12-Year-Old Chinese Girl Raped and Murdered in Guangzhou

12-year-old girl raped and murdered in Guangzhou.

12-year-old girl raped and murdered in Guangzhou.

From Southern Metropolis Daily:

Guangzhou 12-Year-Old Girl Raped and Murdered After Being Abducted Downstairs from Own Home

Southern Metropolis Daily report — Journalists Lian Jie and Li Jie — After nearly half a month of searching for their daughter, the parents of Xiao Lin [“Little/Young” Lin] ultimately can only face their daughter’s not complete remains. This tragedy happened in Guangzhou city’s Huadu district Shiling town. On the night of January 28, the 12-year-old Young Lin who had gone out to buy shoes had yet to return home. Her parents reported it to the police and searched for days without result. Finally, police arrested criminal suspect Pan X and found a suspicious corpse in Hecheng that was identified as Young Lin. According to the suspect’s account, Young Lin had been raped and murdered by him.


The man had followed her from the market all the way to her home downstairs

12-year-old Young Lin’s family lives in Guangzhou Huadu district Shiling town. Around 7pm on the evening of January 28th, just three days after her birthday, Young Lin went out by herself to the Hecheng Market about 15 minutes away from her home to buy shoes and never returned home again.

Young Lin’s aunt Miss Zhong says after the incident, they saw from various surveillance cameras: At 8:48pm on the 28th, Young Lin had returned to her home downstairs when suddenly a man that had been tailing after her put his arms around Young Lin, seemingly covering Young Lin’s mouth, then pushed Young Lin to the opposite side where they immediately disappeared from the security camera’s view.

“This same person was discovered at Hecheng Market [in surveillance footage], wandering around in the market as if looking for a target before eventually following Young Lin,” said Miss Zhong. Neither Young Lin’s parents nor relatives recognized this man. In other surveillance footage, this man and Young Lin had passed through Kangzheng Road and Tuanjie Road, and after passing the intersection of Hecheng Road ad Hecheng Primary School Road, they entered Hecheng village where there were not street lights. Because there was no surveillance camera at the entrance to the village, the trailed was broken there.

Her family refused to give up and eventually in other Hecheng village surveillance footage found the man in front of a shopping mall of the village with his arm around Young Lin’s neck. “I saw him gripping her neck.” After that, there was again no more surveillance footage.


The frantic search, the frightening phone call

On the night of January 28, Young Lin’s parents called the police. On the 29th, Young Lin’s parents again reported the case to authorities, requesting the police investigate the surveillance footage of various street intersections as well as conduct a search in Hecheng village. The family printed missing person notices and posted/handed them out everywhere, handing out many especially in Hecheng village, also leaving their contact telephone number.

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On the 30th, the family noticed that Young Lin’s QQ [instant messaging account] had briefly gone online; On the 31st, this QQ account had also been online. Young Lin’s friend Young Ping also contacted Young Lin’s parents on the 31st, claiming Young Lin had arranged to meet at Young Ping’s family’s stall. [Young Lin’s] family immediately went to the arranged meeting spot where they waited an entire morning but Young Lin did not appear.

On the evening of February 2nd, Miss Zhong received a frightening telephone call. Miss Zhong says the sound on the other end was very low and the only words she could make out were “Are you looking for your niece? Your niece’s body is very nice”, scaring her so to the point of her body trembling.

On February 10th, Young Lin’s parents suddenly received a call from a Hecheng villager saying the police have entered the village and sealed off the fish pond, reportedly having found a girl’s body. That day, criminal police extracted DNA from relatives and yesterday afternoon, the family were notified that the deceased was determined to be Young Lin.

An unbearable conclusion after nearly half a month. In the Public Security Bureau , Young Lin’s mother was curled up in Miss Zhong’s arms crying without stop, while Young Lin’s father could only watch his wife with listless eyes, saying nothing.


The most commented article of the day on NetEase…

From NetEase:

Guangzhou 12-Year-Old Girl Raped and Murdered Case Solved, Suspected Captured

Yancheng Evening News report — On the night of the 28th last month, a 12-year-old Huadu girl Young Lin left her home to buy something but instead ran into a beast of a man who lured her to a rented room where she was first raped and then killed. The day before yesterday, the criminal suspect Pan X was arrested by Huadu police.

