Shaanxi Bath Center Provided Sexual Services to 13-Year-Old Boy

Yesterday (July 30th) morning, Peng Peng and his father arrived at the police to make a report. Text and photos: Xian Yang
Yesterday (July 30th) morning, Peng Peng and his father arrived at the police to make a report. Text and photos: Xian Yang
Yesterday (July 30th) morning, Peng Peng and his father arrived at the police to make a report. Text and photos: Xian Yang

From HSW and NetEase:

Shaanxi bath center provided sexual services to 13-year-old boy

Summary: Shaanxi Xianyang 13-year-old boy Peng Peng and his family recently went to a bath center bearing gift certificates/vouchers to bathe. While settling the bill, Peng Peng’s mother discovered an extra 198 yuan charge and the bath center claims this expense was the fee for the sexual services that Peng Peng received, which Peng Peng had also signed off on. In response, Peng Peng admitted to receiving sexual services and said the provider had provided the service even after having asked his age.

After arriving at the bath center, Mr. Meng’s wife told him that around 9 that morning, when she, Ms. Hu, and their two children were preparing to settle the bill to leave, the cashier said they have a 198 yuan massage bill for Peng Peng that was actually for sexual services.

Holding free bathing vouchers a friend had gifted them, Xianyang residents Ms. Chen and her family as well as her friend Ms. Hu’s and her family walked into the bath center for the first time. Yesterday [July 30] morning, when the two families were preparing to settle the bill and leave the bath center, they were instead told that Ms. Chen’s 13-year-old son Peng Peng had purchased “sexual services” provided by a masseuse. The bath center requested that Ms. Chen pay for Peng Peng’s 198 yuan bill. How could a bath center provide sexual services to a 13-year-old child? After the female masseuse replied that she had indeed provided “sexual services” to Peng Peng, angry Ms. Chen immediately chose to call the police.

Yesterday (July 30th) morning, this bath center issued a 198 RMB bill to Peng Peng's family, indicating that he had purchased "sexual services"
Yesterday (July 30th) morning, this bath center issued a 198 RMB bill to Peng Peng’s family, indicating that he had purchased “sexual services”.

“After I heard, I simply couldn’t believe my own ears”

Yesterday around 12:20 noon, after Peng Peng and his father Mr. Meng together with Ms. Hu had given their statements to the police, they walked out of the Xianyang City Public Security Bureau Weichang Sub-District Xinxing Road police station. Peng Peng kept looking at the ground, and when what had happened that morning was brought up, Mr. Meng and Ms. Hu still expressed disbelief.

Mr. Meng says a friend had given him several bathing vouchers to the Kangzhan North Road Yalong Bay Bath Center. On July 30th when the weather was blistering hot, him and Ms. Hu’s family planned to bring their children to go bathing at the bath center. Because of work, around 6 in the afternoon, Ms. Chen and Ms. Hu went on ahead in taking Peng Peng and Ms. Hu’s 15-year-old daughter to the bath center, with Mr. Meng and Ms. Hu’s husband Mr. Liu arriving later.

That night, after the two families had bathed, they rested in the resting hall [a place in bath centers often with comfortable reclining seats that patrons can sleep in or watch movies]. Yesterday [July 31st] morning around 8, because of work, Mr. Meng and Mr. Liu left the bath center first. “I never imagined that not long after going to work, I would get a call from my wife saying our child had been ‘sexually serviced’. After I heard, I simply couldn’t believe my own ears, and ran to the bath center after putting down the phone,” Mr. Meng said.

“The masseuse admitted to providing sexual services to the child”

After arriving at the bath center, Mr. Meng’s wife told him that around 9 in the morning, as she and Ms. Hu were preparing to leave with the children, the cashier said they had a 198 yuan massage bill, purchased by Peng Peng, that actually was for sexual services.

Ms. Hu said yesterday afternoon: “Even though that’s what the bath center people said, we still think its unbelievable. How could a 13-year-old child have this kind of expense!? After being questioned, Peng Peng admitted that there was indeed a female masseuse who provided him sexual services and that the signature on the bill was his. Under our repeated demands, the bath center’s manager found the “#51 masseuse” that had provide Peng Peng sexual services. She also admitted it in front of us and the manager in a room, that she had engaged in providing sexual services to Peng Peng. We angrily asked her why she would give this kind of service to a child but she didn’t say anything and then left the room. At this time, the bath center offered to reduce the bill by 50%, but this clearly is not a issue of money.”

After Mr. Meng learned the whole story, he immediately rejected the bath center’s attempts to mediate the matter with a discount and instead chose to call the police. Peng Peng’s household registration document shows that he was born in 1999.

Yesterday (July 30th) morning, this bath center issued a 198 RMB bill to Peng Peng's family, indicating that he had purchased "sexual services"
Yesterday (July 30th) morning, a bath center issued a 198 RMB bill to Peng Peng’s family, indicating that he had purchased “sexual services”.

Peng Peng:

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She took of her clothes after asking my age

Standing in front of the police station, although the Peng Peng before our eyes is nearly 1.8m tall, his childish appearance makes it clear that he is still a child. Yesterday, while Peng Peng related his experience of being “sexually serviced”, he felt extremely ashamed and also very regretful for not having been able to control himself at the time.

HSW [China Business newspaper]: When and with whom did you go to the Yalong Bay Bath Center?

Peng Peng: It was July 30th, before 6pm, my mother took me. Auntie Hu had arrived with her daughter first. After 8pm, my dad and auntie Hu’s husband also arrived.

HSW: How did it (being sexually serviced) happen?

Peng Peng: After arriving at the bath center, my mom and them were bathing in the women’s bath and I was alone in the men’s bath. Around 6:15pm, after I had finished bathing, I changed into a bathrobe and was about to go rest in the lounge. Just as I reached the door, a male service staff came over and asked if I wanted a massage. I thought this service was included in our bathing vouchers, so I said “yeah” and nodded my head. Then, the male service staff member took me to a room on the 4th floor. The room had a large bed, television, etc. I sat in there for a while and a female service staff member brought a bill in for me to sign. After I signed it, I felt something wasn’t right and wanted to go back down to the 3rd floor lounge but discovered that the 4th floor metal door to the 3rd floor couldn’t be pushed open.

HSW: So you then returned to the room? Then what happened?

Peng Peng: I could only go back to the room. After 2-3 minutes, a girl entered my room, and after saying a few things, she took off all of her clothes and lay on the bed. I couldn’t stop myself, took off my clothes as well. She put on a condom for me and had sexual relations with me. About 15 minutes later, I went downstairs to go back to the lounge.

