigners in it? After Ye Wen 1 I hated the Japanese, and after Ye Wen 2 I hated westerners….including myself. But the hate for Japanese and westerners only lasted a while until I remembered that I only hate the filmmakers who make history into black vs white propaganda.

  • 练练英语

    i want to live in the democratic people’s republic of korea.then i never have the chance to find this website which smacks of genetic disposition of banaba syndrome.

    • A banaba…that’s like a bonobo, right?

      • Chunghwa

        no, I think it’s more like a bunubu. I read about it once in National Geographic.

        • You sure you’re not thinking of a binibi?

  • The North is country that wouldn’t still be here today if weren’t for Uncle Mao and Stalin wanting to expand their territory. Joe allowed Mao to form an East Comintern and basically test (and drain) the American’s ability to fight in a long drawn out war. Mao succeeded that by sending his own people to die in wave after wave of attacks. The number of Chinese who died in the Korean are massive (so were the N.Koreans obviously, but the war wasn’t really about them to begin with.) Kim Il-Sung pleaded with Uncle Joe to stop the war as his country was in shambles, but at this point, China and Russia were calling the shots, with China having advanced them so much money the North was just basically a lap dog to China\RANT\RANT

    *Grumble*grumble. Reminds me of this girl who once told me that America started the Korean war. I had to bite my tongue so hard on that one.

    • U know your history,

      you are a Jedi baby!

    • Bob

      As actual history is told, Kim Il-Sung bypassed Mao to get approval straight from Stalin, who gave the go ahead to invading the south. As the Americans approached Yalu river, about to annex all of North Korea. Mao was in a real dilemma as to whether to engage the Americans when China was still at its infancy.

      As for the battlefield tactics, China deployed infiltration techniques which meant soldiers were sent in small groups behind enemy lines at night. As the main attack occured, the infiltrated units were to cut off retreating enemy soldiers. Thus it appears that the Chicoms were coming from everywhere to the frightened UN soliders, thus appearing like a wave.

      In the Korean War, the only side that won out were the Russians, Due to China entering the war, the US decided it was going to not give up on Taiwan, which spelt any hopes of taking over the island for Mao.

      • nice, Bob, very nice,
        am reading “War Trash” by Ha Jin,
        welcome to the “book club” on CS
        song of the article,
        Satisfaction, rolling stones,

      • bai ren

        finally someone with a good account of history and the ability to communicate it well.
        the question that the original post begs though is what now?

  • kimboslice

    Kim went to China to get his spanking from his bosses. Kim is a nut and China had to remind him that the USA will put sanctions on China if he keeps acting up. No one realizes why Kim is acting up these days. Obama is a pussy and a wimp, and the despots of the world know this. No one fears nor respects him. It is Obama’s weak posture that invites nuts like Kim to act up. What amazes me is that N. Koreans still have familes although they are starving. What’s up with that?

    • Everybody Wang Chong

      Your comments make you sound like a dumbass. Obama is a “pussy”? He’s fighting two wars simultaneously. The Koreans are not American’s priority. Understand dumbass?

      Who gets more respect than Obama? That’s what I thought dumbass.

      • kimboslice

        Obama went on a world apology tour. He kowtowed to Chinese leaders. He bowed to Japan’s emperor. He bowed to Saudi princes. He kissed Iran’s ass hoping they would play nice. He is a limp wristed weakling and the world noticed it. He sucked up to Chavez and Castro. He projects weakness not power. You can like Obama all you want to, but his bowing and scraping to despots has gotten noticed by some of them. Calling me names doesn’t change his behavior and doesn’t change the world’s impression of him.

        • Oh yeah…Kim was never like this before Obama came to power….come on.
          He’s not being a fucktard because Obama is a pussy, he’s being a fucktard because he’s fucked in the head.

        • Everybody Wang Chong

          Kimboslice, you sound like an uneducated ignorant Republican. Do you seriously think because Obama bow to Japan’s emperor that he’s under control of Japan? Do you seriously think that? Look at the relocation of the U.S. military bases in Okinawa. The U.S. didn’t bulge and it’s this primary issue that will take down ruling party of Japan.

          Stop being stupid and using trivial and unrelated gestures and projecting them into something more than its meaning. Just because your mother kisses you doesn’t mean that you’re some weak faggot…or does it?

