‘Partner’ by Stefanie Sun (Sun Yanzi)

Stefanie Sun album Stefanie

Stefanie Sun album Stefanie

《同类》 ‘Partner’ was included in the 34-year-old Singaporean singer 孙燕姿 Stefanie Sun aka Sun Yanzi‘s 2004 album Stefanie.

Music Video:

Composer: Li Caisong
Lyrics: Yi Jiayang
Singer: Sun Yanzi/Stefanie Sun

Lyrics (Original Chinese, Pinyin Romanization, and English Translation):

yǔ hòu de chéng shì
The city after the rain

jì mò yòu láng bèi
lonely and disgraced

lù biān de zuò wèi
The seat by the street

tā kōng zhe zài děng shuí
It’s empty waiting for who?
wǒ lā zhù shí jiān
I tried to hold on to time

tā què bù lǐ huì
but it ignored me

yǒu méi yǒu bié rén
Is there anyone else

gēn wǒ yí yàng hěn xiǎng bèi ān wèi
who wants to be comforted as badly as I do?

风 停了又吹
fēng tíng le yòu chuī
The wind, still and then whipping again

wǒ hū rán xiǎng qǐ shuí
Who suddenly came to my mind?

天 亮了又黑
tiān liàng le yòu hēi
The sky, lit and then darkened again

wǒ guò le hǎo jǐ suì
I’m several years older

心 暖了又灰
xīn nuǎn le yòu huī
The heart, warmed and then wrenched again

shì jiè
[In] the world

yǒu shí hou gū dān de hěn xū yào lìng yí gè tóng lèi
Sometimes it gets so lonely that I really need someone of my kind [partner]

爱 收了又给
ài shōu le yòu gěi
Love, taken back and then given away again

wǒ men dōu bú tài wán měi
Neither of us is anywhere near perfect

梦 作了又碎
mēng zuò le yòu suì
Dreams, dreamed and then shattered again

我们有几次机会 去追
wǒ měn yǒu jǐ cì jī huì qù zhuī
We’ve had a few opportunities to chase



bù xiǎo dé wèi shén me ài
Don’t understand why love

yòu xī shǎo yòu áng guì
is so rare and costly

yún zài bàn kōng zhōng
The clouds in the air

bèi wēi fēng jiǎn suì
are sheared by the breeze

huí yì yé xǔ měi
Memories may be beautiful

kě shì zhèng zài fēi zǒu duì bú duì
but they are flying away, right?

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Stefanie Sun

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Written by Rensi

A translator of trending Chinese Internet humor and Chinese pop music.

  • Alphy

    Nice song. Love Stefanie’s songs.

    • Alphy

      BTW congrat on her new baby boy. :)

  • linette lee

    congrat to stefanie.

    I like this movie. Visually stunning. What a paradise.


  • AK

    Could we please have something interesting and more relevant for a change? There have been no shortage of big stories these past few weeks on China, first the expose by the NYT, now the leadership transition. What are the Chinese saying on these matters?

    I appreciate that pop songs have their place but the reason I come to this site is primarily to get some sense of Chinese social and political sentiments, and I’m sure that’s the case for a big chunk of the rest of the readership too. It’s your site, of course, so you are free to do as you wish, but the fact that only four commentators (me inclusive) have commented on this piece since it was posted does say something I think.

    • DavidisDawei

      Hello AK,

      I’ve been waiting for Chinasmack to post the following:
      The Chinese legal system sentenced a man to one year in jail because he “rang the bell” and ended the Gaokao 4 minutes and 48 seconds early.

      Are you surprised by this?

      I know the Gaokao is an important part of Chinese culture now, but to convict him of a Crime over this?


      • AK

        That does indeed sound crazy and bizarre, though not out of line with what I have heard of the obsessions around the gaokao.

    • Ruffled Feathers

      Be careful, Snazzy Brett’s gonna get angry with you about this post and tell you you have no rights on this site to ask for anything regarding the posts.

  • Beijinger in Beijing

    I <3<3<3 Stefanie Sun.

  • HateTheDerivativeHateTheFake

    Sun Yanzi is quite possibly the most overrated singer out there. She’s certainly the most overrated performer from Singapore, which has more talent than it needs to stop talking about Stephanie Sun as a “national treasure”—something that, if you consider at least three other Singapore artistes (if not more), she can never hope to be. By the way, as with quite a few other songs before, and probably more songs in the future, her interpretation of this song has rendered it completely lame, and very, very Sun Yanzi.

    • Well….this song is pretty dull but she is by certainly 1 of the best Chinese singers, has a pretty tight backup band and good production and some good songs. I wouldn’t know if she’s over-rated since I’m not in Singapore.

  • Serpico

    China pop = Ch-pop?
    Next question, is every song in Chinese so calm and enormously amazing?

  • guest who?

    “Beautiful song” oh by the way Stefanie, can I be you partner? & Oh by the way, I am “Irish”, oh & by the way, I write songs myself. ~d(-_-)b~ ♪♫♪♫