Chinese Netizens Once Again Cynically Impressed by Obama

Obama gives an election speech in the pouring rain at Glen Allen, Virginia . Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters.

Obama gives an election speech in the pouring rain at Glen Allen, Virginia . Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters.

The following video has over 1.1 million views, nearly 30k upvotes, over 5000 Chinese netizen comments spanning 171 pages on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku…

On Youku:

Obama suffers rainstorm during speech, no one holds an umbrella for him from beginning to end

According to information from Sinovision on July 15th, President Obama encountered rain when he arrived a small town near Richmond, the capital of the state of Virginia, to give a speech, but no one held up an umbrella for him throughout it.

The report says Obama criticized Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s speech to over 900 town residents. Criticism of the speech was not strange. What was strange was the sudden change in the weather, where it very quickly became a huge downpour. Obama was completely soaked, but his election speech was not the least bit affected. Even stranger was that from beginning to end no one was seen raising an umbrella for Obama to avoid the rain.

Comments on Youku:


Hehe, in China, even school principals must not be allowed to endure the rain!


If this were China, it would be unimaginable!


Goes to show that Obama’s body is in good shape~~ A little rain is no problem~


American humanity’s hope.


Over there, people are equal.


Here in our country, people would be crawling over each other [to hold an umbrella for a high official]…


To be this president [of the United States] is worse than being one of our village heads!


How come I’m suddenly reminded of that one photograph, where the government leaders are seated and there are people behind them holding up umbrellas for them, while the students are below exposed to the rain?


Now this is what I call a leader!


In America, anyone has the “possibility” to become president. As for here, don’t even think about it.


Because the people are also getting wet in the rain, [because] there is no special privileges there, nor anything like leaders being able to go first.


In China this kind of situation could never happen, not even for a village chief or town chief…


This isn’t a Chinese leader, so is it strange?


In China, a canopy would’ve already been erected…


Why is America the world’s most powerful country? This video shows just one of the reasons.


It’s not like its a Chinese leader, so why hold up an umbrella for him? After all, toadying up to someone isn’t a good way to get promoted abroad [unlike in China]!!


Now this is what I call a public servant of the people! You know what I mean!


It’s so nice when the people are the boss!


Even our tiny county heads have better treatment than him~


America doesn’t even have an umbrella?


Evil capitalism.

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • whiskersthecat

    I guess you could say he’s the raining leader. Get it? Reigning…raining…sorry.

    • whiskersthecat

      I refuse to say the word that starts with “s” and ends with “ofa”.

      • Dave in Macau

        Thank you, please post first more often.


        Good Morning,
        Why is this word being used by first posters?
        It makes no sense to me – What is its significance?

        • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

          Go back to your church… you FOB.

        • terroir

          Well, what’s your significance to this board of comments? It makes no sense to me, but yet here I am.

          What’s your face?

      • Winter B4 Spring

        whats the word again? i m not gonna do some maths here…whats the word? :P

    • wuwu9

      yeah whatever the weather, Obama reigns!

      • mr. wiener

        Does this count as a black story? Oh well….Today’s forcast is it will be fine until a right wing front of idiots show up from chimp out. Then it will be a shit-storm.

        • LOL

          Yes right. Because politicians don’t do things in a particular way to garner more support.

          This is just one example of Obamas great ability at manipulation.

          I know i know, crazy wingnut- blah blah. Open your eyes.

    • mr. wiener

      Too bad there wasn’t a small flag on the ground for him to have picked up.
      BTW , does this count as a “Black” story. Can we expect a bunch of twats from Chimpout to comment on this?

      • terroir

        I think most Sino netizens look upon as the leader of the free world and not as a black man. But they’re not Republicans. That can vote, that is.

        Still, all this “hero worship” will be lost once the “Batman shootings” stories take to the webz, thus changing Sinonetizens praise into tsk-tsking sounds in what will be for sure the next post.

  • eddie9684

    my sofa is wet, you guys can take it

  • 404 name not found

    “there is no special privileges there, nor anything like leaders being able to go first.” Wow, where is that?

  • elizabeth

    Lee Kuan Yew and company beat him to it many eons ago.

    • donscarletti

      Are you saying implying that Obama will become “senior minister” and continue holding power after he is no longer elected, or are you calling him a WWII Japanese collaborator?

      You don’t have to like Mr Obama’s policies, but he has made no attempt to subvert the American democratic system as Mr Lee did in Singapore’s parody of a Westminster Parliament. Obama is also a lawyer, but spent most of his time at the bench advocating in civil rights cases, rather than suing his political enemies into submission.

  • Little Wolf

    I never owned an umbrella in my life til I came to China. And I never have 1 with me when I need one. It’s just water, folks.

    • whiskersthecat

      Yeah, but it’s Chinese atmosphere water. ACID GREASE

      • Little Wolf

        Yeah….I considered that…but I don’t think a few raindrops are that bad. It’s the fucking drivers that splash sewer water all over my pants that I have a beef with.

        • fiddy

          eat shit and die , wolf

          • moop

            kind of an odd place for that remark dont you think? are you an asshole who has splashed people with puddle water and take offense?

          • linette

            What happen fiddy? Having a bad day?

          • fiddy

            yes i drive around in my car all day everyday looking for people to splash and on sunny days when it is impossible to find a puddle, i manufacture puddles just to make sure i get that satisfaction

          • mr. wiener

            You should get that prostate checked out then, it sounds embarrasing.

          • terroir

            My internet sleuthing has shown me that fiddy possesses the newest in internet browsing technology: drive-by comments.

            It allows the user to submit a comment whilst driving by, splashing sewer water upon the well-ironed pants of a Mr. Little Wolf.

            It’s the new feature of the next IE upgrade.

          • Little Wolf

            I know fiddy. He is a 5’2″ lardass in Hangzhou(we’re talking FAT) that hasn’t seen his dick without a handmirror for at least 7 years with a major drinking problem and whose hobby is getting soused and making cheap shots on the local Hangzhou forum but now has decided to stalk me here. Just let him be as he is certainly the most miserable excuse for a human being I have metin this country. And besides , he can’t really go anywhere without having somebody go in first to see if by chance I might be inside as he has sent me death threats during his binges and it’s just a matter of time before he reads the Nike label on the bottom of my shoes before he gets stomped.

          • fiddy

            hey wolf do you really know someone by the name of fiddy, i dont know if your talking shit or not, but thats crazy , i just made the name fiddy aka known as 50 cent the rapper,,im actually from toronto , but your trippin me out cause i am kinda wasted, stillllllllllll

          • mr. wiener

            whatever fatarse.

          • Little Wolf

            fiddy, you know good and well your a fucking inbred from Tennessee. You have a wife that refuses to give you head as you have pouted several times over the years on Hangzhouexpat and earned a solid reputation as among the most hen-pecked sorry asses on the planet. I have archived your whole fucking history as “Mr.Zheng” including the times you refered to yourself as “fiddy” as I also have on file 2 death threats you sent to my mailbox and the time you called my mother a cunt and how you and several others fucked her which was extremely poor timing on your part as my mother was in the hospital that week fighting for her life. You can’t be saying that shit in a small expat community like Hangzhou, you need to own your shit. I have been extremely hesitant to aggressively seek you out as it’s been more fun for me to keep you always having to watch your back until some random day I bump into you. However…. I can change my mind and seek you out anytime and there is almost nobody that won’t wonder why I didn’t do it a long time ago.

            This is a public blog and if you want to post here, I have no say-so. But you’re here to merely goof on me, you’ll have to face the consequences.

            Apologies to all the forum members for bringing this personal shit to this forum. But it should be a lesson to would-be trolls to not troll people that know who you are and where to find you. Leave families and innocents out (I know I could be seen as hypocritical talking about fiddy’s wife, but it’s nothing compared to his drunken bitching about her over the years.)

            While there are always some dumbfucks without a shred of class, a good rule of thumb is not to say anything on the web you won’t say to their face.

          • fiddy

            i dont gotta prove shit to you wolf, think watever you want , i guess the fiddy you talkin about is a little bitch, but ive seen ur pics, i would smash u in a second bro , i wouldnt have to threaten you.

          • Little Wolf

            Now fiddy, you know that’s not true. Although, you would probably smash a fucking Volkswagen if you could actually climb on the top of one and sit on it. I’ve seen more than your picture….I’ve stood next to you several times and you’re a 5’2” 300 pound dwarf and you know you’re gonna shit in your pants when this shit gets real. Don’t worry, this will all be over soon and you can’t do shit about it. In the meantime, you’re boring the fuck out of this forum, so either put your money where your pie-hole is or show a little courtesy to the hosts of this site. I’m easy to find.

        • moop

          yeah, probably. i mean that’s the only way someone even semi-rational would take offense to what wolf said above. so you’re either a rational prick or an irrational prick

        • Tadd

          Then you shouldn’t go outside wearing only pants… wear some jeans or a pair of trousers… it’s not suitable to go outside in just underwear.


      Little Wolf
      I agree, all you need is a cover.
      Although those “manly” coats with fur collars might be a nice touch.

  • Jahar

    He knows it makes him look cooler. Like Martin Sheen in The West Wing.

    • Xiongmao

      Damn, just got the box set last month. Watched all the seasons, I’d have been so happy had it not been discontinued.

  • Johnny Basic

    ‘Goes to show that Obama’s body is in good shape~~ A little rain is no problem~’

    You’ve got to laugh at how much rain mortally terrifies Chinamen. You can’t blame them either, generally, the average urban dweller in China is so pitifully weak that brief exposure to rain has him or her coughing and spluttering like a diseased kitten for days afterwards.

    Only to the average urban Chinaman — raised on a diet of instant noodles, godawful 85C ‘bakery’ products, sewer oil and vacuum-sealed chicken guts– is being able to stand in the rain for a quarter of an hour a sign of ‘being in good shape’! Pussies.

    • moop

      wait till they find out he uses an airconditioner at all times and yet still manages to stay out of ICU

      • Charles

        Nice! These Chinese folks sound like my old grandma so much of the time. “Don’t let the fan blow on you, don’t let the breeze blow on you, don’t turn the AC on, don’t go out when it’s raining… is it the food here or the water or what that makes people so weak? I have lived in China for more than three years and have never been so consistently sick as I have been here. Really strange stuff.

      • whiskersthecat

        I heard he drank a cold drink with his meal and he never doubled over in severe stomach pain and sickness.

      • kou bei dave


        • Somethin Somethin

          And that bleach shit is terrible for killing bacteria, you should really use a mixture of old tea leaves and chilli peppers. Don’t put your underwear in the washing machine because it’s not clean.

    • mr. wiener

      Either this is a trollish piss-take or I can feel the hate coming off you in waves.

      • Brett Hunan

        I believe the word “Chinamen” points to the latter part of your observation.

        • Tengu

          “Chinamen”…what is this 1931?

          You tell him KLM is buying all the sewer oil…he’ll just call me an ofay if I do!

    • SuperHappyCow

      Chinamen? Seriously? Are you a hundred fucking years old?

      • Brett Hunan

        Every time he posts I get reminded of the original Archie comics. Archie was indeed a racist bastard and he commonly used the word “Chinamen”.

        • Little Wolf

          Is “Chinamen” any more racist(FUCK!) or insulting than “laowai”? I can’t find anything disparaging about the words “China” and “man”. I certainly wouldn’t get snippy if somebody called me “Americaman” though I prefer to be called “surfer”.

          • Brett Hunan

            Haha, there you go with that “racist” talk again Little Wolf. Never going to be able to take you seriously when you throw words like that around so habitually.

            Chinamen is just an old-fashioned way of saying “chink”, whether Johnny Basic meant it that way or not. Thats why we say “Chinese” now.

            I don’t like being called “laowai” either and I do find it strange that in America Chinese and Koreans (cant speak about Japanese because I don’t understand the language), alike, call Americans “foreigner”.
            In China, “lowai” does just mean “foreigner”. The only thing that annoyed me was that sometimes people say “laowai” like its a joke and they know its a mocking term…. (for example: I was sitting in front of two people at a restaurant that said, “Look at that laowai, he can use chopsticks! Laowai can eat rice well! This lowai is Chinese! Hahahahaha!”) not everyone and not all the time though.

            Have you ever seen any of those old Archie comics though? They are a trip!

          • Little Wolf

            Well….I just can’t see “Chinaman” being grouped with words like “chink, gook or slant-eye, etc” and I’m not going to be persuaded by John Goodman’s character in Big Lebowski that “Chinaman is not the correct vernacular”. I don’t use it because I am familiar with more common terms but I don’t NOT use it because I think it is rac… uh…. disparaging to people of a certain Asian country.

          • Rod

            I agree. Strange thing is that every Chinese person has always told me that there is nothing racist or condescending about ‘laowai’, but I still hate the word. Students, my boss, friends, strangers – they all use it. They have for the 5 years that I’ve been here. But I still hate it. I still think it has a bit of a negative connotation to it.

            Anyone else with thoughts on ‘laowai’?

            Also, I don’t think ‘Chinaman’ is that racist. Maybe I’ve just been in China too long and forgot its actual meaning.

          • Rod


            I’ve always wondered this. Do Chinese people in The US still refer to Americans as ‘laowai’ and ‘waiguoren’?

          • Brett Hunan

            I took a business trip to San Fransisco and Toronto 3 weeks agao and heard it in both places.

