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A young man is taking a photo with "Booby Lady".

A young man is taking a photo with "Booby Lady".

From Sohu: (no longer available)

“Sexual” Experiences that Can’t be Handled

Recently, the “sensitive parts” of a statue at a scenic spot having been rubbed “naked” triggered heated discussion, with the tourists being accused of lacking moral character. However, a survey of various kinds of exhibitions and events suggests that “sexual” innuendo and even “sexual” experiences have already become a commercial gimmick. Is it because businesses are going too far or because viewers’ tastes are too strong [obscene]?

Princess Iron Fan.

2012 October 20, in the famous Turpan Flaming Mountains scenic spot of Sinkiang, due to tourists’ inappropriate behavior during sightseeing,their climbing up onto Princess Iron Fan and Bull Demon King and other statues to pose for photographs caused “nakedness” among Princess Iron Fan’s “sensitive parts”, and the “loss of color” on the nose and other parts of Bull Demon King’s ride, the bull. It has become a strong contrast against the magnificent natural landscape of the Flaming Mountain scenic spot, and is extremely indecent.

Statues on Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street of Guangzhou.

2012 October 22, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street of Guangzhou. This street is considered a representative/model location of Guangzhou’s one thousand years old commercial strip and is a must-visit place for people who travel to Guangzhou. The bronze statues on either side of the street, under the touches of tourists, the breasts of beautiful girls’ have become naked, the thighs of noble women have been touched bare, the heads of little children’s have become shiny, and furthermore, even the “penis” on a statue of a little child has become shiny from touching.

A boy is “sniffing” a statue’s backside.

2004 January 28, in Beijing Sculpture Park, a boy “sniffing” a statue’s butt.

Little piggy rubbing his mother’s back.

Some accuse tourists of lacking character/having poor character, but scenic spots, businessmen, and even government officials are never grudging when it comes to playing the “sexual” experience card. 2012 August 22, a netizen uploaded a photo of a statue in front of the plaza at Zhengzhou’s landmark “Central Plains Blessing Tower”, and complained that the posture of this statue was too “erotic”, but the designer thought that, in fact, it was “little piggy rubbing his mother’s back”.

The “Rascal Pigs” series decoration.

The statue “little piggy rubbing his mother’s back” was pointed out to have originated from a pornographic toy. 2002 February 22, in Wuhan, the “Rascal Pigs” series of trinkets that Industry and Commerce law enforcement officials investigated.

A Statue.

Statues full of “sexual” innuendo can be found everywhere. This picture is of a newly placed statue at a hotel in Shanghai Pudong recently, jokingly called “’A’ Statue” [‘A’ for “adult”] by netizens.

The naked statue at the riverside of Tianjing Hai River.

The naked statue at the riverside of Tianjin Hai River.

The “Big Breasts & Fat Hump” sculpture lantern.

2012 August 18, the “Ample Breasts & Fat Rump” sculpture lantern in Hubei Yunxi County. The picture shows a sculpture lantern in Yunxi of a man and a woman entwined together, naked. The woman’s hump and breasts are very exaggerated.

Wu Song Killing Sister-in-Law, Offers Sacrifice to his Brother.

Some scenic spots also hope to promote tourist spending by such means. 2012 October 3, the dissolute love story between fictional characters Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing in the novel Water Margin is well-known. However, in Tai’er Village, a scenic spot had brought these fictional characters to life with vivid statues, and the statue about Wu Song killing his sister-in-law seemed had gone a little too far. Pan Jinlian was displayed to the tourists with her upper body naked. There were elderly people and children among the coming and going tourists, and they felt embarrassed seeing it. This picture is of the statue of Ximen Qing and Pan Jinlian (Wu Song Killing Sister-in-Law, Offers Sacrifice to his Brother).

The male genital organ totem “Root”.

2011 April 23, Beijing Fangshan Shenglian Mountain scenic spot, the eye-catching male genital organ totem “Root” and the female genital organ “Goddess Cave” face each other from afar to the right of the giant Laozi statue. Many tourists were too shy to go over to view them. The person in charge of the scenic spot said that these two totems represented the legacy of Laozi’s culture. This picture is of a reporter in the scenic spot taking photos of the “Root”.

A young man is taking a photo with "Booby Lady".

Cultural exhibitions based on the theme of “sex” are naturally unafraid of holding back. 2009 October 18, the Ceramic Festival of China was held for the first time in Foshan. According to the organizer, Foshan City Hall, all activities could be participated in for free during the entire festival, and it was estimated that over 500,000 people from the Pearl River Delta or even nationwide had participated in this event. “Booby Lady”, “the biggest breasts of the world” was especially eye-catching. Citizens all came to take a photo with these enormous “breasts”.

People at the scene are watching a catwalk show.

2012 October 6, the opening of the Guangzhou Sex Cultural Festival, business owners hired pole dancers to perform on stage, with condoms scattered at the scene for citizens to plunder. This picture is of the people at the scene watching a catwalk show.

A Lithuanian model was posing in a big plate.

Businesses have also joined in, skirting the lines of legality. 2012 June 2, at the opening of a restaurant on Nanjing City’s Jiangdongbei Road, a Lithuanian model posed on a massive plate, attracted many onlookers.

A boy is eyeing a couple kissing each other.

Some businesses have gone straight to doing “reality shows”. 2009 March 29, at the Wuhan International Convention Center Square, 30 couples participated a “‘KISS I’m the Best’ Competition” where the couples stood in designated spots with their hands behind their backs and began actually kissing each other, with how long they could keep kissing being the criteria for who would win. The couple that kissed each other for the longest time was 1 hour, 2 minutes and 31 seconds, and they won a 1,001 yuan money award.

A couple has fallen from fatigue, but still keeping their mouths attached.

