Xinhua Denies Jiang Zeming Death, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Jiang Zeming.

Jiang Zeming.

From Liba:

BZ don’t delete, Xinhua report, short and sweet.

Alleged screenshot of an ifeng Chinese news report about Xinhua News stating that overseas foreign media reports of Jiang Zeming's death are false rumors.


Xinhua: Information of Jiang Zeming having died from illness are false reports.

Xinhua English News: Previous reports by overseas media of former Chinese Chairman/President Jiang Zemin’s death from illness are “pure rumor.”

The above screen shot is of a since deleted and inaccessible ifeng news article. At this time, it is still viewable on Baidu cache. Below are some Chinese netizen comments from earlier today.

Comments from Liba:


Then has he come out and refuted the rumors yet?




The moderators haven’t deleted even one [post], okay?

Don’t always moderator this moderator that.


Definitely going to be deleted~


Those spreading rumors will all be going to have coffee [have tea].


Wasn’t it said that he’s in a serious coma?


Not death from illness.
It’s death from anger.


We warmly welcome Chairman/President Jiang to come out and speak with us!!


失实=事实? [shī shí = shì shí?, false = fact?]

凍咖啡: (responding to whx1313)

Have him take a photo of himself holding a piece of paper with “Liba 20110707” written on it, and dispel the rumors.

香菇鸡肉酱: (responding to whx1313)

笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙


It’s true he hasn’t died from illness!!

Your brain no longer working doesn’t mean you’ve died from illness!!


No photo, no personal appearance.


If deleted, it’ll just spread/be reposted even faster.


Sigh, the majority of people saw the new still express disbelief.
What does that say?


The foreign media are also just saying that he’s brain dead but his heart is still beating, can hang on for over half a year, after all individual taxes have been reformed recently.


Take the time to download some movies, games, and whatever. It’ll come in handy. [Refers to a potential government mandated blackout of online entertainment services for a countrywide mourning.]


Isn’t dying from illness at an old age very normal, why try hiding it? I don’t understand. What more, he’s not a current serving leader either.


The singing of red songs probably revived him. [Red songs are patriotic Communist Chinese songs that have been promoted (and ridiculed) recently in China.]


So just what is the truth?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Brett Hunan

    Are the Chinese sad about this, or is it just like “oh, he died?”

    • Brett Hunan

      I realize my question didn’t have much to do with the topic so let me reword….

      Where and when did the first report of death occur, and if he isn’t dead do you think the gov is trying to pull some Kim Il Sung trip on the public?

      • Chris

        I don’t see why the government would do something of that sort. He’s been outta power for a while now, almost a decade. He’s death, to me, doesn’t have the same impact as Deng Xiaoping’s, but then again, I was still in China when Deng Xiaoping died.

        I wonder if he is truly dead, or just right on death’s door.

        • N_Korean

          what i can say is “omfg, Jeus finally calls u back , fvking bitch,Jiang “

    • Sunshine

      Well, I can’t generalize for the whole of the Chinese population.

      I told my dad on the phone yesterday. He said: “Oh, nothing to do with me.”

      The most I got out of my mom was “Ah? Really..”

      To add to your statistics.

      • Irvin

        Chinese living in china, I share your parents’ sentiments.

        It’s really hard to care about anything but oneself in china, most news are doctored by the government. Most people have no influence on anything political.

        China is a country where you can disagree but must also accept. So some dude from the government die, no big deal, accepted. So he lives, whatever, accepted.

        We chinese are very very accepting.

        • Sunshine

          It is true that the Chinese population is in general a more indifferent group of human beings.
          However in my dad’s case, he was merely expressing his distaste at the government, I’m sure, lol. Thank goodness he doesn’t live in China any more. He’d never be able to survive there. He couldn’t stand a lot of the things that he sees in society and it drove him crazy every day. He also never really got a hang of the norm/the way of doing things like what to do when you want to pull some strings so he was always viewed as kind of an eccentric.


          • rollin wit 9’s

            you might be just my cup of tea sunshine. And to answer your question. Of all the asians i know and friends i have – from the japanese, koreans, singaporeans, phillipinos and viets,

            they all seem more similar than the chinese. If someone can back this up/provide own experience please do. Im not counting the asian-americans/westerners either im talking the ones straight from and still in their homeland.