            In San Fran one day after lunch I went to Chinatown for a foot massage. I walked in at the same time as an Asian couple and the woman at the front desk yelled to her boss, “laoban! liangge zhongguoren yige waiguoren laile!” The Asian couple was Canada-born Japanese…

            In Toronto there were tons of Chinese at this steakhouse I ate at and I seriously must have heard “laowai” (talking about Canadian locals) at least 5 times during dinner


            Good Evening/Morning,

            HaHa, You guys don’t enjoy walking into a market and having little kids pointing at you and screaming in horror “Laowai” as if Godzilla was tearing down the building?

            Sticks and stones….
            but good to know – I never knew that “Chinamen” was considered a derogatory term. I guess I’ll stick with zhongguo ren?

          • linette

            In USA we say 鬼老 (ghost + old) Guǐ lǎo or 老外(old + foreign) lǎowài. It does sound bad. Sorry.

            So you folks don’t like us calling you that? I think when we say that it simply means a person that’s nonAsian. Like a foreigner. But I can understand why you folks get pissed when your coworkers call you that instead of calling your name. Or just say it to make fun of you when you are using chopsticks or eating rice. That is just plain rude. So tell them “Hey stop calling me lǎowài. Do you want me to call you Chink?” That will stop them immediately. Tell that to your coworkers. The more you guys do that, the more Chinese will stop calling you lǎowài.
            They will watch their words more.

          • Rod

            Maybe I’ve been here too long and become too sensitive to racism, but man, that burns my fucking cookie that in my own country I’m a ‘laowai’.

          • PeterScriabin

            I never felt insulted by “laowai” (old-outside[r]). It usually sounds like admiration, albeit a bit grudging, sometimes. I live in Guangdong, where the Cantonese equivalent is Guǐlǎo (pronounced as if the PinYin were “guailou” – see Linette’s post for the literal meaning) but even that rarely sounds offensive, even though it clearly refers to the white skin.

            But that’s the point, isn’t it? It’s not the words, it’s the tone/context.

            “Chinaman” comes from an era when almost any reference was pejorative, and there is no way to use “Chink” without the insult-payload. But there is nothing inherently insulting about “Chinaman”, except that it was used in an era when Chinese were despised immigrants. Same with Negro, it just went out of fashion, and for much the same reasons.

            My point is that there’s rarely any ill-intention to “laowai” (at least in my experience) and, in fact (this just in from the Dept. of Instant Statistics), it’s kind of chummy about 70% of the time.

          • Capt. WED

            while some may do that, most Chinese mainlanders in America don’t call people “laowai” instead they use “laomei” aka “old american”. At least in my experience that could mean both black people and white people. Maybe Cantonese people do that I don’t know. Is it right? It’s not right, cos you are the “laowais” here. But like I said, in my experience no one uses “laowai” instead uses “old american”. Same difference? Also I don’t know any asian-americans that would call people “laowais” unless you are talking about people living in Chinatown or Chinese majority place.

            But of course it’s all ching…ahh nevermind, enough for today.

          • david

            in the US:

            LaoHei 老黑 (black guy)
            LaoMo 老墨 (mexican, or just any hispanic?)

            i dont consider these derogatory… at least not when i say it

            also, why is Lao old? its more like a term of respect in chinese.

            any swear word is xiao (little). i think lao (old) is reserved for the boss.

          • G$

            I just wanted to comment, that this past semester, I lived in a 4-bed room apartment with 6 mainland chinese in manhattan and when referring to me in conversations with people who didn’t know me, I was laowai. When I was in Chinatown or at really any Chinese restaurant in the city where it came up, I was a laowai. I have never even hear the term laomei until this post.

          • whiskersthecat

            To be fair, I’ve heard Taiwanese call Americans “laowai” in the US, too. This was just by some old people and I’ve never heard younger Taiwanese use it. I’ve hardly even heard them use it in Taiwan, usually just “waiguoren”. I hear it all the time from the Chinese, and they apologize immediately when you call them out on it. I also hear the “haha so many Americans understand Chinese now, we can’t talk in private anymore!” sort of response now, which although meant to be joking (right?), also makes me feel like the whole “calling us laowai in our own country” thing isn’t completely unintentional or that they at least know they shouldn’t.

          • SuperHappyCow

            It’s probably not that insidious, Brett. This one highschool grad invited me to play baketball with his two friends when I was walking by, and since I’m pretty tall, I kept getting easy shots, to a point where he obviously jokingly said “I HATE BLACK-U PEOPUL”

            It was pretty damn funny, but harmless, in context.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Chinaman is racist and if a laowai waiguoren gwailo calls you that then he or she is being racist. Westerners simply use “chinese”, and to call someone else a “chinaman” is meant to be disparaging and belittling. I have never heard it used in the context that “Englishman” is used, which is to make it seems as though one is referring to a gentlemen. No, he’s a “little Chinaman” is meant to be offensive and should be perceived by Chinese persons as such.

            The word “Chinaman” would never cross my lips, ever. I would not have respect for someone who used such a blatant term trying to pass it off as something else.

          • Gus

            Use Chinese man. We say Englishman & not Englandman, Frenchman & not Franceman right? Those that don’t see “Chinaman” as derogatory or racist haven’t had rocks thrown at them, ganged up upon in fights that were unprovoked, being taunted at with “.. Chinky chinamen …” chants as kids. Now you understand?

          • Nanny Hiccups

            @david – “also, why is Lao old? its more like a term of respect in chinese. any swear word is xiao (little). i think lao (old) is reserved for the boss.”

            David, that makes sense to me. In some of the old school chinese action movies I watch, they always refer to someone as “lao” like “lao chan” then the subtitles would read “Uncle chan” so I always thought it was an honorific.

            Question… in some of those old movies i watch, women refer to their husbands as Lao (can’t make out the second word, but sounds like Lao YAY) , they don’t say lǎo-gōng.

            What does Lao “aye” means?

        • bigj

          What’s wrong with chinamen?? I call people from england “Englishmen”. Chink is not so

          • Brett Hunan

            I think “Englishmen” has always had a “gentleman” connotation. If people are sayin “Chinaman” just to have something to call a Chinese person, I cant see much harm in that. But I am sure you will never hear the word on western news broadcasts or read it in western newspapers.

            Someone help me out here, maybe I am the one thats completely off-base.

          • Little Wolf

            Brett: Nah… it’s probably not just you. But hey,what about China Girl by Bowie?
            Also, I was in a Hangzhou restaurant and a friend called me from Cali and and said “hey dude, where are you?
            I replied ” I’m in China, man!
            Get it? I’m in China, MAN! (hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes :)
            I hope the waiter didn’t spit in my soup.

          • Capt. WED

            today we interviewed two chinaman in Chinatown discussing China, over rice and duck. News at … nevermind.

          • Capt. WED

            what? We piss in your coke you faggot.

          • Gus

            Use Chinese man. We say Englishman & not Englandman, Frenchman & not Franceman right? Those that don’t see “Chinaman” as derogatory or racist haven’t had rocks thrown at them, ganged up upon in fights that were unprovoked, being taunted at with “.. Chinky chinamen …” chants as kids. Now you understand?

      • Zappa Frank

        it may be that american are more sensitive on “laowai” simply because in your country nobody is really a laowai as long as you have all the kind of people there. how many time in your country you used the world “foreigner” to talk about someone?

        • Somethin Somethin

          Exactly mate, it’s just impolite. Why do people need to talk about my immigration status in public? I mean shit I’m a guy. Why can’t they say that ugly looking bastard with the red hair or something? For that matter why am I so entertaining that I become a source of conversation? Are they that fucking bored? I mean shit sometimes you sit down in an office with three fine as hell women walking around and this guy over in the next cubicle can’t seem to figure out there are more interesting things than a slightly chubby white guy.

      • Dr SUN

        well I guess if we are considered and “foreigners” or “white/ outside ghosts” even whinin our own countries, then calling them chinamen or even worse in theirs is just as ok…..or not.

    • fiddy

      i have the urge to throw feces on your face

      • mr. wiener

        Don’t fight it, then I’ll get to meet you in person and see if you are just as charming as you are on line.

        • Tengu

          Must be Fiddy’s feeding time, I try never to stand too close to the cages…

      • Little Wolf

        Yeah fiddy, but then you’d have to waste a perfectly good meal. Besides, I doubt if you could lift your arm to throw anything. Maybe you could try tossing them.

        • fiddy

          haters gon hate,watever you guys posted was pretty lame, i wont even bother

          • mr. wiener

            Lame.? Lameness thy name is fiddy.

          • fiddy

            stop this pretentious lame shit,, “thy name” really what the fuck, how old are you 80 ,

          • moop

            methinks thou dost protest too much. but alas! Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date. enjoy your day turd

    • Nanny Hiccups

      Most guys on the internets are old.

  • Christina

    everything down to the number of grey hairs in his eyebrows is planned out by a team. don’t be fooled, peeps.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Yeah. Obama’s all about politics. Don’t get it twisted.

    • cardaver

      He probably used a weather machine to make it rain too.

    • HeSaidSheSaid

      Agreed, and if you don’t agree then you’re… well… just really, really silly.


      Over in the Obuma camp…
      “Hey it worked, They’re NOT talking about the economy!”

      • whiskersthecat

        Oh, look, you changed up his name into a petty insult. I get it.

        • donscarletti

          Yeah, brave words coming from

    • david

      see how he points to a guy in the audience like he knows him?

      actually, he wasnt pointing at anybody

      i saw a youtube video that explains politicians love doing that to connect with the crowd

      its like “wow he knows someone in my tiny town of 200 people”

      actually.. he doesnt

      • swat

        So, if he points and gets the public interested and aware of the points he tries to present….please explain the wrong doing.

        How did you get your last job? someone begged you to take it or did you had to present your skills and abilities in the best light you could?

        Ohh well …questions from a non american enjoying his Saturday.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Did you have to be told by someone to figure that one out? It’s called Public Speaking 101, or “basic fucking logic.”


  • filabusta

    I suspect a photo op. Still cool to see.

    “Why is America the world’s most powerful country? This video shows just one of the reasons.”

    • Brett Hunan

      Obama does look a little anfelic there, doesnt he?

      • Brett Hunan

        that was supposed to read “angelic”.


          Hey Brett,
          Actually, I see the opposite adjective.

          • MKL

            Obama is simply awesome and a great leader. Besides petty insults with racist undertones, I haven’t seen anything substantial coming from his opponents! *yawn*

          • Tengu

            Thank god, I was staring to break out my OED to look up “anfelic”, I assumed it had something to to with Fiddy flinging his crap all over everyone.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Agreed, MKL. I do dislike Obama for one fact, that his actions are more republican than liberal. The right wingers are so bat-shit crazy the democrats had to move to the right just balance things out. So we have no “real” democrat party anymore, and obama is just a republican.

            fun fact, met the dude before he was elected as a senator. my student group invited him out to talk to us. very intelligent, very bright – this back in 1999. i helped my professor arrange the whole breakfast, at this chicago southside restaurant.

            obama was a real hottie.

  • XiaoHei

    The Chinese youth seem to have become self-hating and delusional. They seem to have been so numbed by their own media that they have no clue how propaganda and media brain-washing from the western media works.

    ‘Why is America the world’s most powerful country? This video shows just one of the reasons.’ If they were to post this comment on Yahoo News (American edition), the Americans themselves would laugh their butts out for being called the most powerful.

    • SuperHappyCow

      Yeah. I don’t necessarily know about the idea of whether we’re necessarily most powerful, or not. We seem to kowtow to foreign interests, like the Saudis and the Israelis, at a whim.

      But what’s most entertaining is the idea that THIS represents THAT.

      I’ve never owned, needed, or really used umbrellas until I came to Taiwan, and that’s because It constantly rains, and I constantly have to meet with people.

    • A GUY

      Yes it is a planned photo op but the fact still remains, part of the reason America is great is because our leaders aren’t shielded from criticism and reality by some strictly imposed sense of loyalty, and more strictly controlled media. We have our problems (Americans), but this is one key to our greatness that China can learn from. They don’t hate themselves they hate corruption and being forced to be faux communist sheeple. If it was effective “brain-washing” and not an attempt to use media to inspire in a complex media environment like you say, no one would laugh at it on yahoo news. The poster was naive but his observation has a source in reality.

      • Ryo

        There are corruption in the US too. They are just better at hiding it because you can actually get in trouble if caught. In China, they know you know and so what? What you gonna do about it? That’s right, nothing! Now that’s power!

        • Kim Jung iLL

          Nobody says there isn’t. In US there are means to probe into the corruption activities. In China, there are none.

          • GodsHammer

            That’s right. People are people, true enough and some are corrupt…but is there a check mechanism…is there any recourse when you get treated poorly by those elected or selected to serve in official capacity. These are the things that make the difference. So many ‘self-haters’ on this bbs as well. ;)

        • linette

          There are corruption in the US too…………….What you gonna do about it? That’s right, nothing! Now that’s power!

          Absolutely true!

          • fiddy

            linette why are you always on mr wieners dick,

          • Brett Hunan

            This thread has nothing to do with wiener… what are you talking about?

          • linette

            fiddy, why so rude huh? You want mr wieners dick?

          • mr. wiener

            He can’t have it. It is reserved for Mrs. wiener.

          • fiddy

            it has nothing to do with this post, linettes always on wieners dick. thats all folks

          • mr. wiener

            Chance should be so fine a thing.
            Sounds like you aren’t having too much luck with that. Bad luck son, either change your pickup style or take matters into your own hands, so to speak.

          • Brett Hunan


            wieners an attractive guy (minus the avatar). If Linette wants some, more power too her. Then again, there is mrs. wiener… Linette would never fuck with mrs. wiener… right Linette?

