Missing 6-year-old Girl Beaten to Death by Friends Afraid of Parents’ Punishment

On July 13th, 2019 a six-year-old girl, Li, from Yongning County Yinchuan, Ningxia Province was reported missing. Local police department published a search notice on their social media platform immediately.

On July 17th, a shocking update was released again on Yongning police department social media platform. The girl had been murdered, allegedly, by her friends in fear of parental punishment.

After publishing the search notice, local police force, village committee, and volunteers formed a search team to cover the nearby areas. A girl’s body was found later on July 14th around 17:30 inside an abandoned house in the village. A thorough investigation was deployed by the local police force and combined with forensic examination result, Li’s death was later concluded to be a homicide case. Suspects of this case were later confirmed to be in custody.

According to Li’s grandma, the abandoned house where Li’s body was found belongs to Li’s great-uncle. “Li’s great-uncle has two grandsons, one is in first grade and the other is in sixth grade, they were taken by the police along with their grandpa” Li’s grandma said, “later that day, Li’s great-uncle was released but not his two grandsons.” Li’s grandma also told the media, Li was six and a half years old, she always likes to play together with those two boys. They live close by, about only 100 meters apart, and three kids seemed to be very good friends and they never had any issues in the past.

However, a shocking update was later revealed to Li’s family. Li’s body was discovered with multiple bruises, and the two boys admitted they are responsible for Li’s death. Li (6.5 yrs), Su No.1(12 yrs) and Su No.2 (7 yrs) were playing in the abandoned house on July 13th. They climbed up to a wooden shelf and Li fell on her head by accident became unconsciousness. The two boys were afraid that Li was going to tell their parents when she woke up, and they would be punished, so instead of calling for help, they picked up a wood board and beat Li to death.

Yongning police released the latest update on July 17th on their social media platform, and both underaged suspects were still under investigation at the time.

Chinese Netizen Reactions (translated):


Parents should stop punishing their kids when they run into trouble without understanding the whole story. Because the kids will resort to lies to avoid their responsibility, when this becomes a habit, there wouldn’t be any rights and wrongs in their mind, only whatever can help them escape their punishment. This is the downside of traditional physical discipline method, and it should stop right now!


Oh my god, how could they do this to their relative?


I can’t see children in the same way anymore! They can be so scary. This shows how important education and parents’ influence are.


Please teach your kid to own their mistakes and take responsibilities.


What kind of alien logic is this? Not only you don’t call for help, and you beat her to death?!


This case should raise some attention to those parents who work in another city and leave their kids behind to their grandparents.

X 小都

Unbelievable……what would happen to their parents and what would happen to those boys…


How could they do this to their friend?


I wonder what they will be capable of when they grow up

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