Old Man Slaps Youth For Not Giving Up Seat, Then Suddenly Dies

An elderly man lay dead on a public bus in China after an argment with a youth over giving up a seat for the elderly.

An elderly man lay dead on a public bus in China after an argment with a youth over giving up a seat for the elderly.

This was the most-discussed article of the day on popular Chinese web portal NetEase. With nearly 50k comments and over 350k participants, it currently has more than 3x the comments and almost 10x the participants as the second most-discussed article, which was about the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus….

From NetEase:

Elderly Person Slaps Young Person Four Times After Asking the Latter to Give Up Seat Without Success, Suddenly Dies After Argument

An elderly person slapped a young person four times after arguing with the young person over giving up one’s seat, and then collapsed in the public bus in anger. When paramedics arrived, the elderly person was no longer breathing. Yesterday afternoon, this scene that happened on the 919 Route public bus left people sighing [shaking their heads].

Yesterday at 4:50pm, about 50 meters north of the Zhongyuan Road and Qinling Road intersection, a 919 Route west-bound public bus was stopped on the fast lane. Emergency medical personnel were attempting to revive an elderly person in the bus.

“The elderly person must’ve been so angry that it triggered something bad. He wanted a youth around 20 years old to give up their seat, but the young person refused, so the two began arguing, and the elderly person slapped the youth 4 times,” said a passenger surnamed Wang.

Driver Ge says at around 4:30pm, while approaching the Tongbai Road and Jianshe Road intersection, he had told the two to get off the bus after hearing the arguing, but by the time he reached the intersection, the two were no longer arguing. “It was at that moment that someone said the elder person had collapsed and I immediately stopped the bus.” Driver Ge says he doesn’t know when the young person who had been arguing with the elderly person had gotten off the bus.

After 40 minutes of resuscitation efforts, paramedics gave up. According to the paramedics, they didn’t discover any wounds on the elderly person, so the elderly person’s sudden death is probably related to a sudden heart-attack or stroke.

Comments from NetEase:

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菜老包 [网易山东省网友]:

Even God has had enough! When outside in society, one should be benevolent to each other, and even if you’re lucky enough to not have run into Gao Yulun [a recently escaped Chinese convict who has been in the news], God is still watching. I’m not even 30 years old and I already understand this, so why don’t you, you muddle-headed old man?

网易黑龙江省双鸭山市网友 ip:122.158.*.*

Petty-minded, getting so angry as to kill yourself just because someone refuses to give you their seat! This old man is so mature, he’s sure

世上没有傻瓜 [网易广西北海市网友]:

If he didn’t look for trouble, he wouldn’t have died!

不明真相8 [网易天津市滨海新区网友]:

Do they want the victim to pay compensation to the old hooligan/thug?

蓝果果 [网易山东省东营市网友]:

This incident tells us that if you can, then give up your seat. Is someone being a “good” or “bad” person really more important than a person’s life? I don’t know, but I’ll follow my own heart. From the perspective of developmental psychology, the elderly are more sensitive about face [being respected], andtheir hearts are more frail. They have to confront their bodies getting worse day by day, from no longer being able to run to no longer being able to walk, up until they are no longer able to move. Don’t try to conjecture the good and bad of the elderly, just do what you are supposed to do. After all, there are big differences between the education and views the elderly were brought up with and what things are like now.

网易北京市手机网友 ip:111.192.*.*

The be accurate, the young guy not giving up his seat has nothing to do with the young guy but with the ticket seller [fare collector, conductor], driver, and public bus company. The ticket seller should’ve proactively spoke up and asked that the seat be given up for the elderly person. This is what happens in Beijing.

网易河北省唐山市网友 [hanchengrui2002]:

The more fierce/violent the temper,
the more common slaps and beatings are.
Giving up seats on the bus cannot be forced,
and they cannot be barbarically taken.
Those who rely on their old age exploit their old age everywhere,
with disbelief and incredulity occurring everywhere.
Shamelessly behaving like a hooligan,
losing your life is deserved after angering the Heavens. — Moon Over the West River

张二驴 [网易辽宁省沈阳市网友]: (responding to above)

Losing your life is deserved after angering the heavens,
such words really shouldn’t be uttered.
Everyone will get old,
every body will get sick.
Even if you don’t have an older brother,
you must have a father and mother,
But even if it is just you,
it doesn’t mean you will get old,
and because you’re a thug/hooligan,
you will die prematurely!

刘大宝子 [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]:

The youth may not have become physical,
but the argument with the youth was ultimately still one of the reasons that caused the elderly person’s death.
This youth should bear legal responsibility.
A seat, what it worth it?
Although I bought a car this year, I will still occasionally ride the public bus,
and when I encounter a pregnant woman, elderly, or children, I definitely voluntarily get up to give them my seat.