HSW: When you guys were talking, did the girl ask ask your age?

Peng Peng: Before she had taken off her clothes, she asked my age and I said I was 13 years old. She heard, didn’t really say anything, and then began taking off her clothes.

HSW: When you saw your father after going to the lounge, did you tell him about this?

Peng Peng: I was afraid so I didn’t tell him what happened. It wasn’t until the next morning when settling the bill and after they had discovered the extra 198 yuan that I told them about this. After my mom found out, she was especially angry and had the manager bring out the the girl who had provided the sexual services and she admitted to having sexual relations with me. My mom and auntie Hu yelled at her while she said nothing.

HSW: Right now what do you think of what happened to you?

Peng Peng: I feel my self-control is really poor. It should have happened, and I’m really ashamed. I feel really embarrassed.

Yesterday (July 31st) afternoon, Yalong Bay Bath Center was still open and operating as usual.
Yesterday (July 31st) afternoon, Yalong Bay Bath Center was still open and operating as usual.

Comments from NetEase:

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africanpanda [网易广西梧州市网友]:

Awesome, when I was 13, all I could do was peep at women bathing.

中国LED显示 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

A 13-year-old boy’s virginity lost like that, what a pity!


Fuck, if this provider had just asked for a red envelope [to be paid in cash directly and privately], then everyone would’ve been happy, and she may have even earned a repeat customer!

lbg224522 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

Let’s not forget that he’s a male minor under 14-years-old. Our laws stipulate that the crime of rape can only be be applied against males, that women cannot be charged with rape. This should be changed. That way, the female service provider can be punished for rape…

jygsspgs [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Did he really say he was “13 years old” and not “18 years old”?

juyetv40126 [网易山东省网友]:

How can you [the mother/family] fucking still blame others?

两为难 [网易江苏省常州市网友]:

Is this the crime of enticing others into unlawful sexual intercourse?

自在轩v我行我素 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

Sigh! Who will protect the boys?

xyh119 [网易广西柳州市网友]:

I praise this masseuse for teaching a young boy about sex.

我不是山顶洞人 [网易广西南宁市网友]:

This child, how come you didn’t control yourself? 13 years old, 1.8m tall, I bet the prostitute simply didn’t believe he was really 13 years old, haha.

看见你就伤心 [网易河北省石家庄市网友]:

This kid will grow up to be a bureau chief [government official]. Genius!

blackboy1 [网易浙江省网友]:

Fuck! When I was 13 years old, I was still playing with mud!

0poi8 [网易上海市网友]:

Everyone has overlooked that nothing has happened to the bath center, [which probably means] they have a lot of connections.

炎黄华夏 [网易北京市网友]:

“About 15 minutes later, I went downstairs to go back to the lounge.” 13 years old, his first time, and he can already last 15 minutes?

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  • Lydia

    So? I’m sure he enjoyed it. I know for a fact that my dad let my 15 year old brother use a prostitute in Rotterdam a few years back, although they both deny it.

    • Davoid

      it happens frequently in mexico as well. fathers take their sons (usually 15 or 16). it’s the father’s “birds and the bees” side of the story.

    • Wonneproppen

      Whole bunch of questions to be asked on this one…..
      Firstly, that’s one hell of a deal to get laid (full monty, according to the report) for less than 200 Kwai!
      Next, according to the details mentioned, they take a freakin’ 13 year old to a bath house some time in the afternoon (before 6:00 pm) and stay over night, checking out around 9:00 am?? Oh, right, Daddy left early to work….!
      What has this country come to….?!

  • ChineseFighter

    “your child has been sexually serviced.”

    • This is NOT somethng new! look what happen in 19th century san francisco
      Depicting Chinese women as carriers of deadly diseases doctors raised concerns over the health of young white boys. When politicians interviewed him for a Congressional Joint Committee Investigation in 1877, California Board of Health’s Dr. H.H. Toland testified that “nine-tenths” of syphilis cases came from the Chinese. “Nearly all the boys who have venereal disease,” Toland testified, “contracted it in Chinatown.” Toland continued, explaining that because Chinese women’s “prices are so low” white boys “can go whenever they please.” Chinese prostitutes, desperate for money and without conscience, Toland claimed, “do not care how old the boys are, whether five years old or more.” Sims, in his AMA address, similarly depicted Chinese women as diseased debauchers of white children. Citing the “evidence of Dr. Toland,” he declared “Even boys eight and ten years old have been syphilized by these degraded wretches.”

      Claims that Chinese prostitutes’ services were cheaply and easily obtained amplified the distinction between Chinese and white womanhood, even with regard to white women working in the sex trades. Dr. Shorb testified to Congress that “boys…get syphilis and gonorrhea cheaper in that way than in anyway I know of.” “It can be said on behalf of the white woman,” according to the testimony of a San Francisco police officer to the California Senate, “that they would not allow boys of ten, eleven, or fourteen years of age to enter their houses.” Anti-Chinese politicians reiterated the dichotomy between white womanhood and Chinese prostitution by emphasizing Chinese perversion and impropriety.

      Exclusionist campaigners also normalized white men’s promiscuity to further legitimize claims of Chinese women’s deviance. In their rhetoric, they treated young boys acting on their natural passions as vulnerable to hypersexual Chinese temptresses. Recall Piotrowski’s defense of “young and inexperienced” boys unknowingly infected by syphilized Chinese women in his appeal to Congress for the Page Law. Dr. Shorb, a Board of Health physician, verified Piotrowski’s account of innocents infected by Chinese prostitutes in his testimony during two Congressional investigations. To Congress he attested that “the presence of Chinese women here has made prostitution excessively cheap, and it has given these boys an opportunity to gratify themselves at very slight cost.” Doctors and politicians expressed nineteenth-century notions of gender and sexuality when they applied a double standard of morality to Chinese women whose sexuality transgressed female norms. In his assessment of the Chinese, the Chairman of San Francisco’s Hospital, F.A. Gibbs, claimed, “The women have inoculated the youth with diseases.” Politicians vilified Chinese women by emphasizing the youth and naiveté of their unsuspecting victims, and making Chinese women the actors in sexual encounters with white boys. They described Chinese women as not only aberrant to accepted female behaviors, even more, because they preyed on white boys’ natural urgings, Chinese women brought disease and delinquency to white homes.