January 29th around midnight, Yuan X called the Huadu police claiming that his/her 12-year-old daughter Young Lin had not returned home after leaving home to buy something around 7pm on the 28th. After receiving the report, Huadu police immediately set up a special investigative team to begin the investigation. After a large number of interviews and investigation, the special investigative team police officers had strong suspicions that Pan X (male, 25 years old, from Guangxi) committed the crime. Two days ago, police arrested Pan X at a leather products company in Shiling town Hecheng village.

Through interrogation, the criminal suspect Pan X confessed that he had approached Young Lin on the street on the night of January 28th and subsequently lured her to his own rented room where he had sexual relations with her. Then, afraid Young Lin would expose the matter after leaving, Pan X strangled her to death and dumped her body.

At present, Pan X has already been detained as a criminal in accordance with the law, with the investigation continuing.

Comments from NetEase:

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utcipzyz [网易上海市网友]:

Worse than a beast/animal! I suggest he be castrated and then executed!!!

网易河南省郑州市手机网友 ip:61.52.*.*: (responding to above)

You’re so merciful 😁

网易辽宁省大连市手机网友 ip:116.3.*.*:

Death by a thousand cuts, and quartered [limbs pulled apart by horse-drawn carts].

网易湖北省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*:

Lured to his rented room?? When you’re already 12 years old, how can you be so easily deceived, her family education must’ve been lacking [parents did not teach her to be wary of strangers].

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友 ip:211.140.*.*:

Didn’t they say she was abducted? How did it become lured?

网易河北省石家庄市手机网友 ip:124.236.*.*:

Saying he’s worse than an animal is an insult to animals.

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:112.97.*.*:

Why not just go to Dongguan?

网易青海省西宁市手机网友 ip:221.207.*.*:

Suggest his entire family be executed.

xfg11 [网易广西贵港市手机网友]:

Death penalty without reprieve.

网易广西桂林市手机网友 ip:116.1.*.*:

Such an animal!

网易广东省广州市越秀区网友 [忍辱负重or苟且偷生]:

First confiscate all of his individual assets/property as compensation for the girl’s family, then sentence him to death to be carried out immediately!

网易江苏省手机网友 ip:117.136.*.*: (responding to above)

I suggest not executing him immediately. First excise all of the usable organs on the beast’s body, sell them to sick people in need of organ transplants, and give all the funds to the victim’s family as compensation!

xiaojingling1 [网易山东省济南市手机网友]:

Not even sparing this small of a child, he must be put to death!

How should this type of criminals be dealt with?

Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • ex-expat

    From stupid rabbit face to this? Interesting…

    • Guang Xiang

      you could say, that escalated quickly

  • narsfweasels

    What a sad, unhappy and miserable world this can be sometimes.

  • mr.wiener

    A horrible thing. The poor parents…nothing more to say really,… vengeance on the evil man? It’s going to happen. I always feel empty in side after reading something like this.

    • richardzhu99

      good men always die young, come and forget it .

  • lonetrey / Dan

    How dare he.

    Throw him in a prison. I hear rapists and murderers of young little girls fare the worst in those conditions.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      They do. There’s a sort of pecking order amongst prisoners based on what you’re in for. Child rapists are at the bottom.

      • loki

        chinese prison is completely different… Its based on what kind of outside connections (ie money) you have. you got money life is pretty cushy.. if your poor you’ll be looking for a place to hang yourself .

      • Dr Sun

        A rapist in a Chinese jail, well unless he has very strong relations, connections and power has a very nasty time that ends in a very short time.

    • whuddyasack

      They do. I’ve read accounts and thoughts from ex-prisoners and prisoners and the criminals who get the most respect are those who were sent there for fighting. Pedophiles, child abusers, and rapists were viewed as the lowest of scum, by even the other prisoners.

  • Rick in China

    He called the aunt to taunt, and so quickly admitted to everything?

    Seems fishy…it’s fucked up either way.