          • mr. wiener

            Aww shucks, but I feel the ladies affections lie in other lobo like directions.
            However I would pay good money to see a wrestling match between Mrs. W. and Linette. My money would be on the missus, she was winger on the local rugby team team [no way I’d marry a prop] and a good belly dancer to boot. Linette is but a wee thing [5’2″ I believe] , although with plenty of fire in her belly.

          • linette

            What are you talking about? Why so rude? What dick? This is how you talk to your friends? You are not my father. You don’t tell me what I can do or not. I do whatever I want with my body. Piss off….

          • linette

            wieners an attractive guy (minus the avatar)…………

            Who doesn’t want to fuck an attractive guy? hahaha…..

          • linette

            mr. wiener, I would love to fuck you because you are such a handsome man, but I have too much respect for Mrs.Wiener. She sounds like she can break my neck too. hahahaha……

          • Brett Hunan

            hottest thread ever? Or hottest thread ever?

          • fiddy

            always on his dick is actually slang for having her head up his ass, theres nothing sexual about it, so linette why are you always on wieners dick.

          • linette

            Sorry, not interested to be “ON” anyone’s dick. If you are so interested you can get ON yourself. Have fun………

      • wacky

        but the problem is that american media is not even controlled by american people and also far form the truth, american media is controlled by corporate america imposing their view on people.
        american economy and financial sector is controlled by wall street people, the same kind of people that has always been working for the government like hank paulson.
        another thing that makes america great is the military, american military can go everywhere, fight war anywhere then american corporations move in to take the natural resources that is being enjoyed by american people? american military keep the global domination and american people and country safe as well as keep american enemy on its place.
        these are 2 things that make american great, some american are too stupid to realize this, why do they protest against the wall street? wall street keep american domination in global economy? why do people against war when america gain so much from it?
        i think its the failure of american media to portray the reality. the fact is american government and aristocrats are not delusional they know what they are doing, american people are the one living in delusion.

        • moop

          yeah, you’re wacky allright. there is nothing more pathetic than a conspiracy theorist.

          • HeSaidSheSaid

            Moop, come on now. I mean maybe he went a little overboard, but almost everything he said was fact. Not saying it’s all one big conspiracy but a lot of that shit does happen. Also ‘theory’ means that there is no evidence to support an idea, in this case there is quite a lot. But I am genuinely interested in what parts of what wacky said you think are untrue?

          • moop

            the american media is politically partisan, not beholden to corporations. the people who write, produce, and present all are biased and a majority of them are statists just like the people who make and write our laws, and just like the jerkoffs at home watching the kardashians. its not the american media’s fault they are a bunch of hacks. if people listening to these hacks and not thinking for themselves. as if you could sell real news to people whose idea of intellectual stimulation is watching tmz! and snooky go down on a horse. everything has to be filtered by us as individuals regardless of media format and everyone/everything has an agenda. the beauty about america (at least for now) is that there is the internet where you can compare and contrast sources yourself.

          • wacky

            american media belong to a corporation not to the government or the people, fox news is the best example of this, when occupy movement went out on the street the started calling them homeless, drug addicts, hippies etc.

            the liberal media blame bush administration for attacking iraq while democrats too had a portion in it.

            i agree that it is up to us to decide what to believe, but many people will swallow all the news they watch without filtering, chinese people know that their media is a propaganda but whose propaganda american media is???

          • jin

            moop enjoy this fatburger of hard truth.

          • Capt. WED


            holy shit is sat I’ve stayed up for like 4 days striaght now. China!

        • A GUY

          America is more complex than that.
          To rebuke the statement about who controls the media I will say this: Yes corporations have a large influence but so do special interest groups, activist groups, and the most important thing ratings (we don’t watch what we don’t like.) Yes what your talking about, or should I say the narrative that you are mindlessly regurgitating has a basis in reality, but in America we have a history of journalists holding corrupt politicians to account. The fact is they have to work to hide things where as in China they can do what they want. On the economy: Our economy requires more regulation to reign in corporate corruption I agree, but we have the means to hear about the corruption (free media) and a means to have a say in the regulation process (voting). China has neither.

          Is our military the most powerful? Damn right! Is our military used to exploit resources? In the past maybe. I cant think of a time when it worked though except for the first gulf war by keeping an invading force out of Kuwait and that was defending an ally’s sovereignty with the added bonus of keeping oil flowing.
          America doesn’t fight wars mainly for resources, we have to have a better reason to cite to our people like WMD’s or defending human rights etc. Are there people who try to push us towards war with monetary connections or opportunists who hear about war and automatically think “how can I profit” yes, but there has always been a core reason aside from money that drags us to war. I would also like to say since I know some of you are waiting to bring up Iraq II that the WMD’s in my opinion were an intel error and for all we know Saddam may have had them, I think the fault lies with the administration of George W and not because they forged a pretext for war but because they were so hungry for it that they didn’t stop to check it’s validity. (that’s according to Colin Powell’s account of events) They had to believe that it was a matter of life and death before they could give in to their more base or ideological reasons. Where as in China the leaders can say they want some territory draw a map with ridiculous borders and then rile up nationalist sentiment with their state run media and claim that it has always been a part of China. (SCS)

          America’s shit stinks true, but China’s in rancid.

          In my opinion only Canada can talk shit. Those guy’s poo smells glorious.

          Well them and the Nordic nations.

          • terroir

            USA Vs China: When De-Greating Is and Isn’t Hu-mullet-ating

            Simply: USA are both empires, and are both great. But, they are great in different ways.

            Right down to the littlest, most insignificant guy, every single American makes the USA great. You criticize the president, you make USA great. You eat a stick of butter on television, you make it great. The USA is a collection of ideals and freedoms the embody the dreams of its citizens (wrong or right) that they all have a stake in.

            China is also great. But, its greatness belongs to everyone, and no one has a majority share in the vast dream of 5000 years. Instead, however high a position you rise in China, the stakes are offered in which you can only screw up; one can’t step outside one’s pre-mandated boundaries. Right up to Prez Who, everyone is thinking “Please don’t let me to be the one to screw up” (hey, face it). As such, China’s greatness doesn’t below to Chinese, but to China.

          • wacky

            yet with your free media you have failed to prevent the global crisis, this is the problem i have with american you people like to compare your system with other countries without realizing that any failure in your system can have a global impact while any failure of chinese system have limited impact.
            and according to your believe corrupt official in china can do what they want?????? there are a lot of example of corrupts official brought to justice, whereas in america you have the same financial problems over an over again yet feeling that you are the one to lecture people about how to take care of their own home.

            it seems that you dont realize that america especially the elite profited from the war, american go to invade a country , it is then open for american market an products (as reported by aljazeera a couple of years ago how american products flooded afganistan market) , and as you know that most companies that get the rebuilding projects are american companies.
            and in case you dont know that american military too make profit nfrom selling weapon to any “freed” regime an it works like this, america lends money to a country, the country then uses the money to buy american weapon and hire american expert, so the money goes back to america and left the country with debt.
            and in case you blame bush’s administration for mistakenly reported the wmd in iraq, you know that the report come from CIA dont you?? didnt the democrat have their men in CIA as well? the decision to invade iraq was not made by republican administration alone

            the comment about china claim is a ridiculous one, china’s claim is historical, not a new one the fact is china lost many of its territories in the last 200 years while the same cant be said to america, america took a lot of mexican land back then as well as hawai, and you must have known that america has about 800 military stations all over the world, even in the middle of indian ocean there are american miltary base there, then how did you earn that land in the first place? these islands so far from america and not within american special economic zone

          • whiskersthecat

            The length of the broad-brushed rant on a country or the people of a country is indicative of the amount (the longer the rant, the more time spent punching the mattress) of time a person spends furiously hitting his bed mattress or pillow over this nation. This is primarily due to things such as, but not limited to: butthurt.

          • maja

            america, china… why are you so flamed up? the states profit from wars and the afghanistan and iraq II were amongst the MOST profitable ever, china has ridiculous claims over other countries seas (and land), I honestly fail to see how this things should negate each other…
            nevertheless, how the US media creates public opinion is interesting, I think that after the whole vietnam war opposition thing, americans believe that a too explicit support to aggessive foreign policies for american profit are not politically correct and, thus, not effective; it has probably become a cultural point of view more then logical planning by now… public opinion has too feel things are done the right way, american media can give this feeling to american people, chinese media… still struggle.

          • maja

            *TO feel

          • diverdude1

            Considering that we are touching on an event that had such a profound impact on our species, I believe we should try and be very clear about how we explain the events.
            It is not accurate to say that under the Saddam Hussein dictatorship of Iraq there were no WMD. That is a gross over-simplification.
            The question everybody was trying to get to the bottom of was was he producing More and would he use them.


          • wacky

            i am not saying that american people enjoy direct benefit from american invasion but american company certainly do, american company can certainly enjoy easier access to iraq market without saddam, to libya without gadafi or to afganistan without taliban that is a fact. and if american companies especially the mining ones can get their hand on these countries it would benefit american people indirectly as well.
            as for china claiming other people’s lands??? which lands?? how do you know that these lands has always belong to these countries?? in fact china had lost a lot of its land these past 200 years the modern boundaries and even countries were created after ww2 and based on western colonial map.
            one opinion by chinese media i happened to watch is that this island which is on the dispute with philippines just now was not recognized by philippines back in 1959 when philippines was under american occupation.

          • jin
          • A GUY

            Ahh it was the fluoride, I never new what must meant before.
            Well I will no longer be so musty now that I know how to shower properly with fluoride. AKA rat poison.

          • Luobo

            if you believe any of that your nuts…America is in fact a bigger joke than China, precisely because it believes its own shit doesn’t stink…

          • wacky

            my problem with america is not that because america and its system are bad but because the way of spreading democracy and human rights as well as capitalism is closer to the way of spreading a cult.
            you have to accept democracy and american values in order to make progress and advance otherwise you are doomed and if you have not we will make you.
            there are so much to learn from america but adopting a political system is not the same as copy and paste a document.

          • A GUY

            Democracy is like science to me you can deny it but that just makes you a retard. Modern medicine came from the west but choosing not to accept it is retarded. Just cause it isn’t your idea doesn’t make it not applicable to you. Your argument is the same to me as if a pre-civil war era southerner had said abolition is a cult that the Yankee’s are trying to impose on us destroying our way of life, culture and heritage. Is America trying to democratize the world and give the world human rights? You bet your ass we are. It’s our stated policy to try and promote those things. My problem with you is that you seem to think that humans lives should have different worth based on what a-hole or a-holes decide that they govern them, and that a country with the principles of freedom and human rights should bear no responsibility to help those people gain said rights.

          • HeSaidSheSaid

            @MOOP I couldn’t reply to your reply directly because I got buried here, but thanks for the genuinely constructive response. Yes, I do agree you have to think for yourselves, but sometimes if you are bombarded with something enough, and enough people believe it, it becomes fact. (And if this is what your parents were like, then this is what you will be like, and so on). Then you become the idiot for not believing it as well. George Orwell’s ‘1984’ explains this in a glorious, yet slightly over-the-top way I think.

          • wacky

            wrong again, democracy needs time to develop, a strong middle class must be prevalent. without strong middle class democracy is just a cult with fanatic follower who thinks that a political system is a panacea for every problem in society that is how an idiotic retard think.
            you see why after years of democracy philippines is still a developing country???? compare it to korea for instance korea enjoyed most of its economic growth under dictatorship then when the middle class is strong enough they were ready to embrace democracy the same goes for taiwan. in the 1906s philippines economy is better than taiwan.
            just like korea, phillippine was under american rule until 1990s now korea economically advance (7th in the world) as well as an arm exporter (20 times bigger that north korea according to aljazeera) while philippines is still struggling with ist economy (even worse than indonesia) and would gladly welcome america back when feels threatened ( they wanted america out back then)

            and how could democracy is like science???? democracy is a political system not a science there are a lot of example for people to reject democracy at some point of time.
            human rights is just another way by america to gain political dominance that is why america has so far done nothing to put pressure on saudi government on this issue.
            and that country that should bear the responsibility is america???
            statistically speaking america and its system is not the best in the world, scandinavian countries have better standard of living yet they are not trying to spread their system with military might ( like i said american military dominance is one thing that make america great not its democracy and system),you know that it is safer in to stay in canada than in america at least for that colorado incident to happen in canada is way smaller yet it is not spreading its system all around the world.

            one thing people should realize is that america does not have the best system in the world yet its global dominance in economy (by wall street and USD) as well as the military dominance has been enabling america to spread its system all around the world without these 2 advantages american political system is just a tiny unimportant system or at least only is known only to few people.

          • A GUY


            Our system isn’t the best Canada’s is. like I said before.
            Your insecurity is showing. The Philippines has a problem with corruption and not finding an appropriate niche in the Asian pacific economy, that was cultural influences and economic bad luck not democracy. You are right we do have the guns and the money so go back to your cave. Come out when your ready for the new world order.
            Cue conspiracy theorist nutters.

          • jin

            wacky stop wasting your time on this A GUY guy.
            hes a brainwashed nationalist, maybe as bad as north koreans.

          • Chef Rocco

            I really like people like A GUY who are treating democracy as science. He reminds me of Tom Cruise and Church of Scientology.

            A GUY is able to do Dianetics on every country in the world to cure their ills easily, “end of history”, as Fukuyama said.