      In the context of the national anti-vice and purity reform movements that followed the Civil War, it is perhaps not surprising that physicians focused on prostitution to define racial difference. Widespread alarm over venereal diseases inspired regulation or suppression of the sex trade in a variety of North American and European cities. As Timothy Gilfoyle documents in City of Eros, beginning in the 1860s, New York physicians concerned about the spread of sexually transmitted infections targeted prostitutes, equating diseases like syphilis with women and sex workers. In 1867, The Nation declared that prostitution was “becoming more virulent and deadly” because of the “ravages of syphilis.” In California, anti-Chinese sentiment shaped alarm over prostitution. Though the bachelor society of the West attracted sex workers from a variety of North American and European cities, as well as Mexico, Chile and Peru, San Francisco doctors and politicians associated prostitution and syphilis almost exclusively with Chinese women.

      • Getrealson

        You’ve just hijacked this thread whether you know it or not.

        So, let it begin! America vs China in the who’s the worst/best or who’s to blame for this problem etc etc etc

        • my point was that Chinese’s PRESENT newsmedia is just following America’s past example of portraying Chinese girls as women pedophiles who prey on underage boys. My 25 year old Cousin in Australia spent 2 years fighting charges she had slept with a 13 year old White boy. The media lynchs you if you are chinese :P

          • mr. wiener

            “portraying Chinese girls as women pedophiles who prey on underage boys.”
            Damn, how come there was never any of this mentioned when I was growing up in Australia?
            Hijacking or not I’m pretty impressed also with starting\themigs post as being interesting and informative. Glad to see you have taken Fauna’s warnings to heart and are not posting that youtube rubbish anymore.

          • I wish I had read/listened to the same news as you did when I was a kid.

          • Chris

            Well…did she?

        • Boxcutter or not I am impressed by the rampant mentioning of syphilis by this hijacker. Syphilis interested me for years and caused me to use Okamoto during my promiscuous days, because I had known one (repeat one) work colleague who’d contracted it. Being bacterial it spreads like whooping cough or ebola amongst the unprotecteds. Hence I am faithful and have been for many years. PS I have tested negative for HIV, syphilis, gonorrohea and chlamydia at my annual well-man check ( a few weeks ago).

          • mr. wiener

            Congrats on your clean bill of health, blessed is the SS richardnorth and all who sail on him.
            I’ve always been interested as to the origins of syphilis. conventional wisdom\history points to the new world as it’s source, which would only be just considering the influenza, whooping cough, measles and smallpox we passed to the native Americans. But both Europe and the Americas already had something similar to this disease. Maybe a newer, deadlier hybrid was formed? At any rate, when it broke in Europe it was taking people down and rotting of their noses in a matter of months, not decades.
            Facinating and scary stuff.

          • Chris

            Ebola is viral.

            Whooping cough is spread by respiratory droplets, and is largely immunized against (in the US at least).

            Neither of these two diseases spread like syphilis.

            Syphilis is not as prominent as they used to be, because they are usually treated with simply penicillin, that everybody and their uncle gets for anything from a throat sore to a cough. Just so happens to take care of the syphilis. Probably why. Chances are, people are likely to have gotten it, but got cured along the way serendipity, but that’s just my conjecture.

          • mr. wiener

            I think it more likely that the really nasty forms of the disease [syphilis] burnt themselves out faster because they killed their carriers too fast , or the disfiguring soft tissue necrotic sores and madness made them unattractive to potential bed partners.
            A “softer” version that took years to develope and lay dormant ensured the disease’ success, the HIV of its day.
            There are now penicilin resistant strains and it is making a comeback. Particulaly within the Russian penal system apparently.

          • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

            Are you positive?

          • mr. wiener

            God I hope not :)

          • grovesman

            The first recorded outbreaks of syphilis (caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum) were documented in Europe in 1495. These weren’t syphilis as we know it today.

            The disease we see today bears little resemblance to syphilis when it was first recognized in Europe during the late 15th century. At this point, syphilis wasn’t a hidden venereal disease: it was a highly virulent infection that could run its course in a matter of weeks to months, covering the victim in sores from head to toe until they died an excruciating death. However, this highly pathogenic form was soon replaced with a milder version of the disease, more similar to what we see today.

            Where did syphilis come from? It’s widely agreed upon by scholars that syphilis appears to be a “new” disease to Europeans at this point in history–so had it been hiding in another reservoir prior to this time? Did a new subspecies emerge from older, related infections? Or did the voyages of Columbus bring this microbe back to the Old World from the New? There have been a number of conflicting publications on this over the past several years (and indeed, the debate is as old as Columbus’ voyages themselves), with archaeological evidence and that from microbiology sometimes coming into conflict regarding the origin and evolution of subspecies of Treponema pallidum. A new study swings it back to Columbus, suggesting that Treponema pallidum likely has its origin in the New World.

            Cut and pasted just for shits and giggles.

      • that is due to the aids cover-up ? this is due to the fact that sodomy was a crime back then ? and they needed to how explain young white christen men got syphilis with out giving up the fact they were homosexual ? now if a business woman was in business to make money ? she was working in Los Angeles ? not the Gay Bay ? you see in america ? we say ? give us your week and hobbled masses ? but what we mean is ? i need to point the finger an some foreigner ? when my clean white christen american way of life gets tarnished ?

    • Capt. WED

      You know that website Reddit? There was this AskMeAnything about a guy who had sex with his mom from 14 til 18. I guess that kid didn’t need this for sure.

      • Davoid

        “keep it in the family”

      • Jon

        “That website Reddit”
        Oh, you mean the one that occupies my EVERY WAKING MOMENT?

        (Currently 3 Chinasmack tabs open, vs. 11 reddit tabs. Buddha help me.)

  • white dude

    what a lucky SOB
    i wish i had an experience like that when i was 13

    • Thor

      I denitely agree. I could even have waited for the next 2 years or so, it would have been still cool.

  • wafflestomp

    Guessing the kid knew about the fee, wanted the happy ending, and now is playing sympathy since he got caught.

    It’s word vs. word, a whore vs. a 13 year old. Neither is truly believable, therefore I condemn them both.

    • Wang Lijun

      Why would you need a condom for a happy ending? This was the fully monty.

  • Awesome. Good job, kid. Command that bathhouse.

    • Davoid

      great comment.

    • mr. wiener

      I’m shocked, shocked I tells you!………..where exactly was that bath house?

    • grovesman

      He fucked her lilke a boss!!!

  • Anon

    Can anyone tell me why the age of consent in China is 14? I mean, if they’d never gotten around to establishing an age of consent that would be one thing, but why have one that seems to be so out of line with generally conservative Chinese norms? Many, many Chinese parents would consider that too early to do any kind of dating at all, and Chinese 14-year-olds are generally, at minimum, hardly MORE prepared to handle sex responsibly than their western counterparts. I wouldn’t think it could be as simple as lawmakers wanting to legally sleep with girls that age, but I’m having trouble thinking of another reason that the age of consent would be so low in a country where early independence is stifled in so many other respects.

