17 million RMB Luxury Boat Sinks Immediately After Christening

Lanzhou Luxury Boat Sinks

Lanzhou Luxury Boat Sinks

Recently a luxury leisure boat purported to cost over 17 million RMB sank stern first as soon as it entered the water near Lanzhou city in Gansu Province. Most netizens predictably made a mockery of the incident while others question the high costs of construction and whether the impoverished western province really needed a luxury boat.

Video of the christening of the ship from Sina:

From iFeng:

Lanzhou Invests 17 million RMB Building Boat That Sank On Launch Day

Yesterday noon, a netizen posted a Weibo post claiming that “SS Jiugang luxury boat during trials capsized on the banks of the Yellow River in Shenchuan Village, Gaolan County,” and posted a set of photos, which received a lot of attention from netizens. Yesterday afternoon, Lanzhou City Ministry of Transportation responded that the issue was already resolved, “SS Jiugang” have been pulled ashore, with no death or injuries. The boat became stranded in the water due to improper handling from the builders, “SS Jiugang” will be launched again next month, while Jiugang Group [owner of the boat] had no response.

Yesterday noon at 12:44pm Weibo user @巴蜀秀才 posted on the road claiming that “17 million, to construct this broken boat, dived as soon as it entered the water, isn’t that ridiculous??” the accompanied pictures showed that a boat capsized on the Yellow River, with the stern and the rear-half of the ship in the water, the bow of the ship pointed up 30 degrees. In just a few hours this Weibo had been reposted over 3,400 times.

After several confirmations, this boat is named “SS Jiugang”, it was to be launched after completion on September 29th, 2011, and is located at the section of the Yellow River situated at Shenchuan in Lanzhou.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters contacted Lanzhou city Ministry of Transportation Propaganda chief surname Qiao, who verified this event and explained that “the cause of the event was due to improper handling from the builders who mistakenly estimated the water level causing the water level to exceed the limit, leading to the rear half of the ship to take on water and sink.” October 2nd, the boat was pulled from the water, and is currently under repair. Chief Qiao stressed, the builders should bear the main responsibility for this incident, and that this incident did not produce any casualties, while expressing that, “currently the boat is undergoing repairs and it is estimated that it will launch again in a month.”

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Chief Qiao also stated, this boat’s builder is a shipbuilder from Sichuan. But reports showed that “SS Jiugang” commenced construction at Xiaoxia Shipbuilding at Gaolan in Gansu Province, while on September 8th reporters saw the nearly completed “SS Jiugang” at a reservoir at Gaolan County. At the time the ship wheel, gauges and other instruments have been completed. This is contrary to Chief Qiao’s assertion that it was built in Sichuan.

Before this China National Radio claimed that “SS Jiugang” is a major project in Lanzhou, with a total investment of over 17 million, and invested by Jiugang Group while Lanzhou Ministry of Transportation was responsible for the construction. Upon completion it will be Lanzhou’s largest, most luxurious boat, with a total length of 32.4 meters, top speed of 22km per hour and a passenger capacity of 80 people.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters contacted Jiugang Group’s propaganda department, a worker surname Fan said he doesn’t know anything about the sinking of “SS Jiugang”, reporters also inquired about the 17.28 million in monetary contribution, he expressed that it was just sponsored money, regarding the construction and the use of “SS Jiugang”, the Jiugang Group is not directly responsible.

Lanzhou Boat Sinks

Comments on iFeng:


My home is next to a shipyard, I know how much it would cost. A 30 meter long boat cost 17 million? Is it gold plated?


The biggest disappointment is before launch they didn’t let all the city officials onboard, so that they can experience the fun of wearing life-vests in the water. I believe they will remember this for a lifetime, hehe!


High speed train rear end collision, subway collision, now there is boat capsizing…


Is there anything in our China that is reliable?


The local people’s income is second to last in the nation. Building a luxury boat like this for corrupt officials to use… the common people can’t afford it.


Good, creates GDP.


Haha, we are not short on money, the report is false we spend large amount not actually constructing a luxury boat, we are constructing a submarine, and this submarine is not for leisure but research to promote the livelihood of the people. Hahahahaha.


Really worthless, good thing it is not China’s aircraft carrier.

Lanzhou Boat sinks

Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • whododat

    Just the price of a new Rolls-Royce.

    No big deal.

    • Xiongmao

      Where do you buy your Rolls-Royces? ‘Coz I have a feeling you’re being ripped off.