            By the way, I strongly recommend A Guy to drink my penis soup, nothing bad in the soup, I assure you, A guy, but nutrient scientific elements in it…

          • moop

            jin calling someone a nationalist? what a joke. you’re like one of the biggest nationalist on this website

        • wacky

          so now you acknowledge that american greatness is not because of what you said
          “part of the reason America is great is because our leaders aren’t shielded from criticism”
          but because you have the money and the gun to force people to submit, right
          philippines has corruption and democracy, china has corruption and no democracy.
          indonesia has corruption and democracy, vietnam has corruption and democracy.
          yet chinese economy and standard of living according to any statistic you can find is better than indonesia and philippines. and vietnam is the fastest growing economy in south east asia.
          if democracy is not a panacea for your social and economic illness in fact it does not work most of the time, most of the country in asia and africa are democratic but so far only 4 small countries in asia (singapore, taiwan, HK, and korea) has been able to reach the developed country status and no pther country has been able reach a developed country whether democratic or not.
          a country can adopt democracy only after having a strong middle class, so american way of instant democracy has no root and basic in history that is why philippines and afganistan is a failure.
          and welcome to real world for you because so far you live in a cave behind a mountain that you dont know the how the real world is working.

          • A GUY

            You will never listen so I’ll let you be ignorant and watch the world change around you. Have fun with your pathetic life.

          • wacky

            there are 2 things closer to ignorance
            1 american
            2 american foreign policy

    • Somethin Somethin

      Xiao let’s be honest man the guy had a point. The biggest guy in the government didn’t stop his speech in the middle of a downpour. In China he made a comparison to his own leaders who can’t seem to live without someone following them around to serve them. Obama has aides, staff, and other people who could have ushered him off, but didn’t. There are hundreds of stories throughout history of leaders brushing off petty shit to get to what they wanted to say. It’s a valid comment on power even if it’s not as grandiose as you may want it to seem.

  • SuperHappyCow

    “America doesn’t even have an umbrella?”

    Ahah. I love it.

    Not necessarily a photo op, but Obama’s campaign team knows what it’s doing.

    Just look at how they’re ravaging Romney, for something he actually did, like committing a felony.

  • Scott

    His audience was already drenched (“Ladies, I do apologize for your hairdo’s gettin’ messed up”), it seems none in the audience had an umbrella so the rain was not expected, and it would not be appropriate for him or anyone else to address the crowd cowed under an umbrella. This is the President but this is no big thing, no calculated agenda, just a sudden rain during a speech. By contrast, Teddy Roosevelt was shot at close range but insisted on giving his speech with the .32 caliber bullet still inside him. Now that’s balls.

    • maja

      for what it matters, I think you are right.

      still there’s an evident gap in the ability to improvise (and the interest to do so for popularity reasons) from Obama&friends and the CCP… I think this consideration for public opinion is what strikes the chinese audience. this and the fact that getting wet looks better to the public (from anywhere) then having goons around you treating you as a big brass.

  • Jin

    Propaganda if the PRESIDENT of the USA with all the helpers and minders that follow him wherever he goes could not get an umbrella for him. Pull the other one this is as sincere as the trillion dollar payment that he demanded for bankers and multi national companies and his promise to withdrew the soldiers from the war…next bullshit please.

    • Archie

      Are you kidding? Only in China will people hide under cover at the first sight of rain, and waste an hour of their time standing there waiting for the rain to stop before moving on their way.

      Most people aren’t concerned about a little water falling from above-for Christ’s sake, they shower daily, so it really aint that big a deal. Clearly Obama is one of the many billions of people who can confront a little bit of rain without thinking the world will end if he gets even a little wet.

      Pathetic, really. Umbrellas are for pussies.

      • Archie

        Jesus, in fact, in China, umbrellas even get carried around in summer, in case it rains! Now that’s extreme!

        • Brett Hunan

          In fact, as it was common in Europe, Chinese women carry umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun, not “in case it rains”. I used to tease my friends about it but carrying an umbrella isnt reason enough to bash on a group of people.

          • Archie

            No shit Sherlock! Sarcasm was completely lost.

          • Brett Hunan

            Your first post was very clearly (not sarcastically) bashing Chinese and you expect me to understand your second post was intended as sarcastic?

          • terroir

            @Fart Cheese
            You mention a shower, so it’s likely that you have one. And a towel to dry yourself off with.

            But some Chinese people have neither. Some people live in a shared accommodation that doesn’t have a bathroom. Some people don’t even live in a place with a door.

            But wait, there’s more! Some Chinese a migrants who move to the city to make money. Maybe like you. But unlike you they don’t make a lot of money. And, any money they do actually make they send it back to the poor people.

            But this would entail them to be able to work. And they can’t work if they catch a cold. And they’ll catch a cold if they walk in the rain, as they might not have a place to shower, or get dry; they may not even have money to pay for the doctor bills from a non-Western catering hospital.

            So, the next time you’re feeling superior to the ”pussy” who is “afraid of the rain”, you should also remember to feel superior to them because you make more money than Chinese due to a set of circumstances that lead way back to the Opium Wars, and thus are entitled to a set of privileges that includes acting as big as a douchebag as you would like to be.

            Q: Wasn’t there a school that you should have learned manners in?
            A: Yes, that’s elementary, my dear Watson.

        • ThatOneChick

          No, Chinese people don’t carry umbrellas around in summer in case it rains. If you have ever been the China, you would now how extremely hot and humid it gets in the summer. They carry umbrellas around to hide from the SUN and not get SUNBURNT because their skin is PALE or they do not want to get SKIN CANCER.

          • Archie

            Thanks for pointing all that insight out using CAPITALS. Really made your POINT so much more effective.

          • ThatOneChick

            God, you don’t have to be such an ass

          • Rod

            I heard they carry umbrellas in the summer because they can’t squint their eyes without closing them completely.

          • Archie

            I don’t often laugh out loud, especially on comments made on the internet, but I just giggled @Rod.

          • maja

            they just want their skin to stay pale… really, walking under the sun doesn’t give you skin cancer.

          • mr. wiener

            Can’t go getting dark can we? Can’t understand that myself.
            I don’t pa hei
            I par tay.

          • jin

            sunlight can give you skin cancer.
            when your skin is exposed to too much sunlight, you can get skin cancer.

          • jin

            in most asian countries, dark colored skin means poor. cause the poor work outside in the fields, while the rich work inside behind a desk. thats how is been hundreds years ago, thought its starting to change… seen plenty of chinese girls laying on the beach.

          • linette

            they can’t squint their eyes without closing them completely….

            Shut up Rod.

          • linette

            Usually the older Asians use umbrella to cover themselves because of the hot sun. You won’t see young Asians holding umbrella. We use this thing called sunscreen. But even with that I still got sunburn because I forgot to reapply. I can easily finish one tube of sunscreen lotion in one week. I can see why the older Asians are too cheap and lazy to buy one tube of sunscreen to use per week. It’s cheaper to use an umbrella and probably more effective.

            Who wants sunburn? Makes your skin old and ugly.

          • terroir

            You’s guys is all wussies. Allow me to decloak the elephant..

            Skin cancer is not a concern for Chinese women. It isn’t a condition like not having a gag reflex. No, umbrellas are employed in the summer to maintain paler skin because that’s the beauty aesthetic.

            White skin is as important to Chinese women as having hair is to Chinese men. That’s why Maggie Cheung and Gong Li do commercials they otherwise would never have a hand in — because of a gazbillion dollar industry that sells skin whitener whenever it isn’t summer and feeds a women’s fear of the worst thing ever to happen: for her skin to turn dark, and to lose her youthfulness.

            Just like nobody gets a tattoo in China, neither do people go tanning for fun. Nope, folks use an umbrella so they can look white, and not black.

            To that end: what is the comment count for the Lou Jing story? It must be over 2,000 comments by now of thoughtful discussion and good-fashioned ribbing.

          • maja

            overexposure to the sun can give skin cancer, walking on the street during the day doesn’t, really.
            also, yes young chinese women use umbrellas in daybright, at least in china… and it’s to not get dark, no shame about it.
            that said, when it’s REALLY hot and some friend takes out her umbrella I’m totally grateful to keep it and enjoy the shadow :P

          • Dat Ankle

            They dont use umbrellas for fear of getting sunburned, just for fear of getting a tan. I dont think theres many Asians who are naturally pale enough to get a sunburn. And you cant get skin cancer from casually walking around on a hot day.

          • elizabeth

            Some are too quick to dismiss the genuine concerns of others as purely matters of vanity or frivolity, maybe it’s just too tempting to let go of a chance to revel at others’ expense or perhaps it is a manifestation of one’s feeling of superiority stemming from hidden inferiority or vice versa.

            At the end of the day, we will know who will have the last laugh.

            “…melanoma, the third most common skin cancer, is more dangerous. About 65%–90% of melanomas are caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light.

            Too much exposure to UV rays can change skin texture, cause the skin to age prematurely, and can lead to skin cancer. UV rays also have been linked to eye conditions such as cataracts.”


          • elizabeth

            Sunscreens, especially in China:

            “However, there are reports that sunscreen contains toxic or cancer-causing chemicals. In China, some products have been found to contain heavy metal elements such as lead, arsenic and mercury. Medical experts warn that they can damage the kidneys.”


          • elizabeth

            Ah right, the US is not spared too:

            “In May, CNN reported that, according to the Environmental Working Group, 75 percent of 800 sunscreens tested in the US contained potentially harmful ingredients. Only one-fourth of them were effective at protecting our skin without any toxicity.”

            Source: Same as above.

            I’d choose and use my products wisely. If not I can’t do that, I’d rather be a cheapskate than end up a dead duck.

          • terroir

            @c3-liza Pee-O
            “At the end of the day, we will know who will have the last laugh.”

            Art thou assuming that providing links to back up said argument will provide the high ground from which to foist your belly-laugh? Facts and linkage are irrelevant when your initial position is flawed.

            Over-exposure to the sun can result in skin cancer. It’s true, I read it on a fortune cookie somewhere. However, this initial statement can in no way provide the only basis for this cultural phenomenon. Note: some people are not able to be outside in the summer and carry an umbrella. Instead, they wear these giant hats that are worn by hipsters ironically/unironically. And peasants.

            Yup, peasants: the rest of China that makes it great/is a vast exploitable reason. Peasants toil in the field day after day in the hot sun, and due to this bulk up on a lifetime’s work of one of the GTL’s of the Jersey Shore. While it may be that some of them get skin cancer, being a peasant is dangerous in other ways so much so that I doubt that a peasant ever would say “OMGZ! So sunny! Am just hunker inside and tweet all day”.

            Because China, much like anyone else in the world and probably more so, is a society beholden to its culture. To explain: being a peasant in China sucks. Sure, you’re rightly represented on propaganda videos along with all 52 minorities, but you’re uncultured, unlearned, and make no money. Folks know this, and so dark skin is one of the things that constitute the character of a peasant.

            So: as one of the determinants of what constitute the current beauty aesthetic in China, Chinese want to look as pale as possible to look beautiful. Like, “leukemia-level” pale.

            You can make any type of logical reasoning after the fact, but the real honest answer to all of this is: in China, women with pale skin are considered beautiful, while women with darker skin are unfortunately not.

            You homework assignment, should you accept it, is to provide yet another link. This will be to a web page/photo of the female equivalent to Louis Koo: a popular Chinese star whose skin is bronzed and dark. And is universally liked.

            As a hint, for your Google Image Search, try typing in “snowball’s chance in hell”.

          • Somethin Somethin

            one word that answers all this…vampires

          • linette


            “leukemia-level” pale……..

            lol….This is the first time I hear this term. So funny…………I love it.

        • elizabeth

          I carry an umbrella here during summer too. It’s the scorching sun, not the rain. Too much exposure to UV rays is bad for the skin.

      • Jin

        He is not some Joe walking down the street..this is the President of the USA giving a speech to a public gathering.

        politician these days do not even fart without consulting marketing or PR company first and have a focus group before farting.

        I have nothing against Obama..politicians around the world are all the same only there to line their own pockets and why not? its only a natural human behavior!

        • moop

          yes, the government seeded the clouds so it would rain

          • terroir

            Yeah, the governments so broke that they’re cashing in all their rain checks.

          • Jin

            No that’s Monsanto and the US goverment works for them.

        • Nanny Hiccups

          I believe obama’s intentions are pure. Were pure in the beginning. I had an early college experience of hearing him speak before he was even a politician. however, if you listen to him speak, then moments after he won the nomination for president, he emerged from his debriefing (the part where they tell him all of America’s secrets) a different man.

          One, we have secret societies running this country behind the scenes. The president doesn’t run this country. Shadow militaries, and so on. So Obama could never really make any real changes, he had to work within the box he was placed in. But of course, he didn’t know that at the time.

          Like Jesse Ventura, the ex pro wrestler who became govenor of Minnesota, said that the day that he won the election he was taken to the basement of the state building and questioned by mysterious men in dark suits, threatening him and asking how he won, what do you think happened to Obama got when actually became president?

          Jesse Ventura now has that show, “conspiracy theory” where he tries to expose the secret societies, etc running this country and how our politics are a hoax.


          • Jin

            Nanny Hiccups you made some good points but for one thing Obama would not be President if the American ruling class did not want him there.