          • jul61252

            Die of aids please. Fucking moron.

    • cdn icehole

      This little tiff between North and South Korea is a regional issue which the US doesn’t want to be actively involved. Obama may seem to appear weak but I don’t think he is. He knows war is expensive and their economy cannot handle another war. Don’t forget that they still have the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, the war on terror, and possibly Iran at Israel’s request. If they take on North Korea militarily, they’re going to be so deep in debt which may result in their credit rating to be downgraded.

      The US would crush North Korea in a moment but they don’t have the resource and the stomach to deal with the aftermath.

      • steven

        Bring back good ol’ George, he would have fucked North Korea up the ass and then some, then left office and let Obama clean up the mess.

  • Shanghairocks

    when will all this materialize?? I can’t wait more to watch some real action..

    • Barret Dolph

      Hi SR………….

      And modern wars are expensive. Food, ammunition, oil. etc. North Korea couldn’t win because they couldn’t afford to keep up anything after a few weeks.


    An outside entity (such as the CIA) has sunk the sub with a stolen or replica torpedo… in order to frame
    North Korea, and get a war brewing.

    The war would heavily destroy both sides, reducing population,
    and after both sides were in ruins, USA would come to clean things up, Install new corrupted puppet leaders, lay claim to all the countries major resources… and bail out before any re-building was supposed to take place.

    • dude!

      you are 100% shanzhai “fake”

      leave your shit in amerCIA,
      this is China baby!
      you know the rest!

    • Everybody Wang Chong

      Why don’t you try rebuilding America first. It’s going to take several hundred years to clean off that mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

      • Tadd

        Dude.. out of your 6-7 posts on this one thread, this ONE post is the only one that isn’t insulting somebody’s comment and/or racist. You are a very negative person. I hope karma catches up with you… for every negative post you make, your mum gets one step closer to contracting breast cancer.

        • Everybody Wang Chong

          Tadd, I am so sorry that I have offended your sensitivity. I will try and not insult anybody’s comments again and/or being a racist again. And I will try and be a more positive person regardless how retarded some of the comments are. Yes, by changing, I hope positive karma will catch up to me. Tadd, you are a good person and I just want to be like you. With love…

  • warped0ne

    First: China wouldn’t join anything against South Korea or any of their allies as it would immediately drive a very large portion of their foreign investors and multi-national companies out of the country … China may be a very large emerging market for these companies, but they won’t risk a possible treason charge against their home country for that possible emerging market.

    Second: The last comment
    “North Korea will definitely win, you guys have all overlooked the mental aspect, just think about how our country defeated a proper/standard army [how Mao and the Communist Army defeated the KMT].”

    Mao beat the KMT mostly because the KMT used a good portion of their money, munitions, and manpower trying to keep the Japanese from running amuk throughout China while the Communist forces “marched” away from the fighting. The Long March wasn’t anything more than running away from a fight that, arguably, they had no chance of winning, but no less, did nothing to protect the country they so much wanted to rule.

    • Yin

      Actually, the Long March was caused by the KMT, AFAIK.

    • Chunghwa

      Actually, the KMT lost the civil war not because of the Japanese, nor because the CCP were more “mentally prepared” than the KMT. The KMT army was plagued with corruption; many generals refused to openly fight the CCP, hoarded weapons and troops, and in many cases, funds ended up in the wrong places. Weapons and materiel failed to reach their correct destination due to greed from higher up.

      With millions of dollars of aid from the US during WW2, that significantly large amount of money would mean that the KMT had an upper hand over the CCP, which was not as well funded. So why wasn’t that the case?

  • elenore

    Mental aspect didn’t help Japan.China should be more worried than anyone if they assisted or allowed North Korea to push war.And other nations in Asia will use it as a reason to finally solve land border disputes they have with China,which is basically almost all of your neighbors.What Russia will do should also be of concern,Why because they mock China all the time,they believe they own Asia,the are the ones selling weapons to India,they and Germany have just got everything they wanted out of eastern Europe,now Russia is turning attention to Asia.Russia will develop quickly and Europe already depends on them for energy.Russia always has used war to expand their borders, coming in after warfare to push it’s agenda.U.S. wanting China to be part of Global Trade was to slowly resolve disputes,if people trade what they need,they don’t have to take what they need.Europe is in no position to do anything if Russia starts pushing tensions in Asia.U.S. wasn’t trying to contain China,U.S. has been trying to contain Russia and their redevelopment just like Germany.Guess what both are rapidly becoming economic and technology powers again.The hope was that it would be peaceful,however the problem is that no disputes were ever really solved after WW2 in Asia like Europe.Co-Operation in Asia is only economic.U.S. doesn’t want war in Asia.Americans really don’t like war especially if it isn’t defensive.As far as other nations I really couldn’t tell you.