2012 February 18, a female contestant fainted from fatigue, with her boyfriend hurriedly carrying her to the hospital for medial attention. That day, 50 young couples of Anhui Hefei participated in the kissing competition, with some fainting at the scene from fatigue. At last, a young couple kept kissing each other for 2 hours and 43 minutes, and won the 1 carat diamond ring worth 50,000 yuan provided by the event’s organizer. This picture is of a couple falling from fatigue, but still keeping their mouths connected.

A kissing couple is losing their balance.

2012 May 20, the ancient city of Xi’an put on a sweet kissing competition, with many couples enthusiastically participating. Under the competition’s requirement that the kissing had to be maintained, the difficulty gradually increased, with those in the demarcated circle going from two people standing on four feet reduced to standing on only one food, the contestants resorting to unusual moves, trying to win the competition to show their happiness. This picture is of a kissing couple losing their balance.

A girl is sucking a banana.

“Sex” education has also begun using practical exercises. 2012 July 12, in Shenzhen, students were divided into groups of both male and female, with everybody in every group required to complete the simulated process of using [putting on] a condom, according to strictly established procedures throughout the process. This “outrageous” game was one of the segments in a one week long “The First Youth & Health Training Camp”, the theme of the training camp being a topic that ordinary people are too shy to speak out about and even considered as a taboo — sex. The young men and women who joined the training camp were from 30 provinces and cities nationwide, ages between 18 to 24 years old, most of them college students. The activities were arranged and designed by the students themselves, and there were many sexually suggestive activities during the event.

Yunnan Cangyuan ten thousand people “Touch you Black” scene is super-hot.

All sorts of carnivals have become hotbeds participants to engage in “sexual” behavior. 2011 May 2, both domestic and foreign tourists gathered in Yunnan Province Cangyuan Va Nationality Autonomous County to spend the “Touch You Black” carnival together. People used paint made from natural raw material “娘布洛” [niang bu luo] to rub onto one another as a gesture of blessing. Yunnan Cangyuan ten thousand people “Touch you Black” scene was super-hot.

A woman is crying in a man's arms.

Are businesses going too far or is it because participants have tastes that are too strong? A netizen left a comment saying that a certain county lacks nothing except morality [referring to China]. 2012 August 23, in Hainan Province Baoting Li & Miao Nationality Autonomous County, the annual “China Nanhai Seven Fairies Hot Spring Water-Splashing Festival” grand opening was held at 8:30 am at Seven Fairies Square in Baoting Li & Miao Nationality Autonomous County. Not long after the water-splashing carnival began, more than ten women were held down to the ground by tens of men and sexually molested, their cloths stripped in public and their breasts touched.

Comments from Sohu:

无所不有865954 [搜狐广西壮族自治区南宁市网友]:

Actually, what I’ve never understood is how so many statues in foreign countries are nude, from ancient times to present, and yet do foreign children become bad from seeing those statues??? I think whether it’s pornographic or not depends on education. If you look at them from a pornographic perspective, then they are pornographic.

孜孜不倦771761 [搜狐浙江省网友]:

Sex culture is just part of China’s culture, and this is something many people know, but is sexual violation a kind of sex culture? The numerous appearance of things like this just goes to show that on this matter, China is following in Japan’s footsteps. I hope every Chinese person can act like a Chinese person, and not be promiscuous like the Japanese.

llcyyc [搜狐河南省濮阳市网友]:

This is the result of moral degeneracy, of one thinking of lust when one is full and warm, where one goes off on wild flights of fancy when one’s stomach is filled. This is simply the base nature of man acting up. On the surface, they seem to be human, but in fact they are no better than animals. Animals only have sex when they’re in need of procreation, but humans have sex regardless of time and whereabouts.

ab荒马 [搜狐上海市网友]:

Sex, eroticism, and lasciviousness, there’s nothing wrong with these things. They vary from person to person, and different people have different needs, they embody maturity and health! However, once they are associated with social morality, the wise will see wisdom, and all schools of thoughts will contend for attention! Chinese people have been suppressed for too long, so when social transformation frees them from the shackles, the long suppressed and vandalized basic instincts will erupt in a hard-to-estimate energy. It’ll flow down vigorously, and “all flowers will bloom together” by then! This is going to be a controversial topic forever, and it’s also a proposition without, or, never will have a standard answer!

彼岸花82 [搜狐陕西省西安市网友]:

This country is very conflicted. On one hand, they want to sweep clean and get rid of sex related dirty businesses, but on the other hand, they spare no effort in promoting sex. The so-called sex cultural festivals, these sexually suggestive statues, what do they want us people to do?

眉开眼笑610545 [搜狐江苏省网友]:

Dogs are sexually liberated, as male dogs can have coitus with female dogs as they please. Nowadays, many people have evolved to the civilization level of dogs.

文如其人856063 [搜狐福建省厦门市网友]:

People are becoming more and more bored, and more and more shameless. The Civilization Offices can be repealed/dismantled, since people are already so uncivilized, might as well save on government expenditures.

春水天涯166995 [搜狐广东省广州市网友]:

No character [no class], doing these things in front of children, all kinds of bad examples have been set by you [parents], simply degenerates.

惜指失掌320217 [搜狐陕西省网友]:

So lousy, what kind of fucking art is this? It’s just an excuse for some artists to be dirty and lewd.

演绎轮回146672 [搜狐广东省深圳市网友]:

“Sex” should be in a creative/artistic context; shouldn’t be so undisguised/explicit. Because “sex” is a noble act, explicit “sex” is immoral and an insult to “sex”.

空城旧梦502951 [搜狐河南省郑州市网友]:

This is simply promoting pornography in public, and they still have the gall to say it is art.

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