Man Rescues Drowning Family Who Then Leave While He Drowns

Deng Jinjie and his dogs.
The body of Deng Jinjie has been brought ashore.
July 3rd, by the river in Loudi City Sunshuihe Park, a 27-year-old young man bravely rescued a family of three only to drown himself. (Photo: Wu Yonghua)

On Sina Weibo:

@南方都市报: Young Man Drowns Saving Family of Three, The Rescued Leave Saying It Has Nothing To Do With Them: To save a family of three from drowning, 27-year-old Deng Jinjie jumped into the river without regard for personal danger. However, he ran out of strength and was soon swallowed by the rapid river and drowned. Just as Deng Jinjie’s life was in danger and whether he was alive or dead was unknown, the rescued family of three chose to leave. A witness says: When the crowd stopped the family of three from leaving, the woman said “none of my damn business” before driving away. Sanxiang City News

People are searching for Deng Jinjie. & Deng Jinjie and his dogs.
Top: Police searching for the body. Photographed by reporter Xie Nengwu. Bottom: Deng Jinjie with his beloved dogs. Photo provided by netizens.

From iFeng:

Hunan Young Man Drowns Saving a Family of Three, One of The Rescued Says “None of My Damn Business”

■ Reported by Xie Nengwu

July 3rd evening, on the banks of the river in Loudi City Sunshuihe Park, when Deng Jinjie’s body was brought ashore, both shores were crowded with hundreds and thousands of city residents who had heard what happened. His two dogs were still waiting anxiously outside of the crowds for their master to take them home, but Deng Jinjie who loved his dogs as much as his own life will never again be able to take care of them.

An hour earlier, in order to save a family of three from drowning, 27-year-old Deng Jinjie had jumped into the river without regard for his personal danger. Unfortunately, he ran out of strength and was swallowed by the rapid river waters. What makes people bitterly disappointed is that, just as Deng Jinjie was in danger and whether he was alive or dead was unknown, not only did the family of three that he rescued not actively try to help, they also didn’t stick around to see what would happen, instead indifferently choosing to leave…

To Save a Family of Three, A Good-Intentioned Man Drowns


At about 6:30pm that day, when this reporter arrived at the scene, family and friends of the drowned rescuer were waiting on the riverbank for the results of the dredging, while a wooden salvage boat could been seen searching in the middle of the river. About fifteen minutes later, the deceased was dredged up and brought ashore, placed at the side of the river bank.

According to a woman surnamed Fu, when the incident happened, she had been taking a stroll less than 100 meters away. “I saw the family of three had been swimming in the river for some time. The couple were swimming in the shallow water dozens of meters away from their child, and the kid was around 5 years old, wearing a life ring/an innertube. The life ring kept traveling downstream. Perhaps seeing that their child was in trouble, the couple called for help from the riverbanks after unsuccessfully trying to save the child themselves.” Ms. Fu said, “Seeing the kid drowning, the young man didn’t even stop to think and immediately jumped into the river to help, but at that moment the river waters were rapid, and maybe because he had inhaled some water, soon he himself was in trouble.”

Hears a Cry for Help while Walking His Dogs by the River, Immediately Jumps into the River to Help

According to witnesses at the scene, on the afternoon of July 3rd, the rescuer Deng Jinjie had come to the Sunshuihe river banks to walk his dogs. Upon suddenly hearing someone crying for help in the middle of the river and without stopping to take off his pants and shoes, Deng Jinjie jumped into the river. Under his lead, two other city residents also joined the rescue. Not until the family of three was rescued ashore did everyone suddenly realize that Deng Jinjie, who one who took the lead in the rescue, had disappeared.

When people at the scene realized the situation wasn’t looking good, in the midst of the panic, some people dialed 110 and 120 while some people who were good at swimming went into the river themselves to search for Deng Jinjie.

The police of the Loudi City Fire Department arrived at the scene after receiving the report, and sparing no effort, they began the search. But having been underwater for too long, Deng Jinjie was already dead when he was brought ashore.