  • firebert5

    In the U.S jails where I worked for a few years, they keep child rapists separated from the rest of the population to limit the possibility of them being attacked by the other inmates. Not sure if they do that in federal prison, but they do in county jails. The child rapists where a distinctive purple wrist band with their inmate info while most of the other inmates where green bands typically, red (high security risk), or yellow (homosexual, and must also be segregated from general pop in the jails). Point being, child rapists are despised even among murderers and other criminals.

    • mr.wiener

      I wonder how true this is for Chinese jails.

  • Probotector

    Just look at the bloodthirsty vindictive netizen comments:

    “Suggest his entire family be executed.”

    “First confiscate all of his individual assets/property as compensation for the girl’s family, then sentence him to death to be carried out immediately!”

    “I suggest not executing him immediately. First excise all of the usable organs on the beast’s body, sell them to sick people in need of organ transplants, and give all the funds to the victim’s family as compensation!”

    This makes them no better than the culprit. Yes, put him to death, but seriously, kill his whole family? Harvest his organs and sell them?

    What’s this trying to say? Chinese people never take shit, never give an inch and never forget? Um, okay then.

    • Rick in China

      Definitely bloodthirsty. They jump directly to execution without any judge/jury, like I said, it’s curious how the dude they’ve apprehended apparently confessed so incredibly quickly, lets at least make sure he’s the dude before harvesting his organs..

    • David

      I sort of like the “harvest his organs part” lol But than I believe in the death penalty for all rapes and pedophiles. I do not believe there is rehabilitation for them. They are simply waiting for another opportunity.

      • Probotector

        I once knew a guy who used to be a counselor for convicted sex offenders and pedophiles. He left that profession after coming to the same conclusion that you just did.

  • Guest23

    Condolences to the family, only twelve years in their lives and their only daughter was taken from them by trash, hope he gets what’s coming to him.

  • Probotector

    “This tragedy happened in Guangzhou city’s Huadu district Shiling town. On the night of January 28, the 12-year-old Young Lin who had gone out to buy shoes had yet to return home.”

    So they sent their 12 year old daughter out alone at night in a busy city?

    I find Chinese parents to be so naive. Yes, it’s a terrible tragedy, and the girl didn’t deserve it, but it’s clear more could have been done to prevent this.

    • Guest23

      Lots of precautions to avoid this, like say a curfew or she could have waited until tomorrow morning, but gotta put it in perspective that this guy must have been a predator, he clearly waited, really hope this is an eye-opener, can’t really be safe nowadays.

      • Probotector

        True, but imagine if she’d been with her dad or an older brother or someone like that. The ‘predator’ might have backed off, or at least perhaps gotten his ass kicked; with a young girl alone, there’s no chance.

    • KamikaziPilot

      Actually I find Chinese in general to be rather naive. It was 7 pm so probably dark already, how important is a pair of shoes, can’t she wait. But the whole family probably thought nothing of it. Chinese just don’t seem to take street crime and self defense very seriously. I still feel with regard to street crime China is much safer than the US and most other countries but it’s like they don’t even think something could happen to them. Even women don’t think twice about walking home late at night.

      Very few of the Chinese I talked to (male or female) even thought about carrying anything or preparing for self defense on the street, even living in America. An exception to this is my father-in-law, who carries a few rocks in his pocket to throw at the bad guy just in case, haha. Oh, well better than nothing I guess.

      • richardzhu99

        with regard to street crime, my nother shared me a story happend not too long ago that one late night she came back from church, folliwed by a guy closely behind. My mom was walking alone in a narrow path and suddenly she raised her hand bag and punched hard on the face of that nasty guy, even funny way she then picked a big brick and throwed away to the guy. Surprising thing is, this the first time i begun to know how tough and strong my mom is. really inspiring, but also worth paying much attention then.

        • Rick in China

          So your mother punched a stranger who was walking near her, unprovoked?

          • nickhz

            such a logical reaction….. im going to punch everyone who is near me after dark. let’s not bother to just be safe, let’s just start being irrational and violent.

          • Rick in China

            No kidding eh…. if she thought she was being followed she shouldn’t have went down a narrow alley – rather, should have turned in the direction of somewhere more busy and open if possible. Not go down a narrow alley and smash someone in the face / throw bricks without knowing whether they’re up to no good or not – besides, that’s *inviting* trouble, it’s not likely if he was an aggressive attacker that an old woman punching at him would deter him, but rather infuriate and make the aggression worse..

