Man Rescues Drowning Family Who Then Leave While He Drowns

Deng Jinjie and his dogs.
The body of Deng Jinjie has been brought ashore.
July 3rd, by the river in Loudi City Sunshuihe Park, a 27-year-old young man bravely rescued a family of three only to drown himself. (Photo: Wu Yonghua)

On Sina Weibo:

@南方都市报: Young Man Drowns Saving Family of Three, The Rescued Leave Saying It Has Nothing To Do With Them: To save a family of three from drowning, 27-year-old Deng Jinjie jumped into the river without regard for personal danger. However, he ran out of strength and was soon swallowed by the rapid river and drowned. Just as Deng Jinjie’s life was in danger and whether he was alive or dead was unknown, the rescued family of three chose to leave. A witness says: When the crowd stopped the family of three from leaving, the woman said “none of my damn business” before driving away. Sanxiang City News

People are searching for Deng Jinjie. & Deng Jinjie and his dogs.
Top: Police searching for the body. Photographed by reporter Xie Nengwu. Bottom: Deng Jinjie with his beloved dogs. Photo provided by netizens.

From iFeng:

Hunan Young Man Drowns Saving a Family of Three, One of The Rescued Says “None of My Damn Business”

■ Reported by Xie Nengwu

July 3rd evening, on the banks of the river in Loudi City Sunshuihe Park, when Deng Jinjie’s body was brought ashore, both shores were crowded with hundreds and thousands of city residents who had heard what happened. His two dogs were still waiting anxiously outside of the crowds for their master to take them home, but Deng Jinjie who loved his dogs as much as his own life will never again be able to take care of them.

An hour earlier, in order to save a family of three from drowning, 27-year-old Deng Jinjie had jumped into the river without regard for his personal danger. Unfortunately, he ran out of strength and was swallowed by the rapid river waters. What makes people bitterly disappointed is that, just as Deng Jinjie was in danger and whether he was alive or dead was unknown, not only did the family of three that he rescued not actively try to help, they also didn’t stick around to see what would happen, instead indifferently choosing to leave…

To Save a Family of Three, A Good-Intentioned Man Drowns


At about 6:30pm that day, when this reporter arrived at the scene, family and friends of the drowned rescuer were waiting on the riverbank for the results of the dredging, while a wooden salvage boat could been seen searching in the middle of the river. About fifteen minutes later, the deceased was dredged up and brought ashore, placed at the side of the river bank.

According to a woman surnamed Fu, when the incident happened, she had been taking a stroll less than 100 meters away. “I saw the family of three had been swimming in the river for some time. The couple were swimming in the shallow water dozens of meters away from their child, and the kid was around 5 years old, wearing a life ring/an innertube. The life ring kept traveling downstream. Perhaps seeing that their child was in trouble, the couple called for help from the riverbanks after unsuccessfully trying to save the child themselves.” Ms. Fu said, “Seeing the kid drowning, the young man didn’t even stop to think and immediately jumped into the river to help, but at that moment the river waters were rapid, and maybe because he had inhaled some water, soon he himself was in trouble.”

Hears a Cry for Help while Walking His Dogs by the River, Immediately Jumps into the River to Help

According to witnesses at the scene, on the afternoon of July 3rd, the rescuer Deng Jinjie had come to the Sunshuihe river banks to walk his dogs. Upon suddenly hearing someone crying for help in the middle of the river and without stopping to take off his pants and shoes, Deng Jinjie jumped into the river. Under his lead, two other city residents also joined the rescue. Not until the family of three was rescued ashore did everyone suddenly realize that Deng Jinjie, who one who took the lead in the rescue, had disappeared.

When people at the scene realized the situation wasn’t looking good, in the midst of the panic, some people dialed 110 and 120 while some people who were good at swimming went into the river themselves to search for Deng Jinjie.

The police of the Loudi City Fire Department arrived at the scene after receiving the report, and sparing no effort, they began the search. But having been underwater for too long, Deng Jinjie was already dead when he was brought ashore.

Deng Jinjie's family members are devastated.
His family members are devastated.

After Being Rescued, the Three People Apathetically Left the Scene, Family Members Say They are Bitterly Disappointed

“To everyone’s surprise, the family of three rescued ashore by everyone working together not only didn’t go help the drowning rescuer, they didn’t even say a word of thanks and just left the scene.” With regards to the three people choosing to slip away after been rescued, witness Ms. Fu thinks they probably think this was caused by them, and are afraid of being held responsible.

After the incident, upon learning of her younger brother’s death, sister Deng Qiuqiong was overwhelmed by grief. “It was 7 something in the evening when I got the call. I rushed here from the cotton mill by car. Everyone told me my brother had gone into the river to rescue people, and after rescuing three people, that family of three simply turned and left, not even caring if my brother’s dead or alive. They are so heartless, just thinking about it makes me bitterly disappointed!”

According to Witnesses

The Rescued Family of Three Hurriedly Drove Away

When The Crowds Stopped Them, They Unbelievably Said “None of My Business”


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Netizen “心丢了”: Deng Jinjie rescued the people crying for help in Sunshui River, but the three who were rescued rushed to drive away, and when those around stopped the car and said “someone is still in the water”, one of the rescued said a heartless “none of my business”. May I ask, do you still have any humanity?

Louxing District resident Kang Ling: I arrived at the scene at past 9 that night. A friend and I were taking a stroll at Sunshui River, when we suddenly heard crying, and went down to take a look. What makes me really angry is that, I heard that when the family of three was leaving, the gathering onlookers said, “the person who saved you is still in the water, how can you leave?” and the wife of the family of three actually said “none of my damn business”, and then they drove away.


Deng Jinjie's family members are devastated.
The scene of the incident, facing the sudden loss of a loved one, family members of the deceased are inconsolable. (Photo: Wu Yonghua)

Playback of Tragedies

Once 5 People Drowned Within One Month in the Same Part of the River Where Incident Occurred

Local Authority Had Already Issued “No Swimming Order”

As it is understood, the section of river in Loudi City Sunhsuihe Park is a traditional ferry pier, and normally there are small wooden boats that carry city residents north and south across the river. The depth of the shallows of the riverbed is over two meters, while the center of the riverbed is more than five meters deep, filled with water-weeds. Every year when summer comes, a large number of people come to Sunhsuihe Park River to swim, and drowning incidents frequently occur. At the height of summer in 2010, 4 cases of drowning incidents occurred in a single month, causing the deaths of 5 people.

On the afternoon of April 7th just this year, a teenager had drowned in this part of the river. 4 boys had met to swim together in Sunshui River, and one of them accidentally drowned.

In 2011, Loudi City Government Office had already issued a notice prohibiting swimming in Sunshuihe Park, even blocking off the area with wire fencing. According to nearby resident Mr. Li, the family of three who cried for help that day had gone into the river to swim precisely by climbing through the wire fencing.


He was Warmhearted

He Loved His Dogs as Much as His Life

This reporters learned that Deng Jinjie, 27 this year, was from Loudi City Louxing District Chayuan Town Tangqun Village, was an kind and warmhearted man.

Deng Jinjie worked at a construction site, and his biggest hobby was raising his pet dogs. In dog owners circles of Loudi, almost everyone knows his name. “He kept 16 pure bred dogs at the cotton mill, including Border Collie and Samoyed. After work, he walked his dogs at Sunshui riverside.”


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Comments from IFeng:


Being so without conscience is really rare among rescued people! Suggest that their names to be found out and made known to the public! So they can be reviled all people!

凤凰网广东省网友 悟空2000:

One man has gone, but the animals are still alive… we’ll forever cherish the memory of him… we mustn’t be numb/apathetic like animals.

凤凰网北京市网友 hebinghua001:

Those who have been rescued this time, listen up: your lack of morality has reached the extreme! Do you know in the future how many people who are supposed to be rescued will lose their chances to be rescued? Because you’ve already severely hurt the good hearts of those who would be heroes. What you did is called indirect murder! It’s against our nation’s laws, it’s against the people’s hearts, and I suggest cyber heroes human flesh search them out, and expose this family of evil-doers!

凤凰网湖南省长沙市网友 dnbjcy:

Make this family known to the public, and although they are heartless, it’s unnecessary to verbally abuse them so harshly. How are people like this born, and still have the face to keep living?

凤凰网海南省海口市网友 sttice:

Just like helping up the fallen elderly, never go help people again. This family of three are simply inhuman, they don’t deserve to be human. Strongly suggest a human flesh search.

[Note: There have been many famous incidents in which an old person falls down on the ground and then blames it on whoever helps them for hospital treatment and money.]

凤凰网广东省深圳市网友 changchunman:

To say something so inhuman, we can see just how immoral they are, how they have lost their humanity. They might be held accountable.

凤凰网上海市网友 数据来源:

The one who said “none of my damn business” should be thrown back into the river!

凤凰网北京市丰台区网友 金槑:

That family of three won’t die a good death for sure! We must find them out, and drown them to death in spit. Can anyone who was there provide their license plate number?

凤凰网上海市长宁区网友 若毛邓还在世:

Must human flesh search them, this family is utterly devoid of conscience. May their children in the future be born without an asshole, maybe their boys forever be slaves and their daughters be whores for generations to come.

凤凰网河南省郑州市网友 fwd2001: (responding to above)

Hunan produces both heroes and scum.

凤凰网江苏省扬州市网友 看看酱油:

Human flesh search this family.

凤凰网贵州省贵阳市网友 捧瓜:

The family of three that was rescued will definitely die in a car accident.

凤凰网新疆哈密市网友 fllc1234:

Heroic rescuer, I salute you, may you rest in peace! The pathetic people who were rescued, to say you’re pathetic is because you don’t even have the most basic human sense to feel ashamed. To be so cold and indifferent in front of your child, it’s likely that in the future when you’re in need of your child’s help, your child will be even more cold and indifferent towards you than this. If you don’t believe so, time will tell! It seems like you cleverly evaded responsibility this time, but what you will pay for it! God is just! So you better do some more good deeds to make up for this!

凤凰网北京市网友 xslj:

These three people’s poisonous side-effect on society is equal to that of the Nanjing old woman.

[Note: This refers to the infamous case of Peng Yu. In 2006, an old woman in Nanjing who fell down at a bus stop was helped and sent to the hospital by a man passing-by. However, she claimed it was this man who helped her that knocked her down in the first place, and this man was ultimately fined over 40,000 yuan to compensate the old woman.]

凤凰网中国网友 手机用户:

If a race or a nation becomes gravely sick [referring to overall social morality], it would be much worse than the system [government] having problems! Even animals and beasts have feelings, but in this race, stories like The Farmer and the Viper pop up everywhere, and this not only makes me feel hopeless, I’m afraid this will make the whole world feel horrified.

凤凰网湖北省荆州市网友 liuhuisun:

Good man rest in peace! Heartless people will get their just deserts!

凤凰网新疆阿克苏市网友 塔里木胡杨:

The rescued will be struck by lightning, bodies exposed in the wilderness… to comfort the hero’s soul in heaven…

凤凰网黑龙江省网友 brightlight1981:

Human flesh search these three dogs! Kill the man and rape the woman! Don’t wantonly rescue others ever again, why save them? They’re all a bunch of cold-blooded characters, who deserve to be dead!

凤凰网浙江省杭州市网友 趋势之歌:

Just want to say one thing, throw the family of three back into the river!

凤凰网山西省晋城市网友 老黄牛一头:

Replay the surveillance videos of the roads around the area to find their license plate number.

凤凰网浙江省绍兴市网友 1056205678:

Don’t save this kind of people in the future.

