Woman Travels 1605 Kilometers To See Grandson In Jail

Woman Travels 1605 Kilometers To See Grandson In Jail

A 104-year-old woman all on her own got in a car at Beijing West Station, traveling 1605 kilometers to Changsha to see the grandson that she raised, Mr. Zhao, who had been detained for criminal acts. This old woman concealed her travel plans from her family, so when she arrived at the police station according to the rules she wasn’t allowed to meet her grandson, but this old woman refused to give up. In the end the police contacted her family and they brought her home. Most netizens think the police should have accommodated her, because it was probably her last chance to see her grandson.


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  • lacompacida

    What so special about this. I just flew thousands of kms more just to see my baby granddaughter.

    • guest

      Ahhh, the modern wonders of youthful living in a high GDP per capita country.

  • Bman

    You’d think the police would try just a little to show that they’re not so utterly and completely…you know. I mean really, why doesn’t someone in authority notice how screwed up everything is?

  • sigh! so sad for her!
    when think about family and parents, i feel so lucky at least i still have parents though when i was born they were already not young.
    today i just bought a very good green jade for my father on taobao, the price is so good and the quality is so good. of cos, not so cheap! so happy!

    • Foreign Devil

      You bought jade on Taobao? Do you know that you need to examine the jade very carefully and hold it up to the light before buying it. . It’s not something you should buy online or buy without a lot of knowledge. . same with diamonds.