网易法国手机网友 [捣蛋包儿]:

Although hitting others is wrong, him dying also isn’t the result people want to see~ We don’t know the details of the argument, but I also don’t promote youths not giving up their seats either. If you really encounter an unreasonable elderly person, just yield and let it go. Why make it so that everyone is angry? Everyone has elderly relatives at home, so if you can give in, then give in. Even if you allow an unreasonable elderly person to take “petty advantage” of you, there’s no real harm, so just make it easier on them. After all, everyone should still be promoting good morals and ethics, of respecting the elderly and cherishing the young. Even if there is a minority of shameless old people in society, we still shouldn’t change the imparting of good moral values and ethical behavior. I hope everyone won’t let a minority of nasty behavior and phenomenon [by elderly people] affect their benevolence, because there are still more good people than bad people after all~ May the elderly person rest in peace…

网易陕西省西安市手机网友 ip:123.138.*.* (responding to above)

Your comment is the only one that has any humanity in it. All the other commenters are beasts. Do your families not have any elderly people? Are you not going to become old one day? (Maybe you’re so bad that you won’t survive until you’re old.) This comments section is filled with the barking of beasts. You people will sooner or later suffer heavenly retribution for the bullshit you’ve posted here!

Written by Fauna

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  • christina

    oh gosh… would that there were a sofa on the bus for him.

    all joking aside, this is really sad, and the comments are even sadder.
    I don’t think the young man can be held legally responsible, but morally, he absolutely is. The comments reflect an alarming attitude towards others- an attitude of selfishness and a “me me me” mentality. I thought today’s youth were much better educated and more “enlightened” than their older counterparts, but the comments belie just how little a ways China has come since the Red Guard days. :/

    I hope Fauna has chosen a few particularly sensational comments and that these don’t actually reflect the overriding sentiment amongst netizens.

    • Kai

      They’re the most upvoted comments. You can click on the link to the NetEase comments section. Since NetEase has added downvotes to comments, you can also get an idea of the relative upvote vs. downvote counts.

      • christina


    • Guest

      I don’t understand why you or many other people who comment on issues like this think that it is selfish for the younger person not to give up their seat. For sure, if you see a person in need who was standing, such as an older person or a sick person, it would be common courtesy to give up your seat. However, nobody knows an individual’s circumstances. What if this guy had been working a night shift and was dead tired? What if he was sick himself?

      Just because a person is old doesn’t automatically entitle them to have people grovel over them and answer their every whim. A person should be respected based off of their character, not their age. And for the old man to resort to violence when he didn’t get his way is just inexcusable.

      • Don’t Believe the Hype

        —>”Just because a person is old doesn’t automatically entitle them to have people grovel over them and answer their every whim.”

        So does this imply that one should always assume the old person is unentitled to a seat? Seing as you don’t know anything about that elderly stranger on the bus, and cannot make any reasonable assumptions based solely on appearance.

        The trend is more concerning than the “reason” for not giving up ones seat. And btw, don’t you think it is possible that the old person was exhausted too? Why does there always have to be a million reasons why the perpetrator was taking a handicapped spot? How quickly young people jump on the elderly is the most disconcerting aspect to the comments.

        Of course making excuses for these individuals (young people) is only going to have one affect, and that is to encourage future individuals to do the same, because now they know they can squirm their way out of the blame by saying old people are just selfish.

        • K

          It happens, that young people do not give up his or her seat. It happens, that elderly person must ask for it. It’s not a nice situation, but usually the young person feels ashamed and leaves the place after this.

          This young person refused. Why? Why bothering to argue instead of just leaving the place when called upon? Question is simple: because he/she must have had a valid REASON for arguing. Maybe he/she was feeling sick. Maybe he/she has twisted ankle. Maybe he/she had another reason, good enough to bother with refusal. It’s not that all youngsters are in perfect condition, phisically and mentally, always full of energy and ready to jump out of their seats!

          We do not know why did the young person refuse and start arguing. We have two options: he/she was either a misbehaving teenager, who found it funny to argue with an elderly, and did it just out of rebellious nature, or he/she had a good reason for refusing, just like aforementioned stuff. Which one, do you think, is more possible?

          • plorf

            or maybe he was just another obnoxious twat.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            you forgot to mention losing face. He/she might not have been willing to admit being wrong

        • Mit

          So does this imply that one should always assume the YOUNG PERSON is unentitled to a seat? Seing as you don’t know anything about that YOUNG stranger on the bus, and cannot make any reasonable assumptions based solely on appearance.

          The trend is more concerning than the “reason” for not giving up ones seat. And btw, don’t you think it is possible that the YOUNG person was exhausted too? Why does there always have to be a million reasons why the perpetrator was taking a handicapped spot? How quickly ELDERLY people jump on the YOUNG is the most disconcerting aspect to the comments.

