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    Beautiful Girls…Or Amazing Asian Pretty Boys?

    From Mop: All of the beautiful girls in the above photographs are actually men. Comments from Mop: 贫僧当时就硬了: I admit I am hard~~ い水珠儿い: I have to say I am a little envious of them. Tell me, how are they so pretty? Sigh, yet still men! s2215959: I can’t go on anymore…if I keep looking […]

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    ‘Leopard Print Man’ Latest Shanghai Metro Celebrity

    From Sohu: Deer Doctor, Gundam Man, “No Pants People“…no one knows when it began but the metro/subway has apparently become a platform for self-expression and personality. Recently, various major internet discussion forums yet again exploded with images and video of Shanghai Metro’s “Leopard Print Man”, whose behavior was weird and improper, attracting many netizen onlookers […]