    • Scytheria

      It varies around the world, from 21 down to no rule at all. Some countries specify only that a couple must be married, others only that puberty has been reached. I’m guessing China’s age of consent comes from a long rural tradition of early marriage and early childbirth.

      Chronological age is a crude measure to say the least, but it generally works. However, consider this:

      Man A has sex with a girl, not knowing she is under the age of consent – she is sexually developed, mature, appears to be much older and was a willing participant.

      Man B has sex with a girl he believes is under the age of consent – she is, in fact, much older but looks very young indeed.

      In most countries, Man A has committed a crime, Man B has not.

      • Anon

        Traditional early marriage doesn’t seem to hold water with the age for legal marriage being something like… what is it, 22 for men, 20 for women or something like that? I don’t know, maybe the age of consent is a relic that they never bothered to update. It’s not that I necessarily have a problem with that particular age of consent (I do think it’s too young for responsible sex, but I don’t think a 15-year-old who has sex with a 14-year-old is a horrible criminal), it just strikes me as out of character. Or at least out of character in terms of what’s officially okayed.

    • Rod

      The age of consent is when the boy climbs on top of the prostitute and does it to her.

      Maybe she can be accused of some sort of indecent crime – or at least the bathhouse should, but rape? No.

  • Scytheria

    This story is completely fabricated by Westerners, who are trying to make China lose face, contract evil foreign diseases and undermine Chinese spiritual culture. Everybody knows there are no prostitutes in China, certainly no brothels, and 13 year old Chinese boys know nothing about such filthy Western concepts.

    • Leon

      ….he he.

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    • Western men who have been circumcised have a tendency not to wash their prepuce “area” and coronal ledge, as they believe that the removal of the foreskin renders them “clean”. Those uncircumcised also show flippancy. In the East / Orient, both bacterial and viral transmissions of STIs can only be controlled like in Geylang Singapore, where showering combined with condoms, protects women through shielding; preceded by the washing off of pathogens where viral shedding is invisible to the naked eye (bacteria especially wash off easily – viruses need coronal aggitation).

      • mr. wiener

        I shall be sure to clean my prepuce and coronal ledge in the future.

        • Chris

          Don’t forget to agitate your corona in the shower too.

          • So I should pull the skin back when washing my winky?

            Is that what you’re saying?

            I love it when virgins are all coy about it.

        • Guys you Aussies are the penis puppeteers of the world. is an internationally renowned Melbourne outfit. I knew about them 20 years ago plus and I’m not an Aussie. (P.S. This is a response to some trolls who have found me “creepy”. While they might, my GF and colleagues do not.)

          • mr. wiener

            The Australian preforming arts has many talented members.

          • Ha! Wiener, that’s hilarious.
            Richard North, I’m not a troll when I honestly say that you creep me out. I gave you compliments in the same comment anyway. Also, I’m not Australian (sorry Australia)

            But yes, obviously your girlfriend didn’t find you creepy. That’s kind of a given unless you’re referring to a woman chained to a radiator in your basement as your “girlfriend”.

            PS: That was a joke, I don’t actually think you have a woman chained to a radiator in your basement.

          • Haha. Cheers dude. Neither do I chain her to my headboard, mainly because (i) I, like most expats, prefer vanilla lovemaking devoid of Occidental anal adventures, and (ii) our headboard is button-tufted velvet, like most headboards nowadays.

          • Are you being serious? I can’t tell anymore…

            So going in the back door is a caucasian thing now? And most beds have velvet cushioned head boards?

            Am I the only one here who recognizes the sheer amount of crap coming off the screen???

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      hillary at work again.

  • 骂人的是孙子

    198 yuan is a pretty good deal, this is like an advertisement for that place

    • Wang Lijun

      Yeah. It is about 800 in Shanghai.

      • BigCAD

        Should stop hitting up Zapatas.

        • eattot

          hahaha,yes, many whores in Zapatas.once a met a girl,just to make new friends,we met in a decent bar first time on ladies’ night.then next time she asked me to meet in zapatas.till i went to bathroom,i heared what she was talking to another old girl i knew they are whores.i was so annoyed.another girl said that man wanted another girl together,she said ok,tell him 1000.
          i was…..i never ever knew anyone do that.because she is very slim,dressed clean and decent,i thought she is a good girl.
          a lot of old whores in zapatas but….

    • Thor

      Maybe they offer good prices for the underaged boys only.

      • 404 name not found

        Student price :)

        • 骂人的是孙子

          haha, nice, I need to make a trip to China before my student ID expires then

  • simon

    he is going to be the cool kid in his cohort for years to come, i foresee an influx of underage boys going to that bathhouse to get ‘massage’

  • Jin

    If this 13 boy was given illegal sexual service then this venue and the employee should be liable whether he willingly took part or not its still illegal.

    This is the result of western influences a normal 13 Asian kid would never even dare to behave in this manner. Just look at all the loawai comments approving and encouraging this type of things and there is your proof. He is 13 so he would know nothing about sexual STI’s or STD’s that why we have laws to protect children against pedophilia. Pedophilia is normal and encourage in western countries but we should not allow them to impose it onto china society.

    • Anon

      Don’t fall for it people.

      • haha yeah, in this one, he was obviously trying too hard.

      • Jin

        white dude comment “lucky sob..i wish i had an experience like that when i was 13” clearly he is white and encourages pedophilia?

        • Misiooo

          Screw you! If he wants, what’s the problem. Every normal heterosexual boy wants. I wish I could when I was at his age. And yes, you can educate the kid about STD. Pedophilia my ass! And don’t give me this racial stuff here – it’s ridiculous.

        • Davoid

          wearing your blinders again Jin???

          • Jin

            He is 13 and got raped by an adult that’s pedophilia
            Pedophilia originated in Greece and still part of society in the west mainly in the Catholic church and white gay group eg The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) you would never get such group in any Asian country or do you hear of any Buddhist monks raping kids?.

          • tai wai

            Pedophilia originated in Greece

            Depictions of “child-romance” in ancient or modern Chinese literature are not difficult to find. They include passages on joyous heterosexual or homosexual activities by children as young as 12 to13 years old with one another or with adults. Children are usually described as natural sexual beings and erotic stimulation and sex-play are seen as beneficial to their healthy development (Chen 2000).