          Of course making excuses for these individuals (ELDERLY people) is only going to have one affect, and that is to encourage future individuals to do the same, because now they know they can squirm their way out of the blame by saying YOUNG people are just selfish.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            Ur right, young and old are exactly the same.

          • Kai

            K/Mit (and people commenting as a guest), please stick to using one name.

          • Brido227

            You don’t think that an elderly person is less likely, by virtue of age, to be able to stand for any length of time on a moving bus?

            The courtesy aspect is a moral one and while I think it’s pretty strange that you don’t seem to view it as the courteous thing to do to offer the seat to someone much older that’s between you, your parents and the society you grew up in.

            Whether or not you personally feel any duty to look out for the inherently weaker members of your society doesn’t change that they’re inherently weaker.

      • Paul Schoe

        No, that objection to Christina is too easy.

        When commenting, you determine your cemment based on the information that is provided in the text of the article. In this case it is about a young man and an old man. If no other information is given, then judgement is based on that and it makes sense that younger people get up for older people.

        In virtually every situation you can come up with arguments of why in that particular situation the normal rule does not apply. But all remarks about ‘night shift’, ‘dead tired’, ‘being sick’ are just made-up arguments.

        If such information was provided in the article, Christina (and others) might have come to a different opinion, but since that information is not there, we should not ‘assume’ that the young person had plenty of good reasons why he would not release his seat.

        (example: we should not drive to a red light, but a driver who did so, might be on his way to a hospital with a dying person in his car. However, if that information is not given in the news, then it is simply a driver who drove through a red light, not somebody who had a good reason to do so)

    • hess

      And you dont think the old man had a “me me me” mentality? he got so angry he died, because a young man wouldnt give up his seat on a bus.

      • christina

        he did.

        did I say he didn’t?

      • plorf

        a guy who dies because of getting excited over an argument is probably not in the best of health and surely deserves a seat from a bratty little shit.

        • nita

          Exactly. I think the obvious explanation for all this is that the old guy was feeling terrible physically and was desperate for a place to sit and rest, so he freaked out when the young guy didn’t give him a seat. When someone collapses and dies suddenly, chances are they were feeling extremely unwell before that and that they had some very serious health condition to begin with, like heart disease. Healthy people do not just collapse and die from anger.

    • Mark

      “I don’t think the young man can be held legally responsible, but morally, he absolutely is.”

      We know nothing about the guy who was sitting there at this point in time, other than the fact that it was his seat. An elderly man asked him for his seat and he refused, we don’t know why. The elderly man then struck him four times. The elderly man then died. Absolutely, under no circumstances, is he morally responsible. You can’t actually believe that, can you?

      In short to your original quote, “lol no”

    • vonskippy

      ” but morally, he absolutely is.”

      When did you find time to go to Medical School? You have NO CLUE why the old man died, yet your morals seem to have no problem blaming the young man.

      Age isn’t the issue. The first guy had a seat, the second guy wanted the seat. The first guy declined. END OF STORY.

      If old people want to be kowtowed to, they need to stick to their families – other people are under NO OBLIGATION to kiss up to them. The old guy is lucky the young guy didn’t kick the shit out of him after the second slap.

      Either everyone’s equal, or no one is – you can’t have it both ways.

      • Mark

        Yup! Look at those goalposts move!

        “Chinese culture, you just don’t understand it!!!” will be the reply lol

        • Alex Dương

          Actually, I’d say that on this issue, not only does he understand modern Chinese culture, he also follows it.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            yep princelings should never bow down to frail old people, this is the chinese way

          • Alex Dương

            You’re aware that vonskippy appears to agree with that even if you do not, yes?

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            apparently so

          • Alex Dương

            To be clear, I don’t agree with that either. I think it’s just courtesy to give your seat to an older person if you aren’t yourself currently on crutches, wearing an ankle brace, etc. But for people like vonskippy to think that this shouldn’t be the case is entirely in line with this site’s belief that there really isn’t that much difference between “us” and “them” at the end of the day, for good and bad.

          • Don’t Believe the Hype

            when you say this site are your referring to cS or NetEase? and by us and them you mean young and old people i’m assuming, or are you referring to the similarities between china and everyone else

          • Alex Dương

            I’m referring to cS and the similarities between China and everyone else.

      • Paul Schoe

        Wow, such anger.

        One could make an argument that states that young people should respect all old people because they paved the road on which you now live your life.

        So much anger, be carefull with your heart, otherwise you might not make it till such an old age.

        • Rick in China

          “young people should respect all old people because they paved the road on which you now live your life.”

          One could also argue that, in China especially, that road is covered in shit.