          • Sunshine

            I had a question? 6@_@
            I’m not sure what you meant by “more similar than the Chinese”. Could you please elaborate more on that? Otherwise, I would gladly contribute haha.

  • Stu

    Goodnight sweet prince

    • Jiang Zeming is back! 4 more years!

  • Alex

    Oh shit, let’s hope not, I totally forgot the stupid mourning they do and ban anything that has to do with entertainment.

    • Alikese

      But crocodile tears are the only way to truly show your love to someone you’ve never met and don’t really care about!

    • Spanky

      Not another excuse to close KTVs! :-(

  • warped0ne

    “Xinhua English News: Previous reports by overseas media”

    Since when is Hong Kong considered “overseas”?

    • Alex

      Hehe, it’s always been considered foreign territory for a long time, and for many things still is(visas, calling, money, market, residence permit, car/motorbike driving license, etc)

    • Miao

      It has been since over 150 years ago

    • Come to think of it, this “Hong Kong is still foreign” meme would be quite the ironic epitaph for the man who ushered it back into the Chinese fold.

      • Somethin Somethin

        It is an island after all which does technically make it “overseas” :-)

  • Actually, yes, I believe that Jiang Zemin is probably still alive. If he was dead, they would have announced it by now – he’s been a fairly marginalised figure for some time now. Enough time has passed from the 90th anniversary for this to be releaseable without casting a pall over the celebrations.

    His no-show at the 90th anniverary is probably down to severe illness – he could be in a coma, or could have suffered a severe stroke. If he was dead, there would be no reason not to tell us even within the CCP’s often-twisted logic.

    • Bruce

      On the contrary, I suspect we are underestimating the CCP’s often-twisted logic. The proximity to the celebrations is merely one element which factors into their hesitation. Jiang is the first post-personality-cult president of China, and one previously involved in a slight dispute with the current president to boot, which led to Jiang essentially becoming the butt of jokes; it is likely the CCP would be especially careful in how they reveal the news of his death, if only because it would set a precedent on how vilified future Chinese presidents may be after they are dead–and (therefore) perhaps before.

      That said, I don’t doubt for a minute that he would hang on as long as possible. Such is the way of turtles.

      • Could be. When Hua Guofeng popped his clogs there was barely a murmur, Jiang has been a bit of a sad figure these last few years, but he was never ostracised to the degree that Hua was.

        My guess is is/when his death is announced, they’ll go with some kind of “Jiang was 95% correct” schtick that’ll last a few days, have the funeral, and then probably see how much of the ridiculous “Three Principles” they can dump. Random talk about getting rid of Mao Zedong thought and Socialism with Chinese characteristics aside, that’s where the real space for pruning is.

        Like you say though, the Hu/Wen crowd know that they’ll likely get the same treatment that Jiang’s crew got once Xi/Li get their collective feet in the door, so they won’t go at Jiang’s legacy too hard.

        • Bruce

          Jiang has still got some cachet in Shanghai–of the 20% annual GDP growth. Otherwise, I’d really be gearing up for them to hit the 60/40 card. You’ve got to love the bind they’re in: lesser figures can never really surpass Mao by any metric, but playing down confirms the traditional declination after a new dynasty was established.

          I think Jiang will get off alright, but that won’t stop the CCP from being scared at the reaction.

      • Actually, thinking about it, the fact that Chinese translation of the English-language denial is being censored, and the lack of an original Chinese-language report being put out by Xinhua shows that Xinhua is playing a double game. It would be hard to understand this kind of activity unless Jiang actually is dead, and they want to silence foreign sources whilst not looking stupid in front of domestic observers.

  • Rod

    And the legend lives on. Maybe in Vegas next year well see him next to Elvis and Tupac impersonators.

    • Jiang is actually famous for singing “Love me Tender” Phillipine Ramos after a conference; who knows, ya know? Are those white jumpsuits one size fits all?

      • Anon

        That puts it into perspective. Could be the Phillipines factor that kept him away then. A subtle message perhaps? Tainted so not welcome? Not welcome in case of taint? The taint of foreigners messing up the Phillipines-China relationship that is.

      • Comrade terroir

        O Sole Mio, the comrade was better known for that

        that shall be song of the article

        when he starts climbing the stairway to communist heaven…..


