Mother Dolphin Carrying Dead Baby on Her Back Moves Netizens

A dolphin is seen carrying its dead baby on its back in the waters off Guangxi, China, moving Chinese netizens after a pictures and videos are uploaded onto the Chinese internet.

A dolphin is seen carrying its dead baby on its back in the waters off Guangxi, China, moving Chinese netizens after a pictures and videos are uploaded onto the Chinese internet.

The following viral video on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku has been viewed over 1.3 million times since it was uploaded a day ago…

On Youku:

An Adult Dolphin Carries a Baby Dolphin on Its Back, Refusing to Abandon It

At a dolphin watching tourist area of the sea in Qinzhou of Guangxi province, an adult dolphin was seen using its back to carry a young dolphin having difficulty swimming towards the deep sea. Because of the relatively choppier waves, the baby dolphin slid off into the sea several times, only for the adult dolphin to dive down to again carry it back up and continue on… Netizens felt sorry for the dolphin mother: “Child: No matter if you’re dead or alive, I will never abandon you, I will always take you home!”

July 8th, at Qinzhou Sanniang Bay, the homeland of the Chinese White Dolphin, this author witnessed a touching scene: In the choppy waves of the ocean, at a dolphin watching tourist area of the sea, an adult dolphin approximately 3 meters long was using its back to carry a baby dolphin about 1.5 meters long struggling to swim towards the deep sea. Only when the boat got closer did we discover: This baby dolphin was already dead, with a wound approximately 30cm along its abdomen, the blood stain having already become black. The adult dolphin carried her on its back swimming towards the deep sea at a rate of over 40km/h. Throughout the nearly 3 minutes this author was watching, and as a result of the relatively choppy waves, the baby dolphin slipped off the adult dolphin’s back 5 times, nearly sinking into the ocean, and no matter how the boat got closer, the adult dolphin would ignore all safety and danger to immediately come back, dive down, and lift the baby dolphin back onto its back to continue forward…

A dolphin is seen carrying its dead baby on its back in the waters off Guangxi, China, moving Chinese netizens after a pictures and videos are uploaded onto the Chinese internet.

A dolphin is seen carrying its dead baby on its back in the waters off Guangxi, China, moving Chinese netizens after a pictures and videos are uploaded onto the Chinese internet.

Comments from Youku:

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Saw the news report about this on the television yesterday, it is indeed very touching, as well as very heartbreaking…


All caused by humans!


A mother’s love is without limits, my respects to all mothers in the world.


Animals also have feelings/emotions.


[This] surpasses human nature.


Seeing this kind of scene, truly is very moving. That day when the big dolphin discovered that the small dolphin was no longer moving, just how heartbroken it must’ve been…难过


There’s going to be yet another bunch of sappy people.


The little dolphin is tired, so its mommy is carrying it. I remember when baby whales get tired they’ll lie on the backs of big whales to rest.


Looks like China really doesn’t have a single decent beach.


Didn’t understand a single word…


Who can translate for us?

songerkang: (responding to above)

It’s Cantonese! Just with a bit of an local accent and dialect! They’re just saying that the baby dolphin has been dead for 2-3 days now! That the dolphin mother has been carying it on her back refusing to abandon it! The tourists are all very moved! Proving that humans have emotions/love but so do dolphins! Noble motherly love!


Much more moving than certain [television] talent shows/competitions.


Sometimes humans really are no better than animals!


Did the baby dolphin drown…? 难过

Zohnny: (responding to above)

You’re such a genius…


Know why [the adult dolphin is] doing this? It’s afraid if it leaves it behind, Chinese people will sell it or eat it!


Comparing humans to dolphins? Stop overestimating humans.


Come to Guangdong~ We’ll give you a good burial. 稀饭

小小爱神无限: (responding to above)

Well doesn’t that obviously mean going into stomachs…


Those who are thinking of committing suicide, watch this, and think about your own parents!


May I ask whether dolphin meat is tasty???


Probably a ship’s propeller…


Japanese dogs are the most vicious about killing dolphins. You can easily find it online.


Dolphins are bound to not be tasty, cute things are never tasty.


It could also be a male dolphin. I too want to become a good dad.


Anything in our countrymen’s eyes can become a moving thing.


Where are there dolphins for sale, I want to get one as a pet. This thing is too loving/loyal.