          • nickhz

            it’s always nice to hear a little logic, i don’t get that much around here

          • richardzhu99

            thx man, you got the point somewhere. Truth is the guy really intended to rob or even hurt my mom, no kidding. In areas around my family house, things like this happen always, my parents can simply recognise thouse nasty guys.

          • richardzhu99

            no more tolerance, anyway somethign violent is always after you, and we need take actions before got hurt

          • markus peg

            She was itching for some action after Church… He didnt mention what kind of Church she goes to after all ;)

          • Rick in China

            She was filled with the spirit, but the spirit wasn’t thick enough…

          • richardzhu99

            are u a Chinese? seems u dont know what we are talking about regarding to church. Just prayers, and friends union club like

          • richardzhu99

            are we gonna fight back until hurt ?? my mom surely knows what the guy is after.

        • David

          Good for her Richard. I assume those who are saying she hit an man without cause are either incredibly naive or joking. You do not have to wait until you are raped or even choked to defend yourself. If a guy was close enough to be hit, he was too close to be innocent. I taught self-defense classes for women for free for many years and one thing most of the victims I met said “I did not realize I was in trouble until it was too late.”

          • richardzhu99

            thx David, u really hit the point. u have done great job by giving lessons like this, to protect women with konwledge and action. Despite what my mother had acted against this bastard, am simply sort of astonished to learn how brave and wise my mom is, which i barely understand before.

    • richardzhu99

      the city is full of migrant workers, and many of them just turn to bad guys for many reasons. Crime is always around the corner for such a big city under darkness. The tiny gal is targeted without any mercy, pity …

  • Insomnicide

    I feel sorry for the family to lose their child like that…but sending your child out to buy shoes alone late at night?

  • diverdude7

    I understand why society says that we must treat the perpetrator better than he/she treated their victim, but sometimes I want to go against that reasoning. How about binding the perp (if found guilty) and leaving him in a sealed room with the mother and father of the victim. It should be their right to avenge their daughter’s murder.

    • Paul Schoe

      See my remark above: ” it is amazing how many people are in prison, serving life long sentences or on dead-row, while being wrongly convicted for capital crimes (murders).

      Even in different legal systems, the number of overturned convictions (sometimes after decades) run in the hundreds!”

      Being wrongfully convicted, even upon appeal, must be terrible, but then also be handed over to the family for a ‘deserved’ punishment?
      Unfortunately life is not always as straight forward as we hope it is (although in this case, the video evidence seems to be pretty solid)

  • mei mei

    idk but i wanna cry…

  • richardzhu99

    gonna be washed away as tomorrow comes.

  • Torgrim

    Hopefully the perp will be found guilty through a fair process, likely by searching for and discovering his DNA on the victim.

    Then, the father will obtain, as the father’s only remaining purpose in life, to stab the perp’s eyes out using his own broken bones and choke him with his own entrails ripped from his stomach. Hell, I feel like going full Patrick Bateman on this perp, and I don’t even know the poor girl.

    • Rick in China

      You realise your fantasy indicates serious mental issues, right? and you seem to acknowledge it in the end of your post.

      Here is a man better than most, in a comparable situation, wishing clemency on his would-be murderer:


      • YourSupremeCommander

        Swear to god, most chicks are just hidden mental cases or hidden time bombs ready to snap at ANY second.

      • Torgrim

        Your friends and loved ones can be so easily taken away, before you can react, much quicker than you can begin to reason with or consider forgiving someone. I prefer to give people half a chance, but I don’t risk someone I value being taken from me. I’ve seen too many people try to rise above only to be taken down.

        I’ve been taught that a just and lenient society can only exist if a few of it’s members are more violent than the most violent enemy, so I’ll accept the mental issue diagnoses.

        I’ll end with another pop culture reference, a lyric from a Tupac song, “…watched my daddy scream peace while another man shot him”.

        • Rick in China


          That doesn’t mean you should jump on the extrapolated torture of someone you don’t even know, for certain, did something – and your fantasising about what you’d do if it were the right man, as far as ‘right’ can be.

