Man Fed Up with Girlfriend’s Shopping Spree Jumps to His Death

A Chinese man jumped to his death at a shopping mall in Xuzhou, China apparently fed up with his girlfriend's shopping spree.

From Sohu:

Xuzhou: Man Unhappy Girlfriend Spending Too Much Money, Jumps from 7th Floor to His Death

December 7th around 4pm, a man Fell from the 7th floor of the Xuzhou Jinying Pengcheng Shopping Mall to his death. The scene was a mess, with sales counters smashed. According to the description of the surrounding crowds, the man had jumped to commit suicide! The reason unbelievably being that the man’s girlfriend wanted to purchase something but the man thought it too expensive, so an argument occurred and the man jumped to his death in a fit of anger!

Comments from Sohu:

想想郝梵 [搜狐福建省厦门市网友]:

No matter how expensive something is, it isn’t worth a life! Too impulsive!

小醉妹 [搜狐辽宁省大连市网友]

Even if it was because you felt your girlfriend was buying something too expensive [spending too much money], you can choose other methods of deal with it, such as breaking up, so did you have to choose suicide? Truly not a man. Sure, you have a lot of pressure/stress, but if you have the courage to choose suicide, do you not have the courage to break up? Seriously.

定风波683在搜狐 [搜狐江苏省网友]:

Yesterday afternoon around 3:30, it was that woman who charged over a hundred thousand [RMB] on a single purchase purchase. Then the two began arguing, the woman slapped him, told him to go die, and so he went and died.


So stupid! You dying means absolutely nothing to a girl, merely [an opportunity] to change boyfriends.


Idiot. With this kind of person, even if he didn’t commit suicide here, he’d commit suicide for something else in the future.

A Chinese man jumped to his death at a shopping mall in Xuzhou, China apparently fed up with his girlfriend's shopping spree.

From Sina:

Woman Shops For 5 Hours Straight, Tired Boyfriend is Fed Up and Jumps to His Death

Sina Entertainment News — According to Taiwanese media reports, a girlfriend insisting upon shopping results in a boyfriend really jumping to his death! This ridiculous mishap happened inside a Jiangsu province Xuzhou shopping mall when a 38-year-old man accompanying his girlfriend shopping ended up shopping continuously for 5 hours. The man wanted to go home but the girlfriend wanted to continue, with both of them getting into a fight. In a fit of anger, the man threw down the various large and small bags he had been carrying and jumped off the 7th floor of the shopping mall, dying on the scene.

The incident occurred in Xuzhou’s International Shopping Center, and according to the shopping mall’s surveillance footage retrieved by the Xuzhou City Drum Tower Public Security Sub-Bureau, at a little past 3pm on December 7th, this man entered the shopping mall from the south entrance. Police questioned the crowd of surrounding onlookers and they all indicated that the man had jumped off in suicide, with the reason unexpectedly being that his girlfriend wanted to buy something but the man thought it was too expensive. Because the matter is extremely odd, even the British Daily Mail substantially reported it.

A Chinese man jumped to his death at a shopping mall in Xuzhou, China apparently fed up with his girlfriend's shopping spree.

According to statements from the crowd of surrounding onlookers, the two were arguing at the time, saying how they had shopped level-by-level continuously for 5 hours, that the man felt very tired and wanted to go home, but the girlfriend insisted on continuing to shop and continuing to make purchases. The two thereupon argued and the man loudly criticized saying: “You have more shoes than you can wear in this lifetime, why do you still want to shop in this shoe store?” The girlfriend retorted: “You cheapskate, you’ve ruined the Christmas mood!”

The man, presumably unable to handle the provocation, angrily threw all the large and small bags of clothing and goods he had been carrying onto the ground, then immediately climbed over the railing and jumped off from the 7th floor down into the atrium. Many of the 1st floor store employees only heard the sound of the impact, as the man fell next to the Christmas decorations, with blood all over the floor. The man may have also hit the nearby display stand, and the scene was one of chaos.

Although shopping mall staff immediately reported the incident, when emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene, they discovered that the man had died immediately upon impact. Although The Daily Mail named this man Tao Hsiao, as for whether this man is actually surnamed Xiao, police have yet to confirm to outside sources and have temporarily left the man’s identity a mystery.

Comments from Sina:


38 years old, girlfriend.


I’m reminded of a saying: If a person doesn’t even have the patience to go shopping with you, how can you expect them to spend a life with you [be faithful]?


If you don’t have money, don’t find a girlfriend that likes shopping.


Five hours, does this woman has fucking problems?


Too fragile/weak [referring to the man].