Once again [animals] teaching humans a profound lesson.

Written by Fauna

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      May I sit next to you?

      • mr. wiener

        Feel free.

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      So long and thanks for all the fish.

      • Tengu

        Great book….

  • Judge Jehovah

    Love have no bound.

    • Patrick

      Neither do divorce lawyers.

    • Winter B4 Spring

      …and wumaos…

  • elizabeth

    Dolphins are like dogs. They are the sweetest creatures. There was a dog that took the risk to cross a busy expressway to bring another injured dog to safety.

    So, it’s strange to insult a person by calling him/her a dog or sob.

    • lmao

      dogs are not sweet, they’re more kind of.. beefy?

      dolphin i don’t know, haven’t tried.

      • elizabeth

        How could you even bring yourself to eating dog meat?!

        • Tengu

          They’re not as gamey as you think and it’s a nice yang dish for the winter time…like lamb.

          A nice hotpot with some a pitcher of hot cola and shredded ginger….nom, nom, nom…

          • leon

            Yeah, I ate some dog that my friend bought in the wintertime. It was cooked with lots of ginger. Only the dog fat bothered me. Other than that, it was very tasty.

          • Chef Rocco

            Hi Tengu, long time no see. Glad to see you back to bring some common sense and fun to CS.

            You sound being in good shape. Appetite is the indication of health conditions. especially when you feel like talking about Yang dish, meaning that you are in progress of quick recovery.

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            No, no, no… I gave you my secret recipe last year. Have you forgotten already? The only way to eat dog is Hunan style.

          • Chef Rocco

            Hunan dog recipe is fantastic. But good dog dish depends on how to select proper dogs.

            Some simple principles:

            1) eat male dog in winter and female ones in summer.
            2) weight should be around 30 pounds
            3) not too fat and not too skinny
            4) over one year old
            5) good body shape, strong sex-driven look would be perfect.

            Also, there are skills how to kill them.

          • linette

            Are you for real? You folks really ate dog? What kind of dog? Would you eat german shepherd or golden retriever? Don’t tell me you ate cat……..

          • linette
          • mr. wiener

            Linette , I think lime cat is actually wearing a pomello [yo zi] skin.

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            Dog wasn’t bad at all. Well, the first one I had wasn’t. I’d have it a second time. The actual second time I had it, though, it was mostly boiled/steamed and tasted pretty bad. It was still partially in dog form, too.

        • mr. wiener

          I wonder what “pulled dog” would be like? [not pulled behind a car Korean style]
          Take to size-abe dog haunches, pour 2 cans of creaming soda over the top,slow cook for 3 hours in an oven pan with some sea salt pepper and a sprig of fresh thyme.
          Shred meat and serve with pickled onions on small poppy seed buns.

          • Brett Hunan

            Sounds delicious.

            Although I recommend longer cooking times for even slower cooking. Dog can become extra chewy if precautions are not taken.

          • linette

            I can’t believe what I am reading. I am gonna faint now.

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          If you feel no remorse eating a pig, which is even more intelligent than a dog, then what does that say about you? Animals are animals, don’t play favorites

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            animals arent animals….but yeaa pigs shoulnt be eaten for a variety of reasons and neither should dogs.

            Only eat the animals which are prey species, dont eat predators and omnivores bad stuff

          • elizabeth

            I don’t like pork. And pigs don’t snuggle up beside you when you are down or wag their tails when they see you. Pigs don’t protect you from danger nor do they wait for hours to welcome you home. Dogs are darlings compared to the pigs I have encounter. Okay, their are mostly dead and in parts when that happens, and maybe you have had an amazingly cute pet pig. But I will not be able to eat something that has brought so much joy to my life.

            I am pretty sure most of you are talking about dog meat half in jest and half waiting to see the dog lovers or animal activists squirm. So, yes, it tickles to read the comments about eating dog meat.

      • Jin

        you shouldn’t be eating dogs, cats, whales, dolphins, turtles, monkeys or bears..its bad karma.

      • grovesman

        mmmmmm…god meat…

        Tastes like chicken!

    • Dando Z

      Dolphins are assholes. They pummel porpoises for fun and young males are fond of gang-raping female dolphins.

      Sometimes they rape swimmers with massive, muscular, prehensile shlongs. That’s right. Prehensile.

