Top 10 Signs A Girl Has Fallen In Love With A Man

wink-cute-asian-girlFrom Tianya:

1. Subtle speech

When a woman loves has fallen in love with a man, she usually won’t take the initiative in pouring her heart out and saying “I love you,” and will instead send out subtle messages for you to detect.

For example, while your group of young friends are on the way back from singing songs at the KTV, a girl suddenly says to you: “Can you help me keep this bag of milk warm?” At this time, men will certainly feel very puzzled, thinking: “Why is she asking me to help her warm [this milk]? And further, can the hands really warm it?” Actually, is already purposefully giving you a subtle message.

2. Take initiative to strike up a conversation

In general, boys usually start talking with girls, and this can easily lead the girl to think the boy is a lecher. Since this is a typical way of making conversation, many girls tend to refuse it, or treat the boy with disdain.

The opposite situation is when a girl takes the initiative to start talking with a boy, the boy absolutely will not say anything like this girl is lecherous, maybe because he himself is already beside himself with happiness [that a girl is talking to him]?

Likewise, a girl taking the initiative to talk with a boy, aside from work situations, is very likely that girl is attracted to you, and is interested in you. Otherwise, a girl would rather be beaten to death than risk the kind of social criticism that goes along with that behavior [talking with a boy].

3. Often ask about your well-being

It is without a doubt that all of us, whether meeting an old buddy or just a normal friend, all ask how one another are doing, making the kind of small talk that that has existed for ages that millions of people are familiar with to show our respect for each other. However, most of the time it is old men doing so without sincerity.

So, if we see a situation developing in the opposite direction, and we see a girl fussing over a man, for example saying: “Why are you just wearing such little clothing? Such a cold day, how do you expect others not to worry?” may seem like just normal politeness, but in fact is her limitless love and concern for you. This is the kind of thing that only a wife says to her husband and for her to say it to you now, is the implications are naturally self-evident.

4. Making something out of nothing

When a guy likes a girl, he will be so nervous his nose will bleed, uncontrollably, yet with just a few words, that girl can effortlessly stop the nosebleed that could not be stopped. This world is very strange, that there can be this kind of kung fu, it truly make us feel so powerless.

Similarly, when a girl likes a boy, there will be quite a few things you could never imagine that will happen to you. For example, if a girl suddenly turn to you and ask: “When do you need me to return that book you lent me? I’m almost done but I’d like to read more, do you have any other books, like this, similar to this, others, whatever, anything is fine.” This sort of thing, definitely will make you puzzled.

5. Trance-like expression

Some people say that whenever a girl likes a man, there is always something called hormones that will cause mischief, something secreted on a woman’s body, often causing trouble for women making them unable to control themselves. No matter matter how hard she tries, she will get closer to the man she likes. During this time, however, a girl can’t get too close or other people will suspect that their relationship isn’t proper. But if she is too far away, she won’t be able to smell that man’s mesmerizing scent.

So, this kind of distance really makes things ambiguous,  and in this state of ambiguity, a trance-like expression can be revealing. So when you see someone prompt a girl to talk and it takes forever for her to react, it is exactly that mischief at work.

6. Attentively ask you questions

All along Chinese people have liked to ask about other people’s private affairs, asking about how this family’s kids got into trouble or why that family’s kid got into a fight. This is nothing to be surprised about, but when your friend tells you that there is often someone asking them about your life, your information and situation, you must not not always think this is just other people being nosy, especially if the other person is a man, because it may mean he has bad intentions and wants to ruin you.

On the other hand, if it is a girl, a delicate girl, then your caution is  unnecessary. With this, there is only one possibility: She has already begun to like you, only except she is not yet ready to say so, and is just a prelude to a secret love.


7. Winking

After having used the many methods above, a woman starts to make use of a deadly weapon – winking. This is a an oft-used weapon of devastating power that women use, making even the most powerful men defenseless.

Every girl will do everything she can to grab hold of her Prince Charming, sparing no effort and exhausting all her the  resources she can spare. There is only one objective: to use her eyes to accomplish the final mission. Although this is an often-discussed problem, but how many men can take this kind of seduction? When a woman throws her head back at you like that, even a great hero would be distraught.

8. A shy, red face

If we say a man gets nervous around a woman, that a nosebleed is a normal greeting gift he gives her, then a girl meeting a man she likes will be so shy that her face turns red, all the way to her ears, her entire face flushed, just like a bright shiny spring tomato making you full of sentimental feelings. You this way means you have absolutely fallen into women’s trap, because Sunzi’s “The Art of War” has a section that reads “Allow somebody more latitude at first to keep a tighter rein later on,” which talks about this very thing.

Sometimes, she can fall back in retreat and attack your defenses’ weakest point at the same time, because she can always find your most weakest point on your body. This is many men’s biggest pitfall.

9. Giving gifts

When the time is right, a girl will always give gifts to a guy she likes. Sometimes it’s a T-shirt, other times it might be a coat, or maybe that thing that men put so much importance on, a wristwatch. As a symbol of a man’s age a wristwatch has already gone out of fashion, but in the eyes of today’s women, it’s still a great gift, because  the men who receive a wristwatch already know that it is a very unusual/special gift packed full of meaning. Because the wristwatch includes the girl’s true feelings, it will be very natural for the relationship to begin.

So, when a girl gives a man the something at the appropriate time, a man will understand that you have great affection for him.


10. “Sa jiao” [behaving like a spoiled child] in front of you

Women who act like spoiled children has been talked about many times. If we say this behavior is the mark of an open/loose woman, it seems a little like depriving other women of being able to do this. To put it another way, if you act like a spoiled child in front of the man you like then you’re already quite open enough.

On the same note, a girl who knows how to act like a spoiled child can easily get pity from a man. This lets a woman defeat a man’s best defenses. For example, if you say “Hey let’s go eat!” and then add in a few whiny baby-like noises. Or, if you refuse still, she’ll grab you and pull your clothes and say “Let’s goooo, let’s goooo, just for a bit!” so in the end, you’ll end up going after all.



If I fall in love with a guy, I just tell him up-front.


If I fall in love with a guy, I’ll be nice to him and let him feel that I like him…


How come I don’t feel like isn’t really correct…


I feel like the title shouldn’t say “fallen in love,” it should just say something like “feel pretty good about you” or that she isn’t ruling out developing a relationship with you.


…having 2-3 is enough, having more actually feels a little strange, a bit over the top.


This actually makes a bit of sense.


When a man likes a woman, how can you tell? Who can sum it up for us?


Nowadays they [women] are all really straightforward.


There are really straightforward women out there, Northeastern girls are relatively straightforward: “I really like you, do you like me?”


The first time my previous girlfriend met me, we had a gentle embrace when we parted. As soon as I leaned in I could smell the simple but elegant perfume she was wearing and so I quickly fell captive to her.


Acting like a spoiled kid…
Not my style.


To be honest, I don’t really think this is really correct either. Today’s women are really strange…

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