          • Paul Schoe

            I don’t disagree with that, yet also refer to my reply to Irvin below ;-)

          • Rick in China

            I agree with your reply to Irvin also – I’m pro-respect for the elderly, as a default.. unless given a reason not to (then again that’s sort of a good mantra for anyone of any age). My reply was snarky humour (as well as truth), but I do recognise the deeper situation…

        • Irvin

          That same argument can be made for NOT respecting old people. They DID fucked the country up when they were young and did little to fix it.

          • Paul Schoe

            yes, but we all have to live and survive in our time and our environment. I doubt if many of us, if we had lived in that period, could have changed a lot.

            There are certain many individuals (millions maybe) who can be blamed for their actions, but there are many more who simply had to survive (and take care of their family) with the limited cards that they were dealt. It is a lot harder to survive in such times then in times of progress and wealth, and it results in a much harder burden on life and health.

            That might be worth remembering next time when you see an elder person looking for a seat.

        • vonskippy

          How do you get “anger” out of my comment? Would you say the same thing if instead of the seat, the old man demanded money?

          A lot depends did the old guy ask nicely “hello, I’m very tired and not feeling well, would you PLEASE give me your seat for a few stops?” or did the old guy demand the seat by saying “Get out of your seat and show me some completely unwarranted respect because, you know, I’m old”?

          If respect is to have any value, people need to EARN IT, not have it handed to them for nothing more then they survived planet earth longer then most people.

          • Paul Schoe

            The Standing-up-in-the-bus rule is not something that is invited to give resepct to the elderly. It is a procedure of strong versus weaker.

            Standing up in a moving vehicly is diffiuclt and requires energy and agility. Not everybody has that, so there are some basic groups of which it is said that the healthy and strong should help accomodate them. These groups includes handicapped people, pragnant woman, and people who hold small kids.

            In general, younger people are stronger and more agile then elderly people. Many elderly people also do not have the power to stand for long distances or to correct for a sudden movement of the bus. Therefore this category has been added as a group that the strong should accomodate.

            If we all got stronger, the older we got, then the elderly would not have been added to this category. It is not about age, it is about fitness, health and accpeting that there are categories of people who are not as strong, fit and agile as you are.

    • FYIADragoon

      I understand your point in that people need to be less selfish and I agree on that, but I think you’re misunderstanding the situation. We don’t know the situation of the young man either and based on the time being after 4:30, that means the young man could have just got off work too. And its a little ironic to call this a fall back to the Red Guard days when most of today’s elderly are the perpetrators of that era. I’m not trying to trash you here in the comments, but I don’t think it would hurt for you to consider both sides of the incident.

      • christina

        I did…

        And the young man was healthy enough to escape the bus undetected

        The great equalizer in this situation is the old man losing his cool and smacking the younger one. He should NOT have done that and because he did, it’s a lot harder for many to sympathize, which is why there are such divided views on whether or not he deserved his demise.

        We really don’t know many of the facts- what we do know for certain is that is 1) old man asked young man to give up seat 2) young man said no.

        Think about that scenario alone – it’s wrong. There are even SIGNS on certain modes of transportation spurring people to give up seats for the elderly and the pregnant.

        3) Old man smacked young man <- ALSO WRONG but it doesn't make young man's action 2 any less wrong.

    • Alan Dale Brown

      It doesn’t seem to have crossed anyone’s mind that the elderly person may have not felt well when he asked the young man to move in the first place; maybe he really did need a place to sit. If this is the case, maybe he got very upset because he was feeling rather ill, and he responded with anger – and that hastened his demise. Obviously, a short temper didn’t serve him well, but you’re right – the young man should’ve given up his seat for him.

      I thought China had a culture of respecting elders …

      • KenjiAd

        Yup. That’s what I thought. I think the old man wasn’t feeling well when he wanted a seat.

        If that’s the case, it’s not that he had a heart attack because he got upset. He probably was already having a heart attack when he asked the young man to yield his seat.

        That’s why he got so upset that the young guy refused to yield.

      • Kai

        That’s about as speculative as coming up with reasons why the young guy had cause to insist on not giving up his seat. We have no information from the article to suggest he was exhibiting any distress in health prior to suddenly collapsing. If we’re going to dismiss conjecture that makes the young guy more sympathetic, we should use the same principle to avoid conjecture that makes the old man look more sympathetic as well.

        As far as wrong-doing goes, I think this is pretty simple. The young guy was wrong for not giving up his seat and the old guy was wrong for assaulting the young guy. One person’s wrong shouldn’t be used to offset the wrong of the other.

        China does have a culture of respecting elders (don’t most–if not all–cultures?). Exceptions to the rule make the news.

        • Alan Dale Brown

          It’s conjecture, but I think it’s pretty reasonable. Discomfort often makes people testier. The guy wouldn’t have died from this incident if he wasn’t a ticking time bomb. Put those two together, and I think the odds are better than even that he was experiencing some discomfort related to his condition when this occurred. Have you not noticed that older people often get very frustrated, sometimes bad mannered, when the limitations and pains of old age strike them?