    • cdn icehole

      Agreed. Russia has Europe by the balls. If Europe pisses them off, the Russians would halt the supply of oil and natural gas and the Europeans would freeze to death when winter rolls around.

      The Russian’s have been continuously testing the US and Canadian northern borders. Their goal is to claim the resources up in the Arctic (i.e. oil).

  • Chinese Netizen

    Koreans killing Koreans? Sounds like a win-win scenario…

    • Everybody Wang Chong

      You go ahead and laugh, China boy. That radiation cloud is going to rain over your country in less than a day.

      • Kai

        Odds are, the guy posting as “Chinese Netizen” is anything but.

  • John

    North Korea would become a giant pile of atomic rubble.

  • Freeworld

    North Korea would not last lost contrary to the claims of some naive chinese… millions upon millions of brainwashed soldiers rushing to cross the dmz? Keep on dreaming, they wouldn’t even last long without adequate food and fuel supply and will soon grind to a halt. A determined counterstrike would finish them off. The big bro will not interfere this time. North Korea was not the power it once was and this time, they have to slug it out themselves.

  • fireworks

    Some thoughtful posts and comments which exaggerate the capabilities of the North. I doubt China would want to be involve in a war between the Koreas.

    If the US which has got its hands full in the middle east decide to step up with Seoul in a potential war scenario. They could demolish the North.

    The one factor which is unstable in this, is the Kim man with the crazy professor haircut. That guy is like Chavez on cocktails man. Unpredictable. He could launch a few nukes into the south.

    News report have suggest South Korea is ramping up the propaganda war with loudspeaker broadcasts. Probably won’t be a surprise if there is a war, lots of people would jump ship and go across the border. South Korea has the soft power to attract thousands of refugees in a potential war with the north.

  • FYIADragoon

    KMT (Post-WWII)
    Proper Army

    Pick one. The German trained troops got killed off in Shanghai. Mao was beating back exhausted people with slightly more funding and training than his own troops. Also America’s 50,000 troops take out half a million. LOL “numerical advantage.” If America intervenes its basically genocide. S. Korea fighting will already be a massacre for the North.

  • C&N

    damn those north koreans are ugly. is that what koreans look like before plastic surgery? wowy wheezer. they got beaten hard with the ugly bangzi.

    • fireworks

      the north koreans could learn from the middle east and start a ugly guerilla war with no end in sight if they want to demoralise the victory of the US/SK in a war.

      They would keep chipping away with guerilla attacks as the US with its overstretched military around the world need to keep pace.

    • Real Korean

      A chinese personal of all people accusing Koreans of being ugly?


      • Chunghwa

        have you ever herped so much, that you derped?

        • C-C-C-Combo breaker. (aka Real Korean)

          Cool story bro.

  • Shanghailander

    China doesn’t give a shit of starving northkoreans. Its only interest is to avoid to have a pro-west army closed to its borders..

  • Kim Jong is so short and so funny-looking – it’s really very easy to make a caricature of him.
    Seeing that short men in history are often unbearable dictators, I would make a minimum height limit for anyone who is candidate to lead a country ))

    • cdn icehole

      Hitler’s not exactly short.

      • Everybody Wang Chong

        Neither is George Bush.

    • Everybody Wang Chong

      This is what happens when women get involved in politics. They do some deep thinking and make these kind of comments.

      • Teacher in China

        It was a joke, dumbass. Nothing wrong with trying to lighten things up a little. Go back to your time machine, return to your home in the early 1900’s, and relax.

  • elenore

    People miss understand Iraq and Afghanistan.U.S. destroyed both in matter of months,why it takes so long is we try to rebuild,that why it costs us so much money and time.We could have just destroyed and walked away.we would have been out of there years and years ago and left those Nations to rebuild themselves but we would rather they be as stable as possible which is costing our people absurd amount of money.