凤凰网吉林省长春市网友 sohuh44t4e8a: (responding to above)

It should be don’t save this kind of creature, [because] firstly they’re not human, and secondly they’re inferior to pigs and dogs…

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Nyancat

    poor guy doing a heroic act and this is the consequence , RIP

    • Me

      You have to see it from this family’s point of view. First as a Chinese family they had never been helped by strangers before. Its possible no stranger had ever been to kind to them throughout their whole lives. This is just the way in China, especially up there in the middle of nowhere. So to understand what I mean try to think back to when you were a child, or if you have children you will understand this. Gratitude is not natural it is a learned behavior. The first time anyone helps you – you never understand what is happening. No one is grateful for help unless they are taught to be. That’s why you have to drive that behavior into your child’s head over and over as they grow up. ( “Say ‘Thank You. Say ‘Thank You.’ )

      In this horrible society where the people just treat each other like garbage how can you expect anyone to be thankful. This hero who risked his own life to help others is such an aberration that this poor drowning family couldn’t understand what he was doing and were probably so terrified of the crowd of peasants I don’t blame them from running away. I myself and terrified of crowds of Chinese peasants. You never know when they will turn on you.

      Second, If that family had stayed to give thanks they would probably still now be locked up being held by the local authorities to pay ‘compensation’ (i.e. extortion) for the death of the local man. There is no rule of law in this country. Every citizen knows that. If you get in trouble in the middle of no where in China anything can happen. The local authorities in these backwater places will do anything they want including kidnapping or beating you in order to get money. Of course you can always petition to Beijing to get your money back later but then you might disappear into another black whole reserved for those unlucky citizens who dare to complain too much.

      Smart family.

      • Nyancat

        Well I can imagine that people might be thankless say for small acts of kindness but this is on another level, this fellow saved their lives so it’s in a completely different league from normal acts of kindness, it’s heroic. About getting into trouble, what do you think is going to happen when the identity of the family is exposed? The majority of the population is going to revile them, I think that if the options were to perhaps pay some money to the dead person’s family, that would be far better than what’s going to happen when their identities are made public.
        I think you are going a bit off topic though it’s not like this is a land grab or something from the local government, this is just a case of a good samaritan who paid with his life. The lack of manners in the case of lower class Chinese can directly be attributed to their upbringing which without a doubt is harsh, and the lack of education, they can hardly be blamed for that. However this family had a car which means they are hardly poor, they’re just awful human beings.

      • SP

        Yes, go ahead, be smart. The next time you get into trouble, I hope the people around you are also “smart” and mind their own businesses, because they didn’t learn to give help.

      • slob

        Yeah, except you’re completely wrong.

        “Perhaps seeing that their child was in trouble, the couple called for help from the riverbanks after unsuccessfully trying to save the child themselves.”

        They called for help. They knew they needed help and called for it. Why would these ‘cavemen’ who know nothing about help, ask for it?

        Secondly, they drove away. Drove away in a car. Please don’t tell me that those in China with enough money to buy a car are still so stupid to not understand what gratitude is.

        The only reason these selfish fucking jerkoffs left the scene is because they didn’t want to take responsibility for what happened, even though they caused it. It has NOTHING to do with not understanding sympathy and gratitude, it’s about being selfish and I hope the assholes all die in a fire.

        • Me

          Having money doesn’t mean they magically become gracious. It also doesnt mean they are educated and civil. They still weren’t raised in an environment where you show gratitude for kindness. Also anyone who has been here in China knows that there are a lot of ‘cavemen’ peasants driving around in cars.

          You guys are imposing your own thought process on these people. Also, with hindsight you can say they should know that netizens are gong to be searching them out but in the moment how do you know could they be thinking that? Also they probably wont be found. Its a big country no video footage of them as far as i can see. The onlookers when asked, will give this description.

          ” The man was about 160cm tall. Short black hair. Smoked.”
          “The woman was about 150cm tall Shoulder length black hair tied up. Talked very loudly.”
          “The child was about 10 years old. Short black hair”

          They should be real easy to find.

      • Scott

        To Me;

        No, not a “smart family”, just the sad truth.

      • Jackie

        You are wrong. And you are a disgusting reflection of Chinese people. We are not like that.

        Your whole case is based on prejudice against Chinese people, peasants, and the government.

        Saying “Thank you” is learned, but gratitude is instinct. Cats, dogs, and other pets become attached to humans BECAUSE they have a sense of gratitude… and love. Being raised in Chinese culture, etc, etc is not an excuse for this inhumanity, albeit false. Chinese teachings stand by much better morals than that.

        So what if the family stayed and was forced to “pay a fee.” They broke the law first for climbing over the fence. They should be punished. Further, a compensation is a small price to pay for their lives back. The man who saved them, however, the hero himself, he didn’t do anything wrong. He did everything right. He did more than right. And he deserves so much more than this… So, so much more.

        Shame on that family. And shame on you for making excuses for them. The family lacks even the most basic of human decency. And you… You lack a brain.

        What goes around comes around.

      • Paul Stufkosky

        Not smart enough that people saw their faces and license plate. They will be town out cast.

  • The Acidic Hasidic

    Sofa mother fucker.

    • The Acidic Hasidic

      But seriously this seems pretty standard here.

      IANAL but it seems this family of three would be responsible for this mans death (at least in the American system… not sure about chinese) so running seems like the correct thing to do in their situation.

      • Little Wolf

        Acidic… I don’t really see how the family would be held liable in the USA but if you could explain why you think so, I might be persuaded to agree.

        I am really fucking angry about this. Deng sounds like he was an extraordinary man…..for any country. And I’m really concerned for his dogs. I hope somebody in his family will step up. But I have a feeling some of those dog’s days are numbered.

        • mr. wiener

          They are pure breds apparently, he was part of a club, or well known amongst the dog owners there. I’d hazard a guess that they’ll not go wanting for homes.

          • Little Wolf

            Well…I hope you’re right. It would be a big relief. My dogs (I have 3) are so ugly and ornery, I doubt if anybody in China would bother with taking care of them when I sooner or later get creamed on my motorcycle so I have been getting all the shots and papers to send them to my sister in the USA. Is it weird I feel bad for the guy but even worse for his dogs?

        • El Puma R.

          The guy’s passed away. Little Wolf, just like you, I’m worried about his dogs.

          • h3ll

            I was thinking the same,his death is already really sad ..I´m afraid of the fate of his loved dogs,I strongly wish his relatives keep them.

        • The Acidic Hasidic

          In the US we are pretty sue happy.

          But this fits criminally negligent manslaughter pretty well. No idea if china prosecutes for that.

        • red scarf

          I don’t know maybe under duty to rescue laws.

          “A duty to rescue arises where a person creates a hazardous situation. If another person then falls into peril because of this hazardous situation, the creator of the hazard – who may not necessarily have been a negligent tortfeasor – has a duty to rescue the individual in peril.”

          I.e by being fuckwits and getting themselves into danger, via negligent, they have created a hazardous situation for any rescuer. Its a long shot but its the closet I can find.

  • Harryh

    I find myself saying ‘What the fuck?!’ a lot when I hit my bookmark for ChinaSMACK but this story really takes the biscuit. It seems a lot of Chinese people really have no soul.

    • Nyancat

      I wouldn’t say a lot but there are some individuals that bring the level of apathy in society to a new level, I doubt it correlates with culture, it’s almost unthinkable that the family that was rescued would react in this way, as you can infer from most of the comments. I do hope however that they are named and shamed.

      • donnachadh

        Culture is much more than music, dance, style of dress, etc. Culture is how you interact with other people, what you feel proud or ashamed of (and the extent to which you feel these emotions), what you value in life and what you hope for the future. I could go on giving examples of things that are part of culture but the point I want to make is that disregard for the common good, and disregard for other people who are not family members IS culture. This is not to say that within any cultural group there will not be more and less selfish (or creative, or honest, or aggressive) people (compare the rescued family in the above story to the drowned man) but to put everything down to individual difference means that we can never address the important social forces that create a dysfunctional society full of dysfunctional people.

        • Nyancat

          I did not say that culture does not play a part in molding an individual, I’m stressing though that in this case the apathy shown by this family is extreme, from the comments you can see even the majority feels that their actions were deplorable.

          • donnachadh

            Yes, the apathy/selfishness shown by this family was extreme, and has been generally condemned. In a society with a high level of apathy/selfishness the percentage of people who demonstrate extreme apathy will also be higher (let’s say for example 10% rather than 5% in some other less apathetic/selfish society). This means that despite highly apathetic/selfish behaviour being generally condemned, it will also be more common. In other words the level of highly apathetic/selfish behaviour in any society does correlate with culture.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Read this after the post i replied to above. Glad to see i was correct in issuing that final statement.

  • eattot

    why i can not post here any more???

    • eattot

      so strange,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • El Puma R.

        Dear, you say you can’t post.. but you’re posting. 么么

  • Jeff

    So typically chinese. These fucking bastards have no heart at all. Only care about themselves.

    • Tony

      The guy who jumped in was Chinese, was he not?

      • Matt smith

        One of him, three of them, majority rules

        • mr. wiener

          Nice Chinese, Indifferent Chinese and arsehole Chinese. Dicks , pussies and Arseholes. Meet the same kinda people everywhere.

        • Suicidal tendency

          Yes, I assume the 5 years old child is the worst of the three. So heartless!

        • anon

          The majority in this case sounds like the guy who jumped in to save them, the two that joined him, the crowd that tried to stop the family from leaving, and the Chinese netizens all in collective disbelief at the family’s behavior (which is more likely the parents than the child, who I imagine might’ve been scared stupid from almost drowning).

          • Little Wolf

            Seems like a pretty half-assed effort to stop the family from leaving. (if that)

        • tony

          what about the guy who shot all them people in was it Norway? and the american school shootings? its everywhere

  • mr. wiener

    …………..I’m speechless.

    • Brett Hunan

      Yea, I dont even know how to react to that family. Part of me wants to be angry, part is sad, and another part of me is fighting to understand what could make them so apathetic to their saviour’s demise.

  • Mark

    May he rest in peace and be satisfied in the next life with people that are worthy of his character and heroism.

    • Jackie

      Well put. I second that.

  • nereis

    Rule #1 of water rescue.

    Never go in the water if you can help it. Use a flotation device that you can use to drag the victim to shore.

    • moop

      rule number 1 of hindsight:

      everything in hindsight is 20/20

      • nereis

        This isn’t hindsight. This is basic water safety that every 12 year old learns.

        • Brett Hunan

          I doubt that every 12 year old learns water safety.

          • Craig

            Indeed, I’ve just learned it. Appreciated.

          • hess

            They do in a lot of countries, Sweden for one

          • Brett Hunan

            I learned water safety when I was in elementary school, but just because I did doesn

          • Brett Hunan

            …Doesnt mean that I should assume every does. Besides, not to stereotype China, but I dont think that water safety fits anywhere into Chinese educational systems or public service announcements.

          • Ander

            Precisely why there is compulsory education in most places.

        • mr. wiener

          Rarely a flotation device around around when you need one, and the chances of there being one one a Chinese river bank are proportionally lower I would think. China is an authoritarian state, not a nanny state.
          WTF is it with everyone taking photos of the body [first photo], I mean are you gonna go home and say “guess what I saw today?”.

          • nereis

            I learnt it at a public school in an area with no natural bodies of water and the highest crime rate in the city.

            These were alongside the same classes protecting kids from sexual predators and/or common accidents around the house.

            I’m sure there were planks of wood, rope or life buoys around. This is right next to a ferry pier.

            So just in case anyone who hasn’t done any surf life saving as part of high school sport doesn’t know, going into the water is just about the surest way to get yourself killed and should never be attempted by an amateur.