            Few facts about Obama since he been in office:
            *Remove all combat troops from Iraq in 16 months – FAIL
            *Closing of GITMO in 1st Year of presidency – FAIL
            *Create 5 million Green Jobs – NONE created – FAIL
            *Said no former Lobbyist will work on contracts in the Obama Administration – FAIL His admin has the largest number of private Wall street bankers of any American goverment
            *Restrict Warrantless Wiretaps – he promised but has done nothing – FAIL
            *Transparency – promised 72 hour posting of laws before HE SIGNED them – FAIL He trapped the house of Representative into signing the trillion dollar bank bailout and with no laws on accountabilities even Elizabeth Warren can not get answer on how and when or if the money would be paid back.
            *TRILLION Stimulus JOB Plan – FAIL The money end up paying private jets and Christmas bonuses to Bankers
            *Said unemployment rate would go no higher than 8% – FAIL
            *Tripled National debt after saying he would not add one dime – FAIL – He turned on the Federal money printing press for 2 trillions dollars since he been in office this is more then 150% then past presidents.
            *Bi-Partisanship – said he would cross party lines, instead calls them names – FAIL
            *Said Obamacare would cover every child but it doesn’t – FAIL
            *Housing Market – 40 Billion Mortgage Plan to save homeowners – FAIL

            There are so many other things which he has fail or lied about the list is numerous.

            He like to market himself and his family as the average working class family but when his wife wears $15,000 Azzedine Alaïa dresses he would know nothing about the average American workers.

      • Jin

        clearly your manly just because you like being rained on..yea that really shows how tough you are.

        • moop

          no, just stronger than you

          • Jin

            yea i am sure..let me guess middle aged white guy with a pot belly with a young Chinese “gf” in your own country you be lower class but in china your middle class? haha

          • mr. wiener

            Oww he really got you there moop, I’ve never heard that one before, I bet your inner child is crying in the corner as we speak. Your ancestors will inherit a that burn as a birthmark down to the 8th generation. We’ll all have to pack up and leave Asia.
            ……Why is it OK for some Chinese guy to have little wives [not all, OK Linette] and he’s da man, but if it’s a foreigner [with a younger GF than he’s a fat loser?

          • Jin

            There is a difference..on one hand you have some old fat disgusting guy traveling to a 3rd world country just to take advantage of a person who is if he was in his own country and married a beautiful young women i would say good on him what a man! but sorry taking advantage of social and economically poor women is no hero in my book.

            SIDE NOTE: I do not think all foreigners are like this just most are. Personally I couldn’t care less because most will get a divorced anyway and she end up with a nice house and bank account ending her 3rd world status so win win all round.

          • moop

            yeah, you burned me. i’ll indulge you with some information about me so that at least you have accurate information for fodder. i am 28. american but work for an australian international media company and travel the world for my job. my wife is a senior copywriter for DDB, writing ads for brands like VW and freelance work for Intel. i played baseball, basketball, and american football in school, and although i sucked at basketball i could have played the other two sports in college. i have adhd and the medicine i used to take for it used to make me depressed so i dont take it anymore. my left testicle hangs lower than my right one. my right pinky finger is slightly shorter than my left one. i started having gray hair when i was 17 and i am 33% silver now. i lost my virginity when i was 17, which might explain the change of hair color. i have a 6 inch steel pin in my left hip, which is probably much shorter than anything that’s been inside you (i mean dicks. see what i did there?)

          • donscarletti

            Jin, 其实我看到了好多又老又胖恶心的男人去穷的地方泡二奶,可能有一些不是中国的富人和领导但是我从来没看到。如果你有机会就去国外看看大学外面有多少奥迪等小老婆出来,看看国外有多少夜总会让富人摸90后的小农妇,然后想想用钱买爱是哪里的特点。现在中国大陆只有6千个我的同胞包括女人而且大部分不乱搞,但是你以为你泡不到妞因为我们。


          • Scott

            To Don Scarletti and Some Few Others Trying to Use Reason:

            Jin is most probably mainland Chinese, female, and quite unable to reconcile what she has thought and taught to believe with the reality of her life now in the US. She may regard the likes of Wendi Deng (鄧文迪) as deplorable but still admires that material success.

            Jin, today’s new vocabulary word is “gold digger”. Tomorrow’s will be “introspection.”

          • Scott

            My favourite word today: 賣笑

            (I also tire of using simplified characters.)

          • Jin

            @Scott you could call it gold digger as i said its great its a win win situation for both party. The old timer gets a pretty young thing as a trophy for a few years and the whore gets financial compensation for the years of fat grinding on top of her.

            If you want proof just look at all the rich old men and its no surprise their “wife’s” are all young gorgeous and a model. Before the invention of money women would judge the worthiness of a partner based on physical features but now its based on if he can get her the big 5 bedrooms house and latest range rover. In 3rd world country like China, Thailand and Vietnam etc a lower net worth white guy would be an equivalent to a millionaire in developed countries so that’s why they all come here for wife’s.

          • mr. wiener

            But you still think think that if it’s a chinese guy then that’s just dandy ,but the foreigner is some kind of exploitative leach correct?

          • Fabio (aka Zappa Frank)

            jin for sure has some point. is true, there are many, expecially english teachers, here just for girls.. or else tell me another reason why a 40-50 or even 60 years old man should come in china with a 5000-6000yuan salary with no prospective about retirement.. I’m sure everyone have seen fat old man in bar with chinese girls half of their age.. what you would think in your country? that love has no age maybe?
            this doesn’t mean that it’s like this for everyone.

            [Note from Fauna: Please do not use multiple names.]

          • donscarletti

            Also, tell me why a 28 year old software engineer would go to China for a 40,000 yuan per month salary when he could get the same amount or more in his home country working 9:30am-6pm 5 days a week rather than 10am-11pm 6 days a week, speak English in meetings and wouldn’t have to listen to retards like Jin bitching about him poaching all of China’s women folk in his copious free time.

            All I can work out is that that guy is a moron who is bad at making important decisions. What I really what to know is what the fuck was going through his head in the first place.

            Now, if you excuse me, I’m going back to work.

          • mr. wiener

            Within each good generalization there is at least one grain of truth. Jin apparently has issues with foreigners in China and is consoling himself with the idea that we are all losers who couldn’t make it in our own countries, there is a grain of truth to that, like I said.
            But like every good chauvinistic nationalist he is using a myth about the outsiders to blind himself to the faults of anything too close to home.
            I can take a hater, as long as they are a balanced hater.
            Now if you’ll excuse me apparently I have to run around fornicating with Chinese women, My god I wish they’d find another over simplification about Laowai, this one is too much like hard work. [and I don’t respect myself in the morning].

          • Jin

            mr. wiener i have no issue with anyone choosing to live in any country they want too. That was not my point and i also never said 100% everyone foreigners who come to Asia are like that but most are like that and its not just me this issue had been in the media for years and years. You should really stop thinking everything is about you and every comments is based around you and your life..its a comment based on a general observation. And as i said i don’t care because these women end up getting a better life and a visa so its all good to me.

          • jin

            ehm i would guess that 40-60% foreigners working in china are here for the woman (though they only attract ugly to normal girls). and yet they whine every single day about china. well if they dont like it, go back to their own countries. though they are just poor losers who cant get any half decent girls.

          • mr. wiener

            et too small case jin?
            Actually I still don’t get the source of friction. As you just said foreigners tend to go for the types of girls Chinese see as attractive. Small eyes, dark skin slightly plump etc. Also girls over 30 [old maids!] as well as divorcees.
            Sounds like win-win-win to me
            Large case Jin, I know it’s not about me, but what grieves me about your statements are your sweeping generalizations and assumed air of superiority. I want you to imagine you are living in the west and having to listen to some know it all, arsewipe whitey spouting forth on how all asians are micro dicked drug dealing pet eaters. Then covering his arse with the carvat that:”It’s not 100% of asians, just most of them”.
            You starting to feel me on this one sport?
            Just for your info my wife [7 years younger than me] doesn’t want a visa , and my property is in my name [her insistence].
            Don’t presume to know my situation and I’ll return you the courtesy.

          • Jin

            @mr. wiener white aka KKK yes they do..white people in the west and in Asia makes generalization of Asian all the time. Just read some of the comments made on this website by the KKK’s and you see this to be true.
            Also i never said i know you or your situation nor do i want to either. How your wife plays you is your problem i am sure she knows what she is doing and in the end will get the financial rewards that is due.

          • mr. wiener

            Nice to see the logical progression there: I disagree with the Asian guy, I’m automatically KKK, sweet.
            Is that really the best you can do to rebut any thing I’ve said? The worst I’ve called you is a chauvinistic nationalist, but ultimately I think you are every bit as bigoted as the white racists you hate so much.
            There are a lot of reasonable people in the middle ground, I’d like you to join us there one day.

          • linette

            ………To Don Scarletti and Some Few Others Trying to Use Reason Jin is most probably mainland Chinese, female…….

   scott the great philosopher. He must be a man of great importance.(At least he thinks so) His mission in life is to come here on Chinasmack to teach us how to use reason. No shit.
            You wonder what he does for living in real life for him to be outrageously insane like this. Apparently something pathetic.

          • Fabio (aka Zappa Frank)

            mr wiener
            i don’t say that Jin is right, but while trolling he also scored some points in my opinion. What make me think that he may be a troll and a fake is that he always point on the fact that chinese girls with forigners are just after their money.Talking with all the people i met i understood that this is a part of chinese culture related to love and marrige, or better, marriage is a business, love often is not involved at all.

            [Note from Fauna: Please do not use multiple names.]

          • terroir

            @Jin Jonah Jameson

            gold digging is not “双赢” or a “win-win” situation, but rather a “双润” or a “profit-profit situation.

            “Winning” doesn’t just mean you get something, but that you don’t lose anything as well; however, the Chinese conception of 双赢 isn’t neccessarily this concept, but rather the idea of mutual exploitation.

            As this exploitation is never actually equal, it stands that it is not actually a 双赢 situation, which then goes back to the old concept of “我活你死”.

            China and feudal thinking: to think that Lu Xun was describing China’s future is quite shocking.

          • Li Wen


            You’re kind of living in an alternate universe. Many, if not most, foreigners living in Shanghai, Beijing, and other slightly liveable PRC cities are, for the most part, resepctable, entrepreneurial people who have a genuine interest in China. Many of them have slim waistlines, too. I don’t see many – as you described – fat, disgusting foreign men cruising bars for local women, or many local women marrying said type of foreign male for a passport. I, for example, am 30 years old, in the best shape of my life and pretty fucking handsome. I’m considered pretty fucking handsome in my home country, too.

            Nor am I poor loser. I have a very good job and wear nice clothes. I even have a pair of Johnston & Murphy men’s shoes. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with that brand. They’re nice. My paps always says you can own a pair for 30 years if you treat them well.

            So before you make uninformed generalizations, please first think of me – the handsome guy on Chinasmack – as a pretty good representation of most foreign men in China, and quit being a dick.

            Oh, and, are you a chic? Are you hot?


        • Jin

          linette you are such an ass licker on this site to the white guys..are you trying to get a visa or green card?

          Are you seriously telling me there are NO Asian women who have married or dated an older white guy in Asia? and that a 20 girl with a 40-60 white guy is true love?

          You just have to set your foot out on any street in shanghai and within 5mins you see such couple. Its not so bad in China but in Thailand and Vietnam its really bad.

          • Zappa Frank

            do you mean there are no chinese girls who have married or date older chinese men? i know someone who get girls in university while he’s around 50..
            So what is the point? For chinese a lot of girls is normal go after the money..they say that love is not important, they just want money…doesn’t matter if foreigners or chinese

          • moop

            keep tears flowing doucher

          • Nanny Hiccups

            If any of the guys think like you, i can see why they are running for the hills. women don’t want oppressive small-minded men.

  • Jay K.

    They see me rollin, they hatin//cuz they know I’m ridin durrty!

  • FYIADragoon

    Its because American presidents TYPICALLY have a tradition of being badasses while Chinese ones have a tradition for being lazy fatasses.

    • Chad

      You mean American presidents are obligated to pay attention to their public perception 24/7 because of the media so they have to pretend to be good and honourable people even as they send troops to the Middle East to kill thousands of people..

  • linette

    Obama is so handsome and cute. I heart him. :)
    Poor thing. Someone should hold an umbrella for him. President or no president. I would raise my hand and offer my umbrella. It just inconsiderate that no one offered.

    • Me

      I can’t believe Clinton was getting BJs day and night and Obama aint gettin his under that desk. Imagine, if Clinton had never been caught and ruined it for future sexy presidents, how many BJs this stud Obama would be getting from fat yet sexy interns.

    • Jin

      have you had sex with a nigger? had a friend who did when she was drunk and she said the body odor is unbearable. She showered 5 times a day for 2 weeks and the smell still didn’t wash off.

      • Zappa Frank

        strange… i have a black friend who had sex with your friend and said the very same thing. he took about 8 shower in a day because, he said, your friend was really smelly.. he was drunk when they had sex..

        • Jin

          @Zappa Frank i am not a racist OK? but its a well known fact that blacks have strong body odors same as Indians. Gooks have slanted eyes wogs are hairy and greasy (probably from all the olive oil they consumed) and Whitey’s are all KKK deep down.

          • mr. wiener

            ….Not a racist?
            “gooks”, “niggers”, “wogs” “whiteys are all KKK”.
            Riiiiiight. I also believe in the easter bunny.

          • Zappa Frank

            you’re not racist.. in fact “nigger”, “wogs” are not a racial offences right? “… or maybe your knowledge of english is that poor?
            is also well know that chinese all have a very tiny short dick, few masculine traits and very few muscles..almost girl.. is true as well.

          • Zappa Frank

            and more, you don’t even know what are you talking about. you’re just talking for something read here and there.. wogs use olive oil and than are hairy and greasy? have you ever met one actually? how can you belive that because they eat olive oil than they are greasy? this is one of the most stupid things ever read…

          • Jin

            @Zappa Frank yes most Asian male have small penis its also proportionally to their body mass. Asians male and female are much smaller then Europeans, blacks and whites so yes i agree they body parts are much smaller..but if you want to compare cock size then compare white cock to white cocks and Asians to Asian.
            Second – yes i have been to Europe many times and a very well traveled person. It’s a medical fact your body react to your diet..EG some Asians who eat lots of spicy food all their life’s do give off an odor of the spices they consumed. Most wogs are very oily and that’s a fact so get over it.