      They are violent infanticidal predators and methinks this mama was just wearing her child’s corpse as a festive hat.

      • mr. wiener

        “Sometimes they rape swimmers with massive, muscular, prehensile shlongs. That’s right. Prehensile.”
        Did it take long for the stitches to come out?

        • Dando Z

          Eh. On the bright side, I can fit into all my old pants since the bowel resection.

          • mr. wiener

            LOL :D

      • elizabeth

        I see you had lots of experience with dolphins. They say the first time is usually painful but heavenly.

    • Tadd

      I read on that dolphins are sadistic and cruel creatures… they have a habit of playing with dead animals and occassionally raping people…. must be true.

  • markus

    when i use skype in China a load of ads always pop up

    this image of the dolphin also poped up..

    its very sad to see, i hope it didnt die because of humans

    but i guess at the same time if it was killed by humans so many people have seen this video it might make people think twice..

    hmm either way i feel bad for the dolphin..

    i have a mother cat and had to give some kitterns away as i have too many cats.
    the mom kept walking around looking for the kitterns i felt like i was really horrible but the reality is that i dont have much choice ive already adopted so many cats.

    one of my female cats went missing last week, it always worries me that someone has taken her and done something bad such as sent her to guangzhou to be eaten.

    • elizabeth

      Maybe the security guard stole it.

    • linette

      mother cat and had to give some kitterns away as i have too many cats.
      the mom kept walking around looking for the kitterns


      • barack obama

        i used to have a cat that had four kittens which i couldn’t take care of so I put them up for adoption. The mother cat cried for weeks and weeks after that. I still think about it today…

      • Nanny Hiccups

        That’s sad. I hate reading stories about children dying, parents losing their children because these type of stories, even when they are animals, make me cry. I pray for my children daily, that they are safe. Should something happen I would probably find a dark corner to lie in and die in minutes of grief.

        • linette

 sad. I once read a story that a mother cat walked through fire like 5 or 6 times to go back into a house on fire to carry each kitten out of the house into safety. The kittens survived but the mother cat was severely burned. :(

      • Nanny Hiccups

        don’t know why anyone would want to eat man’s best friend. when i see a pup i just want to give them a hug.

        i think humans are the real “animals”. They have killed every species known to earth – across the board. Humans are a virus.

  • Cleo

    Wow, such bleeding hearts. Does this mean there will never be a Sea World in China? Why not just boycott Sea World type places that pay the Japanese for stabbing dolphins to dead a la “The Cove” whilst picking a small handful to sell to Sea World-type water parks.

    • alex

      everyone should watch the cove

    • China Smacked

      They don’t pay anyone to kill dolphins.
      Dead dolphins are of no use to them.
      The issues with places like Sea World are, should we take animals out of their natural environment for our entertainment? Or can places like this help in their protections?

  • Rod

    I’m thinking it was caught on her fin by accident. After all, where was she taking it?

    • C

      But the baby fell off it 5 times and it dove in 5 times after it

  • alex

    Probably hit by a tourist boat propeller…

  • leon

    Amazing. This creature showed undying love for it’s child. Yet, many human women, can’t wait to cut the baby out and kill it. Guess that particular animal is not tainted with selfishness.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      leon, funny you chastise women who have abortions as heartless, but it’s people like you who turn the other way when those same women need help taking care of the children they allowed to live. can’t have it both ways. *stepping off soapbox now*

  • Nanny Hiccups


  • ch8

    dont come too close to guangdong mother dolphin your dead baby will be turned into soup and eaten

    • jin

      chinese people dont eat dolphin.
      chinese people only eat it fresh (seafood).

  • linette

    Limecat is the supreme ruler of all cats. His head has a natural beret which strongly resembles a cut-up lime, but is really a symbol of his power. Limecat is usually not pleased with the deeds and words of petty humans, and no one has ever claimed to catch him in a good mood.
    The helmet worn by the cat has been long presumed to be made of lime. However, it is most likely a carved pomelo that is traditionally worn during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinese culture, suggesting that the photograph may have originated on the Chinese Internet.

    Limecat….Destroyer of Clockspider and his evil followers. Limecat is the one true god, the god of all. If you defy Limecat, he is known to give you the Frown of Doom which leads to decomposition of the penis. Limecat may also give you the Glare of Justice, which he was known to give to Clockspider before biting off his ninth leg. All hail Limecat, king of the universe, king of cats everywhere. He also uses pedigree.
    Those who defy Limecat will come to know what life is like penisless.