          • Matt smith

            More like go to weibo and say “guess what I saw today?” It’s sort of a knee-jerk reaction for people here, I think, to whip out their camera and start taking pictures whenever they feel surprised by something. It’s as good a way as any to document history.

          • moop

            nereis, what you’re saying is right but here is the actual situation:
            1)there were no life guards around, so its not really a point you can make
            2) a decent human being saved 3 lives and lost his own, if we want to be utilitarian about it, what he did was totally right and not stupid or irresponsible. but there are still 2 lives that were stolen for the red god, so maybe you can “Valar Morghulis” and rectify the situation
            3) you after the fact saying what he should have done is nothing but internet quaterbacking and fairly useless.

          • mr. wiener

            Also remember to kick your shoes off[duh!]. I damn near drowned the other week trying to swim the river at Bitan and then having to turn back and help some guy in trouble. My arm was still playing up from the broken collar bone I got some months ago and there was no way I was going to let him get his drowning hands on me. I got him to float on his back first, then I flagged down a paddle boat.
            F…ing stupid of me. I should have kicked of the shoes, damn things cost so much though. I didn’t want to lose them :P

          • galapiass

            Exactly, i was shocked with the people taking all the photos… it’s like that guy holding his dead wife last week.
            But i’m also thinking, that photo was probably taken by one of them and now you’re looking at it…

          • rollin wit 9’s

            What you take for granted dude (wiener), happens everyday in the mainland. And in case you didnt get what i was implying, YES, those motherfvckers will go home and be like “i saw a guy drown today” and re-tell the damn story like they learned that sh!t in kindergarten.
            Mainland chinese may be as backwards as they come and for a “normal” foreigner to see the sh!t that goes on in China, we can’t define it. It’s like coming up with a word for something that doesn’t exist. You gotta sit back, think, sleep on it and its usually still not enough. And in the end all you come up with is “what the fvck?”

          • mr. wiener

            I’m in China lite [Taiwan] mate. Acts of public arseholery occur here, but far less frequently. The Taiwanese just call it “Really fucking bad manners”.

        • Jackie

          I didn’t learn it… And even did, why would a 12 year old remember that? Lifeguards, maybe, but regular civies just floating and splashing? I don’t think so.

          Also, the man does not seem like he has had the same opportunities you’ve had in terms of education. You’re ridiculing the man for not having a 12 year old’s safety knowledge, but would you have attempted to save the family? There’s no floating device, you scream like a girl and educate the drowning boy on the basic water safety rules he will learn when he (maybe, perhaps not) turns 12? Or should you just criticize the parents instead while the child dies in a watery grave?

          You make me laugh.

          Finally, the situation was obviously in panic. The first instinct of the man was to jump in. Had he not drowned, perhaps he will look back and ponder on why he hadn’t just found a stick.

          But he’s dead. The hero died. This is hindsight and if you had any human compassion at all, you wouldn’t be petty enough to be picking at his rescuing techniques.

  • Laowai

    Was there a law in the 1970’s to hit every new born Chinese kid on the head? Revolting!

  • It’s interesting that people still quote the PengYu Nanjing case though. I read that finally it came out that the guy HAD knocked down the old lady.

  • Duke

    OMFG! Some Chinese people are really heartless! I have never lived in a country Where so many people think “Me first and F&$# everyone else” and I have been to a ton of different places! From the smallest things like getting on an elevator, bus or train to big things like putting poison in baby food, chopsticks and anything else “made in china”. A large part of the Chinese population seems to only care about themselves and if other people are cheated, skipped or even killed in the process, it seems as though they not only don’t care but they don’t even notice or realize why what they did is wrong. Not all Chinese people are this way but the good ones look like “waldo” in a crowd.

    • Brett Hunan

      OMFG some posters are really friggin retarted.

      Do I have to point out to you that there are heartless people everywhere? A large part of every population only cares about themselves. Is it better that people do realize what they did was wrong, after they do it? Will grief change what already happened? Will grief prevent everyone from repeating their mistakes?

      Not all posters are retarted, but the ones that arent are like a dime a dozen.

      • kou bei dave

        OMFG you really are an asshole

        Duke was telling it the way he and a lot of us see it

        my wife is 7 months pregnant and rarely ever does someone give her a seat on the bus or the subway. it makes me real upset with the vast majority of the chinese population

        but i guess you think me and duke are retarded

        • Brett Hunan

          “but i guess you think me and duke are retarded”

          Yes, if you equate the fact that people rarely give her a seat on the subway that all Chinese are selfish you are lacking in the brain department. That aside, please tell me how I am an asshole.

          • El Puma R.

            None of you are either completely right , nor wrong. Why ? I feel the same as Duke, I’ve been around this world and until I came to china I haven’t seen this level of selfishness. You can’t just blame everyone, however the fact that people simply don’t give a fuck about anyone else when it comes to… wait for someone in the elevator, ask me if I’m going up or down, let me cross the street when I’m walking, let the taxi door open so I can get in, not spit in the elevator, honk when their car is stuck by their own fault, cough in my neck and not give the seat to an elder or a pregnant woman when I’m on the bus, etc. etc. etc. leads me to the conclusion that I’ve never seen selfishness so promoted and encouraged as I’ve seen it in China. It’s the replacement for the introspective model that Confucius’s philosophy talked about. And it’s definitely NOT a benign one. “Americans” (USA people) and south american people we have our own share but in general terms we are by far more considerate, useful and helpful than Chinese.

            If they call you an asshole it might be simply because you called them retarded in the first place.

          • el negro pedro

            Honestly you’re mostly reasonable but in this situation,you are wrong to call people retarded for thinking the locals are selfish. The locals are extremely selfish by Western standards. IMAO, if you don’t’ see this, you are the one who is retarded.

            While there are terrible people everywhere, the levels that exist in China are pervasive and endemic. It’s inherent in modern mainland culture, just as corruption and graft is.

            Whether you wanna see it for what it is is up to you, but this is direct result of the cultural revolution, and the policies enacted by the ruling party.

            It’s naive for you think to look past this IMAO and give the locals more credit than they deserve. They will be the first to point out that they are a developing nation, and as such, just as with the economy and infrastructure, why can’t this be applied to culture morality and law?

        • elizabeth

          Don’t expect to be given a seat. Ask for it.

          I do witness people giving up their seats voluntarily but others also willingly giving theirs up when asked, unlike in some other parts of the world where young, able-bodied brats would kick up a fuss about their rights and remain seated or shoot you a deadly look before they grudgingly move their butts or ignore you.

          Yes, it’s weird but that’s the culture here. Chinese are tough people who have been brought up to take care of themselves because it is a hard life for most of them. So, they would expect those who need help to ask for it. If they don’t, it is assumed that all it fine.

          I’ve come to that conclusion after much observation and thought. Of course, I won’t deny there are bad eggs around.

      • Duke

        I did my best to not stereotype. I have lived in the Caribbean, America, Mexico, South America, Asia, Europe and plan to go to Africa soon. I only wished to say that of all the countries I have ever lived in or visited, China has the most daily examples of selfish behavior. I have lived here almost three years now and I have many local friends throughout China. They all see what I see too. I guess it just hits laowai harder because we have lived in places where this isn’t the reality of life. It was not my intention to offend any locals. My fiance who is from China, gets shocked by the same things I get shocked about. People are people wherever you go. Every country I have traveled to shares the same great quality. They all have people living in them. The people are all the same. They care about their families and friends and hope for happiness everyday. Our only differences come from the habitat or culture we develop in. Don’t claim to know why things in China are so much worse than other places I have been to, however in my humble opinion they are much worse.

    • asdf

      OMFG! some foreigners are really stupid! Judging the Majority population in china as selfish heartless animals from just a few stories on the internet. Thinking they know more about a country than its local citizens even though they’ve never been there. A large part of the Foreign population seems to be incapable of rational thinking. It seems as though they are not only biased, but they don’t even notice or realize what they say is wrong. Not all foreigners are this way but the smart ones look like “waldo” in a crowd.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      Been waiting for this story to hit C.smack.
      & B. Hunan. Duke hit the nail on the head. The good people are like Waldo. Too many mainland chinese are self-oriented and lack basic social and moral etiquette.. And yes, not all are like that but a few too many have tilted that scale for the worse.

      As for the b!tch, that hoe should be drowned. There is no law saying she can’t walk away. China will never have bystander/good samaritan laws im sure but a good moral ass-beatn’ and an apology to the family of the victim should cover the bill on this one. As for her kid, they can’t be blamed. The wife and husband on the other hand.

      On another note: I could see a really good case where child protective services could, would and should step in and take the 5yr old from the parents. Argument: They are mentally unfit as parents to foster care for the child.

      @fauna: thanks for posting this article

      • Brett Hunan

        I not only disagree, but find what you wrote laughable. Look up how many hit and runs there were in America last year. Or look up the number of people killed by drugs all over the world… drugs that make a handful of people wealthy. People are selfish everywhere but sites like chinaSMACK are interesting because it tells us the stories that other sites dont. They just happen to often be negative stories about selfish people in China. Go figure.

        The middle paragraph is your opinion and to that, you can think whatever it is you want to.

        The final paragraph is the only place you made sense to me.

        • rollin wit 9’s

          I hardly think that is laughable Brett. Dont equate selfless acts with the # of deaths from the drug trade. Compare apples to apples. You’d do better off making that argument for the tobacco companies if you wanna talk selfishness.

          @ Anon: You do make sense and I understand where you’re coming from mate but you contradict your general argument by what you said in the 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence.

          You should also quantify “…been in China for a long time” For you, and this is an example; you may have gotten past most of the b.S. in your 2nd week. but for others, that may not be the case. You can’t expect extended stays in the mainland to de-sensitize people to what happens there. People adapt differently and at different times and others don’t quite get accustomed to the differences at all.

          Bottom line we all got off the boat, FOBs we were, expected sh!t to be a certain way and it wasn’t. Now we are trying to cope with daily WTFs that arise and make sense of it through comparison, experience and exhausted explanations. But the truth is it’s fcking culture shock.
          Now i may have misused the words ‘all’ and ‘we’ in paragraph 3 but im willing to bet 100 kuai i fckn didn’t.
          cheers boys!

          • Brett Hunan

            I think my comparison was more like Galas to Granny Smiths. I was comparing selfishness to selfishness, not selflessness to drug trade.

            I would argue, with no hard proof, that it is human nature to think of oneself as more important than other people. People who put others before themselves are a little fewer and far between on a global scale.

            Considering oneself “numero uno” is not a characteristic limited to Chinese people.

        • El Puma R.

          I’m sorry to tell you this Brett, but in each and every one of your posts I see you have a serious superiority complex. Your opinions don’t matter that much, you make them look like they matter and call other people retarded when it clearly looks like you’re the one being dissed all the time.

          It’s like the kid who doesn’t want to be sick but doesn’t want to take his medicine either.

          If you live in China, Brett, take a walk outside, open your eyes and watch them go. If you haven’t realized this by now then you’re as selfish as the people we’re talking about.

          I never say “everyone” . But if there’s a God (or a God that delivers brains and souls to people once they’re born), he has forgot about China, because over here there are so many truly retarded people without the slightest sign of common sense whatsoever.

          But once again, no, not everyone.

          • Brett Hunan

            I hope you’ve only seen a minority of my posts, because I try not to come off as superior to anyone… especially rational thinkers. My opinions matter to me and I try not to force them on others. Am I being “dissed”? Is that what is happening?

            I am guessing that you live in China now. Am I right? The problem is that people are obviously jaded after living in China for some time. Once living in a new environment, it is much easier to nitpick the negative things that people do around you.