Deng Jinjie's family members are devastated.
His family members are devastated.

After Being Rescued, the Three People Apathetically Left the Scene, Family Members Say They are Bitterly Disappointed

“To everyone’s surprise, the family of three rescued ashore by everyone working together not only didn’t go help the drowning rescuer, they didn’t even say a word of thanks and just left the scene.” With regards to the three people choosing to slip away after been rescued, witness Ms. Fu thinks they probably think this was caused by them, and are afraid of being held responsible.

After the incident, upon learning of her younger brother’s death, sister Deng Qiuqiong was overwhelmed by grief. “It was 7 something in the evening when I got the call. I rushed here from the cotton mill by car. Everyone told me my brother had gone into the river to rescue people, and after rescuing three people, that family of three simply turned and left, not even caring if my brother’s dead or alive. They are so heartless, just thinking about it makes me bitterly disappointed!”

According to Witnesses

The Rescued Family of Three Hurriedly Drove Away

When The Crowds Stopped Them, They Unbelievably Said “None of My Business”


Netizen “心丢了”: Deng Jinjie rescued the people crying for help in Sunshui River, but the three who were rescued rushed to drive away, and when those around stopped the car and said “someone is still in the water”, one of the rescued said a heartless “none of my business”. May I ask, do you still have any humanity?

Louxing District resident Kang Ling: I arrived at the scene at past 9 that night. A friend and I were taking a stroll at Sunshui River, when we suddenly heard crying, and went down to take a look. What makes me really angry is that, I heard that when the family of three was leaving, the gathering onlookers said, “the person who saved you is still in the water, how can you leave?” and the wife of the family of three actually said “none of my damn business”, and then they drove away.


Deng Jinjie's family members are devastated.
The scene of the incident, facing the sudden loss of a loved one, family members of the deceased are inconsolable. (Photo: Wu Yonghua)

Playback of Tragedies

Once 5 People Drowned Within One Month in the Same Part of the River Where Incident Occurred

Local Authority Had Already Issued “No Swimming Order”

As it is understood, the section of river in Loudi City Sunhsuihe Park is a traditional ferry pier, and normally there are small wooden boats that carry city residents north and south across the river. The depth of the shallows of the riverbed is over two meters, while the center of the riverbed is more than five meters deep, filled with water-weeds. Every year when summer comes, a large number of people come to Sunhsuihe Park River to swim, and drowning incidents frequently occur. At the height of summer in 2010, 4 cases of drowning incidents occurred in a single month, causing the deaths of 5 people.

On the afternoon of April 7th just this year, a teenager had drowned in this part of the river. 4 boys had met to swim together in Sunshui River, and one of them accidentally drowned.

In 2011, Loudi City Government Office had already issued a notice prohibiting swimming in Sunshuihe Park, even blocking off the area with wire fencing. According to nearby resident Mr. Li, the family of three who cried for help that day had gone into the river to swim precisely by climbing through the wire fencing.


He was Warmhearted

He Loved His Dogs as Much as His Life

This reporters learned that Deng Jinjie, 27 this year, was from Loudi City Louxing District Chayuan Town Tangqun Village, was an kind and warmhearted man.

Deng Jinjie worked at a construction site, and his biggest hobby was raising his pet dogs. In dog owners circles of Loudi, almost everyone knows his name. “He kept 16 pure bred dogs at the cotton mill, including Border Collie and Samoyed. After work, he walked his dogs at Sunshui riverside.”


Comments from IFeng:


Being so without conscience is really rare among rescued people! Suggest that their names to be found out and made known to the public! So they can be reviled all people!

凤凰网广东省网友 悟空2000:

One man has gone, but the animals are still alive… we’ll forever cherish the memory of him… we mustn’t be numb/apathetic like animals.

凤凰网北京市网友 hebinghua001:

Those who have been rescued this time, listen up: your lack of morality has reached the extreme! Do you know in the future how many people who are supposed to be rescued will lose their chances to be rescued? Because you’ve already severely hurt the good hearts of those who would be heroes. What you did is called indirect murder! It’s against our nation’s laws, it’s against the people’s hearts, and I suggest cyber heroes human flesh search them out, and expose this family of evil-doers!