    • Dando Z

      Longcat > Limecat

  • Guang Xiang

    Somebody need to let that netizen (Zohnny) know that dolphins, indeed, could drown. Gotta love people getting ahead of themselves.

  • Johnny Basic

    Netizen 6543266 is dead right.

    Said it before, saying it again; this kind of nauseating sentimentality which Chinamen are so prone to is pure emotional incontinence, plastic passion for a stunted people who do not know how to feel.

    A wretched and downtrodden man stands upon a bridge to end his own life, and hundreds of Chinamen gather to watch, fixated and mouths agape. Great entertainment.

    A dolphin carries its dead baby around, or a migrant worker drives a moped for several days to get home at Chinese New Year, half the country breaks down in a masturbatory fit of slushy tears.

    An emotionally gangrenous society.

    • mr. wiener

      ………So did it take long for the stitches to heal? [only explanation I could think of]

    • mr. wiener

      …….Or that you are lactose intolerant to the milk of human kindness [sentiment]

  • [email protected]

    Chinese sentiments about dolphins: “Child: No matter if you’re dead or alive, I will never abandon you, I will always take you home!”

    My sentiments about Chinese: “Child, because you are mine, I will never abandon you, but were you not mine own, I would surely leave you to die here.”

    VERY sappy story, but let the Chinese have their fluff. Perhaps If they can be moved enough by one animal caring for another animal, then maybe through this they can evolve to the point of being almost as intelligent and caring as dolphins. It’s doubtful, but you never know.

    • mr. wiener

      Appalled at everything you wrote.

      • Little Wolf

        Appalled because he’s right?

    • linette

      You are almost as intelligent as an animal. [email protected] = racist pig.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      nasty. nasty. nasty… Don’t know why you felt compelled to make such hateful comments. So unnecessary.

    • terroir

      Dear [email protected]

      China is a society based on simple rules that have complex ramifications when these rules often come out at right angles to each other, resulting in many contradictions that wind up getting smoothed out by the nature of the simple rules.

      Fast forward a books-worth of exposition — This brings us to the nature of symbols. Because of the nature of face/illusion in Chinese culture as well as the complex nature of the simple rules that govern Chinese society, symbols have long been an important tool for Chinese (see: superstition, numbers, names etc).

      So: we have a story of a dolphin carrying a dead dolphin upon its back. Never mind the other issues this can bring up (ie nature preservation, man’s encroachment upon nature), Chinese are drawn by this because of the very basic symbols this story poses: mother caring for dead child = universal love = a million times Hello Kitty.

      This is why Chinese go Lady Gaga over something like this – because the normal discourse through normal life doesn’t allow for tapping into sentiment that is usually out of bounds. Thus, sappiness. You know, it all makes sense if, you know, you would respect Chinese just a wee bit.

      The conclusions to which you and others jump make sense to your cranky, ornery selves because you don’t wanna let Chinese have the satisfaction that their society is valid to them. If you wanna have a smug feeling of superiority of people you don’t understand, then it’s no wonder why you’re “[email protected]”: that’s all you want to be.

  • b. prichard

    This guy knows his shit:

    “There’s going to be yet another bunch of sappy people.”


  • Foreign Devil

    no doubt it got lacerated by a boat prop of somebody trying to get to close to the dolphins.

  • Xiongmao

    Probably one of those tourist boats that killed it with the propeller. Near Harbin I was on a small bus inside the tiger/lion park. It was a hot day so the poor animals were just lying about in the shade. Clearly the driver wanted more action, so he floored the pedal and drove right into the packs to make them get up and move. Needless to say I was pretty disgusted by this but the Chinese tourists seemed to love it. That’s China.

    • blahblahblah

      Harbin Zoo sucks.


    This shows that these feelings are better than those who ignore the road accident happen in china few months back where a small little was knocked down and ran over by a mini van and all people who passed by ignore totally which is IN-HUMAN. Animals are better than human-beings

  • Daisy

    Crying for this touching sence!Great mother dolphin!Please give love a way out.

  • I don’t think that was a propeller, much to long, deliberate…

  • trouse

    someone says cause by human… cause by chinese