  • Keninchina

    International relations is a lot like highschool…

    During the Korean War, China was an unpopular kid, he was poor, dressed in rags, looked really ugly and followed USSR, the school bully. The rest of the school looked up to the USA because he was the school stud, very charming, generous to his friends and came from a prestigious family. In truth, China wanted to be friends with the school star but he just wasnt cool enough and so China had to stick with the other unpopular kids…

    That was then … nowadays, USSR the bully was expelled from school and China is trying really really hard to get into the popular crowd. Over the years China started a small business of doing other people’s homework for change, and recently even began to tutor some of the dumber students. China is doing this for one purpose, and that’s to become a cool kid in school, someone the other kids can look up to.

    China still gets ostracized by the school star and his posse but the other kids are becoming more accepting and some are actually looking up to China, but China’s old friend, North Korea, who didnt want to change, remained the school outcast. He feels bitter and perhaps a little betrayed and they both know well that if the school star picks a fight with North Korea, China will not risk losing everything to back up his old friend.

    Everything plays out just like a highschool drama

    • Pedro

      What about the after school fight where badly dressed, smelly, ugly, nerdy China was smacking the shite out of high school stud America when the teachers came in and broke it up. Snivelling little shitstirrer North Korea jumping up and down on the sidelines kicking the shins of America whilst Britian, Australia, New Zealand, Canada trying to get China in headlocks and arm bars only to be thrown off by the big oaf.

      Japan and Germany weren’t there – they were in detention. (again!)

      South Korea was hiding in the metalwork room.

  • Chunghwa

    Fauna: Correction for the following paragraph:

    “But South Korea still has one deadly weapon, airdropping Oreo cookies, Big Mac hamburgers, finger-licking good chicken, and Nongxin noodles.”

    “Nongxin” should be “Nong Shim” (농심/農心), a South Korean brand of instant noodles. The company is responsible for “Shin Ramyun” and “Kimchi Ramyun” noodles. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nong_Shim_Ltd.

    • Chunghwa

      FYI: the full stop (“.”) was supposed to be a part of the URL. I blame the autolinking from your website software :P

      • Fauna

        Thank you for the correction. I have updated the post.

  • TTOZ

    GODDAMN. Marching with RPGs is about as cool as walking around with your pants below your knees.

  • Hongjian

    Dammit. Why the fuck does everyone assume that North Korea was the one’s behind the sinking of the Cheonan?!

    What interest do they have by sinking that ship? Kimmy is about to die and was in China to ask for support for his western-educated son to succeed him as Emperor, so he should be interested in maintaining a semi-peaceful status for his son to rule in. A second Korean-War absolutely wont help his ambition at all!

    So, please faggots, ask yourselfs; who the fuck would be interested in escalating the situation in the Korean penninsula?

    • Hongjian

      The Chinese? No. They dont want a war that might result in a loss of North Korea as a useful bufferstate against the US-dominated South, since all the deaths of the first korean war where in vain, if this happens. Also the refugee-problem would be disastrous.

      The North Koreans? Fucking No. As said before, Kim’s Dynasty can only rule, if they not only enjoy the protection of China AND a relatively peaceful relation with the South and the US. Any war would just destroy it all, and any stupid act that increases tensions would piss off China.

      The South Koreans? No. They want a peaceful unification, if anything. A war would also destroy their wealth they have cummulated in the last decades. Also the refugee problem.

      The Japanese? No. They have no interst, since they dont want any tensions in their area of interest, that would allow the US to further legitimize the existence of their bases on Japanese soil.

      The US? FUCK YES.

      The US is probably the only one benefitting from any tensions and increased danger of war in this region.
      Not only they can use (and already had used) it as a reason to pressure Japan in stepping down from their Okinawa-base claim (with the result of the resignment of the Jap. PM, who was also pretty hated by the US for his ‘anti-american’ policies), but also, in case of a real war resulting in the inevitable defeat of North Korea, they can station their forces directly at the Yalu-river, pointing their guns at China’s vital granary of the north-eastern province, ie. havin China at its balls.
      Even if there wont be any war, just like now, they can use the whole matter to embarrass Chinafor their hesitation of giving them the ‘green’ signal for sanctions against the north.

      So, who the fuck had any interst at sinking the Cheonan?

      Only fucking USA.