Encountering this kind of inconsiderate woman, this man’s heart died, and as a result decided to commit suicide.


Died too pathetically! Just dump the stuff and go home by yourself! Was this necessary!?


Actually, five hours honestly isn’t considered long… You can have afternoon tea in the middle…


Woman, just how merciless, how frightening you must be that you can drive an earnest 38-year-old man to such an end.


All girls love to shop! This man is too easily upset [drive to suicide].


This story (should be an accident), teaches people a truth: There is a limit to a man’s patience.


Without buying and selling, there would be no killing… [This is a popular slogan used with animal protection campaigns in China, such as discouraging the consumption of shark fin soup; many comments said this].


A good way to drive men to extinction.


Committing suicide for just this?


What was the woman’s reaction?

A Chinese man leaped to his death at a shopping mall in Xuzhou, China apparently fed up with his girlfriend's shopping spree.

From Phoenix Online:

Girlfriend Shops for 5 Hours and Wants to Continue, Man Pleads But is Ignored, Turns Around and Jumps to His Death

Original Title: After Shopping for 5 Hours, Girlfriend Wants to Continue, Man Turns Around and Jumps to His Death

The Christmas holiday approaches, and large shopping malls have all adorned themselves with pretty decorations, as well as various discount, attracting consumers to enter. It was because of Christmas shopping that a fatal case happened a few days ago in Xuzhou of China’s Jiangsu province. That day, a 38-year-old man surnamed Xiao and his girlfriend arrived at a large local shopping mall to go shopping, starting from the first floor and shopping their way up level by level, shopping a total of 5 hours.

Xiao told his girlfriend that he was already very tired and wants to go home, but the girlfriend insisted “have to shop one more store”. Eyewitnesses indicated that the two began loudly arguing, with Xiao shouting at his girlfriend: “You have more shoes than you can wear in this lifetime, and you still want to go shopping in a shoe store”. Not to be outdone, the girlfriend replied: “You cheapskate, you’ve ruined the Christmas atmosphere”. Here, Xiao threw down the large and small bags he had been carrying, and jumped down into the building’s courtyard, slamming into the shopping mall floor next to the Christmas decorations with a bang, blood all over the ground.

Witnesses hurriedly called the police, and emergency medical personnel immediately arrived to take the man to the hospital, but were unable to turn around a hopeless situation.

Comments from Phoenix Online:


Able to throw away one’s life for love! O(∩_∩)O Hahaha~
(What the fuck does Christmas have to do with us Chinese people?)


Why not just dump her?


This kind of girlfriend is a bane to humanity.


I don’t know what to say after reading this. Was it worth it for the man to jump to his death? It’s just a girlfriend, she can be dumped. The woman is awful as well. Forget about her being inconsiderate, what’s the point of buying all that stuff when you can’t even take it with you can’t even fit it all in your coffin?


This man is a SB.


This kind of woman is too perverse/abnormal as well, 5 hours? Fuck.


Uncle Jack Ma would be angry if he knew about this, dear, you can go on Taobao and shop for 10 hours without being this tired.


China’s education/upbringing has problems! This man’s psychological resilience is so lousy! At the same time, his method of handling a problem is extremely negative. A tragedy of history.


What’s the benefit of having this kind of girlfriend, might as well dump her. Accompanying her for 5 hours, paying and carrying her bags; such a nice boyfriend and she can’t even show some understanding? This woman is heartless.
Actually, she could’ve just let her boyfriend go to the arcade or cinema to relax and she can go shopping by herself until the end of time without anyone questioning/complaining.
A woman’s lifelong shortcoming is also her strength: Not getting tired when shopping!


Why bother? Was this woman that important to you?

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  • Chinese men in a nutshell.

    • loki

      Chinese people in a nutshell….

  • One for all

    She dragged him to the shops for 5 hours……but did she ever fuck him for 5 hours?

    • the ace of books

      Shopping and fucking: one involves paying money to get what you want, and the other involves clothes and shoes and things.

      • mwanafa

        Shopping and fucking: Two strong desire, two basic needs. Yet two very different bodily acts.

        • the ace of books

          And for either gender, you’re considered “unnatural” if you’re into the ‘wrong’ one.

          • mwanafa

            In this case the girl is “unnatural”, but u never know… Her hunger for shopping may

          • mr.wiener

            This is the key to a good relationship, working out if the f*cking you are getting is worth the f*cking you are getting.

    • moeimoei

      can a man last for 5 hours though? that’s my question…

      • hess

        when drunk, sure

        • mr.wiener

          Space cake sir.