            Men’s sexual interest in youths was reflected in prostitution, with young male sex workers fetching higher prices than their female counterparts as recently as the beginning of the twentieth century. In Tianjin there were thirty-five male brothels, housing 800 boys, and men from the area were assumed to be expert in anal relations. Though the superintendent of trade at Guangzhou issued an annual warning to the population against permitting westerners access to boy prostitutes (“do not indulge the Western barbarian with all our best favors”), Europeans were increasingly welcomed in the boy brothels.[68]



            The Way of the Academicians
            From Hua Ying Chin Chen (Variegated Positions of the Flower Battle) China, Ming Dynasty (1368–1644)

            Wow, that took all of 30 seconds to look up. Must be this perverse Western Internet that I’m using.

          • Jin

            whiskersthecat and Tai shit wai – using western media propaganda websites means nothing show me some of these stories on Chinese websites?

            Tai pedo wai are you into making love to kid or watching kiddie porn by any chance is this why your defending child sex crimes?

          • Haha Jin, oh of course you wouldn’t pay any attention to the proof you asked for.

          • mr. wiener

            You could easily find this proof yourself on Chinese language website, but I think you have no interest in finding facts that don’t fit in with your born-again-Han-Chinese world view?
            But really does it matter? no one “invented” pedophilia. It has existed as a dark corner of human societies’ sexuality since the begins of out species.
            It proves nothing , and your shrill denials and accusations are insular, boring and small minded.

          • tai wai

            Tai pedo wai are you into making love to kid or watching kiddie porn by any chance is this why your defending child sex crimes?

            Ad hominem: The last refuge for someone who has lost an argument.

            Ancient Chinese guys liked to fark young boys. Aren’t you proud?

        • tai wai

          white dude comment “lucky sob..i wish i had an experience like that when i was 13″ clearly he is white and encourages pedophilia?

          Chinese dude’s comment: 昨日下午,亚龙湾洗浴广场在正常营业。

          I guess this one was brainwashed by the West. He’s No True Chinese.

        • heh heh, fucking Jin. “The Chinese can do no wrong!!!”

          • mr. wiener

            What!! How dare you say the Chinese can do no wrong! We can do wrong better than you. The power of our wrongness will make you embarressed! WE INVENTED WRONG WHILE YOU WERE STILL LIVING IN CAVES!!!!”
            Thank god I know so many Chinese who don’t carry on like this.

        • Dr SUN

          my best experience in a “bath house/ massage” in China was with with your little sister Jin, 4 hours 200 ymb tearing her hymen apart and breeding her was great . JEEEEZ

          Now get real, I don’t think you pay to get raped, or do you/ did you Jin ?
          Is that how you get laid ?

          btw Jin prostitution is not a criminal offense in china, running a brothel or making money off prostitutes (pimping/ trafficking) is criminal offense though.

        • Jin, what he is referring to is having a white male / Asian female relationship during his puberty / adolescence. “White Dude” may or may not have an authentic Asian girlfriend / wife from China / Indo-China / Polynesia. Either way he is worshipping the East Asian female genitalia, and wishes he’d encountered such snugness and “compatibility” earlier on in life. He probably wishes he’d said 16 rather than 13. Hope this helps.

    • I wholeheartedly agree and there are herpes, HIV and other mysteries everywhere out there which surprise the researcher, as well as the fact that there is a tendency to make love in Europe and America without washing the male prepuce (or prepuce area in terms of circumcised men). For the latter, circumcised men often feel they do not need to wash their glans penis and corona. Trolls will have to take my word for this. I do not have statistics like some kind of stastical agency.

    • Getrealson

      WHY JIN? WHY?

      • mr. wiener

        He’s right, it’s my fault this kid got his willy wonkered in Weichang [sub district].
        I’d better get busy writing letters of apology to his parents. How much should I put in the red envelope? would 78 yuan be appropriate?

    • Capt. WED

      that’s bullshit. Perhaps 13 is a little young but a not nerdy Chinese teen will definitely try this shit if it’s all over the place. Along with drinking, then smoking weed.

      • Jin

        Whether he liked it or not is not the point..he is 13 and an adult had sex with him that’s a criminal offense.

        What you referring to are all western vices imported into Asia..we give you cheap made goods and slave labor so you can live the middle class dream in exchange give us sexual diseases and drug habits.

        • mr. wiener

          …..And are you currently engaged in slave labor and battling a sexual disease and\or drug habit?

          • Well, a bit of smack is the best way to control your ho…

            As for the drips, turns out I’m NOT just decadent and imperialistic, my bad Jin.

            But hey at least you’re not a liar, right?

          • Putting aside STDs, I have noted the prevalence of Thrush is lower in the appropriate pool of women I have been closely acquainted with in a loving setting. Those pH balancing douche-kits as well as Yakult, really do seem to make for an excellent vaginal environment in the one who one loves.

          • mr. wiener

            You must be so much fun at parties: ” Ladies the yogurt fondue ie arriving with fresh fruit, it also has the correct PH balance to combat thrush…Ahh Marjory! I’ve heard you’ve being having some discharge problems….” :P

          • The Singapore population is four-fifths Chinese and not a single drinking buddy / colleague / female friend / manager has ever found the subject of reproduction, anatomies and sexual positions to be taboo. PROVIDED this stuff is discussed in country club / nightclub / at Xmas party. I’m not going to call up a granny running a Bed & Breakfast in Wooloomooloo and start talking the above however…I know the limits.

          • mr. wiener

            I’ll bet you’ve wanted to ring up that granny in Wooloomooloo though. You’ve wanted to ring her up soooooo badly I’ll bet. Keep fighting that impulse bro. It just takes one granny and you’ve fallen off the wagon :) [kidding mate]

          • Maybe if her labia is protruding the right way, or whatever it was.

        • Capt. WED

          Chinese people had their vices long before the west influenced them heavily. Ming and Song and all those dynasties were famous for their whorehouses. (See this historic documentary )

          • Capt. WED

            RENSI please don’t attempt any translations. Do you work as a pirate DVD translator or something???

        • The Chinese “Race” was pure before “the White Man” introduced their dirty diseases and nasty drugs habits. Whores did not exist in China (aka the greatest civilization that EVER existed) before fucking Marco Polo…… amidoinitright, Jin?

          • Ahhh… Marco Polo and the sixteen year round trip… Spare a thought for those international explorers who made do without passenger air travel, seat-back entertainment and a freeflow of Singapore Slings…

        • Dr SUN

          you don’t travel much into rural China do you Jin

    • 404 name not found

      Nurse!! NURSE!!! put this ass-wipe back in his straight jacket.

      • mr. wiener

        Which one? the born again, the schitzo or the sexpert?