          Tupac died in violence. He preached peace and love in his songs, although there are lots of references to violence, and your quote doesn’t refute my point but support it — his daddy screaming peace while another man shot him _is the whole point_, there will always be evil and killing, the combatant of that isn’t more evil and killing ala torture, but peace.

          Let me trump your misinterpretation of ‘pac with some Gandhi:

          “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

          “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

          and finally…

          “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

          • Torgrim

            Our quotes can be interpreted very differently. You say I misinterpreted Tupac’s quote. I say I could be wrong, as could you, our views are different. You believe forgiving someone makes you strong. I believe you can only forgive from a position of strength, as supported by Gandhi’s quote, “…I believe that nonviolence is infinitely superior to violence, forgiveness is more manly than punishment. Forgiveness adorns a soldier…But abstinence is forgiveness only when there is the power to punish; it is meaningless when it pretends to proceed from a helpless creature….”

            Another appropriate quote by Gandhi, “I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence… I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honor than that she should, in a cowardly manner, become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonor.”

            Most of us want to be nonviolent, enlightened, morally upstanding, including myself. I enjoy running a scientific company designed to make people”s lives better, and exploring literature, cosmology, culture, infinitely more than getting shot at and shooting people in the military. But the reason we are able to enjoy this freedom is because I was more violent than the people shooting at me. Peace is not going to stop someone from hurting your family, that is just the perception of an insulated, peaceful person.

            To the point, if this guy goes free, or if others like him see that punishment for raping and killing a little girl is minimal, they will continue to rape and kill little girls. I don’t want that to happen, and I would do something to stop it. It might not be pretty, but the choice is between violence against the perp and another little girl raped and murdered. To me, that is an easy decision.

            **Also, I never said I wouldn’t forgive the guy.

          • Rick in China

            Absolutely a non-sequitur. The perp, in this case, isn’t in a position of power – he has been arrested. In your fantasy, he would be ‘handed over’ to the father, then “stab the perp’s eyes out using his own broken bones and choke him with his own entrails ripped from his stomach”. Your whole argument is based on…well, more fantasy.

          • Torgrim

            You, or Paul, have obviously never experienced violence. I hope you never do, and I hope you continue to be blind to the other side of the argument.

          • Rick in China

            Absolutely wrong there too.

            You’re taking this argument in the wrong direction – we’re talking about someone who has been arrested and your fantasy to essentially mutilate him as punishment. We’re not talking about how to _deal with violence_. Get it?

          • ScottLoar

            “But the reason we are able to enjoy this freedom is because I was more violent than the people shooting at me.”

            No, you won that instance because your unit had more firepower at command than his position and so could overpower and destroy him or bend him to your will despite his savagery and determination.

            I volunteer a piece of advice: Get on with your life, don’t live in those instances, and you cannot expect others to empathize nor should you elevate the experience to a debt that others owe you.

          • Torgrim

            Someone owes me at least a sandwich…..

        • Paul Schoe

          I disagree with: “ that a just and lenient society can only exist if a few of it’s members are more violent than the most violent enemy“. That would imply that a society would hve to lower itself to the lowest of their members.

          Luckily that is not the case. Societies are able to hand out punishments that are effective yet more humane then that of what a criminal or lunatic might have doled out to its victims.

          On another note, it is amazing how many people are in prison, serving life long sentences or on dead-row, while being wrongly convicted for capital crimes (murders).

          Even in different legal systems, the number of overturned convictions (sometimes after decades) run in the hundreds! Such statistics should make us very careful in putting people to death.

          • Torgrim

            The US Marines taught me that. Take this as an example: You have position A, I have position B, Your position is morally (Aristotle morals, not necessarily Christian or religions morals) correct, but I kill you. My position wins (the victors write the history books). Think of the US during WW2, the Americans had to bomb two civilian cities, which is a horrible thing to do. But it had to be done. Americans had to be more violent than their most violent enemy to restore peace. You don’t have to like it, but you have to recognize that the threat of violence is sometimes the only thing between society and anarchy.

            What you say is very true about the legal system. Especially in the US. This is more a case of institutional racism and class’ism than anything else. Also the war on drugs.

            “An eye for an eye makes everyone blind. But so does forgiving the guy that keeps going around poking everyone’s eyes out”.