          • Zappa Frank

            It’s completly false.. frist, body hair are not related at all with oil and greasy skin either.. You can find more body hair in nothen europen that don’t eat olive oil..
            penis size is not proportional to body mass, but to testosterone hormon.. it could be that asian have less testosterone and so less masculine.. bodyhair also are related with it.we can say it, it’s unfair as saying that blacks smell, so we should avoid both.
            If you say you’ve traveled in europe, then i wonder were did you met wogs as wogs doesn’t mean europens or white people.. seems to me that sometime you use some very offesive words without know the meaning. frankling i find chinese more greasy..

          • Nanny Hiccups

            @Jin, I have never heard any rumors about “blacks” having body odor, not even as racial slur or stereotype, and being a black woman, last I checked, my body is lovely and without any discernible odor other than my favorite lotion which comes from Victoria’s Secrets. You sound like a damned fool now. You should just stop while you’re ahead, using this conversation as an excuse to release your racial hatred.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Zappa, Italian guys are so hot lol. I think they are the sexiest euros out there.

          • Jin

            @Nanny Hiccups it was NOT a racial slur, this is a medical fact. Negros have larger and more numerous apocrine sweat glands than other so therefore they sweat a lot more which courses body odor.Sweat glands seem to be more active in darkly pigmented people this is a medical scientific fact.

            Well nothing against negro women but i heard going down on them is like drinking vintage fish sauce.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Jin, if you are going to respond to me, please do so without using savage repulsive terms like Nigger and Negro as a reference for beautiful people of color. Black, African, whatever would do. I am civil to you despite your meanness so please respond in kind.

            There is no such scientific fact as black people having larger sweat glands. Science has long been used an excuse to justify bigotry, so saying it is a scientic fact that all people of a certain race “STINKS” doesn’t make it any less racist, but in fact, moreso. If you are going to state something as a fact, then please support your information with sources and I don’t mean wikipedia.

            Particularly, if you are going to state something as a medical fact, please site the medical journal where this information appears as well as the study in which this information was uncovered, as a reference.


            If you read JAMA, the Journal of American Medician Association in the article PUBIC APOCRINE GLANDS AND ODOR it states that the Apocrine glands does not have an odor, “its sweat becomes odorous by the decomposing action of resident skin bacteria, and only by gram-positive ones at that.”

            It doesn’t surprise me that yet another “scientific” claim tries to attribute another negative “fact” about black people. The shit never ends. And there’s always some jackass clinging to it to justify their disgusting personal views.

          • Nanny Hiccups


            Just for anyone who almost bought into some bullshit scientific claim, here is an article from JAMA on the gland that creates sweat in full. There is no mention of people of certain races being with larger glands or without them at all, as claimed on the internet as an urban myth.

          • Jin

            Nanny Hiccups, I was not making personal attacks on you or Negros in general the word Negro just means black Africans just like Asians means yellow skin Asians if you take offense to the word due to some slavery flashback that’s your personal problem.

            Second i never used the word STINK or STINKY or any other word that would express that the odor is unpleasant. Different race have different physical and biological tracts so I have no idea why you find it offensive?

          • Rod

            Damn, vintage fish sauce? Sounds exotic.

          • Fabio (aka Zappa Frank)

            i’m sorry but i think that the italians you’re talking about don’t exist. I may be wrong, but if you intende as italians the kind of guys in “jersey shore” in italy are not considered italians..
            Italians are of all types and kinds, not like americans, but almost. You can find a guy blonde, green eyes and 2meters tall or a dark and short one. It’s impossible to recognize them by the apparence from other europeans..
            about the greasy, well i can assure nobody is greasy (maybe somone who doens’t get a shower for a while), i wonder if is even possibile for a human be naturally greasy.. i have bodyhairs but not so much, like all white people, like americans i know.. i doubt anyway is realted with olive oil.
            I didn’t know the meaning of wogs, i have to look on dictionary, well i wonder why Jin wanted offend wogs calling them italians..

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Umm… fabio, I don’t know why you felt the need to point out that some italians are blonde. Feeling defensive about something? No, I think the guys of jersey shore are the opposite of “hot”, but quite repugnant, misogynistic, and their grooming habits are feminine. I’m referring to italian men who would put me in the mindset of a young robert dinero. Always thought he was handsome, and other guys similar to him. Although, I should point out that I am aware that he is part german or whatever. And should also point out that I think the dark haired ones are fine, blonde hair blue eye, urrrr not so much. Not attractive to me at all.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            It’s bizarre that my comment has not posted a few times, but I’m going to try again.


            Please don’t insult my intelligence, you know as well as I do that you meant every word to be offensive.

            But you know what offends me the most? Not the fact that you are uneducated, which is certainly understandable, and forgiveable, but the fact that you would have the audacity and heartlessness to make such offensive and baseless comments to me directly (based on what you allegedly “heard”). Even the losers from CH-out managed to avoid doing so, which places you two steps below them and makes you a savage lacking basic social skills. There are farm animals more civilized than you. So you can make whatever accusations you want about the hygene of “negro lady”, but let’s get something straight… wherever I go in this world, unlike you, I am loved and respected by everyone I know and meet because I have a heart, and I treat everyone with the respect they deserve whereas you are just a thoughtless pig who uses racism to make himself feel big. Please never address me again. You are worthless.

          • Fabio (aka Zappa Frank)

            i pointed out because looking at the jersey shore (just one time, for mistake of course), i wasn’t sure about what americans think is an italian, like the guys in that program that say they are italian (like it’s something better than beeing of somewhere else.. somtime i feel embarassed to be italian and i pretend to be spanish) while in italy we don’t thik they are italians, but americans..I don’t have to difend anything, in case i have to justify my existence because i’m one of the not dark italian (my skin is quite pale.. but no blue eyes) Anyway is true the most are dark hair and is true that the “face” of De Niro is look like an Italian face..
            i find out that maybe the word Jin had to use was not wogs but wops, anyway it’s an old word nobody use anymore..

          • Nanny Hiccups

            fabio, do you sometimes tell people you are spanish because you are embarrassed by the jersey shore kids? Actually, you have no need of being embarrassed by them, they are american so trust me when I say my mortification far exceeds yours.

            There are four guys, the oldest of the group being 32 and 31, and the youngest being around 22. The girls are all 23 years old – 28 years old I believe. These guys like to party but that’s it. But as an American female I find the behavior of the girls so mortifying it’s unbelievable. From snooking urinating on the patio, refusing to wash her hands after leaving the ladies room, saying “I never do that”, to stumbling around in a drunken state and dancing with their skirts up. It’s revolting. But I don’t know why people in Italy are embarrassed by them. They are clearly Americans of italian descent, therefore their culture is American (and very specific to their eastcoast location). I would say Italian americans on the west coast have different behavior as well.

            But yes, I don’t like the gelled hair look or men who make themselves like women and spend more time in the mall than I do. Such a turn off. Men in italy always seem masculine, and tend to love their mamas very much.

          • Jin

            Nanny Hiccups since you like to twist words and create a picture that is not true i like to clear up a few points

            1- I never said anything about the hygiene of a negro
            2- Whether you are loved or not by people you meet is not my concern nor do i care since i do not know you personally and it has nothing to do with the topic that i wrote and commented on.
            3 “here are farm animals more civilized than you” I can only assume you are not a vegan so therefore eat “civilized” farm animals which would make you a heartless cow. So if you going to throw insults expect some in return nigger.
            4- Regards to my “worthiness” I can assure you my net worth and that of my families are more then yours.

            So next time you want to go on a rant because your on your rag i suggest you think twice.

          • Fabio (aka Zappa Frank)

            nanny, no sorry, there’s a misunderstanding, i didn’t get imbarassed by the guys in jersey shore, i talked about that just as example of what may can seem italian but it’s not.. i got imbarassed to be italian becuase of Berlusconi (i’m sure you know), i felt so embarassed that the first thing i used to say was “i didn’t vote for him” or just pretending to be spanish (it’s not difficult, an italian can understand spanish language easily and if i put an “s” at the end of my italian language it really seems spanish to most of people).

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Fabio, that’s unfortunate. You should not have to bear the shame of your political leaders. I certainly never hear anyone blame italian people for his actions. I too have noticed a similarity between spanish and italian. I speak spanish since I was twelve, but when i started learning mandarin, my spanish retention slowly disappeared. It’s very weird.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            @Jin, you consistently lie. You make statements then lie as if they are irrefutable and your statements are not standing right before us. Let’s examine your contradictory statements shall we?

            “1- I never said anything about the hygiene of a negro”

            Are these not your statements?

            have you had sex with a nigger? had a friend who did when she was drunk and she said the body odor is unbearable. She showered 5 times a day for 2 weeks and the smell still didn’t wash off. – Jin

            “Well nothing against negro women but i heard going down on them is like drinking vintage fish sauce.”

            These are all insulting comments about the personal hygiene of a particular race of people. You not only make these slanderous statements about blacks, but also comments about other groups like Italians, referring to them as oily because of the common use of Olive Oil, which is very healthy by the way.

            You are a liar. And you do so consciously, while feigning innocence which makes you devious, contemptible and unlikeable. Spewing a racial slur does not rattle me, it only makes you even more repugnant of those who happen upon what you say.

            And by the way, if you think your economic worth exceeds mine, makes you ridiculous. Furthermore, you are so stupid in thought and manner that when I speak of worth, I am speaking of your worthlessness as a human being you soulless creature.

            You are a person of immoral and low character and I will not deign to lower myself to address you again. Spew your venom, your comments will not be read by me.

      • Nanny Hiccups

        wow, talk about becoming enraged by an Asian woman complimenting a black male. Never heard of a black man being unreasonably stinky, considering I have three of them in my household. Okay, maybe after football practice, but nothing a quick shower doesn’t solve.

        Continue to spread myths, hoping your women won’t sample what all women are notoriously curious about when they think about black men.

        Don’t result to racial slurs and made up stories about body odors. You lost credibility. No one will take you seriously now. If they ever did…

      • science like religion has made us think we are humans or sub humans in their respective analysis of creation or evolution.personally l dont see any difference between humans and animals when l look back and compare the things man has done through out history to what wild animals have done to each other.

      • mr. wiener

        Jin , just to remind you of what you first said, it was not:

        “it was NOT a racial slur, this is a medical fact. Negros have larger and more numerous apocrine sweat glands than other so therefore they sweat a lot more which courses body odor.Sweat glands seem to be more active in darkly pigmented people this is a medical scientific fact.”

        The first post you put on the subject was:

        “have you had sex with a nigger? had a friend who did when she was drunk and she said the body odor is unbearable. She showered 5 times a day for 2 weeks and the smell still didn’t wash off.”

        Whilst the last statement can be proven empirically, your first was something that would not sound out of place coming out of the mouth of a klansman. Are you surprised that people want to argue with about this or are you genuinely unaware that you sound like a racist douche?

        • Nanny Hiccups

          He knows what he sounds like, he’s just a hateful little arse-hole and that’s it. Nothing to see here, give him no more attention.

        • Jin

          mr. wiener,

          I did not say that was my experience it was a experience that was told to me by a she a racist? well maybe i do not know as i never discussed it with her further.

          The other point i made was that Italians are oily this is a medical fact. Sweat gland also releases oil and other impurities in our bodies due to the Italian on average being hairy the oil gets trap (and yes if showered this is fixed but i was not talking about personal hygiene but different race have different tracts)

          The human thermal eccrine system has evolved in concert with bipedalism and development of smooth hairless skin e.g ASIANS that’s why we smell less unless they have spicy diet for all their lives aka Indians then they smell like a curry muncher.

          And no i am not a racist or bigoted person i do not think anything i have posted would suggest i was one.

          • mr. wiener

            ….none so blind as those who will not see.
            You honestly seem perplexed that people think you are a racist, so I’ll break it down for you. If you don’t want people to think you are a bigot then don’t use words like ” nigger, gook, wog , whitey KKK etc”.
            In fact try to post on the internet as you would talk in mixed racial company.
            As a further hint using carvats, such as “Well nothing against negro women but i heard going down on them is like drinking vintage fish sauce.” or “I’m not saying it is 100% of them , just most of them” are about as useful as using condoms made of cheese cloth. These are not get of jail free cards for whatever prejudicial opinion you are about to spout.
            Lecture ended, self rightious rant done , I hope tomorrow we’ll find we’re not so different after all. Cool?

          • Zappa Frank

            first is, italian are not wogs.
            secondo, italian are not oily, as chinese you cannot probabily see the difference between italian, french or even germans.. there’s no medical article that can confirm what you say.. By the way, can you tell me how did you know that italian are oily? did you touch them? like many chinese of mainland you don’t have really any idea of the world outside…

          • Jin

            mr. wiener ..if you are the sensitive about words then you should read some of the comments made on this website about Chinese and china.

            These are not my thoughts but what i was told or have heard around..including the fish sauce reference i have never gone down on a Golliwogg so would have no idea.

            I am Asian and i have no issue with anyone calling me gook and i use it to refer to Asians all the time with my friends and we all do not take offense.

            You, Zappa Frank , moop and Brett Hunan are internet bullies some of the comments I have read on this site that you made about Asians and china are disgusting if you don’t like it GO HOME. So get back on the high horse you rode on and go home?