            I have met many people who only rave about the negative aspects of the country they currently live in. Constant complaining is quickest route to hating life anywhere.

            When I lived in America I thought negatively of Americans. When I lived in China, I often found myself looking for bad things that people do to point it out to other people. Now that I am in Korea I notice many more of the subtleties that I never even batted an eye at.

            Whereas yourself and rollin wit 9’s are limiting China’s “selfishness” and “lack of common sense” (common sense to who’s standards?) to isolated incidents of people being those things and sharing those characteristics.

            Open any major news source to international news and read the headlines. I would bet that every major newspaper in the world is reporting on the woman who was publicly murdered by Muslim extremists in Afghanistan. If we take a look at isolated incidents from the Middle East, would we not all also conclude that Middle Easterners are a bunch of “selfish, immoral, savages”?

            One thing that I don’t think many people take into consideration is that most Chinese people, in fact, are from or were from the countryside. Life is just different in the countryside, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

            I can draw negative comparisons between other countries and China, but when you are refusing to realize that every society has its problems, there is no point.

          • El Puma R.


            I don’t disagree with you. I actually think you’re right when you say there’s a lot of people who only pinpoint the bad aspects of the countries they travel to.

            When I came to China almost 5 years ago I was so happy and I felt so good with Chinese people.. but now that I speak Chinese, even when I try to explain to some of my neighbors why they shouldn’t spit in the elevator, or why they should cover their mouths when they cough, or tell the taxi drivers why they shouldn’t drive like a nutcase, or to throw the trash in the trash bin, they laugh at me. And it happens on a daily basis. As they laugh at me, they say ” you foreigners are so funny”. That’s what I mean with common sense, your rights end where someone else’s rights start. To think about others as you think of yourself. Just common sense, man.

            yes, every country has their share of idiots and it keeps getting worse, but to tell you the truth, Brett, I’d rather deal with the dickheads in my own country, mostly because (as a percentage of the population) they’re way less than Chinese.

            they were the smartest people 1000 years ago and now I just can’t believe they’re letting their own die like dogs.

          • jin

            ok so when they grow up doing that their entire life, and see others do it, and a foreigner tells them to stop, why wouldnt they laugh? you dont go and tell a rastafari to stop smoking weed, cause its bad for you and illegal. if you do, they will just laugh at your face. you dont tell all those indians that shit outdoors to stop doing that, cause its disgusting. theres nothing you can do about that, in 20-50 years when the newer generation are taking over, it will slowly disappear. and what are you? their mother? you dont tell a grown man/woman what they can and what they cant do.

          • Li Wen

            No one is claiming to the mother of anyone, Jin. I hope that Puma just politely suggests to people that others might not appreciate crude behavior.

            You’re not incorrect to say that people who have been behaving in a certain way their entire lives have a hard time changing. Indeed, old habits die hard. But it’s a bit disappointing to see poor behavior at all hours of the day.

            Things will probably get better over time. I’m just not interested in sticking around to see it evolve. I have a finite number of years left to live. There are many other qualitatively better places to live in the world. I hope you have a chance to see and experience them…

            …and by “other places,” I really mean Bangkok.

        • jeffli

          Brett H.
          “Look up how many hit and runs there were in America last year”
          but none were by the son of the head of public security ranting “my father is XXXXXX!”

          and don’t forget these things are “under reported” by the direction of the CCP!

      • anon

        I think for a lot of us who live or have lived in China as an expat for some time or are regular “China-watchers”, the remarks by Duke have become so cliche than its hard for us to really get behind the “hit the nail on the head!” epiphany bandwagon. If you’re new to China and say such things, it smacks of a bit of self-righteousness, forgetting similar examples back home. If you’ve been in China for a long time, then it just smacks of a someone who is still nursing their prejudices and hasn’t gotten beyond a certain jaded bitterness.

        That said, I thought Duke went admirably out of his way to avoid saying “all”. The thing is, I think most foreigners who have lived in China should have had enough experiences with Chinese generosity and selflessness to have gotten past the point of generalizing the Chinese as somehow all heartless and selfish. Examples of apathy and selfishness surely still abound, but people with more experience and open minds tend not to continue thinking immediately in terms of race or ethnicity.

        • kaka

          i completely agree with you anon…

          on a side note:

          I think people usually forget that statistically 1 in 84.6(*) people are “morons”.

          Hence, when you consider the “moron potential” of a country that has a higher population than your own, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the people of said country are generally more moronic than in your own country.

          Coming from a country with a relatively small population, as I travelled to different parts of the world and met more and more people from other countries – I came to the conclusion that Americans and Russians were generally morons, and when I first came to China – I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of morons that I seemed to meet on a daily basis.

          However, I came to understand that it was all just a matter of statistics, and that Chinese and Russian people are no more inherently a moron that my own fellow countrymen – I was just statistically more likely to meet a moron of that nationality because their total population size.

          (*) The figure of 84.6 was disputed until 1963 – largely due to contradictory data collected in France and the Quebec region of Canada, however on 14th of January 1963 the De Gaulle Equilibrium hypothesized that the contradictory data was in fact a result of a failure to assess the data collected in France and Quebec in conjunction with an earlier study that showed that 1 in 3.4 French people are “c*nts”. The De Gaulle Equilibrium thus explained the contradictions of the data collected in France and Quebec – removing any disputes surrounding the 1 in 84.6 figure.

          • xiaohouzi

            I also thought of this and find this is probably the most logical explanation why it seems like there are so many morons in China. But i also wonder if it’s possible that the percentage of morons could be higher in certain areas due to genetics or lower education standards as in the case of where i grew up. It’s certainly something to think it about.

        • Brett Hunan

          The thing is, I think most foreigners who have lived in China should have had enough experiences with Chinese generosity and selflessness to have gotten past the point of generalizing the Chinese as somehow all heartless and selfish.

          This is where I stand as well. Obviously, people will come across unfavorable situations anywhere they are. I think the point is to not dwell on them because (from my experience) they are, in general, less in both multitude and magnitude.

  • eattot

    what a sad story…
    but i would not save anyone in water,no matter kid or whatever….
    because i love myself most.

    • Brett Hunan

      It is really dangerpus to jump in and try to rescue someone with your own strength. The chance of drowning due to a panicking person pulling you down becomes more likely than not. Rescue divers are taught to use force or abandon if the victim starts to drag them down.

      Better to throw a rope or piece of wood in. You could throw something, couldnt you?

      • Little Wolf

        I used to keep a wolf….black as midnight, his name was Ninja. I took him on my old 12 ft. Zodiac to go scuba diving on the first day of lobster season but he didn’t like being on the boat at all and he kept jumping in the water as soon as I’d submerge and I was afraid if I tied him, he’d try to jump in anyway and hang himself. I knew my (ex)wife was sunbathing at a beach down the coast so I took off the gear and drove to that beach and dropped anchor just beyond the surf. Me and wolf started swimming for shore so I could hand Ninja off to my wife and get back to the lobster diving. This was not as easy as it sounds. Ninja loved to swim but some kind of primal force seemed to be telling him that I was a small island and he kept climbing on my back, forcing me under (he was about 105 pounds)
        I’m not going to be modest here. I am an excellent all-round waterman. My father swam for the USA Olympic team in Rome and was a lifeguard at Huntington Beach for 5 years. A very hazardous beach that averaged over a hundred rescues per weekend. I learned real young how to take care of myself in treacherous waters. I ride big surf and feel right at home diving in water where you can’t see your hand in front of your face. I’ve worked underwater construction and carried alot of heavy shit undersea. I been caught inside after wiping out in monster swells and tossed like a ragdoll in a Maytag thinking I’ll never see the surface again and puked plenty of seawater.

        But that was absolutely the closest I ever came to actually drowning.

        We finally made it to shore somehow and I was so exhausted and happy to be on land I started French-kissing the shoreline and considered just leaving my boat parked out at sea and retrieve it another time. Then my wife showed up. And she always hated my wolf and was not pleased with having to watch him for the afternoon and I suddenly was bursting with energy to swim back to my boat.

        • Brett Hunan

          Sounds like a scary experience…. your ex that is ;)

          • Little Wolf

            Man, you can say that again!
            Now she’s trying to “friend” me on Facebook :-l

          • mr. wiener

            Never mind , maybe she got fat, happened to my ex…..priceless!!!

          • The Enlightened One


            Happened to all of my ex’s too. It’s kind of like getting the last laugh. Considering I exercise all the time and they signed contracts with Goodyear.

        • linette

          little wolf, brett, wiener, enlighted one you men are all crazy. How many exes do you men have? ;)
          Do you want your ex to judge you? They might be reading what you wrote here in CS.

          • mr. wiener

            She’s welcome to…I’m the fittest, happiest and most financially secure I’ve ever been in my life right now, a good marriege will do that for you.
            A shite ex is a shite ex, be they ex husband or ex wife. Got any ex’s you’d be happy to see you doing well now Linette?

          • linette

            I had a few relationships and most were peaceful breakup. NO hard feelings….I hope. I did have one who punched the wall in front of me and I just walked out. Another one teared..I felt bad. Another one we broke up over the phone and I only cried once for him. No more crying and I just move on. But when a relationship is not working just be honest and don’t waste time. Talk it out. Life is too short. Move on and don’t look back. I don’t even remember their last names. hahahaa…


        Hello Brett,

        You hit the nail on the head. It may seem like you are wasting precious seconds, but You have to force yourself to go thru that checklist when things are happening.

        It is not uncommon for a drowning person to panic and grab onto whatever flotation device’s at their disposal (even if it is you).

        I recall my Father telling me a story of a friend of his who had trained for the Olympics (obviously a very strong swimmer) who drowned trying to rescue a man off shore (both of them drowned).

        I imagine the man in this story must have seen the child and acted on his instinct to help a child, as many people would. I respect his self-less act of bravery and wish there had been a happier outcome.


      • Dr SUN

        correct and that’s why “first responders” like fire fighters, paramedics don’t throw themselves in so they can drown as well.

        However this guy saved them, no one acted to save him, that’s pretty sad.

        The family will live with that shame, the spectators will not even give a second thought.

    • mr. wiener

      As always dear, you are disarmingly honest. Though of course it does depend on whether you can swim or not.

      • eattot

        i can swim very well, i learnt swimming in 3 days in a deep pool,then went to swim everyday….hahaha! my father even beated me very hard once for that…

    • wallimo

      How about in the air or on the ground indoors or outdoors? would you help others then? what if you saw a child fall down a flight of stairs would you help them. It’s easy to say you wont help others, but how would you feel if you were the one who needed help but everyone just loved themselves too much to help you? You are being robbed for example but the policeman loves himself too much to protect you, your house is on fire but the fireman loves himself too much to run in an save you, or China is being invaded but your army just loves themselves too much to put up a fight. Bottom line is I am glad others don’t love themselves as much as you love yourself or we’d all be fucked.

      • eattot

        i just said water…normally i mean river and deep pool which i can not see the bottom…
        in china, bad wooden people are everywhere, i am so kind-hearted already. this 3 people definitly deserved to die first. i would not save anyone by taking the risk i will die.

      • xiaohouzi

        Very good point, wallimo. My ex gf used to say the same thing… that she loved herself more than anyone else but with that attitude, i can’t imagine any like-minded person to help someone who needs help and that’s just sad.
        I’m very glad that there are still good people like this young hero in China. Let’s hope they never die out or fall in love with themselves too much.

    • cc

      Selfish tart

      • eattot

        sexual fucker

        • cc

          a compliment from jellytot

        • The Enlightened One

          I don’t think anyone would really take that as an insult. It’s more like you guys are talking dirty to each other.

