Chinese Netizens Once Again Cynically Impressed by Obama

Obama gives an election speech in the pouring rain at Glen Allen, Virginia . Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters.

Obama gives an election speech in the pouring rain at Glen Allen, Virginia . Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters.

The following video has over 1.1 million views, nearly 30k upvotes, over 5000 Chinese netizen comments spanning 171 pages on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku…

On Youku:

Obama suffers rainstorm during speech, no one holds an umbrella for him from beginning to end

According to information from Sinovision on July 15th, President Obama encountered rain when he arrived a small town near Richmond, the capital of the state of Virginia, to give a speech, but no one held up an umbrella for him throughout it.

The report says Obama criticized Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s speech to over 900 town residents. Criticism of the speech was not strange. What was strange was the sudden change in the weather, where it very quickly became a huge downpour. Obama was completely soaked, but his election speech was not the least bit affected. Even stranger was that from beginning to end no one was seen raising an umbrella for Obama to avoid the rain.

Comments on Youku:


Hehe, in China, even school principals must not be allowed to endure the rain!


If this were China, it would be unimaginable!


Goes to show that Obama’s body is in good shape~~ A little rain is no problem~


American humanity’s hope.


Over there, people are equal.


Here in our country, people would be crawling over each other [to hold an umbrella for a high official]…


To be this president [of the United States] is worse than being one of our village heads!


How come I’m suddenly reminded of that one photograph, where the government leaders are seated and there are people behind them holding up umbrellas for them, while the students are below exposed to the rain?


Now this is what I call a leader!


In America, anyone has the “possibility” to become president. As for here, don’t even think about it.


Because the people are also getting wet in the rain, [because] there is no special privileges there, nor anything like leaders being able to go first.


In China this kind of situation could never happen, not even for a village chief or town chief…


This isn’t a Chinese leader, so is it strange?


In China, a canopy would’ve already been erected…


Why is America the world’s most powerful country? This video shows just one of the reasons.


It’s not like its a Chinese leader, so why hold up an umbrella for him? After all, toadying up to someone isn’t a good way to get promoted abroad [unlike in China]!!


Now this is what I call a public servant of the people! You know what I mean!


It’s so nice when the people are the boss!


Even our tiny county heads have better treatment than him~


America doesn’t even have an umbrella?


Evil capitalism.


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