          • mr. wiener

            One of these days in the not too distant future, they might actually have conclusive proof of the God particle…Some time after that distant date you may actually understand why you piss people off when, in your own mind you are a fair and reasonable person.
            I swear talking to you is like talking to someone totally unaware of what their evil split personality has been doing and saying.
            To quote Patton Oswald: “”You stupid douchenozzle. You truly don’t fucking get it, do you? You poor motherfucker. You’re gonna miss everything cool and die angry.”

          • Zappa Frank

            jin, my dear, i did a lot of comment, i cannot take care of them all. i have no idea of what bert and moo are saying, i don’t even know who are them.besides most of my comments are made to have fun trolling.. i was just a bit unpolite like you are when you talk about other people.. with the difference that i know what i’m talking about..however i’ll remain as long as i want, i can do it, while you cannot go in europe as much as you want..

          • SuperHappyCow

            jin, you’re pretty dumb. get outside your box. i’m black, and have had hispanic women, white women, and asian women (unfortunately, i’ve never seriously had black) tell me i smell good, which i think is absurd.

            This, to the point where girls sometimes say my clothes smell like cologne, which would be ridiculous, since I can’t stand scented things.

            Come to find out, some of my laundry actually smells like cologne when i throw it in after only a few hours of usage.

            i’ve known plenty of smelly white dudes(worst smelling guy i’ve ever known was white), and smelly asians(take a train in Taiwan during a moderately crowded day)

            your ideas are myopic and boring.



          • SuperHappyCow

            jin is pretty terrible, and pretty stupid.

            i’ve gone down on a number of Taiwanese women, and a couple of white girls, they all tasted absolutely abysmal on at least one respective occasion, but other times they were fine.

            fyi. asians are not hairless, not even a little. ive known a few asian girls, one of which i dated, who some would consider hirsute.

            nevermind, you’re super dumb.

          • Brett Hunan

            Wait, Jin…

            How did I get thrown into this? I am an internet bully? Time to look inwards, instead of projecting your issues on everyone else.

          • mr. wiener

            Brett .
            Apparently if we disagree with Jin [however courteously] we are internet bullies and closet KKK supporters [if we are white, I’m assuming for the sake of logic that NH and Linette are not classified as such, but merely as rimmers if white behinds].
            Jin, my little flower, If you are so thin skinned as to classify myself a brett as internet bullies then god help you if a real one comes along.
            Brett, have you ever noticed how it is that when some real racist twats like the ones from “chimpout” pollute this forum with their bilge, han chauvinists like Jin are no where to be seen?
            Easier to make us libetards feel guilty I guess.

          • jin

            say Jin and not jin….

        • red scarf

          ““it was NOT a racial slur, this is a medical fact. Negros have larger and more numerous apocrine sweat glands than other so therefore they sweat a lot more which courses body odor. Sweat glands seem to be more active in darkly pigmented people this is a medical scientific fact.””

          I think he also miss a point as well, they have larger glands because they also live in a much hotter climate, I bet if you put someone from a much cooler climate they would sweat just as much or if not even more than them.

          Beijing summers used to kill me no end, my Chinese friends would be ok and I be sweating tons at would need least 2 showers a day and a change of shirt.

    • Nanny Hiccups

      linette he is very cute and has a magnetic presence. But man did being president put gray hairs in his hair.

      • Viva Pinata Tequila

        Notorious/Nanny Hiccups,

        I thought you were done with ChinaSmack for good.

  • Eddie

    LOL it is ridiculous how small things that Americans don’t even notice become big news in China.

  • shade

    The truth is he has made such a mess of things America can afford an umbrella even for him.

    • Zappa Frank

      not like in the great Bush era… golden age right?

      • linette

        like what??? Obama was left with a huge mess created by presidents before him. He is just working hard to clean shit left behind by previous presidents.
        YOu think you can do a better job?

        • Zappa Frank

          i was ironic..

        • Jin

          @linette yes he clearly doing a great job cleaning the mess..lets see he just gave nearly 1trillion dollars to multinational companies with a chart that hold no one accountable for how the money is spent or how it is to be paid back. He promised to remove the soldiers from the war within 2 years yet within 1 year he double the number of soldiers and the war is still going.

          obama is closely aligned to wall street bankers then bush senior and Linette stop rimming white American asses because no matter how much you lick and clean it you will never be white.

          • swat

            Very simplistic analysis there Mr. JIN.

            So, in your opinion fixing implies immediate changes…really?

            In your life time you haven’t learnt that every position of power includes an extremely high level of responsibility?

            Yes, he did say he wanted to change the issues you mention, but you don’t need to be a scientist to foresee that to achieve such goals he would have to sacrifice American interests and strategic world status (political/military/economic/etc.).

            Even now that the world sees their society taking a hard economic hit, believe me, things could be worst.

            I say, after the 8 years experiment with Mr. George W. managing things, he has held the American freedom concept at the highest level possible considering domestic and international conundrums status.

            Anyway, that’s just my opinion…

            Cheers and enjoy the beautiful Saturday!

            Where is my umbrella…?

          • linette

            Jin, the last time I checked I am Asian. What is your problem?

          • SuperHappyCow

            hi im jin. i inherit white racist ideas about other races, but then

            act indignant about white people when it’s convenient for me


        • Nanny Hiccups

          Indeed, Linette.

          Let’s kick some facts. I read the budget, clinton’s last year in office back in 2000. There was a 4 trillion dollar surplus.

          11 % was used to pay off the national debt (low amount because the debt was being repaid)
          22% on military
          18% on welfare programs (charity, human services, social services, etc)
          23% on social security

          and I forget the rest, has been too long. We had a projected 4 Trillion.

          Bush becomes president in 2001. Two years later, in 2003, because of Bush’s spending we acquired the highest deficient in U.S. history. Not only did he deplete the surplus, he put us in debt at 455 billion dollars and growing.

          Whenever a republican is in office there is debt.

          Reagan – 55 Billion deficit
          Bush Sr – 255 billion deficit
          Clinton – 4 Trillion dollar surplus (by 2004)
          Bush Jr – 455 billion dollar deficit

          The reason for Clinton’s surplus, is the reason why right-wingers hate democrats. TAXES. Clinton collected more taxes, in his budget he collected over 900 billion in income taxes and 200 billion in corporate taxes.

          Under Bush, he lowered taxes at 695 billion for citizens and surprisingly increased taxes on corporations at around (if I remember correctly) 265 billion. He reduced excise taxes (taxes on cigs and alcohol) while Clinton’s excise taxes were higher.

          Anybody can read the budget for each president. it’s public information so just google it.

          I would rather pay more taxes under clinton’s plan than less taxes under bush and have a country in debt.

          • moop

            lets not be misleading and give a better picture. during clinton’s term, the congress and senate were controlled mostly by republicans, inlcuding fiscal year 98, 99, and 2000 in which both houses were controlled by republicans. the truth is both republicans and democrats run deficits a majority of the time, and neither party has any kind of fiscally responsible claim over the other


            clinton did a better job than most, but he cut government spending by a lot too, lets not give all the credit to tax revenues

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Moop, let’s not forget these same republicans are the same ones who DEREGULATED the banking industry which led to the collapse of society as we know it in 2008.

            And where Clinton cut spending, Bush actually increased it. The only spending he reduced was spending for social programs and social security in turn, spending more on military.

            The amount he spent outsourcing to mercenaries when he started TWO consecutive wars, sending our children and soldiers to their death – since they had no idea who they were fighting in afghanistan. BILLIONS on the likes of blackwater, titan, cico, haliburton (our Vice President’s company for which he was the CEO), on contracts that once were there for menial duties are own soldiers used to perform and put them in the hands of the private sections at 100% increase of what it costs the soldiers. Doing one load of laundry cost soldiers 1 dollar, but 30 dollars for the private sector to do. The job of the republicans is to take government run sections and place them in thehands of corporate owned companies. The interest of americans have neve rbeen their focus, but the interest of corporation entities, which by constitution have the same right as citizens of the u.s.

          • linette

            Exactly thank you nanny for posting the facts. I really hate Bush Jr. He is one of the worst president in recent years. But it was a well know facts the other presidents put USA in great debts. Clinton increased tax but it was needed. I had a feeling Hillary was behind it. A woman knows how to spend her budget. Obama needs more time to rectify all the deficits. USA economy is in great debts. Maybe after obama we need a woman to run president. Maybe Hillary.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Interestingly, Linette, Hilary wrote bill Clintons health care package which sent half the country in a tizzy since it would have helped more people have health care.

            I used to hate Bush Jr, but I really believe he is just a helpless imbecile. I no longer see his actions as wantonly evil. His vice president before, was staging a mini coup. He believed that the vice president should have more power than what the constitution states. And even now he is still someone to watch out for. His Haliburton mercenary company profited wildly from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe he is the most evil to come from that administration.

          • moop

            “DEREGULATED the banking industry which led to the collapse of society as we know it in 2008.”

            nope. the federal reserve making credit too easy, fannie mae and freddie mac, the clinton administration’s push for lending to low income individuals, community reinvestment act, predatory lenders competing with government-subsidized entities like fannie and freddie in an environment where interest rates are kept artificially low led to the financial crisis.

            stop trying to blame republicans for everything. democrats have just as much if not more blood on their hands than republicans. being blatantly partisan is never going to produce a reasonable conclusion

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Actually, republicans caused the problem when they wrote and passed the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, which de-regulated the banking industry under Bill Clinton. The bill was introduced by Republicans Phil Gramm and Jim Leach [of Texas and Iowa , respectively]. What it did was repealed the glass-steagal act of 1929.

            Under the Glass-Steagal Act (introduced in 1929) it was illegal for banks to combine banking, insurance, and investment services. The Financial Services Modernization Act formally repealed this section of the Steagal bill. Although, under Clinton , banks had already merged to form companies which offered both insurance and banking. Beginning with a one particular bank in 1993 (the name eludes me at the moment). This means that the money you place into your bank account or into a 401k can be gambled on “wall-street”. So when the stock market crashed, people lost money, retirement funds and life savings were lost. The FDIC will insure up to $175,000 per banking customer, if the bank is covered. But there are no guarantees when you have an entire economy collapse.

            Clinton did make it easier for low-income people to afford loans, and is partly responsible, but republicans and banks exploited this opportunity with sub-prime loans, which had a ballooning rate that low-income people obviously could not afford. Then the banks would bet against those same loans – that they would fail so it was a win-win for the banks. If those sub-prime loans defaulted they would reclaim the property and the money they bet against it. This would not be possible if not for deregulation pushed by the republicans, or the modernization act of 1999.

            So yes, the republicans are 80% at fault for the whole debacle. The dems want regulation, the republicans of course, do not.

          • moop

            nope, that’s still not it. you’re over-simplifying again to blame a political party. that’s disingenuous. the federal reserve keeping interest rates so low created an environment that encouraged a lot of borrowing. fannie and freddie which are government subsidized, were pushed by the federal government, especially from HUD to make more loans to low-income people and capitalized off of the fed’s artificially low interest rates. “25% of all sub-prime lending occurred at CRA-covered institutions and another 25% of sub-prime loans had some connection with CRA”.

            so if the CRA (signed into law by carter) alone influenced at least 50% of sub-prime loans, how are republicans 80% responsible again? you’re being partisan and disingenuous as usual.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            @moop, bullshit with a highly simplistic explanation.

            HUD loans were never a problem and still isn’t a problem. They have been around for decades. People very very rarely default on HUD loans because they are affordable.

            The problems were the sub-prime loans that came with adjustable rates. The “liar-loans” which allowed the applicant to state whatever income they wanted. The payday loans, and other loans with 300-400% interest rates.

            I knew a girl in florida who worked as a beautician but owned a house that came with a monthly note of $4,500 USD. A MONTH. She then purchased a second house with also came with a note as high, while trying to sell the other house. How does a hair stylist afford such things?

            The housing market collapsed because they deregulated the banking industry allowing these banks to hand out adjustable loans and gamble the funds. Then they suddenly foreclosed on all of this property and had many empty houses all around the country, and no payments at all coming in from them, hence the collapse. But we know the housing issue was only a SMALL part of the problem.

          • moop

            “HUD loans were never a problem and still isn’t a problem. They have been around for decades. People very very rarely default on HUD loans because they are affordable.”

            wrong again. HUD actually set the housing goals for freddie, fannie, and federal home loan banks. freddie and fanny were under pressure by HUD to meet those goals.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            @moop, I can cite my sources on everything I have written here whereas you can only babble information that republicans believe. they are masters of disinformation, I hope you wake up soon. I also had no idea that you were only 28, I thought you (and I dont’ mean this as an insult) was an old man. So that was very surprising to read. That being said, cite your sources on HUD being the cause of the housing bubble, and from a credible source. As you can see, I study this at length for various reasons, and the HUD thing is the first I’ve ever heard. But it’s a republican stance, blame poor people for all of AMerica’s problems. Actually, hud isn’t technically for poor people. Those who apply must earn at least 450 bucks a week,

          • moop

            “I knew a girl in florida who worked as a beautician but owned a house that came with a monthly note of $4,500 USD. A MONTH. She then purchased a second house with also came with a note as high, while trying to sell the other house. How does a hair stylist afford such things?

            The housing market collapsed because they deregulated the banking industry allowing these banks to hand out adjustable loans and gamble the funds. Then they suddenly foreclosed on all of this property and had many empty houses all around the country, and no payments at all coming in from them, hence the collapse. But we know the housing issue was only a SMALL part of the problem.”

            if the federal reserve wasnt keeping interest rates at effectively ZERO none of the loaning entities, whether public or private could have made these kinds of loans. credit wouldnt have been in such high demand and institutions and individuals wouldnt take on so much risks. but you continue to blame a single political party for the problem.

