17 million RMB Luxury Boat Sinks Immediately After Christening

Lanzhou Luxury Boat Sinks

Lanzhou Luxury Boat Sinks

Recently a luxury leisure boat purported to cost over 17 million RMB sank stern first as soon as it entered the water near Lanzhou city in Gansu Province. Most netizens predictably made a mockery of the incident while others question the high costs of construction and whether the impoverished western province really needed a luxury boat.

Video of the christening of the ship from Sina:

From iFeng:

Lanzhou Invests 17 million RMB Building Boat That Sank On Launch Day

Yesterday noon, a netizen posted a Weibo post claiming that “SS Jiugang luxury boat during trials capsized on the banks of the Yellow River in Shenchuan Village, Gaolan County,” and posted a set of photos, which received a lot of attention from netizens. Yesterday afternoon, Lanzhou City Ministry of Transportation responded that the issue was already resolved, “SS Jiugang” have been pulled ashore, with no death or injuries. The boat became stranded in the water due to improper handling from the builders, “SS Jiugang” will be launched again next month, while Jiugang Group [owner of the boat] had no response.

Yesterday noon at 12:44pm Weibo user @巴蜀秀才 posted on the road claiming that “17 million, to construct this broken boat, dived as soon as it entered the water, isn’t that ridiculous??” the accompanied pictures showed that a boat capsized on the Yellow River, with the stern and the rear-half of the ship in the water, the bow of the ship pointed up 30 degrees. In just a few hours this Weibo had been reposted over 3,400 times.

After several confirmations, this boat is named “SS Jiugang”, it was to be launched after completion on September 29th, 2011, and is located at the section of the Yellow River situated at Shenchuan in Lanzhou.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters contacted Lanzhou city Ministry of Transportation Propaganda chief surname Qiao, who verified this event and explained that “the cause of the event was due to improper handling from the builders who mistakenly estimated the water level causing the water level to exceed the limit, leading to the rear half of the ship to take on water and sink.” October 2nd, the boat was pulled from the water, and is currently under repair. Chief Qiao stressed, the builders should bear the main responsibility for this incident, and that this incident did not produce any casualties, while expressing that, “currently the boat is undergoing repairs and it is estimated that it will launch again in a month.”

Chief Qiao also stated, this boat’s builder is a shipbuilder from Sichuan. But reports showed that “SS Jiugang” commenced construction at Xiaoxia Shipbuilding at Gaolan in Gansu Province, while on September 8th reporters saw the nearly completed “SS Jiugang” at a reservoir at Gaolan County. At the time the ship wheel, gauges and other instruments have been completed. This is contrary to Chief Qiao’s assertion that it was built in Sichuan.

Before this China National Radio claimed that “SS Jiugang” is a major project in Lanzhou, with a total investment of over 17 million, and invested by Jiugang Group while Lanzhou Ministry of Transportation was responsible for the construction. Upon completion it will be Lanzhou’s largest, most luxurious boat, with a total length of 32.4 meters, top speed of 22km per hour and a passenger capacity of 80 people.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters contacted Jiugang Group’s propaganda department, a worker surname Fan said he doesn’t know anything about the sinking of “SS Jiugang”, reporters also inquired about the 17.28 million in monetary contribution, he expressed that it was just sponsored money, regarding the construction and the use of “SS Jiugang”, the Jiugang Group is not directly responsible.

Lanzhou Boat Sinks

Comments on iFeng:


My home is next to a shipyard, I know how much it would cost. A 30 meter long boat cost 17 million? Is it gold plated?


The biggest disappointment is before launch they didn’t let all the city officials onboard, so that they can experience the fun of wearing life-vests in the water. I believe they will remember this for a lifetime, hehe!


High speed train rear end collision, subway collision, now there is boat capsizing…


Is there anything in our China that is reliable?


The local people’s income is second to last in the nation. Building a luxury boat like this for corrupt officials to use… the common people can’t afford it.


Good, creates GDP.


Haha, we are not short on money, the report is false we spend large amount not actually constructing a luxury boat, we are constructing a submarine, and this submarine is not for leisure but research to promote the livelihood of the people. Hahahahaha.


Really worthless, good thing it is not China’s aircraft carrier.

Lanzhou Boat sinks


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