      • mr. wiener

        OMFG. I love it when you two talk dirty. I don’t know whether to laugh or beat off! hahahahahha!

    • El Puma R.

      “love yourself most” Is what drives people to say “none of my business” when their own rescuer is drowning, or to walk next to a child who’s dying from being rode over with a car and not pay attention to it. If your parents loved themselves as you love yourself, you would have never been born, even conceived, or you might as well could have been a victim of selective abortion.

      You are better than this, eattot. You’re right, you lack the skills to save someone, but “love myself the most” is what is turning China into a dumpster full of people.

      If you exist it is because of someone else’s love. You should know that.

  • sm

    I have never seen such indifferent people in my life. Even a small thing deserves a “thanks” .
    You 3 people’s lives are definitely damned.

  • lonetrey

    Please find these people.

    And then break their legs. And toss them back into the river.

  • John

    This is a pretty disgusting story. I’m quite outraged at this. I hope the chines netizen
    do some human flesh search.

    If there is ever a time where I feel mob justice is well deserved, this is one of it.

  • XiaoHei

    It’s highly unusual for someone to run away like this, no matter how evil they are. I think its the fear of being made to pay for all the hospital expenses of the selfless young man is what made these rescued people run away. Maybe, they are already in debt. Or, I’m also guessing they might be involved in some illegal activities and being probed by the press would expose them.

    Poor guy, he made the ultimate sacrifice. May his great soul rest in peace.

    • Suicidal tendency

      Well, before speculating on their potential dramatic situation, let’s remind a few points:
      -it’s forbidden to swim there, because it’s dangerous
      -they brought in a young child
      At that point, they are already thinking upside-down, IMHO. Why did they do that to start with? If I had to take a bet, it would be the “everybody’s stupid but me!” spirit scoring again! It’s forbidden to swim for stupid people, but not for them.
      Unfortunately, the river didn’t think so.

      So they beg for others to help them getting out of the shit they purposely and knowingly went in. The helper dies.

      Yes, one can assume they could be considered kind of responsible for his death… The fact that they can’t handle that responsibility just make them despicable.

  • JPAX

    “i am so kind-hearted already. this 3 people definitly deserved to die first.”

    Dear Eattot, Oxymoron much?

  • 平凡人

    Feel sorry for this guy, he risk his life to save some scumbags. Looking at the first piture just makes me boil; all the bystander using their phone to take pictures of a dead body.

  • 桔梗

    ( >﹏<。)~呜呜呜……

  • loser laowai

    I am not sure what is more fucking pathetic:

    The family that abandoned the scene or the foreigners bashing the Chinese for being heartless despite the dead rescuer being Chinese or the thousands of Chinese netizens outraged by this incident.

    By that logic, all foreigners are fucking retards thanks to the likes of Jeff, Duke, etc.

    Thankfully, this is clearly not the case thanks to people like Brett.

    • Brett Hunan


      There are a lot of level-headed people here. Like everywhere, a few rotten ones spoil the bunch.

      Thanks for the complement, but sometimes I can be an idiot, spewing nonsense too. Guess I just hope my reasonable days outweigh the unreasonable ones ;)

    • yellow kicker

      Your nickname is very approrpiate, it seems.
      So just shut the fuck up and keep fucking your little screaming dolls, which you surely adore.
      These race should be ERASED by means of dna selective virus.

      • FYIADragoon

        Break out the plates ’cause someone just got served.

        • Brett Hunan

          If hes a friend of yours he must merely be trolling.

        • yellow kicker

          I got it! They were trying to use the “re-animator” app on their iphones! They were not just merely standing there taking pictures of the dead hero, as it might seem.

      • Brett Hunan

        Oh brother…

        What to say to this…? I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you 1. are trolling and 2. surely can’t believe what you wrote is something mentally healthy people would say.

      • jin

        LOL! LMAO! do you know the different of race and ethnicity? Were all from the same race, the HUMAN race. you want to erase all humans? dumbass

        • El Puma R.

          If I put mother earth first, yes. We should all be erased because we have never took care of it. Our own home. And the feeling gets stronger once you step foot in China. I’m from South America, I’ve seen my share of inhumane, but China bro, it’s an absolute higher level of soulless. Where I’m from we’d make a statue for this guy, and put the family in Jail for negligence. Over here, two weeks from now everyone will forget about this, except for me and the other foreigners because we all seem to bottle all this up until the day we go nuts and buy the ticket to go home.

          China doesn’t need heroes, it needs education, love from it’s own people and self respect.

          Meanwhile, all those selfish people who I run across each and every day can drown in a pool of shit and die, for what I care.

          • jin

            oh please!

            soulles? chinese people are not gingers.
            how about this man then? or all the netizens raging about this, are they soulles? how about all the good deeds some did that you CANT see? only thing you can see is when something bad happen, thats always the same when you go abroad. you dont look at the people when they are chatting and laughing with their neighbours, you look at the bad shit that happend. where im from, when this happens, the “hero” get to become a famous for 1 day in news report and newspaper. get some flower from people on the place where he died. and a month later, people live their lives and forget about it. thats the hard fact, so when someone dies trying to save someone in your country, they all get a statue??? its better to go home before you go nuts.
            and a question, do you got any chinese friends?

    • mr. wiener

      Non the less what sticks in my craw is that poor selfless bastard dragged up on the bank and those MFers dragging out their goddamed phones to take photos of him like he’s a prize marlin! AAAAGH!
      And that little kid wandering over to take a look. Fucking good parenting or what?!!AAAGH!!
      I know I’m being a hypocritical western dick, but it just offends me no end. I’ve been in asia a long time and every now and then I see something ,that despite me thinking I’m used to it all, just gets me steamed.
      I hope they put up a statue to this guy , as a brave and selfless man , race and culture bedamned.

      • xiaohouzi

        I totally agree. If i had been there, i would have told them all to put their phones or cameras away out of respect for that young hero and his family. Disgraceful, ignorant lot.

        • anon

          I don’t know, people everywhere take out their camera phones these days for all sorts of things. I find it really hard to judge this as just a Chinese thing.

          • The Enlightened One

            It’s called lack of morals and education on what is appropriate and what is not.

          • xiaohouzi

            That may be true, Anon and i’m not singling out Chinese here but i do see it a lot in China. Those who do it should learn why it isn’t acceptable behaviour and not to do it again.

      • El Puma R.

        I strongly agree with you mr. wiener.

      • pada

        Mr. Wiener,
        You seem to have forgot how and where Diana died, like a “prize marlin”.
        Its internet time everybody wants to be sorta media. Thats how you have chance to see pics above and ’nuff reason to feel angry, to yellow Asians.

        • mr. wiener

          Princess Diana…hmf.
          Heard a comedian comment that as she wasn’t a noted music fan having a rock concert in her honor was maybe not the most appropriate thing.
          He said maybe it would be more fitting to hold a gangbang in a minefield :P

        • mr. wiener

          …and will you stop beating that “yellow asians” drum? I don’t dislike asians. I just dislike dickheads like you.

    • donscarletti

      China is heartless.
      Chinese however are often born with good hearts full of duty, kindness and morality, to the own detriment and China destroys them.

      China loves these examples where the loyal general/advisor gets fucked over and killed/exiled/castrated for being loyal to the country.
      Yue Fei
      Peng Dehuai
      Qu Yuan
      Sima Qian

      But for every great hero, there is always a Chinese leader like Zhu Yuanzhang, Sima Yan, Mao Zedong and others that can and will sit back and let thousands of heroes sacrifice themselves for a greater good that they then pervert into basically more palaces and concubines for themselves.

      What you must remember for China is that for every fat, baijiu sipping, womanising manager/official not doing their job, there must be 100 lean hard working, labourers working their arse off in a inefficiently managed project, probably putting in multiple times the amount of effort that a sanely managed project would require working overtime to get this project finished for lazy manager while getting penuts for themselves. China produces an inordinate number of selfless people, working more than they should, otherwise the country simply would not function.

      • Justin

        Well said. Selective perception is a bitch. In a nation of more than a billion people, you are going to have a fair share of sinners and saints. You can’t ignore one and pay attention to the other just because it suits your preconceived notions of what is true.

        As a journalist, I often have gone into stories with one outlook about the angle of the piece I’m writing only to find that what I report is a different animal entirely.

      • linette


        China is heartless.
        Chinese however are often born with good hearts full of duty, kindness and morality, to the own detriment and China destroys them…………

        SO TRUE. Thank you. Chinese and non Chinese…all the same but live in different environment. China Chinese behave like that because China system destroy their kind heart in their young age.

        The China gov’t system needs to reform.

  • AustinBrooks777

    They should’ve been thrown back into the river, like the Earth intentionally wanted, with no rescuers.

  • The Enlightened One

    This is incredibly cold. It enters a whole level unknown to humans because IT IS inhuman. These people go into a restricted area for swimming then let their child get carried off by the current, then scream for help and when people end up saving their lives… what do they do?

    They drive off like nothing happened, without a thanks and could care less if their rescuers die.

    This is unheard of… I have never heard of this happening EVER. They pleaded for help and got it… then they leave? None of your business? I hope the city officials make it their business. Good Samaritan law, isn’t it about time?

    • Jack

      i agree…i have never heard like this ever

    • Dr SUN

      guess you have no knowledge about what we call in the ER the “drive by drop off’s”
      yep you got it their friends / family didn’t care to stick around either.

  • The Enlightened One

    On another note, why didn’t anyone cover up the body?

    Why are the all shining lights on it and taking pictures? Didn’t Chinese people get super angry at Filipinos for taking pictures with the bus during that incident with the Hong Kong hostages?

    But Chinese do this all the time. I don’t think my first reaction would be to pull out my phone and start taking pictures of a man who died trying to save others.

    Is this not also immoral?

    • Brett Hunan

      I guess the morality would be in why they took the pictures in the first place.

      If it is to share this story and let the viewers feel the full impact then I would say its not necessarily immoral.

      If they took pictures to share with friends and post “what an idiot” on the internet, I would say that falls somewhere in between laughing at retarded people and that scum between your toes after hiking for 2 weeks.

    • Rod

      I didn’t notice it til you pointed it out. Plus, there’s a kid standing there. It IS ridiculous.

      • xiaohouzi

        This happens a lot in China and i can’t imagine what they are thinking. I guess it’s just another sign of how thoughtless and uncivilized some people can be.

        • mr. wiener

          Let’s not bandy the “uncivilized” word about, it creates tensions between posters who would otherwise agree with each other. Surfice it to say some people [in every country you politically correct toads] are fucking idiots.

          • Dr SUN

            +1 on that

          • xiaohouzi

            I think most people would also find the word ‘uncivilized’ to be an accurate term to describe those who photograph the deceased without any permission to do so. Do you think it is civilized behaviour? I’m not interested in tensions here, only truth, justice and education.

          • mr. wiener

            No, I’d call it being a dick.
            Uncivilized people, say like the Masi in Africa or the Aboriginals in Oz would hold a ceremony to honor the spirit of a brave soul who has crossed to the other side. They’d have a good cry, then a dance and burn your body so that your spirit could ascent to the sky fathers. Then they’d tell stories of your bravery for a long time to come.
            Although the Aboriginals would have a strict taboo against mentioning the name of a dead person.

        • Bunny99

          Everything has to go on Sina Weibo,

          everything you eat, everything you see and everywhere you go – it is a mass project to drown the internet in useless information

          I think Weibo has some kind of reward scheme if you can get a high enough level by posting a photo every 5 minutes!

      • xiaohouzi

        It is ridiculous and think of how the young man and his family would feel if they knew these idiots were there gawking and taking photos? I’ll never understand some people.