  • Foreign Devil

    “the cause of the event was due to improper handling from the builders who mistakenly estimated the water level causing the water level to exceed the limit, leading to the rear half of the ship to take on water and sink.”

    I hope that translation is bad because excuse makes no sense!

    The damned thing is supposed to float regardless of how deep the water is! if anything the engineer and foremen are to blame. . not the workers who probably got hired for a pittance and have never built boats before. Anyways. . if you really want the Yatch lifestyle. . better to move to Sanya or HK.

    • mr. weiner

      Well it’s now trials for the new Chinese submarine.

      • Tengu

        …with patio seating.

    • Ray

      I think they meant that they didn’t get the correct amount that the ship will descend into the water, therefore it descended too much (water level on the ship) and the water leaked into the ship causing it to take in more water and eventually sink.

    • Justin

      I think what it’s referring to is what can be seen in the video. The workers slid it in at the wrong angle causing the back end to take on water. The boat is fine. The worker’s are just dumb or un-experienced or a combination of the two.

      • Xiongmao

        If I got paid 1500 a month for 28 days of work, 10 hours a day I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass either. Thing is there is probably at the very least a couple of engineers around who’ve worked on the ship who SHOULD be able to figure out the risks. They are the true morons here.

        • I agree. I think that the structure of Chinese bureaucracy often leads to these hilarious and/or tragic situations. I’ve seen it all to often in the companies I’ve worked for, that’s for sure.

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        Eh, Shenzhen is filled with northern/western residents, you never know

        • It’s true. It’s one of the few cities in the Canton region where you have to speak Mandarin in order to be understood. Most people living there have migrated from other provinces.

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      As for the boat obviously the boat wasn’t built correctly maybe the bilge pump wasn’t adequate to pump out the water, maybe it was over loaded in the back.

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  • Okay… airbags? For a craft that big, that should have been purpose built slip for a sideways launch. Regardless, for the amount of cash spent… somebody got too many red envelopes.

  • FYIADragoon

    “Does China have anything that is reliable?”

    Yes, the women can be relied upon to gold dig. The men can be relied upon to encourage this.

    • Xiongmao

      The men can be relied upon to smoke a lot of cigarettes and drink baijiu as well. And to avoid any kind of responsibility if they think they can get away with it.

      • paradoxer

        Those commie Chinese men better enjoy it as much as they can now before the CPR will make as many new laws as the west, to stop them from having such fun lifestyles.

  • cb4242

    Just goes to show you, China can’t make ANYTHING reliable. They always make something grandeur and in the end, it always falls to shit. Unbelievable….

    • Jack

      Ironic how your grasp of English vocabulary is a perfect match for the reliability of the ship. It’s as if the ship was built for you. Since it was built for you, no need to criticize it so much. Next time, please try to refrain from using words the meanings of which you have no clue, so as to avoid butchering the English language.

      • Medical Advisor

        Pain in the ass ?

      • Justin

        ” to avoid butchering the English language.”

        “It’s as if the ship was built for you.”

        You mean: “It’s as if the ship WERE built for you.”

        Hey holmes, use the subjunctive mood, yo. You just got grammar served.

        • Jack

          Thanks for the English lesson. I tip my hat and leave you with a deeper sense of irony.

          • B

            I don’t think it was a english lesson that you received but instead a hint to as we say in my country,( roughly translated.) “Clean your own front porch first.”

          • Jack

            And let giant rats of “grandeur” slip by when Justin has just provided me with another net to catch more rats with? No thanks.

        • cb4242

          “Didn’t get served anything.” Did very well in school and don’t need any tips as to how to write or converse in the English language, but I do appreciate the care you guys have. I am deeply touched. Thank you very much. Hey, a little bit of levity please. I purposely did not use the subjunctive form on purpose. Are you saying one cannot interject a bit of humor into this topic? Guys chill, it’s not that serious, really.

      • cb4242


        I never said the ship was built for me, don’t you think your comment was a bit ludicrous. Since this site is an open community chat where you are allowed to opine, to say what I want, when I want. I wasn’t insulting you, nor where my comments directed towards you, take a chill pill. I never would ever comprehend that it would become a problem, especially to you, my Lord.
        I think it would be wise for you to worry about your own grasp of reality before jumping all over me and trying to scold me as if you have the authorization to do so.

        • Tengu

          Love how everyone corrects the guy’s grammar, it’s like the two pussies fighting on the train.

          Grandeur – grander.