          • Kai

            Conjecture is conjecture. We could just as easily argue that old people who are feeling so much discomfort probably wouldn’t be investing their remaining wits and energy on arguing and slapping people. Either way, we’re already booing the people who are offering reasons for why the young guy refused that are arguably just as “reasonable”.

            I think @paulschoe:disqus made a really good point, and if we accept that as a good point, we should apply it consistently.

    • mr.wiener

      My first reaction was “good!”… but I think what most people are angry about is the state of manners in China as a whole. The young are selfish and the old are beastly.
      China needs a revolution…in the way they treat themselves.

      • Gerhana

        They just need a mirror. Their reflection and self-realisation will be a trigger for the change…

    • donscarletti

      You’ve got that around the wrong way. If you hit someone and they die, you’re morally responsible. If they hit you and then they die, you’re not.

      Laws try to reflect ethics as well as they can be coded. The fact this man would hit someone four times over a seat suggests the world he left behind won’t lament his passing.

      • christina

        I like your point but there was a huge debate over something very similar a few months back, on the article about the mother tossing her baby under a truck.

        The debate was over whether or not the father was responsible, and basically, came to the conclusion that yes, he bore some blame because he’d bullied and riled the mother to such a state that she snapped (the tossing happened after a fight in the street between the two). Somebody said it was NOT the dad’s fault in any way since he didn’t force the mother to do it. I don’t remember who, but somebody else countered, saying that we are absolutely partly responsible for how we make people feel.

        If I jokingly told your girlfriend she was rather rotund every day- but was otherwise perfectly nice- and she developed an eating disorder, I’d absolutely be culpable in that development.

        I could claim there were a whole host of other reasons for the disorder, but it would all be speculation.

        We’re all speculating now what the other circumstances were surrounding this particular situation, but really- the young man played a role in this- my speculation is that young’un made the old one so angry he popped a vein.

    • KenjiAd

      I don’t think the young man can be held legally responsible, but morally, he absolutely is.

      To hold him ethically (not sure about morality) responsible, I think one has to show that the young man
      had known (or should have known) that not giving the guy a seat could endanger the life of the old man. I’m just guessing that the young man (or any other passenger) had no idea that the old guy would collapse and die just because he didn’t get a seat.

      We can set up a lesser ethics test – If the young man’s action somehow contributed to the death of the old man, then one could argue, like you did, the young man is ethically responsible for the death.

      But to argue this way, you have to be certain that the old man would not have died if the young man had yielded the seat. There is no evidence to support that. Actually much evidences are against it.

      People don’t die by just getting angry, unless they have certain preexisting medical conditions like high blood pressure. I get pissed every single day, but I’m still alive.

      It is this medical condition that likely doomed the old man. He could have died just by seeing some excitable news, and there is no way one could blame the news for his death in this case.

    • bprichard

      He is in no way morally responsible for that man’s death. I don’t think you can be held responsible for the oversized reactions of others. Unless you think that sputtering rage is an appropriate response to not being given a seat. This guy’s rage issue is probably why he has a heart condition in the first place.

    • NeverMind

      It’s not the case with all youngsters in China I hope. Recently, on a train trip with my wife from Guangzhou to Guiyang, we were on a hard seater compartment. There were a few young people standing in the aisles because of no seats. I saw many people (me included) routinely get up and share their seats for a while (30 mins or so) with the standing guys for the entire duration of the 20+ hour trip. Also, I saw youngsters help with the luggage, discard thrash to the proper location etc.

      The only people who irritated us most were the middle-aged/elderly people who had terrible manners and didn’t mind smoking in the aisles or discarding thrash wherever they could. We classified them as the ‘nongmin’ of China.

      I am sure most people here will not agree with my personal observations.

    • Lothrop Stoddard

      Women shouldn’t comment on these matters.

      • christina

        haha you’re cute.

  • A Man’s Got to Know his Limitations…

    • Irvin

      It’s a paradox, only the ones not afraid to go too far can possibly know how far they can go.

  • Raymond

    The lesson here is not to retaliate even when attacked by the elderly. Who knows if they will drop dead and will presume it was your fault.

    • simon

      i reckon the kid will be sued and the court will side with the old man, get ready for the next wave of compensation lawsuits

      • Rick in China

        No. Legally speaking the old man is the one who can be sued, if the kid suffered any physical damage from the slaps. Likely not, which means no civil lawsuit but perhaps a criminal one for intentional assault. (that’s what it’s called here.)

        “Side with the old man” – he’s dead, you mean, side with the old man’s family? They can’t sue the kid. Unless the kid fought back – in which case they certainly could. But there is nothing against the law about sitting on a seat, getting slapped, and the slapper subsequently dying without your physical intervention.