凤凰网湖南省长沙市网友 dnbjcy:

Make this family known to the public, and although they are heartless, it’s unnecessary to verbally abuse them so harshly. How are people like this born, and still have the face to keep living?

凤凰网海南省海口市网友 sttice:

Just like helping up the fallen elderly, never go help people again. This family of three are simply inhuman, they don’t deserve to be human. Strongly suggest a human flesh search.

[Note: There have been many famous incidents in which an old person falls down on the ground and then blames it on whoever helps them for hospital treatment and money.]

凤凰网广东省深圳市网友 changchunman:

To say something so inhuman, we can see just how immoral they are, how they have lost their humanity. They might be held accountable.

凤凰网上海市网友 数据来源:

The one who said “none of my damn business” should be thrown back into the river!

凤凰网北京市丰台区网友 金槑:

That family of three won’t die a good death for sure! We must find them out, and drown them to death in spit. Can anyone who was there provide their license plate number?

凤凰网上海市长宁区网友 若毛邓还在世:

Must human flesh search them, this family is utterly devoid of conscience. May their children in the future be born without an asshole, maybe their boys forever be slaves and their daughters be whores for generations to come.

凤凰网河南省郑州市网友 fwd2001: (responding to above)

Hunan produces both heroes and scum.

凤凰网江苏省扬州市网友 看看酱油:

Human flesh search this family.

凤凰网贵州省贵阳市网友 捧瓜:

The family of three that was rescued will definitely die in a car accident.

凤凰网新疆哈密市网友 fllc1234:

Heroic rescuer, I salute you, may you rest in peace! The pathetic people who were rescued, to say you’re pathetic is because you don’t even have the most basic human sense to feel ashamed. To be so cold and indifferent in front of your child, it’s likely that in the future when you’re in need of your child’s help, your child will be even more cold and indifferent towards you than this. If you don’t believe so, time will tell! It seems like you cleverly evaded responsibility this time, but what you will pay for it! God is just! So you better do some more good deeds to make up for this!

凤凰网北京市网友 xslj:

These three people’s poisonous side-effect on society is equal to that of the Nanjing old woman.

[Note: This refers to the infamous case of Peng Yu. In 2006, an old woman in Nanjing who fell down at a bus stop was helped and sent to the hospital by a man passing-by. However, she claimed it was this man who helped her that knocked her down in the first place, and this man was ultimately fined over 40,000 yuan to compensate the old woman.]

凤凰网中国网友 手机用户:

If a race or a nation becomes gravely sick [referring to overall social morality], it would be much worse than the system [government] having problems! Even animals and beasts have feelings, but in this race, stories like The Farmer and the Viper pop up everywhere, and this not only makes me feel hopeless, I’m afraid this will make the whole world feel horrified.

凤凰网湖北省荆州市网友 liuhuisun:

Good man rest in peace! Heartless people will get their just deserts!

凤凰网新疆阿克苏市网友 塔里木胡杨:

The rescued will be struck by lightning, bodies exposed in the wilderness… to comfort the hero’s soul in heaven…

凤凰网黑龙江省网友 brightlight1981:

Human flesh search these three dogs! Kill the man and rape the woman! Don’t wantonly rescue others ever again, why save them? They’re all a bunch of cold-blooded characters, who deserve to be dead!

凤凰网浙江省杭州市网友 趋势之歌:

Just want to say one thing, throw the family of three back into the river!

凤凰网山西省晋城市网友 老黄牛一头:

Replay the surveillance videos of the roads around the area to find their license plate number.

凤凰网浙江省绍兴市网友 1056205678:

Don’t save this kind of people in the future.

凤凰网吉林省长春市网友 sohuh44t4e8a: (responding to above)

It should be don’t save this kind of creature, [because] firstly they’re not human, and secondly they’re inferior to pigs and dogs…


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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