        • Jin

          or mr pedo?

          • He already mentioned you with “the born again”, but I guess as much as you’ve talked about raping children to the point of obsessiveness, I guess “Mr. Pedo” works for you as well.

          • grovesman

            Dude…you are hilarious…and you don’t even know it…which makes you more hilarious.

  • Davoid

    if you put a naked or beautiful girl in front of 98% of the male species, what would usually happen next?

    • There is a process, as long as this is consensual and legal, and loving. Firstly the cross-checking of compatibility through kissing and the creation of saliva and fragrance exchange. Then caressing, mutual masturbation and oral sex, preferably in a sixty-nine format. Then any position appropriate for penetration. Penetration has Phase I Labia, Phase 2 G-Spot, and Phase 3 Deep Fornix. Each phase corresponds to a different female orgasm type.

      • Richard North, seriously, cut the sex-expert bullshit out. It’s in everything you post, no matter what the topic. I’m beginning to think that you’re trying to impress someone around here.

        • I know no more than anyone else. I was bought up on merchant navy VHS videos on STIs – but they were biased against no particular continent or nation. In fact I was informed I have had low esteem by one kind soul. You were saying…?

          • Almost every comment you make, regardless of topic, is about genitalia and/or stimulation of such. That or lecturing us on finding and staying true to a girlfriend. (not that I don’t agree with that, but there’s no need to lecture).

          • Jin

            whiskersthecat you also like to “lecture” even tho your a retard? so whats your point?

          • mr. wiener

            I think his main point would be in proving he’s not a chauvanistic arsehat every time he posts something.

          • “though”

            That’s been your lecture for today, Jin #2.

          • Davoid

            so it’s perfectly ok to call someone a “retard”? jin, come on smarten up.

          • tai wai


            That’s been your lecture for today, Jin #2.

            Don’t foist your inferior, oppressive, imperialist language on him!

        • mr. wiener

          As previously mentioned.

          • Chauvinism, as you and I know, does not and will not ever work with any Asian woman in the long term. However, fortunately chauvinism is almost an anagram of “chivalry”. I am not lecturing by saying that we all know as men that kind behaviour to a woman outside the apartment, leads to pampering inside, with our GFs / wives / lovers / mistresses…

          • mr. wiener

            There are different kinds of Chauvinism. Wikipedia says:

            “Chauvinism, in its original and primary meaning, is an exaggerated, bellicose patriotism and a belief in national superiority and glory.[1] It is an eponym of a possibly fictional French soldier Nicolas Chauvin who was credited with many superhuman feats in the Napoleonic wars.
            By extension, it has come to include an extreme and unreasoning partisanship on behalf of any group to which one belongs, especially when the partisanship includes malice and hatred towards rival groups. Jingoism is the British parallel form of this French word, when referring to nation.[1]
            A contemporary use of the term in English is in the phrase male chauvinism.[2] Because “chauvinism” is most often heard in this context, it is often mistakenly believed to refer exclusively to “male chauvinism” such as anti-feminism.”

            There are certainly enough nationalist chauvinist floating around on this site.
            Consideration to others, particularly women, children and the elderly is a gift you are also giving yourself.

    • donscarletti

      198 yuan will not buy you a beautiful girl. That is for sure.

  • Davoid

    cant we all just fuck and get along….

    • In Asia, whether the northern Oriental portion, Indo-China or Polynesia, the wife-swapping and general promiscuity, raw prostitution and out-of-wedlock pregnancies (the 3 P’s as stated in Kinsey paper 1956-G-07) are largely discouraged for good reason. Find a good GF or wife and please stay with her and look after her. This is life.

      • Davoid

        yes. i agree richard

  • Gontraf

    The hard time this boy is having just now will soon fade away.
    On the other hand, he has earned (bought) the lasting respect of all his mates and the envy of most boys his own age.

    • Davoid

      and most of us men too!!

  • xiaohouzi

    Maybe i should have grown up in China.

  • eattot

    male_no matter young or old,most are dick-headed.

    • Davoid

      yes. thats whats makes us men! do you have any videos you can post for us?

      • eattot

        fuck off!
        u just make me vomit.

        • Davoid

          but you said i was “dick headed” and you dont even know me. so i will NOT fuck off. thank you very much. remember this is only for fun website. not to be taken too seriously so if i have offended you. i am sorry.

          • Jin

            Is this internet flirting? you two should get a room..maybe one of the by hour hotels?

          • Davoid

            need to see the viedo first.

          • eattot

            fuck off to you two agian!

          • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

            Click on her avatar for true vomit material. Just watch out as she may lick it up after you leave the room.

            In all honesty, looks aren’t everything but in her case, they aren’t anything.

          • linette

            Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong, are you dumb? Leave eattot alone.

          • mr. wiener

            Agreed, leave Eattot alone. Winding her up is fun, but hardly a challenge is it? surely there is someone else more worthy of your wit? or at least half of it.

          • jin

            little mao fuck off, and Davoid, you shouldve said that you wont fuck off but you will fuck her up :) in bed.

        • Darling you need the Troll Vaccine. Immunise now please. The penalty of not vaccinating is a life based around telling electronic strangers to: 1) Get stuffed; 2) F**k off; 3) Leave you alone; 4) Stop picking on me.

    • The last time I checked, I have no hair on the glans of my phallus. On my head sitting atop my neck, I have soft shampooed hair.

      I am a man nevertheless and fairly sensible. My GF loves me. Am I rare? I certainly would say I was NOT a dick-head as that is a very rude Scottish term. (In England, a dick-head you would call a cock.) ;-)

    • Jahar

      female_no matter young or old, most are pussy-lipped.

      • The format of the exterior, inner and vestibular lips vary between Oriental and Occidental women. In Oriental women, the lip cascade is often hidden until such a time that fingers, the penis or sex-toys open up the arrangement. In Occidental women, the lip cascade can be more “garish”; marked particularly by a less plump outer labia, but a more pronounced inner labial leaf surface.

        • GodsHammer

          You’re going to have to get a way larger population sampling as you clearly have no idea wtf you are talking about Richard.Most definitely incorrect.

          • I admit I have no idea what I am talking about… BECAUSE I AM MONOGAMOUS (MAINLY)… Please enlighten me on how the vulva of a Caucasoid who is OUT-OF-SHAPE is PRECISELY the same as an East or SE Asian lady – PETITE, TONED, MUSCULAR – and loved and cherished from China to Vietnam to Thailand to Laos to Singapore…? Qualifiers: (a) Adult, (b) Consenting, (c) Petite and not a Wendy’s goldcard holder.

