Young Chinese Girl Returns Home, Takes Over 20 Baths, Dies

Li Yue, a young Chinese girl who died from mysterious circumstances in Dongguan.

Li Yue, a young Chinese girl who died from mysterious circumstances in Dongguan.

From NetEase:

Young Girl Taken Away By 4 Men, Returns Home, Takes Over 20 Baths, Dies

At around 10pm on the night of 2014 October 20, Hunan province Yueyang city girl Li Yue reached the end of her short 17 years of life. On September 30th, she had arrived in Dongguan from Changsha. At around 6am in the early morning of October 20th, this slender and pretty girl was taken away by four men who were sitting at the same table as her at a midnight snack street vendor stall. A whole 10 hours later, she returned to her rented room in a confused state of mind, covered in bruises. When taken to the hospital, it was determined that she had taken MDMA [“Ecstasy”], and two hours later, she was dead despite medical help.

Photo is of Li Yue's rented room, a table covered with cosmetics."
Photo is of Li Yue’s rented room, a table covered with cosmetics.”

After Li Yue was taken away by strange men and “missing” for 10 hours, she finally returned to her rented room in Dongcheng. “I don’t know who brought her back, but she was completely erratic.” Upon hearing a knock, Li Yue’s roommate Feng Tianyuan opened the door to discover Li Yue in an extremely excited/stimulated state. “She had bruises all over her legs, arms, and neck, and was in a confused state. She went outside, found a broom, entered the room, and began hitting, saying that the entire room was filled with snakes and rats.” Feng Tianyuan remembers that Li Yu bathed at least 20 times that afternoon. “Then she stopped wearing anything, and with a towel around her, she again went outside to get the broom to hit rats.”

Photo is of Li Yue's rented room.
Photo is of Li Yue’s rented room.

Afterward, Feng Tianyuan called the boss of where Li Yue worked, Luo X. “Manager Luo said she must’ve been “drugged”, and that we had to hurry and take her to the hospital.” Feng Tianyuan and a male coworker helped take Li Yue to the hospital to be examined by a doctor. The examination results showed that Li Yue had taken MDMA in the past 48 hours.

October 26th afternoon, in the bathroom of a rented room opposite the Dongcheng Road Jinao Garden in Guangdong province Dongguan city, a pair of high-heels and a basin of unwashed clothes.
October 26th afternoon, in the bathroom of a rented room opposite the Dongcheng Road Jinao Garden in Guangdong province Dongguan city, a pair of high-heels and a basin of unwashed clothes.

“The doctor prescribed some medicine and recommended that she stay in the hospital for observation, but she said she didn’t take any drugs and didn’t want medical attention, so we could only go back.” On the way back, Li Yue kept saying to Feng Tianyuan, “the taxi is full of snakes and rats,” so they had no choice but to walk home. At the time, it was already 9:30pm in the evening. “She said she was thirsty so I gave her some water until she finally fell asleep on the bed and quieted down a bit.” Not long later, Feng Tianyuan heard an “ugh” sound emit from Li Yue’s throat, and then she was no longer breathing. When the 120 [emergency medical number] ambulance arrived, doctors verified that Li Yue had died.

Comments from NetEase:

飞鸟不过冬 [网易广西贵港市手机网友]:

How tragic this is, she definitely must’ve been gang-raped, and had lost her mind.

慧妃得渔 [网易北京市手机网友]:

Why did the girl leave with them? I think the girl should’ve led a more moral life [made better decisions, behaved more appropriately]?

网易河南省郑州市手机网友 ip:115.60.*.*

Not only did she take Ecstasy, she probably took a lot of it…

不正常人类研究所主任 [网易广东省深圳市手机网友]:

Public morality gets lower by the day. Girls should have more self-regard, and always be on the guard.

瑞丽坊服饰批发 [网易湖北省武汉市手机网友]:

Must’ve taken 幻King [hallucinogenic ketamine?]. Regarding her excited/stimulated state, it’s probably her first time being forced to do it, so she was psychologically rejecting it and excited, producing fears/phobias. During her state of fear, she had hallucinations, seeing snakes and rats. Regarding going to the hospital, the doctors on duty at night at such a time, they often treat patients by making random prescriptions to be done with it, because [those responsible for conducting] blood tests and urine tests have all gone home. I bet the medicine prescribed were depressants and sleep aids, because the patient was babbling nonsense and in a excitable state. As for what ultimately happened, the “ugh” sound, that was probably caused by drug poisoning and respiratory paralysis. So, who is ultimately responsible should be the doctor. All of the above views are all conjecture. Spent half an hour typing this on my mobile phone. Those who support it, click the lower right corner [the upvote button].

霸王鳖王霸 [网易湖北省武汉市网友]:

6 yuan malatang [hot spicy soup, a common street food]!

rss168 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Ecstasy is scary.

詩聖 詩聖 [网易浙江省温州市手机网友]:

“Taking Drugs”
A young girl took drugs,
and afterward kept bathing.
She didn’t know she had overdosed,
and even skilled doctors could not save her.
— Poetic Sage.

[Note: The original Chinese rhymes.]

16b38d86ecdd26d85ce879ec [网易澳大利亚手机网友]:

China really is strange. When a girl is violated, so many people’s first reaction isn’t that those thugs should be punished but that the victim deserved it for not behaving like a proper woman. What kind of nonsense is this? How is this any different from Indian government officials talking about rape cases and how the woman deserved it because she shouldn’t have been out on the street?

This story was also a top trending #hashtag# on popular Chinese microblogging platform and social network Sina Weibo at time of translation.


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