    • jin

      maybe you dont notice the different? or is it that youre just too stupid to see.
      the filipinos were SMILING in the pictures of a accident, these people werent.
      these people made the picture to share the story, the filipinos made it to show that they were at this accident with a smile.

      • mr. wiener

        That’s because they were fucking idiots, not because they were filipinos. Also it’s one thing to be taking a photo with a bullet riddled bus 50 meters behind you , and quite another thing to be doing the grinning “V” sign with the drowned body at your feet.
        Pretty bad either way though.

        • anon

          I don’t think jin said it was because they were Filipinos? His point is the first one I thought of as well, the difference is that the Filipinos were smiling and taking memento pictures with the scene of a recent tragedy, whereas these people aren’t, unless you can find someone doing the grinning “V” sign.

          • Brett Hunan

            I think wiener was just trying to be clear that the people were merely assholes, not Filipino assholes.

            Yes, there is a difference in that there are no “V” signs in these Chinese photos…. no one knows if some of these people’s camera phone photos will become a memento or something to share on their QQ space. I hope they just want to share his story.

            When I see so many people snapping pictures of the dead body, I can’t help but think of the “Oldschool” funeral scene about hang-gliding. Its just a knee-jerk reaction but I seriously hope that people don’t ridicule him for being foolish enough for trying to save a family from drowning.

      • The Enlightened One

        No, Jin.

        They were smiling with the bus after the incident (NOT accident, is that what you call terrorism?). While this doesn’t make it right, it is still clearly not the same thing as there was no bodies of the deceased. If you are going to call someone stupid, you should really use the correct terminology and facts.

        In both cases, it is a clear disregard and disrespect for the families of the deceased/victims. You say they were just getting the story. Okay, that may be true. But it looks like everyone in the picture had a mobile phone. They all wanted to share the story? What? Did they think the other 100 people next to them weren’t getting a good enough shot?

        You know what? It’s obvious you are Chinese by your quick defense mechanism, among other reasons (name calling, poor English, etc.). It would do you well to learn/reflect on these events rather than continuously embarrassing yourself and your people.

        • jin

          isnt this disregard and disrespect for the families of the deceased/victims too? how about your google, youtube a bit and you will find plenty of western victims picture and video. this shit doesnt happen just in china. the american news shows the face of the victims sometimes.

          • jin

            Isn’t this disregard and disrespectful toward the victims families?
            How about you google around and you will find plenty of western victim pictures/ videos online. This shit doesn’t happen only in China, American news shows the face of the victims sometimes too. There fix my bad engrish a bit.

        • anon

          I don’t think jin said it was the same thing? Wasn’t it you who was arguing that they should know better by likening this to the Filipino picture taking? So technically, you were arguing that they’re the same in some way while jin is arguing that it is not the same thing.

          This may be a dangerous generalization but I think our Western sensibilities differ a bit from the Chinese on the matter of photographing or video recording death and injury. I think it really depends on context. In this case, everyone was angry about this brave guy who sacrificed his life for some ungrateful people and the context is of how wronged this guy was. I think this was more like people taking pictures of a martyr than simple gawking. The context perceived with the Filipino incident was that those people were smiling and deriving some sort of amusement taking memento photos posing next the scene of a tragedy. Do you think these people above are taking memento photos? I really don’t think so. Yes, the photos they’re taking are likely going to be part of a story they’re going to tell others, but that story is about a selfless guy fucked over by some selfish people. That’s different from memento photos of “this is the bus where a bunch of Chinese tourists died, look at how banged up this bus is!”

          Finally, the “quick defense mechanism, name calling, poor English” at the end was unnecessary. I think it makes you look petty, especially when non-Chinese people exhibit 2 out of those 3 regularly here and the remaining attribute just as often in so many other contexts that involve them in the limelight. If people accept that people will make disparaging remarks about China and the Chinese by virtue of this site being about China, then people ought to accept that others will understandably push back on it. When there are perceived attacks, there will be defenses.

          • The Enlightened One

            I see it as taking inappropriate photos for SELFISH reasons.

            Yes, Jin these photos are wrong (to upload publicly, your links). I believe these photos were taken by journalists or police officers and were probably somehow uploaded without the family’s consent (but we don’t know). The main difference here, is tons of people (even children) running around the body, shining lights on it and taking videos/photos.

            @anon – I am arguing that during both events, inappropriate photos were taken without thought and for selfish reasons.

            It really doesn’t matter how the onlookers feels about it or how they use the pictures. Even if they were taking the pictures because he is a hero, the situation is still without respect for the deceased and the family.

            Would it make you feel better if your GF/wife was hit by a van while trying to save a kid and tons of people whip out their phones and start video taping and taking pictures of her dead body? Oh, you would?

            I should of rephrased my last comment. I meant to say he is the type of Chinese person I run into, all too commonly, that can’t stand to hear anything against his people or country without deflecting it to some event that was done somewhere else.

            Sure, every country has these sort of events… well, not really but similar events. Rather than calling people “stupid” and acting like a fen qing… self reflection is in order.

          • Dr SUN

            oh… come on

            you buy a clock as present for a Chinese they will squirm about death, watching others suffer and die is no biggie though, never has been and for some very good reasons.

            as for mementos , I think the smiling US Marines pissing on the dead bodies was a better example you could have used.

    • Anon

      Only Chinese get to treat Chinese like garbage, DUH.

  • yellow kicker

    Water Alpha radiation level in all major cities in China has today suddently reached a peak.
    Foreigners beware, that includes bottled water starting from today.

    • Brett Hunan

      Its part of the water purification process. Completely natural. Alpha radiation has never hurt anyone anyways.

      • Tengu

        Have the little one yet?

        • Brett Hunan

          Hey Tengu,

          She’s due to arrive in October. Can’t wait!

  • Anus Presley

    What does ‘human flesh search’ mean?

    • Nanny Hiccups

      it means netizens will find out who they are via intense internet search and reveal their identities. Then they will be publically shamed. It usually works.

    • xiaohouzi

      I think it means for anyone who sees them to do whatever they can to help apprehend and possibly punish the perps with or without the help of police. Few Chinese have faith that the police will actually hunt down perps, much less punish them if they are found. The best we can hope for is that they try to go swimming again and never make it out of the water alive.

      • anon

        Click on the link and it’ll take you to the glossary definition. It’s usually something akin to crowdsourcing the task of identifying someone’s identity. Sometimes, it’s basically cyber-vigilantism.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Hopefully the family will come forward and issue a public apology but I can already guess that’s about as far fetched as any of them stumbling across this post!

  • limeycant

    more yellow journalism for white libtards.

    • angryman

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Lovestospooge

    I’m always thinking about this when going outside – one of these days I’ll get hurt by the people’s incompetence here.
    It’s a shame that in China the question EVEN EXISTS if the Samaritan will get hurt by the people he/she helps or not … but my believes and my character will not be compromised by people like these (family of 3)!
    If I see a situation like in this article, I will, even if I’ll die, extend a helping hand! I’m sure you will too.

  • [email protected]

    “Man Rescues Drowning Family Who Then Leave While He Drowns” – Because anything less just wouldn’t be Chinese enough.

    Yup, this is my new catchphrase.

    • [email protected]

      Whoah…Sofa huh?

      Damn, on a story this morbid? No thanks. Ain’t worth it. I would prefer the drowning victim took a sofa seat next to me and stayed alive while the three motherfucking parasites whom he saved just drowned and forever forfeited their place in this world. But, I can’t make that so. So instead… R.I.P. He goes to heaven and sits a cloudy sofa instead. Damn it China.

      • [email protected]

        Weird, false sofa. No worries…

        • Tengu

          Spurious Sofa?

      • k_kittie

        Keep in mind you are calling a five-year-old child a “motherfucking parasite” and condemning him to death by drowning when you refer to “the three.” If that sits fine with you and you still feel he deserves it for whatever reason, I have nothing else to say.

    • rollin wit 9’s

      You reminded me of those Charles Barkley Right Guard deodorant commercials haha.
      He used to say …anything else would be uncivilized. Here is one of them

      Sadly, the deodorant commercials apply to the mainland general public also. nuff said.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    Very sad. And very disturbing to see his post-mortem pictures. He deserves peace and respect.

  • Freak on a Mountain

    Dear sweet God/Buddha, why does Chinasmack always have to have these ‘race to the bottom’ type of stories? Fauna, you are doing a great deal to destroy my faith in the human race. Are you this cynical in person?

    Hey everybody. Evil happens. It is your responsibility to confront it. So go confront it now! If you’re in China, confront evil. If you’re in America, confront evil. If you’re in England, etc…

    Fight bastards like these. Call them nasty names, but don’t stop there. Bring in lawyers, priests, doctors, whoever, to condemn assholes for assholery. And don’t be an asshole yourself.

    • Li RuiKe

      There’s too much confronting, blaming, name-calling, and condemnation, as it is. It only causes anger and a desire for revenge, which perpetuate the evil. That’s human nature: evil. Nobody ever does anything “wrong”, they’re just getting revenge on the other guy who was the one who did something “wrong”.
      Where did it all start? More importantly, who will end it? Love, forgiveness, and sacrifice are the only hope. I wish I had more love for my neighbors.

  • Why do Chinese are about China’s face when all they constantly do is destroy it?

    It’s time us laowai collectively don our colonial hats and start beating the people here into shape with our colonial canes… China needs to be liberated from the Chinese and then the people here will stand a chance at developing into fully human primates.

    • “care about”

    • southernortherner

      yesterday in alabama, where im visiting right now i heard from a man something so vile, so racist and so disturbing that i really think you should rethink your laowai statement.

      actually do whatever you want. but ure just another tool.

      • donscarletti

        Honestly, I’m all for colonising Alabama too.

        See, this is where the Union fucked up with “reconstruction”. After the whole CSS Alabama business, the US government should have demanded the following acts of reparation from the British Empire:
        – Send a resident to Montgomery to find the local Rajah, King or Chieftain and see if he will behave himself for a 15 cannon salute and a spot in Eton for his son. Should this not work, send in the East India Company to annex it.
        – Teach the locals how to mix Gin and Tonic, Singapore Sling, etc and take orders from a man in shorts.
        – Abolish local customs like lynching, cross burning and inbreeding.
        – Cede servile and well behaved colony back to the Union at pre-agreed time, or, at the President’s discretion, follow standard 20th century British decolonisation procedure as a warning to other rebel states (put the blacks in charge and run like hell).

    • Mari

      Colonialism isn’t needed, but public shaming in some way would be effective at helping this sadly negative part of modern Chinese society. Just have a daily segment on CNN reporting these face-destroying things that happen in China, and I expect in a week it’ll all get cleared up… or at least the Chinese government will hurriedly seek to cover it all up and thus look even worse.

      • limeycant

        Why do liberals make an exception for China when they don’t even dare to utter “Muslim” or “Black” in their own country when instead they choose to hind behind PC phrases such as “youth”or “asian”(as often used for indians and south asians)?

        Why is racial profiling ok against the Chinese but sacrilege against every other non-white, libfriend?

    • limeycant

      Don’t you have enough muslims and subsaharan in the west to civilize? I mean, whites are about to become the minority in a few decades. And really, when you compare crime rates China is doing much better than America and many parts of europe. Enjoy your diversity.

      • moop

        what crime? china has no crime. if you believe prc statistics you are the most gullible perosn in the world. have you ever met a chinese person with real windows on their computer? ever seen chinese traffic? ever seen a black cab? seen the people out side of stores selling fa piaos? just because you dont get thrown in jail doesnt mean you are a criminal. i’d say 80% of chinese break the law everyday. the real crime rate in china is much higher than anywhere else i’ve ever been to except afghanistan, that place is lawless.