          • hess

            my only guilty pleasure is alcohol, alcohol and snus

      • Stefan Xu

        I can , I have never climaxed from intercourse and I’ve sex 20 times…

        • David

          OK, Stepfan I am not sure why you would say that out loud but neither of those things is really something to be proud of. Good luck in the future..

          • Repatriated


        • mr.wiener

          Thanks for sharing…..You might want to get that checked out though.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    I am curious about her reaction.

    • hiten

      I bet she just continued shopping.

      • Zappa Frank

        depends, did she take his boyfriend credit card before he jumped?

    • Free Man

      Maybe look for someone else to carry all the bags …

    • Ana Belen Ruiz

      She went buying the coffin, the flowers, a new black dress for the occasion, a black hat, comfortable shoes for the procession and a tea set for the wake, among other things.

      • David

        All on his credit card.

    • markus peg

      She then went to buy some new shoes for the funeral.

  • Cauffiel

    Women are selfish, men are stupid. Not news. Next!

    • masonman

      And internet commenters love to generalize based upon cultural bias

  • Germandude

    • SonofSpermcube

      It’s saying “I’ve got an itch.” Stop putting words in its mouth.

  • narsfweasels

    Brave man. The number of times I’ve contemplated this after “Just one more look in Agnes B….”

  • the ace of books

    The person who left this comment has the right of it:

    Idiot. With this kind of person, even if he didn’t commit suicide here, he’d commit suicide for something else in the future.

    Basically this. A histrionic personality who wanted to guilt his girlfriend. Not to say she’s much better – you’re going to damn shop, do it on your own time, or with people who enjoy it. (And five hours? cripes.)

    All in all, looks like a well-matched couple, in terms of intelligence.

    • Cauffiel

      disagree. we have no idea what was going on in this guys life.

  • Nina McDermott

    For that money he could have bought a new, upgraded girlfriend with a nicer ass. The saddest thing is this girl will most likely, nay, inevitably, learn nothing from this. The blame has already been shifted from her conscience on her behalf so she probably feels great with her tacky limited edition hermes bag that she just had to have. And now she can go find her next meal ticket. I don’t think it’s fair to blame this guy. Like all articles there are the ignorant right wing victim blaming comments – the guy’s dead – is there any bigger statement you can make? Like none of you guys have ever felt suicidal after having your gf drag you along for shopping (if you’ve ever had one that is). When out I’ve seen plenty of woebegone husbands and teenage sons dragging behind their wives/moms, eyeing up the plastic mall icicles to stab themselves with. The difference is most Western guys who are worth their salt would never dream of letting their wife loose with their credit card, so that added resentment isn’t there. Guy must have had some serious issues most likely caused by this insufferable woman. No pussy is that good to die over. RIP.

    • David

      Suicidal? No, Homicidal? yes. It i one thing to accompany your girlfriend (in my case wife) shopping, but after a reasonable amount of time (like an hour) you say OK, lets go home. If she is any kind of decent person she will agree anybody who didn’t can find a new boyfriend.

    • Peter Pottinger

      lol wtf i wouldnt even have a gf like this in the first place, if u really need to get laid take a girl out for dinner and leave a note the next morning

    • happened to me, met a girl like this once back when I was living in China. while we were on our first date she told me “I want to take you to a shop I like, they sell very good clothes” and as she hurried up I slowed my pace … and disappeared. I’m glad she never called again.

  • wes707

    I liked this guy’s comment from Shanghaiist regarding the same incident:

    “How about dumping any materialist whore that would only be with you because of what you can buy. Have some dignity gents and just go to a whorehouse – at least there, there are no lies or pretending what the relationship is about.”

    • Zappa Frank

      when the same thing is said by a foreigner the reply is “you don’t understand our culture”

      • SonofSpermcube

        “It’s our culture” in response to criticism of insane bullshit is almost always projection.

    • markus peg

      i liked these:
      ‘She started shouting at him accusing him of spoiling Christmas in a heated argument.’
      well…now he has definitely spoiled Christmas.
      plus my own comment “he took the “wanted the last word in the augment” thing way too far! “

  • loki

    Here is some interesting news you won’t see here…
    man hiding under the seats in the Beijing subway to touch girls legs….
    video is included..

    • Kai

      Yeah, Fauna wanted to do this one a few days ago, but apparently had trouble finding a good source of netizen comments. :(

  • bprichard

    “All women love shopping!” Teehee, math is hard!

  • bujiebuke

    My experience from dating Chinese women is that in their mind, the value (price) of what you buy her is roughly proportional to your love for her. I’m waiting for a Chinese girl that will prove me wrong.

