Communist Party School Locks Basketball Hoops Against Public

Locked basketball hoops in the Party School of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee

Locked Basketball Hoops in the Party School of CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee

From Southern Metropolis Daily:

Communist Party School Basketball Get Locks

Yesterday [July 3rd], a photo of a basketball hoop at the Ningbo Municipal Committee Communist Party School covered and then locked attracted a lot of attention, The poster claimed that the school did this in order to prevent city residents from playing basketball, and this post immediately attracted a lot of netizen discussion. In response, several school representatives confirmed to this Southern Metropolis Daily reporter that the photos are real and explained that the school locked the basketball hoops primarily because city residents playing basketball during working hours “affected classes and work at the CPC school”.

Ningbo’s local forum “cnool” reported the news earlier. At 8:29 am July 3rd, netizen “nb 大萝卜” posted an article titled “The Spectacle of the Local Party School’s Basketball Hoop” with photos depicting that a square wooden board was firmly placed onto the basketball hoop, and firmly held in place with two large locks. The post was soon reposted to the microblogs of several web portals, attracting discussion from netizens. “Utterly baffling, even if you don’t want people to use it, you don’t have go so far as to add a lid and locks!” netizen “汉子” commented. There were even netizens who “offered suggestions” such as “just take a welder and weld it closed!”

In response to netizens’ questioning, “冷视天下” posted on his microblog that this was done for two reasons: one is to protect the working environment of the school, and the other is to ensure safety. “冷视天下” later sent a private message to the reporter indicating that he was vice president [of the school] Feng Jianbo.

According to Feng Jianbo, “Two reasons made us lock the party school’s basketball hoops. Firstly, the basketball backboards are very close to the teaching buildings, so if we open the basketball court to the public, it might affect our classes and office work. Secondly, residents of the neighborhood do physical exercises in the party school in the early morning or in the evening. Basketball players in intense competition might accidentally hurt the other people who are exercising.” Feng Jianbo also says that the basketball hoops weren’t locked and free for residents to use, but three years ago “two groups of teenagers got into a fight because they both wanted to use the court”, and so the school locked the hoops for “safety reasons”. Feng Jianbo also thinks that it shows us there is a problem with lack of exercising sites for the residents, “but as long as safety can be guaranteed, we will be always open to the local residents”.

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Comments from Sina Weibo:


Expert in invention!


We just learnt that the cement spikes under overpasses were for homeless people, and now basketball hoops are being locked to ensure the safety of city residents. Truly TMD humane.


I’m speechless. No wonder Party schools these days aren’t able to train good cadres that serve the people.


Haha, this creation…was it inspired by the ancient Roman chastity belt?


Looks exactly like a toilet seat, I strongly request that the leaders of the school take a shit on it.


Then why don’t you guys lock your mouths as well. It’d save you from bullshitting all the time, affecting the normal lives of us city residents.


Completely expected. When we were in high school, we played basketball at all of the local Party and government office basketball courts and got just about all of them locked down as a result. Now when we think about it, it was indeed us being inconsiderate. They were working, and there were were making all sorts of noise playing basketball, it was definitely a disturbance.


I looked at the hoops carefully and it’s still possible to play basketball there if we just change the rules a bit: Get the ball to stop on the wooden board covering the hoop and that counts as a goal.


It is pretty much the same thing as the Guangzhou spikes under overpasses.


No wonder Chinese basketball sucks. It’s because it’s so dangerous [that we don’t get to practice it]!


The basketball hoops in our school are also locked.


If playing basketball could cause physical injury [is that dangerous/unsafe], then how many NBA players must’ve died from bumping into each other…


Reminds me of a chastity belt…only with a hole in it.


Why even install a basketball hoop if you’re just going to lock it? Just for decoration?


Stick the main point. I don’t even understand what there is to really criticize here. They say they are worried for residents’ safety just as a pretext, and everyone jumps on that one point, but what they’re really saying is that you guys playing basketball there is fine, but if you affect our work and classes, then that’s your fault. In this case, those who are most deserving of being criticized are those inconsiderate people who are playing basketball [during class and working hours]. I guess those who have time to play basketball during work hours are mostly bums. Notice I said “mostly”.