        • Lemme guess… after Jiang released the held two notes “O” and “Sol(e)” and the song went into waltz time with “Meee-o” (not synchonized up with the ColorOK machine), that’s when we’re supposed to right, amirite?

        • King Tubby

          Kedafu. Stairway to Heaven. I missed the bleeding obvious and will paypal you 50c. Spend it wisely.

  • chengdude

    I really need to find the brand of hair coloring they’re using over at CCP Central. I wonder if their colorists take walk-in appointments or possibly do outcalls?

  • Bingya

    I say he will “die” around 10th, when the students go home because of summer holiday.

    • [email protected]

      Seriously, I thought this guy had been dead for quite a while.

  • Song Of The Article:

    “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead!” by the Munchkins

    Hong Kong is Foreign!!! Whooo!!!


    • Mercator

      Surely it should be “Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        [Alice in chains – Rooster ]

        aint found a waaaay to kiiiill me yet…… “Here they come to snuff the rooster….”
        aaawww yeaaah

        Song of the fcking article. Now we are rockin! Im gonna go play it hehe

  • HF

    He’s 84 already

    Doesn’t matter if he’s dead or alive, it’s been a life for him

    what a pity

  • BC datouyu

  • King Tubby

    This Jiang Zeming report calls for the Transylvanian Solution. Silver bullets, garlic, mirrors and lots of sunlight, but if he is a zombie we’re all fucked.

    • King Tubby

      Dead Man’s Party by the Hillbilly Hellcats:

      ♬ well I’ve got my suit and I’ve got my tie
      shiny little pennies on each eye
      the devil laughs and opens the door
      there’s always room for just one more ♬

      Get with the plot here, Kedafu.

      • Was busy all day yesterday kicking some commie+capitalist ass

        Song of the Article,

        Old Man
        -Neil Young

        Dead or Dying
        Comrade Jiang Zemin

        You will be remembered, you old nose picker!


      • Guys, guys, guys, how could you miss the obvious choice?

        Wanted, dead or alive

        Bon Jovi

  • So… Jay-Z from the Big B is still living the life easy?

    • King Tubby

      No Matthew. Being a zombie is not an easy gig, wandering through malls and then being enviscerated by teenagers wielding sharp objects. Then you lose face since other teenagers then pay good money at the picture theatre to watch you being enviscerated.

      This lost soul will wander the earth, but he will eventually find a semblance of happiness working as an extra in an el cheapo Tokyo horror film studio.

      Im conflicted however when it comes to the future of Wen and Hu. Wen will probably end up doing missionary work in Africa and Hu will become model for hair dye and spectacle frames.

      • If you really want a good starting point for a zombie flick – then it would start in a certain chilly muesum in the Big B, followed by series of conflicting reports in Xinhua and other organs, then seguing to an isolated farming community somewhere in P.R. China a few months later – being surprised by the first living visitors, but not from CCP.

        • King Tubby

          No. He rises from the family burial plot, offs a few cemetary attendants and stray dogs, then wreaks ghastly revenge on the Hu/Wen clique who displaced him before proceeding onto the 2012 leadership in waiting. We need a narrative trigger device and revenge is as good as any.

          I will be providing the soundtrack since I can’t stand a lot of Kedafu’s post 80s musical 50 centers. And since we are aiming for an AO audience, better throw in a sauna/KTV scene, and maybe a visit to a kindergarten to really amp up the gore and mayhem quotient.

          • Hm… interesting start – have to throw in the CCP into fray eventually… probably with a couple of wideshot scenes at the Bird’s Nest and Forbidden City.

            As for AO audience… {facepalm} … a sauna?! Cripes… try a ‘secret hideout’ for a local offical – and his ‘girl’ that he doesn’t realize has been ‘infected’ until she turns during a BJ. I guarntee the audience will cheer/cringe at the site of the offical ‘getting cut down to size’.

  • PRC

    jiang zemin not jiang zeming

  • Foreign Devil

    He probably has alzheimers or a stroke . . . so like other such people suffering mental disease in CHina he must be hidden away to save face of his family.

    • Justin

      Hmmm….and people in Western countries just trot out their demented relatives publicly? Bring them to dinner with them? Take them to the park?

      • hoots

        Actually yes, all the time. It is a common and welcomed occurance. They also often have jobs and live their lives out in public like everyone else. It’s what happens when you care more about the people in your life than what other people think about you and your family. It’s called compassion.