            “It’s all fun and game ’till you lose an eye. Then it’s fun, you just can’t see well”.

          • Paul Schoe

            and that is the small distinction. Your strategy might work well, even be justified, in a situation of violent conflict, but cannot be extrapolated to a society as a whole.

            If societies were set-up in the way that wars are fought, most countries would become a very sorrow place to live in.

            And nobody talks about forgiving the guy that pokes other people’s eyes out. It is just a question whether poking his eyes out is the right response (not only morally, but also from a risk of escalation point of view. When people feel that they have nothing to lose anymore, because they know their punishment, they might come to even more drastic acts)

      • markus peg

        Most people are thinking in our heads that he gets a bad punishment, though nothing quite so graphic as the above post…

  • Guest

    “ran into a beast of a man who lured her to a rented room”

    from what i read i think “lured” is the wrong word to use there.. he physically forced her to go with him.

    poor little girl :'(

  • markus peg

    This is fucking sick! I fear now that the biggest prostitution place in China has been shut down by police rape will become more common, i hope my fear is misplaced.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    People like this should be cut up bloody and thrown into the lion’s den at the zoo.

    • markus peg

      Lions like fresh meat don’t they? Put him in the lion’s den alive, the catch is part of the fun and exercise for the lovable lions.

      • David

        Better than killing another giraffe. lol

  • the ace of books

    Fourth comment already blaming the girl and her family? Glad the rest of the comments aren’t so asshattish. Hand on the girl’s neck, there’s no way that was “luring”.

    • Daniel

      Yes, it definitely sounds like he made her come with him by force, probably using threats or something.

    • markus peg

      comments left online are generally 35-45% more dickish than real life comments. Even when made by the same person the online comment will be harsher.

      To abide by the above rule i will now say that, that man who left the comment blaming the girl is a complete and total dick head who probably spends his days in an internet cafe breathing in cigarette smoke and playing “”LOL” with his online friends possibly dreams of such sick events in his head when he goes to bed during the day…

      • lonetrey / Dan

        hey now, there’s no need to hate on League of Legends :(

        • markus peg

          I don’t really know the game, but that’s what lots of Chinese tend to play in internet cafes, LOL, Crossfire &/or Eve

  • Irvin

    I wonder what drives him to do such a thing, is it just physilogical needs or something more mental? Whatever the case that guy needed help long before this happens, just sad he couldn’t get it sooner.

  • Daniel

    This story is really sad. The other thing that made me sad is that it looks like the parents themselves had to do the most of the investigation and then handed the evidence to the police. I mean wtf, right?

  • FYIADragoon

    Death would be too kind a punishment for someone like this.

  • Thusker

    burn in hell

  • Paul Schoe

    Difficult to find out the truth about that.

  • Paul Schoe

    Some people need to blame the victim. Because if the victim cannot be blamed, then they have to accept that it could also happen to them and that is too scary for them.

    By blaming the victim, they position themselves as being ‘wiser’ and reassure themselves that it would never happen to them or their family.

  • David

    What was that about the phone calls? Did anybody else want a little more information about that?

  • Chris

    Why would you want to waste a perfectly good silkworm on a canoe?

  • whuddyasack

    What a tragedy, I can only imagine her
    parents pain. I’ve had friends who were taken away in traffic accidents
    and their parents usually became very different people. However, knowing
    their daughter suffered terribly under a monster in her dying breath
    cannot be described in words alone.

    Rest in peace, little girl. I hope the family can get through this.

  • ric

    Horrible, we should try to limit the exposure our little ones face.

  • richardzhu99

    what a storytelling, man. Impressive! The fact is the guy was not hurt, quite lucky. He escaped anyway, just to make those guys a lesson, dont ever dare try this anymore..

  • Subhajit

    Rape is a typical crime about to forcible sex without consent but here the reason of Rape is unknown as Rape has various parts, though this rape is called Psycopathic Targetive Rape as here criminal from long time was following the deseased, when chance came, he did lure the deseased to capture and did crime as the rape suggesting for doing rape 12 yrs. old child, so called the criminal was also psycopathic.

  • Probotector

    I know it’s practiced here. My point was that it’s an example of unnecessarily cruel comments made by the Chinese who commented.