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          Skitt’s Law:
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  • The Shadow Knows

    Post Theme song:


    by Jars of Clay

    I wonder whose sofa went down with the ship?

  • because I started it……

    Song of the Article

    The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
    -Gordon Lightfoot


    behind the wall, another dude covering….


    x2 wumao!
    and love too!

    • M.N

      Hope you don’t mind brother Kedafu… :D :P
      Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne – Let It Rock

      • It is cool comrade, 没问题

        • This one’s easy people.

          Song Article:

          ” I’m On A Boat ” by The Lonely Island Ft. T-Pain

          The satire is perfect for this occasion.

          10 Cents!!!

        • This one’s easy people.

          Song Article:

          ” I’m On A Boat ” by The Lonely Island Ft. T-Pain


          The satire is perfect for this occasion.

          10 Cents!!!

    • Boris

      Sebastian the crab
      -Under the sea

    • notalocalpeople

      Float On – Modest Mouse

  • Gary

    Luxury? Look inside the thing during the video. It’s just a big room with bench seats for tourists to view the river. What about it costs 17M?

    • Paul

      The corrupt officials that skimmed 16.5m of the 17m, of course! Whenever you hear how much some project costs in China, I think it is fair to assume that at LEAST half that cost is corruption…and then in cases like this, and that Wuhan “luxury” toilet, it’s probably more like 90%.

    • Brett Hunan

      I was thinking the same. There are reasons some boats cost millions of dollars, or in this case RMB.

      Take my customer’s yacht for example. It cost about 3 million dollars and is less than 20 meters long. The thing is expensive because of the lavish interior, streamlined looks outside, and 2 badass engines.

      This boat can’t even float lol. Sinking was the best option for a “luxury” craft meant to sail the Yellow River.

      • Tengu

        “Sinking was the best option for a “luxury” craft meant to sail the Yellow River.”

        Talk about metaphorical, the river’s dying, so is this death trap.

  • Capt. WED

    Down with the ship we go!

  • Xuchen

    Corruption. Stop thinking so much. Someone got paid a lot of money to build a shit(not a typo).

  • DRaY

    why didnt they just buy a ship and retro fit it? Tihs thing looks like shit. Luxury ? Where, is the luxury? Oh Chinese logic, the price makes it luxury? FUCKING RETARDS…. that ugly POS belongs under the sea……

    • paradoxer

      Not so, it is the USA’s fault that China can’t buy anything in the fucked up western world, even when they need China’s money now more than ever.

  • “You jump, I jump”.

    Don’t know why everyone is talking “smack” about China; obviously that was one hell of a quick and passionate romance our new “Jack and Rose” had during that launch.

    Consummated like 5-minute rice.

  • Tengu

    I never bash PRC..every place has it’s own issues.


    I’ve lived on the water all my life, around boatyards, dry docks, marine railways…this is fucking hilarious.


    • Tengu
      • DRaY

        What kind of boat does 17m (2.5m USD) get you outside of China?
        Something really nice, much nicer than that “thing” that sank…. It just frustrates me to no end the lack of originality found in this country… I guess the only way for them to design better boats, would be if Apple or “LV” started making them first, but I guess Chinese would only make Shanzai versions of the boat designs and they would sink as well. ….. China is its own worst enemy.

        • Xiongmao

          The way the international companies suck up to the Chinese these days I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a new Armani River Cruiser Mk 2 or a Nike restaurant around. Hell, last time I went to McDonald’s I couldn’t find a single item with beef since they were out of Macs. Don’t put chicken in a hamburger you barbarians!

          • Tengu

            Fiat just came out with a 500C Gucci Edition.

            Wonder what the hell Armani would make for a yacht. His current one is 213 feet/65 meters and pure black…it’s awesome.

            His old one is for sale:

    • 平凡人

      Totally agree. All the fanfare to launch the boat and the grand finale is the boat sinking into the water. Really hilarious, reminds me of “Funniest America Home Videos”.

    • mr. weiner

      China is a superpower now. With this power comes a lot of criticism, as they are just starting to find out. Welcome to the big leagues

  • Tengu

    FYI – For Sale Ad from Dubai, God knows what this knucklehead put in it.
    Sunseeker 30 Meter yacht – 2011 has 5 cabins and 10 berths. It has a upgraded generator and air condition. It has 2 Kholer generator with a power of 50 KW. It has hydraulic stabilizer system. It has additional 4’500 L fuel capacity. The yacht has underwater lights as well.