        • KfU

          * first post in a while – hard to find something that “TIM” hasn’t already “trolled” in his/her attempt to undertake his/her personal vendetta against the white race…

          seriously… in the “west” they allow people with Alzheimer’s disease to wander around freely and have jobs?

          Wow.. it mustn’t be as bad as it used to be then… ‘cos watching my nan suffer from the disease back in the 80s / 90s – I’d say that wandering around and working were the least compassionate things anyone could have made her do…

          … and anyway – statistically don’t more people just shove their mentally challenged elderly relatives in to care homes in the west – unlike in China, where for most such a thing would be financially un-feasible? (and in a choice between being hidden in a care home and hidden in a family home, etc)

          … there are many things to bash the Chinese about, if that is your want – but compassion for relatives really isn’t one of them, especially in a West v China statement…

          … and about the whole caring more about the people in your life than what people think of your family… isn’t that a bit selfish and lacking in compassion to people whom are not in your family?

          The last time i was in London, I took my then gf out for a meal… nice restaurant… pricey… sadly for me, before i’d even touched my starter – i was startled by what i thought was a small child being brutally gang raped by a herd of elephants – only to find out upon inspection that it was a (compassionate) family taking their mentally challenged offspring out to eat…

          Now compassion is great, but that person didn’t have a clue where they where or what they were eating, any more than i can explain particle physics – so my experience was ruined and my money was wasted because that family wanted to be “compassionate”… hardly seems fair, does it?

          At least in a restaurant in China, it would be so noisy anyway with everyone “talking” (or “shouting” as it is known in the UK) that i could have happily eaten my meal without any notion that the noisy little spastic was there…. maybe every restaurant in China is filled with “compassionate” families taking their retard relatives out – and you and I just don’t notice it?

          • hoots

            “seriously… in the “west” they allow people with Alzheimer’s disease to wander around freely and have jobs?”

            ~No. I was referring to people with disabilities in general, not a specific condition.

            “… and anyway – statistically don’t more people just shove their mentally challenged elderly relatives in to care homes in the west – unlike in China, where for most such a thing would be financially un-feasible? (and in a choice between being hidden in a care home and hidden in a family home, etc)”

            ~What do you think might happen in Chinese society if that was a choice. Seeing that it really isn’t a choice for most Chinese, it’s really a mute point. Furthermore, presuming all “Westerners” want to hide their elderly relatives away is ridiculous and you know that.

            “… there are many things to bash the Chinese about, if that is your want – but compassion for relatives really isn’t one of them, especially in a West v China statement…”

            ~ I never said anything close to China bashing or about China at all. Chines people generally stay closer to there families (for better or worse), and do take care of eachother, of course. I was just informing Justin that in the “West” it is a common sight to see people with all sorts of disabilities and handicaps living full lives, in public, and without the social stigma he implied. It’s actually something we often value. In the US kids with all kinds of conditions, disabilities, handicaps, etc. are included and embraced in school and in the community. I have taught in many schools in China at every age level and have NEVER seen a person with any kind of visible disability. hmmmmm. Just my experience though.

            “… and about the whole caring more about the people in your life than what people think of your family… isn’t that a bit selfish and lacking in compassion to people whom are not in your family?”

            ~I think caring about your family and friends before you do others has more to do with survival, evolution, and furthering the species than it has to do with selfishness.

            ~ And, regarding your experience in the restaurant….. I guess you’ve never had a relative or known anyone with a disability. So I guess understanding their situation might be difficult. I’m sure the “mentally challenged offspring” is really sorry for ruining your date and wasting your money. If the “offspring” had the ability to be a pretentious d-bag who cared only for himself and his money I’m sure he’d be just like you. Your hypocrisy is slightly more pronounced than your ignorance. You’re so right. “Compassion” is only acceptable as long as my experience and money aren’t affected.

            ~Then, you go on to bash Chinese people talking loudly in restaurants and equate them with “retards.” Not even close to funny man.

            Seriously, grow up.

          • I’m sorry a disabled boy ruined your experience at an expensive Chinese restaurant. The parents of the disabled boy really should be more compassionate to people like you by keeping their child inside and away from others. It’s the reasonable thing to do.