          • Nanny Hiccups

            Moop, that makes no sense. Let us agree to disagree and leave it at that. Otherwise, we will only talk in circles.

          • moop


            just go to “Organizational structure” and then look at “Housing: This office is responsible for the Federal Housing Administration; mission regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; regulation of Manufactured housing; administration of Multifamily housing programs, including Supportive Housing for the Elderly (Section 202) and Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities (Section 811); and Healthcare facility loan insurance.”

            i never said HUD is to blame. i said the the federal govenrment put a lot of pressure on fannie and freddie especially from HUD because HUD is responsible for “mission regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”. this is basic info. if you google “HUD” the description of HUD on google is “Government agency oversees home mortgage lending practices.” you can go to their own website and see how involved they are. freddie has been under HUD oversight since Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989. fannie has been following goals set by HUD since the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992

            republicans do exactly what you are doing: blaming a single political party in their case. the federal government in general deserves most of the blame

          • Nanny Hiccups

            I am aware of the bailout of fannie mae, and the government oversight. I just don’t understand what you meant, as it sounded like you blamed HUD for the housing bubble which was utterly confusing since it had nothing to do with it.

            The feds bailed out fannie mae and freddie mac. that is true. And you are right, I blame the republicans for their avaracious nature and the democrats for being spineless.

          • moop

            word. anyways, what made you think i was an old man?

          • Nanny Hiccups

            I don’t know why I thought you were old. Could be your handle. Could be your political views. Especially being so young and republican but living in China, a “communist” country. Not the common remarks indicative of a young man. No showing off. And sometimes your temperment is short.

            But I guess it stands to prove that people are just different, regardless of whatever views they hold and can’t judge what people are by these things.

          • moop

            i’m not a republican. i’m a registered libertarian. never voted for a republican or a democrat in my life. i do disdain liberals slightly more than social conservatives though. the only republican i like are ron paul and his son. and i respect dennis kucinich. “moop” is actually from a south park episode. its the name of the band that the 4 boys formed in the “christian rock hard” episode.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Moop, forcing banks to lend to low income individuals was not the problem, since banks were red lining communities, regardless of credit.

            See, the credit was not the problem, but the income was. When banks don’t lend to neighborhoods based on ethnicity or income, the neighborhood will become a black hole of poverty, because there’s very little opportunity for growth.

            When the government forced them to make loans to people of low income, with low interest rates, they complied, or so it seemed. They intentionally gave them interest rates that would explode into the 20’s, so they could bet against them. I’m sure you know what derivatives are, leverage, CDO’s, naked credit default swaps, artificial market volatility, bid rigging, libor, and ratings agency corruption?

            Well, I’m lazy as fuck, so I’ll just repost something I posted somewhere else a fucking long time ago:

            Say you’re a minority. Just for kicks. Imagine that you are. Fun, right? Imagine that you live in a poorer neighborhood. Why? Your dad was poor, and his dad was too. You all had good, or non-existent credit, but none of you were ever able to get a loan. Why? The bank drew a neon red line around your neighborhood, meaning that anyone who lives within those bounds could not receive loans.

            But oh, hey. The CRA just passed, and banks have to fuck off with that shit, and start giving you the same loans they give non-minorities.

            Say I’m a bank. I give you a loan that starts off at a normal interest rate, with a catch. In a year or two, the rate rises to 20 percent, and you won’t be able to repay it. Why the fuck would I be such a prick, you ask? One, I’m a private banker, and private banks are the embodiment of fascism.

            Immediately after I give you that loan, I package it with a bunch of other similar loans, pay a ratings agency like Moody’s to rate my assets AAA, then sell it as part of a collateralized debt obligation.

            I THEN turn around and make bets with other banks, sometimes taking out 30-1 loans, saying that you will not be able to make that payment back. I also take out insurance off the record(naked credit default swap) with another huge bank, stating that if you didn’t pay me back, the insurance company pays me a giant portion of the mortgaged asset’s value.

            You know what they call that? Fraud. I’d be in federal prison for the rest of my life because I’m not a Wall Street banker, and can’t pay politicians what amounts to pennies to keep me out of prison.

            But of course, the interest rates rise. The home owners who are looking for a better life cannot pay their mortgages. The banks make millions of dollars in derivatives futures, betting that the assets they put together would collapse. They get payed insurance from a variety of other banks who no one could keep track of, and they resell the house, pulling the same scam again.

            But hey, what happened to all those middle men who weren’t directly culpable, but participated? Well, all those thousands of insurance agreements that WERE NOT recorded had to be payed when the interest rates began to explode. Tons of banks paying back tons of insurance policies on fraudulant loans. And those collateralized debt obligations that investors were getting loaded off of in the first couple of years when everyone was paying back the lower rates? Poof. They also had CDOs that were based on individual parts of the parent CDO. Now instead of dozens of people going broke, hundreds, and maybe thousands are.

            Did I also mention that, thanks to Gramm, Leach, and Bliley we repealed Glasse Steagall years ago, allowing investment, commercial, insurance, and securities banks to merge? Whoops. Now all of those assets that turn out to be unbelievably toxic belong to all of us, since we were all doing all sorts of fraudulent banking. So it turns out, we’re fucking broke.

            It’s alright, though, us banks, we get to donate money to the president, and his opposition. If they don’t follow orders, we’ll drop 10 million in ads right on his fucking political career. That way we’ll trick people with the capacity to think and investigate issues into not doing either. Thanks for the bailout, U.S. Taxpayer. Always there when we need you.

            And there you have it. Wrong, wrong, wrong.”

            You yourself said “25 percent full connection, and 25 percent had some connection,” then somehow conflated that with 50 percent.

            Really? Did you read what you typed?

          • moop

            did YOU read what i typed? i wrote ““25% of all sub-prime lending occurred at CRA-covered institutions and another 25% of sub-prime loans had some connection with CRA”.”

            25% percent of all-sub-prime lending + another 25% of sub-prime loans= 50%

            see, if sub-prime lending was a pie and i cut it into 4 pieces of equal size, we would have 4 pieces each equalling 25% of total pie. if i give you two pieces of that pie, you have 50% of my fucking pie.

            again, and i’m not going to argue about this anymore, because i’ve gotten moderated twice for having long arguments, if the SUPPLY of credit were not so available not as much debt would have been taken on by families and individuals. if interest rates were higher and not kept artificially low to purposely stimulate borrowing (and consumption/spending since us american shoppers love our credit cards) lenders AND borrowers would not have taken as many risks ACROSS THE BOARD, the environment that created the basis for a financial crisis. the great depression was a credit boom as well followed by contraction. “as lending expands, increasingly risky investments are underwritten. the demand for risky investments rises with the supply, since, in the prevailing environment of stable prices, nominal interest rates and therefore yields on safe assets are low. in search of yield, investors dabble increasingly in risky investments. their appetite for risk is stronger still to the extent that these trends coincide with the development of new technologies, in particular network technologies of promising but uncertain commercial potential.” this is how credit bubbles form. there was a real estate boom before the great depression as well around 1925 and credit expansion in general, while the fed kept the easy money flowing.

          • SuperHappyCow

            “did YOU read what i typed? i wrote THAT I LOVE COCKS AND ““25% of all sub-prime lending occurred at CRA-covered institutions and another 25% of sub-prime loans had some connection with CRA”.””

            I did, moop. 25 percent whole + 25 percent “some connection” does not equal 50 percent. What does, however, equal 50 percent, is 50 percent that has no connection to CRA.

            Do you understand why your post is confusing? It so happens that some people actually processed it.

            Also, I’m surprised that the fed has somehow become a public institution. THAT’S NEWS TO ME.

          • linette


            “leukemia-level” pale……..

            LOL….I love it.


    Hello! This is called political theater….!

  • Nanny Hiccups

    In America, presidents win votes by “pretending” to be one of the people. I will say, that Obama lives in an ordinary neighborhood in chicago (Hyde park, south side, my old neighborhood), and he also, while running for president, lived in an apartment that was so ugly, that it had been burned down and he was still living in it while michelle obama lived in a different hotel because she refused to stay there lol. Despite this, obama is worth millions.

  • Capt. WED


    If this shooting shit happened in China you motherfuckers would be saying Chinese people all cowards, in America we’re taught from an early age to rushing the gunmen!

    If I was there I would fucked this guy up!!!

  • cc

    Wet black cunt

    • Capt. WED


      Chinasmack is fuck silly pussy ass fucks.

      No offense to F. Love her 4 evar but your shitty website is shitty.

      • cc

        You need help

        • SuperHappyCow

          But seriously, wed, you probably need help.

          • whiskersthecat

            Yeah, Capt. Cock, there answers and solutions to your problems. Seek help immediately.

          • terroir

            Echoing assistence for the Cat Wet.

            As a suggestion, why not try a Craigslist ad? At the very least, you’ll find someone as crazy as yourself. That way the conversations you’ll both be carrying on with yourselves will have enough imaginary participants to fill up a sedan and allow you to take the car pool lane when you both go home to Crazytown after a long day of barking at the moon.

  • B

    Linette: what are you talking about ? Mostly young girls carry umbrellas to shelter themselves here, old people just wear longsleves and hats that look like what the bee farmers wear.

    I think it is perfectly fine calling a man from china chinaman , just like englishman or frenchmen.
    On a side note Chinese are the most racist people that I have come acrossed in the world. Go too guangdong and you will here 死鬼佬, which is a updated version of old ghost. Linette here will probably find that perfectly fine just a term for non asians right?

    Worst racism ive heard was in china: One chinese girl I used to date , while going up the escalator in a mall behind two black guys, she said with normal voice ” black man , yellowmans slave..” excuse me!? She giggled and said ” well they are, right…” and then continued shopping. I will never forget that and she didnt care that they heard her.

    My current girlfriend usually refer to me as 死鬼佬 , or 臭老外, i know shes joking and shes just being a bad ass and when it comes to terms like this , i think its how you say it and what you mean by it , and one shouldent be too sensitive.

    • linette

      My current girlfriend usually refer to me as 死鬼佬 , or 臭老外, i know………

      So stop dating fxcking Chinese bxtches.

    • donscarletti

      Watch Ip Man 2 with her. If she can watch that carefully crafted nationalist propaganda piece without verbally abusing or physically assaulting you, then she’s not racist.

      Choinese boxing? HA HA HA HA!

    • Zappa Frank

      there’s racism in china like mr/miss (不男不女?) Jin daily remember us. But most of them are not in that way..

      • Jin

        How am I a racist by just making comments on what i have been told and heard? these are not my thoughts and if you are referring to some of the words I have used you are mistaken. Political correctness is out of control just because someone find it offensive eg NEGRO is from the ancient Latin, niger, ‘black’. Negro is actually a nice word and i use in with no harm meant. Its like the word GAY it used to mean being happy but now if you use it its offensive to fudge packers.

        • Zappa Frank

          indeed you are racist, but seems you’re the only one who don’t relize it.
          first, negro was a latin word for black, latin is a dead language, in english is nigger is offensive, same for wogs, that you seem don’t know how to use because italians cannot be called wogs as they are white.. you can say what ever you want about the lessical origin, we know all this better than you, but the meaning of language is the one people commonly give it now, not the one that was used to give 2000 years ago..
          later you came out with some absurds theories, that you pretend beeing scietifically proved according to a kind of medicine that may be chinese, because there’s nothing like that in the western medicine (smelly blacks, greasy italians, and so on). All based on “i was told..” and “i supposed”.. as you never got any personal experience.. So, resume, you talk using offensive expressions, you talk using prejudice claiming scientifically proved… this is the pure essence of a hard to find out a better example on internet without going on stormfront.

          • red scarf

            Don’t listen to him hes just some crazy Mongol, by Mongol I mean the shorten form of the human classification of races and not someone whos suffering from downs syndrome.

            Ophs or did I mean that the other way around.

  • Nanny Hiccups

    One note about Obama’s rain picture… that he looks very strong, doesn’t he? I could not imagine a man being afraid of something as pure as rain.

  • Jeff

    It’s pretty funny to read the comments from Chinese netcitizens.

    The Chinese are such a bunch of wussies when it comes to rain. They all start freaking out like they are going to drown or something.

    • terroir

      July 21, 2012:
      10 Dead in Beijing Alone as Record Rainfall Lasts Hours, Delays Planes, Puts Fear of God/s into Chinesemen

      • Brett Hunan

        Haha Chinesemen… Also I saw this morning that like 37 people had died. Are you receiving your news by telegram?

        • terroir

          It was 10 at least for Beijing alone yesterday; it may have risen higher, and the national toll must be larger.

          It’s just surprising that BJ town could suffer so much since, being the D.C. of China with Chinese characteristics, it’s supposed to have, you know, infrastructure that works, but instead has residents with no memory that this thing happens every year, just not to such a lethal extent.

          Re: Chinesemen: I think this is quite a fitting moniker due to its proximity to “businessmen”, of which every Chinese is. Or: makes me think of a slacker emo-band out of Williamsburg.

          • SuperHappyCow

            BJ town.


  • Sean

    It must be strange to Chinese to see someone who is not terrified of the rain. People always ask me why I don’t have an umbrella even when there is only a mist.

  • Miz

    “Over there, people are equal.”

    Over there, people are stupid and unequal

  • tom.huang

    Good body,

  • anapereira

    We all r the same. Don’t envy.