  • SongYii

    Guess the old man should have left the bus and taken his car-ma.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    Did the kid tell the old man to drop dead?

    Looks like he did.

  • Amused

    “What a wonderful world…” :(

  • Irvin

    Oh well, he only wanted a seat, but it looks like he’s getting a coffin instead. Moral of the story: you can’t always get what you want.

    • vonskippy

      But sometimes, if you try real hard, you get what you need….

  • FYIADragoon

    I don’t ride the bus very often, but the behavior of the elderly on the subways usually makes me very unlikely to automatically give up my seat when I see them appear. In the past I would do it automatically, but after seeing how they act on the subways for such a long time, I really don’t feel like they’ve earned it. That goes double for the ones carting around the little ones that they don’t even attempt to control. I usually wait a bit before I give up my seat so that I can see what kind of person they are before I give my seat. I’d rather blindly give it up to one of the numerous women walking around in painful looking high heels than the elderly at this point. This is the situation in Shanghai though. Perhaps its different elsewhere.

    • Irvin

      It’s a little better in guangzhou, but only a little. I haven’t personally seen any old people actually asked for a seat, but maybe because most of the time people here just willingly give their seats as soon as they see them.

      Personally I only give seats to pregnant women because watching them stand is just painful.

      • FYIADragoon

        Yes, I had forgotten to mention that. Pregnant women are probably the only safe type of person to give up a seat for.

  • Le chat

    Stand up while you can, because we’re all going to be lying down for a very long time.

  • Rick in China

    1 down, 50 million to go?

    Both the kid and the old man are assholes in this scenario.

    The old man shouldn’t be SLAPPING anyone for anything, laying a hand on someone because they’re not obeying the rules isn’t his fucking place. He didn’t deserve to *die* because of it, but, he did bring it on himself apparently, so fuck him.

    The kid shouldn’t be refusing a sick old man a seat. What a douchebag. It takes mad ho nian pi to refuse an old person a seat when you’re young and healthy, to have no shame in it and act deserving..what the fuck is wrong with this kid. He didn’t deserve to get smacked, but it probably did ’em some good, so fuck him.

  • Lei Feng’s Hat

    That’s real showmanship, People!

    Old Man: ‘I’ll show this young buck.’ Proceeds to scold young guy into giving up seat.

    Young Guy: ‘I’ll show this old fart.’ Proceeds to resolutely ignore old man.

    Old Man: ‘I’ll show him!’ Proceeds to – though feeble and in the style of a trained seal – slap the young urchin 4 times.

    Young Guy: ‘I’ll show him!’ Passively accepts the 4 affronts to his dignity, and remains unmoved.

    Old Man: ‘Jesus Christ, I’ll show him!’ Proceeds to immediately drop fucking dead.

    And the winner of The Daytime Emmy in the category of most pathetic ending to an otherwise unproductive life goes to…

  • Gord

    Well, I guess that’s the end of the “beating people who won’t give up their seat” trend.

  • Escalante

    Chinese children are often raised by grandparents who survived those cutthroat times by being stubborn and tough as nails. Many behaviors children possess today are reflections of their grandparents’. Imagine if the young guy’s “me and mine” attitude came from his own grandparents.

  • James in China

    So many people must not have been taught basic manners in their homes based on the comments (here on chinasmack, not the OP). Who wasn’t taught as a child to give the elderly, pregnant, infirm their seats? What the f&&* was wrong with your parents? In my community, a man ALWAYS gives his seat to a woman, an older person etc. Anyone who doesn’t is scum, although I have never seen someone not do it (before i moved to China). People on this thread really need a lesson in manners. Just because you aren’t required to do something nice, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Not giving your seat is a sign of low upbringing.

    • Janus

      Oh look, another holier-than-thou moral crusader outraged by the lowly uncivilised Chinese rabble ‘scum’.

      ‘in my community a man ALWAYS gives his seats to a woman, and older person etc’? Either you live in a tiny community of sexists with impeccable manners or I call bullshit.

      In my community however, I have seen plenty of men, women and children give their seats to the elderly, pregnant or disabled, about as much as I have seen men, women and children who wouldn’t bat an eyelid nor give two hoots about someone who obviously needs a seat much more than they do.

      • James in China

        Hey Janus, you incomprehensible prick, did you not read or are you not able to grasp that I wasn’t talking about the Chinese posters, I was talking about the comments on Chinasmack. As for my community, yes it’s tiny, we haven’t had a murder in near 10 years, and our doors are unlocked at night. So blow me, moron.

        • plorf

          oh and you demonstrate your excellent upbringing with your choice of language too, classy.

          • James in China

            Oh I’m sorry, did my choice of words offend you, my simple friend. Sorry, but I don’t subscribe to the idea of “bad” words. So kindly go fuck yourself, you fucking fuck.