        • hess

          occidental (plural occidentals)
          A Western Christian of the Latin rite

          Does religious belief affect your vagina?

          • Orient – Latin for East. Occidental – Latin for West. Please do not ask me what “north” and “south” are in Latin. I don’t know and don’t want to know. Cheers – have a good evening…

          • Orient – Latin for East. Occident – Latin for West. Please do not ask me what “north” and “south” are in Latin. I genuinely don’t know. Cheers – have a good evening!

        • What about their assholes, Richard? Please tell us about those, too. Make sure you use medical terms instead of my brute sailor’s swearing.

          • In all my years, I’ve not known a single expat chit-chat about a need for anal sex with a woman from East (your neck of the woods) or the SE (mine). Thus my answer is “I don’t know”. All I see is a cute sphincter occasionally when she’s on top in 69. Beyond that, anuses, anal sex, D.P. – I confess to knowing very little. Sorry… (Apologies if your question was ironic; I’m on the MRT and couldn’t resist responding to pass time…cheers).

          • Yeah I was just messing. haha

    • Dr SUN

      eattot, men have two brains, the little one, usually rules most of the time.

      • Technically, images of say an Oriental female enter the eye, and then the brain component just behind the eye (the MPOA), as photons. These are converted to spinal electronic pulses. At the base of the spine, signals direct the production of nitrous oxide which bubbles blood from the deep penile artery to the coronal and spongiosal bodies. Other electrical signals lock-in pressure via valves, and maintain pressure via the glutes and bulbspongiosus muscle. Hope this helps…

        • Just to clarify, the big male brain ALWAYS controls the purple one, as dreams, fragrances, sights, sounds, touches, etc, all swirl around the big one and send out signals to do the scientific stuff (i.e. go from flaccid to engorged).

          • mr. wiener

            I always like using “engorged” in any sentence I’m making.
            Seriously Richard , you’re starting to creep me out a little now, it’s kind of like talking to a charming ,earnest well-meaning version of Pada.

          • “An engorged phallus complete with full dorsal vein, set against a backdrop of plump and shaven labial mounds.” This sentence could be perceived as creepy… But nah… In a consensual and loving scene with a faithful GF / wife / lover…? This is business as usual on an expat’s Saturday morning.

          • I think it’s not so much the subject matter, but the manner in which you describe it, and how often and when/where you choose to do so.

          • mr. wiener

            Bluuugh!!……Oh god, I think I just threw up in my mouth.

          • I’m starting to understand why your books are going for less than $4 each.

            You manage to take the words “tight pussy” and “hard dick” and turn them into something so horrible and anti-arousing that I’m convinced thatyou must be part of an elite team of PSY-OPs.

            I dare you to only write about non-sexual/reproductive things with no references to mixed couples and/or wives/girlfriends/lovers, etc.

            I double dog dare you.

            No that wasn’t an invit to spew about doggy style.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            These sexual descriptions sound so clinical. Richard, do you have intimacy issues?

      • Dude this forum / blog has taught me a lot, from the inclusions of Anilingus to Zelophile. I apologise for my frequency of stuff, and shall only be tempted to type stuff this week, in between the more boring Olympic events. All the best, Richard.

        • mr. wiener

          Night there Dr. Dick. Must be off myself, hot shower, hot toddy and hot woman awaits me.

          • Jin

            hope you pay the kid well mr pedo wanker

          • mr. wiener

            I love you too Jin.

          • Jin

   you gayness to someone else thanks! anyway ladies off to Japan for a few days :) cya

      • To Nanny Hiccups… The only intimacy issues I have are those which concern all others too in China and SE Asia (I am in Singapore)… E.g. Shall the GF / wife use birth control pills? Shall I use Okamoto or Durex condoms? In the event that greater amounts of lubrication are required, shall I use mineral water? Hope this helps…many expats find similar quandaries…

    • Alexander

      Do you also hate male panda bears because they are dick-headed?

  • B*tches, Leave

    Nice :)

  • BuddyLee

    15 minutes. HA! More like he cum before his robe hit the ground.
    This Story is Fake.

    • Alexander

      I bet you are right……… enjoy the fake news………. how come they never report the real news like the 13 year old boy from Wales who likes to screw sheep….

  • B

    He just got caught with it , he does’nt feel remorse he had the experiance of his life, and boy! are his friends at school gonna hear about it , he just cant wait for summerbreak to be over.

  • Dat Ankle

    I thought she just sucked his dick I wasnt really expecting to find out they actually had sex… at least she made him use a condom I guess…

  • Mongojian

    Jin is probably busy figuring out how come he is 24 and his father being 35…

  • Guy

    Kids these days just don’t realize how well they have it. If I was only that fortunate at age 13.

    • Jin

      Fortunate to be raped and abused who knows if he got any STI’s or STD’s from it
      luckily from the story she put a condom on him.

      • Gontraf

        Come on now, let’s not cast a hasty verdict.

        It could be love.

        • 404 name not found

          Already a better love story than twilight.

  • Jeffli

    Kids today just don’t kow how lucky they are!
    get their “kyber pass” washed and a Blow job for under 30 Euros!

  • Jay K.

    LIke a Pimp!

  • Peye

    I can just picture the mum and antie when they found out what the 198 RMB where for. Perhaps thinking we better keep an eye on our husbands.

  • Alain

    It speaks volumes about Shaanxi province.

    The girls/women from there are perhaps the worst in China, a horrible entitlement mentality….perhaps worse than girls from the south.

  • lonetrey

    I…. just can’t make myself give a fuck.

    Older woman with a younger boy? How horrible. Now he’ll be psychologically scarred. Because the having-sex-shaming afterwards won’t do that to him.

    No wait. I’m being sarcastic.

  • Jeff

    198 rmb! Why do they always tell me it’s 400????

  • Mark

    198 rmb. That’s real cheap for a bathhouse! They should open a branch in Shanghai at the same price and they will be packed 24 hours a day.

    • Jin

      you do not know what the masseur look like so how would you know she is even worth 20? or maybe your really fugly and would pay anything with a hole?

      • Mongojian

        I was in that bath center just last week. I can recommend girl #44. Not that she was good looking or tight, but it’s surely a pleasure to nail Hongjian’s mom. I actually got paid doing her…

        • The Asian “MILF” or “Yummy Mummy” often commands a vaginal passage just as appropriately constricted and comfortable as an 18-year-old. In fact the mature Oriental vulva can often “over compensate” after having a baby, and snap back tighter than before giving birth. P.S. To trolls and scholars: this is based on reality and there are no answers in Wikipedia or the greater cyberspace.