        • limeycant

          What constitutes “real” crime anyway? I mean is pick pocket real enough to compare to homicide? In that case, just google “violent crime per capita”. They stats are all from western sources, so you can’t pull the censorship card. The fact is you are statistically less likely to be a victim of “real” crime than in the US or London or Paris. Deal with it libtard.

          • mr. wiener

            Oooooh, dems fightin’ words.

          • limeycant

            Are you a victim of liberal propaganda also?

          • moop

            western sources get crime statistics from the chinese government because they are the only ones actually allowed to keep track of the records in side the country. i guess you dont consider fraud to be a real crime or theft, something the chinese populace engages in on a regular basis. its normal for employees to steal from their companies using fa piaos, its normal for old people to try to get receipts from customers at grocery stores, its normal for chinese to use pirated software. this is fraud and theft. i’m not sure how these arent real crimes. violent crime, eh, maybe, but who really knows. what i do know is that i have seen more fights in beijing in my 3 years here than i have living in america for 26 years combined. the prc cant even report accurate statistics on their air quality, and you trust them to report crime accurately? officials report inaccurate data because they are afraid if they crime is high they wont get a promotion, same reason they have to keep the birthrate low in their provinces.

          • limeycant

            western sources publish statistics based on their own research not just what they are fed by the officials you mongoloid – otherwise they wouldn’t be very “impartial” would they?

            maybe if you are so afraid of the chinese, you should go home and join the nearest “youth” enclave and celebrate diversity by going on a drive by.

          • moop

            you really arent very intelligent are you? you actually think chinese local police stations cooperate with foreign journalists in something as sensitive as crime? you really are a total fool. i’m not afraid of china, i’m amused by sub-normals like you

          • limeycant

            so what you are essentially saying is that western researchers just take chinese officials at their word?! which is known to be unreliable… are you tell me the UNHRC or Amnesty are colluding with the chinese? oy vey!

          • moop

            what i am saying is that they arent really allowed to conduct research and the only available stats are government ones….


          • limeycant

            yet here is a article about it being under-reported (yet still less violent than the you-ess-aye – first in gun crime, incarceration per capita and subsequently the largest racially segregated male population on the planet).

            can you spell freedumb? you’ve just conveniently handed me victory.

          • moop

            “The real crime problem is much higher than the recorded official crime rates, and the police are well aware of that fact,” he said.


            only a chinese person would turn this into some kind of contest. i dont care what the statistics of the US and i never mentioned them. continue to deflect from your problems. full-fledged retard

          • limeycant

            “He said the big jump in 2009 could be an attempt to bring the figures closer in line with the real situation.”

            now go find the 2010 stats.

            less selective quoting libtard.

          • limeycant

            why did you try to hide the fact that you are a insufferable fat american, whilst accusing me of being a chinaman?


          • moop

            THERE ARE NO RELIABLE STATS TO BE FOUND. even you’ve said the stats are unreliable. and until the prc has little things like freedom of the press and an open and accountable govenrment they never will be. foreign journalists get thrown out of the country for reporting on black jails, journalists are followed and watched closely wherever they go, they cover up things like SARS and pollution, try to pass of a scene from top gun as their military footage, and you accept their crime stats? talking to a nationalist retard is like talking to a brick wall.

          • moop

            i didnt try to hide the fact, everyone here knows i am american. you, as nationalist filth resort to deflection of any criticism, usually preferring the US or the west as a target (at least when temporary workers arent around). i said i dont care about their crime statistics because it wasnt part of our discussion and i do believe US is more or less a police state, but bears no relevance to our discussion, at least not until you started deflecting like the scum you are. you’re either new here or have a bad memory of things i have said in the past.

          • limeycant

            do you think soundbite chasing journalist is more qualified than statisticians and sociologist who do research? (who would almost certainly would have factored in these discrepancies otherwise they would be doing their jobs). are you still trying to say that the results published have been independently verified by the these organisations UN/amnesty/whatever and they are publishing false information knowingly? jesus christ, are americans always this stupid or it is diabetes?

          • limeycant

            well if expats want to complain about safety in china maybe they should avoid it in the first place and go back to living in their post-white paradises, like detroit or something.

          • mr. wiener

            Entertaining as this is, I feel it would make for much better reading if you both agreed to take the personal insult down a knotch:)

          • moop


          • limeycant

            branding someone a “wumao” or “brainwashed” is a easy way of shouting down people when you find yourself outclassed. than again censorship is popular with libtards, unless you toe their leftist progressive insanity you’re automatically dismissed as a racists, nationalist, brainwashed, 50cents etc etc. I respect your freedumb of speech, why don’t you respect mine?

  • Nanny Hiccups

    I also wonder if the family really said “None of my damned business…” it’s like something out of a bad movie where someone rescues the villain and he scurries off without a care in the world. or one of those villains who uses an inncent bystander as a human shield. you think, does that really happen? I’m not sure the people said this, i’m going to give them the benefit of doubt only because I want to believe people are not that calloused and evil.

    • Xiongmao

      It’s China. I wouldn’t be surprised at all, especially in a situation where people are actively trying to prevent them from leaving. Docile turns to intense rage very quickly here over seemingly trivial matters.

  • xiaohouzi

    I’d really like to see a follow-up on this story after these animals have been found.

  • rollin wit 9’s

    I wonder how long the body was left on the grass?
    Look at picture 1 (Night time), then look at picture 4 (day/evening).

  • Getrealson

    I feel the world has lost something great. Something special and it makes me sad. A real hero. I think there are a few positives here that may serve as a silent legacy to Deng Jinjie. I think people may hear this story and consiously choose to be a Deng JinJie as opposed to a “Not my business” coward. A clear case of right and wrong. we all need hero’s. Also a five year old child was saved. I guess only time will tell if that was worth a good mans life but thats not up to us to decide. That decision was made for us on the bank of the river by a brave and selfless man. Let’s respect his decision and not persecute this child for the parents actions.

    PS. For all you ignorant fools blaming chinese for Low character, DENG JINJIE WAS CHINESE!!!! Another CHINESE Hero! The fact that point escapes you leads me to believe you’re too young to be posting on this website.

    • El Puma R.

      “PS. For all you ignorant fools blaming chinese for Low character, DENG JINJIE WAS CHINESE!!!! Another CHINESE Hero! The fact that point escapes you leads me to believe you’re too young to be posting on this website.”

      Let’s say every three out of four people in China have low character. Nice statistics, I expected much worse, and I believe it’s worse. you see, I don’t see many selfless people here in China, maybe one out of ten. And look at this guy, he was a counter-reflection of this society, loving dogs more than anything else. I won’t need to pray for his soul ’cause I know he’s at a better place, I pray for all the other chinese people who have low character, as you say(I’d say no soul), may they all realize this selfish and egocentric way of living will be their own doom.

      • pada

        Actually all the intense anger are caused by the ungratefulness of the rescued. But coming to ungratefulness, Chinese, know Americans are at extremity. While each US citizens owe a $4,000 to China, they still badmouth their debtee everyday like you do and send the carriers to China’s door for drill, to show their muscles pumped up with borrowed steroids.

        The ungratefulness is the key word you want to ignore by pointing finger to Chinese and saying they are the badder guys. But if you have slightest ability to reflect, you’ll know who is the ones that “three out of four have low character” and who is even uglier than that woman saying its “none of my damn business”.

        • Bai Pifu

          I paid my debt to your Mother last night. Tell her thank you, debt free at last, debt free at last.

        • mr. wiener

          Thank you to all the racist dicks who badmouthed Chinese at every opportunity, ignoring the fact that the hero was Chinese, almost like his act of selfless bravery elevated him above his “Chineseness” [an extraordinary act of doublethink].
          Then at the other extreme we have Pada……’nuff said really.
          I’ll lift my glass to the million of people from all races who’ll go out of there way to help somebody….cheers.

          • pada

            As to the “act of selfless bravery”, Mr. Wiener, nobody, even this DENG JINJIE, dares to compare it with over 4,000 Americans soldiers, whose Chinese-made body-bags could line up 7 kilometers long. They definitely dwarfed any heroes in this poor globe where debt-ridden US calls shot, by saving 2.3 million Iraqis, with only a minimal casualty of over 150,000 civilians, and dislocating another 2 millions. The whole world will forever remember their lost lives that will be immortal on the moral high ground. ;)


          • mr. wiener

            Trying to have a rational discusion with you is an exercise in futility. You fudge, you prevaricate and you bullshit.
            You have turned sarcasm into such an artform not even you truly know what you mean. ….sad really.
            You make an argument out of air to push your agenda. You are boiling this poor fellows dead bones down to make soup so you can serve us up your bitter gruel of hate and denunciate toward the US [who no one is arguing is perfect]
            I spurn you as I would a rabid dog.

          • moop

            how did cb get banned but this asshole isnt?

          • mr. wiener

            Same reason good people drown and arseholes drive away. [not that CB was an angel]

            [Note from chinaSMACK Moderator: No, that’s not it. It’s because one violated our comment policy while the other one hasn’t. The reasons some of you guys are citing for banning pada would involve a lot of other people being banned as well, including some of yourselves. Finding someone disagreeable doesn’t rise to our definition of trolling.]

          • Brett Hunan

            well, wiener, if you weren’t such a sympathizer and supporter for the US foreign and military policies….. jeez

          • moop

            cb wasnt an angel by far. he trolled a lot, but sometimes he would actually contribute opinions. pada on the other hand trolls in every post and contributes absolutely nothing. the only difference is the sock puppetry that cb engaged in, and harrassment of epuuf/notorious/nanny. but pada harasses a lot more than just one person on this site. i just dont really see how one can be banned and not the other. either let cb back, or ban pada too. he’s the only person left on this site that consistently trolls

          • pada

            Moop, Pada doesnt “trolls in every post” as your nightmare, since he has time only for fun. But it’s true he “harasses a lot more than just one person on this site” while you feel the pain more than anybody else, since he is turning the site to YankReichsmack.
            And why ban Pada to deprive you of the pleasure of being screwed, especially when you are well lubed and full ready all time? lol!

          • moop

            its not pain. you’re annoying. like a mosquito or a fly is annoying. and you continue to offer nothing.

          • Little Wolf

            or the itchy little hairs that the barber leaves on the back of your neck

          • mr. wiener

            I think more like a case of athlete’s foot. Always remember to dry between your toes to prevent pada from happening.

          • terroir

            Let’s not fight folks.. there has to be at least one black sheep in the family. And 怕打’s one strength is his own indignation at the rest of us being right so that he alone can bear the cross/torch of being the anti-us, you know, the one and only characteristic that wumao’s have to define themselves.

            So let’s have some jokes in the meantime, huh?

            Q: How is 怕打 like a jogger?
            A: Every comment he writes that hits a brick wall, he just keeps on going.

            Q: What’s the difference between 怕打 and jazz?
            A: Most people at least try to pretend to like jazz.

            Q: What’s the difference between 怕打 and the world’s worst lay?
            A: At least when the world’s worst lay lies there, she does it without saying anything.

          • moop

            holy shit, terroir…when was the last time you posted? welcome back

          • terroir

            add: people don’t understand jazz. That’s important to the joke.

          • mr. wiener

            Hao jo bu gen Terrior. Your rapier wit has been missed :)

          • Little Wolf

            Hey pada…

            What did the 5 fingers say to the face?


          • Little Wolf

            How’s that for rapist wit, wiener?

          • terroir

            You guys are awesome. I come back to pitch a flame, and all I get are hugz.