          • Confucius

            It’s ironic that the guy lecturing others on manners from some strange community where all men always give up their seats is the same guy who has no manners when communicating with other people and choose to use offensive language not just because he doesn’t subscribe to the norms of language but also because he knows that they are offensive.

          • James in China

            Wow, that sure is a complicated way to state it. Here’s the thing…. as far as I know, the people on this site are adults. If you don’t like the big boy words, go back to your crib and suck your thumb.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Judging from your language, the murder and crime rate of your community must be exceptionally high.

          • James in China

            You judge murder and crime rates based on language? Most people judge the murder and crime rate by the number of people murdered and crimes committed. What a fucking retard.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Just keep on going, you are earning you community a good name.

          • James in China

            Do you really think community name means any-fucking-thing? Really?

          • Janus

            I sense a lot of anger in you James. Tell me truthfully, were you, a shining example of the Civilised man, hailing from a community of utmost civilisation, denied a seat by an upstart yellow Chinaman? I know such insolence can be highly traumatic, but just take it one day at a time mate, it will get better. For civilisation! (and for the death of grandmas and grandpas of those godless seat hogs)

          • James in China

            First Anus, or whatever your name is, I don’t ride the public transport if it can be avoided in China. Second, when I do, I stand, as I KNOW there will always be someone who needs that seat more than I. Third, I plan on using my legs and health to their utmost whilst I can. Take your racist fucking garbage elsewhere, you moron.

          • Rick in China

            You’re engaging with the wrong people, James, and wont get anywhere. When you make a point, and they reply “oh and look at your LANGUAGE, pffaaaaaaa” – it’s basically saying we have nothing of merit to argue against your point, so, we’ll try to thrust the argument sideways..

          • James in China

            I understand that point, and it’s valid. However, looking at the folks talk about how “they are not required to give a seat to an elderly person” and “Those old people aren’t entitled to special treatment” made me want to scream. I hope their mother, father, grandmother or whatever die of a heart attack on some shitty public transportation because some snot nosed reject thinks he’s their equal and they don’t deserve a seat. Rejects.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            His point was, he was raised up in a ultra-civilized community where every man yields his seat. However such community would not produce someone like him who curses other people’s parents and grandparents to death over some internet argument. Therefore his point is false.

          • Rick in China

            My point is those two things are not equal and creating the juxtaposition to draw the argument away from its roots should be called out. “Therefore his point is false” is a logical fallacy.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I did not say any things are equal.
            A community where every man yields their seat is a very decent community.
            A very decent community would not produce someone who curses other people to death.
            Please tell me which of the above premises is wrong.

          • Rick in China

            “A very decent community would not produce someone who curses other people to death.”

            This premise is wrong. Having a good community does not have direct dictation on any individual within the community – however, all of the individuals in the community do have dictation on the quality of the community as a whole. This is a logical fallacy you’re trying to create. Not only that, but, a community where people yield their seat to strangers is a “respect others by default” community, whereas, cursing a specific person for a specific reason is admonishing someone for an action – not a “by default” action. He wasn’t just ranting in public about non-descript people, he was targetting an attack at an individual…and a targetted attack of any kind without reason does not necessarily indicate the quality of a person, the morals, the kindness, nothing in of itself. This, again, is something you obviously fail to grasp. Let me give you an example: I am against murder. That’s good. There has never been a murder in my home. However, someone breaks in with the intention of raping someone in my family and killing whomever they can – so I stop them, kill them, yell the most obscene things at them in anger and disgust, does this mean I’m a terrible person that grew up in a shitty community?

            Holes, man. Everything you say you say with conviction of some sort of logical thinking, but, SO OFTEN it’s swiss cheese and clearly lacking any depth of thought.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            cursing a specific person for a specific reason is admonishing someone for an action

            So what did the parents and grandparents of some commenters here do, that they can be cursed to death with a specific reason?

          • Rick in China

            That’s irrelevant. Your logic is false, the details about this specific example aren’t even worth re-hashing and discussing, they exist in the thread and you can find them yourself. If you want to start *a different* argument, however, you can argue about his reasoning and justification….but that’s different than your previous argument and false conclusion.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Its interesting you just said that but when I asked you for justification all of a sudden it becomes irrelevant.
            Please tell me what did some commenter’s parents and grandparents do so one can curse them to death in order to admonish them?

          • Rick in China

            “cursed to death”? Read his original comment, how does he curse anyone to death. I believes he calls impolite people scum, and he’s referring to all the people who in this and the previously related thread ranting about essentially ‘fuck the old people i will keep my seat’, to which his opinion is a perfectly valid one. Where did he “curse to death”, exactly? Fuck. This is the last reply to your bullshit. I’m done with you, again.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            I hope their mother, father, grandmother or whatever die of a heart attack on some shitty public transportation because some snot nosed reject thinks he’s their equal and they don’t deserve a seat.