    40,000,000 Euros
    54,000,000 USD

    Older one in the USA for sale for 10,000,000USD

    • GodsHammer

      That is a LOT of money for a boat…but look at the boat that you do get compare to this ‘party barge’. This shitty hulk is a floating metaphor….no wait….ugh….a sinking metaphor for what is wrong with craftsmanship and associated business practices in this country.
      A ship builder from Sichuan? The middle of the country? That is like getting a wheat farmer from Shanghai…

    • Brett Hunan

      How’s it going Tengu. You’ve been absent for a couple days. I missed your colorful insight on all there is to talk about concerning China. Where ya been?

      • Medical Advisor

        He was on the boat ! Just escaped.

      • Tengu

        @ Brett….away for a bit, will be home soon. Not the best Interwebs coverage here, “unpredictable results” to say the least. I think the “series of tubes”, is in fact actually a “series of tubes ” here. How goes the battle?

  • Chris N.

    That music that plays from :10 to :15 sounds like its from some Hollywood film or Indiana Jones or something. I’ve heard it over and over at different events in China. Can someone please identify it? I’m dying to know where its from.

  • diverdude

    “float little boat, float! float little boat, float! ; oh no, little boat don’t float!”. :-/

  • poreyn-germs

    Maybe this Luxury Boat have built-in sub-marines.. LOL!

  • Foreign Devil

    A luxury yatch would really be out of place cruising that muddy, polluted dead river anyways.

  • Stranded Mariner

    You can’t launch a flat bottomed boat with an exposed stern into the water at an angle of 30 degrees. It’s just pure stupidity. There’s nothing wrong with the boat, but a lot wrong with the idiots who attempted to launch it.

    • Justin

      Yeah, I have to agree with you. It looks like it was slid into the water the wrong way so that the back end was submerged in the water first causing the whole boat to take on water.

  • nn

    Quoted “The biggest disappointment is before launch they didn’t let all the city officials onboard, so that they can experience the fun of wearing life-vests in the water. I believe they will remember this for a lifetime, hehe!”

  • If they make a Shanzhai remake of “Titanic” movie about this boat – they might recoup their 17 million.

    • DRaY

      Shanzai HollyWoo… Now we’re talking!!!!!

  • “… contacted Lanzhou city Ministry of Transportation Propaganda chief surname Qiao…”

    I don’t know if this is inaccuracy in translation, but I find it very funny.
    After all crashes and collisions China REALLY needs the Ministry of Transportation Propaganda.

  • Young Man

    This is what laowai mean when they say something is a ‘China Moment’.

  • Xiongmao

    Chinese engineering at it’s finest.

    • cb4242

      My thinking too. Let’s see where they go from here. Should be quite interesting to say the least.

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  • eddie9684

    lol made in china

  • hooots

    maybe the boat got suicided?

    • Brett Hunan

      You’re doing it wrong!

  • Mr.T

    Last time I go on one of them if that’s how easy they go under.

  • chupacabra

    Funny how fucking incompetent the Chinese government can be spending 17 million rmb on something that sinks, rather than help kids and teachers in the rural zones, isn’t it?

    • Kyle

      I agree the money should have been spent on something else like educating poor Chinese kids. I didn’t read the whole article, but from what I did read, not sure if the “Chinese government” can be blamed here.

      • DRaY

        The money should have been spend on 18yr old hookers and booze!!!!

    • whododat

      Spend the money on the bankstas and on the rich and you get this, Occupy Canadian cities include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, several other cities in B.C., Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Edmonton, Calgary, Saint John, Moncton and St. John’s.

      No jobs here so the people go partying all over the streets and Canada just don’t build things, they send it away to be made by a cheap country like China.

  • MonkeyMouth

    Song of the Article:

    I’m On A Boat


    That’s the new aircraft carrier everyone’s been on about?
    What’s funny too, is they are blaming Sichuan for it. Ya….Sichuan. Famous for its shipyards……Kind of like the Kasakh navy?

  • Li RuiKe

    Thanks, ChinaSmack! You put a big smile on my face today.

    Is this the same team that’s building and launching China’s space station?

    This is what they get for not stealing foreign designs and thinking they could build something by themselves.

    • Chef Rocco

      Good to know that you’ve found happiness from a sunk boat.

      Keep praying, maybe one day the space station would fail, then great joy would fall on you.

      China is a huge country, inevitably there will be a lot of accidents, scandals and tragedies happened every single day, surely you can locate continuous sources of happiness from China, saving you from taking Prozac.