      • elenore

        U.S. wants to move Bases from Japan to Guam and our other Pacific territories ,Japan was supposed to help pay for part of it.Main Landers in Japan not Okinawa islanders want to keep base in Okinawa and not pay for the movement of base they already agreed to,.U.S. would rather base is in Guam because then we use our own money on our own citizens ,bases make a lot of revenue for local economy.Japanese public outside of Okinawa wants to keep the base.Like I said before Gen X is becoming isolationists and wants to stop supporting other Nations and keep money for themselves.They don’t want to protect others or bribe them not to fight each other like Egypt and Israel which is our pain in the ass who also causes conflicts like North Korea does make sense but they do it all the time.Why? couldn’t tell you.Right now we asking for calm with Israel the way China is with North Korea.They both do it because they take their protectors for granted.They are hoping for more bribe money.Period.

      • Keius

        Are you nuts? It makes absolutely no sense for the US to want a war. The threat of North Korea gives the US a lot of leeway and influence in Asia. Remove that threat and what does the US have? The US already has what it wanted in recent developments before the ship sinking. The entire thing was just a huge headache for the US. FYI, the US has no interest in pointing it’s guns at China. The global economy and trade makes sure of that. Trade between the 2 countries has wrecked any chance of either country going to war with each other. How much in US treasury bonds does China hold again? 900 billion was it? Either the US or China collapsing would screw the other country badly. Another FYI, the US wants to move it’s forces away from some of these bases. 2 wars in the middle east are sucking US resources dry. The US wants to downsize in SKorea and move Okinawa forces to Guam.
        My opinion. This entire thing was a blunderhead mistake by KJI. Another act to try and secure his son’s position as his successor? Who knows. He does this junk every couple years. And SKorea typically does nothing but well…nothing every couple years. If the other countries don’t do anything too extreme, KJI will be better off for it. It will show his superiority to his people. Long live the great general! Did i ever mention how good the Norks are at censorship and propaganda? They are like how China used to be before China opened it’s doors. Probably even better at it.

  • lovechina

    North.K will be ruined totally in a week by South.K if without Chinese support.
    by the way, North.K such a BEGGER.

  • Jack Guard

    Don’t forget that the UNITED STATES would also be IN the FIGHT as we have 28,000 troops still there and I doubt that they would be sitting around with their thumbs up their asses when the war starts—and I’m sure the Chinese would be quite happy to have their American Brothers fighting again on the Korean Peninsula….

    • steven

      The Chinese government would have to be completely retarded to get involved in another war in North Korea. The end result of that would be that both North Korea and China would lose their governments.

  • Professor Sillypants

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT…

    What’s wrong with the overthrow of North Korea?

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  • lucsweet

    attack n korea and put an end to their suffering

  • JM

    Why doesn’t China just BUY North Korea?

    The US bought Alaska and North Korea is so poor.

  • theclinta

    You cant bring Mao,s occupation into this at all. The facts stand that the DPRK does have China as allies, however China will not get involved in supporting them. They will defend their borders but not enter the actual fight itself. They have to much to lose. Everyone knows that china pretends to be freinds with everyone, but when it comes to the crunch they will just protect themselves. They wouldnt dare enter a war involving the U.S. Hu Jing tao isnt so stupid to chance having thousands, maybe millions of his people killed fop the sake of Kim jong Il and his students of war.
    The only issue china has is refugees crossing into heilongjiang, and jilin and liaoning. The chinese will defend against this. Let them have there little war, it will be over quick with the U.S technology with drone bombers, stealth f 22 raptors, sonic weapons and more. Its the best thing that could happen, to depose this fat Kim guy. Hes really to big for his size 6 boots already…

  • Radness

    Anyone who underestimate the united states will to destroy North Korea is a dumb ass fool. All the chinks and com my scum dogs who think north Korea or a piss ant army like china could win…..you keep dreaming. Youre little com my government is almost done. You turn more capitalist every day, and are just Americas bitch. Fuck heads

    • Just John

      And you made your points so objectively. Everyone is now impressed by your amazing intellect and will now bow before the US because they know they cannot be better then you.

      You don’t study physics by chance do you? Care to help me on this formula Einstein did not complete?

  • Lord Stanley

    North Korea will win. The Koreans are a proud people, and NK does not allow Jews into their country.

    Look what Germany accomplished without Jews, they were able to stand up to England, the leading power at the time, as well as America and the Soviet Union.