    • 5,000 years of uncivilization

      There are but they’re difficult to find. Good luck!

    • Zappa Frank

      You may try Eattot..

    • Terrik

      Find a better crowd to hang out with and date.

    • moeimoei

      I can prove you are right….LOL!

    • J

      They exist, but very few and far between. 99.99% of the decent (and even not so decent) looking ones are money grubbers that will simply still say you don’t live up to their friend’s boyfriends.

  • Jahar

    In a nutshell

  • David

    yes, she was probably so broken up. I mean, first he ruined Christmas then that. I wonder if she wiped off the credit card before using it again?

  • Richard Marriott

    It would appear this guy took the saying “shop until you drop” quite literally.

    • Germandude

  • David

    Yea, THAT is what ruined China, not 5000 years of being ruled by men. Good call there troll.

    • Germandude

      Well, for what it’s worth, you are replying to the Buddha of Hong Kong. You better show some respect, you american imperialist feminism supporter. lol

    • lasolitaria

      5000 years of being ruled by men didn’t ruin it either.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Well I guess that’s one way to win an argument…best not to use more than once.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      How can you win when you are the one that got your brains splattered all over the ground?

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        You didn’t have to pay.

        • David

          That is sort of the ultimate “last word”

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Stupid stupid dude. He should of slapped the bitch on the spot and dumped her right then and there. Move on with life, she’s totally not worth losing any sleep over let alone your life!! I feel bad for his parents and his family. 38 years old, you would think he knows better.

  • Charles

    He should of just stuck her with the bill. If the poster above is right and she spent 100,000 RMB or $16,500 US, I have have to say I understand a little bit.

  • Ana Belen Ruiz

    the best strategy could have been throwing all the bags out from the seventh floor, the crazy bride would probably jump after them and he’d have solved his problems forever …

  • moeimoei

    This man does not understand the concept of patience is a virtue…5 hours of shopping is standard time! :)

  • Kai

    I believe those were made by female Chinese netizens, not the males.

    • ZhouZhou

      Well the family Chinese netizens need to be best severely.

  • Washington Bullets

    This just makes me really sad about what the world has come to. I hope that man’s family is alright, they probably aren’t too fond of his girlfriend at the moment. We can’t change what happened, but hopefully this woman learns the value of life, and thinks about what transpired there.

    We are not our material goods, no matter how much we let them define our “individuality”.

  • Stefan Xu

    Both are stupid, stupid materialistic women. Like many Chinese city girls with no sense. Stupid guy, for not dumping her earlier, but he got no balls to handle it and jumped. Like all Chinese guys who got no balls. It’s Darwinism in action, stupid people die off, and the guy was the victim this time.

  • Canmav

    And no doubt she kept shopping oblivious to what had happened

  • David

    Of course he was nuts.

  • mr.wiener

    A some what belated song of the article

    Sean Kingston: Beautiful Girls.

  • marksman

    such a fragile pathetic boy not only he kill him self but the people around him too such as the girl she will be physiologically twisted too, absolutely not a man.. what can say, speechless

  • Dr Sun

    I can’t believe this.
    Are there witnesses and video to support that he jumped and was not “helped”on his way ?

  • Repatriated

    I thought the same thing. Christmas is supposed to be about buying gifts for yourself??

    Headline should have read: Shopping Sherpa Ragequits. Ha.

  • I like how one commentator said “the courage”. Which is funny seeing as suicide is one of the weakest and most selfish cowardly acts a human can do to those around him.

  • don mario

    pretty rough! i guess he was the type of chinese guy to just be used as a walking ATM. sounds like she had no respect for him and he didn’t have much else going for himself.. just my speculation.

    if i was to pay for a womans company then she better be not be acting like a bitch or i’m going to find a new one. if the relationship is that shallow, in my opinion it should be easier to maintain. these dudes need to man up a little.

  • Paul Schoe

    I guess that the downvoter doesn’t understand sarcasm ;-)

  • I go through the same with my mom but instead of shopping it’s a concert of someone I don’t want to hear. Glad it isn’t justin “the outlaw” bieber.

    At least I get to burn a joint on the way. Love you mom

  • bujiebuke

    Honestly, I thought I was making a banal observation – materialism is a central theme when engaging in a relationship with Chinese women. I see I must have lit your very short fuse…

  • Encountering this kind of inconsiderate woman, this man’s heart died, and as a result decided to commit suicide

    Good lord.

  • phressh83

    hahaha this comment made me laugh for some reason, touche my friend touche

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