  • Jay


    • Winter B4 Spring


      • jin


  • Brett Hunan

    A chastity belt with a hole…. hahaha

    Where do netizens come up with this stuff?

  • sm

    anybody wanna play basketball?

  • The Enlightened One

    This isn’t really much of a story, but it is kind of a symbol of what the party represents. Use your imagination…

  • eattot

    hahaha, the basketball factories can develope their products since many gov or school need this service.
    i feel nothing wrong with this.
    by the way, i was very good at shooting.once my uni class chose me to do competition. hahaha!

  • El Puma R.

    The closes to sofa I’ve ever been.

    • sm


    • rollin wit 9’s

      Dont get too close. Especially during working hours. Someone may strap you to the sofa and lock you down, preventing guests from having a seat.

  • Johnny Basic

    Actually, I’ve heard basketball described as ‘dangerous’ by Chinamen on more than a few occasions. Considering that they play like utter pansies, quite what the hazards are, I’m not sure. Does missing pretty much every time you take a shot damage your wrists or something?

    No wonder they only excel at powder-puff ‘sports’ like ping-pong and badminton if they think basketball is ‘dangerous’!

    • mr. wiener

      Not sure about the mainland, but Taiwanese kids have gotten very good at basket ball and can play a rough game. My game here is rugby and I’ve not seen too many “powder puffs” playing that either.
      I think the “dangerous” label that has been put on the game by fen jiaobao is total BS. You’d be better off closing closing pedestrian crossings as more people die on these in China everyday.

      • Bruce Tutty

        Taiwan is not China.

        • mr. wiener

          I’m inclined to agree with you. Lets call it “China Lite” and be done with it.
          The wealth divide is not so glaring in Taiwan as compared to China, none the less when I got here 15 years ago not many people did sports and in the recently installed public basketball courts I was a star despite my age [and maybe by virtue of my height]. Nowadays of course people have gotten more concerned about the quality of their lives , as a result Taiwan is less of an industrial shite hole and is now quite green -minded. Every weekend the mountain roads are swarming with cyclists and the hills with hikers. Some of my mates have set up soccer clinics and are now making a living out of it.
          Is this the future for china? Only for the middle class perhaps, but their numbers are larger than the population of America, so in part yes.

          • hess


          • mr. wiener

            Tomatoes/Tom-ar-toes, To me football is Aussie rules, Though I prefer rugby. Thugs game played by gentlemen and all that.

      • Mercurial

        I play rugby here too, and many of our Chinese member’s parents/friends thing it’s a “violent” and “rude” sport. Who do you play for?

        • mr. wiener

          Taipei Baboons, Silverbacks [over 40’s].Been out with a shoulder injury and lack of time for a while.

      • linette

        yeahhhh..Taiwan. I love Taiwan. Love Jeremy Lin. He was on the sport illustrated magazine cover twice. Yeah…..

    • Dr SUN

      basket ball is “netball” right , just as baseball is rounders always thought both as a girls sports and not very dangerous. But once the yanks steal a game, they rename it to make it there own. LOL

  • XiaoHei

    They just don’t want people coming over in their premises and disturbing their classes/work. Not sure what the problem is here.

  • moop

    if its the school’s hoops that are being locked, and not the hoops of some nearby park, then i dont really see what the big deal is

    • Winter B4 Spring

      hey moop, i noticed, its strange how when you do not criticise the “system” in China, particularly the “party”, you don’t get bombarded by 50-cent-ers. You actually get to comment in peace. Haha :D

      • moop

        that’s because 50 centers and those like them are over sensitive pussies. nationalism is racisms retard cousin

        • Winter B4 Spring

          Oh i just got you into trouble there. Now you gonna get bombarded with comments about “loving China as equal to loving the party”, anti western power bla bla bla etc. good luck! sorry dude…my bad.

          • moop

            no problem brudda, no cowards on today it would seem

    • Justin

      Yeah, no doubt. It seems pretty reasonable to me. At the university I attended, they didn’t let any jackass off the street come use the gymnasium. It was paid for with our tuition, so it was reserved for us.