          • tai wai

            Every ham wallet is different, man.

          • Davoid

            so where do that leave me??

          • Lydia

            Do you say things like that to women? I can’t imagine they’d go near you after hearing you talk about vaginal passages & Oriental vulvas…..

          • I have a GF who is a fan of Tantric sex like me. Believe me there are over three different types of female orgasm (e.g. clitoral, Grafenberg and fornical) and how can you discuss this without talking to one another…? WE LOVE IT and talking a bit “dirty” in English is fine. Please note that I am not a practitioner of anal sex or sado-masochism like many Occidentals, so I am a nice man who enjoys erotic whispers and chit-chats. Thanks.

      • Dr SUN

        no, your sister was quite pretty Jin, your mum for 10 ymb was a little much though.

        • Jin

          Grade 3 toilet humor..clever (NOT)

          • mr. wiener

            No fun at all is it? When people troll like that it’s just hurtful.

          • Some of the trolling really is HIGHLY LIKELY to be pubescent Internet users in Canada / USA / Britain, who are disturbed, and whose schools should get the social workers out ASAP. Hopefully this posting is therapeutic to anyone needing a calmer future.

          • Dr SUN

            well, sorry wiener/ Brett if Jin was Chinese he would have known how to respond, the fact neither of you know, speaks volumes about who’s the trolls.

          • mr. wiener

            Dr. Sun.
            No , I’m good with what you said, it’s just that Jin was stalking Linette in a quite purile and mean spirited fashion this afternoon and I was setting him up for a “pay back time, not so much fun now is it?” kind of comment.

    • tai wai

      It’s cheap because it is in bumfuck Shaanxi.

  • Alexander

    If only we had the FREEDOM in our countries to receive such customer service when we were teens in the West…. That would have relieved a lot of stress and pressure….. See instead children in the West get into drugs when they could be more like Chinese teens and have fun at the bath house….

  • Mari

    “She also admitted it in front of us and the manager in a room, that she had engaged in providing sexual services to Peng Peng. We angrily asked her why she would give this kind of service to a child but she didn’t say anything and then left the room. At this time, the bath center offered to reduce the bill by 50%, but this clearly is not a issue of money.”

    The fact that the bath center offered a discount afterward to try to placate the mother is the most head-shakingly non-surprising part about all this.

    • tai wai

      “Not an issue of money?” This is China!

      The prostitute could have killed the boy and it’d still be an issue of paying money!

      Actually, I’m guessing that the family is just holding out for more money.

  • Shanghairen

    Sounds like a fake story. The massage place would have just said it was a charge for a massage.

  • sern

    She’s got a future in America as a school teacher (just make sure you pay your NEA dues)

  • Nanny Hiccups

    the age of consent should be 20.

    • bigj

      cum again???20???? get real….

    • lonetrey

      From a moral point of view, that sounds reasonable.

      From a realistic point of view, that would only lead to even more criminal justice problems. I mean, what are you going to do, outlaw people from using their own bodies with other people consenting to using their own body?

      I’m not justifying underage sexual intercourse… I’m just saying it’s impossible to regulate, and therefore raising the age of consent higher than the standards in all countries today is not even worth thinking about.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        I think it is perfectly sound, and enforceable just as we enforce the laws to prevent minors under the age of consent from doing it now.

    • moop

      yes and they should stand 6 inches apart during the sadie hawkins dance

    • swat


  • korea21


  • Why is the father so worked up?

    Because he didn’t get to enjoy himself? Or he wasn’t offered a discount previously?

  • Bunny99

    If they had given the boy a tax receipt, then daddy could probably have claimed it back as work expenses

    maybe the bath house tried to offer a can of warm Pepsi instead

    how dare they!

  • Dynasty

    Haha, how is this “rape”? The dumb child signed the bill expressing his consent.

  • moop
  • Max Headroom


    At 13 I was still playing “Cops & Robbers”!

    I am amazed that he knew what to do, at that age I’d hid under the bed.
    Or maybe she was a good teacher?

  • GreenGestalt


    Man. Wish I could have gone there when I was a wee laddy of 13 years….

    Naked, oiled and on top of some voluptuous Oriental lady, my head buried between her large (to me as a kid) boobs as I thrust into her all day with the undeservedly excessive energy of a young man!

    “Where’s the money you are saving from your jobs to buy a computer for school!?”

    “Uh, I bought pizza for my friends”

    “All summer!?”


    Real paddling, but SO worth it!

  • C

    What kind of uneducated, immoral woman has sex with a “customer” even after he admits he’s only 13????

  • Yo Mero

    My family made trips back to China to visit relatives every few years during the summer. Once our relatives moved to another place and we stayed in a cheap hotel nearby. My parents stayed in a room and I shared another with my brother, we were both late teens. Every few nights we got calls to the room with girls providing cheap “massage” service, you can guess the rest.

  • snookys

    Young Peng Peng is now a man…

  • ChinaMan

    This is my analysis:
    Kid has no clue what’s happening and what the establisment is offering.
    He probably thought it was typical “veggie” massage joint and followed the male service staff to the designated floor.
    You got to blame this dude for arranging the sexual service session for this kid.
    Either the idiotic male service staff assume the kid want a sexual service or he just went ahead to arrange it (probably the male service staff or his manager get a cut of commission) from introducing this service.
    You cant blame the massage gal who entered the room and thought the boy actually requested the session. She is just service provider who was called to servie the room/customer at that particular time slot.

    My aftermath:
    1) Boy;s Parents are pathetic and idiotic. For goodness sake, please differenciate a Veggie massage joint versus a Sauna sexual service joint.
    2) The male servie staff or floor manager is cunning and tricky. Trying to earn extra commission from this innocent kid. I must say they are dumbass for offering such session to a “boy”. Come on!! Have some common sense.
    3) The 13 years old boy is actuall a horny kid. He is not innocence afterall!!!


    • M

      I agree, it fits. I feel sorry for the kid, the bath house should be sued, but China doesn’t really seem to care about statutory rape against boys. My main question is why a family went to a bath house that has escorts in the facility? I find that ridiculous, are most bath houses like that?

  • paneraman

    Saunas in china = brothels

  • Jennster

    13 and 180m tall?

  • tim

    too all the weibo users out
    there. in order for your post to not be “harmonized” it is a fact that
    not only the government doesn’t reduce or change any english related
    words and posting it would be fair to say!. weibo users should all use
    YOUR ANGER TO THE THINGS YOU DESPISE! Welcome to curious ones 趣玩 I am
    Tim president and co- founder of curious ones English . you may visit us
    or call any time.