Xinhua Denies Jiang Zeming Death, Chinese Netizen Reactions

Jiang Zeming.

Jiang Zeming.

From Liba:

BZ don’t delete, Xinhua report, short and sweet.

Alleged screenshot of an ifeng Chinese news report about Xinhua News stating that overseas foreign media reports of Jiang Zeming's death are false rumors.


Xinhua: Information of Jiang Zeming having died from illness are false reports.

Xinhua English News: Previous reports by overseas media of former Chinese Chairman/President Jiang Zemin’s death from illness are “pure rumor.”

The above screen shot is of a since deleted and inaccessible ifeng news article. At this time, it is still viewable on Baidu cache. Below are some Chinese netizen comments from earlier today.

Comments from Liba:


Then has he come out and refuted the rumors yet?




The moderators haven’t deleted even one [post], okay?

Don’t always moderator this moderator that.


Definitely going to be deleted~


Those spreading rumors will all be going to have coffee [have tea].


Wasn’t it said that he’s in a serious coma?


Not death from illness.
It’s death from anger.


We warmly welcome Chairman/President Jiang to come out and speak with us!!


失实=事实? [shī shí = shì shí?, false = fact?]

凍咖啡: (responding to whx1313)

Have him take a photo of himself holding a piece of paper with “Liba 20110707” written on it, and dispel the rumors.

香菇鸡肉酱: (responding to whx1313)

笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙 笑掉大牙


It’s true he hasn’t died from illness!!

Your brain no longer working doesn’t mean you’ve died from illness!!


No photo, no personal appearance.


If deleted, it’ll just spread/be reposted even faster.


Sigh, the majority of people saw the new still express disbelief.
What does that say?


The foreign media are also just saying that he’s brain dead but his heart is still beating, can hang on for over half a year, after all individual taxes have been reformed recently.


Take the time to download some movies, games, and whatever. It’ll come in handy. [Refers to a potential government mandated blackout of online entertainment services for a countrywide mourning.]


Isn’t dying from illness at an old age very normal, why try hiding it? I don’t understand. What more, he’s not a current serving leader either.


The singing of red songs probably revived him. [Red songs are patriotic Communist Chinese songs that have been promoted (and ridiculed) recently in China.]


So just what is the truth?


2011 July 7, do you believe former Chinese President Jiang Zeming is dead or alive?

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