            BTW, CB is banned? What have you guys been doing in the meantime? How goes the issue of solving China? Has the Matrix been dismantled, or is this just the first movie still?

          • mr. wiener

            More a claymore than a rapier, but appreciated none the less.
            Aside from Trolling Notorious/Epuff/nanny he was his normal self , got booted for a bit and proceeded to sock puppet madly, his best was as “Maja” whose vampish avatar and strong opinions had all and sundry aflutter. Foreign Devil even made a pass at “her”.[hilarious!]
            Now apparently he is back in Serbia, sitting on a large pile of USD$ ,sipping shlivo and banging 17year old Czech models [by his own account].

          • red scarf

            One hero and 2 cowards, maybe three, don’t know the age of the third. The odds are not in China’s favour, that you think would be said on a Chinese internet news site would the ratio of comments would fall, 1 to 2 or 1 : 3.

            Yes, the same does happen in other countries but I’m not reading USAsmack at the moment.

          • moop

            “No, that’s not it. It’s because one violated our comment policy while the other one hasn’t. The reasons some of you guys are citing for banning pada would involve a lot of other people being banned as well, including some of yourselves. Finding someone disagreeable doesn’t rise to our definition of trolling”

            bullshit. then your definition of trolling is wrong.

            “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument” that’s not what he does in every post? every post of his is made to illicit and angry response. that is what trolls do. you’re full of shit

          • mr. wiener

            Pada ain’t worth arguing over, he is ,as you’ve said an annoyance at best.
            Already wasted too much space on the looser.

          • Tengu

            Wow, I come back for a moment, find Terroir “pinching a deuce” and discover cb has been banned…it’s a good day to die!

          • moop

            don’t do it tengu!

        • El Puma R.


          I am not from the USA, common mistake the chinese make when they think there are only 2 countries in this world. Americans know a few more countries, haha

          and concepts like economy, debt, money, etc are all just a fantasy story invented by some really smart people so you can enslave yourself in order to afford a shitty life in a shithole called city, and worry about fantasy stories.

          • pada

            Oh, Moop, Wiener, Wolf and Puma…. now you know why Moop call it as “Pada harasses a lot more than just one person on this site”. ;)

            About “ungratefulness” of each US citizens who owe a $4,000 to China and “act of selfless bravery” Americans show in killing over 150,000 Iraqi civilians, no one of you lyching mobsters on the bandwagon dared to say a single word. You know what? Thats the way I got my fun— after you’ve shown your true color, I’ll just turn away and never look back, lol!

          • mr. wiener

            Didn’t say a word about it because it isn’t the topic. No matter how much you want it to be.
            We already know your true colors, It’s the yellowy brown color you get when ever you get a really good case of the shits

          • Tengu

            How’s that Tibetan Cultural genocide working out for you Pud Man!

        • Li Wen

          I don’t even understand where you are going with this senseless narrative, Pada. Why are you making this discussion geopolitical with your references to treasuries and macro-finance?

      • Nanny Hiccups

        So you think 75% of the people are evil? A billion evil people? That’s a little harsh.

        • El Puma R.

          No, I think this world is evil. And 75% ..not evil, just playing the evil people game… because they say “that’s the way it is and there’s nothing you can do about it ” They’re still good people, but they only think about themselves.

          • linette

            El Puma R.
            China to me is equivalent to the old days during dark ages medieval era where majority of the people are uneducated. They had to rely on the authority to tell them how to live and behave and that is the only way they knew how.
            Like during the medieval era, they haven’t invented papers and printing so no books(means no reading on your own) and the authority would control and interpret everything for their people telling the people how to live. The people don’t read and don’t THINK on their own.
            With printing and paper invented people started to read and form ideas. They are educated. They are enlightened and comes arts etc…Renaissance era.

            Puma…how can you tell people during the medieval age not to do this and that like not to belittle the handicapped or be good samaritan….when they are not enlightened and don’t understand and was not taught like that in their society.

            China authority and the riches are doing everything they can to prevent majority of the middle class China Chinese from getting good education. They do not want them to think and form good righteous ideas. China want to keep these people in the bottom and do not rebel or form righteous ideas. Look what happened during Tiananmen Square protests. Ask eattot if the China gov’t taught that in school. Probably not.

            Puma, I find the best way to try to put good ideas to the China chinese is not to tell them directly in their face not to spit or they should be good samaritans, but communicate with them on the China internet. Expose them to other culture. Show them how people from other places or cities live and how they behave. Show them how a good gov’t system should be operated(but do not point out the flaw of the China gov’t)
            I am sure that will somehow put some good ideas in their heads.

  • Jahar

    I think we all know that there are bad and good people everywhere, but sometimes here it seems they show the most creativity when it comes to being heartless.

    Also, I read the article, and it says he saved 3 people at the top, but in the story it says he went in and saved the 5 year old. Did I miss something?

  • Dr SUN

    Human flame search them out and throw them back in river, we can all watch them drown on utube and say ” not our business”

    To be honest these people are despicable, Chinese or not.

    and that includes the spectators that stood idly by and watched as well.

    • mr. wiener

      Many of the spectators participated in the rescue.

  • k_kittie

    People who are badmouthing the entire family, please remember that they have a 5-year-old child with them. Hopefully this boy will learn from his parents’ poor example and choose to live his life honoring the memory of the one who saved him. It may be too late for the parents to learn gratitude but not all children turn out like their parents. When you offer this family up to an international public mob and stoning, you are doing just that, offering up a mother, a father, and their child.

    Please be more specific as to who deserves scorn and leave the child out of it.

    Also, racist comments are not appreciated by anyone with actual compassion for their fellow human.

    • Nick in Beijing

      Not likely the kid will learn anything from this. Too young to really understand what’s going on and if the kid did know what was going on the parents could easily spin it into something like “look how much we love you! We protected you as a child by sheltering you from those bad people who wanted to blame us!” or some other such garbage.

  • theelemur

    Don’t let Deng Jinjie’s sacrifice and shining example of selflessness be in vain. Take a CPR, water rescue, or first responder class.

  • H-E-R-O in the classic depiction from Chinese films. Rest in peace Brother.

    • terroir

      To be a hero in China demands a huge sacrifice to buck a system designed not to allow heroism. It’s like a Game of Thrones that isn’t much fun to play: you win and you die.

      One living “hero” that comes to mind, the old lady who was the only person to help the poor run-over kid, couldn’t accept her fame/new fortune/intense media attention and just skipped town.

    • Bruce Tutty

      Classic depictions tend towards ideals…not reality….Hollywood runs on them

  • Christina


    • Nyancat

      nice to have you back :D

  • Hello

    You are all sooooo dirty and imoral…. this is no land of morality!!! cao!!!!

  • skippy

    The fuckers! This will only make people stop helping others.

    • John

      With few exceptions like that hero, not many are to begin with anyway.

      The people of China have to do something themselves, be it MOB justice or w/e means necessary because for sure the Government aren’t. Those guys are paid to be lazy.

    • al

      man, that IS dissapointing. honestly, tere are just not that many people here worth saving. i think about it now, and the chances of saving some ungrateful arrogant pricks with no sense of humility or human values are actually pretty high. i give up. i stopped being nice and helping people (old ladies with suitcases, giving my seat on the bus, people are lost, holding the door, etc) years ago because they usually just take you for granted OR, even worse, they think youre trying to get something from them and they look at you all suspiciously when youre just trying to lend a hand. im sick of this disgusting inhuman attitude. way to go chinese government! this is the monster you created. sick ass society. i would trade a thousand families like those to get one Mr. Deng (the hero) back. what an unfair trade and a bad deal for chinese society and humanity in general to trade that good soul for these 3 scumbags.

      • Jon

        Nah, man, there’s still nice and appreciative folks out there. I gave my seat up to an old man on the Nanjing subway a few months back and he was very pleased. He even called out to me and invited me to sit next to him when the adjacent passenger got up.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    Just noticed that the man who died – in his picture with the two dogs was handsome. The dog picture comes across like he was someone who was very nice, and probably kind hearted. Most pet lovers are like that anyway.

    • mr. wiener

      Ummmm….That’s a big assumption don’t you think? I’m not going to be a smartarse and dredge up any historical bad guys , but just ’cause a guy like pets or cars doesn’t mean he’s Gandi.
      Actions speech the loudest, this guy’s actions were a sonnet.

      • Ted

        Yes, there is a recognized correlation between affinity for animals and compassion. Inversely, serial killers and sociopaths often start out with abuse or indifference to animals.

      • Tengu

        Adolph liked dogs and was an avid water colorist…an artist who loved dogs…what could possibly go wrong.

  • MrT

    I know to incidents where Laowai have saved local Chinese from drowning.
    One was a child who went under while the parents sat near by an didn’t even notice, its a popular spot where many laowai swim and know the water well so they were soon in to the rescue.
    The parents walked of with the kid no thanks an scolded the kid for loss of face.
    Another popular location and 2 Chinese got into difficulty trying to cross the river and laowai managed to drag them back, same spot another time laowai drowned there before.
    A police river boat patrol man told me the average is 200 a year on that section of the river.(some are suicides)
    All those locations no warnings or life saving equipment yet these places are full of tourists each summer swimming.

  • DRaY

    This guy gave his life to save a baby of 2 idiots, who will most likely grow up to be an idiot. The world is not fair. C’mon Chinese law find a way to make these 2 idiots responsible for his death!!!

    • eattot

      your right, so many people in china already.
      i would not save anyone in deep water any way.
      several stupid naive university guys died as for they were so kind,but ……sigh,on this strange land,wooden farmers,they are just no better than wood.

      • mr. wiener

        hmm.. At least wood floats I guess. Having a heart of gold means you sink :(

      • moop

        eattot, what is a wooden farmer? what does that mean?

      • Zappa Frank

        and you’re no better than wood either.. not saving anyone who need, not helping, and addressing as “stupid” who try.. you’re just another selfish coward chinese.talking about the problem of this country, talking about rotten people and morality… you’re just talking about yourself.. those guys may have died, but for sure far way better than you. Now back home, don’t help anyone, hide yourslef and hope in the while you’re complaining that this country is going to change for a magic, while you say that all good people who try to do something good are stupid and naive..

        • Jon

          Strongly recommend prozac!

  • bomber

    man, people need to learn how to swim.

    Just last week I witnessed the dredging up of two bodies in the river near my house. Both young boys, 17 and 19.

    It was eerie hearing the hushed gasp of the assembled crowd as the first body was brought to the surface. Weird.

    • Harland

      Learn to swim? Where? In the polluted rivers and lakes? Fat chance. In a pool? Too many people, like dumplings in soup. No swimming. Even for fishermen and river people, they can’t swim either.

  • C

    I don’t think the kid is to be blamed – he doesn’t even know what the heck is going on! Sadly, I don’t think he’ll remember the incident or if he does, it’ll be a twisted version from his parents.
    These people are truly despicable. They illegally climb a fence and swim despite not being strong swimmers. They call for help but do not think anything of the sacrifice. Someone dies rescuing your child and you not only have no gratitude, you practically spit on his grave. Maybe they were afraid of getting into trouble but this type of behavior makes me disappointed in the human race.

  • slob

    Wow fucking assholes, probably just don’t want to pay for his funeral or whatever.

    Let’s pray someone comes and runs the morons down with a black Santana.

    • jerry

      Actually the witnesses already speculated that the family was wary of being suddenly held responsible for the rescuer’s death

      Unfair litigation fears strike again.

      • pete

        Also, they probably couldn’t help him, obviously being poor swimmers themselves.

    • The Dude

      “Greater love hath no man than he who lays his life down for another”

      It’s perhaps all that can be said. As to the family that walked….. no excuses.