      • Chad

        Stick it to the sociopaths!

      • Li RuiKe

        It’s also so funny that all of my coworkers are likewise demented: a dozen of us all had a good laugh at this ridiculous example of what rich Chinese are capable of.
        I see it as metaphorical. Communist party members, cadres, swindle wealth from the common people, whom they have locked in the world’s largest prison. They value Mao-style leadership, which caused the 10’s of millions to starve in the 50’s and the 10’s of millions to kill each other in the 60’s. I’ve taught at Tsinghua University for 2-1/2 years, daily enduring the stench of it’s beautiful open raw sewage Qing Dynasty channels, and have seen firsthand the mentally-retarded management decisions in China’s so-called MIT. I’ve been to the countryside to see how farmers are forced to live in conditions poor Americans haven’t seen since the 1800’s.
        I laugh at the arrogance of closed-minded Party hacks that steal everything they can take from the poor folk they rule over, blow their Audi horns at, run over in their BMWs, bury in their illegal coal mines, and countless other uncivilized actions on their way to celebrating their glorious luxury items. Yes, it’s funny to see them humiliated.
        I laugh at the National Stadium in the Olympic Park sitting empty and gathering dusk because this country’s ignorant leaders are so self-defeating that this world’s most populated country is too corrupt to support professional sports or an entertainment industry with genuine popular appeal.
        About 5 years ago I had another belly laugh when I read about a major bridge near completion that suddenly collapsed. Investigators discovered that the chief builder was blind. Hilarious!
        Take your wu mao and move on. You’ve got nothing to say.

        • Chad

          Aw, he accused you of being part of the 50 cent party! Isn’t he cute?

          • Chef Rocco

            He is more than cute, he is fascinating to me.

            I am curious of what happened to him during his 2.5 years stay at Tsinghua? Apparently he was traumatized so badly there, A lot of post-traumatic symptoms were exposed in his posts. Big Banana may want to study him in his social study.

            He accused me of Wumao party? Ok, whatever, 50 cents are better than nothing, actually I prefer a loonie a post.

        • whododat

          YO Li, may be you better leave China now, it seems that the dumbass Chinese peasants are NOT learning anything from you, they are still as stupid as before you got there to teach.

          You are not a good teacher anyways, every westerner in Canada knows that over 60 million starve in the 50′s China.

          Oh FYI, Occupy Wall Street is going to cities include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, several other cities in B.C., Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Edmonton, Calgary, Saint John, Moncton and St. John’s, and all over Canada.

          You should go there and tell them how fucking bad China is now and tell them not to go to China to teach, stay home.

          • Li RuiKe

            Thanks for the advice, but I have to disagree. China is getting better because I am here. I love the good people of China. I love my students, meaning that I want them to find a life of joy, peace and fulfillment. Because China is a prison, I do everything I can to help as many people as possible escape to some free land. But if they wish to stay here, then I do everything I can to teach them to be people who love and respect their neighbors.

            I also hope to teach them some math, science and technology – not just to pass exams, but so that they may someday build (design, engineer, and construct) and launch boats that are the envy of the world, rather than the laughingstock.

            I’m only 1 person, but I believe that I can in some small way positively influence a nation of more than a billion. The people of China have suffered enough. It’s time for them to experience some love. And that starts when they – my friends, neighbors, students, and coworkers – learn to give love, meaning kindness, generosity, compassion and respect.

            Part of the change process, though, is to call a spade a spade. Love means being able to tell the truth. When a leader lies, announce it. When they steal, convict them. When they kill, punish them appropriately. Society should be orderly. Justice is a beautiful, healthy lady. Corruption is an ugly, diseased whore. I’m not afraid to say so.

            Back to the subject of this article: folly is funny. Laugh at it.

          • whododat

            Those muddafucking local Chinese officials are the death of China, they allowed all kinds of low life into China and teach western shit to those poor dumb Chinese peasant kids.

            Like Chinese dumbasses are going to be better off knowing english and/or learn it from a westerner in CHINA.

          • mr. weiner

            Sounds like someone has an axe to grind.

    • DC

      This makes you happy? You’re a sad, sad little man.

  • dim mak

    Fauna, Steve Jobs.


    • licebmi


  • Justin

    Actually, this monumental fuck-up notwithstanding, China has the greatest shipbuilding industry in the world in terms of both quality and quantity. In the first half of 2010, China’s shipbuilding enterprises completed and exported 24.3 million deadweight tons, accounting for 82 percent of the world’s total shipbuilding capacity.