  • MrT

    can use a smaller ball, more fun.

  • SomeGuy

    Expert Mode: activated

  • wacky

    why is this important???
    the school does not want you to play on its property, so what??

    • Alejandro

      communist school…

    • Pollster

      It’s called irony.

  • xiaohouzi

    How is this news? The neighborhood pool is also locked on certain days.

    • mr. wiener

      No one pees on a basketball court.

      • Scott

        Wow, this comment caused me to unlurk (delurk?) after years just so I can say that I want to emblazon this phrase onto a Tshirt and wear it proudly!

        • mr. wiener

          My favorite is “Rugby players eat their own dead” with a picture of the Andes plane crash in the background.

  • moop
    • Brett Hunan

      I’m scared to click that link…

      • moop

        do it brett!!!

        • Brett Hunan

          haha, no seriously. In Korea, they started blocking porn. If you visit a banned site, they could disconnect your internet service permanently…..

          However, I doubt you would post porn (nevertheless gay porn) on chinaSMACK. I’m clicking it… Wish me luck.

          • Brett? Brett?? Hello?

            Damn you moop! Damn you to gay pop hell!!!

            Ok, my turn to click, two tugs on the rope means pull me back.

          • linette

            In Korea, they started blocking porn……

            No wAY? Asking a man not to watch porn on internet is like asking a woman not to go shopping online. Is it even possible?

          • Brett Hunan

            Well linette, you make an *interesting* comparison. Honestly, I don’t want to lose my internet so if you judge by my experience, it is possible.

            Glad to have you back, though. We need a little more comic relief here.

          • Brett Hunan

            Still here Elijah,

            It seems moop isn’t as devious as he appears.

          • linette

            Brett, I guess no fun for you then. Try youtube. They post porn too. Subscribe to some friends who post them hahaha…

            How dare South Korea is taking away our internet fun. You need to protest.

          • Brett Hunan

            Haha, I’m okay… Really!

          • moop


    • mr. wiener

      Hahahaaha!….Funny and clever too.

    • linette

      moop….what is this? gay porn?? LOL..I have never seen a gay porn before. Should I to click this link? Is it true gay men have big packages. That is what I’ve heard. hahaha…

      • moop

        go ahead and click, wiener and i liked it. not sure about brett or elijah

        • linette

          OMG. hahaha. Video not done by professional. Not shocking enough.

        • Brett Hunan

          Very funny, indeed.

          When I was watching all I could think of was “imagine Blink182 using this footage on MTV like 15 years ago”. I’m surprised they never thought of it.

  • michael jordan

    anyway chinese suck in basket

  • Rod

    I wonder why they cut out a hole in the middle, and what they did with them. Perhaps they can ban something else with them. Any suggestions?

    • moop

      how about sealing off each and every orifice of yangrui for a start?

      • Little Wolf

        haha… 3 snaps in a Z formation, moop :)

  • Alex L

    Hey China, if you want to produce some more Yao Mings to bring national glory, better take the board off! One would think putting restrictions on the “other Net” was enough!

  • Leah

    At least they just locked it …. leave a little hope for people who want to play. When I went to play at a public junior high school in the U.S. , they took the hoops off only leaving the backboard.

  • linette

    The basketball court is the only free sport kids can play and get some exercise. All you need is a ball. Why do they prevent kids and adults in the community from being healthy? It’s better to eat like a pig during lunch and sit in the office doing no exercise? Is that healthy? You have better students and workers?

    • Pong Lenis

      Wrong! This news is from China. So common sense does not apply.

  • GreenGestalt


    What happened to “FLom Each AkkoLding Tu he AbiRity, Tu each aKKoLding tu he need!”?

    Or is it only when they copy/use the technology used to manufacture foreign stuff in their market for foreign markets?

  • Only the Party has the right to play in China!!!!!!

  • Bunny99

    Is basketball as dangerous as Christmas?

    Public celebrations of Christmas were banned where I am “to ensure safety” – apparently, in the past people had been allowed to celebrate in the streets but fights broke out!

    • mr. wiener

      In China Bunny? If not then where?