Thief Returns Stolen Wallet, Praised For Professionalism

china-thieves-pickpockets-01From Mop:

Thank you Chengdu thieves! Your professional character is admirable and I salute you! I will learn from you!

This morning was the first time I’ve had my wallet stolen, I just couldn’t believe it. But on the other hand what happened afterward made me both sad and moved!

This is what happened: On the morning of November 15 2009, I got up and because it was the weekend decided to go to the market to buy some food to reward myself. But after I bought the meat and was just about to buy the vegetables, I felt for my wallet and found that it wasn’t there. I felt so stupid, all of my cards were in there. Then I ran to the local police station to let them know, and ask them to cancel my ID card. – I was afraid that someone would use it to commit a crime (I wasn’t worried about my bank cards, but replacing them would be a pain). When I got to the police station and was asked what I needed, the policeman first asked how much money was in the wallet, I said seven hundred RMB, he said that I hadn’t lost much money and his tone became less helpful (But the cards which were in the wallet were really important). I said that I wanted to cancel my ID card, the lovely police lady said that I couldn’t do that without first putting an ad in a newspaper. But I’d lost all my damn possessions, how could I pay for an ad in a newspaper? I started to feel down. I shook my head and left. As I walked out I thought crap, why didn’t the “” ask me to make a report (If I made a one, if someone else took my ID and committed a crime I couldn’t be held responsible)? I angrily went back and said that if I wanted to make a report I could, couldn’t I? And only then did they arrange for someone to take my statement. What do you think of that? Seems like next time I’ll need to say that I’ve lost tens of thousands, only then will people take notice of me! Ya….


But what happened after moved me and made me admire what real professional attitude is! After I left the police station, I returned to where my wallet had been taken, to see if the thief had taken the cash and abandoned the rest of my wallet or not, I went back to the market, public areas near it, rubbish bins, and recycling areas many times, when I got there a few uncles and aunties who sell meat called out to me, saying buddy your wallet and cards are all here. As soon as I saw I couldn’t believe it, an envelope containing my insurance card, accumulation fund card, bank card, ID card, work card and everything, please note that they were all put in an envelope. In addition to thanking those market sellers, what I want to say even more is…!

This thief’s professionalism makes you admire him, I want to thank the thief who stole my wallet, now this is real professionalism, and I must learn from you…!
Also, readers who lose their wallets, don’t just go to the police station, look around the general area for what you’ve lost (except for the cash), their professionalism will move you!

Comments from Mop:


Looks like thievery is a profession with a future.


Right now the quality of thieves is going up while the quality of poilice is going down. Ya!

wind2wen :

If all thieves were like this, it would mean that society is improving..

13694204195 :

Economically speaking, the competition among thieves is great, so they are the buyers, police are sellers, there is no competition, so you need to beg them…..

狙狂小王爷 :

Nowadays the thieves are indeed better than the “”.

wzm721226 :

It’s a harmonious society, but the police aren’t harmonious.

尘世过来人 :

Actually this is quite good, I don’t want to condemn thieves, I just hope that when I lose my wallet someone gives me back my ID card and other stuff.

yzedhh :

The ZF is the biggest organised crime gang.

★风〃间〃澈☆ :

If I lose my wallet, my greatest hope is that I encounter a thief like this… last time I lost my wallet, I only lost a hundred kuai, but replacing everything inside cost me around three hundred… depressing…

candy的雪花树。 :

Actually this kind of thing happened to a friend of mine, what happened was that her wallet was stolen, and she cried and cried, because it was her living expenses for half a year, then I’m not sure if the thief was looking at her from somewhere crying non-stop, then he threw it in a corner, inside it half was missing, but also remaining was a note, it said “student, you have to look after your wallet, it’s not easy for mum & dad to make money”, that’s right, that friend was a student from a poor background,

dxawuk :

I wasn’t as lucky as you, a few days ago I lost a wallet that had no cash in it, but all my cards and ID were in it, I made a notice but didn’t get it back, that was pretty sad.

艾露恩的星星 :

The one from the police station wasn’t right! Who said that you need to make a newspaper ad to cancel your ID?
If you lose your ID, go directly to the Identification Office in your place of residence.

Get a form to fill out.
With that form go to the specified place for a photo. Give them the form and 15 kuai or so.
Wait three months and it’s sent to you.

It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.

看破红尘恋红尘 :

In August this year I was in Shenzhen and I also had my wallet stolen. All my ID and cards were in it. Also a plane ticket for that day. I couldn’t believe it. I spent half the day looking around for it. As I was on the point of collapsing, a wallet wrapped in a plastic bag fell down from an overpass. I opened it and looked: all the ID was there, even the plane ticket was there. A half set of commemorative Hong Kong currency was there too. There was even 15 or so kuai in small bills. Only around a thousand kuai was missing. Faced with my wallet, which I’d lost and found again I shouted loudly at the bridge “Thank You Brother!” Suddenly I noticed a young guy grinning at me. I immediately sprinted towards him, chasing him for about ten minutes, finally as I was about to give up that thief collapsed on the railing panting and it was then that I grabbed him. I took off my belt and tied his hands together, then took back my money, boxed his ears, got my belt back, threw some money for medicine at him, then took a taxi to the airport.

牛最大 :

I really feel for you, one morning I was so stupid, I was on the net and I got a message that I’d won a phone, I had to send 500 kuai as a deposit, I was stupid so I borrowed some money and sent it over, shit, as soon as I sent it I woke up to what I was doing, and told the bank to help me get the money back but they said it was impossible, then in anger I went to make a police report, at the time I heard that Wuhan had a special online division, I thought that was quite advanced, but they said that the amount of money that I’d been conned out of was too small, if the amount was less than 20,000 they wouldn’t take on the case, damn, if there were a lot of people conned, but each was only 500 kuai, would the amount still be too small? But at that time I finally realised, in this great place, if you con people you just have to con them out of a little money and it’s not against the law, brothers who don’t have any money or any job think about that for a while…

Have you had your wallet stolen by a thief or pickpocket who later returned it?

Note: Images of pickpockets are not related to the original story.

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