    • DRaY

      Are these shipbuilding enterprises run by Chinese? I really doubt it. Most successful companies in China are run by OUTSIDERS- Taiwanese, HK, Americans, Europeans and God knows who else…… I have a friend who is in the ship building industry and is stationed in China, his company is run by Americans. China has a long way to go in terms of everything. Most pure Chinese companies rely on buying, copying or outright stealing R&D from other established companies. Very little is actually design from scratch in Chinese, and from the look of this debacle, now we know why.

      • whododat

        Over 3000 Chinese made ships were MIA and sank in the invasion of Japan and this is why, they use this cheaper method for their R&D.

        Titanic was the best luxury ship the west ever built and China should copy or make a knock off of it.

        • mr. weiner

          I honestly haven’t decided if you have a sharp sense of satire or a kind of tourettes syndrome for unrelated historical facts Do you mean the mongol invasion of Japan and it’s effect on modern Chinese recreational shipping?
          Boy you need to lay off the crack pipe.

      • Chad

        Many of the Chinese shipbuilding corporations are state-controlled I believe. So, no.

        • DRaY

          Every large business in China is “State Owned”, but I am sure they have deals with foreign companies for R&D or even employ foreign workers for their technical expertise… Chinese couldn’t develop technology to build a whole in the ground….

          • Chad

            You asked if it was RUN by Chinese. I answered. Yes, it’s run by Chinese. The world will never run out of red herrings now.

          • DRaY

            I meant Hole… not whole …. IZ MAKES MYSLEFS LOLZ

    • Paul

      China builds more ships (in weight), but lower quality ships, and lower value in dollars. They are actually behind Korea, which is the world leader of shipbuilding in monetary value.

  • ErikB

    now when I say 兰州烧饼 please understand that I really mean 兰州, haha.

    • Brett Hunan

      Maybe there’s a hidden meaning I haven’t come across before, but I don’t get your joke….

  • Flying Dutchman

    The Chinees people can better let build their ships here in The Netherlands. We are professional ship builders :-)

  • Tehx

    Hrm… Made in China

  • CantBelieveIt

    Made in China.
    Please improve quality


    So 17mil RMB = 2.6mil USD. Ouch. Nice fail boat.

  • Po Han

    Chinese military used the HMAS Melbourne as a model for their own carrier. The Melbourne sank two allied ships, one Australian, one American. Hopefully, China’s new carrier will have the same spirit as Melbourne, and sink half of their own navy (if it doesn’t sink immediately after launching).

    • mr. weiner

      I thought they were going to turn that POS ship into a giant floating casino.

      • Po Han

        “…she was studied by Chinese naval architects and engineers as part of the nation’s top-secret carrier development program. Reports circulated that Melbourne’s flight deck was either removed from the carrier or reproduced, and used for the equally secret training of People’s Liberation Army Navy pilots in carrier flight operations. The carrier was not dismantled for many years; according to some rumours she was not completely broken up until 2002.

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  • fred

    I’m just surprised how hideous it looks for 2.5 million.

    Either the owner or the designer has no taste at all.

  • bert

    Let’s see this thing get re-launched. It is ruined. Might as well build a new one and let it sink too.

  • Andy

    17 million for that pile of crap ? At least 16 million must have gone to the Shipping Dept’s mistresses, or spent on whores.

  • Rod

    This makes me look forward to the satellite they’re supposed to launch some time.


    • chupacabra

      more like you should beware it doesn’t fall on top of you and kills you, lol

  • liu mang

    hahaha what a piece of shit.

  • BlackCL

    Haha, the best interesting thing is the BGM of the video is a very happy song: ‘today is a good day’ which is sang by song-zhuyin.

  • Will i am

    Capsizing is tipping over a boat/ship on its side or rolling it all the way over (bottom up). This was a sinking at the stern (back of the boat). Easily corrected by pumping out the water. Still hilarious. An “oh shit!” moment. hahahaha

  • Dan Danger

    This ghastly contraption cost 2.5 million dollars to build? Hardly looks like all that money actually went into this ugly goose.

  • paradoxer

    So cheap, my arab associate in Alicante has a smaller boat, it’s only $$$$$$$$$$$$$$35million usd.

    Too bad it’s no good in fresh water, I need this kind of boat in the great lakes and he said he will buy one for us if it was cheaper than his red Ferrari.