      • Jumpy

        I live in Beijing and I actually do see old in their wheelchairs out and about in the neighborhood park with their caregivers.

        • hoots

          I live in Qingdao and can’t remember the last time I saw anything that even attempted to be wheelchair accessible, with the exception of 2 luxury brand style malls. Maybe it will happen one day, but as of the last year or so, I’ve never seen someone in a wheelchair in public.

        • Dem’s the old, they just got age on them and you’ll see them happily walking backwards and clapping. Howeves, you don’t see anyone else in a wheelchair that is crippled or disabled (the difference is in the crust, and the proof is in the pudding), or in that case anyone with a mental disorder.

          That annoying raised-texture sidewalk designed to allow blind folks to walk on the road? All over BJ town and Shangers, but you never see any blind-zi. But “overseas” in HKong and their fancy “egalitarian” thinking, folks trundle the mentat retardeds all around in gigantic E-wheelchairs as though they are back on the mainland with a cart full of valuable empty cans and bottles.

          Anyone with a disorder, disfigurement, mental disease or you know, not normal is not acceptable and shameful in Chines. If Jiang’r “O Sole Mio” is suffering from some terrible human affliction like ALT-zimers and this news gets out, the terrible shame this will bring to Chines will be like scientifically proving pidan are the world’s most revolting food. By CNN.

  • Glowndark

    No news will be released concerning our leader until 5000 terracotta PLA + 500 terracotta Stealth J-20 fighters with terracotta pilots inside are completed to the last one.

  • King Tubby

    Whats all this compassion crap – old codgers in wheel chairs enjoying the sunset of their lives – above. We are talking about the undead here.

    Note to Fauna. Put Pusan Playa back on the payroll.

  • donscarletti

    Even though former Chairman Jiang cops a lot of hate sometimes, if you were given the choice of going to a bar to get hammered with any former or current Chinese leader, I think he would be far and away the most fun.

    Rest in peace comrade.

    • I don’t know, I’d kind of prefer to hang out with Deng Xiaoping. Pithy quotable quotes and all that.

      • donscarletti

        “小孩子不听话,该打打屁股了” “Children who don’t listen need to have their bottoms spanked” – Deng Xiaoping on the Sino-Vietnamese war.

        I quoted this to my Vietnamese friend. The response was: “he can say whatever he likes, we still won”.

        I’ve noticed that this fond little nugget of 邓小平理论 has been popping up frequently in the more hawkish Chinese websites of late in relation to the Spratly Islands.

    • If i were given the choice of going to a bar to get hammered with any former or current Chinese leader, I would choose…

      Hu Jintao. Absolutely. Because he would be the best wingman ever: Hu would be a stalwart and committed wingman, he’d choose a girl and stick with her, he wouldn’t do some kind of pretentious cross-over to ditch the ugly broad for the easy lay – no. Hu Jintao – a bro to the end, man.

      Even if he didn’t laugh at all my witty jokes, you know he’s the type of guy who’s a good listener especially during the “philosopher” part of my drunkenness when I railing on and on about foreign technology and management practices.

    • guobao2

      Did a quick poll among my middle schoolers (had them for 3 years so they are pretty open and well informed) picking their favourite Chinese leader from the last century. Zhou Enlai got 6 of 12 votes, 1 for Zhao Ziyang (gutsy) 3 for Sun Yixian, 1 for Jiang Jieshi -forgot the pinyin- and one blank. None at all for CCP era leaders. Although 2 technically weren’t leaders of the country in a traditional sense, I still think they deserved to be included on the pick list. Unfortunately these kids are all from the top 3 middle schools in my province and all the pick of the litter. I’m afraid if you’d ask Average Joe Student the answers would be very different.

  • wangjian008

    Everyone in the room is weeping, the dying old man lie in the bed who hardly catch up his breath,said:”sweetheart Ying, I have little time… to linger on this planet, my last wish….is to enjoy your singing….sing a song for me, so I will rest….” Ying move forward with tears brimming in her eyes” My sweet bitterness lover, I’ll sing for you, rest assured to pass away!” The old man nod with all his strength. Ying try to keep her grief, her rosy lips quivering, give out her favorite song—Today is a wonderful day.

  • manusan

    Jiang zemin, 2 lines in chinese scolar book.

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  • So is he dead or what?

  • Joe

    fauna cannot into hanyupinyin.

  • sept