            How is this not cursing anyone to death?

          • Rick in China

            I see that now. I also see that happened well after he was taunted / accused of ‘bad language’ / accused of not being from a good community or whatever you/janus stupid points were, so that’s not something you can substantiate your “logical conclusion” which was made much earlier with – really. Plus, what he meant (in context) was – those who are saying “fuck the old people, keep the seats”, he wishes that they experience EXACTLY what they are encouraging people to do – to their own loved ones – so they realize how wrong they are. Get it?

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Please tell me who said “fuck the old people, keep the seats” EXACTLY. We are just pointing out the contradiction of what he claimed to be and what he appeared to be. You can’t take a moral high ground while using very low languages. Even if someone do make the exact comment you have mentioned, it does not give you the right to curse their parents and grandparents to death.

          • Rick in China

            “You can’t take a moral high ground while using very low languages.”

            Says who? I say you absolutely can. “bad words”. Give me a break. Not all metrics for morality are equal.

          • 白色纯棉小裤裤

            Yes, its your freedom to say you are a turely civillized person while using very low languages and cursing the parents and grandparents of other people to death. Except no one would believe you and everybody would be laughing at you.

        • Andrew

          Incomprehensible doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          • James in China

            Hey Andrew, I saved you all the hassle of trying to look that word up all by yourself and did it for you.

            1: archaic : having or subject to no limits

            2: impossible to comprehend; unintelligible

            3: a relatively simple word used to confuse and confound retarded fucks like andrew.

          • Andrew

            You meant he couldn’t read and hence didn’t understand what you said. The word means what he said was impossible to comprehend. Learn to read, please.

          • James in China

            You truly are a simple minded fuck. I said that prick was impossible to understand, implying that he was/is illogical and made no sense. Go buy yourself a dictionary with all of your sweet “English teacher in China” pay and stop embarrassing yourself.

      • James in China

        Also, by your reply, I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if you really were from a community that was equally made of parts of people with class and those without. One guess as to which portion I think you come from.

    • Andrew

      “a man ALWAYS gives his seat to a woman, an older person etc.”

      Talk about a world of inequality. So a man has to earn money, go to college, raise his family, take care of his parents, buy his woman whatever she wants … and he doesn’t even get a seat on a bus ride he paid with his own money. What kind of mentality would subject a certain group of the population to inferiority and condemn them as “scums” when they try to do anything nice for themselves while getting slapped and humiliated in public?

      • James in China

        Hey Andrew, do me a huge favour, put your hands in your pockets and check if you still have a set of nuts, you whiny fuck. “Boo hoo hoo a man has to go to work AND be a gentleman?? I have to be a man and have manners and not leave an old man standing??” You weak pathetic turd.

  • bprichard

    From the perspective of developmental psychology, that commenter has no idea what he’s talking about.

    • Kai

      I think he’s trying to say that old people are increasingly aware of how their bodies are failing them, and this growing realization of the end approaching predisposing them to needing more accomodation from society.

      But yeah, I kinda chortled at that too.

  • Marcus Black

    He slapped his way to hell. Good job old Chinese guy.

  • Irvin

    And yet life goes on, despite all the problem you think china have, I’m still gonna go eat me some cha shao bao.

  • samuk1000

    The rude young person has his death on his hands. Ungrateful little yellow turd..

  • Nova_REMIX

    IDK, there are so many “what ifs” here. What if the young person was extremely tired and had a long day at work? What if the young person had a lot of stuff in their hands? If that were me, I wouldn’t want to give my seat up to the elderly person because I’d be just as fatigued as he is. And I’d be even more fatigued because I’d have to stand up while an old man thinks he’s entitled to pick on the young.

    IDK. To get respect, you have to earn it, and being old doesn’t mean you automatically get respect because you’ve lived longer. Especially if you’re attacking a youth.

  • Apothis

    I am curious as to what right the old man has to expect or demand that someone give up their seat for them?

  • Alva

    Well this comes in handy. Yesterday in the metro I gave my seat to an elder man and after that the other old man next to him started to discuss about how all the other young men in front of me did not even look at them in the eyes and are not even reacting when they hear them complaing about them not offering a seat.

    They spent the whole time talking very loudly about how impolite all those young men were.

    When one of them was leaving he pulled me to get his seat but one of the other men who were standing was fast enough to take it. The elder screamed to him but he just didn’t care.

    Finally when the other old man was leaving he called me to take his place and smiled to me.

    I mean, seriously people? Probably most part of those men spent the whole day on a chair at the office or in a restaurant. They didnt seem to be sick or pregnant. You never know.

  • Dick Leigh

    I literally fell off my chair laughing at the headline, and reading the story didn’t help much either. Of course, I blame China for my ethical shortcomings.